The EPA Takes an Ax to Self-Sufficiency: Most Woodburning Stoves Will Soon Be Illegal

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When you think of that little dream homestead in the woods, what does it include?  Probably a well and septic system, a little stream bubbling nearby, a chicken coop, a sunroom for winter growing, and a cozy fire to curl up next to.

When my daughter and I spent a year living in a cabin in the Northwoods of Canada, our woodstove was our lifeline. It was the only source of heat in a place that reached -42 degrees.  It was the only way we could cook when our power went out during snow and ice storms (as it did frequently).  It was the cozy center of our home, and we survived for an entire frigid winter for less than$800. After that experience I vowed never to live in a home without a woodstove.


If the EPA has its way, however, heating your home self-sufficiently with wood could soon become illegal – or at the very least, insanely expensive.

Off Grid Survival reports:

Shortly after the re-election of President Obama, the agency announced new radical environmental regulations that threaten to effect people who live off the grid. The EPA’s new environmental regulations reduce the amount of airborne fine-particle matter from 15 micrograms to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

This means that most wood burning stoves would now fall into a class that would deemed unacceptable under these new draconian measures. The EPA has even launched a nifty new website called Burn Wise to try to sway public opinion.

On their site, while trying to convince people to get rid of their old stoves and buy the new EPA-certified stoves, they state that these older stove must be scrapped and cannot be resold.

From the EPA Site:

The local air pollution agency says I can’t sell my old wood stove to help pay for an EPA-certified wood stove.  Why is that?
Replacing an older stove with a cleaner-burning stove will not improve air quality if the older stove is reused somewhere else.  For this reason, wood stove change out programs usually require older stoves to be destroyed and recycled as scrap metal, or rendered inoperable. (source)

And here is the information right from the EPA:

Enclosed is the list of wood stoves certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA Certified Wood Stoveslist contains information about wood stoves or wood heating appliances that have been certified by the EPA along with its manufacturer name, model name, emission rate (g/hr), heat output (btu/hr), efficiency (actual measured and estimated), and type of appliance. It also indicates whether the appliance is still being manufactured. An EPA certified wood stove or wood heating appliance has been independently tested by an accredited laboratory to determine whether it meets the particulate emissions limit of 7.5* grams per hour for noncatalytic wood stoves and 4.1* grams per hour for catalytic wood stoves. All wood heating appliances that are offered for sale in the United States are subject to the New Source Performance Standard for New Residential Wood Heaters under the Clean Air Act and are required to meet these emission limits. An EPA certified wood stove can be identified by a temporary paper label attached to the front of the wood stove and a permanent metal label affixed to the back or side of the wood stove.

See the EPA’s list of acceptable woodstoves HERE.

One of the easiest ways for the government to force this issue is through homeowner’s insurance policies. If you have a mortgage, you have absolutely no option but to carry homeowner’s insurance.  Even if you own you homestead outright, most people consider insuring their homes and property to be a vital safety net. When your policy comes up for annual renewal, the insurance company can require an inspection of your home. At that time, compliance can easily be forced by either charging insanely high rates or through the cancellation of the policies of those who have “outdated” woodstoves.

An Attack on Self-Sufficient Living

The ability to heat your home off-grid is a major part of most preparedness plans.  Heating with wood is the number one way to do this.  Much like our food supplies, the ability to keep ourselves warm and healthy and the ability to cook without being connected to the grid are vital to our freedom.

Those of us who live this lifestyle are constantly targeted. In many places it’s illegal to collect rainwater.  Growing food in your front yard instead of flowers is all but outlawed.  Sellers of raw milk have their farms raided by SWAT teams as though they’re running a meth lab instead of a dairy. We are being Codex Alimentarius-ed and Agenda 21-ed right into slavery and the government and it’s agencies try to make it appear that they are “saving” us.

We, the self-sufficient, by our very nature, are a threat to this insidiously spreading control. Our self-sufficiency means that we won’t be forced to be subjugated, tagged, chipped, and inventoried like our less prepared friends and neighbors.  We won’t have to cave in order to survive. We can eat, stay warm, and stay off the radar.  And this is a threat because we can withstand the assaults on our freedom.  We don’t need the government’s benevolence to survive. Those of us who don’t need the government are the last hold-outs of liberty in a country that has strayed far from it’s freedom-loving origins.

The “Credibility” of the EPA

Don’t be fooled by environmental friendliness or the warm and fuzzy green words.  The EPA is just another tool of subjugation.  Their stamp of approval carries the same “credibility” as that of  USDA or FDA approval. The Environmental Protection Agency, that bastion of clean air and fertile land, wants you to believe that they are taking steps to save us all.

You know, the same folks who upped the legal levels of glyphosate for their friends at Monsanto, even though the herbicide has been proven to cause toxicity and death. The same agency that responded quickly when radiation from the Fukushima disaster reached dangerous levels on the shores of California by closing down 8 of their 18 radiation-testing facilities in California and increasing the “safe amounts” of radiation that we can absorb.

The EPA (or as I like to call it, the Environmental Deception Agency) tends to  find things to be highly threatening to the environment only when those things allow us to be non-reliant on big business.

One controversy after another can be attributed to the EPA, an agency charged with protecting the air we breathe, the soil in which we grow our food and the water that we drink.  At the bottom of each of those controversies can be found ties to the conspiracies of the big businesses that really run the country.  Decisions are being auctioned off to industry lobbyists with the most money and influence.

Environmental protection is only the rule of thumb if it goes along with Agenda 21 – the EPA is all over the green agenda in cases that benefit the redistribution of wealth, but the agency completely ignores blatant crimes against the earth if it involves fracking for the benefit of a natural gas company or poisoning the soil and groundwater for the benefit of a biotech monolith.


Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Daisy Thanks for the post. Where i live the state has already tried these programs, now most of the stoves you see are the new double burn type( they have nat gas blowing into the firebox to limit the amount of smoke produced. We have on the other hand have refurbished our stoves so the rules dont apply, but when we try to sell them this will really put a damper on the prices. also the price of firewood has really gone down here because most people have gone to nat gas, but as history shows before too long they will be back to wood because when there are very few job, money is tight. you save anyway you can. I have had two inspections for insurance lately, both times they say right on the inspection form that we have a wood furnace add-on. so far it hasnt raised the insurance payment but im waiting. wildman out

    • I never voted for Obama in the first place. We have to heat with wood, it is the only way we can afford heat. All this EPA garbage is just that – – garbage! I am sick of this overbearing administration trying to ruin everyone’s lives. Obama should be charged with fraud and treason and thrown into prison!!

      • The only problem with that is the ENTIRE system is corrupted and you can not expect to use the corrupt system, to fix the corrupt system!

        • The only way we will ever be free is to throw off the burden of ALL hierarchical control systems. Government, corporations, the school systems, etc.

          Only when we all acknowledge that we can NEVER have a ruler above us will we be able to do this. Walk way from hierarchies, and they crumble under their own weight.

          I actually have one of those “double burn” stoves and it is on the approved list. I still want to upgrade to a “rocket mass” stove one day. Google / youtube that term and you’ll find some great ideas being implemented.

          • yeah your right “Jesus” and the “bible” “i.e. mythology” are just as wicked modes of control as the “freedom” of “democracy” is, the only real freedom comes from a gun and absolute lawlessness, chaos and anarchy. so no gods no masters only dumb fucks with no rules… now that’s the kind of freedom our founding fathers envisioned!

            • It’s funny, you operate under the same fallacy that guns and lawlessness equate to stupidity and chaos.

              Throughout most of mankind’s history we have operated under a simple system of honor, trust and self reliance. There was never a mass killing on the scale of war that was perpetrated by a single man with or without a gun.

              It takes governments to kill people on the tremendous scale we have seen in the last 200 years and it takes media that is operated for the benefit of the power structure to make us all feel ok about it.

              When all you have is family and neighbors it becomes almost impossible to do anything but live a life of honorable action.

              Do not fear the collapse of power, only after this shift will we be free.

        • Yeah! Like the EPA even exists for clean air. How is they allow all the chemtrailing that’s been done over our part of the country this summer alone?!! We’ve positively been chemtrailed to death here.

          They’re worried about a heat stove?

          They’re just another arm of harassment and capitulation by the Nazis in charge of our gov’t.

      • The Potus the EPA can kiss my ass!!! I heat with wood and I have a great resource of wood for. Heat and lumber!! I refuse to abide in this stupid air polution demogogery!

      • Newsflash: Wood burning stoves (and yes, forest fires, etc., ) are a greater cause of air pollution than cars, trucks, busses. That’s a fact.

        Charged with treason…hilarious.

        • That’s funny… I perform emissions testing. Never had a problem with a wood stove. Just like any other fire, if it’s burning hot and efficient, there’s virtually no particulate emissions. It’s basic chemistry. once the fire gets to it’s hottest, it’ll burn clean for a very long time. If the EPA needs lessons on how to burn a wood stove correctly, send’em back to school! Hell, Boy Scouts know how to build a good hot fire! What’s next? Campfires too?! Oh, wait… I guess I shouldn’t give’em something else to bitch about…

          • They already control campfires just try to build one in a state or national park these days. The park rangers will be there quicker than you can bat an eye. It is also getting to the point where you can’t burn brush or leaf piles anymore either they have to be hauled off now or mulched. When the power grid goes down I hope they all freeze to death so we won’t have to deal with them any more. I know if they show up at my place if the grid goes down looking to get warm I will be more than happy to warm them up with hot lead.

          • … there’s the ticket.. ban forest fires and shutdown the ocean…. go for it Barry… what a joke…if he wasn’t so dangerous, he’d be funny….

