Violent Crime Is a Collapse Indicator

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By the author of Be Ready for Anything and Three Miles

Everyone I know has a story about the increase in violent crime.

Where a family member lives in Georgia, someone recently opened fire in the middle of an upscale family neighborhood. The culprits fired 13 shots into a Jeep stopped at a traffic light and someone who had stopped for a hot dog at a cafe on the side of the road died by a stray bullet. Three others were injured.

Someone opened fire at a park in a mid-sized town in Pennsylvania where my friend’s grandchildren used to live, bullets flying through a residential neighborhood.

Asheville, North Carolina has double the violent crime rate per capita over the average in the United States. This sleepy, beautiful mountain town is now considered one of the most dangerous cities in America.

These are just a couple of smaller towns and cities.

It’s a drop in the bucket compared to New York City, New Orleans, Chicago, and Memphis. And I’m only naming a few places. Violent crime is increasing dramatically across the country.

Violent crime is an indicator

Selco has written many times that when consequences are no longer a deterrent, we’ll begin to see the worst in humanity. He watched it happen. And as we look at a nation hell-bent on sending social workers instead of law enforcement officers to crime scenes, we can see this prediction unfolding right in front of our eyes. There’s a way to police with compassion and still provide consequences, but folks are so busy screaming “defund the police” that they aren’t even considering more mental health training for officers.

As people struggle to provide food and housing for their families, not only will we see violent crime “just because they can,” but we’ll also see property crime increasing.

I recently wrote about Illinois doing away with bail, and this not only means people will be instantly released and asked to come back for trial, but it also means that many won’t even be arrested in the first place, because what’s the point?

All of this is an indicator that our country is in a stage of collapse.

An increase in violent crime is a sign that the civilization we’ve enjoyed is beginning to crumble. Watch this sobering video. (Warning: Graphic Content)

It’s clear that managing your safety is up to you, and you alone.

What do you think?

Do you feel that violent crime is a sign of collapse? Do you think that it’s deliberate? Has your area been affected by an uptick in crime? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • Robert Heinlein, the science fiction writer, foresaw this. Read his books Friday and I Will Fear No Evil.

    He saw people taking their safety into their own hands, such as creating neighborhood enclaves and both passive and active defenses for their homes, wearing body armor and even fleeing land living for living on boats.

  • Part of the plan: problem, reaction, solution.
    Allow the problem to occur as in the article. The reaction is obvious: “Bwaaaaaa, save us, dooooooo something.” TPTB have a “solution,” which they had in mind before creating the problem.

    • My son escaped a suburb of Austin and moved to Eastern Tennessee where I live. Cities who embrace the LGBTQ crowd and hire minority women as police chiefs and district attorneys suffer these crime increases. Before you dismiss me as racist check out any large city and you will find out I’m only being factual not racist.

      • I’m with you on that and all of my children are biracial. These people are not hired on their qualifications but on their gender (libs got so many now, it’s hard to keep up) and race. They’re funded and backed by George Soros.

    • And it’s trickling down to the little town we live in near there. A lot of libs are moving out here, and to be honest, I think the demoncrats have sent them. Given them housing etc. I know that sounds like a far fetched tin foil hat conspiracy theory, but here in my rural area 4 years ago, there were hardly any houses. My nearest neighbor was about a half an acre away. Then all of a sudden, we got a mass influx of people , houses went up and so did the crime. There’s now government funded housing available for low income people, and TXDot is extending the roads into major highways. And there have been a lot of beat off Beto signs being put up. My property taxes quadrupled. Thanks for letting me vent. All I, or anyone can do is pray and prepare. Possibly look for another place to live, in another state if soros’ boy, beto , steals the election. Might be too late by then.

        • I agree with both of you! I seem to recall that this was getting started in Obama’s 2nd term. California has been leaning hard in this direction for the last few years as well. It is also coming to small rural areas since Biden got in. Sleepy towns with populations under 2000 are being tempted with federal money to build low-income housing projects, then here come the new residents. I’ll bet the elites won’t have these built in their exclusive neighborhoods, though.

