The Truth About That Army Drill Battling with American “Freedom Fighters”

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The US Army is about to run its final test for aspiring Green Berets this coming January 22, known as Robin Sage, an unconventional warfare exercise put on by the US Army Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC). This field training exercise is a 19-day test across approximately 50,000 acres of privately owned land throughout rural North Carolina in which Special Forces must wage a guerilla war against an illegitimate government to free the politically unstable region known as Pineland.

The exercise runs four times every year, and the most recent exercise will last from January 22 to February 4. Should a soldier fail to pass Robin Sage, they fail to become a Green Beret.

What’s the scenario?

Pineland’s legitimate government, which was friendly towards America, has been deposed via a coup. Guerilla forces have now risen up in an attempt to fight against this occupying force, and the Green Berets are infiltrating the country to both assist and train the guerilla forces.

Soldiers start at Camp McKall, where they study as much as they can on their current mission and plan out how they’re going to infiltrate, their linkup plan, and more. To understand the region they are fighting in, soldiers study the history of Pineland through a pamphlet titled Atlantica: A Concise History (which unfortunately, we can’t find a PDF of).

Once this is all accomplished, they’ll be sent “behind enemy lines” deep into the mountains of Pineland. Students are typically dropped in behind enemy lines via parachute (though sometimes by helicopter or truck), where they must engage in a long-distance trek over rough terrain to linkup with the resistance forces.

Once the linkup has taken place, soldiers must then gain the trust and confidence of the local guerilla chieftains by “proving themselves.” Until this has happened, the guerillas are specifically instructed to avoid and distrust all American soldiers in the area. Once this trust has been gained, soldiers then go about training and assisting the guerillas in fighting against the illegitimate government forces (typically role played by the 82nd Airborne).

Prospective Green Berets will teach these guerillas how to conduct patrols, raids, and ambushes, as well as how to use comms tech and medically provide for their fighters. Upon successfully completing their mission, soldiers must safely exfiltrate the environment by helicopter or truck.

Green Beret teaching Honduran TIGRES.

Civilians are used extensively throughout the exercise to both act as role players and to add a sense of realism to the whole operation.

The History of Robin Sage

Some say Robin Sage has been around for approximately 60 years. Others say it started in 1974.

Either way, Robin Sage has been cited as being extremely useful in training soldiers for how to operate a proxy war in regions such as Somalia and Afghanistan.

Robin Sage simulated casualty

In 2002, one soldier was killed and another injured after they were shot by a sheriff’s deputy who had not been informed that there was an Army training program underway throughout a great chunk of North Carolina. The soldiers were in civilian clothes and driving a car when the officer pulled them over. Upon peering into the car, the officer saw a partially disassembled M4 rifle.

Believing he was in imminent danger, the deputy pepper sprayed the soldiers to subdue them. The soldiers resisted, thinking this was all a part of the exercise, and then the deputy drew his pistol and shot them.

Ever since then, police throughout the region are instructed when Robin Sage is underway, and all soldiers wear an armband designating them as Robin Sage students.

At the moment, Robin Sage currently spans the following counties: Alamance, Anson, Bladen, Brunswick, Cabarrus, Chatham, Columbus, Cumberland, Davidson, Guilford, Harnett, Hoke, Lee, Montgomery, Moore, New Hanover, Randolph, Richmond, Robeson, Rowan, Sampson, Scotland, Stanly, Union, and Wake.

What’s My Analysis of Robin Sage?

There has been a lot of speculation as to why this exercise is taking place, with the predominant theory that this is an exercise to train US soldiers in how to conduct operations against the American people.

The rural mountains of North Carolina aren’t similar terrain to Afghanistan, and it seems as if the arid West would be a more life-like location to train soldiers to fight in the Middle East. That being said, training principles are a rather broad brush, being applicable to a wide variety of terrains, regardless of where you learned them. If one learns how to “win hearts and minds” in North Carolina, the lessons learned will work in a wide variety of places.

