Leave the World Behind: Just a Movie or a Dark Hint About the Future from President Obama?

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The internet is abuzz with a new movie in the end-of-the-world genre. Netflix’s Leave the World Behind came out last week, and it has everyone talking. The movie is based on a book of the same name by Rumaan Alam, which has pretty mixed reviews. (I’m going to read it, though – I feel like I have to now.)

There are some interesting points of discussion, especially when you consider that the Obamas – yep, those Obamas – were executive producers of the flick.

Wait…President Obama was part of this? Are there secret messages?

Being a producer wasn’t the only involvement – the former president was also involved creatively. Director Sam Esmail explained to Collude.com:

“Because President Obama is such a movie lover, he really focused his notes on trying to cinematically portray what was in the book in a really interesting way. The book was on his reading list, it’s one of his favorites, and he really wanted to do justice by the book and this theme about mistrust and this being a cautionary tale about what could happen if we don’t have that community or bond that holds us together,” the director explained. “So he really gave notes with regards to character, empathy, and also the disaster elements. It was really across the board. And again, it was all in pursuit of making it into a good movie. That was his main focus.”

According to Esmail, there are no conspiracies here except the ones that already existed in the plot of the movie.

“I think the silly thing about the whole thing is President Obama really came on a couple of months before we started shooting, so the script had basically been written and done. He obviously gave notes on the script, but the bones of the story and the sequences were already written. I would just say they’re pretty wrong in terms of his signaling. It had nothing to do with that.”

Hmmm…it does make one wonder, though. How could it not? We’ve been subjected to predictive programming for years, and here we are, feeling like we’re right on the verge of the end of the world, and then we’re supposed to put away our tinfoil? The former president, who would know EVERYTHING about shady cabals and disaster protocols and how the American public could be manipulated, is just into cool fiction?

Whether secret messages are encoded into the script or not, (and also whether there were loose ends or not) I enjoyed the movie. So let’s talk about that.

What is Leave the World Behind about?

A couple, Clay and Amanda, decide to bop over to Long Island for a weekend getaway at the last minute. They rent a stunning home in a beach town with fabulous amenities, pack up their two kids, Archie and Rose, and head there in a car ride that made me want to smack the kids.

Weirdness ensues almost right away. Amanda runs to the store and sees a guy stocking up on canned goods and bottled water. And I mean stocking up. Prepper-style quantities, filling the back of his pick-up truck. Bizarre things happen with animals. A trip to the beach is marred by a strange oil tanker incident.

Then, late that night a man and his daughter show up at the door. The two are formally dressed – they’ve just left the symphony in a hurry. The father, GH, politely explains that this is his house that they’ve rented and that he and his daughter, Ruth, need to stay the night. Clay seems unwilling to say no. Amanda is far more suspicious about the strange arrivals with the flimsy excuse late at night.

Eventually, though Amanda is under visible duress, GH and Ruth take the basement bedroom while Clay and Amanda stay upstairs with the kids.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Things get even weirder, with devastating soundwave weapons, odd animal behavior, GPS no longer working, reports of power and communications outages back in the city, and much more. I don’t want to spoil it by telling you all of what happens, but suffice it to say, things are going sideways fast.

From a prepper perspective…

There are hints of prepper things and conspiracies throughout the movie but this stuff wasn’t very satisfying. The only real prepper we meet is Danny, the guy Amanda saw at the grocery store on the first day. Danny could be any of us – he isn’t interested in helping city folks, he isn’t sharing what he’s stored, and he’s totally suspicious about the actions of the US government. He’s made out, of course, to be selfish and perhaps a bit crazy, even though he finally, grudgingly, agrees to assist with some medication that they paid an obscene amount of money for. (And yes, he’s convinced that the thousand bucks probably isn’t going to be worth anything, but I think he just wanted to get rid of them.)

There are a lot of things that are unclear or picked up and then dropped. Why are the animals acting so weird? What kind of weird bug bit the kid? Why are there floods without any storms? What is the Hispanic lady yelling about in Spanish? (You can find the translation here.)

And there are other weird things, too. What does GH actually do for a living? Why did Clay and Amanda just let them in? (I’ve lived in Airbnbs for two years of my life, and I’m telling you right now. No. Way.) What made the Teslas go bonkers? Why is the little girl so creepy and why doesn’t she listen to anyone? (Grounded. So so grounded.) Why is the boy the only one who suffers a mysterious health issue that seems to be related to the general atmosphere of weirdness but is never explained?

There were so many loose threads that were tugged out and brought out into the open, then never tied up, leaving the plot to unravel into confusion and uncertainty. Is it artsy? Is it bad filmmaking? I can’t tell you that.


