There’s an Actual Playbook for Everything Happening Right Now and the US Wrote It. But Who Is Using It Against Us?

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While it might seem like everything that is happening is just chaotically bouncing from one shocking event to the next, that assessment couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s a playbook – a literal playbook – and we’re being manipulated toward the endgame that does not benefit the American people.

What’s the endgame?

Spoiler alert.

It’s widespread guerrilla actions and the destabilization of our country.

What’s this playbook?

The playbook I’m referring to in this article is the US Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Manual from 2010. These were methods that the United States military employed against Libya.

The intent of U.S. UW efforts is to exploit a hostile power’s political, military, economic, and psychological vulnerabilities by developing and sustaining resistance forces to accomplish U.S. strategic objectives. Historically, the military concept for the employment of UW was primarily in support of resistance movements during general-war scenarios. While this concept remains valid, the operational environment since the end of World War II has increasingly required U.S. forces to conduct UW in scenarios short of general war (limited war).

Enabling a resistance movement or insurgency entails the development of an underground and guerrilla forces, as well as supporting auxiliaries for each of these elements. Resistance movements or insurgencies always have an underground element. The armed component of these groups is the guerrilla force and is only present if the resistance transitions to conflict. The combined effects of two interrelated lines of effort largely generate the end result of a UW campaign. The efforts are armed conflict and subversion. Forces conduct armed conflict, normally in the form of guerrilla warfare, against the security apparatus of the host nation (HN) or occupying military. Conflict also includes operations that attack and degrade enemy morale, organizational cohesion, and operational effectiveness and separate the enemy from the population. Over time, these attacks degrade the ability of the HN or occupying military to project military power and exert control over the population. Subversion undermines the power of the government or occupying element by portraying it as incapable of effective governance to the population. (source)

And now this guideline is very clearly being used against the United States. It started years back, but recently, we’ve watched things escalate rather dramatically.

Here’s the guideline.

Consider this a pyramid that begins at the bottom and builds to the apex. This all begins with underground activities and the fanning of legitimate flames, like Selco mentioned in his article about defunding the police.

Does that stuff look familiar? It should because we’re more than three-quarters of the way through this escalation.

The causes are not unjust.

The thing that makes this technique so effective is that the causes themselves are not unjust. They are things that would rightly anger any reasonable, compassionate human being.

Most white people don’t want to see people of other races suffer indignities and violence based on the color of their skin. (I say “most” because there are always outliers and extremists.) Most Americans in general do not want to see police brutality. They don’t want to see families split up or people imprisoned for decades for victimless crimes.

Let me be perfectly clear when I say that it is not unreasonable or wrong to be outraged and want things to change. I hate some of the things I’ve seen our government and police officers do and have written about these misdeeds for years.

But this article isn’t about whether or not our anger is justified. It is an assessment of a playbook.

All of this outrage over injustice forms the foundation of something that can be used against us. The agitation has been building up for years – far longer than President Trump has been in office – so as much as people love to hate him, he isn’t the cause of all this. But he’s certainly not making things go any more smoothly.

An early timeline

Everything I’m writing about today is about how our government in the past has encouraged a resistance in other countries, and how a resistance is being nurtured here in the United States right now.

So what does it take to cause people to be angry enough to resist?

Resistance generally begins with the desire of individuals to remove intolerable conditions imposed by an unpopular regime or occupying power. Feelings of opposition toward the governing authority and hatred of existing conditions that conflict with the individual’s values, interests, aspirations, and way of life spread from the individual to his family, close friends, and neighbors. As a result, an entire community may possess an obsessive hatred for the established authority. Initially, this hatred will manifest as sporadic, spontaneous nonviolent and violent acts of resistance by the people toward authority. As the discontent grows, natural leaders, such as former military personnel, clergymen, local office holders, and neighborhood representatives, emerge to channel this discontent into organized resistance that promotes its growth. The population must believe they have nothing to lose, or more to gain. (source)

There can be more than one resistance going on at a time, too. Currently, everything that is in the news is about the resistance that has sprung up over the death of George Floyd. A few months ago, it was about the sanctuary cities in Virginia standing up against state legislators.

Resistance organizations have been around for years: Black Lives Matter, the NRA, Antifa, the Boogaloo movement, the Black Bloc, the Gun Owners of America. I’m just listing off examples of organizations here, not passing judgment whether they’re good or bad. I’ll bet that most people who join do so because of their own deeply held beliefs. They sincerely feel they’re doing the right thing and have the best of intentions.

But then there are the other people who join – the infiltrators – and they take these kinds of organizations to dark places. Much has been written about the involvement of the Communist Party, neo-Nazis, George Soros, and white supremacists in various groups. And while some of it may be the stuff of legends and propaganda, a lot of it is very likely to be true.

