All Hell Breaks Loose in the Subways After Antifa Issues “Endgame Warning” to NYPD

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All hell has broken loose in the New York City subway system today.

With both sides issuing their own “End-all/Endgame” warnings, the NYPD planning for a massive Antifa anti-police rally today, January 31, 2020.

Days earlier, an Antifa-backed social media account shared a video of three masked individuals accompanied by a tweet that read: “The streets are ours. The trains our ours. The walls are ours. This moment is ours.”

The minute-long video showing individuals vandalizing public property and jumping subway turnstiles, calls for supporters of the group to “meet up” and rally against law enforcement and transit fares.

“We encourage you to link up with your friends, your family, and think of the ways you can move in affinity to build and f— s— up on J31 all day long,” an unidentified individual said, referencing Friday’s date. (source)

In response to a warning issued by Antifa, the NYCPBA (New York City Police Benevolent Association issued one of their own.

“New Yorkers should pay close attention: this is true endgame of the anti-police movement, and end of all policing and destruction of public order. Our members have spent their careers — and in some cases giving their lives — to bring public safety back to NYC. We can’t go backwards.” (source)

Coupled with their official statement was the video of members of Antifa, clouded by half-face masks, hoodies, and distorted voices, encouraging people to link up with their friends, their family, and figure out ways to “f*** s*** up today… all day long“, calling today “J31”. (emphasis mine)

Then, one hour ago, New York City Police Department Chief of Department posted on twitter that Antifa was “calling for their supporters to gather at locations where they will attempt to disrupt public transportation, cause disorder & physically assault police officers” “Please be vigilant, back each other up & always stay safe.”

Who the heck is Antifa?

According to Wikipedia,

“The Antifa movement is composed of left-wing, autonomous, militant anti-fascist groups and individuals in the United States. The principal feature of Antifa groups is their use of direct action, with conflicts occurring both online and in real life.” But the short definition is Antifa is against everything they consider to be alt-right. While they call themselves antifascists, they are, in fact, everything but. They dress in what is called “Blac Bloc“, are known to be violent, both in thought and action, and are systematically creating groups and attacking anything they disagree with across the United States. (source)

Recent Antifa arrests.

In November 2019, journalist Andy Ngo, experienced a “terrifying” Halloween incident in which a group of men tried to force their way into his home wearing printed masks of his own face.

“These 6 individuals wearing print-out masks of my face approached my family’s home last night, repeatedly rang doorbell, pounded on window, recorded footage of property & gestured at cameras. There were no candy bags. This follows their doxing of my elderly mom’s small business.” (source)

Ngo said he wanted to point out this is only the second violent Antifa criminal across the United States to face actual prison time; with the first being a militant in New York who was sentenced to 18 months.

Where will the protest take place?

Antifa is expected to face-off against New York City Police Officers (the largest police force in the United States), at 5 pm est at Grand Central Station. But not only is this a protest against NYC Police, but also a protest against train fares. This all comes one week after NYC swears in 500 new police officers to protect the transit, railroad, and metro north. Decolonize This Place posted on Facebook that adding the officers was ‘a declaration of war against our communities.”

“That money should not be invested in the harassing and brutalizing of Black and brown folks. It should go toward making the MTA free, well maintained, and accessible to all.” (source)

There are already reports of vandalism, people jumping turnstiles, and gluing turnstiles shut so people can’t use their MetroCards.

How do we prepare for violent events like this?

Stay away. For many, that’s not possible, as they have to commute to and from, work hear, live near, or have to travel through the affected area(s).  If you can’t stay home and/or safely away from the protest(s), make sure you have your preps in your EDC or a travel bag.

Remember to be the gray man at all times. Keep a map on you for additional routes out of harm and if at all possible try not to go alone. Also, remember that being caught in something like this is probably not the time to stand your ground but to get away, so try to have decent running shoes with you and some water. It’s for times such as these that we should be in as good a shape as possible.

Currently, as I’m writing this, some of the turnstiles are apparently open.

For more information on Antifa:

Tips for dealing with Civil Unrest/Riots

About Sandra

Sandra is a wife of 38 years, a mother of 3 awesome grown children, a published artist, photographer, fellow prepper, and animal advocate. She is a strong proponent of the Second Amendment, an avid gun owner, a woman of faith, and values honesty and loyalty above all else.

Sandra D. Lane

Sandra D. Lane

Sandra is a published artist, photographer, fellow prepper, and animal advocate.

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  • Oh, my God! Please tell me they didn’t JUMP THE TURNSTILES! Only an incarnate beast would dream of committing this most heinous of wicked acts!
    The minute-long video showing individuals vandalizing public property and jumping subway turnstiles, calls for supporters of the group to “meet up” and rally against law enforcement and transit fares.
    And what, exactly, is ‘vandalizing public property’?
    Did they pee on a parking meter?

    And they’re going to ‘meet up and rally’? Rumor has it that a certain document guarantees ‘Freedom of Assembly’. The Constitution doesn’t specify that only those whose causes are popular have these freedoms.


      • The broken windows theory by George Kelling. Visible evidence of crime like graffiti and broken windows leads to more serious crime and violence because it gives the impression that there is very little police action in the area.

