UN Grocery List: Bread, Milk, Grubs, Beetles, Maggots

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By the author of Prepper’s Pantry and The Blackout Book.

[Originally published May 15, 2013] Have you ever read about a survival scenario where a kidnapping victim, a forgotten prisoner, or lost hiker was forced to choke down insects in order to survive? Did it sound repulsive? Demeaning? Even sub-human?

Well, welcome to your life if the United Nations has anything to do with it. Our “friends” at the United Nations have released a report that promises a solution to world hunger:

Edible insects: Future prospects for food and feed security.

According to an article about the U.N. report , “Fight World Hunger by Eating Bugs, Urges the U.N.”, that appeared on Time.com, the UN is:

…asking us to consider how underutilized insects are as potential food for livestock, or the ways insect consumption could benefit the environment. The original report notes that insects’ feed conversion rate is fairly high (we’d get more for less, in other words), they could be raised on “organic side-streams” like human/animal waste, they emit fewer greenhouse gases and ammonia than animals like cattle and pigs, and they need much less water than the latter.”

If you needed more evidence that the “elite” and those in charge at the UN think of the rest of us as somewhat lesser beings, this is it. Do you think that Bill and Melinda Gates will be sending their housekeeper to the market to pick up a basket of fresh caterpillars for dinner? Will baked beetles be on the menu at the Rothschild estate? Will the Obama children have bug salad sandwiches in their lunch boxes when they go to school?

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The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization touts another environmental benefit of “farming” insects – they eat poop.

Aside from their nutritional value, farming insects could considerably benefit the environment. According to the FAO, insects emit fewer greenhouse gases and need less land or water than cattle when farmed.

As cold-blooded creatures they are “very efficient” in converting feed to protein, needing 12 times less feed than cattle in order to produce the same amount. They also feed on human and animal waste, and can transform this into protein. (source)

This suggestion that everyday people be reduced to consuming insects that are fed excrement is part of the hijacked green movement, cloaked under the guise of “sustainable development”. World leaders and fake environmental groups are doctoring science and conveying propaganda through media and the school systems.  The development sustained with their plan is not the development of everyday people like you and me.  It is not the development of struggling families who don’t even have clean water to drink.  It is the development of the “elite” and their heirs.

The thing so insidious about the UN is that they cloak their motives in an air of benevolence

They garner the whole-hearted support of the unaware by their word choices, their propaganda, and their warm politically correct façade. Meanwhile, the people of the world are willingly, happily led off a cliff, while being lulled by the UN Scheherazade.

Through Agenda 21 and the United Nations, the  “elite” are attempting to brainwash the entire world to believe that allowing them to control the resources of the earth will be in our best interest. I would bet that grass-fed beef and free range chickens will still make their way to the banquet tables of the wealthy.

Clearly, indigenous people around the world have consumed insects as part of their diet. However, do you believe they farm those insects and purposely feed them feces?  There is an enormous difference between the UN’s proposition and the foraging methods employed by hunter-gatherers across the globe.

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If the UN was truly concerned about the well-being of the hungry people of the world, wouldn’t they teach sustainable farming methods? Wouldn’t they be promoting urban gardening, micro-livestock, and handing out heirloom seed packets? Wouldn’t they be cracking down on companies like Monsanto and Dow? (Who are poisoning much of the farmland of the world with their toxic seeds and pesticides.) This is pure Agenda 21 “resource management” to remove more resources from the hands of the poor and reallocate them to the wealthy.

If you are truly worried about world hunger, the answer is food self-sufficiency. Divert gray water to the garden. Learn to save seeds from one season to the next. Use farming methods that feed your soil. Avoid toxic chemicals. Learn urban farming techniques. Have the means to harvest  and store water from multiple sources. Education is key. Not brainwashing behind a disguise of benevolence, land grabs, or dehumanizing options presented in a trendy new light.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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    • Preppers are no different from trendy teenage girls nowadays, it looks like. Shocked, shocked by a few bugs. There used to be a time when preppers would proudly talk about their foraging skills including how to catch edible bugs, but those days are long gone.

      I guess that when Daisy talks about not being able to talk freely, it actually means that she’s been forced to promise the UN or someone that she won’t suggest any sort of prepping that sounds a little “extreme”. I mean, she did forget about how to protect from the pandemic when there was an actual pandemic, didn’t she? She’s already proven that as soon as there is a good reason to prep, she’ll tell you to varnish your nails or some other distraction.

        • Daisy,
          I can honestly say, I have no recollection of you telling others to varnishing their nails or other distractions.

          • Kinda wonder where that came from. I think I’ve been on here over a year or more and I don’t recall it either…SO not so sure what DOLY GARCIA was talking about…Sounds like something I was NOT aware of…

      • Because of the great information, and might I add, Daisy was well ahead of the Fake Pandemic, A lot of her followers were well prepared to hunker down (including me and mine). You have freedom to add your comments to The Organic Prepper website, so you must not pay attention, babbling on like you are. Good article Daisy. You opened up a can of worms with this one! Pun intended

      • You can’t just drop that pig turd in the milk pan and walk away, Doly.

