Here’s Why I Voluntarily Closed My Preparedness Group on Facebook

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For several years, I ran a very popular emergency preparedness group on Facebook called Prep Club. A couple thousand members and a great team of moderators kept the group free of hot-button topics, and the core members of the group became extremely close-knit. Today, I voluntarily made the decision to permanently archive all my preparedness groups on Facebook despite the high quality of the content.

The short version is this:

By archiving the group, the years’ worth of high-quality content remains available to members. They can’t interact but they can still go in and search for recipes and tips. If I had waited, Facebook’s moderation team was extremely likely to have deleted the entire group and all that information would be lost forever.

Now, if you have questions, stick around for the longer version.

What is Facebook doing to groups like mine?

Yesterday, I woke up to some messages that appeared to be right out of Orwell’s classic, 1984. I redacted the members’ names and images for privacy purposes. Here are the redacted messages.

So right off the hop, Facebook had decided content in our extremely well-moderated group was composed by “dangerous individuals and organizations.”

What did the removed content say? Well, we have no idea whatsoever because Facebook is “unable to show content that goes against” their community standards. But they want us to manually approve or discard all the posts that person makes for the next month so she doesn’t “re-offend.” Except we have NO IDEA WHAT THE HECK SHE POSTED.

And that’s not all.

They’ve been “fighting false news” in our group since September and never even notified us that they’d removed some of our content. When I clicked on “see details” I got the same message as above. “Y’all posted such bad stuff we can’t even show you what it is.”

In an effort to save the group – which was extremely busy and popular – I turned on moderation for all posts so we could try and keep things running.

But then we learned that Facebook was going to continue to “clean up” groups.

Then this morning, my friend and prolific author, Jim Cobb from Survival Weekly, shared an article explaining how Facebook was going to “clean up” groups like mine. Most worrisome is the highlighted comment:

In addition, group members who had any community standards violations in a group will now require post approval for the next 30 days. That means all their posts will have to be pre-approved by a group admin or moderator. This could help groups deal with those whose behavior is often flagged, but it could also overwhelm groups with a large number of users. And Facebook says if the admins or moderators then approve a post that violates community standards, the group will be removed. (source)

I took a screenshot too because y’all know how things like this have a habit of vanishing into the ether of the internet.

Just so we’re all singing from the same songbook, let me break this down.

  • Facebook wants us to moderate everything a person who has broken any rules posts.
  • But they won’t tell us what the person in trouble did wrong.
  • We are supposed to guess.
  • If we guess incorrectly, then the entire group gets nuked and all that information is gone forever.

Sorry, but the only way to win that game except not to play it. So, I opted not to play it and I archived all of my preparedness groups so that no further content is able to be posted or commented upon. I warmly invite you to join our forum instead, which is on my server and cannot be moderated by outside entities.

We don’t have to like it, but Facebook has every right to do this.

Before anyone starts hollering about free speech, please note that I believe Facebook has every right to make their own rules. I built my group on their platform, not the other way around.  The right to free speech applies to the government – they cannot crack down on you for saying whatever unpopular thing that is on your mind. At this point, it does not apply to private platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. It’s important to note that the FTC is debating anti-trust actions against the likes of Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon over concerns they’ve become monopolies and hold too much power.

But for right now, these entities have the right to approve or delete whatever they want to on their own platforms.

I think what they’ve done is awful but it isn’t unconstitutional to be awful.

I think it’s censorship, but that is also not unconstitutional if a private platform is doing it.

I joined their club and agreed to their rules. My option, if I don’t like their rules, is to go to a different playground with guidelines that I like more. But keep in mind that Facebook used to allow our posts and conversations and then things changed.

That’s why I will not ever be moving my groups to any other social media outlets. Rules that may be palatable today could change by tomorrow and then I spent all that time and energy again, building a house on borrowed land. That’s why I am building my own playground here in our forum.

I figured this day was coming.

A couple of years ago, Selco and I put our heads together and started a small forum on my server. We focused on privacy, a few rules to keep things civil, and a platform that I own. I knew that the day would come when I needed to have this up, running, and to which we could seamlessly transition.

You can now find us at our forum, where you don’t have to use your real name, prove your identity, or bow to Big Tech. If you have ANY problems getting your account set up, please reach out to us at the email on the image below or use the contact button at the top of the home page. We will be making improvements to our forum over the next few weeks but right now, the most important thing is to get signed up and start talking to each other.


I’ve been covering censorship, technological surveillance, and attempts to control the narrative for more than a decade now. I knew this entire time that while social media was great for helping me build my website, I would not be able to use it forever. In a world where people who approve of censorship hold most of the microphones and most of the power, it is only a matter of time before those with controversial opinions that fly in the face of political correctness no longer have a place on these platforms.

Today was that day for me.

