SELCO: What Actually Happens When You Defund the Police?

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Protests, as I stated more than once, have their own force. It can be a sharp devastating physically destructive force, or it can be a long cumulative one, the kind of force that changes things.

Usually, it is a combination of both.

Among things that people want to change, there are doable and not doable ones, and of course, there are good and not so good wishes for particular changes.

Do not forget that protests even if they have a righteous cause can turn to something different, like looting and violence. It’s the same way that the cumulative force of it can over time turn to something different, something wrong.


Why can it turn in that way? Well, there are usually two reasons:

  1. Folks who are demanding changes actually do not have enough consistency and knowledge to articulate their wishes or demands, so in the end, it turns out to be nothing.
  2. Folks who want change, over time are being manipulated by someone so they are pushing for the change that they only think is good or righteous, or they push it for someone else’s agenda, unknowingly.

And we’re watching this now.

Defunding the police

There is no system in the world that does not get into “reform the police” discussions and demands after some events. It is natural.  But when so many emotions and force got behind demands like that, then it counts. It needs to be addressed.

The problem here might be that some of the news that can be found out there about the nature of reform (how some people see it) that what is wished has got a weird, almost eerie feeling.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) said last week that he would reverse his plan to boost spending for the Los Angeles Police Department by instead redirecting $250 million from across the city’s budget toward programs for health care, jobs and “peace centers.” As much as $150 million would come from the police department, officials said. The police union there called him “unstable” after the announcement, while leaders of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles called for deeper cuts and “transformative” change, adding they could not be “bought off with just this minimal amount of money.” (source)

Setting the story like it is better to redirect money from PD to “health care, jobs and peace centers” has its own sense of being logical because what could be better than health care, jobs, and peace centers?

But the real problem is what do you actually get by “de-funding” the police? Probably in reality you’ll get more instability and insecurity, so, in essence, there is no sense in that plan.

There are some statements about de-funding police (I admit, they are so outrageous I am not even sure they are real) that sounds more like they are coming from Utopia, not a real society. There are even some things there which are similar to communism, where levers of controlling might get into the hands of people who will use it for absolute control.

In a wish to control something too much, you might very soon find yourself in a situation where there is simply too much control over everything, including your own life, and all aspects of it.

Plans for police reform that will include something where kinda social workers will do the job of police sounds great, but it is Utopia, not a real thing. Those are maybe good wishes but they’re based on not judging the reality around you.

It is dangerous. You are opening the door for more insecurity and probable chaos in an already troubling situation.

Who is behind it?

There is always somebody behind the scenes, and no, it is not a conspiracy theory. It is real life. It is how real life works. The media is always pushing a message.

A good and decent cause or movement, or a wish for change can be hijacked in this way. Then from the outside, it seems like it is still what it was. But from the inside – or behind the scenes – it becomes a movement to push some other things or plans through. There is always someone who benefits from this.

Common folks usually realize, as I always keep saying, years after that they were following something that was twisted or perverted from the good initial goal.

Sometimes you fight for freedom, but actually you are helping an individual to get rich. Other times you keep the cardboard sign with the noble message but behind the scenes, you are pushing someone’s secret agenda, whether you know it or not.

Yes, sometimes you do the best you can, and meanwhile, those who pull strings do what benefits them. It is life.

How this relates to prepping

I love to say that survival is the ability to think (and plan) several steps ahead, or very simplified, often it is enough just to be able to think ahead of the majority of the other people around you.

So what makes sense here from a survival point of view is just good old “who gets what from this” and acting according to that.

What would your world look like if things continue to go in this direction? What does that mean for you in terms of prepping? What you can change (adapt) based on that?

Think in those terms, because usually big changes you can not affect on your own individual level. But you can adapt to it, preferably before most of the other people realize what that change might bring. Go here to learn more about surviving times of civil unrest and riots.

What do you think?

What are your thoughts on defunding police departments? Do you think it is a good idea or a bad one? Who do you think benefits from this? Discuss it in the comments.

About Selco:

Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. 

In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today. He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless of what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations as Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months.

Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.



Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today. He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations as Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months. Read more of Selco's articles here. Buy his PDF books here. Take advantage of a deep and profound insight into his knowledge by signing up for his unrivaled online course. Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.

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  • Does this mean the pensions will be cancelled and we taxpayers won’t have to bail them out? You lose your job you lose your pension.
    Only an idiot would defund the police. And there are too many idiots.