          • Deek, you haven’t been on the other end of the toxic, particulate smoke to make such assuming statements. You assume most people who use these appliances are responsible but there are just too many that are not. I live next door to one and its been a terrible 5 years and quite honestly, I couldn’t sell my house because no one wants to live next door to a wood stove and one attempts to heat their 4000 square foot house. The particulate fumes infiltrate into our home and we can’t go outside due to the smell of burning rubber which all relates back to the quality of wood and those responsible in burning it. That is the reality of things and you need to accept that.

        • a wood burning stove and a forest fire are not even in the same class lady, people like you voted for this communist regime. post your facts, i guess aircraft, nasa rockets, and the chemical factory next to your house have nothing to do with it? its all wood burning stove? you and obama can go to h-ll!!

        • You have obviously been living next to that nuclear power plant for too long and your brain has turned to mush. When that thing blows up you will be gone so the rest of us won’t have to worry about you. when the grid goes down if you show up at my place wanting to get warm or a hot meal I will be glad to let you have some nice hot lead. Between my Woodstove and digging holes for the bodies which will help to fertilize my garden I think I will stay warm enough. Ask any soldier what makes the grass grow and you will get the answer BLOOD BLOD MAKES THE GRASS GROW. And to think I spent 20 years in the Army to protect people with mush brains like you. for thousands and thousands of years people have been using wood to cook and heat with only recently has the so called government organizations been sold on the idea that it is a bad thing. Oh if you think you can run hide in your fancy underground bunkers go right ahead when we seal them up from the outside and trap your scared feeble mind inside to slowly starve to death we will see who has the last laugh. Ha Ha.

        • We (humans) aren’t even polluting nearly as much as nature is… Volcanoes are pumping out carbon in amounts that are beyond belief… And as far as the global warming issue is concerned, there are over 3,477,000 underwater Volcanoes that are heating the oceans worldwide and pumping out millions of tons of carbon daily… People aren’t causing these issues, it is a natural cycle of the planet… But our numbers are going to do us and all the other animals in, as we are so stupid as to think the planet will sustain more than 3.5 billion people, it won’t for any real length of time… There isn’t enough land to grow sufficient food for more than 3.5 billion!!!

          • volcanos have been pumping pollution for eons!! it has never been a factor until now!! Why?? because its the humans that are contributing an excess of pollution cars, factories, Monsanto etc. but heating with a wood stove does not contribute to the pollution. I for one will heat with wood if I want and they can kiss my ass. How will they enforce something like that if a great number of us use it to heat and cook. They can’t it’s all smoke and mirrors and big brother wanting full control IMPEACH OBAMMA AND IS RENEGADE AJENDA! IT IS ALL FOR HIM AND HIS CRONNIES BUT NOTHING IS FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC!!

          • Steve, we “humans” aren’t polluting or emitting near the “carbon footprint” of the hypocrites controlling this planet, their government sock puppets, the banksters, the brainwashed military with their contstant chemtrailing (I’m SO SICK OF MY BLUE SKYS BEING RUINED DAY AFTER DAY BY THESE MAGGOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and esp. the nuclear and big corporations. This is where nearly ALL POLUTION COMES FROM. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it “Kelly” while you collect your check for being a govt troll, unless you are just brain dead like all the other Obamabots. And i’m not “conservative”, I can see both sides are two arms of one beast. Does’t take a genius to see it either.

      • “I didn’t vote for him, so he ought to be kicked out”

        That’s not how it works. If you want a different outcome, work for a different outcome and keep working until you achieve what you want.

        The only thing that can overcome the money that’s completely corrupted the system is smart, informed, people, using logic, reason and facts to inform and motivate other people.

        Until then, we’ll be caught in this ongoing trap of blaming one another instead of the wealthy and powerful who seek to use our differences to retain their own power and wealth.

      • I knew Osama (I mean Obama) was BAD NEWS the first time I laid eyes on him in 2008 before he was was even in the running for current Liar in Chief. My discernment radar went berserk. I couldn’t believe all the idiots, some my close friends even, who ever CONSIDERED voting for this obvious wolf in sheeps cloting and total fraud, much less actually went out and did it. I felt the same way about Slick Willy and stopped the left/right phony voting charade during Shrub, Jrs, second term, after I noticed him reading an upside down book to children when he was “informed” of the 9-11 mass Satanic human sacrifice that he and Cheney were in on.

    • If you want to help to reduce planet´s temperaure increasing, you´ll have to add a catalytic convertor to your two chambers slow burning wood stove.

      • Thank you Juan! I just replaced my archaic wood stove with a new one with a catalytic combuster and it is so much more efficient. When I switch the combuster on, all I see coming out of the smoke stack is steam. AND…the wood burns longer in my new stove so I fill it alot less often.
        The business I bought the new stove also had a buyback program where they gave me a $500 credit to take my old stove.

    • We turned ours into a jet stove to maximize heat and send less up the stack. We also live in a city dwelling at the moment.

    • heres a question has the epa also stopped fur trapping for alternitive income a no go what would our forfathers say we all must make a change this is our country my pres should be born here and also serve in our millitary with honors no exceptions this is a democrasie haha america made

    • State Farm forced us to remove our wood stove., 🙁 we will have to use electric heat this year, for we cannot afford a “new” epa approved stove. Lots of used ones for sale on craigslist,,,many people probably purchasing stoves they will eventually have to remove. No we have a rock mantle with a hole…..very disturbing.

  • “Most Woodburning Stoves Will Soon Be Illegal”? No, but if you get some government subsidy for a modern efficient one, it is logical than the old one should be destroyed, and the EPA isn’t going to ban you from using your old stove, are they? So ‘illegal’ is typical incendiary conspiracy rumor. OTOH, some local governments can restrict some burning during winter inversions.

    • Completely incorrect, Bob. Look for regulations that don’t allow homeowners to get insurance if they don’t comply with the upgrades. Look for myriad ways that the government will use to make it difficult, if not impossible, for people do use their existing stoves. If you think that this is just a friendly green upgrade, you’re missing the big picture.

      • Daisy,

        Show me the links to back up your claim. I remember 45 years ago, when many of us ‘back to the landers’ installed ‘airtight stoves,’ there were many total loss fires due to chimney fires from the creosote build-up from smouldering reduced air fires that occurred in ‘airtight’ stoves. There are many reasons to resist government actions, especially the $1 trillion per year for ‘homeland security’ and war, but I’m OK with woodstove specifications.

        • Bob, don’t be a moron “blamer”… you claim it was evil air tite strives burning down all those homes???? Actually it was idiots that used them and didn’t do maintenance on their chimneys that burnt down their homes… NOT the stoves.

        • We were told our mortgage would not be approved if we had any type heating device in which we could NOT see the flame. I wanted a pot belly stove and a double fireplace. I have the inefficient double fireplace. I’m still pot bellied stoveless irregardless of its relative efficiency.

          So why do I have the fireplace irregardless of its inefficiencies?

          Cause I like to hear it sizzle when I spit tobacco juice on the fire dogs.

        • Bob, I came across this thread quite by accident but I’m amused by the way nobody responded to your request for a link to some… you know… “facts.” Just like GOP minions on their claims that Obamacare will be disastrous for our economy. They have nothing to back up their claims and requests for “facts” will be ignored. All you’ll get is never ending repitition of the same bullshit.

          • Hey Chet get your head out of your stupid ass.I work in the financial sector and there is an enormous amount of data that Obamacare has been extremely detrimental to the economy.Start with the BLS statistics on the percentage of Empoyment created which is part time versus full time.In 2013 the percentage of people hired who were partime was almost 60 percent of new hires.This statistic is the highest it has been since records have been taken.The reason is because employers have wanted to avoid hiring additional full time employees so the do not have to comply with the expensive new Obamacare regulations.

          • Chet Parker,
            Um, All it takes to see that Obama”Care” IS a disaster in the making is basic God given common sense, which you seem to be severely lacking in. You and millions of bribed, welfare parasites who voted for this feckless fraud. Enjoy Amerikka while it lasts. ObamaCare will be the final nail in the coffin. Sucker

        • Hey clean your pipes….I had my own brush…tf you don’t want to climb on you roof there are people that will do it for you..

        • +Anything this government calls “smart” is totally DUMB for us (as in deadly). It means “smart” for the tyrants trying to CONTROL us. Learn how to translate their Orwellian Speak

    • Bob if you think so your a jackass ! what does the gov have to do with how people heated there homes for ever ? I will not do it no fucking way the hell with these commies !

      • Your a jackass? There homes? I think Bob can tell who the real jackass is by reading your almost sentences Steve. I know I can.

  • ha, you try this in canada you will have a revolt, i know america is now a police state, worse then the communists, AMERICA YOU SUCK

    • I’m an American…….and you are right. This country has gone stark-raving mad. But sooner or later the American people need to get stark raving mad too. And it is brewing! The sooner this Federal Government collapses………….the better off we will be.

        • DITTO on the wow. now its got tension in the blog. our country has gone to shit. we all know why, and its not your typical hardworking American. its the typical f!@#$%^ up govt. who doesnt know which end is up or what is for the greater good. all they care about is how much power and greed they can devour amongst themselves. overpopped world, and trying to find ways to get rid of us peons, no matter what it may be. karmas a bitch, and im afraid this whole Godforsaken world is in big big trouble. our country is screwed. greed, corruption and POWER have consumed the very people we trusted to fix this frikkin mess, and its only beginning. i pity the children being born into this nightmare, and the world we are leaving to our grankids. God help us all, as weve left him by the wayside too, and look where were at now. i just feel that it has only begun to fester and fighting among the ones who know where we are headed isnt going to help US in any way. unite for the greater good of the U.S. that we used to have. need to get back there, afraid it may be too little too late.