This is where “useful idiots” come into play.

Those who want to see an insurgency then tag some “useful idiots” into play. This can mean people who join or get behind some of these movements or even celebrities who use their platforms to encourage others to get on board.

What are “useful idiots?” That’s a phrase used by Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB officer and Soviet defector who spilled the beans about the subversive tactics used by the Soviet Union to get Westerners to sympathize with their cause. He made a video that was (and probably still is) used to train the intelligence communities on the Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) tactics used against Americans.

You see, the useful idiots, the leftists who are idealistically believing in the beauty of Soviet socialist or Communist or whatever system, when they get disillusioned, they become the worst enemies. That’s why my KGB instructors specifically made the point: never bother with leftists. Forget about these political prostitutes. Aim higher. 

This was my instruction: try to get into large-circulation, established conservative media; really filthy-rich movie makers; intellectuals, so-called ‘academic’ circles; cynical, egocentric people who can look into your eyes with angelic expression and tell you a lie. These are the most recruitable people: people who lack moral principles, who are either too greedy or too suffer from self-importance. They feel that they matter a lot. These are the people who KGB wanted very much to recruit.

They serve purpose only at the stage of destabilization of a nation. For example, your leftists in United States: all these professors and all these beautiful civil rights defenders. They are instrumental in the process of the subversion only to destabilize a nation. When their job is completed, they are not needed anymore. They know too much. Some of them, when they get disillusioned, when they see that Marxist-Leninists come to power—obviously they get offended—they think that they will come to power. That will never happen, of course. 

They will be lined up against the wall, and shot. (source)

You can watch the entire video below. It’s long but a real education in subversive tactics.

Let’s talk some more about the “useful idiots.”

Alice Atalanta wrote a fine piece about this topic and while you may not agree with some of her conclusions, she is right on target about the “useful idiots” who Bezmenov describes:

Embedded in his rhetoric, one notable phrase repeats: “useful idiot.” It occurs 14 times throughout the nearly 3-hour interview. Celebrities, professors, politicians; none are spared the indignity of this dismissive moniker…

…To Bezmenov, “useful idiots” are the American citizens who are unwittingly manipulated and mobilized to carry out a foreign power’s bidding—while thinking it’s their own idea. For proof that these tactics are still alive and well today, one need look no further than the cacophony of celebrity voices that have banded together to self-congratulate for the donations they are making to protesters’ bailout funds. While their giving may be, at best, a genuine effort to assist peaceful protestors, and at worst, a tastelessly virtue signaling attention-grab, either way, it fulfills the 1983 prophecy of the KGB defector.

Chrissy Teigen, Seth Rogen, Mark Ruffalo, Steve Carell, Harry Styles…in them is embodied the crux of the paradoxical challenge that the American people are facing. Ruffalo thinks he’s “combatting the harms of incarceration by paying bail for low-income individuals who cannot otherwise afford it;” Styles is giving, he says, because “BLACK LIVES MATTER.” Noble causes, all, but the problem is that these noble celebrities are playing straight into the hands of the ones who most want to see this country destabilized by failing to recognize that their unbridled support of the rioters fails to draw any distinction between the black Americans and allies attempting to conduct peaceful protests, and the radical insurgents from both the left and right ends of the spectrum who are seizing this as an opportunity to wreak havoc for their own objectives. (source)

This isn’t about calling out any particular celebrity or public figure. They probably have no idea they’re feeding people right into the hands of enemies to the nation. Again, as I wrote above about people who join movements, the intentions are most likely well-meaning and good. But the end result is destabilization and weakness.

Who’s behind it all?

Atalanta continues:

The truth is that there are foreign intelligence agencies that are seeking to divide and conquer our country from within by turning ourselves against each other and then fanning the flames. Every single day, with Russia, North Korea, Iran, China being the key players, while there are most certainly others. They are waging Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) against us in efforts that are proven and often reported, using tactics that are well-documented. None of this is theory or hearsay. It is a concrete fact, it happens every day, it is exacerbated by the internet, and we are fueling it. Our military and government are well aware of it, but the American people are having trouble getting on board and recognizing the seriousness of this threat, which is like a cancer-causing us to devour ourselves alive from within. (source)

How many of us have felt passionately one way or another about our fellow Americans recently? How many of us have left social media or lost friends on social media because of our extreme polarization? How many people now inwardly cringe over the idea of heading off to Thanksgiving dinner with relatives who are flaming (fill in the epitaph) because you either have to sit there and eat your mashed potatoes in silence or cause a family feud by sharing your real opinion.

We’re being split – no, splintered – into pieces in this country. People in the same families can’t even see eye to eye. How could an entire nation possibly pull together and fight a common enemy?