I would rather do it voluntarily and on my own terms than to be unceremoniously booted off because I believe in liberty.

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  • I never look at continuous FB groups for then I can be traced, my comments read.

    So good for you to cancel FB ..

    • Please send us an email to hello @ and our admin there will be happy to help you. (Remove the spaces in that email address so it works). She will have a few questions to help you get this straightened out.

  • Congratulations for your intuitive forethought and preemptive moves to archive all of your hard work over the years. Facebook and other platforms have grown into the behemoths that they are today from the work of individual groups like Prep Club and others, and as a result of their recent actions either their Section 230 protections will be removed, or the groups and individuals that attract so much traffic for their advertisers will leave and set up their own sites.

    I have participated in Prep Club for a few years now as well as lurked and participated on the Organic Prepper Website because of the people in both places, myself and those people have you to thank for it all Daisy.

  • This is very concerning to me. The only reason I’ve stayed with Facebook is the groups I’m part of. I really don’t want to lose them and the great info offered in them. Thank you for making a new platform fir your groups. Would you make the info available to other groups in how to do the same?

    • So far I have felt the same way bout groups. But, more and more of them are being deleted or redacted really. I’m slowing pulling out of FB. I downloaded all my photos. (And I feel like an idiot for willingly adding my face to their face recognition software…) I am no longer adding new photos and I rarely post anything. I use it to talk to family in other states and a few groups but that time will be coming to a close soon enough.

  • “I think what they’ve done is awful but it isn’t unconstitutional to be awful”

    actually, that’s not the issue. the issue is rule 232 (or whatever it is), which establishes the rules for who is responsible for content. if they don’t moderate then they’re just a carrier and not responsible for content (like the postal service or the phone company). but if they DO moderate then they’re a publisher and thus responsible for content and thus can be sued for that content.

    they’re moderating. therefore they’re responsible for what is on their site. therefore they’re going to be sued for something x1000000 from here to sunday sabbath and beyond.

    or they would be, if they were subject to the rules.

  • I will try to figure out how to get to your new forum. By the way, I highly recommend the Netflix drama/documentary “The Social Dilemma.” it explains how social media works and how it is designed to track your interests and to do everything it can to keep you viewing–for the advertising dollars and for other purposes. This film was created by some of the tech people who actually created these platforms and who are now sounding the alarm about how they can change our society and us–and not always for the better. This explains how using social media causes people to split into ever-more divisive groups, and you need to understand that you are being manipulated when you are using these platforms. The film is really well done and entertaining. Not a dry thing to watch at all. In my opinion, what is happening now is that groups and governments are realizing the power of social media and how they can force change using these platforms. It truly is 1984 — just a few years later! We do need to try to move away from these platforms, but so many groups are on them, it is difficult.

    • Cheryl,
      Social Dilemma was a great documentary and extremely enlightening! I don’t use social media at all because of how I saw it as a time sucker. And that documentary, also, solidified our rules to not let our children on any social media. But, I heard about a new platform called Parlor (or is it Parler?). Don’t know much about it but is not supposed to be censored.

      Daisy, I have a feeling this is only just the beginning. And thank you for all that you do! It is so appreciated!!

      • Dee, you can also check out Brighteon.Social, can talk without using code words for the bug that supposedly everyone has and the mandated shot in the arm that will come whenever!! No censorship there, run by Mike Adams the Health Ranger!!

  • These two articles detail some of the ugly background of Facebook:

    Facebook a CIA Front?


    Edward Snowden: Facebook is a surveillance company, rebranded as social media

    It’s little different from Google’s Gmail censoring every article on for the last couple of years. Whenever you click on a TOP article link from within Gmail, the Google [Gulag-le?] tentacles literally white out the entire left half of all pages in whatever TOP article you try to read. So you’re much better off to bail out of Gmail, and even switch browsers (I like “Brave” for this), and paste in the TOP article link there.

    Both Google and Facebook were early recipients of CIA’s In-Q-TEL venture capital fund money. It was a dirty workaround to any legal prohibition on government committing free speech suppression. Little wonder that Harry Truman, who signed off on creating the CIA in 1947 with the assets left over from the wartime OSS organization, said in his last years that creating the CIA had proved to be a terrible mistake. The early 1981 statement by then CIA director William Casey in a staff meeting echoes loudly even today. It was “We’ll know when our disinformation campaign has been successful when everything the American public believes is a lie.” That was stunning evidence in support of Truman’s realization.

    That’s the kind of monster that Daisy and her most appreciative readership are up against. The old East German Stasi would be licking its chops at the regular evils that today’s “Big Tech” gets away with regularly.


  • I totally support your decision, but am disappointed – that was a great group. What a shame that this is where we’ve come to.

