What We Need to Know About Saule Omarova, Biden’s Russian-born Comptroller of the Currency Nominee

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On September 23, 2021, Biden suggested a new Comptroller of the Currency – a Russian named Saule Omarova. Here’s what you need to know about her.

“The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.” – Vladimir Lenin [source]

Saule Omarova was born in Russia in what is now the puppet state of Kazakhstan. While in Russia, she attended Moscow University on a scholarship named for Vladimir Lenin. [source] After writing her thesis, “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital,” Omarova graduated in 1989[source]

Later, she moved to America, becoming a law professor at the University of North Carolina School of Law. She joined Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, in 2014. According to Cornell’s website, Omarova specializes in the “regulation of financial institutions, banking law, international finance, and corporate finance.” [source]

On Nov. 2, Saule Omarova’s nomination by Biden became formal, according to the Wall Street Journal. Now she must go through Congressional hearings regarding her suitability for the role of one of the top banking regulators in the country.


Saule Omarova’s academic work

Among Omarova’s publications, “The People’s Ledger: How to Democratize Money and Finance the Economy,” written for Vanderbilt Law Review, is of particular interest. Here, she argues all bank accounts should be in – what she terms – “FedAccounts” to be monitored by the Federal Reserve. [source]

From past tweets of hers, we know that she has praised the Soviet Union, with her most popular tweet stating, “Say what you will about old USSR, there was no gender pay gap there. Market doesn’t always ‘know best.'” [source]

Since her nomination to the position within the OCC as the Comptroller of the Currency (an office I don’t believe is helpful in the first place), Senator Pat Toomey asked her to turn over her thesis on Marxism to the Senate. She refused. Moscow University representatives stated the thesis was destroyed, and no copies of Omarova’s work existed within the university.

Are you proud of it or not, Omarova?

While it seems she was proud of her Marxist thesis in the past – having included it on her curriculum vitae at Cornell University as recently as April 2017 – it has since been removed. [source] In defense of her thesis, Omarova states, “I was in the Soviet Union, where there was no academic freedom, and this was a mandatory assigned topic.”

She went on to say, “What I wrote in that paper has nothing to do with what I believed in then or in what I believe in now.” [source] I find it interesting that she posted the paper to her curriculum vitae in the past if it contained information she didn’t believe.

Omarova joined a Facebook group for Marxists in 2019 called the Marxist Analysis and Policy (MAP). According to the page description, this is a “Marxist group” that is “a platform for analysis, policy, and polemics from the perspectives of a diverse range of Socialist and anti-capitalist views.” [source]

According to the policies she espouses, Omarova wants to “effectively end banking as we know it.” 

Opposition to Biden’s nominee

Some members of both the Democratic Party and the Republicans have voiced concerns or negatively reacted to the nomination. For example, Senator Jon Tester (D) said, “I want to give her a fair shake, but I do have concerns.”

Senator Pat Toomey (R) of the State Banking Committee describes her as “the most radical nominee to a post in the federal government that he has ever seen.” [source]

The NY Times reports the most damaging reaction has been from the banks. 

From the NY Times: 

Across the board, banks and their trade groups, including the American Bankers Association, which counts the big banks among its members, and the Independent Community Bankers of America, which represents the smallest institutions, have been sounding alarms about Ms. Omarova.

Bankers usually take a reserved approach when reacting to proposed new regulators, so such pointed objections immediately after the White House announced its intention to nominate Ms. Omarova on September 23 are almost unheard of. And the united front displayed by all of the major trade groups is also unusual because the largest banks’ agendas are sometimes at odds with those of the smallest.

However, Elizabeth Warren believes that the nomination of Saule Omarova is “tremendous news.” [source]

A plan to centralize all banking in the US

If the plan is implemented, it would destroy community banking. Eventually forcing American’s to bank solely with the Federal Reserve. The federal government could then monitor all transactions. Furthermore, the plan could lead to an inability to receive or withdraw funds by people the government has labeled with a low social credit score.

“Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital as an exclusive monopoly.”

