Messages in a Chinese Spy Balloon

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By this point, you’ve likely heard about the Chinese (weaponized?) spy balloons that have been found over North America. One of these spent some time floating over one of our nuclear ICBM fields in Montana before continuing its journey further south, where it then headed towards North Carolina before being shot down off the coast near Myrtle Beach.

At the moment, this is what we know:

  • China told us to “be calm” about it.
  • The US military originally refused to shoot the thing down. Even after having first spotted it over the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, over water.
  • It looks like the one that flew over Montana had the capability to be maneuvered. In short, it didn’t just trust to the winds. Somebody was steering it. Floating over the ICBM fields was no accident.

  • A few massive planes weren’t sent to follow the Montana spy balloon and collect data on it.
  • Canada was tracking another balloon.
  • When asked where the balloon was, Americans were told that “they could look up.”
  • A third balloon has been spotted over Latin America.

There were also reports of a massive explosion over Montana shortly after the Chinese spy balloon passed over. The “authorities” were quick to point out that there, in fact, was no explosion and no plane wreckage was found nearby, so there clearly wasn’t anything. [sarc] I trust the authorities. Over the past three years, they’ve repeatedly proved to be a source of nothing other than truth. You should trust them too.


(It should be pointed out that Rawles of believes this explosion was just a fighter accidentally hitting Mach 1. He’s a smart guy, so this is a variable to consider, and I would trust him before I trusted others.)

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What types of weapons could a Chinese spy balloon have?

As far as weapons platforms go, Brandon Smith has some theories that are well worth reading. If any of Brandon’s theories are spot-on, this would make perfect sense why it wasn’t decided to shoot the thing down until it had completed its path over America – because it had completed its mission.

That is the only reason that we would have permitted a known spy balloon to pass over our country without blasting it out of the sky and retaliating immediately. As Brandon points out, it’s likely that this balloon was housing some type of mapping software (he makes the case for lidar or multispectral imaging) that would enable it to gather incredibly precise detailing of America’s geography.

Did you build a survival retreat in the mountains of Montana? The Chinese now know about it.

Have an off-the-grid home in the middle of Nowhere, North Carolina? The Chinese now know about it.

Was your cell phone on while the balloon passed overhead? Do the Chinese now have geo-tagged cell phone records of who is where?

Maybe you don’t have some type of secret survival retreat. Maybe it’s just you on your farm or you and your friends in the neighborhood. If you were under the path of this balloon, the Chinese now have an accurate map of your area. They can now better plan how to take it. Far-fetched?

Chinese (and Afghanis) are sneaking across our southern border.

Combine this with Michael Yon’s firsthand accounts of what is going on at our non-existent southern border. He is there at Darien Gap, right now, a location where massive amounts of illegals are passing through to get into American land. He is reporting Mandarin-speaking illegals passing through our southern border. So many, in fact that he’s had to hire an interpreter.

Keep in mind that this is near the same location where Yon has reported illegals sneaking through our border with various weapon platforms. This is not hearsay. This is firsthand knowledge.

Also, add to this the Chinese moving into Afghanistan after we left all our weapons and intelligence. We gave them a LOT of material.

All Chinese that now leave China to come to America are now signing loyalty pledges to the communist form of government before they come here as well. Combine this with the fact that Chinese-installed kill switches have been found on parts of our electrical grid that we purchased from them. Trump banned Chinese involvement in the American electrical grid. Biden rescinded this in 2021. Our own military says that we can no longer protect our America.

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What is happening?

It’s worth rereading General Hao Tian’s speech and China’s Unrestricted Warfare again at this point.

We are being set up to take a massive fall. Keep your eyes open. Public outcry was the only reason this thing was shot down.

What if this had been outfitted with some type of bio-agent dispersal device? What if it had an EMP? What was the explosion? If we won’t protect our airspace, will we protect our ground? Let us know your thoughts on these questions in the comments below.


