Russia Just Disconnected from the World’s Internet. It May Not Just Be About Censorship.

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The year 2019 was of historical importance. It was during that year we saw a number of “simulations” take place that mysteriously began to take place within reality just a short time later. Chief of these would be Event 201; a COVID pandemic simulation put on by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Just a few months after the simulation, we ended up with the events of early 2020.

We also saw Plan A take place in 2019. In this Pentagon-led study, we were shown how NATO expansion into Eastern Europe would lead to global nuclear exchange. Now, here we sit in 2022, a hair’s breadth away from nuclear war.

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Russia and its “sovereign internet”

But what you may not know about 2019 was that it was during this year that Vladimir Putin signed into law a “sovereign internet” bill for Russia. This bill gave Moscow the “legal” authority to quarantine Russia’s internet from the rest of the world.

At the time, we were told that this was going to help Russia to deal with threats to Russian internet “in the event it’s disconnected from the World Wide Web.” Russia had apparently been working to this end for years prior to 2019, with tests having been conducted in 2014, which proved that it was possible for Russia to quarantine itself from the rest of the world’s internet.

And now, here in 2022, as the entire world has gone mad, and mainstream media does everything it can to unite the American people against Russia (the very act of which should arouse suspicion. Did the MSM suddenly become reputable? Should you believe everything they tell you now? Should you take what they have to say at face value now?).

Of particular note, however, is the fact that Russia is now looking at putting their “sovereign internet” law into practice.

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Russia is withdrawing its internet from the rest of the world.

At the surface level, this is troubling. One can’t help but think of Hitler’s argument that Germany was “hemmed in” and thus, justified in waging an expeditionary war. One may be led to believe that this is an action that will only precede a larger retaliatory action by Russia against the forces of NATO.

Currently, the mainstream media is using this action to criticize Russia’s lack of free speech. This is rather ironic, considering that mainstream media is one of the largest opponents to free speech (Am I the only one who was looking around the past two years?). The MSM championed Russia being pushed out of the global internet, and then, they point the finger and hiss now that Russia has begun the “quarantine” process.

“Look! No free speech!” they yell.

And, indeed, this is true.

All internet traffic in Russia must pass through the Kremlin’s internet censor, Roscomnadzor. But is this really what is going on here, or is there something deeper to look at?

If you’ll remember, the World Economic Forum has repeatedly engaged in simulations looking at the threat of a “cyber pandemic” – and event so bad that the entire internet would be infected. This would absolutely destroy cyberspace, and the simulation Cyber Polygon has been used to justify increased government control within the cyber realm to protect against this apparent global threat.

Are you beginning to see the picture?

Now, watch the below video. Who are the Young Global Leaders?

But wait. There’s more.

Ukraine’s Zelensky is a former Young Global Leader as well.

What’s the real reason for the internet quarantine?

Is Russia truly separating from the rest of the world’s internet to crack down on its citizenry as they go to war? Is Russia pulling away from the World Wide Web because they’ve been forced to? Remember, this is something they signed into law in that eventful year 2019. They’ve been preparing for this moment.

Do they know something that we do not? In the event of a global cyber pandemic, if Russia is already “quarantined” from the rest of the world’s internet, are they going to be at risk? What would be the only unaffected country on earth?

Not the ones that have been speaking up against tyranny. Not the ones with truckers and flags. The only unaffected country would be the one with functioning internet.

Make no mistake. Something is afoot. And a cyber pandemic could very well be it.

Why do you think Russia disconnected from the internet?

Do you think it’s just about shutting down free speech? Or do you think something more nefarious is at play? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments.

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Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.


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Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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    • Not Russia, the Klaus Schwab globalist elites, including the DNC who kowtows to the globalist corporatocratic oligarchs. Russia is shielding itself from the cyber-pandemic of which the WEC has made it aware.

  • Russia pulls away from the internet yet I’ll bet the hacking and cyber war continues.
    I don’t believe everything I read no matter where it’s from.
    Some here have life experiences that tell them who the enemy is and don’t rely on news media or social media outlets.
    Russia will be my enemy till I die. Sure don’t make Ukraine my friend though. A lot of Americans aren’t my friend anymore either.

    THINK for yourselves

  • “Russia Just Disconnected From the Internet”
    Your article shows they have been preparing and working on this since 2014.
    But the title says it has happened. NOT YET it hasn’t. It may today, and it may not happen for months or years. Your title is a lie, and click bait, and misleading.