There’s a bit of back and forth in the news media on who the bad guys are throughout Robin Sage as well. Some sources say that it’s seasoned “freedom fighters” that the Army is training on fighting against (such as HERE, HERE, and HERE).

Immediately, this raises the question as to why the military would be training troops to fight against those who are fighting for freedom?

However, the Army itself says that it’s the guerilla fighters who are the good guys.  Unless the sources which said soldiers are being trained to fight against freedom fighters were referencing the 82nd Airborne (the OpFor), their statements wouldn’t seem to make sense. The only other explanations I can think of would be that the coup members are those who call themselves the freedom fighters, or that Robin Sage had been restructured. I haven’t found anything attesting to this restructuring in my research though.

Personally, I’m of the belief that this exercise is training as usual. Our soldiers have been training for both sides of guerilla warfare for years, and the more one looks into this, the more I believe this is just standard training.

Are there scary things happening with our military? Absolutely. (See HERE, HERE, and HERE)

But at least right now, this seems like standard training to me.

The Organic Prepper will always do what we can to provide fair analyses of what is going on. We rarely trust the established narrative of just about anything. But that’s because we have a mountain of sources and information behind our position. We strive to do the same thing here.

What are your thoughts here though? Are there other factors we haven’t considered? Let’s discuss the matter in the comments below…

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  • Stretching a bit for gloom and doom? This reads like fear mongering not real info. I love this site but this is a bit much.

    • Training as usual. Not sure when the name “ROBIN SAGE” came into use, but its predecessor exercise goes back to at least 1968, when I went through what was then called simply “Phase II”, the final qualification exercise for becoming a Green Beret. It was conducted in the Pisgah and/or Uwharrie National Forests and on private land in western NC. It featured, as does ROBIN SAGE, the 82nd Airborne as the “aggressors” and the “G’s” (short for guerrillas), aka “freedom fighters”, usually already qualified Special Forces soldiers in civilian clothes. Scenario was near identical to the one described for ROBIN SAGE, so nothing new/nefarious about the current iteration. OBTW, I qualified (“passed” Phase II) and went on to serve as a Special Forces Medic on an A-Team in Vietnam, 1969-1970.
      The TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures”) incorporated in ROBIN SAGE are generic to Special Forces’ mission to train indigenous guerrilla forces fighting against oppression (“De Oppresso Libre” – the SF motto) and are not tied to any specific terrain (terrain- specific TTPs are incorporated later as required).
      So conspiracy theorists can “stand down” – this is Army SF “business as usual”.

  • When I was in the Marines, we trained in the desert (CAX anyone?).
    Then I was in a TRUE-EX in a major metro area (1999). Marine Corps been doing it for years.
    So has the army.
    Could this be a “piviot” from the Mid-East to Eastern Europe theater, or maybe somewhere in Asia/Taiwan?

  • sounds like training for a Civil War, hunting down the insurgents (non-vaccinated?) Rounding up people that just want to be left alone to live their lives. Is this the way we’re headed?

    • Not at all Robin Sage is solid. Anything or anyone saying otherwise is out of their element and not helping anything.

  • Thank you for the clarification.

    As usual, it appears that the conspiracy theorists got it wrong again. From this description, the purpose is not to fight against patriotic guerilla forces, rather to assist them as they fight against a coup that had taken over their country.

    For clarification, I’m not against every theory labelled a “conspiracy theory”, because some of them are well sourced. But so many of them take a few facts, usually out of context or even incorrectly reported, and make a scary scenario that bears little relation to the truth.

  • Robin Sage trains future SF candidates to conduct Unconventional Warfare. The 82nd provides both OPFOR (opposing force) for the exercise as well as the G force, the guerillas being trained by the candidates. It happens in NC because this is where Mackall and Bragg are located. They are not training to suppress “freedom fighters” rather to train them to overcome the oppressive government, in the scenario.

