The WHO (World Health Organization) Has EARS?

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As if 2020 wasn’t crazy enough, now in 2021, we have an international organization using an AI to monitor what we say for COVID-related thoughtcrime.

What am I talking about?

The World Health Organization’s EARS program.

EARS stands for Early AI-supported Response with Social Listening. In short, it’s an artificial intelligence that combs the internet for any mention of COVID-19, analyzes discussions, and collects data on such for researchers to use. It’s everything Edward Snowden warned us about and more.

The stated intent of such a program, according to the WHO, is to monitor the “fake news” (ol’ Trump seems to have created quite the sticky phrase here) that surrounds anything related to COVID. The World Health Organization publicly refers to any information out there that stands in contrast to WHO advice as “the infodemic.”

The status of The Infodemic

An infodemic is a new concept, but it’s one which the WHO has decided exists. WHO defines an infodemic as such: 

An infodemic is too much information, including false or misleading information in digital and physical environments during a disease outbreak. [source]

I’m not sure why too much good information would be considered a problem. However, the WHO believes that even that is an issue according to the above statement.

The problems with this infodemic are two-fold, according to the WHO. For starters, people engage in non-WHO-approved actions. Secondly, “it leads to mistrust in health authorities and undermines the public health response.” Also, according to the WHO, social media and internet use are sources of much of the infodemic, and they “can…amplify harmful messages”. [source] 

To combat this, the WHO believes they can take four broad steps.

For starters, Step 1: one must listen to hear what information the community is discussing. Next, Step 2: promote understanding.

These first two steps are rather lame. It’s the next two that are liable to pique your interest.

Step 3: Build Resilience to Misinformation. Just what exactly does that step entail, may I ask?

Step 4: Engage and Empower Communities to Take Positive Action. [source] This step is the one that should scare you. What on earth are communities being told to do here? Is this to encourage government officials to curb free speech? Are communities to take away the medical licenses of doctors who don’t march in line? What do they mean by ‘positive action’?

Let AI monitor everything. 

One of the best ways to analyze mass amounts of data is through the use of artificial intelligence. It was with this understanding that the who launched EARS in January 2021. EARS has since tracked 41 different narratives online that pertain to COVID. EARS is monitoring 30 different countries at the moment, searching Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, forums, news articles, and comments sections of websites as it attempts to harvest as much real-time data as possible.

This WHO AI supported program monitors very specific keywords and hashtags to keep accurate tabs on what conversations are trending throughout cyberspace, and therefore, the public.

“When people face delays getting the information they need, it can lead to a rise in speculation and conspiracy theories, and that too is an infodemic challenge that can result in harm to peoples’ health,” the WHO states in one recent article.  

One strategy to fight back against the infodemic is to “saturate online conversations with high-quality health information that responds to the questions and concerns of the public.” [source]

So, are bots used to auto-generate posts across cyberspace, making it seem as if the more significant majority of people believe X, when in fact, Y is what people believe? 

Now, let’s think about the article I wrote about the Australian government being able to legally change people’s social media posts. EARS would be a significant benefit for those searching for posts to “correct.”

Should you be concerned?

Well, for starters, do you like the idea of an AI monitoring what you’re saying online? Do you like the idea of anyone monitoring what you’re saying online? And keep in mind that there’s a significant difference between having other people read what you say online compared to having somebody monitor what you say online.

In my mind, I associate monitoring with creating databases – databases used for future decision-making and policy creation.

In many ways, 2020 was the pouring of gasoline on a fire. 2021 is throwing some dynamite into the fire for good measure. Will programs such as EARS only continue the current trend of rightspeak well into the future? What do you think about an international organization determining whether what you have to say is deemed trustworthy or not? Are you okay with your local community taking “positive action” against what you enjoy listening to or saying? Sound off in the comments.

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Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • Mistrust in the health community:

    You should wear an N95 but not the one way valve but if you have them let “us” have them because we need them but you shouldn’t wear it.

    Also I remember being told not to wear a mask because the medical community needed them and they didn’t work by one of the heads of the medical community.

    Get vaccinated so we can go back to normal except the vaccinated still carry and at higher levels and are getting infected so get more vaccinations and wear a mask because the unvaccinated are causing it except now the mutation isn’t effected by the vaccinations but get it so you don’t end up in the hospital except they are dying and ending up in the hospital.

    Don’t try and treat the covid by yourself except we won’t treat you unless your rich, famous or a politician. The rest of you go home till it’s respirator time but don’t take anything to help yourself except Tylenol or Motrin.

    You can’t travel unless of course your a refugee who we are giving ivermectin or an illegal alien who we are just letting walk around while sick.

    But you must get vaccinated and show me your card to eat or shop even though it’s not working it’s your fault, the unvaccinated, that it’s all failing.

    Now it’s lying about ambulances lining up in the parking lots unable to go into the hospital with gunshot victims in rural Oklahoma because there’s so many patients poisoning themselves trying to treat covid like we have that many gunshot victims or y’all are actually using beds in ICU for these patients or that we have that many ambulances oh and EMSA says they are shorthanded and can’t staff so which is it?

