How I’m Prepping for War

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We all hope that the world will dodge a bullet again and avoid diving into World War III. But things aren’t looking great. Aside from tensions in the Middle East in which we are not directly involved, last night, the US conducted air strikes in Syria against Iranian-funded militias in retaliation for recent attacks against American soldiers in the region. Then there’s the trouble from within – we can’t agree on anything, everyone is fighting over Israel vs. Palestine, and this assessment suggests that we’re ripe for a civil war as well.

This, of course, is all out of our hands. The decisions to join in global conflicts aren’t made by folks like us, and civil war is another matter altogether. So what is a prepper to do?

Well, we can’t stop the drums of war, but we can prepare for it.

Why I’m prepping for war

A friend of mine has been researching shortages from WW2, and that’s a great place to start. In America, we faced the rationing of things such as food, shoes, metal, paper, and rubber. The priority was given to the soldiers, and whatever was left over was divvied up by civilians. I’m not sure we will have the exact same shortages this time, as war, like many other things, has moved into the digital age, but soldiers will still need food, shoes, rubber things like tires, and metal for manufacturing vehicles and weapons.

What with things being digital, a wise person might also look into things that require motherboards and circuits – computers, other devices, and vehicles.

It’s important to note that the Defense Production Act is already in place to force our factories to produce what is needed for national defense and prioritize national defense customers over civilians.

We don’t know if this conflict will all be fought overseas or if it will creep onto our shores. In my opinion, it’s best to prepare for the worst case scenario and hope that it doesn’t happen.

Here’s where I’m putting my money right now as far as preps are concerned.


One of the first things that will likely be rationed or in shortage would be food. I’m beefing up the preps for my family by shopping the sales, packing things away as carefully as possible to prevent degradation and pests, and filling my small home to the rafters. Here’s the strategy I use for prepping with food. If money is tight, this book will help, too.

Many people will be promoting extremely expensive purchases of long-term food in buckets. While that is certainly one way to do it, it’s not the tastiest, nor is it the most nutritious, nor is it affordable. I do have a number of food buckets, but this is my last-resort food, purchased because it will sit there for a long time without spoiling. We all have different strategies here, and if this makes you feel more secure and you can afford it, here is a better-priced package designed to last one person for six months. Another benefit to this type of supply is that it’s easily portable and takes up less space.

If you want to make your own freeze-dried food – a fantastic option – my friend Chris has a new freeze-dryer she’s learning to use. She writes about her experience here.

Finally, you want to produce as much food as possible. Whether you are in the city or on acreage, this course will help. We also have a physical paperback collection of all the food acquisition and preservation articles from The OP available here.

However you do it, whether it’s extra canned goods at the grocery store, freeze-drying or otherwise preserving your garden goodies, or buying buckets, now is the time to pull the trigger.


I think another incredibly important prep is medication. Not just a collection of OTC stuff but prescription medication. There’s one place I know where I can get human-grade prescription meds for a wide variety of issues. The Wellness Company offers prescription drug packages for emergencies, and I’ve got one for every member of my household. This means there’s enough of each medication to treat all of us if necessary. When I got mine, the experience was smooth and comfortable and I received my medications very quickly. I wrote about the experience here.

Here are some of the health concerns that can be treated with the contents of the kit.

On top of this, I have a great OTC kit, some meds I purchased when traveling, and a lot of fish antibiotics. I also strongly recommend learning how to make your own herbal medicines well before you must rely on this vital skill.


I wouldn’t be at all surprised if ammunition was another thing that was rationed or difficult to come by should war occur. I’m stocking up on what I can, as I can. A gun isn’t of much use if you have nothing to put in it.

Precious metals

What do you need to hang on to your hard-earned savings and get through to the other side with your personal wealth intact? Precious metals have long been the savings accounts of the savvy. I know, I know. You can’t eat gold. But you can put it back, hidden carefully, and use it to re-establish yourself once things have calmed down.

There will be expenses involved after any kind of conflict or collapse. Many people lost their homes in the South after the Civil War when they could not pay the outrageous property taxes demanded by the Union. You can be assured that any government will be eager to refurbish their coffers with property tax dollars after such an expensive undertaking as war. We’ve already talked about how the dollar is losing its power – but gold and silver will not. In fact, central banks all over the world are heavily investing.

I have a company I use for precious metals purchases. ITM Trading is really big on education, which is why I like to work with them. I’ve learned so much in my consultations, and there’s no obligation or pressure. If you’re not sure whether gold is for you, I recommend you call and get your own personal consultation. It will help you to make your decision, and this is a company you can really trust.

Remember, this is not something you will necessarily plan to spend DURING the hard times. It’s a way to protect your savings through the hard times so that you have something of value left after the fact.


Imagine being in a situation in which you know the country has been invaded, but telecommunications are down. Your phone doesn’t work, there’s no news on the television, and there’s no internet. You NEED to be able to communicate and learn what’s going on so you can keep your family safe. You’ll want to check on loved ones far away.

Ham radio is the answer. Aden discusses some inexpensive, simple ones in this article. I’m working on getting my license using his study guide, found here (it’s so awesome!) and, finally, check out his book on emergency communications here.

Miscellaneous items

I also recommend some of the following miscellaneous preps:

  • Take care of any medical or dental problems.
  • Get shoes for the whole family (grab a size up for kids).
  • Get winter coats, gloves, hats, and scarves if needed.
  • Get new tires for your vehicles.
  • Take care of any automotive repairs you’ve been putting off.
  • Fill up your propane tank or get whatever heating fuel you may need and keep it topped off.
  • Get your septic tank pumped.

Taking care of these things in advance is not outrageous – it’s something that you can do and be assured you’ll use at some point.

What about you?

These preps don’t capture the horrors of nuclear war or the destruction of a ground war here on American soil. This is a guideline, a course of action to get you through everyday life during a conflict. There are many things beyond our control, but these things are within our grasp, and they make a lot of sense.

Are you concerned about the advent of World War III? Are you taking any particular steps to prep for it? What shortages would you expect to see arise in the event of a global conflict?

Let’s discuss how to prep for war in the comments section.

