A Trucker Strike in November Could Be Another Nail in the Supply Chain Coffin

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Rumor has it that a large number of independent truckers are planning multiple strikes in November during which they’ll stop transporting…well, everything. Considering that our supply chain is already in precariously bad shape, imagine the impact if transport also came to a halt.

Here’s how it’s being organized.

There’s a group on Facebook (for now – we all know how it goes on Facebook) called Stop the Tires Truckers that is organizing the strike. As of the writing of this article, more than 15,000 people had joined the newly formed group.

Here’s their message (and I’m also posting a screenshot in case it gets removed.) Note that they are specifically asking truckers who transport medical supplies not to participate.

Our message is simple and hopefully effective. We fully intend to exercise our rights, and will not have politicians making crippling decisions, that will negatively affect our future and the future of our children.

President Trump has worked diligently for four long years to protect the rights and freedoms of all Americans, and very importantly the blue-collar workers of this country. The blue-collar workers are literally the ones that make the wheels turn! Without truck drivers this country could not survive for long. Our intention is not to harm anyone. We would like to make a point that we do NOT wish for any companies or private truck drivers, supplying any kind of medical supplies and/or services, to participate in our movement.

We will not participate in the leftist, Biden/Harris Green New Deal. We do not support the banning of fracking. The United States of America operates as a capitalistic economy and OIL is the fuel she survives on. With this being said, we will STOP ALL TIRES for 24 hours on Veterans Day 11/11/20. If this is not effective and our leaders do not respect that blue-collar truck drivers are having to face domestic terrorism, primarily in democrat run cities all over the United States, and that we do not support the banning of fracking in any way, then we will have our second STOP OF TIRES for FOUR full days 11/26/20-11/29/20.

We are calling for all patriots to share this all over the country. We may not last long on Facebook, but please do not be deterred, and continue to share this on any social media or other outlets, that you have available to you.

Thank you & God Bless America (source)





Here’s a Tweet endorsing it.

One website reported on a trucker strike specific to New York State due to working conditions during the pandemic.

They can make all the toilet paper in the world—but what if there’s no one to deliver those rolls to stores? That’s a looming possibility in New York, where more than 100 truck drivers are threatening to strike and shut down supply chains to Whole Foods and Stop & Shop supermarkets in the tri-state area. The drivers say that their employer, the grocery distributor United Natural Foods, better known as UNFI, hasn’t been giving them basic PPE nor have they disinfected their trucks in months. The New York Post says it’s not just TP at stake, but rigs full of organic freezer meals, seltzers, and pasta boxes, among other shelf-stable items. (source)

Truckers are talking about it on Twitter.

While there are few official reports, the buzz on Twitter is that truckers are angry about the outcome of the election and that they intend to show the country the power they wield over our well-being. some of the videos mention November 29th as the day it all happens.

Here are a few examples. (There’s some profanity. And a lot of Purge sirens. You may want to skip the videos if you’re upset by that.)


To see more, search the hashtag #truckerstrike on Twitter.

This is not unprecedented.

In 2018, truckers in Brazil went on strike for 10 days and virtually shut down the entire country. Here’s an excerpt from a translated article about the event:

Little by little, Brazil began on Wednesday to recover from the effects caused by the truckers’ strike, which lasted ten days and paralyzed services such as fuel supply and distribution of food and medical supplies, bringing the country to the brink of collapse.

The category stopped on May 21 to demand a reduction in diesel oil prices – which have risen more than 50% in the last 12 months. The main claim was that taxes are levied on fuel, such as PIS-Cofins. They also required fixing a minimum table for freight charges.

During the strike, anti-corruption speeches also joined the banners defended by the movement, which in a few days became expressive and caused impacts to the population, in several segments. Some groups of protesters have come to express support for a military coup.

With trucks stopped, partially blocking the highways, fuels stopped being delivered to various stations and other activities that awaited raw materials and essential products, such as food, also ended up short of supplies.

The movement began to lose strength over the weekend, after an agreement between some representatives of the category and the government, and the entry of the Army on the scene to unblock roads and guarantee the supply to the various sectors affected. (source)

Check out the entire article for the timeline of the 10-day strike. The strike is credited with having exposed extensive political corruption shortly before that country’s elections.

As well, in 1973, there was an Independent Trucker Shutdown during the oil crisis.