Okay, below, there be spoilers. Do not proceed if you don’t want to see them. Do not read the comments if you don’t want to see spoilers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
















Okay, there. We’ve got some room now.

I enjoyed the movie in the way I always do – by cheering on the good decisions and screaming at the TV for the bad ones. This was a preparedness nightmare in so many ways and you couldn’t tell if the events were supernatural or if they were the workings of some secret shadowy government agency.

The way they played the racism card was interesting. I talked to friends who mostly agreed there was no actual racism but that Ruth, the daughter who was either late teens or early 20s, saw racism everywhere. She also saw ill intent from Clay when there really wasn’t any sexual tension except for the stuff she brought up. In fact, he seemed very uncomfortable. That character wasn’t very likable but she was extremely well-written as far as realism is concerned.

The propaganda aspect was fascinating and reminded me of the Psy-Ops class I took at prepper camp. Make the attacks confusing and blame other people. Nobody knew where the attacks were coming from. Was it jihadis, as the Arabic flyers dropped from a plain would indicate? Was it the North Koreans, as flyers dropped in another part of the country suggested? Was it the US government, as conspiracy theorists all think? A creepy globalist cabal? The engineered confusion made everything harder on everyone and it goes back to something I’ve written about many times. It doesn’t matter who is behind the chaos in the moment. All that matters is surviving.

The soundwave thing made me think of Havana syndrome but that didn’t make anybody’s teeth fall out that I’ve been able to find. I still have no idea why Archie’s teeth fell out of his face and nobody else’s did. And why did the people with that big, well-stocked, lovely bunker just leave it unlocked and easy to access? Where’s the hidden door behind the bookcase? Why on earth would that be unprotected? And where are the people who should’ve been hunkering down in it?

Then there were these things that GH said.

There were two quotes that had me really wondering about things, and I wish I knew if they were in the book as well as the movie. First, early on, GH talks to Amanda about his main client, who is a bigwig in the defense industry.

GH: A conspiracy theory about a shadowy group of people running the world is far too lazy of an explanation. Especially when the truth is much scarier.

Amanda: What is the truth?

GH: No one is in control. No one is pulling the strings.

Sure, there are those like my friend who might have the right kind of access to the right kind of information. But when events like this happen in the world, the best, even the most powerful people can hope for is a heads up.

Wait…Is this a message from President Obama? And does it mean that legit, the “evil cabal” didn’t cause this, but the members are just trying to survive it like the rest of us? Or is it a classic case of misdirection? Or was it in the book? Is it just a line in a movie? I can’t decide.

The other thing that got my wheels turning was when GH outlined the “plan” to destabilize the country to Clay when they were sitting in the car after successfully getting some kind of mysterious medicine for now-toothless Archie from Danny, the prepper.

GH: You would have called me crazy because it is crazy. It would make more sense if we were on the edge of an all-out invasion… But this… I didn’t think we’d actually let something like this happen. I thought we were smarter than that.

Because my primary client works in the defense sector, I spent a lot of time studying the cost-benefit analysis of military campaigns.  There was one program in particular that terrified my client the most.

A simple three-stage maneuver that could topple a country’s government from within.

The first stage is isolation. Disable their communications and transportation. Make the target as deaf, dumb, and paralyzed as possible, setting them up for the second stage.

Synchronized chaos. Terrorize them with covert attacks and misinformation, overwhelming their defense capabilities leaving their weapons systems vulnerable to extremists and their own military. Without a clear enemy or motive, people would start turning on each other.

If done successfully, the third stage would happen on its own.

Clay: What’s the third stage?

GH: Coup d’etat. Civil war. Collapse.

This program was considered the most cost-effective way to destabilize a country. Because if the target nation was dysfunctional enough, it would, in essence, do the work for you.

Whoever started this wants us to finish it.


Seriously – how farfetched is it? I don’t think it’s a stretch at all. Of course, this sort of belies the first quote about how there’s no evil cabal in charge of this. Because this had to be engineered by somebody. They’ve studied it, for crying out loud.

Finally, a lot of folks were very unhappy with the ending that didn’t seem like an ending at all. Personally, I thought it was perfect. Because in a situation of overwhelming chaos, are there ever clear-cut answers? Is there ever an ending that wraps things up neatly? I thought the uncertainty was probably the most realistic part of all.

What do you think?

I’d love to know your thoughts on this movie. Have you watched it? Do you intend to watch it? Were there some things about it you wanted to discuss? Do you have any answers to the copious unanswered questions I brought up in the review?

