Is Overpopulation Really the Problem?

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By the author of The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications and Zombie Choices.

I believe it was FA Hayek who once said that it wasn’t until the time of the Holocaust that many Europeans finally realized that what was written in dry, old philosophy books could actually have a direct impact on their life.

I think that a huge amount of people within the modern world have had their eyes open of late to this truth. There has been a lot of talk about the world being overpopulated the past few years, and I’ve talked with a number of people who want to know: just where in the world did this idea of overpopulation of the planet come from?

The answer?

A dry, old, dusty piece of philosophy written back in 1798.

Thomas Malthus’ essay “An Essay on the Principle of Population” was the first and foremost paper that led to this idea beginning to take root in human minds across the globe.

Malthus said that because the global population increases exponentially (in a curve) while food production increases linearly (in a straight line), there would come a time where there were too many mouths to feed and not enough food. Mass starvation would be the end result.

The logical conclusion that a lot of people drew from this was, “Well, we’re just going to have to get rid of all these extra people.”

And that’s exactly what began to take root.

Initially, it was the eugenics movement that began to gain ground, as people such as George Bernard Shaw and socialist H.G. Wells argued for the forced sterilization (or execution) of the members of society whom they deemed to be undesirable.


This idea of undesirables being eliminated from society was followed to its logical conclusions with the actions of the Nazis, the Soviet Union, Vietnam, Cambodia, and just about anywhere else where these types of ideas have been allowed to bear their rotten fruit. (Is Canada letting this seep in too?)

Within China, one of the ways you saw this “too many mouths” philosophy take place was in the development of the famed “one child policy,” where families were only permitted to have one child. If they had more, the mother was liable to be forced into an abortion.

The end result – even today – are Chinese families throwing their baby girls into dumpsters. While the one-child policy has been revoked, remnants of its ideology still exist. Baby girls are still being abandoned in alley ways there as the idea took root during the one-child time that baby boys are the ones who carry on the family name and are thus more desirable. I personally know people who were rescued from these dumpsters and adopted by families here in the States. This is a genuine, wicked problem that results, in part, from Malthusian thought.

Even today, when you have the ground that used to be The Georgia Guidestones advocating for population control, and you hear several other talking heads loudly advocate for the same, you can largely trace this back to the results of Thomas Malthus’ paper.

But then the question remains, was Malthus wrong or right?

Malthus couldn’t have been more wrong.

For starters, one of the things that Malthus forgot was that human beings are resourceful. Have you ever found yourself with too much month left at the end of your budget? You didn’t just throw up your hands, say “Oh well, and spend the remainder of the month watching TV.

No, instead you picked up more shifts, worked some overtime, cut back on some of your expenses, drove less, canceled that vacation, and maybe sold some stuff. There was a problem and you were able to think your way through it.

Malthus neglected to remember that human beings are fully capable of thinking. We have the ability to figure out problems. It’s because of this ability that when we were faced with issues such as yellow fever, food preservation, or transportation across oceans we were able to come up with preventative measures, the process of canning food, and the development of the steam locomotive.

Humanity didn’t just throw its hands up in despair. We’ve been given the ability to create and think, and those tools were used to solve the problem at hand.

Likewise, we’ve done the same when it comes to boosting food production. Fewer people starve in modern society than they ever have before. Hunger still exists, and it is currently growing for reasons we’ll touch on in a moment, but it’s not as pervasive of a problem as it was in Malthus’ day.

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And why is that?

For the second reason that Malthus was wrong. It wasn’t lack of resources that is the cause of much of the misery in the modern world, but instead, the lack of freedom.

When human beings are given freedom, they are able to solve a lot of their own problems. England was not the land of the free during the 1700s. America was born as a result of the recognition of this. England still isn’t the land of the free.

When people have a lower tax burden, greater economic opportunity, and less restriction on their day-to-day life, they have more incentive to be more productive as well as more opportunities to create wealth. They get to keep what they earn, and it makes for a wealthier society.

Why is it that, on a grander scale, there is less starvation today than before? Because of human freedom.

On the smaller scale, however, why is it that we are currently seeing increased levels of homelessness, hunger, and human misery?

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Because human freedom is being infringed upon.