On December 3, 1973, JW Edwards ran out of gas at 10:00 pm after struggling to make his run amid fuel rationing. This blocked Interstate 80. JW got on his CB radio and eventually, other truckers stopped to help him out. Within an hour the protest had grown to hundreds of semi-trucks. In just a few hours truckers across the country were blocking the nation’s roadways, essentially shutting them down and causing traffic jams 12 miles long.

The strike lasted three days but remember that this was in a day and age when 70% of the countries’ goods were hauled by independent truckers. Now there are more companies that own fleets and just hire drivers.

That they had the numbers to get the government to listen was a major difference than what is going on now. The protests were largely peaceful except in Ohio when some truckers decided not to comply. The Governor deployed the National Guard and used tear gas.

For a while, the peace would last. The dealbreaker came when it was clear that now that government officials had calmed everyone down, they were in no rush to fulfill any of the promises they made. The brief strike did not cause a big enough supply disruption. (source)

Subsequent protests were less peaceful.

Protests started again and this time they took a darker turn. On December 13th and 14th another shutdown occurred but this time a lot of truckers started to harass and even turn to sabotage when other truckers refused to shut down. Tires were slashed, vehicles were shot, and one driver was even stabbed!

This was not the end either. As the protests entered 1974 some independent truckers not only shut down, they blocked roads and even started throwing bricks off of overpasses.

A resolution came in February 1974 when truckers were granted the right to add 6% fuel surcharges to their bill and they were guaranteed that truck stops would be given fuel priority so that they did not have to compete for rationed fuel supplies.

While it is good that truckers gained a voice, it was not without damage. As a result of the shutdown and strikes, 100,000 truckers were laid off, several people died, and the public experienced supply disruptions. (source)

Whether this looming strike is likely to turn ugly or not is anybody’s guess, but the United States hasn’t had a great track record with protests remaining peaceful this year, even if they start out that way.

How will a trucker strike affect us?

In just five days without trucks running in the United States, chaos could erupt due to our “just in time” merchandising.

Most retail stores no longer stock up on food but have a “just in time” ordering system that relies on regular shipments.

Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory refers to an inventory management method whereby the goal is to have inventory readily available to meet demand, without having any excess quantities on hand. With this approach, merchants can hold minimal stock supplies while ensuring stock-outs don’t happen during peak selling periods. Balancing the goals of avoiding stock-outs while minimizing inventory costs is at the heart of JIT. (source)

If those shipments aren’t coming in, then the shelves will be bare in very short order. People will see the store getting more empty, and this will compel them to buy everything they can get their hands on until there is truly nothing left. (source)

This video goes into more detail.

Our supply chain is already broken and likely to get much worse as we get closer to the holidays. If goods are no longer being transported, it would be another nail in the coffin of that supply chain. I strongly suggest you prepare now for the holidays and continue stocking up as much as possible while you can.

What do you think?

Do you think the trucker strikes will occur in large enough numbers to cause disruptions?  Do you support the strike? What do you think will be accomplished if the strike does occur?

Let’s talk about it in the comments.


Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • I 100% support this! I have been doing everything I know to get this out and other things out, but people do not want to hear it! They all think it is conspiracy theory what our government is doing to us. I told them all that this fake pandemic is another 9/11 to take away more of our rights just like in 2001 when they told us that all of this airport security is just “temporary until we figure things out”! Shortly after we got the unconstitutional Patriot Act where you now feel like a criminal every time you go through the airport! I have been warning my friends and family for years to stock up on food and the essentials and finally now they are starting to act. I just hope it’s not too late for them! We cannot allow our government to lock us down, force testing upon us, and force us to take a vaccination we do not want! It’s time to take a stand for our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! 1776 is back!

    • Absolutely! I agree with everything you said, down to the part where we’ve been trying to warn people and sound the alarm about the severity of this virus that has killed less people than the flu. Yes. It exists but it’s not something for which you shut down the economy! Next comes the government mandated jab and I’ll tell you right now, my family is not taking it. Not now, probably not ever; particularly when it’s being pushed by people who think they have the right to play God and cull the population. Nope.
      I’ve pretty much given up on trying to warn people. They don’t want to listen, so I’ll protect my own household.
      I support the truckers ???? and they have the pull to make a real difference here. I’m marching Saturday to the Supreme Court to protest the fraudulent election, but it won’t have the affect people will FEEL or SEE when they go to the stores and see empty shelves. I’m stocking up and have been for a few months. And that includes lots and lots of ammo…
      If we don’t stop the fraudulent election results now, we skip further into socialism. Once our freedoms are gone, we will NEVER get them back. God bless the truckers and God bless the USA ????????