Let’s talk about it in the comments section.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Dan, the prepper, was actually probably the most realistic. He was prepares, but hes still on Long Island, not exactly renowned as a refuge for preppers. He probably represented what a lot of us will face, when/if.

    Not a bad movie overall. I thought the racism was handled tastefully and realistically.

    Lastly, there’s 2 pictures one in the bedroom and dining room which change throughout the film.

    • Yep, Long Island is just a suburban cul-de-sac appendage of Manhattan. Danny and his family won’t last long from the desperate hoards. But, we have to prepare with the cards we’re dealt with if we can’t change out for a new deck – which is most us.

  • I watched the movie. . . In terms of a cinematic piece, it failed. It was gimicky, over-stylized, more wasted scenes, stacked one after the other that had nothing to do with plot — which there wasn’t one. Nothing is established, nothing is resolved. . .except the daughter did get to watch her fave TV series, in the coolest bunker imaginable.

    There were no character arcs, everyone was a stereotype. It was like an inside joke that you watched to the end, waiting for some meaning to show up. Waiting to see/hear some message or clarity that never showed up. If ever there was a nothing burger. . .

    • This is kinda where I ended up and I couldn’t even watch it to the halfway point. I just thought it sucked. Too much creepy music with no talking. Julia was not a nice person in any way shape or form. Nothing really coalesced.
      It just did not suck me in enough to want to watch it to the end. My hubby was even less impressed!

  • I think it’s predictive programing. Obama doesn’t when to give out to much info…. just enough to get us ready.

    • TPTB put these movies out ahead of what they have planned to see if the people are ready for it to happen. To see if they will fall for it, like they did with Covid. So we shall what happens next! We all know something is coming. But most importantly there IS someone in charge. God! And Jesus is coming back one day too. But I’m sure there will be a lot of suffering before that happens, especially for those of us that stand for Jesus!

      To quote an article on Health Impact News:

      “Many believe that “predictive programming” means that the Globalists who run the world are giving the public a glimpse into their world, by using fiction. For many years, I believed this myself, thinking that these major productions reflected how the world is actually run.

      However, while that is probably partially true, I now believe almost the exact opposite: That the Globalists often first make their plans, and then get the Entertainment Industry to write a script for it to introduce it to the public, to see how they react, BEFORE any of this actually happens.

      Or in other words, most of the world’s major events are first conceived and broadcast as fiction in the Entertainment Industry, before they actually happen, so they can see how the public might react to and receive the news when these events occur. If a film is a bust, they probably move on to Plan B, Plan C, etc.”

  • Remember how a movie called Outbreak came out just 9 months before the world locked down? The measures used were the same but the fictional pathogen killed a lot more people in gruesome ways. When the lockdown came, even after a large number of people got sick, recovered and said it was like the flu the masses insisted it was the deadliest plague ever. Why? Because the TV show was more real to them than life itself.
    Expect more of this rejection of reality once Operation Polygon begins. The masses will believe it comes because of a failure of national governments to control everything and some sort of “Gaiah’s Revenge” against people from harming the planet by through existing. The deer and other animals attack people to show the collapse is caused by humanity “not living in harmony with nature” or similar BS.

  • I think it was an “in your face” kinda thing. It was no different than the CV movies that came out with the lockdown. It’s all a show and they just doubled down on the “look how stupid the people are.” I thought it funny they left out how the alphabet people would respond. Can’t dare offend them and it would hit too close to their home. I thought it entertaining for the ones that haven’t taken back the whole veil yet.

    • I, too, believe that one purpose of the movie is to telegraph events of the future. It’s been noted before that elites can’t help themselves but to spill the beans in some fashion. I’m always amazed, when watching older movies, how much telegraphing is imbedded that went unnoticed at the time but came true 5, 10, 20 years later. This move is another indication for our self-evident purpose in prepping. The more done in advance when the risks are low they better off when things finally happen.

  • Me and hubby tried to watch this movie. We made it to just beyond the tanker thing when they are all back at the house in bed. All the creepy music and lack of talking just wasn’t doing it for us-especially the hubby. We turned it off and gave it a thumbs down.
    I think I am gonna try to watch it myself after reading your take on it Daisy.
    I am leaning towards the predictive programming idea here but will see if that changes after I hopefully watch it to the end.

  • If Obama is involved, this is predictive. Telling us what could be coming. He was a very left wing progressive president and Biden is his counterpart for the future of our country unfortunately for us. Neither one for the people of America.

    We are looking at 2024 at an election and could see things in this next year we thought would never happen in our country and world. Be prepared the best one can.