    Ivermectin is just for horses and cattle except that it’s not and has been used to treat humans a long time for a variety of things. So you lied about that but we are supposed to believe that your not lying about it working on covid.

    If the vaccine is all that then why are so many in the medical community refusing it? Getting fired? Aren’t allowed to speak?

    The WHO doesn’t need a AI program they need to actually listen to what’s coming out of the medical community mouths and stop the madness. It’s not “us”creating the issue. Since when are y’all not “us”? Your not better than “us” because you’ve got no more experience than “us” with a new disease.

    I don’t trust any of y’all.

    • Trust is the burning issue of the day. Thems is trying to figure out new tictacs to schmooze enough soles into the Great Lye. If you’re savvy enough to notice all the flip-flops in policy, you’ll be shoved further and further into the Truth-lovers corner. The fantasms just keep growing and shape-shifting until the deceebers aren’t afeerd of the whee the peepo any more.

    • Oh lookie here at the statement issued by the hospital of all them gunshot victims
      It reads:

      “Although Dr. Jason McElyea is not an employee of NHS Sequoyah, he is affiliated with a medical staffing group that provides coverage for our emergency room.

      With that said, Dr. McElyea has not worked at our Sallisaw location in over 2 months.

      NHS Sequoyah has not treated any patients due to complications related to taking ivermectin. This includes not treating any patients for ivermectin overdose.

      All patients who have visited our emergency room have received medical attention as appropriate. Our hospital has not had to turn away any patients seeking emergency care.

      We want to reassure our community that our staff is working hard to provide quality healthcare to all patients. We appreciate the opportunity to clarify this issue and as always, we value our community’s support.”

      And the photo he posted is a line of people wearing coats. It’s been high 90s and heat index around 102-106

      trust issues that need monitoring ya say huh

      • I like the Rolling Stone pic of people standing in line to get into the hospital, wearing winter jackets in August.

        Yeah, and it takes alt-media to police MSM or people will and are actually believing that piece of crap journalism.
        MSM will do anything to push their narrative, even if it means lying to the public.

      • Then there is the USA Today “fact checker” who claimed the Gold Star parents lied about Biden checking his watch during the dignified transfer ceremony.
        Then USA Today had to print a “correction” that Biden did in FACT check his watch multiple times during the ceremony.
        The problem is, people will believe the lie, and never see the correction.
        NYT, WaPo, NPR are infamous for printing a correction, days after the initial report, and then bury the correction on page 6.

    • Yup. You got it Matt. Maybe the WHO should consider that as they are in bed with the CCP and are too beholden (intimidated) by them to ever come clean on where Covid came from in the first place, many of us don’t trust a single thing they or any other alphabet agency has to say about this.

  • Apparently the controllers are not satisfied with trying to kill us all off, but now they want to squelch any dissent about their fake virus plandemic and an even more “fake vaccine”. Of course they don’t want any discourse on the subject because all of it reveals the criminality of the WHO and its participation in this planned “control experiment” locking down the whole world.

    Ask yourselves this my friends. Who is behind all of this? I’ll guarantee you it is not some elite group of human psychopaths. For this type of criminality and hysteria to grip the whole world in this short a period of time, it appears humans are being manipulated for reasons they may not be able to understand or believe if they were told the truth !!!

    Do understand that those entities who are pushing this ARE subject to the vicissitudes of bullets and they know we know it !!!

    Unless we start fighting back, we will go down with this sinking ship because humans are not mature enough to grasp what is happening to them by forces they can barely understand.

  • They’ve actually been doing this for years.
    It’s not new!
    Of course the issues that you bring up are totally valid but it’s been going on since at least 2015 and I’ve got the gubbrmnt gangstalking, harassment with vid and pics to prove it.
    All for my health and to keep me safe of course.

  • Boy, was Orwell prescient!

    The thought police would get him just the same. He had committed – would have committed, even if he had never set pen to paper – the essential crime that contained all others in itself. Thoughtcrime, they called it. Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed forever. You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you.

    – George Orwell

    1984. Part 1, Chapter 1.

  • …Good…I hope they hear this. Drag all of The WHO out into the streets…give them a fair trial for Crimes Against Humanity…and legally dangle all of them from ropes. Dangle them from lamp poles and let their bodies rot on the rope. Let the birds pick their bones clean…and then let their skeletons drop to the dirt…to be crushed beneath the feet of a free people. F The WHO.

    • OK, but since lethal injection is fronted as more humane by these folks, wouldn’t repeatedly vaxxing them be more appropriate?

  • Old computer saying, garbage in, garbage out.
    Now, the AI may be able to sort through it all, but if you post “boaty mcboatface” in conjunction with COVID, the AI will still have to spend computing time and effort/energy to sort through it all.

    This too may be a sign of the level of distrust people have in various institutions. Some would blame Trump, but it goes further back. Remember the 60’s and protests against “The Man?”

    Matt in OK has a very good post about the number of times various “experts” flip-flopping on a given topic, or when a new study/evidence comes to light contradicting previous actions, those same “experts” double or even triple down on the same actions.
    Big Tech is doing everything it can to “memory hole” any information the “experts” do not approve of.
    MSM is doing their part.
    More than a few academia yahoos are calling for curbing free speech. And even more are okay with that idea. Frighting, eh?