      • Hello from Indonesia. Just want to tell you something about the “virus”: until now there’s no scientific paper that has proven the existence of the covid virus.

        You can find the works of Andrew Kauffman and David Crowe online. They have done good work analyzing the papers that claimed to have found the “virus.”

        Notice that I put “virus” in quotation marks? It’s because there are scientists that claimed that the so-called “viruses” are actually exosomes, produced by our cells for various purposes. Both have not been fully studied and understood.

        You can also study the cellular/terrain theory for further information on “viruses.” I believe you will not regret your time spent on finding and studying it, because I don’t. There are other viewpoints on diseases and the causes other than the “germ theory” taught to modern medicine.

        Good luck, folks over there.

  • No, I don’t think they will strike. Most of the truckers in my neck of the desert are Mexican and from what I can see will not jeopardize their family’s security. Will believe it when I see it.

    • Your part of the country is not my part of the country. Most truckers here are US citizens and patriotic Americans. I would support their efforts even is I had to suffer for it.

      • Me too! And I went to their Facebook page and the support is tremendous. Mexicans may not strike, but they won’t be able to make up for the thousands upon thousands who’ve taken the pledge to do this. I’m behind them ????
        I’m ready for a crisis or food shortage at my house, but even if I did suffer, I DO NOT CARE! Someone needs to stand up against this fraud of an election. We are marching in DC Saturday, but at the end of the day it only shows how mad we are and don’t accept the election results. Whereas truckers shutting down the supply of basically EVERYTHING? They’ll hear AND feel it. God bless the truckers! ????????

      • I think he means the huge amount of trucks coming in from Mexico across the border bringing in supplies. Not Americans, but Mexican truckers. That’s what we have in South Texas.

      • You get the “best comment so far” award. 🙂

        To answer your question……”Maybe. Depends upon whether the truckers decide to park in the fast lane, or maybe even blockade the whole highway. Your guess is as good as mine.

        To answer the moderator’s question, I support the truckers right to simply stop delivering. If they decide to blockade the nation’s roads and highways, they make themselves The Enemy.

        • LOL no one is going to park in front of me in any lane. BLM, ANTIFA or Truckers. That type of behavior don’t fly around here.
          Day 1 operation was apparently a failure as no one even knew about it and the response on the CB was along the lines of Nope we got bills to pay, Christmas is coming and the possible president is going to shut things down so we gotta make some money.

          • Keep right on truckin and do your job well! You deserve it!!! 🙂 Don’t let naysayers stop you and protect yourself from both the left AND the alt right that may go crazy or be setup to go crazy as useful idiots to make conservatives look like the bad guys.

    • Over 70 million of The People have “voted” for the Harris admin and Marxist Color Revolution – make no mistake that is who will be in charge, especially if the senate falls to democrats as well.

      I will 100% stand behind these truckers and other blue-collar workers as socialism/marxism/communism/fascism has no place in the US. If our republic falls where else in the world can we go for freedoms like in our Bill of Rights???

      • Au contraire KTR… Nowhere near 70 million people voted for Harris (biden). Lies. My guess is it may have been 50 million, and 90 million for Trump. No doubt about it.

        I fully support the Trucker’s Strike. Anyone who thinks this will be taking it out on the people does not understand fighting for freedom. MIO – I’m absolutely certain that YOU have prepared for something like this. Many of us have, and anyone who hasn’t is likely a city liberal, so screw them. Stop the supplies, let the cities burn, let the libs kill each other, and we’ll clean up the mess and rebuild America they way it was intended.

    • Matt, they ARE the people. It’s not 2020 logic, it’s just logic: the system IS the people running it. When it comes to SHTF, realistically it is not a matter of being pro or against this or that, left or right. If the truckers stop, it will be hell for everyone.

      People can take action in front of their houses, or even be against the strikers as Harbour said. But in the end it doesn’t matter, ‘cos if they stop you’ll see everyone fighting for fuel at gas stations and food at the grocery store regardless.