  • Haven’t quite figured this one out yet, but it is curious that precisely at the time when COVID had run its course, this invasion breaks out. All in the world Zelensky had to do to avoid the invasion was agree to remain neutral (like Switzerland) and not join NATO or the EU. What Putin wants is not Ukraine but a buffer zone between Russia and NATO. On the other hand, it is not clear yet why the WEU needs this war.

    This article is extremely accurate in several ways. Both of these boys are certified globalists, so there is much more to the story than my conventional thinking. Depopulation through a nuclear exchange seems extreme, but if they have bunkers prepared, maybe that would kickstart the Reset bigtime.

    The United States has done a pitiful job of preparing its citizens for such a likely event, making fun of basic practical measures as “duck and cover,’ which is still very good advice. Everyone should have a supply of potassium iodide tablets and a plan to minimize radiation in at least one room of your house.

    • I think you are missing the bigger picture.
      This is more about making money and stealing resources on the NATO/EU/US side and from the Russian side it is about making money and selling resources to Europe.
      The geopolitical alignments are just a small part of this, an excuse to hide the real agendas at play here.

  • The American govt is our enemy. Ironically, it’s the enemy of Russia as well.

    Russia will need their computers running because they’re Gods battle axe right now.

    • Agree, America is reaping what sha has sown for decades. The only friend we all have is The Lord and He is NOT PLEASED with the way we are conducting ourselves-tons of hypocrisy!

    • Be careful in how you say that.

      Russia is “God’s battle axe” the same way as Assyria, with its capital in Nineveh, a very cruel and God hating country, was “God’s battle axe” against an apostate Israel. Or when reading the Book of Judges in the Bible, one nation after another was “God’s battle axe” against Israel time after time when Israel rebelled against God.

      We see the moral breakdown in our country. But Russia is worse, much more immoral, atheist Putin is as much an enemy of his people as those who now occupy Washington DC, while Russia may be “God’s battle axe” to America, that doesn’t change him from an enemy to a friend. The American people will fight two enemies—the traitors within, and the Russia-Chinese enemy.

  • I do a lot of research about Geo-Political issues with an emphasis on all things health and environment. I do not think Russia is doing anything nefarious at all. He is just protecting Russia, Letting a George Soros backed government so close to Russia backed by NATO is a threat to Russia just like the Russian Cuban Missile Crisis was to us. By shutting of the internet Putin is isolating Russia from the cyber attack the World Economic is planning to do soon. Why do you think Pres. Donald J. Trump started Cyber Force more info All God & Family Patriots need to wake up and spread the word of what is really going on in this nefarious government that we have in America now under Biden. I do not believe anything our current government is telling us not even local stations. Truth in only hidden in the internet. Seek the truth and you will find it.

  • Read a article a group of “hackers” were going to target Russian government and military internet, comms.
    Could be doing it as a defensive measure.

    However, there have been anti-war protests in Russia. Keeping the people ignorant of the situation in Ukraine, unless it comes from official government/state sources. (roll eyes)

  • Thank you for this insight. There are so many moving parts here, and I appreciate the time spent connecting all the dots. There is no disparate information, even if it appears to be so at the surface level. I appreciate your attention to detail and keeping everyone informed beyond just inflammatory touch points the mainstream media feeds on. Not at all an advocate for more war, etc. but Russia really does seem backed in a corner on a lot of fronts. It seems self-preservation includes shutting down the external internet.

  • Shutting down their internet does not mean they are shutting down their ability to wage cyber warfare on the rest of the world. Gas is at an all time high right now. What happens if we have another colonial pipeline shutdown right now. Food is becoming an issue with empty shelves being reported across the country. How would another JBS meats hack affect things. Or were these just tests, probing and mapping weaknesses for the future.

    Russia doesn’t need to hack the Defence Department. They just need to hack the electric grid, or the pipeline companies, or the stock exchange, or, or,or….. We have more vulnerable targets hooked to the internet than you can shake a stick at. And by now we should be able to realize that you don’t need to affect national infrastructure to throw the whole country into a panic. Regional will do. The hacks don’t have to be large to have a domino effect.

    I would expect Russia to disconnect themselves from the internet prior to an attack by themselves, or prior to an expected attack by NATO/EU etc. Take their disconnect as a warning that something is coming.