As far as “foreign intervention” goes, it’s interesting to note that George Floyd’s family has petitioned the United Nations to disarm American police forces, which is certainly a leap, considering no firearm was used in Mr. Floyd’s death.

“When a group of people of any nation have been systemically deprived of their universal human right to life by its government for decades, it must appeal to the international community for its support and to the United Nations for its intervention,” Floyd’s family attorney Ben Crump said in a press release…

…On May 28, the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, called Floyd’s death the “latest in a long line of killings of unarmed African Americans by U.S. police officers and members of the public,” and urged “serious action.” (source)

Our enemies are many.

The United States has many enemies who would enjoy watching us circling the drain – Atalanta mentioned Russia, North Korea, Iran, and China in her article. These aren’t the only countries who’d be delighted to watch us go down in flames. Venezuela, Syria, Afghanistan – there’s no love lost there, either.

Where are we now?

On the chart above, we’re clearly at the part that discusses “Overt and Covert Pressures Against Government (Strikes, Riots, and Disorder).”  Rage in our country is burning hot. People are talking about defunding and dismantling police departments, they’re talking about white privilege (either that it exists or it doesn’t), and they’re destroying cities throughout the nation. This video of a quick drive through Minneapolis looks like the warzones Selco and Toby took us to during the Urban Survival course I took in Croatia, except these are still burning and they’re right here in the United States of America.

If this keeps up, our major cities will be nothing but ashes and rubble, and when the angry crowds run out of things to burn there, you can bet they’ll be headed to neighborhoods outside the cities.

Protesting in and of itself is not a bad thing. It’s what our country was built on and is our Constitutional right. But local protests are being overrun by busloads of people from out of town. This is something they’re reporting on the news and then officials are being pressured to walk back the statements. However, more than one source has directly told me this is true.

It’s absolutely a fact that many of the people being arrested at protests are from out of town – and even out of state. We have to ask ourselves two questions: why? and who is paying for it?

Really, pick one of the above and you’ll probably find their fingerprints all over it. Years from now, we’ll look back on this time and say, “Yes, before *name the country* outright attacked us, they attacked us from the inside by turning our own people against our nation.”

Reports are that the people coming in from out of town are not there to lend support. They’re present to take over and move an otherwise peaceful protest in a far more aggressive and damaging direction.

We’re also watching the “Intense Sapping of Morale (Government, Administration, Police, and Military).”  When members of the American military  – not the National Guard but the actual military – were deployed against protesters in Washington DC last week, it led to an outpouring of rage from people with a wide variety of views that our own soldiers were in American streets against us, the American people.

People are furious and fed up with the government, the administration, the police, and the military right now. Some of it is definitely warranted. Some of it is the direct result of propaganda and a psy-op against the American people.

What comes next?

It’s impossible to guess the specific event that would escalate us to the next rung on this ladder. But if the patterns continue to hold true with the playbook, in general, we can expect increased violence, sabotage, and even all-out guerrilla attacks.

One example of this just happened in California.

Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller of the Santa Cruz County sheriff’s department was killed and two other deputies were wounded by an ambush attack allegedly carried out by an active-duty US Air Force sergeant, Staff Sgt Steven Carrillo.

Saturday’s incident began when someone spotted Carrillo in a white van with weapons and bomb-making materials. Sheriff’s deputies followed the van back to his Ben Lomond house, where authorities say he ambushed officers, firing on them and throwing explosives, killing Sgt. Gutzwiller. He bolted in a white sedan, hitting another officer. A female deputy was on the radio when that happened; you can hear her scream.

Shortly after his arrest, Carrillo may have revealed a motive for the attack.

During his arrest, Steven Carrillo shouted at officers, “This is what I came here to fight. I’m sick of these goddamn police.”

He gets garbled, but then mentions police “use of force”.

…Carrillo’s Facebook page has been taken down, but I captured his profile picture that lists him as Libertarian, and his friends have been sending me screenshots from the past month. It’s clear Carrillo was growing increasingly upset about police excessive force. June 5th, he wrote, “Who need antifa to start riots when you have the police to do it for you…” {sic}

Just minutes before yesterday’s killing, he posted this from the Holocaust Museum – “the early warning signs of Fascism”.

On his Facebook page on May 31, Carrillo reposted a meme that said, “I’ll never let racist white people make me forget about the dope white people I know exist. I love y’all.” The post includes fist emojis of different skin tones, and both of the “whites” in the meme were crossed out. Carrillo wrote, “The only race that matters, the human race.

Justin Ehrhardt tells us, Carrillo was also having a hard time with his wife’s suicide in 2018. She was an Air Force Airman 1st Class, found dead in an off-base hotel in South Carolina. (source)

Over the last decade, we’ve watched our country devolve further and further into frivolity and depravity. Dissent has become hostile to the point of violence.