      Same for the police, nurses, trash collectors, power station workers, lawyers, bus and train drivers, accountants, and yes even politicians. It’s the system, it’s called grid and chain of supply for a reason. If one cog stops it affects all the others. It’s that simple.

      And in practice it’s all that matters from the perspective of preppers – IMHO.

  • Thanks for making us aware that these trucks aren’t being appropriately sanitized and that truckers don’t have the PPE they need. It seems this has been going on for months — so why the delay in drawing attention to it? Clearly, it’s the current administration’s mishandling of the pandemic that has given us a crazy-quit of policies, bad practices, growing outbreaks and insane stress on health care, the economy, and families. The situation we have now is happening under the Trump administration. The truckers have cause to strike; I hope they direct the blame in the right direction.

    • The federal government is not your daddy. Do you clean your house or does the government do it? Where is all the money going from TAXES?? Some of the heaviest taxed states are broke and were broke before ‘covid.’ Do you get bailed out if you max out your credit cards? Or do you REIGN in spending? Are you even aware of the testing for ‘covid?’ If you get a bonus for ‘covid’ patients what are the test results going to be? Do you ever see a worker in an infectious lab wearing a bandanna or dust mask? Why do you wear a mask in a lobby at restaurant but not at the table? Why do you wear a mask sitting by a pool but not in water? Can you get tested for influenza without symptons? Do you even ask questions or just turn on your news? It really isnt hard to start thinking for yourself. I know its not trendy and hip to think for yourself but c’mon man. Russia russia, now massive amounts of election fraud and you parrot the propoganda lies.

  • I suppose this strike threat undermines the “Biden is our Savior” narrative?! I support your efforts trucker patriots good luck to you all!

  • I doubt enough will take part, but we will see. I hope they stay out 3 months. Let’s see how new york sh*tty, chicongo and sanfransicko , etc. do.

    • Three months? It would mean a serious, widespread SHTF. Trust me on this. No fear mongering here mate, just talking from experience: We’ve had a 3 week strike here back in 2018 and S hit the fan in less than a week. After just a few days there were shortages, fights in supermarkets, gas stations and more. Police, ambulance and sanitation slowed down, crime and violence spiked. The mood of the population deteriorated and it was 2018, when there was no pandemics, lockdowns and everything n the economy was much better than today.

  • I absolutely wish them the best of luck. I know that it will make life extra hard…but I admire their protest and hope that it doesn’t get “out-of-hand”.

  • Well… guys, get ready because this is serious. We’ve have a strike like this back in 2018 here (Brazil) and things got ugly very quick. I tell this story in my book because it’s real and it’s a near-SHTF (protests, shortages, fights over fuel and food in places, etc.) that almost went full-SHTF.

    The whole system is volatile and unstable. Right now there’s an entire state here in “full, grid down SHTF” due to a power outage. Last tuesday a transformador blew out and left 16 cities in the dark.

    If any of you want to know how this scenario unfolds, google “macapá amapá blackout”. In just a couple of days everything was upside down, food and water shortages, communications went down, now people are protesting and crime spiked.

    The rural population was better prepared (as usual) but the people in larger cities are suffering heavily. It’s still going on and no one knows when it will be fixed, maybe a few days more.

    Take the word of someone who has lived a truckers strike before and be prepared. Stock fuel, water and food for at least a couple of weeks, it’s better for a month if you can. And stay calm and out of trouble.

  • I have plenty of everything but a tank full of gas would be better than hitting the saved fuel to start with. I just blew a head gasket on my pickup and that vould be drained.
    I have Food and water for months here. Plus a well and winch if I need more water. The other well is on electricity and could possibly be switched to solar a solar array.

  • While it’s a good fight, in the end; it will be another nail in the coffin of the trucking industry as we know it.

    Tesla is developing the self driving truck right now. Within ten years, the people who drive trucks will be looking for a new occupation.

    BTW, family in Illinois and in trucking haven’t heard anything about the strike.

    • TuSimple chief product officer Chuck Price predicted that his company would have driverless trucks with no human backup driver on U.S. roadways by 2021

  • I guess they should have voted then. The people have spoken. They didn’t get their way so they are going to withhold goods and services from working people just like them. Beautiful!