  • On one hand, I’m so sorry this happened. It’s “convenient” to have everything in one place, but I totally understand, and hopefully, the forums will be well-traveled.

  • Good move un plug from matrix, these people think the computer is reality. “The look at me aint I somethng” gang will one day meet “power down”.
    You provide a service of how to live away from “assistance” I suspect soon this and others like it will be demonized.

    • Can you please email our admin at hello @ (no spaces) – she will be able to help. I am sorry but I’m not techy enough to fix it 🙂

  • If you are fed up with FB/Twitter and so on, check out “PARLER” which will not restrict free speech ever. Conservative Dan Bongino owns PARLER .

  • well done & the day someone removes facebook for good we should all hold a world party the whole platform was created by some rat weasel stealing the idea off his school mates & then scammed his 2nd partner out of his shares due to pure evil greed, zuckerberg is a fucking gumboot a rich one but a worthless parasite

  • I’m glad you had a plan for this day, Daisy! Yet another great example of preparedness.
    My own involvement in social media is pretty minimal and involve one art site, my own blog, and a couple random fora. Oh and I occasionally look at Twitter but barely ever post. So your forum is now going to be added to the list! I’m happy you have one and I’ll also be happy to interact and learn good skills there.

  • Eventually, everyone who believes in Liberty will be booted off of Facebook. if we aren’t careful it will be Facebook today and America tomorrow. God help us. But then, consider this: 50 million abortions since Roe v. Wade. Um, there is that . . .

    • Me too! I’ve never been on it but my kids have. They’ve had to shut it down from time to time because as conservatives, they got attacked often.

  • I am so sorry this has happened. I do understand why you closed the group.

    Thank you for all you do to try to help people get more prepared and be informed.

  • I was on FB for a few months over a decade ago.
    Too easy/creepy to get tracked/followed by people.
    Saw a lot of mean stuff too.
    Not for me, deleted my account.

  • Congratulations Daisy. Glad to hear you’ve left Facebook. I’ve never done Facebook, Twitter or the rest of that nonsense. And it’s no surprise to me that they’re not only censoring the groups and messages, but they alone get to decide what’s verboten. I’d imagine that had social media existed in the time of Hitler, warning others as to what was happening would have gotten you kicked off fast! I’ll check out your forum.

  • Go DAISY !! Good on you. I had Facebook over 5 years ago and used it for social reasons and a business site. But had a horrible experience, with it being hacked and after I closed it , . FB couldn’t have cared less. I hope more groups voluntarily move off FB . I don’t know how many groups ask you to join for preparedness and especially for kids stuff , where they post all meet up details etc. I’m that mum that says no , can you email me the details. And don’t allow my kids to be in any of the photos as I know they’ll end up on FB even with best intentions people make mistakes. I also agree in the last few weeks so many preppers I know have had their accounts and groups shut down. Lots have started new ones, but that’s why I think a forum is such a great idea.

  • Daisy- Would you please clarify the names to be used in the registration process. Are you saying that we need two names that aren’t our own that will be our “screen name” or what? I really don’t understand it.

  • I went through the delete process with FB about two years ago. I followed each step to totally end all association with that social rat nest. I have never been back, but just like some drug waiting to pull you back into an addiction all I have to do is log in and it begins all over. Supposedly your content requires months to finally disappear (according to FB). I hope it did but I will never know for sure.

    Hopefully all sane people with jettison FB, Twitter, and some others and only the crazy ones will remain to badger each other as they begin to cannibalize themselves. There are now other alternatives for us.

  • Good job refusing to play their game however we must all remember this so that when it is finally addressed by the appropriate authority (probably SCOTUS), we can write or call or whatever is necessary to show our support for eliminating this censorship. Maybe once they lose all of their users to places like Parler and Rumble, they will remember that this is the U.S. and attempt to salvage their platforms or better yet, they will become a memory from this generation’s past.

  • “Line” app is more popular than FB in many Asia countries. Line is forbidden in China. Perhaps it’s a viable alternative to the FB since Line is very well developed.

  • Good decision!
    I have never used Facebook so had no idea about the forum. I’m happy i can participate now.

    Well Done!!

  • Hello; have been reading the articles on this web-site for some time and like what is presented. Some thoughts…presently in the Balkans and before that in Eastern Europe, and before that in Russia. Currently, the social situation is “calm” but of course that can change ASAP. There appears to be enough food and goodies available (for now) but if the food item is packaged, the contents are about half of the total capacity of the packet, bag or box, while the cost is still the same since May.
    There was total lockdown/house arrest for two months in the Spring and the food prices went up, mostly, by 20%. Now there are certain “measures” (Bureaucrats love that word), which are slowly increasing by the week.
    By the way, in all of these countries, the fuel is normal, not the corn gas junk and the octane rating is not less than 96. Good for power I suppose. Regards…

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