Amazon Bans the Sale of Opaque Mylar Food Storage Bags…to “Combat Drug Trafficking”

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If you’re in need of mylar bags for your food storage system, you’d best order them now. The ability to get them is about to get much more difficult. Why? Amazon is now banning a large segment of them.

What happened? 

Earlier this past week, Amazon sent out a notification to all sellers advertising mylar bags on the website. Part of their statement reads as follows:

“Due to regulatory requirements, all Mylar bags that are not clear or single-colored must be removed from the Amazon store by August 5, 2022. For more information on these requirements, go to Drugs and drug paraphernalia.”

So you’ll still technically be able to buy mylar bags, but they’ll have to either have a window in them or be see through. Bags like this and this will no longer be available as of early August. (Go here to shop for them while you still can.)

Why on earth is Amazon banning the typical mylar bag? 

According to Amazon, they are banning mylar bags to combat drug trafficking. It’s been theorized this is because mylar is allegedly smell-proof (albeit, this theory was crafted after reading a nine-year-old Reddit post).

Mylar bags are a staple of the preparedness and homesteading community, commonly being used to vacuum seal food to keep it preserved for long periods of time. If spoons are used by heroin addicts, will they be banned by Amazon next? What will we do about syringes?

This decision comes right at the time as gardeners throughout the United States are pulling in and trying to preserve their harvests. Those with freeze dryers or who regularly vacuum seal their own food are going to be in something of a predicament if they can no longer get the mylar bags they’re used to from their main marketplace.  

Random food facilities keep bursting into flames, the price of diesel for tractors has gone through the roof, trucking companies are having a hard time keeping employees, the WEF is gearing up to get people to eat bugs, and now there are difficulties in purchasing particular forms of food storage equipment.

This won’t be because there aren’t any mylar bags out there. It will be because one of the largest stores for gray mylar bags has suddenly decided that these are associated with drug smuggling.

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What you’re going to see in the mylar bag market

There are three main things that are likely going to come out of this. For starters, there’s a good chance you’re going to see prices rise on gray mylar. If people are having a harder time gaining access to it, and if retailers have to set up shop on their own websites or find other avenues to sell their products, they’re going to pass those costs on to the end consumer.

Secondly, you’re going to have to hunt more to find mylar bags, if you want the original. Finding them on Amazon was easy. But now they aren’t going to be there, and you and everyone else on the planet that uses them is going to start having to hunt for them online.

If everybody knows about the same venues, that’s where everybody is going to shop. Amazon may have had well over a dozen different companies selling mylar bags in one convenient location (e.g., the website). What do you think the odds are that people know the names of every company that sold gray mylar bags on Amazon pre-ban?


People will shop where they know, and they aren’t going to know as many sources. We’ll show you some other retailers below, but the odds are they’ll get slammed with orders here in the very near future as well.

The third thing you may see from this is a run on mylar bags. People are already concerned with what they see in the world around them. But now that we add in difficulties with accessing something that will help them to keep their families alive in a time of food shortages?

People are going to do what they can to prevent that from happening. Everybody is going to want to buy mylar bags now – even people who would never have bought mylar bags in the first place. And really, can you blame them? Look at any type of other ban (even non-governmental) in history. Right before the ban goes into action, people buy up as much as they can. It’s just the way it goes.

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What are your alternatives? 

Amazon is not the one and only resource that preppers can turn to here, thankfully. Do yourself and small business owners a favor and take note of the vendors who are currently selling them on Amazon. You may be able to contact them directly in the future. There are always options. If you don’t want see-through mylar bags, but want the original stuff, here are two of those options below…


Everybody knows Lehman’s. They’re one of the most well-known stores out there when it comes to anything related to homesteading, gardening, or self-sufficiency. As you would expect, they keep mylar bags in stock. If you already have an order in the works from this company, you may want to add some mylar bags to your order as well.

This is the prepper’s version of Walmart. Ready Made Resources truly has everything you could ever hope for in regards to prepping, and their selection is truly astounding. This is a very pro-America company as well.

So what is really going on here? Why target mylar bags?

What are your thoughts? Why did Amazon suddenly ban the selling of some mylar bags? Are there other resources you know of to keep preppers supplied with mylar bags? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comment section.

Hat tip to Matt in Oklahoma

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  • Light degrades and oxidizes food.This is not just the doing of Jeff Bezos.This is the doing of evil globalists like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab who are trying to takeover and destroy our food supplies.These evil globalists must be eliminated by any means necessary.

