POLL: What Happened to Jeffrey Epstein?

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If you missed it, Jeffrey Epstein was reported to have committed suicide early this morning.

What do you think happened to America’s most infamous alleged child molester? Do you think he’s dead? How do you think Jeffrey Epstein died?

Vote below.

Be sure to check in later and see what everyone else thinks. Thanks for voting.

To read more about this horrific case of elites abusing children and teenagers, see some of our coverage below.


Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • His death was faked so he could provide evidence later, but not too much later.

    I feel like I did on 9/11: someone’s bullshitting us but I’m not sure who.

    Biggest headjob since Kennedy was killed.

    Time will tell…

    • I heard that by the time the guards learned that Jeffrey was in trouble that Bill and Hillary were already working feverishly to revive him–but had only a short piece of rope to do it with…

    • This the same FBI that helped Hillary smash hard drives? The same that fostered the Russian collusion? The same FBI that tried to convince the women in Shanksville who saw the explosion and reported a “small, all-white fighter jet immediately pass low ovehead and disappeared….”

      Who was then repeatedly and strongly suggested to by FBI agents that she was mistaken and had actually only seen Flight 93.

  • I think one of 2 things may have happened. 1.) He was murdered 2 weeks ago and then “announced” today or 2. He has been spirited away and has traded information for protection and a new identity. But will we ever know?

    • Cha-ching. This was my first thought. When I was working for a debt collector attorney, there were two cases where we could not collect because the guy had vacated to Cowardville. He won’t be extradited or have to testify against his friends.

      • Yep. He worked for them, and they got him out, with the help of the DOJ. But why bother even ever arresting the guy again?

  • Definitely murdered. Anything else would leave the possibility of him spilling his guts (not literally) down the road.

  • Meh, I think he was given whatever to off himself in return for family and real friends being left alone(not raped and murdered/ publicly ruined)
    He was facing at worst public humiliation and life in jail.
    He could have been somewhat comfortable with his assets
    Like some other past rich prisoners.

    He had a choice and he made it.

    Something lame will end up being the *cause* swallowed something causing asphyxiation
    or hung himself.. blahblah

    His existence threatened the clintons, it was only time.

  • I asked within the poll from what are folks distracted by this escapade. could the what be this?

    Risk of Nuclear Conflict in Asia Grows
    By Eric S. Margolis

    “Two of the world’s most important powers, India and Pakistan, are locked into an extremely dangerous confrontation over the bitterly disputed Himalayan mountain state of Kashmir. Both are nuclear armed.”

    more at link

  • Obviously another Clinton body count number. No doubt about it. A person cannot strangle themselves to the point of death. Impossible. Some of The most powerful people in the world were to be implicated in this. Witness protection? That makes me laugh as a choice in the poll. Under govt protection from who? The govt are the ones who cannot at all costs let any of the information he held get out. Plain and simple. They shut him up. Permanently

  • It’s highly unlikely, but I think he was pondering what was waiting for him living in the prison system and just gave up. This is possible to do. The alternate thought is with the money available to him it is like others have said. He has bought his way out. As Trump would say, it is all fake news. To good to be true. await with bated breath for the coffin inspectors report that it is really Epstiens remains that they are dumping a ton and a half of dirt on, to the joy of many young women that will not have to experience the favor of his acuaintence.

    • I agree. Murdered and got what he deserved. Too bad this means the Clintons won’t be prosecuted though, even though they probably had him killed.

  • Suicide, didn’t want to become someone’s butt buddy in prison. As a child abuser that was certainly going to be his fate.

  • Former MCC inmate: There’s ‘no way’ Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, August 10, 2019, 6:17pm ET


    After reading and understanding that former inmate’s description of the relevant cage where Epstein died, and the physical impossibility of him offing himself, then consider how extensive the legal / police / political / media machine is to pull off that murder, control (or prevent) any autopsy, and control at least some of the MSM news accounts to cover their tracks…


  • Interesting how everyone getting ready to testify against the Clintons ends up dead. The Clinton Mafia strikes again.

  • Something is wrong with the poll. I checked back later to see if the percentages had changed, but the only way to see that is to vote again, which itself would change the percentages.

    What was interesting was to see the percentages: only 5% trusted the government’s report, that’s one in twenty, over half believe that he was murdered, and sizable groups believe the death was faked.

  • Who knows (Although my money’d be on his being murdered!)?

    The fact that this whole account of the affair is so widely questioned and speculated on tells you all you need to know about what trust remains in our “leadership”!

    Virtually none!

  • He committed suicide like Whitey Bulger beat himself to death with a padlock. Too many powerful people stood to be exposed by the investigation and testimony. My bet is that he got Clintoned – not the first time someone died under dubious circumstances who had negative information on Bubba et al.

    Now, shall we take bets on the evidence in the case “disappearing” in a fire, the rest of the witnesses getting amnesia and the computers all getting hacked?

  • He was needled ( murdered ) kill the pedophile they have end the case. The Mossad,Cia , Royal Family , Presidents, Government, Hollywood -001% sociopath elite crowd pedophiles have too much to lose keeping him alive..dead goes the investigation…soon you will hear crickets as the pedophiles keep on pedophiling…Eugenics nutjobs. Our world is run by sociopaths. Where is Epsteins partner Ghislaine Maxwell whose father worked for the Mossad (then killed ) I believe Ghislaine the handler is no where to be found eh ?

  • I knew he would never make it alive to trial.
    I have made that comment many times since he was picked it.
    He was “suicided”.
    Unfortunately, I think the same thing will happen to Julian Assange if he is extradited to the U S.

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