      • I’ve thought the same thing recently. Has the govt given special housing funding to people to move out into a demographic to help saturate different areas where they may otherwise be of a demographic minority? Such as Democrat into a heavily red area If? If I were twisted and crooked I may consider that. But I’m not. Our neice we don’t talk to was (is) way liberal and just bought a house in our super small town Conservative rural area. I’m dying to ask what would possess her (other than an affordable home, large yard, safe and quiet area)!

      • I’m not sure what part of Tejas you’re in, but we relocated to rural east central Texas from Corpus Christi. Got some land around us and we’re creating a defensible buffer zone around us. The illegals were flooding Corpus and law enforcement there was overwhelmed. The DA was not just a catch-and-release liberal, he was “don’t even arrest them” idiot. I’d agree about possibly finding another place to go, but the problem is between the illegal invasion and the parasites reproducing like cockroaches, there are fewer and fewer safe places to go. Good luck to you and yours. Gun up.

  • Where I am, its increasing
    Its up to 95% higher than the national average with the odds at 1 in 22 of being a victim of a violent crime now.
    Its good to keeps a sharp eye out, not carry a purse n keep all things locked.
    There are even threats to libraries.
    I do not think this will reduce any time soon.

  • Asheville. That is surprising. Been there a few times. Great food scene, lots of quirky shops, art galleries. Not sure I would pay $4.99 for a organic made dog treat, and that was over a decade ago.
    If Asheville adopted de-fund the police movement policies, or no cash bail like NYC, San Fran, Portland, Seattle, Chicago etc. have, I could see why crime is on the increase.
    Just read an article the CEO of McDonalds, who moved the company headquarters to downtown Chicago, said,
    “There is a general sense out there that our city is in crisis.”
    He implored Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to make a plan and execute it to address the crime.
    Those who can, and have the means to leave NYC have cited the primary reason is crime.
    Read another article about a couple who have lived in Portland for some 40 years, leaving due to the crime.
    Tent cities pop up not just in run down parts of the city, but have spread into “wealthier” sub-burbs. With it comes trash, feces, drug needles. The city will move the tent cities out, but they return a week or two later. Some residents feel trapped and besieged in their own homes.

    Watching society implode on itself, slowly. So far it is happening over there, in the cities. Will it stay there? Of course, some policies mayors put in place only encourage this activity, and makes them a magnet.

    • The mayors of these cities aren’t soft on crime they are pro crime. To them the criminals are the good guys even the murders & rapists. They are just taking what’s rightfully theirs.

    • Honestly, from what I am experiencing, it is NOT staying in the cities and these people have migrated to the rural area I am in, from Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas. Our crime has risen 37% in the last 2 years. We NEVER had those issues here 4 years ago. More burglaries and auto thefts, drugs, and for some odd reason, there’s been 6 women missing from our area in the last year and 2 have been found dead. The other 4 are missing. My daughter is in Indiana and she said that the criminals are moving out to her neck of the woods from Chicago. It’s everywhere and it’s spreading like a cancer, and this is happening because of the demoncrat elites. At least my take on it. Didn’t Claus Schwab say “you vill own nothing and you vill be happy”? They’re coming after rural America.

      • I also live in a very small town 2 hours out of Austin… every thing you have experienced we too are experiencing omg.
        It’s a nightmare in my tiny town!
        Slated for 2023 two brand new housing divisions for section 8 etc…
        We have one single road through our town and within 5 years I have seen the traffic explode from one car and hour through to traffic lined up so far I can’t get out of my apartment complex which btw is small. Strange groups of ppl walking the street at night????crime and illegals bussed in at a local popular party venue. I work 13 miles from home and at a Walmart in a town now being investigated for human trafficking and 2 attempted abductions in my work place. So yes it is moving into all these small towns I have first hand experiences.

