What’s the REAL Threat to Public Health?

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America seems to have forgotten what the term ‘public health’ truly means. Numerous examples of counties/cities nationwide have slapped the label of ‘threat to public health’ onto just about anything imaginable. For example: 

  • Racism? Yep, we can make that a public health issue. The CDC will even defend such a decision, saying that racism is dangerous to the public’s health (I wonder how they feel about communism). [source]
  • We don’t view crime as a public health issue. Nope. Guns are the problem. We need to label them as a public health threat as well. [source]
  • Masculinity? Yeah, we can make that a public health threat too. [source]
  • Climate change? Why, yes! Absolutely! [source]
  • Misinformation? Yep. [source 1 – source 2

While you can undoubtedly see how all of this is ridiculous, let me point out the true public health threat that America has not come to terms with yet.

What happened to Primum non nocere?

First, do no harm.

Doctors and hospital administrators refusing to treat patients are the true threat to public health.

Imagine a world where doctors outright refuse to treat you because of your skin color – a world where the hospital bars your admittance to the ER based on your religious beliefs. A world where you’re not permitted to pick up your medication because you have three children with you, and humans are bad for the environment.

It sounds like a nightmarish scenario. And it should. It would be a world without justice, where human rights don’t matter, and where humans are nothing more than worms. Yet, that is the world in which we live today.

Doctors worldwide are refusing to treat patients who won’t get the Covid vaccination, regardless of the patient’s reason for doing so.

This is a hostage situation

Imagine a doctor telling you that you aren’t allowed to enter the ER for your broken arm unless you first give him a semen sample. How on earth have we allowed these types of ‘conditions’ to be attached to the reception of medical care? And no, I’m not talking about the inability to pay.

I fully understand the necessity of refusing non-necessary medical care (e.g., plastic surgery, fertility treatments, etc.) to a patient that can’t pay. Yet right now, we’re witnessing the twisting of Americans’ arms behind their backs by their own hospitals to force them into submission.

Consider Jason Valentine of Alabama, who refuses to treat non-compliant patients for anything. We’ve seen other doctors do similar elsewhere. Some hospitals are even taking patients off of organ transplant lists until they agree to accept the jab. In Washington state, the University of Washington Medical Center took a man off of the heart transplant list because he refused. The University of Alberta hospital told their patient Annette Lewis she couldn’t get her double lung transplant unless she took the jab. A woman who had a personal kidney donor was not allowed to get the transplant because of her religious objection to the vaccine.

What if doctors refuse to treat people for their lifestyle choices too?

What if doctors were allowed to choose the lifestyle choices that were acceptable to them personally when deciding which patients to treat?

Imagine if doctors throughout America put signs on their doors saying from now on, they weren’t treating patients who had sex outside of marriage? We’d have a whole lot fewer politicians getting healthcare. I can tell you that. What if tomorrow doctors decided they would no longer treat anybody who’s ever smoked a cigarette in their life? You’re a vegan? Sorry, it’s to the curb for you. You don’t support our farmers.

Wouldn’t all of those things be a “threat to public health?”

Am I the only one who sees the inconsistencies here?

It’s not just refusal. It’s the refusal to treat properly as well

Let’s say you’re sick. There is a medication out there you’ve heard has done wonders for others with your condition. It has FDA approval, it’s been widely used and studied for years, and somebody won a Nobel prize for its creation. You would like to receive this treatment for your condition. Yet the doctor says no.

For example: ivermectin.

Pete Lopez ( a Vietnam Vet) died after doctors at the Memorial Hermann Sugarland hospital refused to give him ivermectin – even after a court ordered the hospital to give it to him. Similarly, Jefferey Smith of Ohio was denied ivermectin by West Chester hospital in Ohio. 

St. Luke’s Health in Texas refuses to administer ivermectin for anything other than parasitic infections now.

If sick people get better after taking ivermectin, why is there a sudden push to keep people from getting it? What is going on here?