  • Speaking as a guy who is older than dirt, retired from both the US Armed Forces and as a state Peace Officer, who first received his military training in the early 60s, and throughout the Vietnam era, I highly endorse this training scenario and all such similar courses of instruction. Yes, the current training may have been restructured for nefarious purposes, BUT think of all the patriots (real red-blooded Americans) who have had the same or similar training, of every kind imaginable, that now quietly walk among us as fellow citizens. Tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands of our neighbors were and still are highly trained military patriots who are now civilians. With that knowledge, I sleep well at night. That doesn’t mean trouble won’t come our way, only that we’re in far better shape than most imagine.

    • Thank you so much for your service, and for your perspective on this. The reminder that the good guys are still among us will help me sleep better at night, too.

  • Robin Sage is nothing more than a capstone exercise. It provides a realistic application of the training received. This is, traditionally, the primary function of the Green Berets, to advise and assist in asymmetric conflict. The 82nd participates because there needs to be an opposing force and they are the most convenient unit.

  • Saw an article today on MSN where some Ivory Tower Professor who studies Civil Wars/ Falling of Empires stated that the U.S. has just about all of the points needed to have a kinetic Civil War fairly soon. (God Forbid)
    So maybe this training does have a purpose, maybe not?

  • Retired Military here. Hardly a new thing. Maybe you don’t understand because you never participated in these exercises.

    I’m more afraid of fear mongers and “experts” that have the ability to rile The People up into doing something dumb.

  • Thanks Aden (and Daisy). This is the most realistic analysis of “Robin Sage” I have read anywhere. The military DOES routinely conduct various types of “war games”, and this is a specialized exercise to rigorously train Green Berets who are highly trained special operations people that are expected to be able to stay alive and carry out their assignments under very adverse and risky conditions. Their mission is somewhat different than other “special operations” forces who frequently go in on specific shorter term missions to more quickly accomplish a specific objective. Some of the “rumor sites” that routinely proffer highly speculative, provocative, and rumor-type stuff have been blowing this way out of proportion so they can sell more products for their sponsors.

  • Thank you, Sir. It is becoming more difficult to find unbiased coverage of everything from suicide bombers overseas to the Chief’s game last weekend.

  • I have been to Pineland and did Robin Sage in the early 70’s. I was with DOD in one way, or another till 2010. I have never met a Green Beret, SEAL, Ranger, Recon, Para Rescue or Airborne that would turn on American Patriots.
    Maybe if the Marxist government we now have may be trying to rid the militaries of true patriots and that is fine.
    We will have a very bad ass group of highly trained men to hand them their ass when the time comes.
    Ranger Rick
    Automatic Survivor Training Group
    North Idaho.

    • They wouldn’t turn on American patriots.but traitors like trump supporters they would. Those are the American terrorists

      • As a former Marine, I would not fire upon any American’s regardless of their political affiliation.
        I would like to think the majority of our military members would also not fire upon their fellow Americans.

  • Look, folks, as is being confirmed by other folks here, it’s normal military training, same as they do at NTC, JRTC, JMRC (Hohenfels, GE), etc. If the conspiracy folks want to look for strange stuff happening, just look in DC and blue states.
    The bottom line that I see is that folks are skiddish about military personnel being used against ordinary civilians. I get that. As a currently serving active duty service member, I’d point you to Larry Correia’s writings (, where he’s specifically addressed the major issues that the left will have in using military personnel and LEO personnel against ordinary citizens. (Whether it’s martial law, firearm confiscation, etc.) Larry is a gun nut. He gets into specifics. I’m not saying not to be concerned. I *AM* saying, we won’t be Australia. (And I cannot believe that in 2022, I’m saying that…. absolutely surreal.)

  • Excellent overview! As others stated, this USSF training has been going on for years. I actually went through training before it became Robin Sage. Just more fear porn trying to twist things to scare people. People need discernment. The Daily Mail is fake news.

  • The fake covid vaccine is the tool being used to rid the military of all conservatives so when the civil war starts, the only people left in the military will be the people who do not object to murdering American citizens.