          • I can’t wait till the government falls and the economy collapses. I know that I will be one that will survive this mess as I know how to hunt , fish, grow my own and forage. I will not starve and I am a survivalist. I know how to build a fire and a shelter, how to survive on practically nothing but I doubt that the fat cats on wall street and Pennsylvania ave will. they won’t have a clue as to how to survive with out grocery stores , electricity, running water, and all the amenities that they are used to. that is the advantage us poor folks have over the well to do and even the middle class they are so dependent on modern day technology and “toys” that, that is all they know and haven’t got a clue as to how to survive without them.

    • So true. Unfortunately many Americans don’t see it. 9 out of 10 are fucking idiots. I live in America – Maine – 90 minutes from Canada.

    • I agree, These lilly-livered bastards don’t know the the russkies! I do I have studied them for years. When russia says they will take a step backwards, they always take 2 steps in the forward direction ! They have been around for a thousand years and heave varied forms of government. They are not stupid, they are very cunning!
      People need to wake up and realize that we have been taken over in a coup !!! If you have not started to prepare for a complete gov. crash then you are truly stupid! I have seen this coming for the last 30 years. I hate no one nor do I have malice toward any other human being. We could have total control if people would just wake up ! If we all just quit going to work or stoped buying gas for 1 week, our demands would be met. Listen if you take the military, the police, the ABC agencies and put them all to together we out number them 400 to 1 !!! I have seen the demographics that shows this is true. So grow a back bone, I have never been scared to live or to die, but I will not stand by and let this country and it’s people disintegrate into a nation over thrown by such tyranny!

      • so, u been waiting 30 years for this BIG government takeover and my guess is that you will be waiting till the return of christ for this to happen. sounds like u wasting your time waiting for something that is NEVER gonna happen.

        • Never going to happen? Tried driving without a seatbelt lately? Are you old enough to remember when the seatbelt laws were first passed and “you would never be pulled over only for wearing your seatbelt”? That’s what they said then.

          So when they say now, “oh, we’re only making new wood stoves illegal, we would never send jack booted thugs to your homestead to confiscate your old stove in the middle of January”, well, I don’t believe them anymore and neither should you.

        • the government has ALREADY taken over , just take a look at this article it should be a hint as to what is happening. They are trying to keep us from growing our own food, raising our own meat and heating our own homes the way we see fit, kids are being removed from homes at alarming numbers because the parents use medical marijuana (but they can drink till they are stupid and nothing happens to them or their kids by the CPA. )these are just a few transgressions being forced upon us by our wonderful government and you don’t think we are in a government take over already. we are fast loosing our freedoms and the constitution has been made out to be a bunch of useless words as the feds don’t believe they have to abide by and the believe they are above the law. and you say this isn’t a government take over you better wake up cuz you must be sleeping. how can you not see this happening? how come then with the government shut down they are still all getting their pay while the rest of us have to make sacrifices and do without. the things they have shut down are miniscule and barely make a contribution to the national debt but if all the politicians took a cut in pay , (actually I don’t think they should be paid at all until they fix this mess) that would contribute more to the debt than the petty issues they are trying to save on.

    • You are 100% correct Arizona. And lets not forget: the Lesbian who is our current Secretary of State has given all our homes and property over to the Communist Chinese (or at least she’s falsely promised it to them with another faction of our wonderful govt promising much of it to the Russians) so when the sudden destruction comes, which I believe will be a HAARP induced New Madrid fault line earthquake which will kill off millions of gun owners, shut down the grid and weaken America, that’s when the Russians, who are in Gatlinburg, TN and the great plains RIGHT NOW and the Communist Chinese who are in Mexico and Canada RIGHT NOW, will invade and take their “plunder”. The Old Testament prophets confirm all of these things happening to the “daughter of Babylon” which is none other the the “good ole US of A”. Be ready for it. It will all happen suddenly like a rat trap clamping down on a rat. We have been totally betrayed by our own government.

    • this is what it comes down to you all disagree the problem we do not stand as americans and say no to our government its not that ime against our leaders ime against there decisions concerning us all people concider our government is for the people buy the people we should be making the decisions we pay there salaries including the press. now what do you think in the army we called it hooaa

  • The US Government is the most POLLUTING organization on Earth. The US Military had those notorious open air burn pits, their vehicles are the most polluting, the list is endless. Are they going to put SMOG CONTROLS on FOREST FIRES?! Millions of acres of trees burn with NO POLLUTION CONTROL. How about VOLCANOS?! Shove a catalytic converter on top of Mount StHelens !!!!!!

    • Again, like any other regulations they pass, it’s not about environmental damage. There aren’t enough wood-burners in the USA anymore to make this account for anything. This is about subjugation. One more thing they own and most Americans won’t know or care, because it’s not about them. Most people won’t buy the new wood stoves. This puts more people on the system, keeps the money flowing to big corporate energy companies, and makes people with an independent mindset a little more dependent on the system.

      • I will not be buying a new certified wood stove. Instead, I’ll buy more ammo to keep the one I have. A much better investment, me thinks!

      • If homeowners weren’t in debt for those interest-heavy mortgages, the government wouldn’t have the ability to strong-arm and “regulate” through insurance companies.

        Sell the home if you don’t own it outright.

        When you own your home, the government can’t force you to buy homeowners insurance. Not yet anyway. The way to stop some of this insanity is to stop being a slave to the currency being devalued by the Fed. The way to stop some of this insanity is to stop being heavy consumers.

        Withdraw. Make the government as irrelevant as you can. Get out of debt. Drive a crappy truck. Stop buying so much shit you don’t need. Buy products directly from others, avoid paying sales tax.

        Wake the flock up and fuck with The System.

    • Walter, the greatest polluter is the earth itself. You mention Mt. St. Helens, but what about all of the other volcanoes around the world that are constantly spewing filth into the air? They’re underwater, too! Mercury in the ocean? Mostly from the planet…and I could go on and on and on. Get familiar with the periodic table of elements for the ultimate proof of just how toxic the planet is all by its lonesome.

    • Yes Walter and THEY (govt) are the one’s who start all the forest fires covertly in order to forward their agenda against us.

  • So the EPAc will crush Wood burning stoves but the spraying of the poison COREXIT in the Gulf of Mexico is A O.K.
    Chem Trails……nah that’s just water vapor that goes from horizon to horizon. But wood burning stoves, the most basic and primal of all human activity and needs, that’s what the EPA go after. We live in a Fascist country. Fascism is really Corporatism
    “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”
    — Benito Mussolini

  • Older woodstoves have been banned from resale in Oregon for over twenty years. I have three woodstoves in my house, and they are the only heat I use. One is over thirty years old, and is still my favorite. The two recent installations had their efficiency destroyed by requiring them to have insulated flues *between* the stove and the ceiling, which is a significant amount of the heat transfer area. My guess is this cuts the efficiency by half, i.e, you have to burn twice as much wood (and therefore make twice as much pollution)for the same amount of heat as from a non-insulated flue. The reason stated for requiring the insulation is because of a “reduced clearance installation”, but there are other far less expensive ways to protect the wall near the flue which do not reduce the stove’s efficiency. The code requirement was clearly part of the fascist collusion between manufacturers, installers, and government to force us to buy expensive stuff we really don’t need. It was from a sales rep for a major electrical manufacturer that I learned how new building codes get passed: manufacturers, contractors, and government building inspectors have an annual conference at which anyone can propose new codes to be discussed. If they pass, they take on the force of law. No surprise that virtually all things passed make more money for the manufacturers and contractors, and add to the power of the code enforcers.

    If reducing “green house gases” were really a goal, woodstoves would actually be the best source of heat, since wood takes CO2 out of the atmosphere when it grows, the fire puts it back in, and the forest takes it right back out when the trees re-grow. My small acreage is actually growing new wood faster than I can burn it, so it is a perfect example of the “sustainability” holy grail.

    • I live in Oregon also. We finally broke down and bought a new wood stove two seasons ago. We weren’t required for the insulated pipe to the ceiling, only from the ceiling up. Our stove is awesome. 1/2 the wood we used before and you hardly ever see smoke from our chimney. For those fighting the upgrades…I have to say as a wood burner…with only that as a source of heat, I wish we had done it sooner!

  • 109 times the nasty Jew has had to be removed from territories around the World. Lets make the USA #110. Eradicate the Jew sickness to save our Nation and Culture.

        • It is impossible to prove a negative.

          How about you prove that eradicating an ethnic group for crimes committed by a few of its’ members actually improves anything (rather than creates an artificial bogeyman that places more power into psychopaths hands).

      • I don’t agree…….let people speak their mind. Who cares. “I might disagree with you wholeheartedly, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” –Thomas Jefferson

        • That wasn’t Jefferson who said that it was Voltaire. However Jefferson may have quoted voltaire.

          Let the nasty hater have his say. All it does is identify him as one of those haters who are going to use the coming crash to try to kill people they have been raised to hate by hater parents.

          I’ve heard that all the ills of the world are due to aliens, catholics, jews, gay, blacks, feminists, commies, muslems you name it.

          All it does is identify the haters.

      • He’s telling the truth. They have been expelled from over 100 countries, sometimes more than once from the same country. For that to happen, there has to be a darn good reason. Look what happened in Christian czarist Russia and the genocide of Christian Ukraine. The Rothschilds funded the US civil war, both sides. Then, when the south was destroyed, they sent their agents (carpetbaggers) in to buy all of the important assets for pennies on the dollar. They got all of their money back, plus interest. Even General Sherman complained about them in his correspondence. How many other wars have they instigated and funded? But everyone has to find the truth out for themselves. No group should be above criticism. The poster should have the right to say the truth. That’s what a representative republic with a First Amendment is all about. As for the sick part, I don’t know what he means. I have been reading a lot about rocket heaters. I may build one for my home – on the sly if I have to.

      • I have not heard of that particular affliction myself. But I have heard of hoof in mouth disease. I know what it is as well but seems better applied to the inventor of “jew sickness”

  • With the Federal Government being it’s own Corporation, their only goal in life is to find new and innovative ways to separate the American people from their money. By no longer allowing the people to heat their homes with wood, they are FORCED to purchase the natural gas and electricity from the energy Corporations for just this reason, TAKING YOUR MONEY!