  • The cycle continues. The government will try harder and harder to remove people’s ability to protect themselves, increasing dependence on the government to provide protection. The government will not be able to provide the protection, increasing the violent incidents. Which will increase the government’s attempts to disarm the people.

    This will continue until the people finally give up all hope of the government providing protection and decide to take matters into their own hands. The bunker mentality will set in, and people will form their own groups, block, local, whatever for protection. This will then trigger the government crack-downs under whatever pretence. (domestic terrorisism, racists, subversion, wrong-think, you name it) Of course they will make a huge public display of the crack-downs, and of course they will be against the wrong people. (Not the criminals). This will further divide the country, and will turn many law-abiding people into criminals, and the police into the enemy.

    It doesn’t take much to see it coming. It’s just a matter of how long it takes. It may be by the spring, or it could take 5 years, but it is the inexorable decline of our society. The sooner that people realize that we are headed down the drain, and accept that as fact, the sooner they can start preparing for what comes next. Unfortunately most people still have their heads buried in the sand, and believe that the same government that has created these problems, and led us to this point, can miraculously fix the problems.

  • It’s interesting that no one is talking about the elephant in the room, SIN and certainly not most churches. The moral decline by the way of corruption is happening fast because it started in the Church. Sinners will always sin unless a total transformation takes place by Christ.

    Sadly, America eulogy has been written, unless God’s people has this happen. 2 Chronicles 7:14 Study what happened to the ancient Israelites during their reign as a mighty nation and you can overlap their perils to what’s happening to America. Why did God gives us His Word? So we can learn from it. Sigh!

    • Amen to this, James. Most of these churches are the feel good woke churches. or the Name and claim it and it’s yours kinda church. Alot of the true priests and bishops around the world (I’m Catholic) that have spoken up are being cancelled. I go to a mission up here by me that is a traditional Latin Mass Church and our priest has been reading out of the book of Revelations for the last 2 years. said that we need to pray and prepare and get our Souls right with Jesus. Thanks for bringing this up

      • Thank you brother for acknowledging what many refuse to see because God’s truth is void throughout the land. We all see the disaster, yet complaining about it will not change things will not present real change.

        It’s interesting how many avoid any conversation now days about Christ, God or the Holy Spirit, but as you stated the hirelings have hijacked the real meaning to worshipping God. Nothing new under the sun! What the religious establishment did during the times of Jesus, today they would crucify him again around the world.

        Thank God for your priest for preparing his flock to what’s to come. Stay in Christ my friend!

    • Amen! My husband and I got saved 3 years ago, so I feel we are still babies in our faith. We are at a loss in how to act in this world now. Our preacher retired this spring and the guy that took over if a leftist, so we stopped going. We are so lost!

      • I grieve to hear this Mary! The apostacy is LARGE and this is what Paul stated before the return of the Antichrist. Thank God you all departed before you departed from the FAITH like so many are doing by fellowshipping with tares. A little leaven, leavens the whole lump.

        Your family has to start a house bible study group like my wife and I. It’s interesting that this was the norm during the days of Acts and now God is getting his remnant back to the days of old. Remain spotless from the corruption of this world and Jesus will honor that.

        Pray that Jesus will strengthen you during this arduous season and keep you in his grace!

      • Mary, ditto to what James wrote. Try to find a Bible teaching/preaching church. I have found that at least some of the non-denominational Calvary Chapel churches are doing this. Do a search for one of these. There are some amazing pastors out there that are true teachers of The Word as they go through the Bible verse by verse. Prayers for you!

  • I live in a violent country, and have been studying this for a long time because this is a concerning factor affecting quality of life anywhere regardless of other indicators.

    In my humble opinion it is more complex and nuanced than it may seem, also because quality of life and standard of living are two different things though they´re connected.

    Violent crime may or may not be a sign of collapse, because you can have violence and crime without a collapse. But yes, violent crime and in fact crime in general are clear indicators of economical, institutional and moral decadence that´s for sure.