    • I concur with you that something is coming and it ain’t good! The U.S. is the epitome of stupid! I have lived in several other countries and see how they “prepare” for worst case scenarios. How many times have our government officials been briefed by experts regarding our antiquated grid, and other infrastructure issues? Not sure how it is now but a few years ago Japan for example would not even allow our GMO seeds into their country. We pay leaders to promote “green” policies that a 2 year old could tell you won’t work. They beg for money, are filthy rich at our expense and we the masses just continue to BOHICA (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again). We fell asleep at the wheel and assumed Dimwits and RHINOS would solve our problems. They are the problem and most of “we the people” are the stupid.

  • The social media sites and search engines develop files on what people say and what they are searching for on the internet. Combined with millions of other files, a national profile can also be developed. Using that data, it is possible to manipulate an entire population by knowing what they are thinking or what they are not thinking about. We are all being targeted because the propagandists know what mental buttons to push. We have told them that by our postings. The AI computers know more about you than you know about yourself by studying your personal thoughts and reactions. Thee is a pattern.
    Russia is merely shutting down the social media computerized spies. Think web bot.

  • As I was reading this, I got to thinking about when we “wiped our computer clean”. We had some files that we isolated so that we could save those files even though other ones were removed. Who needs nukes?

  • Why is Russia disconnecting from WWW?
    Multiple reasons.
    To protect his country from global cyber attacks (regardless of country of origin).
    To reduce the West’s attitudes and influence on Russian people.
    To be effective within Russia in providing propaganda that explains world events and curb protests against war with Ukraine.
    To better secure Putin’s leadership over Russia.
    To improve ability to hunt down internal opposition, moles, cyber warfare. Can’t make it look like it came from China.
    And more, I’m sure.

  • That’s my thing with this whole Ukraine thing. If Killary, Sotero, O’Biden, the MSM and George Soros are all vilifying Russia and asserting we need to run to Ukraine’s aid then there might just maybe possibly could perhaps be a globalist, totalitarian, satanist agenda there. Maaaaaybe.
    Other than that, see where Trump’s daughter got named a new world order hench(wo)man by the WEF. Which means she grajiated from Klaus Slob’s leadership school. Anyone that votes for her for as much as dog catcher is a traitor to the American people. Hopefully THIS will wake up the right to the fact that Trump may not be all he likes to appear to be.
    Back on topic, it will be interesting how this all plays out with Russia, the internet and possible cyber attacks. My first assumption at this point is that ANY cyber attacks, regardless of who is blamed, are actually the efforts of the deep state/intelligence community/traitorous communists.

  • Russia disconnected from the internet to limit *free speech*? You mean the free speech we enjoy here in commie controlled USSA? On the contrary. Russia is disconnecting from the west’s controlled media and corporations to fight globohomo. The attack on Ukraine was in response to the West’s continued belligerence. Ukraine was taken over in 2014 and has been pushing globohomo ever since while NATO has been encircling Russia against its many assurances to the contrary.
    Russia is a white Christian nation under attack. The only one actually fighting back against the satanic agenda after Hungary. Ugly truth, but there it is.

    • This is how I see it as well. Putin doesn’t want Russian schools full of teachers chanting “gay gay gay gay gay gay gay”

    • Russia is white, but not Christian. Putin is an atheist communist. The people are immoral. Russia has wanted to take over all of Europe since the Tsarist days, when they invaded Finland, the Baltic states, Poland and other states. This is a continuation of their imperialism.

      This doesn’t excuse what our local communist traitors are doing. Just recognize that both groups want nuclear war. Both groups are our enemies.

  • the spidey senses kicked in when i read this headline asking me “is this Jeff Thomson” gaslighting us again? sure enough!! yesterdays conspiracy theory is today’s conspiracy fact. before you rest your beliefs on Jeff Thomson’s crafty narratives, edify yourself with Oliver Stone’s documentary, ukraine on fire, and ask yourself why youtube (yes US youtube) just censored it (kinda like what JT would have you think is bad for russia to do). thankfully, there is now enough of us truth seekers that someone archived the film (the copyright holder has released the copyright for mass distribution www dot redvoicemedia dot com/video/2022/03/ukraine-on-fire-an-oliver-stone-documentary-2016/

  • We know so little of what is actually going on behind the scenes. Here are two sites which “may” supply some of the missing pieces.

    Glenn Beck did this back in Feb 2020 because of the Ukraine call Trump was being impeached over.–glenn-tv

    At the bottom of the page are 3 other clips from end of 2019 giving more info.

    I did a search on DuckDuckGo for Obama, Sonos, Ukraine 2014 and several interesting stories came up. Here is one from 2017.