  • This is reactionary nonsense. There are no such plans to “ban wood stoves.” The EPA is simply requiring them to be less-polluting. You certainly like your car to be low-polluting. Why not your wood stove too?

    • But I can still find buyers for my old polluting car for instance not everyone can afford nice new shiny efficient cars. What about regulations concerning my other personal property’s? It’s all for the good of the whole.

    • Right, I don’t think there is any effort to ban wood stoves. EPA certified wood stoves have been required in WA State for over 20 years. And it is illegal to resell an old uncertified wood stove. They say the reason is to curb air pollution. But there are NO regulations preventing everyone in the state from having a “recreational campfire” in their backyard (unless statewide burn ban in effect), having an uncertified wood stove set up in your backyard (just can’t use it to heat a building), or having a wood fired central boiler out in your yard that can heat your entire house and provide hot water too. If they are going to be serious about pollution from wood smoke, they need to first control things like open campfires.

      Now if I was interested in having some sort of wood fired heating system in my house, I’d definitely consider building one of the rocket wood stoves. I don’t imagine my insurance company would like it, but they are super efficient (so there’s less wood to cut, haul, burn) and they supposedly put off almost no smoke.

    • Tom, you know not what you speak of. My state of Utah, just 2 years ago, fought a battle to keep the state from banning wood burning stoves. People turned out to the “hearings” in droves and they backed off. They were wanting to ban ALL wood stoves no matter how efficient they were!

    • Even so called zero emission vehicles have a huge environmental impact. Have you ever seen the lithium mines that they mine to make batteries for all these smart cars? The batteries could not last long enough to compensate for amount of pollution and ecological damage these mines produce.

  • No problem, we just need to comply and reduce the global population down to 500 million people. The wholesale murder of 7 billion is needed on the planet. Isn’t Agenda 21 and the NWO wonderful?

    Geesh…this is probably the garbage they are teaching our kids to believe in the public schools. Roll up your sleeves kiddies…….here is your free flu shot, mega vaccinations, and Gardisil all in one!

    The NWO needs to be taken down………..the people of the world need to revolt against this total madness!!!

    • Thank you. That’s what I was thinking. Rocket stoves rule. So, there are people for whom this problem is not even on the radar (the overwhelming majority) — and a tiny aware minority who are trying to stay a jump ahead. Autonomous, self-reliant people are a threat to the oligarchy.

    • Rocket Stove? Stick a catalytic combuster on it for decoration and it might get EPA certification and industry organisation endorsement. For stoves that use a down draft, I believe the principle solves winter atmospheric issues that normally affect the flue on conventional ones (not that they account for it as a possible cause for emissions). The EPA, OMNI and a few vested interest industries drooled over the theory and profit projections of catalytics installed in all stoves (first in, first served) – leading to the demise of the competition by a fraudulent, non real world – expertly calibrated test assessed in unrealistic – optimum conditions. Down draft and rocket stoves are a good idea, generally and obviously. Alternatively, conventional stoves with a retrofit pressure differential cowl, also good. Ignoring cowls and the need for proper ventilation is only due to a rigged appliance labelling bureaucracy. Let industry make their own safety and emissions standards that work in real life – if they were made liable for any failures then I’m sure they would do their best to make those standards work. If the EPA is charged with enforcing the CAA, then they can only penalise us on the actual presence of the toxins listed. A list of what might be found in wood smoke etc. along with some flimsy human health cost benefit equations, and variant reduced comparisons with hidden hospital data is outrageously inaccurate, when there is openly expressed market mechanisms and vested interest involved. Wood smoke irritants are being grossly exaggerated, and I think this ‘worst of all pollutants’ fine particulate matter is still nothing more than an epidemiological miasma designed purely for a right to regulate/ phase out for the sake of natural gas/ propane and electricity sponsors to expand their networks, increase demand and ensure their continued control over profit. Our off-grid survival and independence is not ideal to them. Smart grids are. Lawyers sue the EPA and the sponsoring polluter – so as to reinvest in a windmill, solar system, air purifier or wood stove change-out scheme. They launder through bonds and generally leave the damages with us to deal with.

  • Even in Canada they are tightening the regulations. When I sold my farm (with a wood stove in the basement), my insurance company had wanted to increase my insurance by $800 because of the stove. The new owners had a hard time to get insurance unless they replaced the stove (at a cost of $1,000). Three years later the new owners sold the property and the current owner’s insurance company wanted her to modify the chimney before they would insure her! Every time a property is sold or insurance is renewed, there is another “requirement” added. Up here in rural Manitoba, having a wood stove as back-up heat is necessary if the Hydro electricity fails during a winter storm.

    • Do you realize how insane this is? And yet people are complying. You’re complaining but it’s an expectation now. Hello? Wake the flock up Allison.

      If “new owners” stopped buying homes that they couldn’t pay cash for, the problem is solved.

      Stop incurring debt. Live low. Stop being so influenced by tv commercials and The Jones. Better to live simply and enjoy some personal liberties than to be regulated heavily and dictated to because you WANT more than you can afford.

      Time to fight back. Hit the RESET button.

  • Over the last 20 years are town has changed out most of the old wood burners. There have been NO Flu fires and we can go out in the winter with out having a second stage smog alert all winter long.

  • Wood burning is a natural resource. Gasoline /Diesel is a heavy hitter for Pollution and cancer. Are they next? Fracking is allowed? BS.This country is getting out of control. A bunch of control freaks .

  • That’s funny. There inept fools in gov’t are worried about a few particulates in the iar, while Fukushima is falling apart and is quickly becoming a global threat to all civilization. While the main stream media boobs look the other way. Nice!

  • Visit instructables DOT com and search for “rocket stove”.
    Burns so hot, all that’s left is water vapor and tasty CO2 that your trees and veggies will love you for!

    • right on dude!! i agree 100% read uncle festers opinion of what happens in the burbs when the dummies get there hands on a wood stove that they can smolder way down.

  • I’m not too worried about it. Americans are like a timid dog that gets backed into a corner. Sooner or later, they will bite. Now, who/how is the US government going to pay for inspections? AND, who would want the job as inspectors keep getting shot in the middle on nowhere?

    Just a thought…

    • You got it.

      Grumble, grumble, compliance.
      Bitch, moan, compliance.
      Rant, rave, compliance.

      Most still get back in line.
      Most still march in lockstep.

      Maybe 1 out of 5,000 actually has the courage and the ‘nads to break away and fight back.

      Wake the flock up.

  • Millions of Americans for generations use wood heat in winter to survive, LIVE! not to mention cook, etc. EPA now an arm of UN anti humanist agenda 21 movement it would seem. I will not give up my wood stoves, that kept us warm in a little 320sq ft. cabin for years while we figured out how to get our modular home. This will punish the poor people of America an new tax, new control, new deaths during winter all the obamanations UN EPA fault by design. I hope we have some Class action lawsuits preparing to name all EPA, White House etc. as those who must pay for the injuries they will cause We the People. Shared it good artical.

    • They aren’t banning wood heat. Most of this has actually already been on the books for years, they are just making states comply. It means any new or replacement woodstove has to meet todays standards. I for one love that Oregon did this many years ago. When I replaced my stove, it met all the modern restrictions. I use half the wood and it heats so much better. I love my new stove. The title of this article is misleading. They aren’t BANNING WOOD STOVES!.

  • Mass NON-COMPLIANCE on every level is now needed. This is our only hope. Just because they make a law doesn’t mean we have to obey it. After all, government breaks their own laws all the time. It’s just no one prosecutes them.

    FYI – The EPA is not a branch of government. It is a privately owned and held corporation financed by corporate government. Just when are you going to stand up and tell them to f*** off?

    • In response to this, I agree. I have an underground home back in the Adirondack Mts. of NE NYS. Not only do I have a wood stove to heat the home but I have one in the barn area as well as the greenhouse. I also have as my cooking range an antique Round Oak combo wood/propane stove. It requires no electricity to run it.. I also have a small homestead in southern Tn. The fixer upper had an old electric stove which I replaced with a Sears propane one. I was not aware until it was installed that it required that it required electricity. If the power goes out. I think I can light the burners w/ a match but have no idea how I would light the oven? Being a self sufficient gal for many many years I bought a small wood stove & I have a large camp oven….it’s all about ways for the corp. to make $’s..and also BEWARE of the new electric meters they are starting to install. Don’t let them. There is a website available that tells one what to do so keep them off your property if they start that in your area. I am not sure of the website ..does anyone else.

  • your blowing things out of porportion. what the epa is doing, is what its been doing along, promoting clean burning wood through new technolagy. some manicipalities have out right banned wood, but that was back in the day before the new technolagy about 20 years ago. some US cities ban on certian days, though not if it is your only source of heat. most people and most stoves burn clean, both old and new can burn poorly depending on the opperator. though gov and corporations are still trying to outright ban wood all together and paint wood as dangerous and dirty, because they want everyone hooked on fossil fuels and electricity for profit even though it is them who is wrecking the environment. there are many misconceptions about wood, check out my website for the facts, and feel free to ask questions anytime.

    peacelovehonour. B

  • They’re nuts! Wood heat is carbon neutral, it takes no more from nature than it puts back. The particulate matter is the same amount wether burned or rotted. I’m so tired of agenda pushed by junk science!

  • 99% of people with these old nasty “airtite” wood stoves have no clue how to burn wood. Stoke it up and dampen it wayyy down with wet and or green wood. In the suberbs its will make you sick. Sinus infections, splitting headakes, windows stained from the un burned particles- on and on. The EPA should hold a school and try to teach these dummies to burn hot fires. not smolder the wood so the fire will last longer, build up so much cresote that they have 3-3 or more chimmney fires every winter. Yes, I burn wood. I am smarter than the logs. Know how to do this correctly. — just saying—.