We sowed the seeds ourselves, by no longer being able to rationally discuss things with one another, by being blinded by anger.  But did someone else water them? It certainly seems to be right out of the Unconventional Warfare insurgency manual.

But by whom?

Is this how the Empire ends?

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  • These strategies can be used by non-state actors as well – and sometimes, things happen without an outside force pushing them.

  • Daisy, superb article, full of uncomfortable truths. But there’s also another playbook that’s being followed to tear this country apart and that’s Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

    • Ray White-I agree, and the some of the actors who follow “Rules for Radicals” are, it has been documented, are Obama and the Clintons. The Clintons have been deeply embroiled with the CIA since the “crimes of Mena, Arkansas” were exposed, in which the CIA was engaged in drug running out of Arkansas while Clinton was governor there, to fund the contras: There are a number of other videos on YouTube about this, as well.

  • “Is this how the empire ends?” Yes. This is how all empires end. History repeats itself. Over and over and over. People are people. They are predictable, easily (very easily) manipulated, and not really very perceptive.

  • Daisy it also doesn’t help that “Orange Man BAD” Trump De-arrangement Disorder pumped daily by the Useful Idiots of the Mass Media. The Socialist-Democrats are going for the Golden Ring of Absolute Power, look at who “Governs” all these problems cities… Long Term Democrats.

    The Roman Empire did not fall from the Visigoths, it was already dying from Internal Traitors backstabbing and bread and circuses to “Control” the Mobs. MOAR EBT and 24 hour coverage of BLM “Demands” and Kabuki Theater anybody?

    ALL Lives Matter folks, beyond that thin skin you are either male or female Human. No doubt the Twitter Mob will call for my head eh? The word Tolerance has been warped to mean you can Say NOR Think anything WE Disagree with…. Or as the Pigs in that book Animal Farm “All Animals are Equal, SOME Animals are MORE Equal than others”.

    We have a Color Revolution going on in OUR Country. While Pelosi and Co kneel at the alter of BLM wearing colorful scarves in tribal colors in the rotunda of the halls of Congress AND Alzheimer Joe says scripted words to the BLM Public Funeral they FORGET History.

    The Revolution ALWAYS EATS their Own. I wonder what PC name will be given to the slaughter? I think Madam Guillotine *Still* has a classy ring to it.

    If we make it to Nov 3rd it’s because the Socialist-Democrats think they have it IN the BAG to have useful idiots write in votes to “Win” Both Houses of Congress AND the Presidency.

    Do you know your neighbors? Do you know who will sell you out to the New Revolution? History doesn’t always repeat but it often rhymes.

    Got safe water? Defend able Shelter? Food and production? Trusted Friends?

    Mike and the Mechanics “Silent Running” has good lyrics to listen to and learn before the New Brown Shirts burn you out.

    • The major parties are one party with two halves that just pretend to be different. They’ve managed to fool a lot of people into thinking that one is “socialist” and the other remotely cares about liberty.

      Probably the best definition of “useful idiot” then is someone who falls for either party’s narratives – such as that one or the other party is more to blame for the corporatist warmongering liberty-hating entity that rules over us, or that voting for or supporting the other could ever be a solution.

  • Thank you Daisy! I would love to see you and maybe Selco analyze the situation in terms of Peter Turchin’s research on Structural Demographic Theory secular cycles. Take care everyone!

  • What this article is missing is consideration that all of this could very likely be happening from within. What other Nation has as much money? What other Nation has decades and generations of practice toppling other countries? What nation essentially funds and runs all these so-called International organizations? The United States itself.

    • The destabilizing units within the US—the ClA, & rogue elements in the FBI like Peter Strock that seamlessly flow between three letter departments. The swamp is deep. Many of these are foreign born or, like Brennan, have other loyalties and have infiltrated the highest levels of our country.

  • Good article, as a starting place for those not familiar with these things.
    The problem is in looking at this as an “American” problem. It is not, it is a Global one.

    Floyd’s death protests went world wide, so this goes much deeper than a few countries wanting to destroy America. It is a World Wide attempt to destroy the Western civilization.
    Although some of the actors behind this might be national in scope, this goes much deeper than that.
    There are players hiding behind the scenes driving this, in order to complete their goals.

    This affects some of the fringe “prepper community” that would flee to other nations in a crisis. when it is world wide there is no place to go, in order to escape it.

    It also has much deeper implications for other preppers. It shows that if something happens here in the US, it will most likely be happening in most other developed countries also.
    So don’t fall for the 2 or 3 yrs to restore things to “normal”. Because there will be no outside help coming in to help “restore” things. Or not the kind of help you would want to accept.