  • Why does Klaus Schwab like to “penetrate cabinets”? He is a dirty old man!

    By the way, one of the countries Russia will attack next will be Turkey, since they closed access to the Dardenelle Waterway. This is a 100 year old prophecy from Bishop Koyle. More can be read about him at Relief

  • I looked through the comments,DID THE FACT america declared WAR on Russia march 8th go over everyones head???..NUCLEAR BOMBS AND MASS DEATH..thats what happens in nuclear war,everyone dies,MEN,WOMEN,CHILDREN AND EVERYTHING THATS ALIVE,soon to be BLACK FLAG DEAD…

    • > DID THE FACT america declared WAR on Russia march 8th go over everyones head???

      I’ve not seen this anywhere, nor heard of a congressional vote to that effect. Yes, the Executive Branch, State Department, Pentagon, and Fascist Businesses are acting stupidly with regard to Russia.

  • Well, if he (Russia) “quarantines” himself from the Internet that means no information can come in – or OUT.

    Which do you think he will break? 😉

  • There are a lot of good ideas being discussed in these postings, and there certainly are many potential reasons why Russia might be pulling back from the global ‘public’ internet. Given their capabilities, they do not need to be persistently connected to the internet to perform nefarious actions , if that is their intent.

    Considering all the reports of cyber attacks currently in motion against Russia from all over the world, it is logical they might want to minimize the potential damage. It takes precious time and resources (e.g., people, money, and technology) to be a defender – especially when you’re being attacked from many directions at the same time. Reducing your overall exposure reduces the risk to you.

    Controlling information the average Russian has access to in order to manipulate the messaging is a lot easier if they don’t have much access to the outside world.

    Our critical national infrastructure is brittle, although there are pockets of goodness to be sure. Russia and China have both been mapping it for decades. Attacking it in the ‘right’ places would cause both economic and military/national security damage…..on the other hand, if they are already in there doing things under the radar, there is no real reason to hit it hard unless they want to take things offline.

    ….and on the other hand, if they are planning to do something bad and want to insulate themselves against potential retaliation in cyberspace, removing themselves from the internet would be helpful.

  • They have BILLIONS of USD stolen to Venezuela, invaded a neighboring country, and have supported terrorism for decades. That seems just one of many a good reasons to unleash a world wide attack, and building a digital Iron Curtain would seem a logical step if they´re going nuc.
    Maybe they won´t just unplug themselves, but rather cover their access in some way, instead.
    They knew the media coverage was working AGAINST THEM, and that is indeed a good reason.

    I see this as a very plausible action at this stage of the (almost failed) invasion.

  • The simplest answer is usually the correct one. Shutting access to the WWW, certainly reduces the risk of Cyber Attacks.

  • Information goes from Nexta, which is CIA sponsored source. Russians are going to test the firewall for their domain. In case of permanent attacks they gonna cover themself behind of that wall

  • ???????? Came here looking for some 16 year old Russian hottie doing a WAP dance. Disappointment is strong.

  • I simplified my outlook to taking the position that there are only two sides…. ours and theirs. Their goal is to ruin us, kill as many of us as they feel they need to, and control whoever remains. Events have exceeded our ability to keep up with them as they are now piling on top of each other. Just realize none of those events are to our benefit. Its planned that way. Our goal should be to not make it easy for them.

  • Russia disconnected frofm the www to protect themselves.

    The Q narrative sez we WILL suffer a web down and likely grid down–but it won’t last for years or be anywhere near as dangerous as it looks. It is needed to wake people up, and the Q Team has countermeasures in place.

    Do prepare for a few months of trouble. Be of good cheer. That is not merely nicer to experience than terror. Good Cheer keeps our minds functional and that assists the victory we must have over the global Deep State.

  • If anything, they’re restricting their citizens from seeing any outside news that doesn’t paint a rosy picture of the Ukraine invasion.

    Gee, does this mean I’ll stop getting the “Date Russian Women for Wives” spam mails?

  • Since Russians keep on getting censored and banned on the internet, and keep getting blamed for hacking, including even hacking voting booths, and the rest of the media is blatantly lying about Russia virtually everytime that they even mention Russia, who can blame them? This has been going on for eight years. Then of course it is a known fact that the CIA developed hacking tools and regularly hacks and that the military has been blabbering about online supremacy. The anti-Russian hysteria got to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore and I disconnected my tv years ago.