Overall lasting consequences to the public health

Nationwide healthcare worker shortages will lead to massive logistics problems. The public will see reduced services and an increased time till care is received. Furthermore, triage will prioritize those who have complied

Consider the case of Lewis County General Hospital in New York. It’s there that as of September 24, 2021, the hospital will no longer be delivering babies. Why? Because vaccine mandates caused many staff members to quit or accept unpaid leave for refusing to comply. Therefore, the hospital doesn’t have the staffing necessary to ensure safe deliveries. This is not the staff’s fault. It is the fault of hospital administrators, hospital boards of directors, the mainstream media, and politicians worldwide.

New York is not alone in this.

Isn’t closing hospitals by forcing healthcare workers (who were last year touted as heroes) to participate in a medical treatment in which they did not wish a threat to public health? Isn’t it a threat to public health to close entire wings of hospitals instead of treating people?

Further threats to public health

Doctors could lose their licenses for not toeing the party line, for spreading ‘misinformation’ as the Federation of State Medical Boards recently issued this warning to medical professionals: “Physicians who generate and spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation or disinformation are risking disciplinary action by state medical boards, including the suspension or revocation of their medical license.” [source]

Aspen Laboratories, a lab in Colorado, denied Candace Owens a Covid test due to her political beliefs. 

Owens was sent a letter by Aspen Laboratories’ co-founder Suzanna Lee informing her that her “booking” was being canceled and that she would be “denied service” because of her aversion to governmental face mask mandates and her analysis of the effectiveness of vaccination shots.

“We cannot support anyone who has pro-actively worked to make this pandemic worse by spreading misinformation, politicizing, and discouraging the wearing of masks and actively dissuading people from receiving life-saving vaccinations,” Lee wrote in the letter obtained by “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Doctors openly discuss whether or not they have any duty whatsoever to treat those who have not complied. Also, the possibility of health insurance companies raising the rates of those who refuse is a reality.  Is it a threat to public health that unvaccinated people may be unable to obtain any kind of medical treatment?

What is the true threat to public health, then?

In short, we see the building of a philosophical framework for the dehumanizing of those who don’t fall in line, which will lead to a true public health crisis of its own accord in the form of a “legalized” genocide.

So, what do you think?

Is racism, masculinity, freedom, misinformation, climate change, or guns the true public health crisis? Or is the threat to public health something else entirely?

About the Author

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • Doctors have always been the biggest threat to public health, which is why the Hippocratic oath was started. They could be easily bribed to kill their patients.

    Hospital have always been places where the combination of diseases you are introduced to, is liable to make you sicker or kill you .The most common hospital infections include catheter-associated urinary tract infections, central line-associated bloodstream infections, surgical site infections, ventilator-associated pneumonia, hospital-acquired pneumonia, and Clostridium difficile infections.

    The drug companies have made bad drugs or hidden side effect on their drugs for a long time. Profits over people.

    So it is a very little wonder that the Medical Mafia has finally moved into strong arm tactics, to force compliance to their “protection racket” and to increase their ill gotten gains.

    Anyone who turns control of their health, blindly over to these criminals deserves whatever treatment they get. Just like the unprepared masses rely on the Government to care for them. Most people do not take any action to provide for their own health , relying on the Medical community to do it for them.
    It is the same type of mistake, just in a different context.
    The Big question for Preppers is; are there other areas in which you are trusting or relying upon others to provide goods or services for you, that you should not be relying on?
    But should primarily be taking care of on your own?

    • You make some good points and I’ve had a number of doctors tell me that they don’t like their patients to stay in the hospital for too long because of infection risk. However, Mic, where are people supposed to go with a life threatening injury? The drugstore? My daughter has had ten neurosurgeries; they have saved her life and her brain. She would be dead or institutionalized without these surgeries. There is no other choice but western medicine.

  • This could be the most important/informative hour and five minutes available. Hopefully it continues to escape the censorship of “Big Tech/Big Pharma”.