    • You are a starry-eyed optimist. If evil globalists were doing this sort of thing, at least you could hope to reason and get some sort of transactional deal with them. Unfortunately, this looks a lot more like the sort of nonsense that Amazon does because some sort of algorithm came up with some sort of correlation that may or may not have anything to do with anything else. But try to argue with a piece of software that probably not even its programmer understands.

      • You can’t “reason” with evil doers who want to decrease the world’s population to 500mil.
        Don’t know what sand bunker you’ve had your head stuck in but you need to wake up.

    • @ Anonymous

      By any means necessary? So, what then? Nuclear strike? Weaponized virus we hope they catch? What if it was necessary for you to commit genocide in order to get rid of them? That’s acceptable?
      You think just like they do. Maybe ratchet down the rhetoric, it’s not impressive, it’s silly.
      You could just…grow your own food, not buy from Amazon, never use a computer (Gates will profit if you do).
      Ever wonder how Gates and the elite get and stay so rich?
      Part of their income is derived from the attention industry, billions of faces glued to billions of screens, going to websites, clicking on articles, replying in comments… All these things generate tiny amounts of monetary transactions, which flow around and some people scoop up a little as it goes by, but most of it eventually ends up in a place linked in some way to just a few hundred elites, “the kraken”, and the only way to beat them is the way no one will ever take.
      To not participate in the system.

  • Isn’t a grey Mylar bag considered “single-colored” though? If so, then it seems they would not be banned.

    • I talk personally to my Amazon seller of Mylar. He said this dosent apply too his Mylar bags. Typical mylar bag. 5ml single color as well. I asked him then what does this ban apply too? He hasent answered that question yet. Personally I’m going to stock up on them. Our Goverment seems to be going out of it’s way to starve us with crazy regulations. This has nothing too do with the war on drugs. Its control, and keeping us preppers in a state of nervousness.

  • Another lesson in getting away from conveniences and “easy buttons”. Buying prepping stuff on Amazon is like texting the CCP that you are stocking up on products anyhow. Many times one can find a product and look up the manufacturer’s own website on which to purchase their products. Amazon has made online purchasing so easy that it has become a crutch and now an impediment. Once more, big tech steps in and messes everything up for everybody.

    • “Many times one can find a product and look up the manufacturer’s own website on which to purchase their products.”
      Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

    • Or ketamine dealers stepped in and messed it up for everybody, except they didn’t because you can still buy mylar bags.

      I’m not a fan of big tech, or big anything, but doesn’t it make more sense to place the blame for things where they belong?
      Big tech exists because we support it, by doing things like having cell phones, using computers, using apps, supporting the SEO ad buy centric online attention entertainment industry.
      Big Tech is us, but we can’t admit that and take any concrete steps to do anything about it, because that would require inconvenience and intellectual honesty, and who does that stuff anymore?

    • Because the US outsourced it’s manufacturing overseas?

      I’m curious as to how resolute you are. Where do you buy things? Always made in USA, no exceptions? No TV? Computer? No cell phone? No clothes?

      Most of us say things like your statement, but it only makes us hypocrites, because everything we do supports the system we hate, without even knowing (or at least being able to articulate) why we hate it
      Then when questioned about it, we get angry, and instead of a reasonable conversation that could enable some solutions, we go into a defensive mode and get mean.
      Why is that? Is it really just human nature, or is it learned behavior, something we picked up from TV as children?
      Either way, it’s incredibly difficult to not participate in the system that empowers global governance and control, as evidenced by whatever device we are typing these comments on. We are cogs. And when we say we are different or special, then we are liars.

      • Agree! I admit I use Amazon’s easy purchasing (I hate that its a monopoly) but we need something else (I have a small biz and buy some supplies). I guess it’s the little steps we can do to feel we are empowering & protecting ourselves. Unless you truly live on the back 9 completely off grid, etc. etc. But I catch your drift Misreading.

  • One should work hard to avoid Amazon anyway, because they are a major part of the Deep State that is trying to kill or enslave us all. Starve the beast.

    If you have trouble getting mylar, re-use glass jars. Better for the environment, anyway.

    • @ ladylifegrows

      In what way are they a part of the deep state?

      By selling the government and defense contractors cloud computing services?