    This also negates some of the info that people who went through “SHTF” scenarios overseas. They all had products, economic and other Aid, pouring in from other countries which helped stabilize their situation.
    So expect a far worse set of situations, if it happens here in the US.

    Know your opponent, know how he works and thinks. These subversion tactics will have a lasting effect. Some of the prepper groups will find that they too, have many individuals who have even unknowingly bought into this propaganda, making hidden resentments and distrust that may flair up later on.

  • I definitely do not agree that raging mobs can be placated by giving them what they want. They will not stop until you are dead and they possess your stuff.

    Is this a ploy to impose dictatorship? Maybe. We don’t know who is really pulling the strings of this color revolution.

    The irony (if there is any) is that the USA has pulled this s**t on so many countries, but now it is happening here.

    I’m selling my house and leaving for… not sure yet. But definitely (and defiantly) not staying in the United States.

    • And you really think that in the shape we are now in and our economy down as far as it is that you will actually be able to “sell” your house? Good Luck with that…Also WHERE do you think you’re going? Is it going to be any different, any safer there than it is here? Doubtful, just seriously doubtful , so whatever you decide GOD be with you…The plan is already laid out, it’s just a matter of time until the world as we know it will come to an end, it’s the end of the age of this cruel and evil generation of people…

      • Believe it or not, it’s a great time to sell a house. I’m selling mine right now – there’s zero inventory in this area and we had a dozen showings before receiving a full price offer within 4 days of listing… And we knowingly overpriced it!

        People who live in the cities are looking to escape to the burbs, are flush with Trumpbucks, and enjoy extremely low interest rates. This is the hottest sellers market in a long time!

      • Actually, kitten, just sold my house today in Virginia for full price after only one day. There are places where the market is strong. I intend to take the proceeds and move to a gun friendly state, perhaps S.C. I agree with you that admin user probably won’t find anywhere else where he can own guns and ammo. Oh, that country will take his money, but he’ll do much better in a red state. I understand his frustration, since I now live in a blue state with Governor Blackface. I have to take my guns, money, and estate to another state (sigh).

    • Keep that kind of stuff to yourself!!!

      You will find there is a 75% “exit tax” for those leaving the US permanently. Instead, you are planning on taking a vacation abroad. Tell family, friends, neighbors – and especially small children (if they know something, everyone they know will know it, too!) that you are selling your home in these uncertain times due to high cost of maintenance and taxes. Don’t worry about a lease, you need not be there that long and they can’t sue you from overseas. This will also give you an excuse to liquidate your assets. When leaving, take “normal” vacation suitcases, no large sums of money (remember “asset forfeiture”), no gold or silver and no large amount of traveler’s checks. Nothing that even might indicate you do not intend to return! As soon as your feet land on foreign soil, wire transfer money to more than one bank – anything over $10,000 rings warning bells – I’d shoot for $9,000+… an odd number looks like a purchase amount. If anyone asks, you are thinking of buying vacation property. Because the economy world wide is likely to tank, convert cash to gold and/or silver (no certificates! The real deal in hand only. A certificate is worth only the paper it is printed on) – I prefer silver. It’s lighter and a very small amount of gold is worth too much. Suddenly a loaf of bread costs the amount of gold in your hand because they can’t make change. Gold is fine for large purchase or “savings” but awful for day to day use. Note: foreigners cannot buy property in Tahiti. Check for the same restrictions wherever you plan to relocate. Make sure you do as much research on locations as you can do. Some may have laws that are not good for you, poor health facilities, etc.

  • We’ve approached and backed away from the tipping point, many times in the last several years. The purpose of Terrorism is to Terrorize (Lenin). I’ve made the point that we’re being played so many times, that I feel like a broken record. Who are the principle players? It could be any number of Foreign entities, and I would not discount the UN itself being tacitly involved. The extent of involvement here in the US, leads me to believe the direction is foreign influenced vs domestic influenced, regarding the Principle Antagonist(s). The domestic influencers are further down the food chain IMO. The Obamaites, Clintonites, and others aren’t directing, but being directed.
    The logistics, organization and targeting, while on the surface may look sloppy, this was intentional. Pallets of Bricks, Incendiaries and other tools of the filter/looters don’t just appear out of nowhere. Those items were systematically and strategically placed to provide the optimum impact at the most inopportune time. It also makes me question whether there’s a 5th Column within the ranks of those these actions are directed against (a pallet of bricks unloaded on a city street, and no one noticed?).
    Whether or not we can step back from the brink remains to be seen, but it will require a majority, correction, a huge majority effort to step back.
    It’s clear our REPUBLIC is under attack, by both Domestic and Foreign influencers. We’ve been in the throes of a “Cold” Civil War long before President Trump was elected. We’re just waiting for the Fort Sumter moment for the real hostilities to begin (or Daisy’s small scale guerrilla conflicts). It’s clear that these protests that devolve into rioting and looting, are directed. Too well organized to not be.
    Find the puppeteers and neutralize them!