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Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • The President told the military as soon as they briefed to come up with a solution to shoot it down. The military was the one who waited until it cleared the coast. As this had already happened 4 times previously, the military apparently saw some use to delay. What I don’t understand is how the military briefed Congress about the incursions during the Trump administration yet neither Trump or any of his defense ministers remembered being briefed. So someone ain’t telling the truth. I could see President Trump not being told, but only his DOD Secretary could make that call. I am looking forward to it being investigated by Congress.

    • 3 people under Trump have said it did not happen: Ratcliffe, Pompeo and Esper and then Trump. I believe Biden is not being truthful. Every mistake he makes or is found out about he lies and blames the previous admin for. This admin didn’t even inform the people when it was here! A citizen saw it otherwise we would not know. There is too much dishonesty from this admin as well as misplaced loyalties to trust them at all. They are way to beholden to China to trust anything they do and say.

      • Well the refusal for trump’s minions to not answer questions about the three balloons during his administration (using that term loosely mind you), tells me it happened. Probably didn’t even need the balloons at that time, trump had no concept of national security.

        • More likely a politicized (you know, the all new DEI DoD), kept the information from the Trump admin.

          As it has been noted, on Sunday, Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, has said DoD officials have disclosed for the first time there have been other balloons entering in US airspace.
          Now, it has yet to be seen exactly whom told who what and when has to be established.

          • another distraction to some sinister story.. don’t believe anything they tell you, like 911 its all lies.. most likely some weather manipulating things gone wrong.. blame it on some china man or the Russians and all is good…

        • Selena, you have no concept of reality. You don’t even know there were NO balloons flown during Trumps admin . China,Russia,and Iran didn’t like Trump, but they FEARED him because they know Trump would never let this nonsense go unanswered. Get a grip

    • It was only after days of the situation unfolding, as the balloon transit across the US and drew media attention, did the Biden admin finally act.
      Biden is THE Commander in Chief of the military. He is the one whom gives them orders when to act. The only reason the military advised to delay was they could not ensure public safety till it was over the ocean.

      Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, has said DoD officials have disclosed for the first time there have been other balloons entering in US airspace.

    • They have lied about the Covid, Ukraine, the border, the economy and crime. They are probably lying about this too. this is impeachable but will not happen. What else are they lying about and should we believe anything they say?

      • Just remember that “things are NOT always as they seem”. Believe them? Hummm, well the Bible says that we are to “TRUST GOD, MAN WILL FAIL YOU, BUT GOD WILL NEVER FAIL YOU”…So who can you trust? TO many proven lies so far, so why would anyone with any common sense believe one word that they speak. Propogandist and lie after lie. Only the most stupid will believe and we know already that we can’t fix stupid!

    • Congress may investigate it, sometime, but you’ll never see anything take place to right any wrongs that have been done. Such is the situation in a banana republic that Byedim has finished turning this nation into.

  • Be prepared. Nuclear caused EMP or such related attack on our electrical grid, followed closely by armed intruders from foreign nation(s) taking over this country.
    Revelation is coming to pass.
    Be prepared. Physically, but especially Spiritually.
    Just sayin’….

  • On one hand, pretty bold to send suspected surveillance balloons into US airspace.
    On the other, what could this be distracting from? Sec State Blinken was supposed to travel to China and even meet with Xi during the visit. That visit has been postponed.
    I am going to wait and see mode before making any jumps in judgement.

    Of note, Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, has said DoD officials have disclosed for the first time there have been other balloons entering in US airspace.

    • 1 Balloon? no big deal…
      2 balloons…? Oh, well, it could happen.
      More than 3 balloons…?…in 2023 and China forcing over 40K students to go back to Australia?…after they allowed the travel to over 80% of infected travelers?…Nope. Sorry.