When you lock up people for going to their jobs – when you forcibly shut down virtually the entire economy – when you attempt to destroy the currency – when taxes are raised over and over and a society’s tax money is sent overseas to people who get to receive others’ money as a gift, then you end up in a society where there is increased misery not as a result of too few resources, but because peoples’ resources have been taken from them and their ability to earn more of them has been hindered.

So, no, Thomas Malthus was incorrect. The world does not have a problem with overpopulation. Those who argue the case are not only wrong but can come to no other course of action than utter wickedness.

We don’t need fewer people. We need more freedom.

What do you think? Tell us below.

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Aden Tate

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  • Aden, Love your work but this time you got it wrong. As with all other animals thier populations grow until constraned by their necessary resources. Humans are no different. One only needs to look at the Roman Empire or the Mayans or Incans. Sure we have been adaptive and inventive but this has just prolonged the process. The peoiple alive today and for the last 100 or so years have been able to survive and thrive due to the availability of cheap energy. This allowed for abundant food production, infrastucture marvels and advanced medicine but this is all coming to an end. Limits to Growth (Meadows et. al. 1972) fore saw this problem 50 years ago. What they didn’t see is that human inventiveness would make tar sands and shale oil profitable (or so it seemed) and would stetch out the time line annother 20-30 years. We are fast approaching the planets limit – the end of cheap abunmdant energy and the end of abundant food, infrastructuer marvels and advanced medecine. With this comes the inevitable reduction of population and end of empire.

    This very problem is why this site is so important. People need to adjust their lives and prepare for hard times. Times that will change the way we live if we wish to continue living.

    • Actually, the earth has plenty of abundant energy. We just have idiots who run governments that stop the exploration and extraction of energy.
      Solar and Wind for the Masses is totally stupid and never will work.

      • You right that solar and wind won’t work because they require petroleum products for their manufacture, we have criminals in government and we have abundant energy. BUT we don’t have CHEAP energy. Energy’s affordability is determined by its EROEI, Energy Returned On Energy Invested. When the modern oil era started, early 1900s, the EROEi was 100 to 1. For every barrel of oil energy invested you 100 barrels of energy out. That worked well for a long time. Today many oil experts say it takes an EROEI of at least 10 to 1 to maintain our modern civilization and many of those same experts say that we are now getting less than 10 to 1 EROEI. They also say that much of the so called “Reseves” will never be realized because it is not economic because when you reach the point of EROEI of 1 to1 its game over. We are rapidly approaching this point.

        From an informational point of view one barrel of oil contains 25,000 hours of human labour (12.5 years at 40 hours per week). The world now consume about 100,000,000 PER DAY. At this rate we may have 10-15 years of oil but we will probably start seeing signs of the energy clif by 2025-2028.

        • Outstanding post, Wolverine.
          IIRC, the Joint Operations Environment report of 2008 noted that even at conservative measures of 1.3% a year, by 2030 energy demand would be 50% higher than in 2008. That would equate to needing to find a Saudi Arabia (at 2008 levels) energy production supply every seven years.

          Guess what has not happened.

          (Source: p.20, section D of the JOE,||| )

        • Agreed Wolverine!
          Most people believe the economy is based on finance, but it is in fact, based on energy, as nothing is done without energy. We will never run out of fossil fuel energy, we will just run out of affordable fossil fuel energy as the EROI of fossil energy decreases with depletion and higher costs to access and process it. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the basics of physics and depletion of finite resources. The “Limits to Growth” study was not accepted because it departed from the belief in infinite growth. To bad we didn’t heed this warning 50 yrs ago.

    • Not true, on so many levels – mainly because your assumptions are wrong. I worked in a number of facilities 30-40 years ago with nearly unlimited energy and technology. Which is to say that the ENTIRE paradigm of dependence on petroleum products is a carefully scripted and controlled lie – to keep the population dependent and subservient.

      You’ll find the same carefully controlled script in just about all areas of government. For example, health care. We managed 6,000 years of human development without vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs. Yet now we are led to believe (and forcibly comply) that the ONLY way to deal with any/all health issues is via drugs and vaccines.

      You are correct in that humans thrive wherever they have access to energy and food, and are free from oppressive government interference. No surprise there. Which is why there is so much control over those domains and we are fed so many false narratives. Such as Smart Cities, Smart Meters, and the idea that we need to sacrifice the right to own property and will have to eat bugs to survive. No thanks!