        Come back and defend (or expand on) those statements.

  • “I would be willing to bet that grass-fed beef and free range chickens will still make their way to the groaning banquet tables of the wealthy.”

    It would be an easy bet. We think about Soylent Green a good bit these days.

  • I eat a few caterpillars accidentaly from time to time, or maybe some aphids,,,
    but for these elite pigs to suggest that farming insects could be a way to feed the masses certainly displays how inept they are and how totally clueless they are to the realities that face the world today. you think it takes a lot of space to grow vegetables or grains, can you imagine how many millions of acres would be needed to farm enough grubs to feed a small city for a year??? not a real well thought out policy me thinks,
    I say they should lead by example, when these elite pricks have sucessfuly changed their diet to consist of 40% insects for a year then I will consider eating 1 grasshopper.

    • Actually, re-read the statements. Insects take 1/12th the feed that traditional animals take. So logically, they’d take 1/12th of the space. And reduced water usage. It wouldn’t be a bag of grubs. It would be ‘white slime’ – they’d process the grubs and add whatever color is needed to make it look agreeable. It wouldn’t surprise me to find that some of the ‘pink slime’ previously found at fast food restaurants wasn’t actually other species than cow. If you turn them into a powder or a ‘protein paste’ how much can people really complain? “Contains: anhydrogenated Melanoplus, methylated Caelifera, corn starch, high fructose corn syrup, Red Dye #2, Sorbitol, High Oleic Taxideataxus, and (crunchy frog.) Oh and salt.” 🙂

      I agree about making those who wrote it live on it first – lead by example.

      • > Red Dye #2

        Kicking it old-school, I see.

        > crunchy frog

        “If we took the bones out, it wouldn’t be crunchy, would it?” 🙂

      • The problem is that an insect is CONSIDERABLY smaller than a cow. If it only eats 1/12 of what a cow does, how many of these bugs would it take to equal the edible portion of a cow? How much fodder would that actually entail just to grow the insects to maturity. If it takes 5,000 crawlies to equal the protein value of a cow, how much is 5,000/12 of a cow’s diet. Food for thought…

  • Yes, PURE Agenda 21; and it is disgusting. We are the Elites, We deserve the best of everything-but you are the slaves to our desires, and you deserve less than nothing. Trust me, Moochelle won’t be chowing down on grubs when she can get lobster.
    All the more reason to have your own garden with survival seeds, can your own foods, and try to be as self supporting as possible.

  • Those that speak of starving people in third world countries omit two great facts.

    1. Most of the starvation is due to displacement that occurs during wars between groups.

    2. Another horrible fact is that “our” people convinced indigenous people to plant corn instead of their drought tolerant grains such as teff, millet and other small grains. They’d almost forgotten how to grow it or that their ancestors used to live very well off of it especially during severe droughts!

    No, they don’t care about people and if they really had their way the majority of us would be dead.

    • And who happens to be at the source of instigating these wars? The same people, who are also heavily invested in the defense and weapons industries or the banking industry to finance the wars. It used to be a few bankers in Europe but now that has morphed into the “World Bank” or IMF who are glad to accept some IOUs from us as debt after they contrive operations to make us think we need to go to war here or there.

  • Daisy, I just about choked on my tea when I saw that on MSM a few days ago…..I can’t imagine the UN wanting to encourage people to this as an “alternative” source of food!! I had to do a double take, as it was a “crawler” at the bottom of the tv screen.

  • Its is these scary stories like these , bug food that keep me doing my organic gardens and building an aquapontic system, which is a better way to garden, in every way….

  • There are some 40 countries dependent on Ukraine and Russian wheat that just might have to resort to eating bugs.
    China’s winter wheat harvest came in lower than expected.
    American farmers are expecting lower yields due to limited supplies/cost of fertilizer.

    We might not be eating bugs, but looking to the past for what those pre-WWII grew. I know I am expanding the root veggies production.

  • I do understand the “elitist” concerns of the food supply vis a vis “fake” meat and bugs…to a point. But reality is- it is not at all possible for 99% of the global population, even with sustainable farming, to consume the volume of animals we consume in the US. Eugenics is the only way to allow for this elitist mindset of being entitled to fresh “meat” every day. Seven billion people is too many for routine mammal-or chicken- consumption. Insects are only beneath us from a physical standpoint, but their nutritional profile per pound is exponentially higher than cows and pigs, and far less damaging to soil and water. Something indeed has to give!

    • Tiffany,
      I have read more than a few others (not on TOP) that have said something similar (re: 7 billion people too many).
      What is the solution?
      Population control? A one child like policy, world wide? Seems a bit late for that.
      Population reduction? Looking around at the news, some would say it is very TinFoil . . . maybe not so much?
      Or just a confluence of circumstances that we all knew were unsustainable, could of been avoided, but required real sacrifice, hardship or cost/greed that are all converging in a short time span?
      Thing is, the UN, the elites can plan all they want. No plan survives first contact. The kind of social and civil unrest, chaos, there is no controlling of that kind of hot mess. Those who think they can, usually end up on the chopping block themselves. During those kind of events, the unwashed masses look for a scapegoat with the modern day equivalent of pitch forks and torches.