    • Wait and see is good. Although what individuals can actually do here remains to be seen. Nothing about this admin or any other is trustworthy. The burden of proof is on all politicians to prove their integrity to the American people.
      The DoD cares nothing about the American people. I believe it sees them as a means to an end currently. So many of those fine gov’t people have been corrupted as well. This empire-building the US has been engaging in for many years now says as much to me.
      Many foreigners hate the US and have been very hungry for some payback and the Chinese seem to have the motivation to do so. How much American real estate do the bastards own now? Just who sold it to them? Just one of so many things that compromise our sovereignty as a country.
      That damn balloon and anything else foreign surveilling from our skies should have been/be shot down without question and our DoD should be leading, not selling us out.

      • Missouri Patriot: What should have been and what actually was are two different things now, are they not? Things are not (as I said before), always as they seem or should be. They are going to bring us DOWN as the superpower that we’ve always been. Is that not part of the plan here? The New World Order, the One World Government is on its way as I write this today. They have A LOT of real estate and they also own businesses here. Just in my town they have the Nail Salons, (pedicures, manicures,) they have the laundromats and dry cleaners, they have the Asian Buffet Restaurant, just in this one town. YES, the balloon should have been shot down while it was still floating and being controlled over Alaska. Isn’t it strange how it managed to just float over 4 Air Force Bases out west? Hummmm. A weather balloon? NO, A spy balloon. They got whatever they wanted, unless it all was lost in the take down. SO what happened? Does anyone know for sure? What’s next? Nuclear war, and EMP, what?????

    • Not so bold to do it during the present administration.

      The Biden family appears to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Peoples’ Republic of China.

  • Hi Jeff.
    I agree on the biowarfare approach. This is NOT something that should be happening nowadays.
    We have to ramp up and rush our preps.

  • never thought it was chinese from the beginning. why believe the media and government over anything they push? have we not learned anything the last 3 years? from Jimstone:
    NOW PROVEN: The balloon was self detonated, not shot down.
    If you watch the video close up, a charge on the balloon itself detonated and released the payload, and then a full 14 video frames later the payload exploded. Auto destruct was used to make damn good and sure the payload sank, obviously.
    Watch the videos of the “shoot down”. There should have been an obvious missile trail complete with final manuvering swirlies as it did the final approach all the way to the balloon, and nothing got within a mile of it. A frame by frame video analysis makes it clear: there were two explosions 14 video frames apart. A separation charge, and then a payload detonation. It’s totally obvious it self detonated.
    AND JUST LIKE OSAMA, THEY BURIED IT AT SEA. You mean to tell me they let that thing go ALL THE WAY across the U.S., only to shoot it down SIX (6) SIX miles after it left the American coast? Did I say SIX? Why six???
    You should be very suspicious of a story’s accuracy when ANYTHING comes up 6. Here’s why:

    • I’m walking with Jim Stone on this one, too ( ). Why? “I said it before and I’ll say it again: The entire charade was a “wag the dog” to cause Americans to not spread the bust of the Pfizer director. That story was big enough to need big time action to shut it down.”

  • I think this was preplanned w/China Biden. Plausible deniability. For future blame game. Get it into the PPL’s minds this is possible before the 2024 elections that stand to fail in their efforts to flip the outcome. Million a week club has reported an extreme increase in radiation in Billings Montana. I believe this may indicate new nukes added to the silo. Our own sniffer planes have to descend to check rad levels. Same with a balloon. Gov said it was at high elevations where the human eye would not be able to see it. PPL saw it and also thought a gunshot could touch it! Gun owners are not stupid. They know what they can hit. And the Gov. told them not to do it! Meaning they could probably take it down. Only now they are admitting other balloons in the past. Right. More plausible deniability. Unreported and our military are dumb as doorknobs. Right. So we let it travers the entire USA and only shoot it down, if you can believe any reporting or pictures anymore. And close to land telling me they knew it had no weaponry on board. This was solely for public viewing.

  • You know that the world leaders are all in bed with one another to bring to fruition the elimination of half the world’s population. Of course, there is something toxic, if not in this one, then in the next one. We should have folks with their own rocket launchers living on the coast and shooting this crap down because our own government and military are basically neutered fools.