  • Wide spread use of municipal police forces came about in the late 1800s. Prior to that, “committees of vigilance” dealt with law enforcement along with sheriff’s departments.
    Growth in population centers made police forces seem necessary. Perhaps they were. However today the major function (I know this makes many people angry) of police is revenue generation. Day by day fighting crime is secondary.

  • Just remember that politicians didn’t want us to have firearms and said the police would protect us. Now someone is trying to “rid us” of the police. Bad things are coming. How prepared will you be?

  • I am no lover of the police, but this is just insanity. If the state government allows everyone to concealed carry without a permit, then it might be a good idea, because we can defend ourselves from the marauders. They cannot allow criminals out of prison, then at the same time not allow us to protect ourselves from those very criminals.

    Once a few criminals are shot such that it makes headlines, that is when we hope they get the message. If you fuque with us, you may end up dead instead of like the police, where they just put your stupid ass in jail.

    We don’t have the time or inclination to try and reason with criminals. They got there by their own stupid mistakes, so don’t expect us to feel sorry for them. With over 300,000,000 weapons in the hands of American Patriots the criminals won’t get far if their intent is to rob us or shake us down. When confronted with EVIL you cannot equivocate, you must take it out or become its slave.

    • February 2020 — let the cops use fatal chokeholds

      May 2020 — get rid of the cops

      Really? There isn’t ANY solution at all somewhere between those two?

      • Do you know how often chokeholds are fatal? Maybe 1 in a 100 million? They are used in martial arts training every single day without fatalities.

        • Yes, but how many police officers have martial arts training? Also, how many police officers are trained to know what oxygen deprivation looks like for various skin colors? (Per the latter, what color are lips when a person, whose color approximates that of ebony wood, is oxygen deprived?)

  • Even in the Lamasries of Tibet (before the Chinese invasion) they needed “police” to keep troublemakers in check. They were big, strong monks known as the “Men of Kham”.

  • It was a tough decision made after wrestling with it the past 3-4 years: I am leaving MN for SD. I was born and raised here, but I no longer fit in. I do not trust the people who now live in MN, nor their values. I feel like a quitter, but I am 60 now and don’t feel like spending the rest of my life fighting the stupidity. I will take my ‘MN Nice’-productive-empathetic-respectful values and my money with me. I will start a small business appropriate for my age/needs/interests and sadly will let MN keep going the way it is now. Too bad, because many outstate Minnesotans are still ‘normal’ but we cannot defend ourselves against the Twin Cities stupidity.

    • Same thing in Virginia. Looking for an island of sanity far from the malestrom of bullshit that has enveloped this state.

      You know it’s bad when the revelation of photos of the governor in klan regalia and blackface did not result in him leaving office.

      Rather, he’s gone full retard and given the inmates free reign over the asylum.

      In a year they’ll be pulling down the statues of Washington and Jefferson.

      I’d consider South Dakota but aren’t winter’s bitter and summers clouded with biting insects?

      • I’m right there with you, Admin User. When I moved to this state, it was pretty free and reasonable. Now? “WTF” comes to mind.

        • It’s worse than you think. I’ve been here since 1964, and in my current once rural hidey–hole since 1984.
          Even early on, before VA was a shall-issue state, obtaining a CCW wasn’t hard away from the big cities.
          Didn’t think I would ever do this, but I’m considering moving to the redoubt.
          Hope it’s not already too late.

      • MN and SD have the same cold weather and biting insects. But at least SD has no state income tax (where MN is quite high) and their property taxes are much lower. Also, their building codes aren’t as restrictive – I can build my small house with the ammenities (attached greenhouse!) that are most important to me. And let’s not forget that the SD governor didn’t lock down the state for the Wuhan flu – her stance was that people were free to make their own decisions about what was best for them. How refreshing!

    • Im in MN too. But, the twin cities isnt all of MN. They scream the loudest though for sure. I’m not sure you van run far enough away from the idiots anymore though.

      • Dinie, I have already moved to outstate MN, trying to get further from the idiocy. I don’t think there is anyplace in MN that the Twin Cities liberalism cannot destroy. Does any Minnesotan think they will not have to pay to rebuild what was damaged by rioters? Will the whole state suffer higher insurance costs now?

  • TRANSFORMATIVE PUBLIC SAFETY MODEL? Of course, there was no definition of what this “woke” model is, so I wondered and pondered, pondered and giggled, because it dawned on me exactly what this entails. The Police will be replaced by TRANSVESTITES IN FISHNET HOSE WEARING BUTTPLUGS, WILL NOW HAVE A STORY HOUR WITH EVERY CRIMINAL they molest, OOOPS I meant pull over.