      Yes, hard times are coming. Without a doubt some of the most difficult times in human history are going to play out over the remainder of this decade. So much so that it is even foretold in many cultures to include Biblical Prophecy. But it is 100% orchestrated! If you understand that simple concept, it becomes easy – very easy – to develop a Prepping Strategy that will allow you to survive and thrive during these orchestrated events. Mainly by side-stepping the government and all their enslavement & control mechanisms.

      From a cold start, it only takes about 3 years to build a Homestead that is fully prepared and completely independent of all these false narratives and government control mechanisms. And I do mean ALL of them! That includes primary needs such as food, energy, and health care, and extends to secondary needs such as entertainment and community development. At least that was my experience, which I suspect could be sped up quite a bit by forming partnerships with like minded people.

      The most important component of that strategy to become independent is simply being fully informed. To include knowing that the carefully scripted government control paradigm is loaded with false narratives! Which is to say it doesn’t really take money/wealth to become independent. Just a shift in economic priorities for your personal situation. When you understand that simple Truth, you are already free.

      Which circles back to a realization of profound significance: The reason why web sites such as this one are so important: To be able to share information and wisdom, such that we can break free from our virtual (and sometimes real) chains, and survive & thrive as God intended for us. It really is that easy!

      With respect, and thank you for the dialog.

    • I completely agree. Overpopulation is the most serious problem the world is facing. Fossil fuels, non-renewable, will not last forever. Eight billion people use a lot more of them, and use them up faster, than one billion, or half a billion. Starvation is a thing if you have more people than you can feed. You cannot make food out of nothing. China had millions starve to death in recent memory: that’s why they had to enact a one-child policy. It prevented millions more from starving to death. And if you were to rally the world to feed the children for one year, five years, ten years, then what do you get? A huge number of new children brought into existence whom at sone point no one will be able to feed. How could you get everyone to give larger amounts of their income in perpetuity to feed and provide for all the other needs of billions? Malthus was right. This hopeless, questionably quixotic enterprise would soon fail and huge numbers of people would starve to death or die from lack of access to sufficient clean water. Pile them up high in apartment buildings, no room to spread out. Powered by what? I was in the Netherlands years ago. I was shocked that you could never get out of sight of people. Even riding a bike in the country, admiring the flatlands, there were still tiny figures everywhere bicycling in the distance. Do we want non-stop people piled everywhere, eating insects? The Netherlands is threatening to buy thousands of farms to supposedly save the planet. Dradtically refuce the use of fertilizer. So, like Sri Lanka, save the planet while people starve. And what about the animals already close to extinction because people have occupied their habitats? What about all the resources necessary to meet the clamoring demand of countless billions not only for food, but cars, AC, computers, home appliances, home technology, and hundreds of consumer goods? Try for sixteen billion in twenty years and see if himan ingenuity can solve unsolvable problems? Why? Why not live within reasonable limits, possibly afford more of the material pleasures of life to a drastically smaller population, and not drive our fellow animals into extinction?

    • No, Aden didn’t get it wrong, you both offer different perspectives that have truths to them.

      He’s right that freedom, “agency”, is required to allow humans to prosper or fail. And those that educate themselves, not arrogant but learn from their mistakes, and histories mistakes, and are frugal with choice of friends, sustenance, and (fill in the blank), are more apt to survive hard times, and be one of the few remaining if gov’t intervention has any idea of de-population.

      As for fuel, yes, you’re absolutely right about the consumption of fuel will only increase, especially if America opened up drilling. It would disappear much more quickly–when there’s more, more is consumed. When a family of many different nationalities across the world have more food and sustenance, they have more children. Same concept.

      But, if you’re one of those with 5 acres up in the forest, you’ve got the “old” style of fuel all around you…unless…gov’t intrudes.

    • Wolverine,
      Excellent comments! I replied to you last night, but my reply didn’t appear under yours.

      And if humans are so resourceful that we can solve any problem, then why are people starving to death in east Africa at this minute? The UN said it was out of money and couldn’t help them. And if the world were able to feed them now, what about every day in the future, when there would always be new ones expanding the number, with many needs beyond food?

  • Excellent article! Yes, there is a lack of FREEDOM worldwide. Sadly, here in America we’re losing our freedoms. Once America loses all it’s freedoms, the world will be toast. I give the world about 20-25 years max and we’ll have a depopulation event that the Over-Population idiots want……called WWIII.