  • I believe this is what happened. Yes,we did know when the balloon came over us.. It was not shot down because we had people following and observing it. Same as when we discover a spy here. We don’t immediately arrest him because he is being followed to see who the connections are . Then when a ‘drop’ is made, we move in and arrest everyone. I believe we were monitoring any communications between the balloon and China. I still don’t like the idea of China doing this

  • The chinese government flys an aircraft (look at the faa definition) loaded with anything from a hydrogen bomb to the new version of covid and we think it’s a distraction? How did byedim get the ccp to create a useful distraction? Hunter influence?

    Does ANY nation allow foreign aircraft to cruise for days over their sovereign soil? Let the murderous organ harvesters fly one of those weapons over Israel and see what happens. If we did this to another TRUE nation, they would call it an act of war, which it is. And we are no longer a real nation, imo, more a collection of disparit interest with laws of and enforced by convenience.

    I know for a fact that a significant number of people around me were afraid of what that damn thing might do. And any reassurance from byedim has the opposite effect. Millions of citizens wondering what the ccp may drop out of the sky above our homes. DiaperLoad, our demented, senile, pervert of a POTUS is actively destroying what’s left of a once great nation.

    PLUS, if you can believe it, byedim then tries to blame the military for not shooting it down sooner. What a diaper load for a human being.

    PLUS, PLUS, Then diaper load then tries to say, “but Trump did it first!”. Then has to correct that by saying that it happened but Trump didn’t know about it?!! That suggests treasonous motives behind the people who didn’t tell the commander in chief. But treason and sedition are common these days.

  • Interesting post and comments. Apparently, the US knew this balloon was over US Airspace when it was in Alaska – there are plenty of spots in Alaska where it could have been shot down with minimal (or no) injuries on the ground. Then it went over Canada where I wouldn’t have expected any action to have been taken. Then it went over Montana where there are plenty of spots it could have been shot down with minimal (or no) injuries on the ground. So IF the story is true that any other country sent a balloon over the US, it should have been removed/dispatched immediately. Letting another country’s balloon hover over the united states should never happen. We look weak and pathetic and vulnerable. Not attributes we should desire.

  • So much idiotic fear mongering. They shot it down over the ocean so no one would have any evidence. It could have been knocked down anywhere over flyover country. It was not a threat at all and was likely a weather balloon. Any control of that balloon could only be up down left or right to a small degree. We the US has mapped every square centimeter of this planet from it’s spy satellites. Every other capable country has done the same from space. Resolution of dimples on a golf ball from 250 miles since 1990 at least. Spreading propaganda and fear only helps the criminal regime in DC. Quite likely the Chinese were inspecting the land they will own when the Federal Reserve cabal goes belly up;)

  • This was clearly shot over the ocean to prevent anyone getting clear answers. A test/practice or diversion from bigger news stories? Who knows. But coupled with the open border and decimation of our military this is very concerning.
    Apparently another balloon was found near Hawaii some months back too….

  • So they wait to shoot it down over water deep enough that recovery of the package is nigh impossible. Though I don’t doubt for a minute the ChiComs received transmission from the package in real time.

    As for the claim by McSniffy that it happened on Trump’s watch too, if it did, them the info was withheld from Trump (a treasonous offense). McSniffy is a documented Pathological Liar, incapable of telling the truth and he’s done nothing but damage to our National Security since day one of his regime.
    Best keep your powder dry and stay locked and loaded my friends.
    This has the potential to get real bad, real quick.

  • We can get all worked up about it, but there’s literally nothing we can do about it, except write our Congress Critters to complain, and then there will be the long line of Hearings and meetings, with much finger pointing and blame all around, but in the end nothing will change or be done about it. Fang Fang will send love notes to Swallwell in exchange for intelligence breifings, Schiff will claim he has evidence Trump personally filled the balloon, and El Presidente McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants will fill his Depends and choose Tapioca for his bedtime snack.
    All we can do is prepare as best as we may for the other shoe to drop.

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