    Video by Dr. Peter McCullough, available at: https://rumble.com/vay2vx-dr.-mccullough-explains-treatment-protocol.html

    More relevant information;
    A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment.
    Your copy can be downloaded at: https://aapsonline.org/CovidPatientTreatmentGuide.pdf

    An updated list of protocols in use for COVID early treatment and prevention can be found at https://c19protocols.com/

    If you are looking for a physician in your area please see the following link for a list of possible options: https://c19protocols.com/physicians-facilities-offering-early-treatment/

    Video by Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, available at: https://www.truthforhealth.org/2021/06/covid-treatment/

    Some people will find the information useful, some may not, access is what essential. Be Well

  • Medical professionals who are denying treatment to anyone based on their vaccination status are truly dangerous and evil. From what I’ve read, they are getting away with it and are being allowed to publicly state they won’t treat people who are unvaccinated. And the scary thing is that there is a significant portion of the population who totally agree that that’s how the unvaccinated should be treated. It’s a horrendous situation.

    So what about the obese? Obese people have all sorts of issues specifically related to their weight. How about stopping taking care of them? They know the benefits of weighing less but haven’t lost weight.

    Or smokers? Why are doctors taking care of people who refuse to quit smoking? I mean, they know better but they aren’t doing what doctors have been talking about for decades.

    Or those who abuse alcohol or drugs? Are doctors going to stop taking care of them?

    In my opinion, the health related costs and visits for those who ARE vaccinated will be huge in the future… oh wait, could that be the reason many in the medical profession are pushing the vaccine?

    Yes, yes it could.

  • threat to public health??? dimrats, liberals, and all of the above!!!!! everything has gone CRAZY! so sick of this mess! no reason for all of it, my motto….live and let live….LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE! have a great day

  • This is an unthinkable situation for this country. I agree with everything you wrote and boy does it make me angry that this is being condoned and even encouraged by many.

    There is going to be backlash at some point. The pigeons WILL come home to roost.

    All that being said, I have been responsible for my own health now for years. I do not doctor and reluctantly if I have no other recourse (usually for diagnostic purposes). Now if I were to be in a traumatic accident of sorts and needed emergency care I would be in a jam. What if I am unable to speak for myself? What if my family freaks and sends me to the local ER? As long as I can speak for myself I will dictate what I will allow to be done to me. Seriously, I pay for any medical services I receive and those in the health care industry need to remember this fact.

    Not all docs and other personnel in the system are guilty of this communist activity. Some are just trying to help folks. Unfortunately, I think the tide is becoming in favor of the commies. The gov’t has them hamstrung because of funding tied to either licensure or reimbursements.

    I cannot even fathom the refusal of life saving surgeries such as transplants because of shot status! There is no way this should have ever come to this. Medical tx of any sort should never be forced, always the patients choice. Look at the forced sterilizations of those declared mentally incompetent back in the last century or what the military does to our soldiers. Look at some of the crimes of Pfzier in third world countries. Those were real beneficial and compassionate-NOT!
    Where does it end? When do people en mass say “Enough”?

    I for one will never bow to this kind of tyranny. God gave me a brain and I will use it till
    the day I can’t 🙂

  • Medical professionals refusing to treat patients/provide care isn’t anything new. Most of the kvetching is from people who had no issue with reason(s) for said refusal before but now have an issue with the reason(s).

  • The real threat to public health?

    The so-called academia intellectuals who come up with this stuff.
    Close second are the ones who blindly follow them without question and bleet the academia mantra.

    • Well…just my two cents…You we’re right when you said get medical training like Wilderness EMT, EMT, etc or find like minded friends who have the training and get them into your circle. Well I have done the later. I have not went the EMT side yet because time is my constraints. For the big stuff, trauma, etc got to go to the doctor. Smaller stuff….kind of need to work that out.
      Brother we are on our own now. If we think we all just need to lift our voices as one and we can affect change you are delusional. That only works with reasonable persons and entities of which there are nine. There no limits in their world and the truly zero “ducks” about their perceived opponents. We are now chattel to them.

      • InTheBonniesTX,
        Well said!

        Though my comment was more about all the things mentioned in the opening: Racism, crime(guns), Masculinity etc.

  • “a “legalized” genocide”

    That’s one of the MAIN GOALS of OPERATION COVIDIUS… Cull the herds of modern moron slaves.