    • 20-25 years? Are you serious? We won’t make it that much longer. My guess is 8 more years, maybe 10 if the LORD will tarry that much longer. We are a mess and in huge trouble. JESUS is due to return. Noone knows the day or the hour, but it will happen believe it or not and a lot sooner than we think. Things are NOT always as they seem.

      • I can’t imagine the US much past 5 yrs! Never thought I’d see it my lifetime, my kids maybe not mine. I’m not fighting to too much great length to be honest.

  • They want us to believe that Overpopulation is the problem. Just another level of control is all it really is.
    “Shut Up and Eat Your Cricket Stir Fry Peasant.”
    The more freedom they can take away, the more docile we’ll become.
    All for problems they created.

    • That’s right. I drove through a local town the other day, almost all the stores were closed and nobody on the street. That town could use a couple hundred more citizens.

  • Well, this is part of the story. I agree, there isn’t really an over-population problem. Actually, the world population is on track to crash precipitously in 2076. Since so many people have been ‘vaccinated’ with the depopulation C-19 vaccine, we should expect this population crash timeline to get worse. All of the various ‘agendas’ that are currently being promoted (universal mRNA vaccines, gender identity issues, abortion, euthanasia, etc.) all have the same ultimate goal – world depopulation. While a lot of the people supporting these agendas may be well intentioned, there is (at least) one supporting these agendas whose ultimate goal is to destroy humanity – and that is Satan. We are in a fight of good versus evil, and the sooner we acknowledge that fact, the sooner we can find genuine solutions to solve the problems (but only with God’s assistance!).

    Censored data is showing us that the life expectancy in the US dropped from 79 years to 76 years between 2020 and 2021. A US insurance company reported a 40% increase in life insurance claims in roughly the same period. A recent report from Britain showed an overall 26% increase in the mortality rate for those who received the C-19 vaccine. For people under 50, that increase was 49%. Don’t use G o o g l e to try to verify this information – because you won’t find it. They have thoroughly bought into the depopulation agenda.

  • But what do you mean by “freedom”? It means different things to different people. For me, freedom would be, in part, knowing that if I go to the grocery store or a concert that I have as much likelihood of being shot as if I was in, say, Denmark. That freedom from fear and worry I would welcome.

    BUT as a grown-up human being, I also believe that freedom in a diverse, busy culture such as ours involves compromises from EVERYONE. I accept that there are crazy people walking around with guns who might shoot me or someone else because they’re mad about gender pronouns or their boss or something else. I am confused by people who long for FREEDOM or say we don’t have enough, and when you examine their beliefs, it’s just that they want everything exactly their own way and nothing the way they don’t like.

    In many ways we are the envy of the world as far as freedom. Take our 1st Amendment. We can say terrible things about our leaders, true or not, but no one has to worry they will go to jail if they insult the president, like in Turkey or Russia or so many other places. We can worship where we will, or not at all.

    Some of it is problematic, of course. You can’t sell freedom to a starving man, as the saying goes. The huge disparity between rich and poor, and the hollowing-out of the middle class in this country, can arguably be due to too much “freedom,” letting markets run wild and super low taxes esp for rich folks (we have almost the lowest taxes in the developed world), and has other costs. And don’t tell me if you can’t make it in this country there’s something wrong with you, you’re lazy or entitled or dumb. There’s plenty of lazy and entitled and dumb people who are super rich, and their children will never have to sweat and scramble to make ends meet. That’s also part of freedom.

    Things happen in life. Someone gets sick. Someone loses a job. Someone goes off to war and comes back seriously damaged. As long as EVERYTHING goes right in your life and you NEVER make a mistake, you might just make it. But for many people, they’re one car repair, one kid getting sick that you have to stay home with him, and so forth, away from disaster. That’s not their fault.
    There is no room for error, no safety net like there is in much of Europe. THAT’s what they pay for with their slightly higher taxes. No one loses their house or goes bankrupt with someone loses their job or gets cancer with crappy insurance. That’s all a kind of freedom too.

    You get what you pay for. If you want true freedom, even anarchy, ask yourself, do you really not want government to inspect our food? Build and repair highways and bridges? Test drugs? Oh, and to bring back manufacturing jobs to this country, we have to lose certain freedoms: 40 hour work week, weekends, paid sick leave and holidays, OSHA safety requirements, overtime. And forget school for your kids. They can go work in the factory! But FREEDOM!