    • They did vote. Are you paying attention to all the voter fraud in key States? If not you may be a liberal that voted for biden. Do you actually believe that sleepy jou got more votes than obama in a legal way?

      • there is no voter fraud in key states. if you were paying attention, you would know most of the early voting was done by democrats, while voting on election day was mainly republicans. that is precisely why trump was ahead till all the votes were counted. by the way, election day ballots were counted first in PA, and early ballots counted afterwards. the only one here trying to steal the election is the one pouting behind closed doors.

        • Might I suggest paying attention to something other than mainstream media or NPR? There is a lot of voting fraud in this election, even more than in the last one. Dead people voting, people voting multiple times, ballots being backdated, being marked as valid when they weren’t, the list goes on and on. It’s shameful and shows that the Democrat side is so convinced of their own rightness and moral superiority that they can’t stand the thought of anyone else winning.

          Back to the topic at hand. I support the truckers.

            • Ooh, you got me. I used the wrong word! How horrible! Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. You’re right and I’m wrong about the use of that particular word.

              I don’t think it invalidates my point, which I think was still clear. However, this morning I note there’s not much being said about any trucker strike actually occuring. (Now that’s something I’d be happy to be wrong about.)

        • Well then, I guess if you and the democrat mass media propaganda machine say there is no fraud then there is no fraud. I’m sure the MSM would never lie to the American people. Right?

        • “there is no voter fraud in key states”

          for the left, fake ballots for them are not fraud. really. so they’ll tell you all day long that the rampant voter fraud is not fraud – and they mean it.

  • Supply chain is not partisan. Also self driving trucks are right around the corner if not already on the road. I’m not saying a strike won’t effect us or help their cause now…but eventually this is one of the first jobs to go in the world of A.I.

  • Even though I would 100% support a strike until we get fair election results by the people I know there are to many people of foreign decent hauling Americas food and other commodities. I believe the truckers could settle this in one week as the country would shut down. I travel all over the USA and Trump support was unlike none that I have ever witnessed. We want a election by the people for the people and if the other side wants violence as seen in Portland, Seattle and other cities 30 minutes to disperse or leave them in the streets because innocent and elderly should never have to fear to leave their home.

  • DIGITAL “ID” ,DIGITAL MONEY,my how smart americans are,IF YOU want to see the economy CRASH,keep doing all the stupid things the Government wants,Support your police gangs,support your military,THEIR TAKING YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL,and I know if you support these animals, when they leave to go home with their DADDY SATAN you can be going with them,so keep holding hands with SATANS MINIONS,they love you,OUR LORD JESUS is coming for His people soon and the children,YOU BETTER BE PRAYING YOUR NOT HOLDING HANDS with any of SATANS minions…OR YOU’LL BE LEFT BEHIND…

  • Awesome !! Do it.

    Also demand higher speed limits.

    East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’
    Oh, we gonna do what they say can’t be done

  • I say, make it even longer. Hope other industries join these heroic truckers. It needs to be disruptive, to be effective. Make sure no deliveries make it to FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR.

  • Would it be more effective to have a massive multi-day shut-down on Inaugeration Day if Biden is sworn in? If the major shut-down happens during Trump’s remaining time (let’s hope he has 4 more years so this isn’t necessary), then the media will spin this as a Trump temper tantrum.

  • Interesting idea but a more effective approach would be to stop deliveries in a few targeted Dem cities say Portland, Seattle, Chicago and New York city?

  • Now is perhaps a good time to buy some flashlights that require only one battery. IMHO, a variety of models is better than having several duplicate models. Because with a variety you can use anything you find around the house (in the kids toys, the carving knife, the toothbrush, etc.). Here’s a link to an article that lists brands and model numbers of flashlights that require only one battery. The listing starts at 2:18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv7Bx6usT-g

  • Well, cut off your nose to spite your face, why don’t you?….I’m a Trump supporter, but I need to be supplied just like anyone else, so a trucker strike hurts who exactly?

  • I don’t have my ears in trucking like I used to, but what I do hear is there will be no deliveries in cities if the *garbage* continues like it has in Portland, etc.
    Some years ago I did local deliveries in the D. C. area. In fact I was in town the day before the riots back in the day.
    If nothing else, a major strike will show city-dwellers that they can’t exist without the deliveries from the ‘hinterland’.