    Liberals are psychos!

    • ” TRANSVESTITES IN FISHNET”? I love it! I hope that when the police dept is disbanded, so is the armed security detail assigned the the elected officials in the city…

  • It’s all insanity!!!!!!!!!!!! The liberals are all insane!!!!! Pray to God for help with all of this craziness!
    Another way for the elite to destroy us.

    • Lets’ PRAY that one of these LIBTARDS that are INSANE don’t get to live in the White House and run this country. OMG help us if that happens, we may just be “toast” at that time…I understand TRUMP isn’t perfect, however sometimes ONE is certainly better than the other. Weight it out. With all of the “comments from the basement of his home”, he seems very senile to me…Can’t answer exact questions, and makes comments that don’t make sense, and is usually repeating himself…PLEASE can we do better than that? I hope so…Some of the things these liberals come up with is pure insanity…Defunding the police is totally insane thinking. What on earth will we do without COPS. The robbers that are out to kill, steal and destroy will be out in full force, and it won’t do any good to call 911, b/c nobody on the phone is going to say…”WHAT IS YOUR EMERGENCY”…Then please tell me what will we do then?

      • I don’t care if Joe is senile or not. The polices from the demos will destroy our very life. First out of the chute is take all the firearms. That will be very messy and put this country into more riots that will justify more controls. And the cycle starts over. All the commie countries are functional dictatorships for a reason.

        Politicians always cave to the leftists, even though they are never satisfied. Give an inch and they still want another yard.

        This looks like it will be a long slug through this. The best we can hope for is for the right to turn out strong and throw the idiots out of office at least in the state and national offices.

  • I forsee the protests continuing through the summer – into fall. I do not forsee the economy lasting that long.

    • @ david , November 3rd will be D-day, who ever wins the election the sh*t will hit the fan. Prepare accordingly

  • Globalist plot to bring the UN Peacekeepers into American cities…fire police, foment anarchy…insert liberal head in ass.

  • A) Empty the prisons. Because, “virus”

    B) Defund the police. Because “all cops are evil and racist”

    C) Eliminate “stand your ground” and “castle doctrine” Because “privilege”

    And they think We The People are going to voluntarily turn over our guns?


    No. No, I don’t think so.

    PS If these same blue state dimwits actually get rid of their police force, how DO they propose to disarm us? Hmmmmmm?????

    • Sure they will give up their guns speed parts first.

      With police or lack there of I can see a purge happening happening and the 14 percent will be significant portion less.

      Fine be all tough breaking and looting stores it won’t be like that when It comes to homes. No cops to stop the violence either way it goes.

      They think they are the masters of terror and mayhem… they have no idea what’s out there awaiting the foolish

  • Did anybody see this lunacy.

    So yes. An ill wind is blowing.. Now amping up our search for a mountain hideaway somewhere, although eventually it will reach out and find us hopefully like the person heading to SD, we can find a little peace for our final years. As that commenter mentioned (I am 57) and I hate to say it but these current events have left me feeling *hopeless to enact against what I see coming.
    My brain can hardly comprehend what I’m hearing and seeing as Selco said it is so bizarre it feels unreal! I have always been a conservative type person (not in a radical political) way and grew up in a family with guns gardens and guts but they were near-sighted and didn’t see the things we see today and the things coming. If I thought my voice could stop what I see in our near future I might be convinced to act but I don’t sadly. So my focus from this point will be to help other preppers and new preppers development in hopes of support for my grandkids future. Wow great article Selco!!!

  • “Useful idiots” have always been the ‘foot in door’ for countries who have been slated for destruction. Their existence may be debated but the reality is IT IS OUR FAULT.

    We traded our birthright, our FREEDOM for cheap goods and cheap oil all will under the mantra of, “IT WONT HAPPEN HERE.” When did it become a good idea for the US to trade with a nation that HATES us and EVERYTHING we stand for?

    Once the current batch of Marxist/Leninist fulfill their roles as agents of Chaos, they will be replaced by the agents of Order who will be ten times more destructive and detrimental to our Republic.

    Our Republic is at an existential threat. IF We The People DO NOT RESIST and defend our Nation, then it will fall; America will be replaced with ameriKa.

    Now is the time FOR all good MEN and Women to come to the aid of their country.