    And it’s funny how ya’ll like some freedoms but not others. If I want to control my own reproductive system, marry someone of the same gender, educate MY child in the way I see fit (that there are POC and differently gendered folks in the world, and that they are good and fine people whose rights and choices must be respected), I can’t do that. Oh no. Freedom doesn’t work like that, right?

    And as a last shot in this article, foreign aid is called out. Foreign aid is kind of a punching bag. But it’s almost literally a drop in the bucket of our budget. And, it does HUGE amounts of good, not just for the starving children our food aid feeds (don’t you people call yourselves Christians?), but as PR for our country, for people all over the world who hear nothing but bad about the US, to see that we are good people who can help them when they are in dire straits.

    Listen, if you really believe that more “freedom” in this country, in the form of fewer regulations, lower taxes, etc all those “trickle down” things the plutocrats in big business lick their chops at and use you all to get done in the false believe that great jobs, benefits, milk, honey, rainbows, etc. will just flow down from the richest people on the planet to you… well, have you learned nothing?

    If it’s freedom and equality you want in the form that the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and you humbly stand behind the tables of the oligarchs hoping to catch a few more crumbs than before, I can’t help you.

    And YES the world has too many people. What are we up to now, 8 billion? Another problem is that countries like China and India are developing a robust middle and upper middle class, and there’s a lot of them. And they want to live like we do, driving cars and eating meat and vacationing etc. And the planet cannot support a few billion more people consuming like we wasteful westerners.

    But no fear: the planet has ways of dealing with some of this. Take the black death, fiercest in Europe in the 1300s, where it killed about half the population. Or other plagues and pandemics. Or Covid, which has carried off over a million people in this country along. Or climate change, which IS real and WILL have its pound of flesh.

    It was Anatole France who once said, ““[t]he law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal their bread.”

  • There’s 8 billion people on the planet. Our domesticated livestock outnumbers wild animals at this point. Overpopulation is a bug problem, as is overconsumption on the part of the wealthiest 2-3 billion of those people (yes that probably includes most people reading this).

    Yes previous solutions to this problem have been horrible. That doesn’t mean the underlying problem isn’t real.

  • Just read that male fertility rates have dropped some 40% since the 1950s.
    Some studies suggest the US/Western diet and exercise (or lack there of) is the leading cause of it.

    Guess what is one of our best exports? The American lifestyle! Everyone wants it! Fast food, gaming, sedentary lifestyle for all! We just might be solving the over population problem with our lifestyle (note, I say ‘our’ as in general, not aimed at anyone in particular).

    Kidding aside, some countries are experiencing birth rate declines, Japan, Italy, and even the US. We are seeing countries with older populations out numbering the young.
    I mentioned in another article on TOP about Social Security. IIRC, SS needs 5 people working to support 1 retired. But due to declining birth rate, and numbers of Baby Boomers retiring that rate has fallen to something like 2 to 1. Not sustainable. SS was estimated to become insolvent by 2033. With COVID shutdowns, now it is estimated it may be as early as 2029.

    • Take a look at Chinese males from the one-child era. To be frank, they aren’t motivated, tend to overweight, a bit lazy, and uber spoiled. Mom and Dad are in for a big surprise if they think junior is going to care for them in their old age.
      Keep sending them Mickey D’s and Marlboro’s please.

      • When I was in Shanghai and Beijing, I did not see a whole lot of overweight males.
        Ones that were older, seniors perhaps when compared the younger men.
        Definitely not US males of Wall-Mart.

  • The world is indeed overpopulated thanks to abundant energy from fossil fuels which has allowed human population to grow from about 1.5 billion when the first oil well was drilled in 1859 to 8 billion now on the way to 10+ billion in the second half of this century. Fossil fuels are finite, and there is no alternative at current energy consumption rates. Without fossil fuels, which provide energy and fertilizer to feed the 8 billion, population will collapse.
    Thanks to human overpopulation, extinction rates are hundreds to thousands of times the background extinction rate. Humans and their livestock now make up 96% of mammalian biomass.
    This article is a delusional strawman argument using Malthus from the 18th century as a punching bag no less while ignoring current realities. Thumbs down Organic Prepper.

