5 Theories About the “Death” of Jeffrey Epstein

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by Daisy Luther and Dagny Taggart

Nobody was really surprised when it was reported last weekend that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell of an apparent “suicide.” And also, nobody really believed the official story. I find it heartening to know that the American people no longer swallow the stories without question.

The results of our informal poll over the weekend show that hardly any of our readers believe that an egomaniacal narcissist like Epstein would have voluntarily killed himself.

You can still pop over to go vote in this poll.

So what happened to Jeffrey Epstein? Here are 5 theories aside from the official story.

Russia, of course.

The Russia hysteria that swept through the election of Donald Trump shows little sign of abating and some people even think that the Russians were responsible for the death of Epstein.

Joe Scarborough, host of Morning Joe on MSNBC got the ball rolling with this offhand tweet:


After a whole bunch of outraged tweets, it turned out he was just kidding.

Alec Baldwin also seems to be on the Russia train with this bizarre tweet.


Mark Rubio thinks the Russians are involved but only because the Russians are blaming the Clintons.

This leads us to our next theory.

The Clintons, of course.

There are a lot of powerful people who wouldn’t want the world hearing what Epstein had to say about their unsavory sexual predilections. Topping that list could be a guy with frequent flier miles on the Lolita Express.

A trending hashtag on Twitter right now is #ClintonBodyCount. And we’ve got to be honest, there are a lot and we mean a lot of bodies that have fallen in the wake of Bill and Hil, so many that the term “Arkancide” is listed in Urban Dictionary. Totally unrelated, we’re sure, despite what this book on Amazon or this documentary says.

RationalWiki, recently updated with information on how the Clintons didn’t kill Jeffrey Epstein, also says they didn’t kill these people either.

And there was fury on Twitter (when isn’t there fury on Twitter?) when President Trump retweeted this theory.

It’s complete with video.

But don’t worry, none of this Clinton stuff could possibly be true because Snopes has debunked it.

Instead, it’s obviously another political leader. One who tried to point the finger at the always-innnocent-and-benevolent Clintons.

Trump, of course.

#TrumpBodyCount is trending on Twitter, and the people making such Tweets are accusing Donald Trump of playing a role in Epstein’s supposed death.

The people writing those Tweets seem to be ignoring the substantial documented ties Bill Clinton has to Epstein. Yes, Trump had a past relationship with Epstein, as evidenced by photographs and comments Trump made about Epstein in a 2002 interview: “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Donald Trump reportedly cut off contact with Epstein in 2004 after a real estate squabble. It has also been reported that Trump banned Epstein from Mar-a-Lago (where Virginia Roberts Giuffre allegedly met Epstein when she was 16). Last month, Trump said he knew Epstein “like everybody in Palm Beach knew him” and “I had a falling out with him a long time ago, I don’t think I’ve spoken to him for 15 years. I wasn’t a fan…I was not a fan of his…I feel very badly actually for Secretary Acosta.”

However, Bradley J. Edwards, the lawyer for several of Epstein’s alleged victims, said in an interview that Trump was the only high-powered person who was willing to talk to him when Edwards served subpoenas and notices to high-profile individuals connected to Epstein.

That being said, one can’t help but wonder why Trump selected Alexander Acosta as his Secretary of Labor and William Barr as Attorney General, considering their questionable ties to Epstein. Of course, none of this means that Trump or his administration had anything to do with Epstein’s death.

The Mossad killed him, of course.

You’ve probably heard the theory that Epstein may have an operator for the Mossad, getting all sorts of dirt on powerful perverts in order to strongly urge them to comply when asked for favors in the future. Dagney Taggart reported:

The Epstein case is filled with bizarre details that are difficult to unravel.

Maurene Comey, daughter of fired FBI Director James Comey, is reportedly one of the prosecutors in the Jeffrey Epstein case. She is an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the SDNY who has worked on cases involving alleged racketeering, drugs and weapons offenses, embezzlement, obstruction of justice, and robbery.

Robert Mueller led the FBI at the time of the original charges against Epstein.