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Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, adventure-seeking, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty; 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived; and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. Her work is widely republished across alternative media and she has appeared in many interviews.

Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books, 12 self-published books, and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses at SelfRelianceand You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • The one thing i read a lot is people comparing the coming SHFT with WW2. I don’t, it is not comparable….in WW2 in occupied Europe law enforcement was intact and doing what it always does, control the people and sell the picture of protection. This was in a white continent, with mostly religious people….Christian values…

    Now Europe is a heap of cultures, colors and sektarian madness….war is now between races, religions and plain crooks, police will be split in different groeps and not controlling but also taking….for free of course.

    What is coming is pure killing, and if you do not participate and if you are not in a group you will go down.
    In the subburb of St. Denis in Paris alone about 400.000 illegal migrants are sitting, if the food goes they will scatter, and take. Same goes for those wanting to expand the Reich of allah…the list goes on. This whole scenario of doom makes prepping and staying in one place a big problem…

    Me, i go for motion, transport to move, hide or run. I fixed up spare engines for both van and motorcycles…and spending my savings on small items i will need and not be able to get in shtf. More fuel would be handy but there will be enough….got some tubes with manual sifoning pumps though….invest in the tools , not just in the end product….

    To invest in loads of ammo does not word here, all licensed but, the governement has them so i will get it from there, my tax money, my guns, my ammo. I paid for them, not those carring the stuff…when SHTF there is no one whop will take care of your food or safety, just you.

    A compound bow is a good investment…

    Wish you well, this is part of life and the world, our ancsetors lived through their times of SHTF and wars, other shit, why should we not?

    Regard, Duchesne

    • Have you thought about wood powered steam vehicles? Or using alcohol to power a vehicle?
      Some older vehicles can be converted to use these alternative fuels.

      • I know the how and why i don’t….now. In the Netherlands there is a road legal Volvo burning wood en driving on woodgas…about 1 kilo dried wood for each 3 km’s and loss of power, so a quick getaway is not in the picture…still…if i lived really rural…woodgas burner would be a good choice…gas, oil for lubrication and oil to burn….all out of a piece of wood………..

        • Do you think you will have safe access to roads in a shtf situation?
          You will be extremely vulnerable on the road.
          If your plan is to relocate you need to be there ahead of time.
          Have all your stuff there already so you can abandon the vehicle if needs be and go on foot.
          Best study the x country route on Google Earth now.

    • Have you thought about a good air rifle? I know there are a few that can kill up to a 20 lb animal. There quite & the ammo is cheap & plenty full

    • Remember that car will run on grain alcohol. I don’t remember the proof needed. My point is to invest in a still, memorize the temps for methyl and ethyl, and make sure the connection DO NOT use lead-based solder. (Maybe invest in solder, too, or teflon tape.)

      Any sap that has sugars in it, or some kinds of wood, can be used in a pinch. Grains, including large grain grass seeds, are better. Sugar cane/beets or potatoes are great. (Potatos may be as low need as tomatos. “Grow tomatos in this hanging thing.” Potatos are definitely resistant to brackish water – read about Netherlands potato farming.)

      All this to say… remember ALL the fuels your vehicle will use. (And all the oils that fill in for mineral oils, to keep the motor lubed. Another possible use for a still.)

  • The crash is coming. Either financial or militarily or both. The division in America is most concerning and will likely boil over at some point – 2024 election? Neighbor turning on neighbor is likely and no matter how well you prep, it is going to be tough going.

    • In order to keep its head about water for just one more day, the Federal Reserve has now permitted Chinese-controlled banks to take stakes in US banks (2014 event). This is a nefarious invasion of the U.S. economy. Subsequently, we have witnessed a major shift in the percentage of the U.S. debt owned by Chinese vs. the Federal Reserve. This is the beginning of the end for the dollar, the U.S. economy, your standard of living, your assets, your freedoms and for many of you, your very lives. Now how are things looking especially when one day China takes over.

    • That situation is happenuing in my country in three weeks…either the madness gets stopped, or the mad go crazy…

  • yep concerned about it….hubs doesnt seem to care about planning/prepping….no securing house, etc. I do have stocked pantry, meds, extra clothes, all things you mention….but biggest fear is losing all our retirement…he also says you cant eat metals….do have some silver from grandfather’s collection, but hubs wont spend anything for a few bits of gold, silver or anything….but he’ll be the first to yell/bellow when there isnt any retirement funds… what to do? well, afraid if we get to WWIII, we’re not gonna need to worry about any of it anyway…..stay well and safe my friends…..

    • KT, I’m in the exact same predicament, with the hubs having his head in the normalcy bias sand. I’ve been the one to do all the prepping and thinking through of a SHTF situation. It’s frustrating, but you can only do what you can do and get yourself right with God. All the best to you!

      • Theresa, I think in times like these and especially if war comes to the USA, the only planning is going to need to be “SPIRITUAL”!!! Physical is good and all those day in the gym will surely be of benefit, but emotionally/mentally and spiritually are our best ways to prepare… We must plan as we can, pray for the best and that will be it. We are NOT in control of what we have no control over!!! Blessings…

        • Just hope I go quickly! 😉 I ask God to show me & my husband what we need to know & do to protect ourselves ‘as best as we can for this time’. Otherwise it is so overwhelming that we forget to live & enjoy today. I want to spend our remaining days with our grown kids one earth but I know we will be in a much better place one day. And that is comforting.

          Some may say I’m ignorant but I don’t want to miss the forest through the trees. Stress kills.

        • 100% agreement with you. I’ve been living in fight or flight mode for over 5 years and it’s taken its toll. I am giving this all to God because this is not our battle but His.

      • theresa, understand….I am right with God. that’s my comfort in this mess, its gonna get worse, here on the homeland too, but like the ones in the little places wish I could get out of here…not gonna happen. so prepared as much as can be, have physical issues that prevents me and hubs from buggin out. so wish well to everyone, God bless and stay safe. oops, gotta go get some herbs for tea….lol

    • Start asking for gold jewelry as gifts from him. Or start buying some for yourself , it’s a way to get around his reluctance and still take care of yourself.

        • lol dont think thru the years that thought hasnt entered my mind…but too late now…at least hes company…last of my pets have died, but still might give a home to a few more….