    • Consider the chicken. Prehistoric ancestors figured out that if you feed those birds they’ll multiply and give you more eggs than you and your spouse together can eat. I bet there are chickens in every corner of the globe including my back yard. More chickens than ever, I’ll wager.
      People are super adaptable, incredibly clever and can live anywhere they can find food and some sort of heat source. As for myself, If petroleum dries up or is reserved for the Navy, I’ll build a wood fired gasifier to an internal combustion engine and keep on going. Human civilization is not going extinct any time soon.

  • I read they will reduce the SS by 60% of the amount that it is at that time…They will NOT eliminate it completely. I hope not. That would leave many hungry with without.

    • Wandakate,
      Yep, read the same.
      Proposed solutions I have read, reducing payout, raising the age of availability, or a mix of both.
      The wife and I are of the mindset, plan retirement as if SS was not even there.

        • I was in elementary school at that point in time.
          Retirement was not high on my list of priorities when I was watching Transformers after school.

          With exception of the 911 attacks, I usually do double digit gains in my 401K stock picks. Even avoided a 16% loss to the COVID shutdowns, and made out that year with a 23% gain.

          Now, Bidenflation/the Biden economy on the other hand, I do not think anyone will escape the mauling. PMs, energy, commodities, and cold hard cash may avoid serious pain.

          But the Bidenflation/economy will be felt by everyone. A recent article had as high as 70% of Americans are feeling the hurt at the grocery store check out line.

          And it is going to get worse next year.

    • One figure I see mentioned is a 75% reduction sometime in the 2030s (if no changes are made to Social Security). However, it sounds like SS is fixable. They can raise the retirement age (sorry younger folks!) and increase the amount of salary on which SS is paid (sorry wealthier folks)! Both of these options would be phased in gradually and would not affect current retirees. The most controversial would be raising the age to 70. Many problems with this, but it could be done.

      The real 600-lb gorilla in the room is Medicare. Costs are ballooning and we have a tsunami of old folks signing up and requiring services. We also have more technically-advanced health services and new medicines that keep people alive longer–but they may be expensive. (I am thinking of precision medicine for cancer and new drugs for chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s or diabetes). This is a huge problem. I expect to see fewer services covered and premiums to go higher.

      There is also the issue that the majority of costs are incurred by older persons in their last year or so of life. When do you decide that grandma has had enough care? Who makes that decision? Will each person have a certain amount of money allotted to them, and then bang–no care given after this point? This will be an emotional issue–likely to be much debated. I think Medicare will still be here, just with changes.

      Both programs will be negatively impacted by fewer young workers paying in.

      • I think we’re over 30 Trillion in debt. What you suggest w/ SS would probably be a better move in the right direction, but, the 600 lb Gorilla isn’t Medicare–it’s the gov’t spending money we don’t have, and yes, they’re pushing Medicare b/c they want to crush the medical system so they can pop in and take over w/ gov’t-run healthcare, which Obamacare is pretty-much already doing, creating bureaucracy in our hospital leadership, which is why we had the deceptive plandemic.

        Sorry Cher from TN, I kinda went on a tangent. But, you are right… if our taxes weren’t being accosted.

  • The last approximately 125 years is an aberration in human history. People are still bound by the laws of nature. If the earth becomes over populated nature will intervene regardless of our technological prowess.

  • Agree with you 100%! The lack of food is being caused not by too many mouths to feed but by the evil of modern agriculture, poisoning our food, water, and land. Mono cropping allowing disease to wipe out entire plantings, poor soil management leading to dead soil, aka dirt, gmo garbage making food even more toxic. It’s plain the idea is to exterminate us. If every family or person took responsibility for their own health, learned to grow their own food, can you imagine what might happen? Cut junk food out, it’s a huge industry! Spend time with your hands in the earth, not time with your hands on a keyboard! Mental health would improve if people were feeding themselves instead of relying on nameless corporations and they would feel the freedom of self sustenance. It’ll take a shift in the entire American way of life, to be accountable for yourself, but it can be done!

    • Sita,
      Have you seen the documentaries, Food Inc., Fed Up, Super Size Me?
      All good documentaries that high light how pervasive junk food is in our culture.

      • Yes indeed. I could go on for an hour how we could heal many many diseases & illnesses just by eating better & exercising. Lazy, fat Americans have bought into the convenience & lies that food is not medicine.
        People are so readily taking a pill instead of doing the work to properly get/remain healthy. Then modern society accepts the conveniences of fast foods & junk foods because we are just too lazy to make our own food. It’s cheap for a reason! I firmly believe ‘they’ whomever ‘they’ are, have no problem with us killing ourselves with supersized meals at McD’s, sugar-coma’d Starbucks, Burger King meals, etc. We become more attractive customers for big pharma & mainstream Dr’s.