There are additional bizarre details in the Epstein story, as Michael Krieger explains in The Jeffrey Epstein Rabbit Hole Goes a Lot Deeper Than You Think. Krieger works through a series of connections (to read them, click on the link to his article – his points are made in a series of Tweets) and eventually forms a theory that Epstein’s entire operation was designed to ensnare the rich and powerful – and that the billionaire may be funded by Israeli spy agency Mossad. (source)

Another interesting source believes that not only was Epstein Mossad, but that the Mossad could be involved in a cover-up surrounding his death. (Or “death” if you prefer.) Philip Giraldi, a former CIA operative writes:

As a former intelligence officer myself, there is little doubt in my mind that what Epstein did and how he did it was an intelligence operation. There is no other viable explanation for his filming of prominent politicians and celebrities having sex with young girls. And as for the question of whom Epstein might have been working for, the most likely answer is Mossad. The CIA would have had no interest in compiling dossiers on prominent Americans, but American movers and shakers like Bill Clinton, with his 26 trips on the Lolita Express, former Governor Bill Richardson, or former Senator George Mitchell are precisely the types of “agents of influence” that the Mossad would seek to coerce or even blackmail into cooperation…

…Epstein is now dead. But the key questions go unanswered including was he a spy for Israel? And what about the Krischer-Dershowitz connection that kept him from being punished commensurate with his crimes? Did those instructions also come from Israel or from its friends in the U.S. Justice Department? Will the three simultaneous investigations currently taking place even continue and ask the right questions now that the target of the investigation is gone? Given the high stakes in the game, quite likely, there will be a cover-up both of how Epstein lived and how he died. We the public will never know what Epstein was all about. (source)

He’s not actually dead, of course.

Is there a chance that Epstein is not actually dead?

Maybe he’s in witness protection. A whole lot of people have BIG reasons to want him dead. Maybe one of his excessively wealthy and powerful friends helped him escape and he’s somewhere drinking mojitos and laughing at the coverage of his untimely demise.

There are some mysteries about how he could have managed to commit suicide or be murdered in his recent situation.

  1. He tried to commit suicide 2 weeks ago.
  2. Or maybe a bodybuilder-murderer-ex-cop-cellmate tried to take Epstein out in a hit although the bodybuilder-murderer-ex-cop-cellmate says he saved him.
  3. He was taken off suicide watch despite allegedly trying to kill himself two weeks previously. It is now being reported that he was removed from suicide watch at the request of his attorneys.
  4. “Epstein” was carted out in an open body bag so the paparazzi could get a good look at someone “who looked like Epstein” being dead. Specifically, “A gurney carrying a man who looked like Epstein was wheeled into New York Downtown Hospital around 7:30 a.m. A call for a reported cardiac arrest came in at 6:38 a.m., Fire Department sources said,” reported NY Post.
  5. The autopsy is apparently complete but the coroner apparently requires more information. “The New York City medical examiner’s office said Sunday that it had completed an autopsy on the financier and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein but that it needed more information before determining the cause of death,” reported NBC News.

So maybe, just maybe, the guy isn’t actually dead but in the witness protection program, because if ever a witness would require protection, it would be this one. Is it possible that the DoJ wants to build a case against even bigger fish than Epstein?

Or maybe he is free as a bird in the most outrageous jailbreak in American history. The world my never know.

What do you think happened to Jeffrey Epstein?

Share your thoughts here or go vote on our poll.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • All I know is the people who were victimized by him were screwed again by a system that couldn’t keep him alive for a trial.

    and, if the federal bureau of prisons can’t keep epstein alive, how can we expect the secret service to keep trump alive?

  • Jeffrey Epstein is sitting on a sunny patio in a “tiny little nation” in the Middle East, having a nice meal with Ken Lay, who “died of a heart attack” while awaiting trial. 😉

    When people like these are finally apprehended, Mossad won’t kill them to silence them. That’s not a good incentive for taking such jobs in the first place. It’s easier to fake their deaths, repatriate them, and reward them for all their good work.

  • The muscle bound, drug dealing, murdering ex-cop who was moved out of the shared cell just prior to JE’s death puts a new wrinkle in my theory. At first blush, it looks to fit pretty neatly though. #ClintonBodyCount

  • While I think he got what he deserved (got off easy in my opinion) I also think anyone who thinks they can get away with testifying against the Clintons should be required to start wearing a toe tag, since they are going to need it.