    • I’m in exact situation as well. Hubby thinks I’m nuts. Also the neighbors one one block I thought might possibly pull together in shtf are a no go. I saw their true colors a few months ago and know exactly what they’ll be doing, taking. Neighbors across street are preppers n we just found out a few weeks ago. The husband is talking to my husband about importance of prepping so hopefully he’ll get through. All we can do is to continue to pray and prepare. My brothers coming down here next week to help me fortify the house and property. Hubby is not happy but hey, he’s not doing anything so he can bigger off. Hubby will be first one to turn me in to fema gestapo when his retirement is gone and he can’t buy beer

      • TexasAntigone, the National Public Radio program This American Life has an old episode (number 296) called “After the Flood,” about life in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I believe it can be downloaded for free or a transcript can be read online. I thought you might find this episode useful because it shows (although it’s never explicitly stated) that in the event of a disaster, one should not expect much if any empathy or tangible assistance from the government. FEMA’s mission as I understand it is not to protect the public, but to ensure sufficient resources for the government to continue operating. If we’re to be prepared for potential disruption of supply chains, transportation, etc., it’s up to us to bring about that preparedness.

  • Yes Daisy, these are perilous times. This is a very informative article. I hope that people are paying attention. You seem to have a knack for predicting an outcome in the near future. I have followed you these past 5 yrs. or maybe more and your articles have helped my husband and I to prepare for some disasters that was not being talked about by the media until after your article came out. I’m not saying you are a prophet, that’s silly, I’m just saying that you are one of the very few who tells it like you see it. And everything you put in this article is very true. We have prepared, and now we are moving to a small Mayberry type town in NC. Great article, we try to pass on our knowledge to other people of what is happening and what is coming, sometimes they pay attention!

    • HEY Pamela Duffy… I just happen to live in a Mayberry type place in N.C. It’s actually right in between 2 villages and the closest Walmart is 16 miles away. There are 3 of them in 3 towns but NOTHING close to here. We have no Lowe’s or Home Depot and only 4 fast food places here at all. Very limited. Only 2 grocery stores. One is small and the other is like medium size, no large or supere stores here anywhere… SO that sounds like a wise choice. I live over in the western part of this state. So far we are peaceful but not sure how much longer that will last. The neighbors could be more friendly. That would be a concern when the SHTF!!! I hope you enjoy the new place… The elevation here is at about 2,200… so we get no hurricanes and no real tornadoes. Only one bad wind storm since I moved over here and that was in May of 2018… Blessings. WKR

      • Hi, Wandakate. I’m also in the mountains of western NC, about 12 miles outside the city limits of the county seat. When I moved here more than 20 years ago, the only business I used that was within walking distance (roughly two miles one way) was my auto mechanic. I guess if there’s only one nearby business, that’s a good one to have. 8^)

    • I agree. I have learned so much on here. It’s helped my husband have another viewpoint on the situations around us instead of just pushing an icky ‘don’t want to think about it’ thought aside. Preparing for certain situations can really empower you (I can’t believe we never had back up water for the septic system with a household of 6!)

      The wood stove advice was the beginning! 😉 We are grateful to all on here over the years.

  • I live in Florida about 45 miles South from a known Nuke target (KSC). I’m probably outside any destruction zone but not Fallout area (if the wind blows my direction). I’ve done the “Nuke Me” computer simulation (interesting but scary at the same time).
    My neighbors and others always ask, “What’s with the small mound (20’x10’x3′) in your backyard?”
    My answer…….”nothing, it’s always been there.” Actually it’s “something”. You can guess from the subject of this comment what it is. My Dad put in back in the 60’s after the Cuban Missile Crisis (another clue). Currently I use it as a root cellar. The entrance is not visible from the outside.
    Yeah, I’m prepping for the same thing as you.

    • You may want to disguise it in some way, like putting a garden shed over it.
      I get the Civil Defense magazine and it has a lot of info about fall out,etc.

    • Sounds good Fl. Prepper… It actually sounds like something that ALL of us need but don’t have so consider yourself blessed… Lets just pray hard there is no Nuclear War or even a civil war for that matter.

  • Yes, I, too, am concerned. Not sure if we’re gonna have WW3, CW2 or a financial implosion, but preps for any will be preps for all.

    As for what to expect, rationing on a war footing from WW2 is a good place to look, but for general supplies, you don’t have to look any farther back than Covid. Supply chain disruptions and general reactions will be the same as it was a few years ago when folks suddenly realized that they were unprepared and panic buying/hoarding set in.

    Get what you need now, before the horde figures it out. That includes tools and skills to be more self-reliant, not just cans and bags of stuff.

  • First a social observation.
    In war time we need material to build the tanks, the weapons, the ammunition etc.
    We also need fighting age men.
    If you have been reading the news, you know that the military has had an issue with finding not only physically fit military aged men, but also ones that did not have some medical issues, illegal drug issues or even those without criminal records.
    Frighteningly enough, the DoD has either allowed waivers for some issues or lowered the standards. But they are still missing recruitment quotas and retention has also become an issue. Even worse is in the National Guard. A lot of Guardsmen see the writing on the wall and are getting out.
    A recent report found 68% of US Army soldiers were either overweight or obese.
    A recent US Army War College essay, pointed out in light of these issues, the all volunteer military has out lived it’s usefulness and a partial conscription force maybe required.
    In short, bring back the draft.
    Google has noted a sudden increase in searches concerning getting drafted, age for getting drafted.
    Just yesterday I read an article about how the DoD might find it difficult to fill the ranks of military aged men as Gen-Z wants nothing to do with it. It included a Tik-Toc video of a young Gen-Z male saying he would not fight.
    Who will do the fighting?
    So there is that.

    In the event of a global war, I would expect the supply chains to get greatly disrupted more so than we saw with the COVID lockdowns.
    A number of Middle-Eastern countries, even our so called allies, could use a passive-aggressive oil cut or even embargo in support of Palestine. Depending on the reactions from the Middle-Eastern countries, I am reading of oil reaching $150 a barrel. You think the price at the pump is high now? And that will have a massive ripple effect on everything.