    PLEASE Father God, help us now so our children may live FREE.
    Let US fight this fight so our babies wont have to.

  • The problem no one wants to talk about is police training. There is no training in de-escalation, or other non-lethal tatics. There is no training because when cities come up short on the budget,law enforcement is the first target. The first thing to go,when police commissioners have to make cuts,is training. Ask the cop on the beat.

  • The four steps to establish a Communist takeover according to an Ex-KGB Captain Yuri Bezmenov

    #1. Demoralization (Done)
    #2 Destabilization ( Almost complete)
    #3 Crisis, what eliminating police and riots will bring
    #4 Normalization ( Establish a Communist Government)

    • The goal is to convince enough people that The United States was “Infected” by racisms even before the Revolution against England, that the Writers and Signers of the Constitution were Racist and that this infection has never gone away.

      Thus the only answer is to defund the Police, scrape the Constitution, take over our Military, erase our history, culture, and religions and replace them with Marxism. This is what Mao did in China during the Cultural Revolution, and what is happening in Venezuela as well

      It is what Obama means when he spoke of ” Fundamentally Changing America”.

  • Getting rid of police departments is a good idea, especially in those areas where police corruption is rampant. People have to realize that officially by Supreme Court ruling, the police are not there to protect you. They are their to enforce the laws of the state, regardless of how moral or immoral the laws are. However, just getting rid of the police without a workable solution in place invites the libertine anarchy fears that the authorities and media flood us with any time the sheep clamor to be let out of the pen of authoritarian control. Putting social workers in charge of some of the policing functions will not work either, because like the police, they are government and will always have the desire to accumulate power, which eventually leads to corruption. Taking govt out of any function will always bring out the govt cries of fear against private control because it threatens their own control over people. Besides, they fear that if you find out you don’t really need the govt in a certain area, we will question the need for govt control in other areas.

    The key is to get private policing and protection, not funded by the govt, but funded by the people that want the protection. There are plenty of private agency examples that provide workable solutions and reduced crime that debunk the fears of anarchy without govt police. Unlike the govt, if the agency hurts the customer and their clients through their actions or inactions, they can be relieved of their duties and another protection company can be hired in their place. They also have no immunity from prosecution for bad behavior, unlike the govt. Having multiple companies to choose from increases the competition and the drive to provide the best service possible to keep their customers.

    People ALWAYS need to ask the question of how we can solve problems by ourselves without resorting to force rather than the knee-jerk reaction to demand the govt take care of us whenever we perceive a problem. That always leads to a loss of freedom and more authoritarian control over our lives.

  • Anyone that thinks defunding the Police is a good thing is just stupid! Even some of the idiot protesters yell diall 911 when someone stands up to them with any means to thwart them.

  • The reason politicians are jumping on not “defunding” but moving funds to XYZ is because some of that money ALWAYS gets lost and lined in pockets.
    A lot of this is just “wink wink” official okie doke stuff to pacify the crowd.
    Nothing really changed except for the worse. Now the police are less inclined to do anything, stores and businesses are destroyed, lives destroyed and lost on all sides, politicians even more hated by all sides, the departments that couldn’t hire enough sure can’t now, criminals feel empowered, taxpayers feel betrayed by officers on their knees in defeat while their property was damaged and they were arrested for protecting it, driving on the road they need to for work , and on and on and on.
    Hell I’m law enforcement and I’m confused. The job is hard to impossible already. Too many contradictions to the constitution and fear rules the leadership.
    This will continue for the upcoming months till at least election and then really bad afterwards.
    So now is time to get your “stuff“ in order! NOW
    Stop delaying and get busy. I don’t care what your politics are. Get moving.

  • This is the most stupid idea I have ever heard. All it will lead to is chaos with the criminals taking over. We will always need the police to protect and bring stabilization to society.

  • Daisy and Selco: I’d really love to see you write about what types of prepping/planning you would recommend right now given the current chaos. From low-budget up to “sky’s the limit” … what would YOU do, what are YOU doing?

    This is uncharted territory for most of us. I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on a timeline for our societal breakdown. Anyone have any thoughts on red vs. blue states … what will happen in each as the Dems scramble over one another to take down America?

    • Become as self sufficient as you can. Grow your own food and learn how to preserve it if you don’t already. Start now! There is a learning curve. Look into chickens and other animals if you are able. Make sure you have good stockpiles of everything you need. We had plenty of TP through the crisis, along with Paper towels and other paper goods. Don’t put off things you need to do or have done – anything and everything: dental work, expanding the garden, getting better equipment, building that green house, or building a deep pantry. Get Busy!