  • Good ole Obama. We have 2 wood stoves and so glad . In the winter our power goes out often. Maybe the president and his lobbyist friends would like to spend a couple of days freezing their butts off . It’s not about the people it’s about him and his people . Try to get our stove MR president and the EPA !!!

  • 90% of the people commenting here didn’t even read this article.

    This article just says that NEW stoves will have to meet EPA guidelines and that if you want to earn the tax credit on a new stove you won’t be able to resell your old polluting stove. Nothing more! The bit in the article about turning down homeowners insurance etc is nothing but idle speculation by the author.

    If you want to keep using your old inefficient and polluting stove… go ehead the EPA isn’t going to stop you.

    • OMG. So far Uncle Fester and James are the only two that read the article apparently or the only two who understand what they read.

  • and who exactly is going to enforce this! the same people that are going to come after me for using a short-wave ham radio with out an FCC license! LMAO…

    good luck with that!

  • good luck with that assholes because your wont be getting mine your going to have to kill me first im not letting someone that has a stick up there ass dictate to me what I can an ant have you guys are crossing over that imaginary line and the american people wont take much more of your shit you guys are just making it worse its like you want a bigger fight because your pushing the American people to the breaking point and you have no one to blame but yourself but I know your going to blame everyone but not the ones that are really fucking up

  • Daisy. Remember State of Washington is the only state that has its own rules on wood burning stoves. Fed rule and Wa rule huge difference. Even California don’t have the same be we have here. And an old stove worth a lot of money at gun show or Craig’s list. Like an old full sized toilet.

  • The EPA must be making a lot of arrests in the National Forest Service and U.S. BLM correct? Don’t they have large controlled burns all over the west during winter, a lot of old brush and forest burning in the open with no “approved ” wood stoves as part of their controlled burns. EPA heads are only worried about their “green” company stock portfolios and which of their Obama subsidized and connected companies make their portfolios fat with tax payer funding. The corruption in D.C. is on a scale never seen before in world history.

  • Great discussion. Let people express their opinions — even if they are offensive. Plenty of rebuttal of an overly broad POV!

  • i’m sorry for the people who rely on them but i rely on trees to breath as do you no trees no air dir i think its a great idea

  • We will use our wood burning stove, burn plastic & recyclables, throw oil out into the woods etc. etc. when ever & where ever we feel like it! No satanic NWO fascists are going to dictate how we choose to live our lives! If you want to try & “FORCE” yourself into our lives, be prepared to meet your Maker you luciferian fools!

  • I don’t do too much blogging but thought this was interesting. I just finished stacking a rick of cedar shingles in the woodshed. The government cannot enforce the laws it has why are we concerned? Yes they did change the woodstove laws in Oregon if you are building a new place or buying one chances are you can afford the cost of heating it. Most poor people don’t pay to much attention to the law when it comes to survival.

  • Some of these commenters are bat $hit crazy and make me more than a little ashamed to also be an american. Here’s a hint: if you so thoroughly fear even the rumor of change or multi culturism, leave. The rest of us actually want you too. As a true american, I’m sure most of you have roots in countries far away that will likely welcome you back, but may not allow for this public a platform to spread your racism and anti leader hate. Ah well. From what I know of many of the countries we immigrated from, wood burning stoves and food hoarding are not only legal, but necessary. Unlike the u.s. where whispered underground rumors of muslims are enough to make ya load your guns to protect your cache. Oh yeah, those guns? Typically the rest of the first world has some pretty extreme gun laws, so be prepared to let those go. Grow up. Rumors and fear mongering are not reality. Try to keep your heads on and your hate to yourself.

  • Well, I think we can all agree all this brouhaha over an EPA regulation is just plain BS. At least those of us who have had these “illegal” stoves for may years and learned how to use them properly.

    Here are two things I learned from local fire chiefs:
    1. How to clean your flue
    Stuff it up with newspaper and light it…
    2. If your flue shares a chimney with an oil burning furnace, give it a good cleaning (Hint: Recipe for a sure chimney fire).

    Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  • Make the government a deal. Stop chemtrailing us to death and we may consider new stove models. Carbon is far less harmful than what the chemtrails contain. Hippocrits!

  • I have a feeling the homemade stove my cousin built isn’t up to their standards. Oh the things they think are worth regulating. Yes i understand the implications with the whole agenda 21 business. But guess what. I skipped to the back of the book and no matter what–God wins, and I stand with him.

  • I havent noticed any new laws rules,or taxes the government has made in the last 20 years that has truely helped the poor of this country. No need to comment I lived in a tent in the woods for 3 of those 20 years with my mom & 3 kids so nothing you can say will make me like this grasping evil POS government thx

  • It is great to read all of these comments. It all comes down to you and me. We thought “change” was about fixing the problems we faced in the past when they meant “changing” the country as we were founded. We thought the people would be empowered, when Obama meant he was going to empower himself and government. We thought the people were going to be listened to when in fact we now have to listen to government dictate to us. We thought we were voting in someone for us when in fact we are on the outside looking at a perverse wall of hypocrisy. Any more change and we may not survive as a nation as those of us who fought for this country grew up knowing. Any of you under 35 are in deep shit if you don’t get you heads out and take back your country.

  • I know exactly how to stop global warming we can vote out all the smoke blowing Government Politicians and Government agencies that are full of hot air. They are creating more smoke than a few old wood stoves ever could. Remember we the People control the Government not the other way around. We can fix this next election with a vote for people with common sense. Lets get rid of the career politicians and give this country back to the people.

  • So let me get this straight…. The Fed will allow Coal companies to destroy mountains, lakes, streams, forests, and force species to extinction… Gas companies can Frack and pollute the groundwater and release mass amounts of CO2 and Methane into the atmosphere…. Timber companies can destroy MILLIONS OF ACRES OF PRISTINE FOREST and also force extinctions… And scumbag politicians can fly 10 people on a 767 thousands of miles a week… and Keystone XL can leak A MILLION GALLONS OF OIL WITHOUT EVEN AN EFFORT TO FIX IT…..


    Go ahead, try and enforce that law. See who pays your ignorant fines and who throws a brick in your shapeshifter face!!!!!

  • The EPA is a bunch of f*cking windbags. This so called law makes no sense and will never work or be passed… They would actually have to terminate fire itself in order for such a law to work… I personally burn wood and coal every winter.. I use a 1950’s Warm Morning Wood/Coal Stove… It gets hotter then all of the fires of hell and damn nation, Black smoke lingers in the air like O’malley’s Freight Train. I’ll continue to burn it from now until forever… If someone were to write me a Fine, I’d throw that in there and burn it aswell. “So suck my D*ck EPA, Then go rest in Hell” You bunch of Tree hugging pricks.

    • One problem with your comment.

      The EPA doesn’t PASS laws. They enforce regulations. The EPA is a non Constitutionally funded or approved govt agency that applies statist controls over the populace under the guise of environmental impact.

      And they are way out of control even if they are not coming to your house and removing your non-compliant woodstove.

  • Deek’s Right. Honestly, it seems people don’t understand the nature of simple wood-fires.


    When there’s not enough oxygen, the fire burns “rich”.

    That doesn’t last very long, unless more fuel is added, all the wood heats up and it starts burning “lean” with very little particulate matter emitted at all. If you tested the fire then, it would be A-ok by any standards.

    This can take as little as a few minutes.

    This is not about the “stove”, as such, but about how fire works, as almost any stove (like 99% of ’em) will have dampers, vents, and a good flue and grate that can support a hot fire.

    A stove that won’t get a fire up to the heat where the smoke disappears is a non-starter, and won’t heat efficiently anyway. It’s always wasting wood, and really shouldn’t exist. But, everything that burns smokes when it first ignites, until the mixture leans out, even a good stove.

    And even an EPA-approved stove can be mis-handled by a person to make excessive particulates.


    How would this law ever be enforced on those who didn’t want to voluntarily comply? It wouldn’t because it’s not a federal law.

    Individual states can regulate outdoor burning, but I’ve never heard of them going door-to-door and demanding that fireplaces be put out, unless there is some kind of emergency.

    I have a friend that lives in the mountains in Northern California. When it’s cold he builds a fire. I’d like to see somebody try to stop him doing that, 5 miles from even the nearest town.

    The house is downhill from the road, under a thick tree canopy. You couldn’t even tell there was a house there, much less a fireplace burning there without special equipment.

  • Daisy Luther, can you point to an actual LAW on the books that says these older “bad” stoves are not allowed nationwide, or is this article just breathless “might happen” hyperbole?

    It looks as if what is actually being said is that the more efficient stoves are “recommended” by the EPA, not mandated.

    And, from a prepper perspective, unless you are in remote territory, the time you use your wood stove is when the cheaper or simpler alternatives aren’t available, i.e. some kind of emergency, but that’s generally not the time the government has excess manpower to snoop on people’s chimneys.

    If TSHTF, I’m somehow not expecting the government’s main goal to be limiting inefficient woodstoves.

    The Feds do some crazy things, but I think banning low-tech stoves and fireplaces outright nationwide is pretty low on their to-do list.

    I think that poisoning 2/3 of the population, “for the sake of the environment” would probably be cheaper and easier for them to plan out. Oh, wait…

  • How about that plan for doing away with old still efficient wood burning stoves, giving the Wood Stove Manufactures a new avenue for making them, while Sorry Dirty Coal Burning Corporations can continue to pollute the air as much as they please.
    This is either insanity or corruption.
    My guess is the latter.

  • The EPA is an evil agency that shouldn’t even exist. However, if you want to get ahead of them and sneer at their regulations, google “Rocket Mass Heater”.

  • wood is carbon neutral trees produce the same amount of oxygen as the wood does co2 when it burns it is one of the most carbon neutral fuels there is mother nature never screws up only we do.