  • The same people who own and control the UN, the world’s banking system, and the world’s government also –
    (1) Hate and want to replace God (see quotes by Marx and Lenin on this sort of thing).
    (2) Hate humanity and want to make everyone as miserable as possible.
    (3) Hate science, facts, and reality because reality is that they’re evil and need to leave everyone alone.
    (4) Have no conscience and will kill or do anything to set up the system that they want – which is one in which they endlessly abuse, plunder, and murder others and have things rigged so they get away with it (in this life, anyway).
    Therefore expect everything they say and do to have these motives including what they want to give everyone for food and their supposed justifications.

  • I can tell you how real this agenda is. For about the past 6 years (that I personally know of) youth development programs like 4-H have been targeted with free workshops and other fun activities to educate (indoctrinate) young people by promoting and celebrating the benefits of entomophagy (i.e., eating bugs). While I appreciate what 4-H teaches with practical and animal skills, I have become acutely aware of the dark side of “free” programs offered by University Extension and affiliates and proceed with caution. Let’s not forget why 4-H was originally developed 120 years ago – it was to teach the young people the “new” farming techniques that older generations wouldn’t adopt. It always starts with the youth. https://4-hhistorypreservation.com/History/Hist_Nat/

    • Excellent, excellent post. Love that you highlighted land grant college extension. Spot on.

      I have a book “Traditional American Farming Techniques. It is a huge book covering everything from apple production to zucchini preservation in the home. It is a compilation of extension service agents circa 1900-1940, back when ES agents were agronomists, herd experts, home economists, and arborists.

      THese days my extension agent only knows how to press send and forward more garbage from PSU. Honestly, why in the name of all that is holy, in a time when every acre needs to be cultivated economically for food production is PSU still trying to rope (lol????) farmers into growing hemp!?

  • I am doing what I can to create food self-sufficiency for my husband and me. We have been busting our tails lately trying to get our garden in. We have been using natural practices and are using human power to work the soil. I have also been writing short gardening books that are helping a lot of people.

  • This was being discussed in 1974 and I took an entemology course at Texas A&M about insects as a sustainable food source … to pass the course I had to eat 3 kinds of bugs
    (Yes I passed) … eating insects is also spoken of in the Bible
    John the baptist (Jesus’ cousin) lived on locusts and honey.
    Do not “gross-out” this has been happening all over the world , I personally would like the choice to keep on with my regular diet , but if you really look into what the FDA allows in our food …… well you have been eating bugs your whole life .

  • I wouldn’t mind eating bugs and grubs… as long as they get pre processed thru my chickens first. As for the elites and their Agenda 21 madness, well, bugs and grubs got to eat too.

  • Two thoughts:

    I won’t go insectivore, due to a food allergy to various insects. (My symptoms range from mild, itchy gums and throat, to moderate, mild asthma and increased phlegm (chest/nose mucous) and itchy lungs/esophagus.)

    Your recommendation of seeds and micro-livestock and urban farming techniques presuppose access to water. Many lacking normal food also lack access to the necessary water. Also, much of the U.S. is sliding into severe drought conditions and urban areas are switching to groundwater. (This latter issue will reduce river flows downstream.)

    I’ll suggest prickly pear and barrel cactus, even though the pads (prickly pear or similar) and the fruit (from both) give little in the line of non-carb nutrition. I’ll suggest mesquite, locust, and pinon as these have low moisture requirements and are a decent food source, when in season. If these potential sources can be expanded in quantity, despite “invasive species” issues, then we may be able to mitigate some dry farming issues.

    https://repository.arizona.edu/bitstream/handle/10150/344248/az1644-2014.pdf – mesquite beans
    https://www.caloriecounter.com.au/food/calories-in-african-locust-bean-dry-raw/ – locust beans
    https://www.medindia.net/nutrition-data/pinon-nuts-roasted-navajo.htm – pinon nuts
    https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/prickly-pear-benefits#nutrition – prickly pear fruit
    https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320293#nutrition – prickly pear pads

    • M.Striker,
      Those are some great suggestions.
      At the same time, looking long term, that many people in an region that historically has been a desert is just not sustainable. Even worse if everyone is fighting over limited resources (i.e. water) as the mega-drought grinds on.
      At some point, those who can may have to leave for other regions that has water.
      Saw it in Afghanistan when I was there, there was a drought even more so for that region. Nearly half a million people left their homes in search of water. Some gathered around a lake. Then some yahoo pooped where he drank and we had a cholera out break.
      While few and far in between, we had villages going to war with each other over water access. Not talking about filing a lawsuit, but AK47s, PMKs and RPGs kinda war.

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