                                                           – Karl Marx’s 5th communist plank, The Communist Manifesto

Saule Omarova also seems to distrust cryptocurrency. She believes that it allows banks to conduct activity outside of the scope of the Fed’s surveillance. For those invested heavily in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, this could mean increased government crackdown and taxation.

What do you think about the nomination of Saule Omarova?

Do you think that Saule Omarova is a good choice for the Comptroller of the Currency? Are you concerned about some of the opinions she has espoused previously? Do you think she’ll make it through the Congressional hearings and be appointed to the role? If so, what do you feel will be most likely to affect us?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Jeff Fischer

Jeff Fischer

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  • She will be a hard sell to Congress after the drubbing Democrats took in Virginia and other places yesterday. The election results negated any mandate the current administration thought they had.

    It’s good to get the word out on her nomination to Comptoller of the Currency- with so many issues swirling about, this nomination could escape notice.

  • Anyone older than 16 years of age, and/or spent time in our Military knows just how well the Government can screw things up. This Chick is a Radical’s Radical and like Chipman’s nomination should be fought by every Patriot in both houses of Congress.

    Let’s go Brandon and META ( Make Everything Trump Again)

  • A central bank with the sole monopoly power that Omarova wants is a 4th Amendment constitutional destroying abomination. There is a reason why the grand daddy of the Rothschild banking dynasty in the 1700s said that for any nation if he could control their money supply, he cared not about any laws they might pass.

    People don’t understand that the Bank of England was created in 1694 in order for the monarchy to be able to counterfeit British money in order to steal additional purchasing power from the population beyond what clearly visible taxation would provide. This was after a monarch or two had lost their heads when taxation was jacked up above what the population would tolerate (in order to fund the monarchs’ favorite war adventures).

    During our revolution while our Continental currency was badly over-printed, the British also counterfeited it in an effort to destroy funding for Washington’s military. So the line between mere theft of a population’s purchasing power and deliberate outright destruction of a population’s saving and ability to do business … can often be too easily blurred. The great monetary historian and analyst Michael Maloney said that during the long sad history of the communist Soviet Union the currency was collapsed some 7 times. You can imagine how destructive that was to the population’s savings — over and over.

    Partly because of the brutal memories of counterfeiting during our Revolution, our 1792 Coinage Act included a provision that any silver coins created with non-silver metals would mandate the death penalty for such offenses. Of course Lincoln’s issue of Greenbacks to help fund his tax war to loot the South simply proved that with nobody to hold a head of state accountable for such counterfeiting, such crime would go unpunished.

    Fast forward to the 1913 creation of the US Federal Reserve … made possible by secret British money sneaked in to fund Teddy Roosevelt’s 3rd party presidential run to suck enough votes away from Taft to guarantee the election win of Woodrow Wilson (the British favorite willing to sign off on everything needed to drag America into the european civil war yet to come). The result was that Federal Reserve counterfeiting of the money supply jacked up American prices some 25% by the time WWI ended.

    Today with the threat of a cashless economy via the digital internet, a “social credit” permission system governed by an all powerful tyranny in Washington would gut the 4th Amendment and enforce a modern day national lord of the manor versus a population of defenseless serfs. We’ve already seen what the dictatorship of “social credit” does inside communist red China when a citizen does anything that displeases the ruling communist party dictatorship.

    Omarova’s obvious contempt for crypto currencies is a mere reflection of central banking’s hatred of competitors to their counterfeiting monopoly. The July 2021 letter from the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) that gives permission of all US banks to act as custodians of cryptocurrencies is a major way to give the central government a 4th Amendment-destroying eye into such crypto owners’ accounts to enforce IRS capital gains taxation of such crypto holdings that might dare compete with Federal Reserve counterfeiting of US dollars.

    Omarova is simply another tyrant wannabee in a long line of Dem-Sheviks.


  • Unfortunately I think this is all a part of the Planned Destruction of America and the World.
    The misnomer is that this is Biden’s nominee.
    I highly doubt Biden even knows what day it is, with out someone coaching him.
    So I am sure that he was just told to push for this Candidate for this position.
    Some one else is pulling the strings on this Puppet government.