        The FDA has long been sold out & it’s the plan. Too many ‘Drs’ have looked me in the face & denied food had anything to do with my prior sinus infections, allergies, IBS & leaky gut. Thanks to villainizing our natural chiropractic & naturopathic healthcare providers (why do you think insurance doesn’t cover these Drs??), the system does NOT want us to be healthy & live longer.

        • Jennifo,
          Right you are!
          The few times we go to Wally-World we see the sheep plodding along, oblivious to all that is around them (aka poor OPSEC), overweight Americans, piling up on preservative laden food stuff. Just look at bread, even the stuff made “in store.” That is why I make all our bread at home. Flour, water, yeast, salt, and sometimes I proof the yeast with a little sugar (a teaspoon) to kick start the fermentation process. I prefer to use a pre-ferment.
          However, I will admit once in a blue moon (like 2 maybe 3 times a year) I get a craving for a McDs, or Burger King (note, one of my first high school jobs was at Burger King, that is where I learned the concept of a honest days work for a honest days pay and the concept of team work).
          Today, the wife and I had a “date” and went to the movies. I got a popcorn and a large Pepsie. That was the first cola drink I have had this year.

  • Basically, you’ve captured what I’ve been trying to tell people for a long time but never found the words. People who disagree don’t know history. They don’t know, for example, that the reason that the Plymouth colony nearly starved the first year or two that they were here wasn’t because of lack of resources but due to the implementation of “collective ownership” which removed all incentives to work and left the colonists bereft of food and other necessary supplies. It’s all in Murray Rothbard’s magnum opus “Conceived in Liberty” – recommended reading and free for download:

  • The only population problem we have is for those that want to control all human activity. It is not possible to control 8+ billion people but they surely can control 1 billion people and that is the goal. UN Agenda 21/Global Biodiversity Assessment/Wildlands Project makes it very clear depopulation is high on the list of the globalists. They think we have too many people but have an all out war against farming, growing food and fertilizer?? This is a sure signal that we will soon be experiencing mass planned famine and genocide.

  • The world has only been able to feed all these people because of the Haber Bosch process that fixes nitrogen to make ammonia-based fertilizers (using cheap natgas). Without that many starve. Before the Haber Bosch system was implemented, there was a worldwide industry farming the bird guano from uninhabited islands until that got scarce. Search the Guano Act for more insight. Before that the pioneers in the US kept moving farther west looking for better land as they used up the soil on their farms.

    What will they think up next? I’m afraid there is nothing on the drawing board right now and the resources used for fertilizer are getting harder to acquire. Many will starve in the coming pocky lips. Try not to be one…tune up the sand rail and condition them assless chaps before Mad Max arrives.

  • People used to have a hog or two being raised out back in rural Appalachia last century to survive. You can only do that now because the feed mill has feed for the animals. Same with chickens unless you can free range them in areas with little to no winter.

    The end of raising most hogs out back was when the American Chestnut blight came through and wiped out those trees. They say the chestnuts were 6 to 8 inches deep on the forest floor in good times. The rural folk gathered them up and the hogs fed on these chestnuts all year until fall butchering. When the people could no longer raise their own meat, they headed to the city to find work. The Chestnut Blight was one of the causes of the Depression (IMO).

    You can’t eat freedom.

  • The dumping of baby girls did not take root in the one-child policy. Male children have always been “the goal”, especially in countries/societies that are stuck in the past. One-child was a cash cow for China. In reality, adoption is a cash cow period. Non-caucasian babies sell for far less than caucasians.
    A fair number of “population control” flag wavers are hypocrites – I live next door to one. There is no doubt the world has finite resources.

  • There are numerous natural controls to overpopulation. I note the control freaks promoting the “overpopulation agenda” are the same ones promoting “free shit” to the third world, which is the heaviest breeders and attacking the first world that had actually been declining in native population. The same players are also the ones promoting all this “safety” and “risk reduction” crap. If we are “overpopulated”, why not let death take its natural course? This alone tells me it is a fraud for control. I note long term solutions like space exploration are completely removed from the “peasants” as an option. The fact they have to promote a fake pandemic again suggests we have not hit overpopulation. I agree completely with Aden, we have a freedom problem, not an overpopulation problem.