  • Is this the end? I dunno maybe but probably not. We’ve seen this before and though the intensity and tempo has increased it’s all about politics beyond my control.
    What I can do is mitigate the risk and actions by doing the right thing for me and my family.
    I live in the least populated area that I can for my situation. I don’t live in HOAs where they can tell me what to do. I train when possible. I have group training’s with my bunch. I purchase things that will help MORE than I spend money on frivolous activities and items (though I still do some because I’m preparing to live not living to prepare), I seek knowledge from RELIABLE resources and as much possible avoid discussions on politics and conspiracies that even if they were true I couldn’t control it anyway.
    It’s hard not to get caught up in the blue helmeted lizard people of the flat earth solar explosion earth ending Apocalypse run by liberals in full cultural costume in the hybrids and combated by right wing ball capped rednecks who are obviously racist because of the truck they drive being oppressed by the giant inescapable sea of blue enforcement and all the other outrage, feelings and terrible OMGs posted all over social media blitzkreig but really you need to breathe, eat some ice cream and sit in the chair and watch the sunset cause you don’t know that you have another.
    Y’all stay safe and stay the course of true preparedness.

    • ah yes, the “HOA”: the mall cops of American government. Not smart enough to make a logical decision, not strong enough to enforce that decision and not wise enough to see past their sophomoric squabbling. Mostly composed of self centered gasbags who try to build themselves up by tearing others down.

      I for one delight in not following their most egregious and asinine rules, safe in the knowledge that they will never figure out what I am doing, on MY own property btw.

  • The Bible clearly says America is the great end-times nation Babylon, and that the LORD would be inserting a fifth column, and so it is.

    The Bible says that the hammer of the whole earth is going to get hammered.

    Only one escape plan that Jesus brought us, and the way is strait and narrow (“sinner’s prayers” are not in the Bible). (Matt 7:13-14)

    The time is at hand to ENTER IN; take advantage of the Lord’s grace to bring us a strait gate and narrow way!

  • Yup, ANTIFA/BLM et al are US government proxies, like a domestic or western version of ISIS.
    Created, controlled, trained, funded and armed by the US Federal Government.
    Of course they are using the US government’s playbook.

  • Empire needs to die. Constitutional America should not.

    The primary problem is this: America is NOT run of, for, and by ‘We the People’. Our government, our financial base (the frn and the FED), the religious institutions, informational systems (particularly the msm and big tech) all the pillars of our civilization and society DO NOT WORK FOR THE USA OR ‘WE THE PEOPLE’. They just do not.

    CW1 was about eliminating Constitutional America and rolling out oligarchic imperial america. CW1 was about removing the seat of power from ‘We the People’ as its base, and the States (local government being intended to be the most representative of the intended power base) and changing the nature of the Federal government from facilitator to the Supreme Power (bastardizing the Constitutional Supremacy clause).

    The reason for this was the because the wealth, and therefore power, in the New World was going to those who who were enjoying freedom, liberty, representative governance, true capitalism (which died in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act passed) and not the Old World oligarchs and their New World implants.

    It is impossible to corrupt millions of people and use them as meat puppets to funnel wealth and power to the very few. It is possible to corrupt a small number of people that leave flyover for Washington DC to get the few that ‘govern’ the many to do that. And that is that happened.

    CW1 put control of the country in DC’s hands. The oligarchs took DC when they assassinated their ‘useful idiot’ Lincoln.

    Since the end of CW1 America has been run of, for, and by the oligarchs. Their intent is, as Daisy states, empire.

    That leaves the meat puppets in DC actually working for oligarchs for their ends, and lying to ‘We the People’ about who they really represent and what they are up to.

    The oligarchs decided to embrace globalism with both fists in the 80’s. This was embraced by the Uniparty in DC, the Federal Reserve (oligarch tool) and Wall St. (oligarch tool) multinational corporations (oligarch tool). Globalism gutted the Middle Class. Intentionally.

    In truth, the oligarchs desire global governance, the NWO. To bring that about they must first roll out regional governance. To roll out regional governance, nation states must die.

    In truth, the oligarchs of the world, their meat puppet governments throughout the world, tied together via Marxism and its principles, are working collectively on every continent to eliminate nation states.

    In truth, the governments are working hand in glove with oligarchs to destroy the very nations they rule. In the name of regional/global governance. DC is not going to come to anyone’s rescue but the oligarchs and their agenda.

    Debt is the primary weapon, it is the bomb. The Covid fiasco is the fuse.