    And it’s working very well.

      • Any sarcasm in that or should we reintroduce the “othering” points from earlier articles? Thats what this is, essentially. Using public health as an excuse to create enemy clasees where they didn’t exist and do so with a view to superior morals. History is rife- the Shoah is the frequent example, but “othering” is all over. The Irish, Native Americans and other First Nation peoples. Women, Romani, Sebs, Armenian, Albanian, and on and on. Now its men, guns, etc.

  • Here in Communist Canada our psychotic government leaders and non-elected health officials continue on with their ongoing genocide policies against the unvaxxed. By denying people work our government is consigning a large class of Canadians to starvation, thereby our government is committing genocide. This is supported by many doctors who are invested in the covid cult. These doctors have conveniently forgotten their oath to do no harm and are instead intent on harming Canadians. Covid is completely revealing the corruption of the medical establishment with it’s obsession to kill innocent Canadians. Mandatory vaccines are the end of democracy and are also vaccine rape all helped along by our medical establishment.

  • The vaccination is just something that’s made people aware of an issue that most people weren’t aware of: yes, doctors can refuse to treat patients, and they do. They can’t refuse to treat on grounds that have been traditionally labelled as discrimination. But they can refuse to treat on the grounds that they believe the treatment will be too risky for the patient, given their medical condition. And being vaccinated/unvaccinated is part of your medical condition, the same as being male/female and age are part of your medical condition, and anything about the state of your body counts as part of your medical condition.

    And it doesn’t matter what you believe about the risks, it’s what the doctor believes about the risks. It has always been like this. Ask any of Jehova’s Witnesses (they often have issues due to their refusal to receive blood transfusions).

    This issue may have been one that you never considered before, because you never thought that you might strongly disagree with your doctor about medicine. If you do now, then you need to be aware of the consequences. And plan accordingly.

  • Long before Event 201, various national and supranational governments were testing the water to see whether enough of us would tolerate digital identity systems and the elimination of cash.

    They learned that we would.

    So now this manufactured crisis is being used to usher in both on a global scale.

    The Great Reset will not need to be imposed. The indoctrinated masses will beg for it once they can’t afford groceries. And at that point, COVID will vanish like a fart in the wind, having served its purpose.

    They will simply stop over-reporting its impact, and then claim to have cured it.

  • The biggest threat to public health has got to be abortion. It has been going on or so long now that people are getting used to it. But it is still horrific and a national shame. How many millions have died. How many grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, sons, and daughters were never given a chance at life?

    • Abortion is certainly better than the “post born” (who get dumped once born) deaths from child abuse. Or states like FL who made it easier to remove children from their parents yet had no plan as to where to place them. AND foster parents are not held to the same high level of scrutiny than bio parents.
      How many Ted Bundy’s, Ed Gein’s, Richard Speck’s, John Wayne Gacy’s aren’t walking the streets?
      How many babies sold to the highest bidder?

  • Fascinating history, and worth every minute to see how and why Ivermectin came to be suppressed.
    1) Media
    2) Big Tech
    3) NIH (Fauci)


    Between 100–200 U.S. Congress members had direct knowledge of Ivermectin’s benefits to treat COVID-19 by Dec 2020.  Did they stand up to FDA or NIH to save lives?  Dr Pierre Kory testified before them, and they fumbled!


  • I agree with you, Jeff. This is just the cancel culture chipping away at the fundamental human rights of every American.
    The next “logical” step in these egregious violations is the refusal to issue malpractice insurance to doctors who refuse to comply, as well as revoking their licenses to practice medicine. Other health professionals, too.

  • I believe fungus uses and or creates Pirons to protect itself from other fungus. Creating a dead zone between each fungus. This protects the fungus from mating with a genetically same fungus. Thus eating the brains of your enemies (Kirri Kirri) and putting animal products in cattle feed (Mad cow) is asking for trouble. I also suspect this is well known in some circles and is to be used as a bio weapon.
    If peoples immune system were comprised and then a, or several fungus introduced to the population there would be little most could do.

    But I may also believe in Santa clause.

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