    I saw an article elsewhere, about the “Elite”, placing Survival bunker orders (world wide locations), a lot more this summer and fall. The articles’ conclusion was that the “Elite” are afraid that American’s are not going to set for this stuff and revolt. So they need places to hide.

    However I don’t think it is fear, but just getting near the End game. That is what is driving their
    bunker purchases and preps.

    Will we revolt? Probably, but at this point, it is far to late to stop them and I think that a revolt is part of the plan. It is already expected, just the end result will be different, what was than planned.
    So don’t expect things to get better or to get fixed. It is all, basically just downhill from here.
    We will see some setbacks to the plan, minor victories, but the outcome will still be the same.

    Now that does not mean they will “win”, I think they have miscalculated in what they end result will be. But it will be a Lose – Lose scenario, for both sides.
    It will be a NWO/ Great Reset, just not the one they planned for. Nor will it ever return to the great society that we once had.
    So get get and stay prepared and don’t let any minor victories now or into the mid term elections make you complacent.

  • I´d be worried if they change the Fed Act (allowing direct lending of USD to people´s accounts) and the parabolic printing of USD for MMT, climate and equality agendas, even infrastructure bills.

    These can can erode the USD currency reserve status and in practice turn US into a banana republic. If this happens, hyperinflation will come to US. The reserve status is a huge privilege.

    But the USD can appreciate against other currencies and the US experience inflation, which is what´s happening really.

    Either way it´d take a while, the USD is used for 60-70% of world transactions and settlings today, and worldwide economy and production is slowing down (which is in itself worrying).

    Right now there´s no other replacement for the USD so ready at the moment. And these things don´t change so fast. But it can happen.

    • Fabian,
      Our senior military leader conspired with other senior military officers (forced them to take an oath to him), conspired with a senior political leader (her first name rhymes with ‘fancy’) to undermind a duly elected president, and called another foreign country to give them a heads up of a “attack” that never existed in the first place.
      All based on their “feelings,” and no actual facts.

      The US is already a banana republic.

      • I see your point 1StMarine, and I agree that kind of stuff is shameful. But even with all that’s been happening, I’d insist there’s still a long way for US to really become a banana republic. You’re gonna have to trust me on that (lol – I’m laughing so not to cry).

        I mean, US is really trying to join the club (I understand why but still struggle to accept) , yet it will demand significantly more self-destruction that what’s happening.

        And hey, can’t take solace but decadence is everywhere nowadays. Crazy times, my friend.

  • Centralized banking is always a bad idea, whether by the government or monopoly capitalist. Since she is being vetted as part of the federal banking system, of course she would say she is against cryptocurrency. That will not stop the growth of alt currencies, but I doubt that attempts to control, regulate and tax bitcoin or any block chain crypto will be successful.

    She will not be affirmed.

    Bitcoin will not be stopped.

    And her previous opinions won’t matter beacause all power climbers will take on the public opinion needed to keep climbing. I doubt she even knows her real attitude about capitalism.

  • Ayn Rand was also born in a Communist country and she HATED that system. That said, this woman is no Ayn Rand.

    I’m only curious as to why it would surprise anyone that Joe Biden would nominate her. He’s all about destroying our economy and our way of life.

    • I had to look up the JFK reference you mention.

      Could be worse.
      Half the country believed in Russiagate for four years.
      Some still do.

  • Politicians only care about their money. If “they have concerns” it’s only about her messing with that.

  • At this point none of it makes a difference any more. The dollar is finished, the everything collapse is around the corner and the world is going to change drastically. I can only hope that the reset is going to be a move back to sanity, not the ‘reset’ the cabal is working toward. Meanwhile keep prepping like crazy!

  • She’s an avowed Marxist. Marxists do not belong in the government of the United States of America. The senate did their job by protecting us against David Chipman…the work continues against Omarova. Thank you Senator Toomey for looking out for Americans’ interests and financial security!

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