      As far as killing or enslaving, I don’t think they need to kill us. Some people like to think that, because they are SO AWAKE that they must be a threat to the system.

      It’s easy to get caught up In a fantasy where we aren’t regular people living ho hum lives, we are dangerous counterculture agents, full of skills and information, ready to leap up off our fat asses at a moment’s notice to strike a blow for God and Country! Or spit in the metaphorical Eye of the Apocalypse! Ptooey! Bring it!

      I do wish I had more glass jars though. I can buy some from a rummage sale, and not feed the beast, but I will have to make sure the seller doesn’t use the money I give them to buy more jars from Amazon, eh? Otherwise, what’s the point?

  • My initial response was “Oh no! I need Mylar bags” and to get on Amazon and shove a bunch in my cart ready to buy.
    But then I paused. I am using glass jars more anyway. I dislike Amazon for their part in all this, and for a ban like this at a time like this, and while the free shipping is huge bonus for some of us, I really don’t WANT to support Amazon. So this is my line in the sand with them. They drew the line, I am just now recognizing it as such, thanks to this article. This is the sign for me to wean myself off Amazon. If I get Mylar bags it won’t be from them.

    • You have to wean yourself off? You can’t just stop?
      If you read the other comments you will see that mylar bags aren’t even being discontinued, on Amazon or anywhere, just a specific kind used for concealing drug transactions.
      Do still feel you should slowly, ever so slowly just one more thing because the shipping is free, stop buying things through the middleman of Amazon?
      There’s gonna be a new Lord of the Rings show…just saying.

  • Just in via email from PackFresh

    Dear Friends,

    We appreciate the extra business lately, but there is no need to hoard Mylar bags. Some retailers are prohibiting the sale of colorful Mylar bags used for cannabis and other drugs and this has clearly concerned many of our customers. But do not worry, this does not apply to our products. Single-colored bags are still allowed, and we will continue to manufacture and sell them. We have no plans to discontinue any of our Mylar bags.

  • You are overreacting. The gray bags are “single colored” and will not be banned. They are referring to the multicolored ones. There are bags for drugs designed to look like popular food products.

    • And they are an excellent company! I wish they’d get into the Amazon side of business. Here in WI they have built HUGE facilities right across from our Amazon (I say as a big fluff you to Amazon). They answer their phones within 2 rings (with a person!) & have excellent customer service. Use them ANYDAY!

  • Why doesn’t amazon invest in a viken’s handheld xray scanner. These things can see drugs in rubber tires, even metal car doors. Or do they already have xray scanners? Something suspicious going on here. Sunlight depreciates stored food rapidly. If we see other delivery companies do the same thing in the short term future, we’ll know, it’s just like all of the food processing plants being burned down, even many natural gas plants exploding in recent weeks. Yep, we’re just conspiracy theorists.

    • The drugs are not being sold on Amazons site. The bags used to put the drugs in are.
      If we see other delivery companies do the same thing in the future we will know…that some government department passed or is about to pass a regulation requiring companies to stop selling mylar bags used for illicit drug transactions.
      There are thousands of “food plants” (so vague) in the US, some burn down every year, because there is a UEL and LEL in any dusty environment.
      Gas also burns, and sometimes industrial accidents happen at large, complicated power system facilities.
      Sometimes it is a conspiracy theory.
      If you choose to believe every one you will eventually be right, but in the meantime you have wasted energy, brain space, and money that could have been better spent on acquiring skills and life experiences that would make you more prepared and probably more interesting and relaxed. As a person, not a commentor. Not a personal dig there.

  • Ah.. yet another conspiracy out of nothing. Make sure you inform Hannity et al as I’m sure they too are willing to run with it.

    • You single out the “right”.

      Do you really think there is a left or a right in news corporations or Government?

      I don’t.

      We just watched “left” news media create the largest conspiracy theory I have ever witnessed, the Trump/Russia conspiracy. All while Biden’s crackhead kid (he’s a good liberal crackhead though so it’s cool) raked in cash for Old Joe overseas. Ever wonder where the money in the foundation went when he ran for Pres? I’m sure they spent it on, I don’t know, diapers or something good for the poverty stricken.

      The GOP is to blame for inaction on many important national issues.

      The DNC is to blame for the same damn thing.

      But the DNC owns you, looks like.

      Media Liaison is a job at the CIA. The job title doesn’t include a political affiliation. What else do we need to know?