    The current various social issues have Americans deeply divided. As Daisy mentions and links to the possibility of a second civil war, I would agree as dreadful of a thought that is.

    Things I am stocking up on. Most everything Daisy mentions above. Not the HAM part as I understand it, the FCC can come to your house and demand to see your set up. But I am looking for a shortwave receiver.
    Other things like a solar rechargeable LED lights that can also power a cell phone, or even run a tablet.
    More wool socks.
    More synthetic underware.
    Heavy duty tee-shirts.
    Wash in water repellent.
    Every time we go to the grocery store, we stop in at a liqueur store and buy half a dozen mini-bottles of whisky, vodka, rum and what ever else they have for $1.49 a bottle. Use those for trade and barter later if need be.
    I know in the past people talk about Bic-lighters. But I want a lighter that actually works. Seems to me every time I go to use a Bic, it wont work. So, I got two what I call ruggedized lighters that I can change the flints on and the wicks. Bought extra flints and wicks too.

    • I expect young women will be drafted and that illegal aliens will be given legal status if they enlist.
      I also expect those same illegal aliens to be used against legal citizens by the ruling elite.
      This is a planned gutting and destruction of the US.

      • same here in Europe…very good chance there will be a force of illegals that can get rights if serving in a sort of military construction….time is the issue here…drafting: i have a son, studying to become an engineer in something with robotics and such…and working also…if drafting would be imposed here i would kill the person who locally would be doing this for the WEF government…and all others involved. Their shit, their problem…

      • I do not disagree with your assessment illegal aliens would sign up for enlistment for legal status.
        The problem with that, is how many would really be willing to do the actual fighting or just skate along long enough to serve their term, get their legal status.
        There have been reports of conscripted Ukrainians who voluntarily left the battlefield.
        In short, they quit.
        As for the latter of the use of illegals by the elite, thank goodness for the 2ndA.

    • Thank you for mentioning the HAM inspection problem. I hope people look into that more closely because it stopped me dead from pursuing my license. (Was not looking another hobby, just SHTF way to communicate) Still have the radios, am learning to use them and sometimes listen to local emergency transmissions but I figure if it gets so ugly that I need to transmit I will take my chances rather than give any official agencies an excuse, and right, to enter my premises and “inspect” my site.
      Always value and respect your comments 1st Marine.
      Oh. And a prep I did a few years back was to purchase a dozen sets of led rechargeable headlamps. I have ben using one set for a couple of years for night chores with livestock–mostly chickens and dog walking these days. Have used solar charger at times and it worked great.

      • As a HAM enthusiast you may be aware of the “lunch box” HF radioes. These were developed in Australia for remote use for contacting the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Basically string a wire antenna up a tree, connect it to a lunch box size radio and battery, and your in business. In a modern context, for emergency comms you can set up anywhere and be mobile enough not to be visited by ‘undesirables’

    • What has not been mentioned yet about a draft is the loss of the physically fit and hard working individuals, especially tradesmen, from the economy. Who is going to fix your vehicle, house, utilities, etc when they are needed in the military due to their higher intelligence and fitness than the general population of young people? I work in a public high school and the competent and fit young people are the ones we need in the work force and the same ones the military needs. Perhaps the Army will continue to do their pre-bootcamp fitness program and remedial education to bring some individuals up to standard? Either way, expect to find it harder to pay someone for work that you need done and can’t do yourself as the young tradesmen and apprentices get drafted.

      As for the concern about those individuals who refuse to fight or do their job if drafted into military service, they are in for a wake-up call. When I was in the Navy, I saw how easy it was for higher-ups and for fellow seaman to make an individual’s life miserable and lead some to suicide. I would expect the services would have no issues in ‘motivating’ slackers and reluctant individuals to do their jobs. Either they will drive you to suicide or execute you for disobeying orders or treason.

      • Military suicide is prominent today. Many Marines have done so & it’s a tragedy no one seems to be paying attention to.

    • I wouldn’t worry about the FCC coming to your house to take your radio. If they decide to shut down ham radio you’ll be ordered to take antennas down and not transmit.

      The bigger worry is when baby Bush was in office they passed a law that they can come to your house and take all your food.

      For under the radar, radio communication make dipole antennas out of number 14 copper wire.
      They can be hidden in trees and put up and taken down in minutes you’ll need one for each frequency band.

      If you do get a visit, you only had to show them the radio they don’t get to come into your house.
      Only one person in the groups needs an HF radio and the general or extra level license
      Rest need two meter handsets and the tech license.
      Range will depend on height above ground.
      Figure roughly 1.25 times the square root of the feet above ground as the number of miles you can reach.
      If your number is seven and your friends number is seven, you can be 14 miles apart, and still communicate.

  • About ham radio: getting the technician license isn’t difficult. The General level license opens up a ton more frequencies, although at all levels you can listen to anything as long as you don’t transmit. There’s a great article about getting the technician license and why to do it in person here:

    Lastly, a point of history: during WWII hams were conscripted into service by Nazi Germany and probably a few other countries. Having the FCC permission slip means you can make friends with the local elmers, who can teach you a ton. It also means the government can come by and volunteer you for service. FYI.

  • Extra eyeglasses are good to have. I save my old ones and keep a pair in the car.
    Junk silver coins (pre-1964) are good to have. I don’t believe they have ever been confiscated and the smaller denominations can make them easier to trade with for small transactions.
    Both gold and silver can be useful for bribes.
    Plain gold wedding rings can be useful,too. Might be good to have a small scale if you will be using gold to trade with, post-SHTF.
    Alternative ways to heat and cook can be useful.
    Good time to stock up on garden seeds.
    A dehydrator is an inexpensive way to preserve food.
    Don’t forget hand tools and items needed for home repairs.
    I recommend Backwoods Home magazine and the Provident Prepper YouTube channel.
    Google Civil Defense magazine. Lots of info there.

