Major Banks Invest in Big Agri to Profit on Food Shortages…Er…to “Help Feed Humanity”

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In the age of Woke Capitalism, where brand names, spokesmen, and even customers are canceled for violating the latest cultural Marxist edict, Big Banks have taken moves to isolate and disable accounts of gun manufacturers and other “enemies” of the fascist state. On the other hand, these same banks that have funded major corporations worldwide who have contributed to environmental degradation have also attempted to put forward a more “green” and anti “climate change” face.

Now, there is a telling and dangerous trend taking place in the world of banking and finance. This time, it’s not so much an impending collapse, but where Big Banks and investors are looking to place their bets.

Major banks place their bets on the future of the world’s food supply

The website that brought this new investment trend to light is Inside Climate News. ICN is upset that these banks are investing in industries that “drive climate change” by producing harmless gasses and feeding humans. Cutting down rainforests is a huge environmental issue. However, ICN is more concerned about another issue that the new investment trend reveals.

“Animal protein and even dairy is likely, and already has started to become the new oil and gas,” said Bruno Sarda, the former North America president of CDP, a framework through which companies disclose their carbon emissions. “This is the biggest source of emissions that doesn’t have a target on its back.”

While fearmongering about carbon in almost every sentence, ICN claims that, by 2030, livestock production alone could consume nearly half of the world’s carbon budget. Putting aside the question of climate change, this represents a huge potential for profitable investment, whether livestock production continues or not.

ICN writes:

“It’s not enough to divest from fossil fuel,” said Devlin Kuyek, a senior researcher at GRAIN, a non-profit organization that advocates for small farms. “If you look at emissions just from the largest meat and dairy companies and the trajectories they have, you see that these companies and their models are completely unsustainable.”

Those trajectories could put global climate goals well out of reach.

That last part is important.

That goal is out of reach. When it comes down to “meeting those trajectories” or feeding humans, what do you think the decision will be?

Banks are not in it for humanity. They are in it for the profit.

In case you haven’t noticed, these major banks are not making decisions that benefit the planet. They are making financial decisions that enrich themselves at the expense of all the little people at the bottom rung of society. You know, like us.

JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and Bank of America are all major banks that have pledged to make “climate action a priority.” They are also the same banks now investing money into companies that sell “soft commodities” like beef, timber, soy, and palm oil.

ICN writes:

The world’s largest asset managers—BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street—sell investment funds marketed as “sustainable.” But some of these funds contain agribusiness companies blamed for cutting down tropical forests. And the asset managers are among the biggest investors in major meat and dairy companies, including JBS, the world’s largest beef producer. None of these asset managers has a formal policy on deforestation, environmental groups say.

When reached for comment, the asset managers pointed to their sustainability platforms online and noted increased efforts to address deforestation and climate impacts from agriculture in their portfolios. In early 2020, BlackRock acknowledged the climate impacts of certain agribusiness practices and said it would push for greater disclosure of sustainability measures from companies in its funds.

The world’s food system needs to feed a population expected to hit 10 billion by 2050, meaning that the system will have 3 billion more people to feed than it did a decade ago. Global investors and banks see an opportunity in these numbers and, in some cases, are doubling down.

Climate activists demand banks divest from agribusinesses

President Biden has already diverted USDA dollars to “fight climate change.” It would be great to see banks back away from Big Ag businesses that “contribute to climate change,” and invest in small farms instead. But, don’t place your bets on that. Banks will continue to invest in agribusiness because one thing that everyone needs is food. As I have demonstrated in my previous articles, when there is a shorter supply of food, the price goes up, and profits are higher.

Back in 2015, the World Wildlife Fund held a summit that predicted in the years between 2020 and 2030, food prices would rise 400%, there would be several “climate-related events,” and famine would force refugees to move from all over the world. 

Sound familiar?

It’s time to stock up and take control of as much of your own food supply as possible. Don’t expect investors like huge banks to act against their profit margins to help you out.

What do you think of this?

Do you feel this is an indicator of food shortages to come or business as usual? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

About Robert

Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several ‘Revolutions’ they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several 'Revolutions' they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

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  • It is not just food.
    Water too. Some yahoo a few years ago wanted to not regulate water, but make it a commodity, controlled by not common people but the “markets.” Yeah, think on that one for a minute.
    Granted there are already laws in some states that make collecting rain water illegal.