    Global Research had an article by Edward Curtain that is a professor in Massachusettes claiming that the people in the media are in the CIA. I am not sure about that. I think that it is more likely that they are InfraGard members which is just a bunch of dopes, and it does include the CIA, but it also includes businesses, peeping toms, thieves, and low life losers that are too mentally incompetent to do anything other than spy on people, which really does not require anymore skill than watching tv. It is all totally illegal, which is why they will not admit that they are doing it. The idiots were baited by the FBI and they are too stupid to realize it. It also includes academia, state and local governments, police, and healthcare. They are functionally illiterate imbeciles. The constitution is explicit on this matter. Only criminals violate other people’s rights, and only criminals think that the law does not apply to themselves. I think that that is why they always site “anonymous sources” that are just about always wrong. The politicians know that the media is spying on them. They are psy-opping them.

  • Lone Canadian,

    I do not think that it is possible to hack into something that they are not connected to all the way from Russia. They would have to have their satellites hack our satellites. The internet could still function though. There are so many satellites. The internet is not in one place.

  • InfraGard also includes all of America’s spy agencies, which have the blatant audacity to call themselves intelligence agancies. There is no a single intelligent thing about a single one of them. The country would not be in the shape that it is in if there was. They are functionally illiterate, evil serial criminal psychopaths. They act more like the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Weather Underground, the Manson Family, the German Nazis, and Satanic Cult than any intelligence agency.

    They are obsessed with the question of if there other is intelligent life in the universe. I am wondering if there is intelligent life on earth at this point as we may be on the brink of WW3.

  • Ukrainian NeoNazis intended to implement a Marcos like Middle Man Plan in Ukraine. The Marcos’ Convinced the United States to hand enormous sums of money over to them to fight the USSR and communists. They were known for extreme corruption and unprecedented extravagance while their citizens lived in abject poverty, for those too young to remember.

    The Nord Stream 2 pipeline proposal to run through the Baltic Sea rather than through Ukrainian land is what set off the chain of events, since they were cut out of middle man fees, followed by Crimeans voting to reunite with Russia since it provided a port and naval base that had been run and operated by Russians even prior to the 2014 Maidan coup and Crimean vote to rejoin Russia. Russia was leasing this from Ukraine.

    Ukraine actually translates to borderland in English, and they believe that they are entitled to both seperation from Russia politically and financially on the one hand, but are also entitled to reap the rewards of Russian national resources and trade on the other hand, and to impose NATOnian policies on Russia and act as unappointed mediators between NATO and Russia because of their geography.

    The Ukrainians in power in Ukraine now are bad news for the world.

    I suspect that Zelensky may have encouraged the seperatism in Donetsk and Luhansk for the purpose of creating conflict, because authoritarians thrive on such conflict. Jews in Donnets Basin have had a long history of seperatism where they wanted independence. This is a long held Jewish tradition. Israel was founded on that principle. These are not racist or
    anti-semetic claims. They are well documented and well known facts. Since the Neo-Nazis are both anti-Russian and anti-Semetic, and the people living in Luhansk and Dontesk in Donnets Basin aka Donbas are seperatists that support Russia, there is high liklihood that there is a large percentage of Jews in those regions based on their seperatist ideology, and based on the Neo-Nazis war against them.

  • The Russian invasion into Ukraine occured on 2/22/22. Why is the media claiming that it was on 2/24/22?

  • Bear Baiting and Trapping

    I had said that I thought that it had appeared that Putin was drugged with LSD or some mind altering substance when he decided to invade Ukraine after repeatedlt saying that he had no intention of doing so, despite constant prodding and claims by everyone in NATO that Putin was going to invade Ukraine. Even Russian journalists in Russia have stated that they were completely shocked that Putin did this.

    Now, it appears that it was as a result of spying on Ukraine since Sputniknews reported that the KGB has found documentation from
    January 19 of Zelensky’s plan to launch a complete take over and attack on Dontesk and Luhansk beginning on February 22, and lasting for no more than eight days.

    This was a bear trap. NATO kept earing that Putin would launch a false flag war on Ukraine. Apparently NATO was also spying on Zelensky, or more likely colluding with him.

    These Azov attacks on Donetsk and Luhansk have been taking place for eight years. They are unfortunately not out of the ordinary, anymore than street gang drive by shootings in America are not out of the ordinary. Tragedies that nobody approves of or finds acceptable, but that everyone has gotten used to hearing or reading about, unfortunately.

    I have said in the past that everyone in the surveillance state appears to be acting as though they are on crack, LSD, and crystalmth.

    It must be the nature of the beast. It brings out the worst in people.