    Those who set the bomb do not want anyone to know who set it, nor do they want anyone to stop its explosion. Nor do they want anyone strong enough around after the explosion to do something about the bomb to those who left it.

    So chaos must be brought about to confuse the masses and keep them focused on anything but who made the bomb and why, and who the lit fuse on the bomb.

    Enter the tool chaos. Ordo ab chao, NWO.

    When governments have to work for one goal, for their real string pullers, and pretend to work towards another ‘doomed to fail goal’ (nation states they rule being doomed), they MUST lie. To everyone.

    Enter the Hegelian Dialectic. The lies are combined with polarization.

    The uneducated, or worst mis-educated, are put in a reality that is as orderly as a commercial washing machine. And come out of the cycle either confused, or worse – used – as idiots.

    Everything we are seeing is indeed by design. It is indeed by the playbook. It is indeed being run by our ‘friends’ in DC. It is being run against the US and in particular Patriotic Trad Americans.

    Who is running it? The world’s oligarchs.

    The imperial american oligarchs (google the Washington Times report and study by Northwestern and Stanford from 2014 about America being run as an oligarchy, it ain’t conspiracy – oligarchy is reality) use every aspect of the country they control to bring about our demise and hide what they are doing while doing it.

    Recall the Pig Trap from taxicabdepressions.

    Know who did this to us. It wasn’t the Fed, DC, blm, antifa, or any other enemy created/controlled to bring us down.

    It is the oligarchs, the just over 200 people and institutions they rule that really rule FUSA that did this to us.

    And they have been at it since Lincoln was interned.

  • I posted this a couple of days ago truthfully I don’t think it is understood or acknowledged by those being used.

    Useful Idiots – V Lenin

    Eventually become

    Useless Eaters – A Hitler

    The MSM definitely comes to mind

  • I agree with almost all what you propose as being a possibility. We shall see, and I be you have some ideas for who is behind it. But when you say “People are furious and fed up with the government, the administration, the police, and the military right now.” I think that may be too broad of a brush. Not that I trust polls but most recent ones had high approval rates for the deployment of the National Guard, and a bit less for even the regular military. If thugs were marauding the streets around my home and my democrat city leadership left me hanging I’d not have a problem with that either.

  • Growing up I was friends with brothers who survived the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge. The told me stories about surviving and we would blast clash songs afterwards to break up the heaviness. Later on when older I worked with another survivor from Cambodia. To get to the point America is working on enabling and unleashing it’s own iteration of the Khmer Rouge.

  • Your letter is sensible, so I’ll give a detailed reply.

    There is little question there is organized chaos taking advantage of the George Floyd incident. Two of the prime organizations involved in the preparation are the Sunrise Movement, and Momentum, which serves as a coordinator of radical groups, including Sunrise and Antifa. Millenial Mille has done work on that I have not seen elsewhere.

    As far as Deep State involvement, in its broadest form, the Deep State is the unelected bureaucracy that has a vested interest in marshaling the resources of a mega-state for its own use. The CIA, and other intelligence agencies, are prime candidates as Deep State. I agree with you the military generally has its own concerns, but a complacent military where advancement is through playing the bureaucratic game rather than fighting competence can degenerate into a Deep State component. A prime example is the Civil War, where an officer who didn’t quite fit in, Ulysses Grant, rose to the top in an actual war situation. Chances are if the Civil War hadn’t come along, Grant would have died in poverty and bureaucratic time-servers would have continued to control the Army.

    I don’t know about Millie’s conclusion that the primary mover is the Climate Justice movement. My feeling is that US intelligence is involved in the organization of protests prior to the triggering event, Floyd’s death. It does not pass the smell test that the FBI and other intelligence agencies were not aware of the national organizing efforts. So, the Deep State is at best neutral concerning the efforts to systematically topple the present culture and government. Millie does mention private intelligence services, which may very well be the spear point of the covert organizing efforts.

    I think most of the impetus for the chaos is domestic, rather than foreign. Domestic enemies are just as capable of using Bezmenov’s tactics as foreign enemies. One possible explanation is the “spiteful mutant” described by Edward Dutton and Michael Woodley of Menie The spiteful mutant is a damaged individual who tries to optimize his advantages for survival by sabotaging the organization of his own breed or tribe. The rabid leftists of Antifa and the looters are completely damaged as far as being able to survive in a normal society.

  • I’m from Spain, and I have a diary my grandfather wrote about the Spanish Civil War. I have some insights on the current situation on the USA, based on my grandfather’s diary. I don’t know if it’s going to go all the way to civil war in the USA, but I think a good prepper should consider the possibility. After all, that’s what preparing is all about.