  • So are other, non~amazon suppliers not required to comply with the regulations regarding fake mylar Doritos bags to hide our ketamine in? Or did they never sell them in the first place because they don’t have a million semi independent suppliers on their site?

    Do we hate Amazon because they followed the regulation of the government we also hate, which created the regulation to combat the drug trade which we probably also hate?

    There is a “main stream” narrative we receive from the elites and global corporations, designed to frighten us and make us buy things, like safety (nonexistent) and acceptance of control in order to profit off of our mainstream lifestyles.

    There is an “alternative” narrative we receive from sources closer to us, designed to frighten us and make us buy things, like safety (nonexistent) and acceptance of a permanent state of worry in order to profit off of our alternative lifestyles

  • Goodies aren’t shipped that way. Big or small. That’s just the pretext. 100% targeting this crowd. Starvation is coming and this is just another part of it.

    • It’s not about shipping, meh. It’s about people using the multicolored bags the same way we do, except instead of beans it’s ketamine, or weed, or whatever drug you feel like putting up a good stock of.
      Don’t fall into the victimhood mindset. Once you have been convinced you are a victim, it’s that much easier to control you, because only “we” can prevent you from being victimized again, right? You were victimized that first time and didn’t even know it! But “we” let you know. We care about you. We love you, you should thank us, somehow. Because we showed you how weak you are, we mean sure, you are strong and smart, but the forces arrayed against you are just too powerful, too insidious. You can’t make it on your own, with what you have. Don’t worry, we know what you need. And boy, do you need us because look, the end of the world is right around the corner, could be tomorrow or the next day.

      Don’t fall for that stuff from anyone. 9/11 was a single event. Y2K came and went and no one noticed. The war in Ukraine will end, they are signing partial ceasefires to be able to sell grain.

      Prepping is the smart choice, and I mean that sincerely. But I wouldn’t let stocking up on supplies make you feel threatened, or oppressed. Any corner grocery has more stuff than any of us (maybe) on any given day. Unless you think they want to starve you because you know something. In that case, please, let me know what you learned. I could use an all powerful enemy to combat. Sounds like an adventure.

  • I come to this site for accuracy in reporting events but feel this article is way off base and sets people up for unnecessary panic buying. The writer quotes from what is reportedly a written communique from Amazon but then makes a quantum leap to say we will no longer be able to purchase a traditional staple used by preppers – mylars (including a link to the traditional grey mylar bags).
    Many non-preparedness minded people believe we are over reactors. This article would support such beliefs I feel. Could Amazon ban the sale of the traditional mylar bags in the future – that is a possibility but right now the facts presented do not support the conclusion made here. IMHO this article should have been better vetted and conclusions based on the actual facts.

  • “Due to regulatory requirements, all Mylar bags that are not clear or single-colored must be removed from the Amazon store by August 5, 2022.”
    “Not clear or single colored”
    So banned, unless they are only one color or are clear. They are not banning typical single coloured Mylar. FFS!

    • Mind control is a powerful thing.

      Makes me wonder what I have been convinced of, that is totally false.

      Because I’m sure there is something. I’m not smart enough to be immune to it. Not even close

  • Grey mylar is a single color. Geeezzzz, stop the fearmongering. You make a claim that is contrary to what amazon says on their on FAQ’s. SMH. This is what makes preppers look insane.

  • Let’s see: ban or make it very difficult to use crop fertilizers, kill millions of chickens due to “bird flu,” the price of diesel is sky high, record number of food processing plants just burn down, major food retailers suffer mysterious breakdown of refrigeration storage units causing TONS of food to be put into landfills, California produce farmers going bankrupt because the state is withholding water from them, and major dams in the West are going dry. And now a ban of food storage bags because they MIGHT be used by drug dealers? So, who’s smoking what? There’s no war on food…

    • All of those things could be happening simultaneously and at the same time coincidentally.

  • Finally someone did something to end the drug epidemic in America. Think of all the lives that could have been saved if they stopped selling these bags years ago.
    (I now turn my sarcasm off and return you to your own reality)

  • I have ordered them from Azure Standard, who also has lots of organic grains, legumes, etc. as well as fresh and frozen foods and household cleaners, and other products.

  • Get your information correct before you write an article. Single-colored grey/silver mylar bags are still on Amazon. Only colorful small mylar bags that promote marijuana are banned

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