    End the surveillance state!

    After I had posted that on another site, media started claiming that this started on 2/24/22.

  • This scheme of Poland’s to have the United States military base in Germany receive Polish Migs and then have the U.S. replace them with F-15s and have the U.S. fly them to Ukraine for Ukrainians to use shows how Ukrainians and NATO members are baiting America into this war. It is of course fair to say that the United States and NATO instigated this. It is also fair to say that those that did instigate this war are mad men ( and women ). However, prior to the start of this war, aukraine had 1,500 fighter planes. I do not know how many have been destroyed, but Blinken did say that Ukraine has fighter planes. So, it is the NATO countries and Ukraine that are trying to escalate this war and drag America into it, which Putin said would result in a nuclear strike on America, and as everyone knows, Putin would not bluff on something like that. I had said that the U.S. should leave NATO, because if Russia was ever going to wage war against America, every country in NATO would cheer the Russians on. There is not a single country in NATO that has the ability to defend America, and even all of them combined would not be capable of defending America against Russia if Russia ever were to attack the United States,

    If you read any foreign press, you will see how much they hate America. They blame all of their countries problems on America. They refuse to blame their own countries for colluding with America because they profiteer from it hand over fist, much more than the Chinese. At least colluding with the Chinese resulted in products made by the Chinese. Of course it would be better to bring many or most of those jobs back. But it is better than colluding with NATO in which the product that we receive is always false flag wars that we fight and risk our own blood, and millions of others, and only endanger our national and economic security for. It is the most idiotic economic plan ever to say that war is good for the economy, and simultaneously hold the beliefe that military spending and the war in Afghanistan resulted in the fall of the USSR. Both cannot be true.

  • Blinken said Ukraine still has fighter planes just a couple of days ago. A hacker attacked it and removed the word still.

  • The Big Lie – Because Washington Needs an Enemy

    I have heard people repeat this lie that the United States opposes Russia because Washington needs and enemy, and that the United States “fought Islamic terrorists” because Washington needs an enemy from so many people in the media.

    They only tell you the first half of the sentence, and do not finish the sentence because it is factually inconvenient for them to say that
    Washington needs an enemy in order to justify defense spending on weapons manufacturers, the military, the think tanks, and NATO.

    It is the duty of the government to protect our borders that illegal immigrants who believe that they are above our laws have been infiltrating our southern border as easily as water flows through a sieve by the tens of millions since the 1980’s. When tens of millions of people are illegally entering the country, which they have done, that is a passive aggressive but hostile foreign invasion and coup.

    The problem is that if Washington were to focus on that, then NATO countries would not be able to claim that they are protecting America from Russia, and would not be able to enslave American citizens any longer by extorting trillions of dollars from them which they do not pay any taxes to America in and leave tbe debt burden entirely to the future generations of Americans, and they also paint America as the driving force behind all of these wars which is another lie. On the surface, it appears to be the case, but these wars are driven by NATO, the oil cartel, the MIC, and the Israel lobby. The oil cartel and the MIC could easily focus south of the border if they chose to, and I am NOT suggesting that the United States wage war south of the border. The oil cartel has operations around the globe. It really does not need war in order to justify its existence. So, that leaves NATO, and Israel that think that Washington needs an enemy for these wars and or enemies.

  • War is also extremely fossil fuel intensive. Fighting wars, and building all of the military equipment, and transporting all of it and the military uses more energy than it is worth. The military is the largest consumer of oil, and energy, so to fight a war for oil that uses most of the oil that is extracted in the war on itself is also unjustifiable economically.

  • In England, when politicians are having a difficult time politically, they have a saying as to what the problem was.
    “Failure to control The.”

    They are referring to The United States when they say that, which is exteemely outrageous and offensive coming from the country that dragged America into the last two world wars, and coming from the country whose “intelligence agency” wrote
    The Steele Dossier. They wanted Hillary Clinton to be elected. This war in Ukraine was put on hold. It is obvious. Everything that they are reacting to started in 2014. None of it is new. By 2015, everything that they are now claiming moral outrage over was happening in 2015, barring Russa invading Ukraine. They provoked that response though. I thought that he was too smart to fall for the trap.

  • Once humanity has adopted a culture of death for its own survival, then it is impossible to survive and be a part of humanity.

  • Maybe the government in Russia did disconnect from the internet but the people are still using the internet in Russia. I guess that there just aren’t enough Russian hackers in Russia to hack every device in Russia off of the internet.

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