  • I think it is way too early to determine what the actual truth was. One strong indicator is that there are no reports yet of witnesses to critical parts of the story (that destroy the “official narrative”) dying under mysterious circumstances. Whether like such witnesses as Dorothy Kilgallen who was investigating the JFK assassination, or like the two young witnesses who reported multiple shooters at the Las Vegas mass shooting and then died under unlikely circumstances, we’ve not seen such indicators yet as a measure of “really sensitive” parts of the official narrative deception.

    Part of the problem is not knowing how high up, and how much behind-the-scenes clout vulnerable parties have. The extreme example was the CIA’s immediate classification of the two US Army crypto operators who intercepted message traffic about planning the JFK assassination two weeks before it happened. Those details were kept under wraps for 54 years until Trump declassified them. No previous president had the guts to defy the CIA and expose that deception.

    I saw one badly sourced report this morning that claimed that Epstein was hustled out very much alive on a medical cart at 4:15am with the video cameras turned off and into an unmarked van. Again, there’s no way to know if there’s any truth in it.


  • I think he was spirited away to a safe haven somewhere. Several medical professionals pointed out that paramedics don’t carry corpses away in an ambulance with oxygen. Photos show he was given oxygen on the gurney. When these reports surfaced, the story changed somewhat to “he was taken to the hospital where attempts to resuscitate him failed.” Whatever happened it was weird because suicide watch protocols for high-value prisoners with previous “attempts” weren’t being followed. Also, all meaningful cameras that might explain the situation were down, or something.

  • Mike Adams over at Natural News posits that perhaps he actually could be in a WitSec type situation in order to blow this whole thing wide open. Makes one say hmmmmm… I still think he’s been added to the #ClintonBodyCount. But the other is an interesting theory.

  • In any case, it is one huge psy-ops on the American people. Doesn’t matter what you think, America, the truly bad guys are getting away with their crimes and blowing dollar signs with their fine Cuban cigar smoke. It further erodes our trust in the system set up by our Constitution, due process, etc. Reduces us to feeling like helpless ninnies when it comes to genuine justice. So, what else is going on that this weapon of mass distraction was needed to divert our attention? They sure got us all chewing on this. Smells like something planned. High profile news is rarely happenstance.

  • As Philip Giraldi said, Epstein was a MOSSAD operative right from the start. As soon as he was arrested, plans were made to get him out. It would make no sense for the victims to kill him as he would undoubtedly have “dead man’s handle” insurance like any good intel operative, whereby everything would come out in the event of his death. Neither would the MOSSAD want him dead. All his blackmailable information, vids, etc would become worthless as it would all be “out there”.
    First they got him into the MCC, a small prison by Fed standards – 770 inmates, and then into solitary after being attacked by an imprisoned police officer. Given Epstein’s billions, paying off a few of the prison staff a million apiece would have been chump change for him – and better than a 45 year sentence.
    His attorneys then asked for him to be taken off suicide watch, and then at 4am on the 10th he gets swapped out for a dead look alike, taken to an airport and flown out of the country – most likely to Israel. You’ll notice they’ve already informed us that we will NOT be seeing the body. Meanwhile, the Coroner is trying to figure out the cause of death, as it’s totally unrelated to any medical condition that Epstein had.
    While everyone is busy debating whether he committed suicide or was murdered, the FACT of his death has become solidified in the public consciousness.
    George Clooney is most likely working on a movie script as I write this …

  • None of the comments thus far mention these details which point to foul play:
    1. The prison was understaffed, and the night shift guards were told to skip Epstein’s ward because of scheduled “maintenance.” VERY suspicious given that a judge had denied Epstein house arrest due to him being a flight risk; and, given the high profile of this particular prisoner. To have both guards told not to follow standard procedures after 3am is prima facie evidence that something was planned. WHO issued those orders to the guards? WHO scheduled the “maintenance”?
    2. The cameras which would have documented what happened at Epstein’s cell door were somehow coincidentally malfunctioning at just the right moment. How very convenient.
    3. Comey’s daughter was well-placed to have had access to all the necessary details to be very helpful to *someone* who wanted Epstein out of that prison. Her details were mentioned in another comment, but that comment didn’t tie her in with the camera malfunction and guard duty change and “maintenance.”

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