  • Same in my state. Calls to defund the police. The rural areas of my state only have the State Police but the larger(relatively speaking) cities or those with lots of stores etc have a police force. Guess when someone is robbing the local convenience store we’re supposed to call a social worker!

  • THOMAS JEFFERSON WARNED EVERYONE,if you had a standing army,YOUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY WOULD BE IN DANGER OF BEING LOST,and SO it has,THE POLICE GANGS protect SATAN and his minions, the criminal politicians,Bankers,corporation CEO criminals.LIKE BILL GATES AND GEORGE SOROS,OH,selco when are your hero’s going to arrest these devils???,and THEIR just the tip of the iceburg….Before or after they start a world war in america,and the rest of planet earth?????

  • Perhaps the greatest problem we face is the blazing broadcasting of some evil cops while we never hear about the far greater number of good cops doing great but unnoticed actions every day. Secondary to that is the fact that it’s very difficult for cops to turn in their brother cops for misdeeds. Their lives depend on each other.
    So perhaps we need more positive revelations by media – except that doesn’t make any money. And on a more direct level, we need some way for good cops to turn in bad cops anonymously, so they don’t suffer from the threats and retribution of their disclosures being identified.
    Good luck with either of these simple solutions. Life’s complicated. Justice is unlikely. And stupidity is rampant. And if you doubt that latter, you aren’t reading Twitter.

  • The law enforcement for a county is the responsibility of the elected Sheriff. Municipal police departments exist, and get their authority from the Sheriff. A Sheriff, can at any time, revoke a police departments ability to enforce the law, and can revoke the peace officer status of any policeman or police department.

    SO…. if you defund the police, you get the Sheriff’s office. Cities create police departments for greater control of their local population, property tax funds, and municipal codes. Cities that do not have police departments then lose those property tax funds to the county sheriff.

  • I’m a bit surprised none of the other commenters took the “defund” movement to a (IMO predictable) conclusion. The more affluent who choose not to leave the city will hire private security guards, who through economy of scale will patrol and police specific areas. The less affluent will devolve into a state of feudalism with the “police force” consisting of armed gangs, in conflict with each other for “turf”. Not a good time to be a city dweller, regardless.

  • How many citizens do police “improperly” kill every year?

    I ask because medical error and malpractice kill something on the order of 98,000 Americans ever year. Just think of how many lives we could save if we “defunded” the medical establishment.

  • This is just liberals swinging wildly at every meme that comes along trying to find something, anything that they can leverage to cost Trump the election.

    I think of it as a pendulum swinging from side to side. For decades Law Enforcement has gathered momentum. They’ve formed SWAT units and bought military surplus weapons. They’ve been successful at getting legislation like civil asset forfeiture and qualified immunity passed and have abused the powers the electorate grants them.

    George Floyd did not resist. When they tried to place him in a squad car he went limp. This angered the officers and they over reacted. They used more force than the situation called for and Floyd had a heart attack.

    It’s time for the pendulum to swing back. I encourage Minneapolis to defund their police if they see fit. This is America and each state is free to manage their affairs as they see fit within the confines of the Constitution. I’m comfortable predicting that no LEO will actually be defunded.

  • Is it just me, or does anyone else think that it appears everything that is happening is designed to make us angry enough to finally respond to all this insanity with violence of our own? Its like we are being goaded along. Each event is more insane than the previous ones. A population that is no more than 14% (and only a smaller percentage of them) of the entire population is rampaging, looting, and burning our cities. Our history and heritage is being systematically obliterated under the lie that it is “racist”. Our free speech has become null and void because should you voice your opinion and it differs from the radical thoughts your means of earning a living may be taken from you. Conservative thought is being cancelled and removed from the public square. We whites are being publicly shamed, told we have “white privilege” and that our country stole from everyone else and that it is “systematically racist”. Cops are not obligated to protect the individual, only society “in general”. Our “leaders” won’t act to protect us or our property. Who does that leave to do it, then?

    Go ahead, defund the police in those socialist cess pools. It should be entertaining to watch what happens as they become Mogadishu.

    • If the Police are defunded WITHOUT a vote – no.
      If the Police are defunded and local politicians get to redirect the funds –

      If the locals VOTE to defund their Police, they should also vote to reduce their local taxes – because those taxes were assessed based on providing Police services. So who controls ballot initiatives? Because I think more people (in particular property owners) WANT public policing. Fences, gates and security guards raise costs for property owners.