    • A scale isn’t enough to determine if something is pure gold or silver. An easy density test that anyone can do with two simple pieces of equipment, a beaker with graduated liter measurements and a scientific scale that measures in grams, will determine the identity of a pure element. With this method you can calculate the density of an object that is claimed to be pure gold and silver. If the density equals the accepted density of pure silver or pure gold then you are assured the claim is true. We do this simple experiment in high school chemistry with other elements. Density = Mass / Volume

      • If you’re checking jewelry, you’er going to be looking at 10, 14, and karat gold. Pure gold is 24 karat.
        You will need to know the density of each one also have to account for the stainless steel clasp perhaps?

        I would recommend going to a jewelry store, getting an appraisal and know the amount of gold in each item now.

  • Sprouted wheat and rye have become more prominent in my diet over the years. It’s striking how less expensive organic wheat and rye “berries” are (if bought in bulk) than most processed food, and the former provide a lot more nutritional value. Also, the (unsprouted) berries last for years if kept sealed.

    Acquiring competence in some of the “classical” healing arts (such as herbalogy) can be a livesaver if medications should become unavailable. Herbal tinctures last for years if not decades, which is another reason to have them on hand.

    Regarding this website, I was wondering whether there was a way to view a comment if the user knows its 7-digit identifier but not its associated article. I find that there have often been more than five comments posted between the times that I view this site, which means that there are some I don’t get to see listed in the “most recent comments” list.

  • My prepping has and will remained focused on the fitness of the farm and solidifying community bonds. I’ll leave it at that.

    My wife and I have been building an extensive and comprehensive library covering a broad range of topics about plants and soils, livestock, veterinary care, home medicine, homeopathic treatments, wild plant identification and use, etc.etc.

    One big thing we’re doing is buying dvd’s, some with educational value and some purely for entertainment (yes I still have a tv/dvd player). Been down loading everything of relevance that I can think of I may need to reference. For instance, I downloaded and printed out a crapload of topo maps from usgs, just in case.

    Now that our micro processing facility is done and we have our licenses for processing pet food from unwanted organ meat and raw A2A2 milk, we are loading up on specific spices and cultures for long term storage.

    We have switched over completely to a carnivore diet. I still eat some fruit and veggies, but don’t rely on them anymore. I have a good supply of heirloom seeds if I ever change my mind.

    One thing I did do a little different, I went and bought the newest road atlas maps (Rand McN) for all my kids and sent them individual road maps of every state they may have to travel through (and Ontario and Quebec for our daughter) to get home to us. Thus, they can get here and stay off the interstate and US Hwy system. If this Dubya Dubya 3 thing or worse CW-2 happens, they need to be able to navigate the state and county roads and avoid the morons, idiots and fools on the big highways.

  • Just so happens that I am making an appt. for asap to get the CVboot on the right front wheel/tire area replaced. Hoping for an appt. soon so that will be done. And yes propane filled up and ready. Good advice.

  • Unfortunately, the USDA is reporting,
    “From 2021 to 2022, there were statistically significant increases in food insecurity and very low food security for nearly all subgroups of households described in this report,” USDA reported Wednesday.
    The report found 44.2 million Americans were living in food-insecure households in 2022, compared to 33.8 million the year before.”
    If WWIII were to break out and the expect fuel prices to go up, even more inflation, even more people will face food insecurity.
    This could even lead to more crime then we are seeing now.

  • We need to be physically and spiritually prepared. In speaking about the Holy Ghost, President Russell M. Nelson a prophet and head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently stated, “In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost. My beloved brothers and sisters, I plead with you to increase your spiritual capacity to receive revelation.” That spiritual preparation enables you to be guided in what to do to prepare! We are all in different situations and need that guidance. The spirit has told me things I needed to do that I didn’t realize were a problem and also warned me of what is coming to prepare for. Note: This is the church that has promoted being prepared for decades and helped their members to do so and to also help those who have suffered from natural disasters.

  • World War II was not really a world war in many aspects. The vast majority of the fighting was across Europe, North Africa, and the far east. The one that is coming will be a true world war. Fighting on every continent (including Antarctica), for a wide variety of reasons.

    WW II was primarily about specific leaders and cultures wanting to expand their territories, eliminate certain cultures, gain resources, and ultimately rule the entire world.

    The war we are facing now is not going to be only specific countries and cultures fighting each other but everyone against everyone else. Culture against culture, race against race, wealth against poverty, religion against religion, all the way down to individuals against individuals.

    I have been preparing for global nuclear war for over 50 years. I still am not where I want to be, primarily due to health issues that have required me to sell off some preps several times to pay medical bills. I have been able to slowly rebuild my stocks, but am still nowhere near where I hope to be.

    Much of my prepping for the coming war is researching options, evaluating equipment, taking all the training I can afford, and building my library. If/when I can I will obtain a piece of property and turn it into a prepper homestead. If I have the time to do so before the coming war starts.

    Those are all mid- to long-term plans. Right now I am going through all of my preps, reorganizing everything so I know where everything is and do an inventory to find out what all I have and what I do not have and need to get as soon as I can.

    My primary war plan is to maintain a very low profile and adopt a gray-person persona. Continue to build up both hardware and consumables as fast as I can.

    My biggest concern is that people around me will be looking for food and everything else shortly after the fall of local, regional, national, and worldwide infrastructures. Once that happens, the only way for many people to get what they need to survive is to take it from anyone that has it,

    We will not go back in time and live as people did in previous eras. There was always (almost) still some form of infrastructure and people were still able to get things from other than the local area. It was often limited and very expensive, but someone, somewhere was producing items that people needed and wanted, and could get them from where they were being produced.

    I will be vastly different this time. Almost the entire worldwide and regional infrastructures will no longer exist. If you do not already have what you need, or can produce it yourself, you will have to do without it. I am trying to get to the point where I can do that for various products and even services.

    I stock some trade goods to obtain services which I cannot do myself or anyone in my circle of prepper groups cannot do. There are so many skills that will be necessary that no one person or even a group can have. Someone that needs help to survive that has the skills will be more than willing to help you in return for food or whatever else you have to trade that they need.

    I have started monitoring more closely regional, US, and world communications, to get information that has not been run through the biased MSM filters. Or simply is not being reported at all. Knowing what is happening and what is coming will go a long way to ensuring I will be ready to deal with whatever it is.

    There is still so much I need and want to do to be more ready for the war when it begins to affect me more directly. All I can do is keep plugging along, doing what I can afford when I can afford it.