  • further more don’t blame just Obama the entire organization is a criminal enterprise and they love to get people too believe that our side just wants to fix things well both sides have had complete control of the house ,senate and presidency many times but the debt goes up they and there family and friends get richer and richer don’t fall for it for only when we all get together to remove them all will we win and be able to move forward and help our brothers and sisters.

  • Get a grip before your heads explode!!!

    Do a small bit of research and you’ll learn that the EPA DOES NOT REGULATE the manufacture or use of wood-burning stoves or fireplaces. Your state or local government might set standards, but the EPA’s wood burning programs (like replacing old units with more efficient ones) are completely _voluntary_.

    This scare “article” is just a copy of a disinformation document that is going around the Internet, one that substitute a political agenda for facts. You can hate Obama and the EPA, but you’ll have to find a different reason for it.

  • Wait, I thought the EPA had been making rules about efficiency and cleanliness of woodstoves for decades.

    Why the panic now? The EPA is not going to take your old woodstove away. They’re going to make sure the next generation is better.

    I think they did the same thing with leaded-gasoline cars a few years ago. It worked pretty well. A few million children were spared lead-related defects and our crime rate has gone down (unintended consequence). Damn revenuers!

    That’s a pretty long list of stoves that are available — glad to see mine there. They can pry it from my cold, cold fingers.

  • I have a US government toilet that clogged up constantly. I’m going to try my toilet as a government woodburning stove and an approved stove as a toilet.

  • Just like everything that the EPA gets involved with, especially in this era. What *now* is “voluntary” wood stove retros and the “voluntary” exchange from an older stove to their new EPA approved stove eventually will no longer be voluntary, but mandatory.

  • The author of this article is deliberately fear-mongering the public, and nearly all of you have bit on the hook. Further, none of this is new news. The EPA has been regulating wood stoves for 26 years!

    An overwhelming number of responses to date are nothing more than keyboard-flexing and big talk. None of you is going to shoot an inspector or regulator. None of you is going to just disappear into the wilderness and do whatever the hell you want. Okay, maybe three or four of you are able to, and will, but the rest are too dependent upon the rest of civilization’s niceties to just go primitive and invisible.

    If you want to do something useful then get together with your friends and all of you write your Congress and Senate people and let ’em know how you feel! You would be surprised how effective a large number of letters with similar sentiments can be.

    Now, on to some serious business. Firstly, not all jurisdictions are outlawing old wood stoves. It is true that some places have. They have taken this action a number of years ago already, in response to extremely high wood smoke pollution in their areas. Denver comes to mind as just one example. Most jurisdictions have not enacted bans. It is the case that certain types of stoves must meet pollution requirements, but not all of them. There are, in fact many units that are exempt.

    Straight from the EPA website is this information: “Wood heating appliances subject to this regulation must have a firebox volume less 20 cubic feet, weigh less 800 kilograms (about 1700 pounds), possess a burn rate less than 5 grams per hour and have an air to fuel ratio less than 35 to 1. The wood stove regulations apply to wood heating appliances intended for residential heating.
    Appliances such as cookstoves, wood burning furnaces, outdoor wood boilers, coal stoves and fireplaces are not subject to these regulations.”

    The key sentence is the last one. Look at it again, please. “Appliances such as cookstoves, wood burning furnaces, outdoor wood boilers, coal stoves and fireplaces are not subject to these regulations.”

    What it boils down to is this… the rules apply to those small stoves set up in a living room somewhere for “atmosphere”. Folks throttle them down so they are just smoldering, pack ’em full and hope they will go all night. That is not efficient burning, anyway, and a recipe for disaster.

    Further, there is a list on the EPA website telling what stoves are exempt from this rule, and why they are exempt.

    here is my reference for this little rant:

    I can certainly appreciate getting all worked up over government intrusion. Do a little research first, though, to make sure your anger is well spent. Make sure you are not being played by a writer who may have an agenda you don’t know about.

  • There is a solution for those who have the gumption….Get out of Can-usa as fast as you can! Move to Mexico or central or northern South America where the weather is so agreeable that heat is only needed to cook your dinner. No more worries about frozen pipes etc. Hard to beat the climate in Chiapas or Ecuador! Only way to beat them at their own game is to get the heck out of Dodge. Once you spend a winter watching the Ochids grow you will wonder why you ever bothered to stay so long in northern B.C.!

  • Hey, folks –

    If you go to the page where the excerpt above is taken from, you’ll find it in a section referring to participation in a voluntary program and for a Fed rebate. Notice two other things: (1) The question concerns ‘local air pollution’ rules, IF they exist – not fed rules, and (2) old stoves can still be traded in as credit to stove retailers that will allow the trade. Note that the method of rendering stoves ‘inoperable’ (such as, ‘remove the door’) basically allows a potential buyer to re-assemble it and make it operable. These are rules that are purposefully designed to be non-destructive for folks that know what they are doing and exist only to give the impression of reducing the number of older stoves without actually intending to do so.

    In any event, the EPA has been regulating wood stoves and has had the certification program in place since 1988, so none of this is very new.

  • First, I just discovered this blog & I love it! Now, on to the nonsense at hand here…….My question here is, when in the hell are we as American citizens going to stand up & remind our so called government that this is “our” country & take it back! All of our forefathers, as misguided as some of them were, fought & DIED so we could have all of the freedoms represented in the Constitution (just hang on a second before anyone starts up with the “that’s just a piece of paper that doesn’t mean anything” comments please)?!? Have we all become so lazy that we are unwilling to get up & fight for our rights? We CAN do it, if we only would. Having said that, I have to say, “Okay, they’re going to ban wood-burning stoves, right? Well, what about all of the factories & all of the other CRAP they let pass? Oh, while I’m on my soapbox here…..Are we going to stand by & allow these microchips to be implanted in our babies? When I saw the story saying that parents were going to be encouraged to have these microchips implanted in their newborns, all I could think of was, “Is this the mark of the beast it talks about in Revelations?” Now I know there may be some people who don’t believe in God or the Bible, but I DO, & you can’t deny that all of the things that are happening in our world were predicted in the Bible hundreds of years ago. I apologize if I offended anyone, but I’m not sorry for how & what I feel & believe in. Anyway, sorry to go off on a tangent here (hee hee). Keep the wood stoves! (P.S I wonder how many of those folks at the EPA will be buying those “black market illegal wood stoves” when they’re needing to keep warm, cook food, boil water etc? Hmmmmm?

  • For cleaner, trouble-free living, burn the EPA, and the Deumbocrats who support this crap!

    Message from ‘V’: When some political starts telling you that big gov is your buddy, pick up the reality paddle and give them a good whack.

  • Don’t think that Republicans are any better! Remember, our first tree-hugging “progressive” was Teddy Roosevelt. And it was Nixon who actually created the EPA…by Executive Order!
    This either/or tug of war “Two Party System” is killing us.
    We’re so dumbed down that it’s just bad math to think that more than half the population will ever be right on anything. We need at least three-way races if anything good is to come of an Election Day. Remember, Election Day is our opportunity for a peaceful revolution. We’ve made it a day of capitulation to the Powers That Be for waaay too long.

  • let me sum this up for the EPA,if they are not willing to pay for a new stove that is just as efficient as mine ,,,FUCK YOU,FUCK YOU,FUCK YOU FUCK YOU,FUCK YOU ,FUCKYOU,FUCK YOU FUCK YOU ,FUCK YOU,FUCK YOUAND FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCKED UP FUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What’s really ridiculous it that the wood I use every year to heat our house in these soon to be illegal wood heaters comes from clear cut hardwood forests here in Arkansas that are being replaced with southern “yellow” pine plantations. I thought the EPA should have stepped in decades ago and quit allowing this type of destruction to the hardwood forests in the southeastern United States. Selective cutting and harvesting is fine, but clear cutting and replacement with soft wood trees or nothing at all, just leaving barren wasteland, is in my opinion immoral to the core. And don’t get me wrong, I am not a tree hugger or a PETA freak, but I am an environmentalist and hunter who believes in preserving the flora and fauna in its natural state as much as possible. Not only are the forests being destroyed, but many of the other plant and animal species are taking a major hit due to this type of deforestation.

  • F#CK OBAMA! There needs to be a revolution! AND IT STARTS NOW! My militia training camp is right on time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love the idea of living off the grid and being more independent,but I also want my environment to improve. We have had plenty of visitors to my state that comment on the great air quality. I do not want to go where they live. It is very selfish and shortsighted not to consider ways to have better heating systems. Instead of complaining, why not look into ways to improve your stove system for your needs and cleaner air requirements. there sre other natural resources you can utilize as well. diversify. open up your minds. think outside of the box!I know of an ederly,independently wealthy women in my state whose home is totally off the grid and feeds back into the system. she uses more than one natural resource to do this. why can’t other people? and if everyone did the right thing all on their own in the first place than there would be no need for government interference. wake up. do what is right. we are leaving all this behind to future generations. dont just think in the here and now.

  • Did anyone take the time to actually read the EPA material? IT’S COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY. You should probably read the one-page FAQ before writing an article on a subject.

  • Shame on you Organic Prepper! This is irresponsible rabble rousing against the EPA, for no good reason. Self sufficiency is NOT BEING BANNED nor made illegal. Are you REALLY in favor of air pollution, inefficient wood stoves and lung diseases in the elderly and children? REALLY? This EPA regulation covers OLD woodstoves, which frankly, SHOULD be retired. We know so much more about how to burn wood cleanly and efficiently. Yes, old woodstoves cannot be sold, just like old refrigerators should not be resold – because they SUCK. They use too much wood, leak, burn inefficiently and produce too much particulates. You can’t use an older wood stove in most metropolitan areas because of “no burn” days. I have a 10 year old high efficiency Jotul that can be used on no burn days and is on the EPA’s list of approved stoves. The EPA is doing its best, against a rising tide of hate, to keep our country and our planet clean. Stop the hate!