    The first and most important insight is that civil wars have no real winners. Yes, one side officially wins in the end. But the state of the country after the war is over is definitely not the state anyone who loves that country would want it to be in. People went hungry in a country where before there was enough food for export. Lots of people ended up injured and maimed. The civil war destroyed families. Nobody was actually happy when the war was over, just somewhat relieved that probably the worst of it was over. The happiest reports came from people that successfully left for South America before things went really bad.

    Of those that stayed, it was easiest in rural areas because at least they had access to food all along. But even in rural areas that were really out of the way and had no combat action, it wasn’t easy. When the war was over, people were encouraged to snitch on their neighbors and they were often executed on the say-so of somebody, that they were rebels from the losing side trying to still sabotage or wage guerrilla war. The rumor was that many of those killed were actually not involved in any such things. They just had a neighbor that hated them for some petty reason and used the opportunity to get rid of the hated neighbor. The reason could be simply being disliked for not being local. Or maybe the hated neighbor had something that he hadn’t been willing to share.

    Also, certain people became targets, and even when they tried to hide, people figured out ways of “smoking them out”. The best example was priests. It didn’t matter what sort of priest you had been, it got to a point that just wearing priest clothes made you a target. At that point, may priests stopped wearing priest clothes. But then, people figured out a way of identifying them. If they suspected a man was a priest wearing normal clothes, they threw something on their lap. Because their automatic reaction would be to spread their legs out, to catch it in the robes they normally wore, that would identify them. So if you are right now any sort of person that you think might become a target, for either side, you really have to think extra carefully about your preparations.

  • Who’s really to blame was explained a long time ago:

    And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. 
    And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. 
    If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine. 
    And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. 

    Luke 4:5-8 KJV

    Thankfully, we were also told a long time ago that these efforts WILL NOT SUCCEED.

  • Daisy,

    Are you not aware that is an ancient entity that has had dreams of global domination that has permeated ever country (kicked out of 83 countries but now generally accepted) and religion on the planet? Remember why refugees came to Plymouth Rock?

    Just start checking backgrounds on the players. Well more than half are obviously affiliated without even considering offshoots of infected organizations (CFR, CIA) and hidden societies. They were historically right wing, but very far left in their South American operations.

  • This article is spot on. I was in college in a large, urban University in the 1960’s. The people in the SDS and Weather Underground then are in government, the military and corporate worlds now. Look at Bill Ayres and Bernadett Dorn, Obama’s political mentors and handlers. If the FBI was tracking these people I’m sure Eric Holder had them erased.
    If you think this present situation is good then I urge you to look at the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and it’s bloody aftermath.

  • Daisy,
    This is all part of “The Great Reset” expose it and all the pieces fall into place. Our country is the last great hope. This is a world full court press. If we don’t get the word out and explain what is going on they can’t prepare. We cannot fight this if they continue not exposing it. Your piece is validated by General Thomas Mcinerney who helped create it. He also knows about the corruption of our vote and how it was done. Daisy, you have to do a piece on “THE GREAT RESET”. There isn’t much time left, you watched four years of Trumps Work knocked out in a day without one whimper. We don’t have four years. I beg you to do the research yourself and form your own opinion. The news media is ignoring what is going on. I can’t even get conservative news to pay attention. You know how to research, you know how to validate or invalidate what I am saying. Please look into it. I assume you have my e-mail address let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. Your article is a big part of the puzzle and your inferences are there. It’s time for the direct approach before it is too late. Email me and I will send you my telephone number if you don’t have it already.

  • One of the groups that is not usually considered is Religious entities.
    Islamic Extremists for one. Islamic End time prophecies tell of a world that is completely ruled by Islamic law. This fuels these groups to try to fulfill these prophecies and they use them to motivate followers.

    Though they are not the only religious group that uses End time prophecies to push their agenda.
    Some are just not as violent , (so far anyway), as these extremists are.
    This UW stuff comes in all shapes and sizes.

    One thing that the article fails to mention. is that although they like to recruit “useful idiots” to promote their cause, No cause can operate without, “cannon fodder”. These are the low level believers, the front line troops. Much like the Antifa protesters we see all the time. They are an integral part of the UW machine and should not be ignored or discounted.
    The larger their numbers, the closer you are to the end game.

    Another aspect, is that UW tactics like this, is from described a singular point of view. One actor trying to use UW tactics against a country, not 2, 3 or more, all with different goals and programs running against the same country at the same time. That is somewhat unprecedented.

    So I think we might be further along this path, than any one realizes (or will acknowledge) at this point.

  • Obvious ploy –

    (1) Pretend current system doesn’t work (sabotage things as much as possible, false flags, etc) – then (2) Propose socialism/fascism as the solution, silencing critics who know what’s going on.

    Some percentage of the population will always fall for it, and gullibly swallow every lie from the sociopaths in power and their media outlets that pretend to be independent of them.

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