    • “they can’t exist without the deliveries from the ‘hinterland’”

      well in point of fact most deliveries to cities like san fran and la and new york are via ships.

  • My family has been involved in the trucking industry in California since the 1950s on the parts and service end. Most people have no idea how much we all depend on truckers. Most everything at your local store arrived on a truck. The lack of respect that drivers get makes me furious. It is not an easy life.

    I would actually like to see a strike of all of Trump’s voters. If all of us decided to call in sick or not show up it would be an eye opener to all those smug elitists who think we don’t matter, or even worse, don’t believe we have the right to stand up for our beliefs.

    It’s time we show them who really makes this country run. It certainly isn’t them sitting in their comfy home office holding Zoom meetings.

    Oh, and to all of you who complain about truck drivers on the road, just remember this, if there aren’t any trucks on the road you won’t be able to get anything you need. Show them some respect. Don’t cut them off, sit in their blindspot, or tailgate them. Trucks can’t stop on a dime.

  • You folks are thinking to small I believe. There are at a minimum 70 million like minded people and we should all join in and cease commerce and tires for these days. Get all patriots across America to strike with the truckers!!!

  • I think the masks and lockdowns are driving them crazy.
    Just like everyone else.

    You don’t have to wear masks. I have a medical exemption, so I don’t wear them, and I almost never get any comments.

  • I surrport the trucks shutting down to show the commie bastard .that America people want stand for the steal.

  • Can we set up an account to collect funds for them? If they strike, I will support them. We need to do something. Our country as we know it, is gone. We can’t let it be taken over.

  • Thank you for caring enough to sacrifice for not only now but for the future of this nation and its families. God Bless each of you.

  • Hell yeah even if it effects me. Biden stole this election with cheating and that’s not right. 70 million of us voted for the guy and he won those states that now say they went to Biden. I loved the first one with the Bird and the F bomb lol. Kamala is a Hindu Devil and needs to never set foot in the White House.
    Service from McDonald’s finally started getting better with Trump. Before it was like pulling teeth to get the snot nosed kid who barely spoke any English to get my order right which was hardly ever so yeah.

  • Trump must declare this fraudulent election to be a national emergency and declare martial law immediately. The US mint will produce new ballots for all fifty states that are as counterfeit proof as hundreda one dollar bill and the election will be monitored and ballots counted by the military. If the Democrats are capable of putting a President in power by fraud, then they are capable of anything. If these measures are not taken by the president the Democrats will some how take control of the senate and stack the Supreme Court. They then will make all US territories and the District of Columbia states and allow millions of immigrants to flood into the country thereby guaranteeing that the Republicans will never have a majority again. We will be a one party system, the communist party. We can be under a Trump declared martial law and fix the system or a Harris Biden permanent medical martial law. The latter will cause a Great Depression and millions of deaths just here in this country by civil war and starvation. The Truckers cutting off the Blue cities is the beginning of that civil war.

    • True enough but anyone who wants to can still call in sick – especially after the new year when many have those guaranteed four days of sick leave again. Or five, in some states.

      • Sick-out–that’s true.

        I was trying to look up diesel supply chain that the big trucks would be using as well as those that deliver diesel and gas to the stations. Walmart (& similar) probably have their own pumping stations for their trucks. Big chain-type gas stations, such as Valero, probably have their own trucks to deliver to their stations.

  • How can we support these truckers while they are on strike for example if they go on for three months or until there is a new election? Just cut off the blue cities to show how much power the right really has just being peaceful. Probably won’t be able to set up go fund me so it will have to be on a local level of sharing food and supplies with your neighbor the trucker.

    • I appreciate your thoughts and ideas here. Gofundme wouldn’t work anyway because they like to freeze the funds of any “unpopular” fundraisers. They are just as dirty as Twitter and FaceBook.