    The Guardian ran a article the other week, calling for every two years to have COVID like lockdowns, as a means to combat climate change.

    • “Water too.”

      yep. the state recently imposed a “ground water authority” here that is arrogating to itself the power to dictate who gets water and how much they get and how much they’ll pay. meanwhile outsiders are moving in and digging their own wells and setting up huge agricultural operations that are exempt from the requirements. it’s all a power grab.

  • I’m not advocating for cutting down forests or rain-forests, however, grasslands are far more effective as carbon sinks, and grazing cattle are useful for keeping the grass growing and pulling more carbon out of the air. It also helps keep the soil in far better shape than simply relying on chemistry. It is far more sustainable to grow grass and graze cattle … so of course our elites will tell you these are bad things (while they still enjoy an occasional steak, no doubt).

    • You’re absolutely right about responsible grazing, which fertilizes and restores grasslands. In addition, those grasses feed and replenish the soil. The policy to not allow grazing is akin to the one that prohibits harvesting wood from forests– both policies destroy the environments they purport to protect.

    • I practice Management Intensive Grazing (aka mob grazing).
      It works.
      Less costly too.

      But some yahoo decided it was a good idea to apply a Wall St. mentality to farming, and force Qt and Y-to-Y profits.

    • We don’t need ‘carbon sinks’. Carbon dioxide is a life-sustaining gas and is only 0.04 % of earth’s atmosphere. It does not drive climate nor temperature at all. The number one ‘greenhouse gas’ is water vapor; shall we be taxed for the clouds that may hover above a house, or the fog? Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant; indeed, it is responsible for the greening of many a portion of the earth. Many scientists have attested to the probability of a coming cooling period, as we may be emerging from the warming Holocene era. Civilizations thrive in warm periods; they languish and fall/fail in ice ages, due to famine (malnutrition, crop failures), disease, and civil unrest. Most of us are preppers, but the probable cooling times will not be for one season – it may last 10 to 50 years. Check out Climate Discussion Nexus, Real Climate Science, Electroverse, and Ice Age Now. In fact, if you do think that carbon dioxide is warming the planet, then by all means, burn more fossil fuels, because we’ll need that warmth in coming years!

  • I agree on stocking up on food but seeds are cheaper. I have already started my produce seeds. However, I can’t grow everything. Potatoes, rice and corn are out. The more I grow the less I have to buy in stores. This year I brought some extra seeds for produce that can be grown in containers to see how they will do compared to the ones I grow outside. Last year due the early extreme heat and high UV it cost me my garden. I will be saving more seeds this year than before.

  • The banks will be in a real conundrum between their virtue-signalling wokeism re climate-change and their innate greed. I truly believe greed will easily win out. Agricultural commodiites are clearly a great place to be right now. I bought some Mosaic stock a few months ago and it’s already up almost 60%.

  • They intend to wipe out smaller food producers as much as possible, and have repeatedly said they want to get rid of meat and cause us massive nutrient deficiencies thereby –

    What they want is to profit by investing in the only corporations that will be allowed to remain, the GMO giants that have patents on their crappy nutrient-devoid products.

    This is all part of a depopulation plan, and to profit from its execution. You’re seeing the Great Reset cult at work.