      Unfortinately, in the engineered chaos and inflamed emotions regarding all this, NOBODY is paying attention to the fact that defunding Police means extra cash for politicians buddies and sycophants unless the people raise holy hell about it.

      Changing one law always has a cascade effect due to the number of laws it affects…

  • BLM has become a political party and they are calling the shots. What do they really want? Of course, the answer is control. Politicians and media are pandering to them, apologizing, kneeling, washing their feet (gag) and supporting BLM’s behind-the-scenes secret mission of taking over power. Defunding the police really means replacing any police who have common sense and caring, who love our country and Trump, with leftist police who hate all of that. It’s about dems grabbing all power. Everything they tried to do to get Trump out of office has failed. Now is their opportunity to take over the police and insert their own police force. It could be the blue helmets as someone mentioned or just carefully chosen leftists.

    Serious change (not a good kind) is definitely in the wind. We must prepare in every way we can.

  • I think the whole justice system is more focused toward protecting the rights of the accused, rather than protect the public from criminals . Out of respect for the law and enforcers of the law citizens use restraint in relation to criminals whenever possible.

    If the police department is defunded, or budgets reduced so much the police cannot give sufficient protection, citizens may lose the restraint. If attacked, they won’t try to read the perp his rights, but shoot to kill.

    History has shown that people will rather be subject to tyranny than random violence.
    Could it be that that is a part of the plan?

  • Articles that I have read proposing privatising the police force sound like a reasonable plan. Having to know that your pay relies on the people you “serve” (really serve) and not feeling that you, as the law, are above the law, would be a step in the right direction.
    Defunding (as in no police) sounds a little less than realistic. If each department were funded by the communities they served, perhaps there would be a little less gestapo-like mentality. Is that utopian thinking? I don’t know, but it is marketplace thinking.
    You give good service, you get to keep your job and get paid. You act like a terrorist even with the support of all your “brothers”, you don’t. That thin blue line baloney has got to go.
    Police, start policing yourself!

  • I have to laugh,THOMAS JEFFERSON warned everyone “NO STANDING ARMIES”..if you allow it,they will take your freedom and liberty away from you,AND SO THEY HAVE,your police gangs are TERRORISTS AND YOUR TO BLIND TO ADMIT IT….they are the ONES ENSLAVING THE NATION,they work for SATAN,thats another thing you can’t admit either,all masons and all worshippers of the devil,ONLY DEVILS KILL CHILDREN,and your HERO”S kill children everyday…LETS SEE WHAT GOD DOES TO YOU FOR SUPPORTING SATANS WOLFPACK….and the DEATH OF HIS LITTLE ONES,REMEMBER OUR FATHER WARNED YOU “NOT TO HARM HIS LITTLE ONES”..but no you love the police gangs killing them…this will end badly for all you devils…

  • No! De-funding the police is a stupid idea. Do they want it to go back to being the wild west? What needs to happen is accountability for the police and the politicians! Qualified immunity and asset forfeiture needs to be addressed as well as the Patriot Act need to be repealed! Lets throw in term limits for the career criminals who are owned by the corporations! If anything, we need to get out of the gulf and de fund the military industrial complex!

  • These things happening in America for the past few years are what happens when a society is pushed further and further to the left on the political spectrum. Sadly BLM followers, ANTIFA, and most of the Democrat party are now just the “useful idiots” of a targeted attempt to destabilize and reorganize America from within. The nefarious actors behind the scenes have been pushing for a more collectivist society for years to consolidate power after the fall of the Constitutional Republic system we have now. Its a push for a Globalist society and power structure, and only pain, suffering and misery will precede it. This is why I prep…

  • Defunding the police is just a step for communism. It wants chaos on the streets.The black lives matter and anitifa are minions . They are just pawns from the communist country of China. The umbrella is the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA. China fits under it and so does the democrats. China causes chaos on the streets of the U.S through its minions, BLM AND ANTIFA. Chaos is just a step for them to get the land of the U.S. for its rich resources. It wants to divide and conquer.

  • There will always be “police”. Even gangs in prison have enforcers.
    That gap will always fill in by someone. They are usually a lot worse than what you had.

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    In the event of a long-term disaster, there are non-food essentials that can be vital to your survival and well-being. Make certain you have these 50 non-food stockpile essentials. Sign up for your FREE report and get prepared.

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