    Right before the collapse of Soviet Union (mid-1980s and early 1900s), crime rate doubled in URSS. As it was coming to a head around 1991 to 1992, crime rate again increased another 30% or so, that´s in one year.

    Big wealth gaps, inequality and loss of freedom lead to surges in crime. That´s what happen during recessions and depressions, and we´re well into one. I don´t want to sound gloomy but I´ve been through this and it will get worse, I hate to say it but I speak out so people can get ready.

    What´s a bit different this time in my opinion is the revolt component I´m seeing in some places. We do have violent crime here, but the mass murderings and unprovoked violent attacks I´m seeing in NY and other cities in the US are to me is a sign of something else beyond the worsening of economy or increase in poverty.

  • Oh Colorado’s insane. The creepiest thing, to me, is how little media discussion there is. Everyone’s acting like it doesn’t exist because no one wants to hurt the tourist industry. The only way to find out about crime is to get on something like Nextdoor because that’s where people are talking about thefts, shootouts, etc. But these gangs are organized and terrifying. They drive up in a van, hop out, grab everything in less than 5 minutes and then boogie. And they’re all armed.

  • One small aspect of the rise in violent crime is that cases that never were reported beyond the local news are now national news if it serves a purpose.

  • Women especially incl retirees, best to shop early, bank or pay bills early as possible then get home. This doesn’t apply to medical appts. or visiting friends. But try to avoid going out at night. Many large cities have no police protection now.

  • i would comment but u people are so dumbed down you are stupid and u can’t fix stupid.
    cops don’t enforce law. the police enforce the corporation code, rules and regulation the Sheriff enforces the law so fire the cops and hire more deputies. I doubt u know a law from a code, rule or regulation.

    • Well, we all cannot be lawyers, or students of the law and codes.
      But at least we are not so lazy to forego correct punctuation, and spelling.

    • Your power of redundancy is remarkable. I am truly Impressed! Now go stand in front of a mirror and give yourself a big hug, you self adulating dust bunny.

      • Concerned Citizen said,
        “Now go stand in front of a mirror and give yourself a big hug, you self adulating dust bunny.”

        Okay, that was funny! 🙂

        • I’m glad it put a smile in your day.
          This is one of my favorite web sites and the people who write articles are thoughtful and insightful with the information shared. I don’t have a problem with constructive criticism in the comment section, but I find ignorant condescending remarks reprehensible and inappropriate.

  • TIME TO STAND UP- GO HUNTING TCOB———–ONLY we can make a difference- we can fix this– when ur balls drop– you GO HUNTING !!!!!!!!!!!

  • TPTB (the powers that be) decided to take God out of schools and society in general over 2 generations ago. He took his blessings with him. I believe we have become a modern version of Sodom and Gomorrha.

      • Morality can most certainly be enforced. That’s why we have laws.

        Christians have been bullied into silence, church attendance is dwindling and even many people who go to church don’t seem to know right from wrong. As a society we’ve been pummeled with “don’t judge”. We aren’t supposed to judge a person’s soul, but if you don’t judge their conduct this is what you get: a free-for-all.

    • The churches sold out in 1954 when most signed up for the 501c3. Few didn’t. Pastors, priests remain silent in pulpits today , muzzled by the gov. 501c3 controls at the hierarchy/nat. assoc. levels. They never preach real issues, churches have turned into social centers, money pits and sermons are hollowed out social justice bloviating babble. Many churches now accept LGBT types. Best to home church or meet for Bible study.

      • It’s a bit late, but I’m going to respond to your comment, anyway. The foundations of America are built on the Bible and Christianity. You obviously don’t like that, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

        When the foundation of a building is removed, the building collapses. The steady erosion of life in America since 1962 is palpable. It happened during my lifetime and I’m a witness to it. Respect for human life has eroded. It began with the slaughter of the pre-born. We saw a leap toward disregard for the elderly during the plandemic. Now American children are being targeted with sterilization through trans-grooming.