    Oh. One last thing. Mindset. A long time ago I realized that there were things I simply would not survive. An asteroid impact right on top of me, as an example. Once specific medications I use run out and there is no suitable homeopathic substitute, I will not last long at all.

    Realizing that you or loved ones may (will) die if certain things happen is hard to deal with. Consider things like that you do not even want to think about. Because if you do not, if/when it happens dealing with it will be much more difficult and could be debilitating. You might not be able to prevent something from happening, but at least you will have some kind of plan on how to deal with it and can do so without completely falling apart.

    There are so many more things that I do, need to do, want to do, and am in the process of doing I cannot list all of them. The mental acceptance that bad things are going to happen, some of which I will not be able to survive and some that friends and family will not survive intact has allowed me to make some of the preps that people do not like to consider, and since they do not, when one of them happens they are clueless as to how handle it.

    That is it for now. Speaking of medications, I need to take my noon meds now as I am really starting to hurt.

    Just my opinion.


    Jerry D Young
    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and always remember TANSTAAFL
    (“There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” Manny, from The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress by Robert A Heinlein)

  • Are you taking any particular steps to prep for it? Yes, getting a tetanus booster today. Stockpiled Rx meds and eye glasses. Been getting spiritually prepped with Jesus most of all. Shalom and Godspeed to all.

    • definitely would not be getting ANY shots anymore. Try colloidal silver instead! Hope I’m not too late in telling you.

  • Glad to see you mention getting the septic pumped. Too many overlook the obvious things that are required to make our simple comforts what they are.
    Tools are a must. If you have a generator make sure that you have all the tools to repair it. Engine oil too. Guns, cars, stoves, chainsaws, all things with moving parts will require tools, some require very specialized tools, to keep them running.
    And don’t forget skills. Medical, clothing, shelter, and other ordinary repairs will be done by the local repairman, you.
    Stay safe and be prepared.

  • I don’t think I saw potassium iodide mentioned, and if things get really ugly it won’t be sufficient, but I do have that for each family member.
    I worry about a draft…my kids are 18 and 16. They have dual citizenship so could potentially shift to another country but I’m sure they would be drafted there too.
    I’m focused on finally learning to pickle, which is something I have kept talking about for YEARS…and learning to pressure can food once I get that going.
    I’m refreshing my garden and trying to figure out a water catchment (our roofing material is toxic, unfortunately).
    Our home would be extremely hard to defend and gun ownership is not easy here or affordable for us, sadly.
    Many of our friends are somewhat aware how bad things are but prefer to just cross their fingers and get on with life and not “live in fear” etc, but I think it is foolish not to prep at least to some degree.
    My biggest fear is famine, and the chaos that would go along with that. This will sound very negative, but if we get nuked I’d rather just die quickly because we live near a prime target.
    I do see this as a spiritual war. I wish I had been raised Christian, because it is not something I can easily relate to, and faith just isn’t something I honestly have, but of course I live and support Judeao-Christian morality, and I try to be a good person. I’m not sure how to “get good with Jesus” really, but I guess that is something on my mind too.

    • Do you have a Bible? Open it and read the Book of John. If you want to “get good with Jesus,” you just need to admit you need Him and ask Him to come into your heart. Religions often make this sound more complicated than it is. Pray. Open the door and He will come to you.

      • Yes! It TRULY is that easy. God does not trick anyone. The devil does. He is everywhere today!! That is why the world is so upside down right now!

        John 14:6- Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Romans 10:9, “if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

        We all fail every day, living ‘well’ is not measured as salvation in order to go to Heaven. No one can take salvation from once you’ve asked God to save you. There is no magical wand that makes things wonderful afterwards. There will always be trouble. There’s just a sort of peace you’ve not felt before. And that is the Holy Spirit inside you guiding you, it’s important to understand the voice.

        Sorry, bunny trailed a bit. 😉

      • Yes, you ask Jesus into your heart, but you also have to come to the understanding that he is the Son of God that he lived a sinless life and died on the cross as the perfect sacrifice for all sin. There is no remittance of sin without the shedding of blood. Christ’s shed His blood as payment for our sin. Only by accepting that blood as payment for your sins are you saved.

        Here are some really good sermons on the topic.

        If the link gets corrupted, go to find Pastor John Weaver in the speakers, then search the word “saved”.

        What sets Christianity apart from all other religions is Grace.
        There is nothing we have to do other than except the sacrifice that Christ made for us to go to heaven.
        A Christian does not need to work his way into heaven.
        Salvation is a free gift from the God that created us.
        all we have to do is accept it.
        You’re still going to sin after you become a Christian, but you simply acknowledge the sin ask God to forgive you, and do your best to live as his word instructs us.

        This mess right now, it’s Gods judgment on people who have refused to follow his Law.
        This mess has been building since Adam and Eve got kicked out of the garden.

        Those who are Christians and understand the Bible and history, and all history is God’s history, understand this.
        Read the prophets,
        Search Pastor Weaver’s sermons for the series “where we are and how we got here”
        Also, “how God destroys nations”.

        We are told to prepare physically, spiritually and materially, but we’re also told

        Proverbs 21:31
        “The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the Lord.”

        Christ told his disciples after he returned to heaven he would send the comforter, that is the Holy Spirit, to be with them in their heart. The Holy Spirit helps us to understand the Scriptures and what is going on.
        God gives understanding to the extent of the effort that you put into studying His Word.

    • Winter leaf, it’s not hard to get right with Jesus. Just believe in your heart that He was born of a virgin, hung on the cross and died, and rose three days later. Now talk to your new friend. He’s waiting.

  • The US won’t survive a war. Too many entitled people, golden p*^^ies who just can’t handle doing things for the cause. Yeah, same peeps who whine about paying taxes, the homeless, the poor etc.. ya know, all those inconveniences.
    And as always, those with money will do much better in any difficult situation. The black market always exists.

    • I agree with you absolutely.
      Just read an article and with the videos of a bunch of Gen-Z who cannot deal with working a regular 9-5 job.

      Another one where he said he is heading for the hills if the draft was enacted. Who he did say should go do the fighting? People who were pro-2ndA.