    • There isnt much use arguing with them. Half of them can barely form a cogent thought.
      If you’re being smoked out you can stop it through a nuisance suit. That’ll learn em.

      Its really only been over the past decade that the very serious and damaging health effects from wood smoke have been widely documented in medical research literature. It took decades to crush the tobacco companies, primarily because the damaging medical evidence was being suppresed, whicj made it next to impossible for litigants to prevail in court against an army of lawyers.

      Soon we can start filing public nuisance suits. Our options are expanding exponentially. Watch these idiots heads explode.

  • It’s not voluntary when home inspectors jump on board, and insurance companies raise your rates to the point where you can’t afford gas for your chainsaw.
    I have an idea. Ban Pollute-ticians and all the hot air that they blow!
    Even if I have to leave the USA, I will NEVER live without fire!

  • The EPA does not care a thing about our air, water, or soil. If they did they would put a stop to the federal government poisoning our air with “Chem-trails”, which also filter down and combine with our soil and water, which also have killed off our fish and wildlife.
    No… the federal government just creates federal agencies as a means to control and enslave the people… creating new laws and regulations to criminalize common life, blaming the people for the sick environment that they themselves have caused.

  • Great article. People don’t really consider the efficiency and practicality of wood burning stoves anymore. Obviously the E.P.A cares nothing about how much coal is NOT burned when people use wood stoves efficiently. The reality is that they are quite efficient and when really used properly quite enough to heat many areas. I got a stove fan to dissipate the air throughout my cabin, and picked it off of I also picked up an ash vacuum at The combination of the fan to dissipate the heat and the vacuum to keep things burning efficiently is my sole method of heating my place in the mountains.

    • You can’t use a stove efficiently, you can only use an efficient stove if you want to be efficient. EPA certified stoves are far far far superior to any wood burning stove built pre-1992.

  • Surprisingly not many people organise against this energy department led policy via the EPA and funded Healthcare institutions. Particulate matter is regulated as a single toxin, yet is a general mix. They say woodsmoke contains fine particulate matter, yet is that what they actually pick up in their monitors to justify their regulatory aggression or do they rather pick up a tracer from the coarse – visible smoke we all know and can see, and make up the rest? The particulate matter and ozone element in regulatory EPA standards should not be there. The science is not accurate and is used in a suspect way to get us all buying fuel and electricity unsustainably. I am fighting this as it has trickled through energy funded University programmes via Australia and into New Zealand. Cap and Trade and ETS is an inneffective pollution market mechanism that needs abolishing. Sustainable energy starts with a woodheater. Certification on only the appliance doesn’t work and ignores atmospheric influences and ventilation conditions that cause creosote and visible emissions. It’s a false certification to sell new appliances and doesn’t fix the problem. Particulate matter is a Miasma of maybes and shouldn’t be categorised as a regulatory toxin to exempt this and that but target clearly coal and wood fuel.

  • Lberal hipocracy. Woodstoves are bad for the envir0nmant!

    Builds fields of spinning blades that are wiping out the endangered bald eagle.

  • Hello everyone,
    Just to let you know, the EPA has not actually banned any wood stoves. It only labels some stoves that burn cleaner. Some local municipalities have laws either outlawing wood stoves or limiting which ones can be used, and the author is correct that some homeowner insurance policies will not allow a stove, but that has nothing to do with the Federal government.
    So enjoy your wood stove. It’s legal.
    A side note: Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations about installation, particularly clearances from frame walls.

  • i left this post earlier, funny it seems to have been censored. What happened to considering the actual facts. I’ll have another go.
    In many areas, wood burning is the largest single source of particle pollution in winter months.

    But what about toxic compounds?

    A recent study by the Australian EPA sheds some light on this topic, and it’s an eye opener. For example, look at formaldehyde, which is a potent irritant and carcinogen. The study found that in the Sydney region, 38% of the formaldehyde in the air is generated by residential wood heaters.

    Another example is polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which also cause cancer: 35% comes from wood burning.

    Perhaps most frightening is the data for dioxins and furans, which are some of the most toxic compounds known to man–39% is generated by wood burning.

    These numbers are even more troubling when you consider that they are annual figures and that wood burning in the Sydney area takes place for only about a third of the year. During the winter months, residential wood heaters likely account for more than 50% of these toxic compounds in the air.

    Before you breathe a sigh of relief that you are not living Down Under, bear in mind that wood burning activity in the Sydney area is not any worse than in many areas in the United States and around the globe.

  • Well, I feel somewhere in between. They haven’t hassled me yet bc this house has been in the family 50 years now. It is heated on only wood. I do feel though that the stove does smoke a lot, and the smoke does effect my daughter who has lung issue’s due to pneumonia a few years ago. It effects me. I do not think that they should tell me what to do, but I do think it really adds to pollution. The Silicon Valley already has enough pollution. While I live in the mountains around there, what I do effects everyone else. For anyone to think that it doesn’t, think again. I hate breathing in the pollution from a truck that has broken or something. It stinks.

  • my opinion is we are the people it is not governed on how we burn leaves in the fall so if we the the people do not unite we will always be told and made to conform to utter foolishness from our new government that threatens our constitutional rites whats next either were americans and stand up or not remember for the people by the people not our ellected officials who were voted in by us

  • hope somebody listens and when we all agree we can figure out a day and no car in usa leaves its driveway boycot our message will be heard we the people fight for and this is our country not a handfull of elected oficials who think we no longer have a say

  • i commented son of a mohawk my people said no to defeat so i thaught america was founded my peopie signed a treety with us government me you and every person in this country have no treaty signed with this new government burnning wood is my god given rite i as a mohawk will not bow to a government that hasnt a clue lest we forget obama hasnt a need to burn wood to stay warm until we give him one and all his wifes aids get it people

  • i appreciate my chance to speak with others and be heard mohawk tradition is if i am not heard my words fall to the ground we will not get ln trouble for the truth if we do not have as many people to be a loud enough voice remember our strength is in numbers not so much dollars united we stand tell youre neibor freind spread the word this land is youre land not the government who you voted for

  • i love my country i cannot imagine obama as a leader the coalmines shutting down in cold states is he or his constituants paying these differannce

  • someone from this site is trying to access email accounts from people who have the temerity to disagree with them. This is creepy and illegal. I urge people contributing posts to this site to be wary. I have contacted the police about the attempt and I quote from my server people:

    “from an unrecognised device on Fri, Nov 22, 2013 10:27 CST from United States ”
    How sad.
    I have contacted the police.

  • some are saying the epa is not banning older wood stoves not true i have been looking for an airtight ashley wood stove not epa approved but will burn for 12 hours or a little more good luck here in tn. wood stoves are as common as cigarettes

  • All these clown politicians are complaining about high CO2 levels, while we have a catastrophy coming from Fucashima.The entire Pacific Ocean is a loss as well as the air we consume.
    We also have some 150 nuclear plants aging across the land.I truly believe our days are numbered.

  • This is silly. Most of these rules have been around for more than 15 years. When I purchased our wood stove in 2004 the selection was limited to low particulate stoves. All the model we considered are on the current list.

    To be honest, not sure why anyone is complaining. The newer wood stoves are significantly more efficient than the older models. When we replaced our old stove in 2004 with a Lopi we reduced the number of cords we burn to heat the house by 33% (3.5 to 4 cords down to 2.5 to 3). The new stove is tighter and burns much hotter longer. When our stove is running properly little or no smoking exists the chimney.

  • If you are being poisoned by wood smoke your best recourse is a private nuisance lawsuit.

    My neighbor was smoking me out. I asked him to stop and he laughed at me. I sued him. He wasnt laughing then. He wasnt laughing when he had to settle or face damages and an injunction.

    I really doubt he was laughing when he got the bill from his lawyer.

    People just assume its their right to smoke their neighbors out. Courts disagree.
    Soon their will be class action lawsuit against wood stove and boiler manufacturers, just like with tobacco companies. Soon everyone will know its not their right to burn wood, just like everyone now knows its not their right to burn cigarettes.

    If you dont like the law, move to another country. They love burning stuff in third world countries.

  • Thanks to the jackbooted thugs over at the EPA, I now have a choice between only 1040 different EPA-approved wood stoves! Black-Hearted devils!

  • Wow. TO start, i voted for obama both times. I came to this site trying to research wood burning stoves to heat my house. Instead, I find a political diatribe from some backwoods, bible-thumping, republican schill. You’re all complaining about this president like the current state of our country is solely on his shoulders. Thank your hero bush. And climate change IS real just ask the people in my area who had a 60 degree christmas, then a 5 degree new year. Oh, and don’t forget those forefathers you all like to worshipstole this land with their guns and “freedom”.

  • What a bunch of whine asses!!!!
    U all scream freedom!!!!
    u jump on the side that spins it to say someone is infringing on your rights.
    U want to talk about rights –u work all your life to buy a home, your living there not bothering anyone and then one day some shmuck decides he wants to save a buck and installs a new fangled wood burning heater woo hooo. Then be engulfs your entire property in smoke, . U then find out that the government could give rats ass, and as your family is being sickened every day, your nut case neighbor goes and getrs all you yahoos to back him up because were taking his freedom!
    you people don’t understand what freedom really is and just pretend that your “patriots” to help your own egos.
    These new regs are not bad in any way and do not go far enough as it pertains to wood boilers.

    • How much carbon is emitted in the production of thousands of trucks, oil tankers, fracking equipment and chemicals, oil and gas transport ships, oil drilling derricks, thousands of miles of pipelines, refineries, etc. A fraction of the millions of tons of steel is necessary for wood burning stove production. Wood is renewable and must be harvested within 50 miles of the burn location. EPA failed to consider all of the production, transport, and drilling material in their study. It was a fraud.