        If you can’t see this, then you’re willfully blind. Wake up.

  • What bothers me is not just that liberal prosecutors are ignoring violent crimes or dismissing the perpetrators, but these DAs are also aggressively prosecuting anyone who attempts to defend themselves from violence. I’m seriously concerned about surviving the prosecutorial aftermath if I ever need to defend myself!

    • That is seriously the sign we are in trouble. I think about that often. You may recall in New York where a store owner who defended himself, it was on VIDEO and they still arrested him. I had to look up TPTB today, but I think it’s exactly what’s happening we are being pushed so they can swoop in when we finally revolt.

    • Only getting worse, DA’s either bought off or in on crimes themselves like getting payoffs. Best to move into state with castle defense laws, shop or run errands early in the day, carjacking happened in smaller town where friend lives recently near an interstate. Man was held up w /gun. If things get bad enough bodies will have to be dumped somewhere to feed the gators.

    • Might be a good idea to look into organizations who insure their members if the member is prosecuted for a fire arm related self defense charge.
      I think Gun Owners of America does this, as well as the US Concealed Carry Association.

  • As a sign of the times, I am a armed security guard in a church. I live in the south and many of our people have guns here so there are less violent crimes. The crimes and taxes of the northern and west coast states are bringing people to our states, unfortunately they bring their liberal ideas with them.

    • “The crimes and taxes of the northern and west coast states are bringing people to our states”

      I get what you’re saying Ronald, but don’t confuse the state with the liberal epicenters (the large cities within those states). Here in Pa, for example, we have two major cities (Pittsburgh and Philadelphia), which are responsible for 99% of the misery we suffer through. With the exception of Scranton/WilkesBarre (which is virtually a suburb of Philly separated by 100 miles from one another, so closely do they mirror typical Philly voting..)the remainder of the commonwealth is very conservative and loyal to their rural Appalachian values.

      My county seat has had some interesting additions to our population the last four years. Yesterday afternoon I drove through Main Street, saw a dude sitting on the stone steps of an apartment pulling on a paper bag. Never saw that before.

  • Been seeing more message traffic about layoffs from companies, indicator and warnings about economic slow down, and, yes, we are in a recession by the long held historical definition.
    Also saw an article about people using “buy now, pay later” for groceries.
    Food banks are seeing all time high usage, surpassing even COVID era records. Due to inflation, many of those food banks dollars are not going as far to buy food, just like the rest of us.
    I would not be surprised to see more flash mobs, but rather than for electronics or high end handbags, but for food.
    Might see tighter security at your local grocery market in the near future. I did read of one company hiring armed guards for their stores.

    May we live in interesting times.

  • Our local Publix grocery store installed barriers the other day, the short metal poles around the front of the store that keep cars from ramming the building. There haven’t been any cars ramming the building but apparently they are expecting it. That should tell us something.

  • It’s great to know these new changes in IL are letting criminals know they can break into someone’s home, shoot someone and be in their own bed the next night. I live in IL and this is very disturbing to say the least. Another thing is if you shoot and kill an intruder you’ll sit in jail until it can be proven that your life was in danger. Absolutely time to move out of this hell hole because if someone tries to break in I’m not waiting to see if they try to hurt me before I go for my gun.

  • HAHAHA,this is a case of EXTREMELY STUPID,you invite haft the world into america while the homeless are camping on the streets,You elect haft witt people to lead your country off the cliff,THE WOMEN teaching in the schools believe they can take over if they destroy the men, and the world is watching who will be their next SLAVES ,STUPID teachers of the NEW WORLD ORDER,and your military are all queers and homo’s who would shoot the six year old sister if they were told to,DO ANY OF YOU MEN UNDERSTAND what the RUSSIANS AND CHINESE WILL DO TO YOU WHEN YOUR DADDY OBAMA,(the son of perdition) GIVES THEM THE ORDER TO ATTACK,YOU will see the worse BLOODBATH IN HISTORY ON THE STREETS OF AMERICA….