      Another not only said he would not fight, but also blamed capitalism . . . okay, I can actually agree with him on that one but only to a degree. Capitalism did bring us things like social media and smartphones. As we have seen, social media is a cause of a degree of mental illness. Just last night the wife and I got together with friends to dine out. We noted the degree of the lack of actual physical interaction young people have nowadays. A friend of mine teaches Jr. High, and High School. Back in our day, between classes the halls would be a cacophony of chatter, laughing as masses of students went to and fro their next class. Now, she says it is nearly silent as students stare into their phones and do not speak at all. She says they have even worse communication skills than Gen-Z.
      Capitalism also gave us advances in food production, leading to cheaper food. Unfortunately it also lead to cheaper food i.e. Ultra-processed food stuff.
      The thing about capitalism is, we all have free will to not stare into that smartphone for 4.8hrs a day. We have free will not to buy a box of ultra-sugar bombs cereal. We have free will not to buy 64oz Big Gulp. We have free will not to dine out 3-4 times a week at fast food or highly processed food sit down restaurant. We have free will not to go to college, get into high debt for a useless degree that will not pay anything close to what the useless degree is worth.
      Interesting part about Mr. anti-capitalism, he claimed this country is in a crisis that has never been seen before. He seems to have forgotten The Great Depression. Or perhaps he never learned about it. And he made this claim with a straight face as he sat in what appeared to be a nice apartment, he had ear buds in, wearing nice clothing, and appeared to be what I would call a slightly more than healthy weight.

      Yes, I agree with you absolutely. There are a lot of people in America with very soft hands and even softer intestinal fortitude or as you put it, “Too many entitled people, golden p*^^ies who just can’t handle doing things for the cause.”
      These are also the same people who complain about wages not keeping up with the cost of living, working a regular 9-5 job, their college debt for useless degrees, etc.

  • I’m glad you mentioned shoes as they have been on my mind. I have a small farm and keep extra muck boots for the kids when they come but lately I’ve felt an urgency to add regular shoes.
    I also have been adding to my feed supply since winter will soon arrive.

  • Don’t be prepared for war. I predict peace.

    For example, as It is said In the decree “On the approval of the Concept of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation”, which the president signed on March 23, 2023:

    II. The modern world: the main trends and prospects of development

    7. Humanity is going through an era of revolutionary changes. The formation of a more just, multipolar world continues. The non-equilibrium model of world development, which for centuries ensured the outstripping economic growth of colonial powers by appropriating the resources of dependent territories and states in Asia, Africa and the Western Hemisphere, is irreversibly going into the past. Sovereignty is being strengthened and the competitive capabilities of non-Western world powers and regional leaders are increasing. The structural restructuring of the world economy, its transfer to a new technological basis (including the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies, the latest information and communication, energy, biological technologies and nanotechnologies), the growth of national consciousness, cultural and civilizational diversity and other objective factors accelerate the processes of redistribution of development potential in favor of new centers of economic growth and geopolitical influence, contribute to the democratization of international relations. …”

    Are you see? I told you that everything would be fine on a global level.
    With nanobiotechnology, 5 and 6 G, and AI for all!

  • We have the same geographical advantage we had in both world wars—two oceans. Nuclear war seems unlikely. We still have massive retaliation available to us. The biggest threat is massive economic collapse. If the dollar fails, the economy will stall at least for awhile.
    Many of the items on your list could be used as barter if absolutely necessary. My other concern is forced food sharing by the government.
    “Why should rich people get to keep all the food, while poor children starve?”, will be the justification. Get ready, diversify your storage if possible, and keep your pie hole shut.
    One other practical suggestion : long underwear. Unless you live in the desert, heat will be hard to come by.

  • Just bought myself a case of Hot Hands this morning! I like to tuck them into the glove compartments & the emergency bins in each vehicle too.

    I can’t tell you how many parents/grandparents sit at their kids ball games freezing & tell me ‘I never thought of thaaaat’. Duh.

  • I know I’m going to regret this, but… dice with multiple sides and gaming counters can be bought in silver. Their for bragging rights, not investing. But… what are they made of??

  • Blue sky thought:

    Put dry ice in a tub that’s not so deep that you can’t reach the bottom without putting your head in. Once the dry ice evaporates, test it with a match or candle – the flame will go out in the carbon dioxide. Then, pour your grains to store into the tub. Wait a few minutes, then stir and wait longer (how long does it take for CO2 to displace the O2 and N2?). Place the to-be-filled container in the tub. (You may want pre-fill these with CO2, by setting them on their side in another tub of CO2.) Fill. Close and seal.

    This should keep weevils down, as they need air that’s trapped when grains are packed. BE CAREFUL, though. The tub contents will knock you out if you try to breathe them.

    • I’d recommend, and been successful using hand warmers as oxygen absorbers.
      They also absorb moisture in the process of absorbing the oxygen.
      Actually, there’s a chemical reaction between iron, salt, and moisture that uses up the oxygen.
      I just tear the pouch open and place it on top of whatever is in the bucket and seal it up.
      That is probably the exact same thing in the pouches placed in freeze dried food.

      I also have a device that will draw a vacuum on quart jars and this has worked very well.

      Silica gel is not that expensive if you buy in bulk and it’s a great way to lower moisture levels to near zero if you want.
      Picks up 40% of its weight in water and you can recharge it in the oven.

  • While that med kit is nice, it is expensive and is a bunch of pharma toxins. I have had flawless success for more than a decade using Oregano oil extract, Echinacea/Goldenseal extract, Zinc/C lozenges, Colloidal Silver. Detoxing from picking up shedding with DMSA is miraculous, and I understand Zeolite is good as well as it also passes the BBB. All this is much cheaper and more effective as I’ve found that if I take it within a couple of hours or feeling a virus or cold come on, it will kill it before the day is done.

    • +1 on the zeolite. We detoxed the ponies, cow herd and sheep flock with it as well. The ash fallout from Canada hit me personally (physically) and the grass and hay crop hard. The zeolite has been a miracle for us and the herd and flock health.

      We originally got it for ourselves, then discovered it was good on the horses, so, we just kept giving it to the rest of the farm.