  • All I know it sounds really life-like as I miss out on much needed sleep every time. luckily I had my windows and doors replaced on my home and the rateling has stopped but the bombing is still as deep and chest trembeling as ever. they started early this winter tho

  • Like you, I trust our federal government as far as I can see them in a room without windows and the lights are off. But if this is how our troops are trained to get the job done, so be it.

  • This exercise encompasses the heart and soul of the Green Beret primary mission, to recruit, train and advise a local guerilla force from literally nothing, to oppose an illegitimate government. One SF A-Team is expected to be able to raise, train and field a battalion sized force (600 or so) from locals willing to fight. There’s some friendly competition along the way, between the 82d and SF guys, or was, until some 82d guys held down a student and carved a “double A” on his chest back in the 70’s. I dunno if they got over that one….. It’s an excellent exercise.

  • This author is a loser. These have been done for decades in the same place and in the same way. He just some pathetic Trumper trying to sell whatever junkinon the page

    • Hey there, classy one.

      You clearly didn’t read the article because it’s actually debunking the conspiracies going around.

      Have a fantastic day.

  • Trust no one no matter what their title, organization or previous experience. Government, civilian, military and especially MSM and politicians as they all have agendas that is not what they seem. The past two years is a perfect example of manipulation, coercion and deception on a global scale.

  • I travel the I-5 corridor around Ft Lewis, Washington often and it isn’t uncommon to see caravans of army vehicles on the highway. One thing I’ve noticed in the last year is that they’re all being repainted. They are no longer desert tan, but have been painted woodland camo. This would also indicate that the next battlefield they expect to fight in is not the deserts of the middle east.

  • I saw a headline on a video by Fox News that looked like it was designed to scare people about this. I asked my husband who is retired SF about it because I remembered the exercise, but not specifics and he explained to me what Robin Sage is and it’s what this article states. Not worried about it or that our SF would turn against the American people because they are willing to give all for us.

  • Training as usual
    Military people ask yourself this please unless you are to sensative and brainwashed for the truth. Would you have done anything different than say the afghans if your country was invaded? NOPE.
    Many of you still probably believe it was a good thing for america to go to JWW1 and Jww2,Korea,Vietnam. None of these were good. Coming from an 10th generation state’s man, who has relatives die in almost every “war” america has taken part.
    White people need to stop killing white people in cousin vs cousin wars. Whether it is here,europe,ukrain,russia,england etc.

  • You give examples of the hoodoo and hijinks that the military perpetrates AGAINST the American people, and then claim that this is “just normal exercises”? I have rarely seen such willful foolishness.

    Sir, you deserve what’s coming to you.

  • Green Berets train terrorists. They trained Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and ISIS among others. They go to war without a declaration of war in violation of their Oath. They will; be used to murder Americans.

  • No coincidences with these folks. They use astrology, you know this right? On the day of the launch we saw Mercury retrograde conjunct (exact degree of zodiac) the Sun in Aquarius. (Mercury is “combust” aka hidden ~ look for the date in March when he does it again going direct).

    The date for the end of the exercise Feb 4th we will witness The Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius.

    The esoteric or psycho-astrological meaning of this; Mercury, the messenger of the Gods is hidden and cannot speak of what they are doing, retrograde carries an underhanded covert )occult) influence. The Sun meeting Saturn is Judgement; a wakeup call to humanity.

    Thank you for the article.

  • My primary concern is that the military is largely unaware of what the ‘legitimate government’ is. Buchanan was the last President of the United States of America. Because he was a B.A.R. member attorney, Lincoln could only be President of the municipal corporation called the United States. That was a different government. The military obviously didn’t understand the difference and backed him. They’ve continued in that misunderstanding and now back a bankrupt corporation headquartered in Puerto Rico. The States Assemblies have reformed and are setting up the original form of government (the ‘by, of and for the people’ kind). Question is, will the military recognize us? So far, they’ve been protecting the international banksters in every war for THOSE family’s assets and oil, instead of protecting Americans and OUR assets. See annavonreitz (.) com

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