  • The environmental impact study on wood stoves didn’t include the carbon emissions to produce thousands of miles of pipelines, Fracking equipment and chemicals, oil platforms, thousands of vehicles to transport oil and gas, oil and gas transport ships, refineries, etc, The total emissions of all the Wood burning stoves and heaters in the US produce less emissions than the production of One Oil Tanker. Wood is found within 40 miles of the users residence, usually on the same property. It helps provide income for the local community. But the research was skewed to omit 99% of the equipment, steel, vehicles, etc., necessary for oil and gas production and transport.

  • There are areas where there is an outright ban of wood burning devices. I live in Washoe Co., Nevada and there are ZERO wood devices that are permitted to be installed here. You cannot even install the wood devices that burn cleaner than the dirtier pellet stoves. I understand that they are trying to improve winter air quality but common sense and a balance needs to prevail. If they set emission level requirements, you should be allowed to use whatever you want as long as they are below the target number.

    I hate being dependent of electricity and gas to heat but I have very little options here. It seems local government here is looking like California and trying to control. It looks like I need to move again since I refuse to be a sheeple.

  • wow, things really are fvcked up in USA… I can use whatever stove I want in my house and no one ask me anything! Is it really USA heading to FASCISM/DICTATORSHIP?! first gun control , then medical care and now this?!
    I’m glad I live in Europe!

  • Hi. I just want to let you know that your article is complete BS. Did you know that if you replaced your non-EPA woodstove with an EPA woodstove (note: IT IS STILL A WOOD STOVE) then your “$800” wood bill would be even less because EPA certified stoves burn the smoke before it leaves the chimney, creating heat for your cabin.

    Yeah, the EPA is doing us all a favor by banning those old in-efficient wood stoves. If you were a TRUE off-the-gridder then you would know that chopping wood sucks, and having an EPA certified wood stove would allow you to chop much less wood for the same heat. Why? Because EPA certified stoves burn the smoke before it leaves the chimney. That is why they pollute less. That burned smoke would heat your cabin, but since you insist on having an older stove that heat is just wasted out your chimney.

  • I agree cutting and busting wood is annoying but what would you rather do cut and bust firewood or pay $300 a month for electric/ gas heat. I choose wood any day of the week. I have burnt wood as a source of heat for many many years and I don’t plan on stopping now. And I don’t plan on buying a new epa certified heater. If you have one that was made before the law come into effect it is “grandfathered” in and they can’t force you to buy a new one. The epa does not care about the efficiency of your heater all they see is another way to get more money out of us.

  • The new EPA regulations are desperately needed! The only objection I have is the fact that there is not the same regs for the outdoor wood burning furnaces which put out atrocious plumes of smoke that can often be seen for miles. They are disgusting.

    The new technology stoves are not that much more expensive than the old ones. They get more btus in your house with less wood, and the best of them are like 100X cleaner than the oldest non-epa stoves. This is a tremendous step forward for cleaner wood burning. Since stoves have a very long life span, it is essential that the old stoves being replaced are not reinstalled somewhere else. That would defeat the purpose of these good, needed and sane regulations.

  • Any person who believes that agencies such as the e.p.a. are not in complete ownership or bought and paid for by, what shall we call them ? Globalist monopolies ? Petroleum, Medical(pharmaceutical) Insurance(Warren Buffet) etc. should turn off their T.V. and read a book

  • how would all you people who burn wood like to convert to a
    free energy gravity device.
    no more cutting wood no more smoke no more complaints and very little upkeep cost
    using gravity to run an electrical generator for all your heating and other electrical needs.
    what would you be willing to pay for such a device
    gravity energy is an energy 24/7 free for the the people to use
    buy building or buying a unit that uses free gravity energy.

  • A wood burning stove doesn’t emit as bad of a smell as trash incinerators for medical waste. Where I live, there is a plume of foul odor that smells like a giant dumpster and it descends every once in a while. Why doesn’t the EPA do anything about that issue? Also, if the EPA was most serious about solving the problem with plastic then they would’ve pushed for biodegradable plastics made from Hemp. The EPA is only a special interest group and the individuals with in it benefit from laws that are passed and the companies they help, like Monsanto.

    • Just because those smells are bad does not mean we should accept these toxic wood burning stoves. Their air pollution is huge and negatively impacts health, seeps into others homes, and just like cigarettes should be prohibited from operation as wood burners negatively impact others!
      Wood pellets will make you self sufficient and will not pollute the air and harm other people in the process as wood stoves do. Of course natural gas is least polluting!

      Wood smoke contains fine particulate matter, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and various irritant gases such as nitrogen oxides that can scar the lungs. Wood smoke also contains chemicals known or suspected to be carcinogens, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and dioxin.
      Wood smoke interferes with normal lung development in infants and children. It also increases children’s risk of lower respiratory infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

      According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), toxic air pollutants are components of wood smoke. Wood smoke can cause coughs, headaches, eye, and throat irritation in otherwise healthy people.
      For vulnerable populations, such as people with asthma, chronic respiratory disease and those with cardiovascular disease, wood smoke is particularly harmful— even short exposures can prove dangerous.
      The particles of wood smoke are extremely small and therefore are not filtered out by the nose or the upper respiratory system. Instead, these small particles end up deep in the lungs where they remain for months, causing structural damage and chemical changes. Wood smoke’s carcinogenic chemicals adhere to these tiny particles, which enter deep into the lungs.
      Recent studies show that fine particles that go deep into the lungs increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. EPA warns that for people with heart disease, short- term exposures have been linked to heart attacks and arrhythmias. If you have heart disease, these tiny particles may cause you to experience chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

  • Wood burning stoves are a public health problem and should be banned. The air pollution and toxic effects on health are huge!
    Your wood burning stove fumes seep into my home and pollute my air, cause health problems and should be banned! Just like cigarette smoking is banned so should your smoke producing stoves!

    Although wood smoke conjures up fond memories of sitting by a cozy fire, it is important to know that the components of wood smoke and cigarette smoke are quite similar, and that many components of both are carcinogenic. Wood smoke contains fine particulate matter, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and various irritant gases such as nitrogen oxides that can scar the lungs. Wood smoke also contains chemicals known or suspected to be carcinogens, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and dioxin.
    Wood smoke interferes with normal lung development in infants and children. It also increases children’s risk of lower respiratory infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia.
    Wood smoke exposure can depress the immune system and damage the layer of cells in the lungs that protect and cleanse the airways.
    According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), toxic air pollutants are components of wood smoke. Wood smoke can cause coughs, headaches, eye, and throat irritation in otherwise healthy people.
    For vulnerable populations, such as people with asthma, chronic respiratory disease and those with cardiovascular disease, wood smoke is particularly harmful— even short exposures can prove dangerous.
    The particles of wood smoke are extremely small and therefore are not filtered out by the nose or the upper respiratory system. Instead, these small particles end up deep in the lungs where they remain for months, causing structural damage and chemical changes. Wood smoke’s carcinogenic chemicals adhere to these tiny particles, which enter deep into the lungs.
    Recent studies show that fine particles that go deep into the lungs increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. EPA warns that for people with heart disease, short- term exposures have been linked to heart attacks and arrhythmias. If you have heart disease, these tiny particles may cause you to experience chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

  • Of course it should be illegal. Wood smoke is highly carcinogenic. Woodsmoke being smothered over your neighbor’s home is a physical assault of them. Anyone should be allowed to protect themselves and their homes from such assault by woodsmoke with force.


  • Unless you people have asthma, you have NO idea what a relief it is to have a no burn day! I am living proof that wood smoke does harm. When I moved into my place 9 years ago, I did not have asthma. I have been dealing with a bully burning neighbor for 9 years now. I now have asthma. I have been to the emergency room more times than I can count with bronchitis and pneumonia. This is not fair to anyone in the neighborhood. Wood smoke is not healthy for any person or thing. What about the small children and babies who are suffering in silence with your stupidity burning?? I’ve lived in Los Angeles all of my 50 years, never had an asthma problem until I moved close to a burner. No, I will not move. People, please do your research because you may be the next person to suffer from asthma or heart problems from wood smoke, it is toxic and worse than cigarette smoke. Why do you think they banned cigarette smoke? Oh yeah, because of some government conspiracy. Don’t blow smoke in my face!!! And, no the AQMD is not driving around looking in your windows, they are getting “called in” complaints from citizens like me who don’t want to breathe your smoke. Ban all wood burning already!

  • The criminal unconstitutional,, psychopaths at the EPA be damned! They will have to pry my wood stove out of my cod dead hands….

  • Hello -I live in Poulsbo Washington and want to say what a great job you are doing to keep people aware of this time we are living in – this is only my first hour on your website but I feel at home here … I have been an organic farmer for many years in the Poulsbo area with Seattle as my main market … Sprouts and salad mix and wheatgrass were my main focus in farming with a greenhouse to grow year-round – I recently retired and salute you for your effort … Eric

  • I heat my home with a Heatmore outside wood burning furnace. I have a Sopka cookstove. None of these will make the EPA approved list. Now I also live in a forest. Both the state department of natural resources and the US Forestry Service has annual controlled burns of nearby forests to reduce brush and help prevent uncontrolled fires. How many years must my wood stoves burn to put as much particulate in the atmosphere as one forest fire? This major disconnect should be quoted everywhere as a cogent rationale against stupid regulation.

    Panhandle Rancher

  • My neighbors smoke smell comes in my yard winter ,spring and fall. I am overjoyed to hear someone is going to fix this or at least improve it. The smell is not just wood burning but creosote and toxins too. There are three of these huge outdoor woodburners within a mile of my house and I worry about my air quality. My neighbor saves a few bucks, I get poisoned…woodstoves arent healthy for the people who burn them either.

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