    Orwell would be shocked to see his book coming to life.

    • He would not be shocked. He is a member of one of the ruling parasitic families. He knew exactly what his people were planning.

      • This is true Mary. Orwell was quite the leftist. Funny how his writing(s) have come full circle to bite the left in the butt. (and yes I do believe his two most famous tomes, 1984 and Animal Farm should be mandatory reading.)

  • Simple solution…use a fake universal name for *****.
    When the algorithm catches on, change to another.
    Smart folks will get the message without using the term..*****….see, you knew what I meant.
    Notice to all informants and doctors…this months term is plasma.
    The pcr test for ‘plasma’ is inconsistent by using to many cycles.

      • All three of these posts are from different IP addys.

        As J said, IP addys have nothing to do with it if every one inputs a word like “zippy” for some other word. The AI could learn it. Then just put “do-da” and every one will still get the meaning, while the AI will have to learn it.
        We could even see, “Now trending! Zippy, do-da!”
        And the AI will not understand it.
        A person might.

  • J.P. Sears has a very interesting video on concerning the vaccine and pandemic. He does so in jest, but his comedies carry much truths.

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    This is it!!

    To my fellow Believers, consider this an Exhortation. 🙂

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    You do Not have to be here!! How can I be so Sure, you ask? Because you can be Saved by the Blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, and He has such a great love for His Children, that those who are Saved, will not be living through that horror show. Come one, come all- and learn a simple truth: God is not blind to what all is happening. There IS a Heaven and there is a Hell. —-BUT****There is a Blessed Hope: There is freedom in Jesus Christ. Even if this message of God’s goodness and Mercy, and message of Salvation through Jesus Christ, brings persecution, I will count it greater a blessing to have pulled a soul from Hell, than to be silent in fear, and see that soul lost forever in Hell . *For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believe; to the Jew first, and also to the Gentile. For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.* To have Faith in Jesus Christ, is trusting in His grace to bring you to Himself, to save you from hell. There are only 2 Commandments that we as Christians are to live by:the first is To love the Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. the second is like unto this: to Love thy neighbor as thyself. To love someone is to tell them the truth, no matter how painful it sounds, for then the pain can be lessened by finding Peace in Christ Jesus. I myself would want to be told the truth, so I am telling this to you. Time is so short, now.

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  • Does anyone here really believe that AIs are not already monitoring what people say online? At least the WHO is being honest by telling us about it. How many other organisations are monitoring and not saying a thing?

    • The very same day that the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Data Gathering Program ended, Facebook was started. Technology was not advanced for our benefit, it was advanced to identify and control us.

  • The “authorities” are scanning Italian beaches with drones flying 50-75 feet overhead using heat signatures to detect people with “possible” high fever temperatures. So people are in the sun getting tanned will be shown to have “Fevers”. Well Italy created Fascism after all.

  • WHO is one of the biggest purveyors of mis-information around.
    Of course you can add the CDC and FDA to the list.

  • Here is Dr. Mercola’s article today on the WHO, which ties into all of them.
    It will disappear by this time tomorrow, so read it soon, or copy and paste and share

  • COMMUNITY STANDARDS!! … WHAT ARE COMMUNITY STANDARDS?.. my accounts have been hammered with bans and with massive restrictions. Band for sharing memes, bans for telling friends in comments why i was banned?? my Skywatch northeast england uk page went from reaching out to scores of thousands to 100 in a very short space of time?? one account finished a 30 day ban 3 weeks ago, but i am still not allowed to engage, share, comment, like or anything except message box?? There is only one reason to this, it’s because i share things the Cabal dont want people to see…TRUTH HURTS… I see other pages and friends suffering the same Distopian Dictatorship…Censorship is now ruled by Algorithims.Not commom sense or fairness nor legal. when a person cant speak with opinion or choice, and a person cant give their 5 bobs worth, without being aggressive, violent, rude, or abusive, this is not censorship, this is Control, and i refuse to be controlled by anyone……… i cant say a 4 legged wooly animal that rymes with bleep, without getting a ban, i cant say someone is (rymes with pool) but starts with f.. yes this is how i have to write, without giving the factcheckers reason to pounce. i am even typing this and all the time thinking “will it get me a ban”?.. 1984 IS HAPPENING and it’s YOU thats allowing it. Men!! i ask one thing…WHERE’S YER SPINE? ….Woman!!… where’s your conscience for yor children?… our numbers are getting fewer, people who only try to help save others, without thinking of themselves, people who would lay down and die if it was to give their childrem a future worth living in. I dont do it for myself, i do it for my grandkids, So should you. If ever their was a time to revolt, then that time surspassed a decade ago, but we still have time, we still have numbers. we still have choice, A choice to say NO or a choice to Succumb. Stop the Tyranny, stop the Treason, stop the Ecocide, stop the Omnicide, and stop the Genocide, before it’s to late for you and yours. Sean Cairney, just trying to share the truth and my opinions …SOLDIER ON, I WILL NOT BE SILENCED

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