    • Whoa, whoa, whoa. I have 3 in the military. I was told by one son that they would risk court martial or worse before they take fire on their own. Chill your general rhetoric please. And no, they don’t all agree with this buffoon in office.

      • Jennifo,
        You have to excuse Arizona, he is off his meds again.
        He posts here on occasion, ranting and raving (see the above). This post is actually rather tame for him. He had a doozy 2 or 3 years ago about Army lab breed super dogs that would be trained to hunt down and eat our children. Really!

  • I just read a story in some city or town in Commiefornia where one guy said half the people have been victims of a robbery there. Yeah, that’s what he said. That is freak’n unreal!

  • It wasn’t always this way in America. Black Americans were making tremendous gains in many ways until the Woodrow Wilson administration. At the time, the IRS (THEIRS) was formed and made every Citizen a Slave economically to the Federal Government through income taxes. If 100% of someone’s work is confiscated it’s considered Slavery, at what percentage isn’t it? Then some years later, durning the Lyndon Johnson administration, the “War on Poverty” Act was passed. At that point .gov became Daddy for all the single women. Divorce laws were rolled out nationwide for “no fault” marriage dissolutions. Black men were no longer respected as Fathers or Men because big government would support their estranged families in their place. Couple the above with intentionally trafficked drugs into those same communities and you end up with what we have today. Please do your own research into the history of which I speak, but don’t blame anyone’s ethnicity for the crime. Use some critical thinking skills to determine how this came to be so commonplace.

  • It wasn’t always this way in America. After the Civil War, Black Americans were making tremendous gains in many ways until the Woodrow Wilson administration. At the time, the IRS (THEIRS) was formed and made every Citizen a Slave economically to the Federal Government through income taxes. If 100% of someone’s wages are confiscated it’s considered Slavery, at what percentage isn’t it? Then some years later, durning the Lyndon Johnson administration, the “War on Poverty” Act was passed. At that point .gov became Daddy for all the single mothers. Divorce laws were rolled out nationwide for “no fault” marriage dissolutions. Black men were no longer respected as Fathers or Men because big government would support their estranged families in their place. Couple the above with intentionally trafficked drugs into those same communities and you end up with what we have today. Please do your own research into the history of which I speak, but don’t blame anyone’s ethnicity for the crime. Use some critical thinking skills to determine how this came to be so commonplace.

  • I’ve said this before. De-fund the police,no bail,early release,etc. At some point,citizens will form their own self defense groups. Then,those who created the problem,will yell and scream racism and vigilantes, send the FBI in, and create more problems. Well, what the hell do they expect? People need to feel safe,and these libs are not providing it.

  • It’s not about shooting someone because they’re trespassing on your property or breaking into your home or threatening your family or even for the $5 in your wallet. It’s about standing up for what’s right and legal.

  • If left to defend yourself by yourself,one must be trained,prepared,aware,and determined to take whatever action it takes to defend yourself. Used to be just the idea that the police cannot be everywhere always,now has escalated to condoning behavior and even loss of life. I carry and am prepared and trained to do whatever I have to insuring my personal health. Better tried by 12,than carried by 6. My personal choice.

  • Just finished reading Gerry Flurry -American Under Attack-and he explains exactly what is happening in great detail. Buckle up and prepare.

  • You are absolutely correct. No one is held accountable for their actions anymore. When there is no accountability and no consequences, why should someone behave in a civil manner?
    What is the end result of this?
    Vigilante justice.

    • well i cant help but laugh what happens in Californicate they keep voting liberals/demonrats back sucks to be them. semper fi brother 78 to 91

  • Went into three shopping centers where groceries are sold today n in each were two patrol cars just sitting there near the entrances.
    This is not typical….

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