    • I’ve had success with oregano oil too. It’s a great anti-parasite (just like ivermectin). We all have them (parasites), more than our own DNA. Top specialists (the REAL ones) have found this bioweapon has been crafted to work with our own parasites to turn on any disease/cancers already in our bodies.

      Cut out the sugars & garbage immediately.

  • All good information on prepping. I’ve been aware and have been feeling this coming since the mid 70’s! I was born into this that is coming and here now for a reason. But, even though it is what it is…a very scary and trying time for many, remember this……this moment here on the earth, in this time that we are in….in this realm or dimension, this is not all there is! There was something from where I came from before I got here……and there is something beyond this place that I Am in. And this moment that I Am living within right now is temporary. All things come to pass. That’s the physical world or realm we live shall come to pass. We are more, greater than what is, because of what is within us….the Presence of Him within us! That is the only part of who we are that goes on. It is the part that matters! And nothing in this outer world has power over that…unless you give it or allow it. So….the only real point in time that matters is NOW. It’s the only guarantee you have….this present moment! NOW. And in this NOW moment….in every NOW moment, the choice is up to you in how you live it. In joy….or in despair and fear. The world and it’s agents will storm up the fear as they did during Coved to get you out of this present moment so that you do not…enjoy the moment and you live in fear….by doing so….and you allowing it to happen….you lose the moment. What’s the importance of that? Well….only in this moment, right now..can you experience His PRESENCE. You can not do it in the past….and the future never really arrives….because….its always NOW! But….there is an effort to move your thought to the future…which removes you from the NOW. Be Still…and Know That I Am! Still the mind, stop the thoughts….and be present in the NOW where he is and you are….and come to KNOW Thyself as who you are! Not the person you think you are or think you see when you look in the mirror in the morning….but the PRESENCE within that was placed there…..the creation of His Image that we all are…that was placed within us! And..tbere is no power greater than that. As for out there……well, stay awake, aware and alert in the moment and allow yourself to be led by your heart….not by your head!
    One more note to all the prepping….I didn’t see anybody mention drinking water… might want to make sure you have drinking water….because…tap water is already no good and hasn’t been good for a long time. Tons of junk in it including fluoride which the Germans used for brainwashing….this that we are zeeing….this infiltration and attack from within pur country by those we thought we could trust….has been planned and coming for a very long time!

  • First and foremost: get inland “red county rural”, “gathered together”, gunned, “System-D simplified”, gardened on parcel of UNemcumbered “arable alloidim” and . . . get “very neighborly”. Oh, and for the parenting, . . . HOME-school. All it takes is just One in such a current circumstance collaborating w/ vetted awaken “urbies” eager to do same. Only way to help others is by helping Oneself first.

  • Instead of gold, which is expensive and in demand, I’ve been buying silver. Coins, jewelry, some varied silver bars (1 and 2 ounce sizes).

  • There comes a point to where due diligence makes no difference in being “prepared” for what’s coming. While I do my best to prepare with what very minimal means I have available, I simply cannot worry about what is, or might, be coming. The worry, stress, and anxiety are just not worth it. Put it in the Lord’s hands. Only then will you truly be prepared.

  • You can purchase and stock up on all the items you want to, but eventually they’re gonna run out if the factories are not running to produce goods or the farms are not able to get the food to market.

    Learning to do without an item, could be more valuable than having the item.

    Getting a garden spot tilled up and ready to plant could be extremely valuable if you’re in a location where you can defend it
    Even if it’s just the flowerbeds converted from shrubbery to vegetables
    Get the pH right the fertilizers you need, and the organic matter turned into the soil.
    Plan on at least a quarter an acre per person
    There’s a lot you need to know about growing your own food so you are gonna need about a dozen books to cover everything from seed, saving, companion planting, identification of weeds and bugs, food preservation, composting and natural fertilizers.
    If you’re just starting out, I would recommend a book on seed saving now and buy 5×3-8 you think you need
    Stay away from exotic and odd vegetables go with the basics even if you don’t have the land, you’ll have the seeds as an amazing barter item.

  • Daisy, I asked you earlier this year “when is enough enough?”.
    Events since then now make me believe there never is enough. While many variants have the same outcome and duration many will not. Regardless of what event takes place, without food, water and medical supplies you won’t last long when everything goes south.

    • “Enough” depends on your individual circumstance.
      If you’re a brittle, diabetic enough insulin will depend on your ability to keep it viable. If you don’t have a generator and fuel or an absorption refrigerator that will run on wood or trash to keep it cool there’s no used to have a 10 year supply of insulin as it will go bad.
      Apply that to other items such as tomato products they don’t last all that long in storage perhaps five years past the date on the can and I have experienced that.

      What is your age and physical abilities and health? If you don’t have that much time left anyway, focus on helping your family because you won’t be here anyhow.

      If you have few skills outside your job in an office, then you’re gonna need a lot more than someone like myself who is most likely in the 90 to 95 percentile of handyman and woodcraft skills with a Garden wooded land in a river nearby.
      However, all that comes down to being able to defend it and depend on the friends I think I have to work together.

      If you are in a situation where you can grow your own food and defend it, you need to focus on seeds and books on the subject, as well as tools more than storing beans in buckets.
      If the ground is not already prepared and productive, then plan on 2 to 3 years for new ground to have the weeds eliminated the soil amended and the nutrients in balance, so you need enough food to get you to that point.

      There is also paper and hygiene products to consider you better learn how to do without those now, because toilet paper is a convenience.

      Same with drugs and medication’s if you can grow the necessary herbs, you won’t need as much off the shelf medicine.

      If you cannot defend what you have and hide what you have because it is now legal for the government to come to your house, ransack and take all of your food for the common good in a martial law situation, as well as your firearms you don’t need that much. In that case, your focus needs to be an alternative location you can safely go to another family member perhaps, and go ahead and set up, living quarters and your material there.
      When the time comes, you’re bad in your home go to this location and that’s your new home for a time or permanently.
      This needs to be somebody you’re willing to give your stuff to should you be trapped in unable to travel.

      I did not intend to go on and on but you seem to be very very new to this line of thinking.
      To answer your question “enough” “depends”.

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