  • You are all missing the point again. “Climate Change” will be the next fear tool of “The Great Reset”. Gates is already the largest owner of farmland in the United States. Climate change will be the excuse to do all the ridiculous things going on. By now we all know Biden isn’t running anything, we can all speculate on who it is however, we know the traitor puppet bought into The Great Reset. Look up “Biden:The Great Reset”, “John Kerry:Biden will impose Great Reset” and Kerry:The Great Reset. If you don’t understand “the Great Reset” you can’t understand all of what is happening, Once there, there is plenty of information to confirm or condemn what I am saying. Look them up for the truth. All of you that believe this is just our country and our countries traitors are dead wrong. This is international and will take an international effort to stop.
    Shortages and supply chain problems will become a way of life for this country, Daisy has already covered this with everyone and is part of her library. We can continue to believe lies and disinformation or we can cut to the truth. This is not democrat vrs republicans, black vrs. white or any of our past ignorances. This is the real thing we are in a unseen war against all the real power of the world. The news, social media, wall street, global elitists, silicon valley and old money have come together for the control of the world. You are all preppers so I should not have to explain myself. Folks this is what you have all been preparing for all these years.
    I hope you all realize that we are losing. We are all still locked into conventional thinking that this is something we can fight with guns and violence. I am sorry to inform you we can’t fight this that way. Those that think you can hide from the world and live like hermits are wrong, dead wrong. This is a class war, an ideological war and a war of attrition. They have the advantage of undermining and buying influence for the past 40 years at least. They have vitually unlimited resources, power and control of all they need to control. Our only advantage is numbers, that’s it, and we don’t even have that. As long as we continue to look at our differences instead of how much we have in common, we will lose. The only hope for this country and all of us is if we all can come together to fight this. If we can put aside all those petty differences that they are exemplyfying and blowing out of proportion. Most of us feel the same way, let us work,play and live like we want to and leave us alone. However, you have .001% of the world that control 99% of the wealth and they want control. That is the simple truth of what is happening.
    I know most people here are survivalist and independent people and I respect that. However, this is an interdependent world and we are not in control of it. Trump tried to warn us, many of us listened and activated. They were better prepared and equipped and they stole the election. We should have been better preparred and would have been if we knew the truth. We are fighting “The Great Reset. If you don’t know about it look up “The great reset for dummies” its a quick read and to the point. Once you do I ask you to spread the word. Right now it seems the the only one that is trying to get this out in Ron Paul and a few other crazies like me. There is only one problem we are not crazies.
    We are running out of time. Only with complete exposure and real unity can this be defeated. I believe we can still win but we definitely have to up our game.

    God bless, protect and guide our country and its people.

    • Anyone who lives in an area that doesn’t get hard freezes, should look at the Moringa tree.
      AKA: the Miracle tree, the tree of life, the drumstick tree
      It is “the most nutritious land plant known to man.”
      It is easy to grow from seed or cuttings, it does well in drought conditions.
      You can eat the leaves (most nutrition) similar to Spinach.
      eat the the pods and beans, the beans are 45% Ben oil.
      the roots can be used as a spice…
      We eat the leaves in many dishes, excess can be dried, and are a “super supplement”
      I don’t sell anything, just want to spread good information.

    • Good sensible article. I believe that if we would study the word of GOD and find out MORE about what HE had to say about the signs of the times we would know what to do, what to expect and be able to survive and concur and learn how to persevere as well. Wars, rumors of wars, FAMINE, DROUGHT, earthquakes and more will be happening from here on out. Changes in our weather. Knowledge increasing and such. Read and learn what GOD’s plan is for planet earth. First time destroyed by water, and this next time by fire. The entire outer layer of the world will burn up and GOD will recreate with JESUS help to create it into a paradise for souls to reside in and prosper. We are about to basically run out of food to feed the masses of people. And now the Biden administration is allowing ALL of these thousands of migrants into the USA. Who is going to employ them? Who will feed them and the babies and little kids that we see them bringing into our country? How do we survive with what we now have much less taking in thousands more that have virtually no education, many speak NO English yet at all and will need a handout, money, jobs, support mentally and physically…So think on these things. Our spiritual health is the most important although people seem more concerned about their gym memberships than their spiritual health. AHHHH, so with ALL of this. GOD BLESS AMERICA, and guide and protect us from the harm that is being done to us from “within”!
      Get what you need now before it runs out b/c once it does it will not be easy to obtain…

  • None of this is an accident. The pandemic was created to allow the Government to take our prosperity. It is a crime against humanity.
    They are destroying the dollar as they create there own crypto currencies in secret.
    Bill Gates appears to be preparing us for the next virus. He must be stopped before it is to late to save humanity.

    • “It is a crime against humanity.”

      only if you assume that you’re equally a human the same as them. but that’s not what THEY think.

  • “When it comes down to ‘meeting those trajectories’ or feeding humans, what do you think the decision will be?”

    first they’ll define who is human. then they’ll eliminate the others.

    “Gooyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world—only to serve the People of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.” Rabbi Yosef, Israel’s Shas Party

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