  • I whole-heartedly support a trucking strike (Let Atlas shrug) and also suggest Trump voters file a class-action lawsuit on the basis of the Equal Protection Clause in the 14th Amendment. Martin Armstrong thinks this is a viable alternative: “Every person who voted for Trump has had their civil rights violated and a class action lawsuit is entirely appropriate.” (source: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/politics/the-prospects-of-trump-will-democrats-split/ )

  • Working in a small Gas station I see limited items coming in. Right now Beer and Soda are questionable if we will get them or what we will receive. With the way the Left in Seattle is going where looting and stealing is now a right instead of Prosecuting. It can be dangerous to drive a truck near one of the protestor groups. They love looting trucks. It is dangerous in Left run cities to make a delivery. Cities that talk of removing Police departments or partially de-fund them should be considered dangerous at all times. I know I will not go into Seattle area unless I absolutely have to for Hospital or pick up my wife. Some areas are safe but other areas are not.
    Truckers are the blood line. I just hope they wait until after the final tally is in. Or do partial shutdowns in liberal run cities that are doing the corruption of the Vote like Philadelphia. And the state capitols of those liberal runs cities. Because under democrat rule. I bet we will see more and more shortages take place over the years.

  • IT would be more effective if all routes into D.C. were blocked. I believe it’s been done before. Just wait until all those bureaucrats and congresscritters living in Georgetown and surrounding areas can no longer get fresh seafood or anything else that matters. Wait until the shelves are empty of French wine and Whole Foods has empty shelves.
    Actually Washington, D.C. should be shut off from the rest of the nation forcing the use of old DC 3/C-47 to fly in food and toilet paper….sorta like the old Berlin Airlift.
    I definitely support this . It’s about the right of the people to voice their opinions whether right or wrong.
    By the way, the entire argument about fracking is rather a moot point. As long as the price of oil remains below $53/ barrel, it is no longer viable to hydraulic frack for oil. The last time the price of oil dropped to $28 , the fracking industry went nearly belly up. So many outfits went under due to the lack of investors that thousands and I mean close to100,000 people ended up in the unemployment line. Hydraulic fracking is not cheap as it depends on the price of oil being high enough to make it profitable. Right now countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and even Russia are pumping oil like mad. Mostly because, outside of Russia, those other countries have heavy debts.
    This is why the price of gas and diesel are so low. Unfortunately, state continue to raise fuel taxes to make up for short falls in their budgets due to having to spend so much on welfare programs oh….. and state pensions.

  • In my opinion, though it will definitely affect some industries, I don’t think one or three days will be enough to shut much of anything down, especially over a holiday weekend. If I understand correctly this strike is of independent drivers. Most large chain stores have their own supply chains. They have warehouses full of products that their employees deliver to the stores. Three days is not enough to deplete their inventory, especially during the holiday season when every store is stocked to the rafters. Unless the employees of of the major chains strike too or the independent drivers choose to block the highway like ’73 I don’t think this will have a huge impact on the average American.

  • I love this site..and the commenters. However, It is hard to read with all the f, share, Pin and adds that pop up. I have ad blocker on computer but on phone I don’t. So many things interfere with reading the article that sometimes I just click it off. I hope, the share tweet and Pin boxes could stay in one place.

  • This will only work while Trump is in. Once they put Biden in he’ll call in the military to begin the extermination.

  • As much as i would like to see this happen.. there are only about 350k owner operators. There isnt enough to make a dent. And Company owned rigs will keep moving. We currently have a operator shortage. They will lay off those that dont move their product and hire fresh truckers at a lower wage.


    • Makes as much sense as looting and rioting because you’re not happy. I’m sure the elderly and people struggling to make ends meet will appreciate this too.

    • Hopefully they will shut down the whole month of Dec and Jan , begin having rolling road blocks to disrupt schedules and the heating oil and propane drivers stop deliveries to the blue states and cities. Freeze’em and starve’m.

  • BUT, will this strike happen if Trump is able to expose the voter fraud and have the illegitimate ballots thrown out?

    I think this is contingent on democrat cheating being successful.

  • I think this is the same movement in the Obama era about gas prices and a few trucks went on strike but it was the biggest hogwash ever! It wounded up being a joke. Alt right news sites SCREAMED big headlines making it sound like a national shutdown which it never was nor ever actually intended.

  • all you complaining about how the trucker strike will hurt americans are missing the point. the trucker strike is nothing more than a preview of america under president harris. think of it as a wake-up call.

  • The “Stop the Tires Truckers” has declared that this month is “not the time” for the truck slowdown. Will you report this now please so that you can correct the supply chain scare you caused when you posted this?

    • Can you provide me with a link to this? I’d be delighted to update. You don’t even have to be insulting 🙂

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