        I agree that the behavior you ignore encourages the same people to take advantage.

      • “When law and morality contradict each other the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his sense of morality or losing his respect of the law.” — Frederic Bastiat
        “Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it.” ~ Albert Einstein
        The Nazis were hung because they ignored Einstein’s wisdom.

    • They glued the turnstiles so people can’t use their Metro cards and they spraypainted all over the inside of the subway stations. You do realize that the riots in Chile started with a similar protest, right? They’re effectively shutting down transit for commuters.

    • Wait until they start vandalizing and destroying your private property, Pat – then we’ll see how much you think their activities are ok. Remember the old saying, “A new conservative is a liberal who’s just been mugged.” Better hope they don’t come to your house, Pat.

  • Hydrate 24 hours before strenuous activity; if theres any chance of getting caught up in something tomorrow, drink plenty of water tonight. Stay safe and remember that you can’t fix stupid.

  • Time to just shoot the Fascist Antifascists. They’re nothing less than 21st Century Stürmabteilung Brown Shirts.

  • Ha! Although I know the folks in New York are much too “civilized” to resort to negative reinforcement..
    .A local rancher once had a problem with bad people jumping one of his gates and vandalizing his property.
    He invented what came to be known locally as a Mallory board. It was simply a board with nails driven through and placed on the inside of the gate.
    Sale of tetanus shots went up while and gate-jumping went down.

  • @Sandra Lane
    No disrespect is meant in my comment below. I imagine we have very much in common in how we live our lives, and in what we believe.

    Having said that, I must also say that I find “clickbait” story lines aggravating to say the very least. The story line for this article was over the line on the “click bait” side. By now, almost 6pm EST the story line may be accurate. However, although jumping turnstiles, spray painting walls and equipment, and rendering card readers inoperable definitely fall in the category of “vandalism,” IMHO these acts, taken individually or as a whole, do not constitute “All Hell Just Broke Loose in the Subways …”

  • You can Thank the Mayor and Governor for this BS. They are both ultra liberal anti cop…..hell they encourage this stuff……feel sorry for people who work and live in this hell hole

  • The streets are ours. The trains our ours. The walls are ours.

    ok, well, the streets are full of potholes, the trains are filthy and the walls have way too much graffiti

    so, get to work cleaning them all up.

  • Nothing is gained by vandalizing public property. Regardless of your income, hi or low, it simply goes in part to subsidize the repairs triggered by vandalism. The poor and the wealthy have pockets, and it’s the money in those pockets that fund public transit. Next time you litter, or damage public property, just remember that the next time it’s enhanced or repaired, the $$$ comes from somewhere to clean it up or repair it. There is no free lunch

  • While some dismiss or proclaim clickbait headline of this article’s posting, based off the reporting, and monitoring by the NYPD, increased presence of NY LEO may have prevented a more serious disruption and violent turn out by antifa.

    What is not being mentioned, is this is no longer just a West Coast, Portland OR or Seattle WA instance of civil unrest. Antifa has made inroads into various regions, communities, and towns through out the USA. This could be a precursor to more civil unrest and or violence.
    Should Trump be re-elected (disclaimer: in 2016 I voted 3rd party, as with President Obama there are things President Trump has done I agree or approve of, and other things I do not, as a registered Independent I do not blindly follow any President or party, I have given to monies to Tulsi Gabbard in this election cycle), I would expect an increase in antifa activity.
    In short, this may only be the beginning.
    Regardless, there are those out there whom believe and are willing to commit civil unrest in their view of justice. The more worrying aspect is to what level will they go to right what they see as wrong? And how may that impact you and your daily lives.
    Unfortunately, it seems if you are not on board 100% with a given position or issue be it 1stA, 2ndA, CC/AGW, LBGTQ, Pro-life/choice, socialism/capitalism, you are thereby canceled, and deemed to be sent to the re-education camps/gulag.

    • I other words, they act like government actors.
      “Nothing is so contagious as example; and we never do any great good or evil which does not produce its like.” ~ Francois de la Rochefoucauld (1613-1680)

  • Ever notice how the puke POS communists called “Antifa” only act like tough guys in places where citizens aren’t allowed to protect themselves with a gun? Places that are overwhelmingly dominated by Dummycrat voters? For all their bluster about attacking Trump supporters, the dirty little secret is that THEY DON’T DARE. They don’t dare poke their noses outside of their safe spaces, in blue sewers like NYC and Portland

    Go ahead, you self righteous commie assholes: try smashing heads with crowbars in any place that has “shall issue” laws. All us deplorable Trump voters are calling your bluff.

    PS Also, am I the only one who’s noticed that the only other groups that hide behind masks are the Klan, ISIS, and C.O.B.R.A. from the old GI Joe cartoons?

    Boy, talk about “the company you keep”!

  • if they think that they are really tough. they can come to Mississippi and try that sort of thing. we are proud, strong and united as a racially diverse area and we stand together as neighbors against this sort of nonsense. if they want a fight, and they really don’t, and if they don’t believe it, I welcome them to come here. we will be here waiting

    • Do you really “stand against this sort of nonsense”?
      Are you or your “representatives” threatening someone with an initiation of violence today?

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