  • Aden’s assessment of this issue is unfortunately naive and incorrect. The entire world at this juncture is overpopulated to the extent that the available and habitable space and resources, especially food resources, are at the breaking point regardless of the actual or ideal level of “freedom”.

  • I agree with Aden too, though I believe it is more the freedom of women that is the controlling factor. In countries where a woman is truly free and can decide how many children she would like to have, the birth rate is equal to or slightly less than the death rate. In countries where women have little or no freedom, the birth rate soars.

  • The planet can produce enough food for all the 8 billion population. It is the ability to transport perishable food quickly and the ability to preserve food that has allowed the earth population to grow to 8 billion.
    The bottleneck is the ability to transport the food stuffs from the places of production to the place of consumption. There are only a few areas of the planet that are superior farming areas: the central US and Canada, central Russia, NE South America, Nile Valley, and the Calif central valley. These areas can produce enough to feed the present population.
    The current world geneocide is about removing the “useless eaters” and those that take more from the system than they contribute. The deaths of “useful eaters” is just unavoidable collateral damage, but serves to reduce the population to a more controlable level.
    We are progressing into a feudal agricultural society. Cities will be mostly abandoned as the people move closer to the farms. Nations will no longer exist, all land will be owned by royalty, farmed by tenant farmers. Technology will control all transactions as money will be digital.
    Your health care will be rationed according to your ability to contribute to the system. Euthanasia will be as common as natural death.

  • IIRC I mentioned this in another article comments section, we may have to adjust our thinking and plan for the end of continuous growth, and down scale our expectations, lower our standard of living.
    Unfortunately for us, the Biden admin is pushing for us to trade in from a higher energy density source to a lower one. Historically, we have always gone from a lower energy dense to higher energy dense source. Wood to coal. Coal to oil. Oil to natural gas. Natural gas to nuclear.
    Now, we are expected to go from those higher energy dense sources to wind and solar, that come in somewhere between wood and coal (I would argue wind and solar are lower than wood in the terms of reliability). And they expect those energies to continue to maintain our current standard of living.
    Not going to happen.
    The Biden admin vision for Americans is a much colder and more hungry future. I just read that nearly 70% of American’s are experiencing stress from food inflation.
    It is going to get worse next year.

    • Well said 1st Marine Jar Head.
      Sounds to me like you hit the nail on the head. You are talking about a shift in consciousness. I agree it is going to get worse as long as we expect doing the same thing is going to give different results. I think it was Einstein who said we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

  • Well done!
    I have a suspicion that most of those advocating for population reduction are murderers at heart, who despise their fellow man, and who would, if they could get away with it, personally commit mass murder.

    They are evil doing wretches.

  • We had a lot of time to push back, folks. Sorry. In my opinion, people LOVE being slaves. Forced to stay at home? Couldn’t go to work? Forced to get the jab? Forced to wear a mask? If hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps a couple of million would have DONE something, we wouldn’t be where we are at.I am hearing now from not only family members but neighbours and friends that they were forced to get the jab or else. No, they were pressured. Not the same thing as being actually forced. And what if on February 11, let’s say, 3 million people told the government, “We’re not showing up to work unless you stop the madness.” What then? They would have backed down. There are MORE of us, LESS of them. I just told my neighbour yesterday that it is visible to me, I can see the fear, the angst in people’s eyes, the helplessness (learned I might add), empty souls. COLLECTIVELY, we are a force to be reckond with but alone? Easy to scare people. Where were the people screaming, ‘Don’t comply!?” I did it alone. I kept telling people to NOT comply. Don’t know if anyone saw this article.

    Did you read it? In 24 months, pensions would have lost around 60% of their pension. Did you see COULD have lost? Not could folks, WOULD. They are lying to the public. So, here is my question: In 24 months, what happens then? Well, it will be WORSE, not better. What do you do when you are 79 yrs old or 82 and now your pension is worthe even LESS than that 40%j? You going to work at Walmart? Drive for Uber?
    America is under God’s mighty judgment. He is an afterthought for many. Folks, high taxes? Old Testament teaches that high taxes are a judgment from the Lord. Tyrannical rule? Same thing. Judgment. Man is either controlled by GOD ALMIGHTY or man. We WERE given a choice, collectively and look at how, collectively, as a nation, we chose.

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