  • “Don’t trust anyone – especially white people”. Is this to remind us that Obama is a black man, forget about his white mom? Obama as Two Face; we already know that. Even skipping the O’s input, the movie as shown looks like an assemblage of three different projects salvaged off the cutting room floor. Cool disaster scenes, sometimes great music underlayment, but the characters are straight out of a comic book. And completely unexplained was the animal movement – they could have thrown out the lame conspiracy story and made a “nature gone wild” flick. I can’t wait for the sequel…

  • The big empty house with the smashing bunker is typical hubris of the “prepared” rich. These types have it all ready to go but then spend their time and lives jet setting about: work, second/third homes, resort destinations, cruises, exotic hunting trips; everywhere but staying close. The hubris is that they can zip back just in time before all hell breaks loose, or their jets will work after the grids are down. But, they can’t, and they’re stuck somewhere their multi-million bunker can’t help them.

    I’m sure GH thought he was part of the in-crowd until his rich defense client told him to sell everything (without explanation) and then sympathetically told GH to take care of himself – chump!

    • In real life, GH the broker would have to put his clients investments into something/send them somewhere. If an insider wanted to dump their investments at the last minute before the world ends, what would the investments be converted to? Any digital/bank representation of the wealth would be useless. And, there wouldn’t be enough time to spend it on hard assets to physically possess. It’s only a movie, but in real life better to be an early first mover than panic at the last minute.

  • Yes I watched it, before I knew the Obama’s were involved.

    Did you notice the 666 in the opening scene with Ethan Hawk in the bedroom?

    The music being played throughout the movie was awful.

    Did you forget GH’s daughter mentioning her Mom said to never trust white people? I’m not sure if Julia Roberts was trying to be racist, but the daughter felt she was, then she apologized for her behavior.

    Overall I have no doubt this is predictive programming.

  • Another bad detail of this movie was when the lead characters buy drugs from Danny (prepper) for the sick boy who’s teeth have fallen out, but they had no idea what the diagnosis was. I suspect the drugs represented antibiotics because we “know” antibiotics of any kind cures anything.

    • I couldn’t figure out if they were antibiotics or some kind of radiation-related med. But…why would nobody else be suffering from an radiation illness? Weird, right?

      • I’m just guessing about antibiotics. Danny could have given them sugar pills just to get rid of them. The bug bite was the only thing that was unique to the son that they others hadn’t experienced, so those are the dots I’m connecting. Of course, I don’t know what kind of bug makes your teeth fall out. But, at the end of the day, it’s only a movie.

      • Daisy: The pills given to the son were not antibiotics; they were (IMHO) Viagra. Here is why: Earlier in the movie after taking pics of Ruth at the pool, the teenage son is in his bedroom engaging in so ‘self-love’ for about 10 seconds. Apparently, he can’t get ‘it’ to work and he falls back in his bed, frustrated. A day after he gets bit by the ‘big’ he wakes up and his teeth begin to fall out. This is a literary mechanism to say the the youth of the country (who traditionally have fought our wars) have lost their bite (teeth) are ineffective and not a threat to anyone. When they tell Danny that the son is sick and after getting a grand Danny gives them oblong, oval shaped -blue- pills; just like Viagra. The son that is sick is not as sick as he has a lack of virility-hence the Viagra for a 16 year old boy. IMHO the US is not virile either and has proved it has military ED when it can to the backing of the Ukraine (Hal Turner reports today the a Russian plane has landed in DC to take the Unconditional surrender of the Ukraine) and don’t forget get about how the US left Afghanistan…Daisy-I have just released a new book (novella, a fable really): ‘The Cautionary Tale of The Golden Bones’ for kindle on Amazon. Would you consider some sort of interview or promotion of my writing? Please advise and thank you. I hope that this helped someone. There is -a lot- of other symbolism in the movie that the prepper community is not getting….

      • All I could think was something radioactive in that shack they went into….but then again why didn’t the sister get sick

  • Daisy,
    your assessment of the movie was spot on! The only thing you didn’t mention that I had a question about was the planes. If it was an EMP that brought them down, why was Long Island not affected by a power outage at the same time? They had power in that house. Was it a local EMP? So different kinds of weapons systems, EMP, ultrasonic, or something else (Infected insects)? were being used? I Can understand the planes might crash in the same spot if they have a certain approach or take-off pattern from the airport and an EMP hits, they could possibly crash in the same spot. Was that your conclusion? Well like I said, It had to be a localized EMP or something else because in the shot at the end where they show Ruth and Amanda staring at the city, Helicopters were flying around. They would have had to come from someplace else.
    My Wife and I discussed this movie for a bit and she had one takeaway that I thought was pretty interesting. It was a comment the character “Danny” said. When they were talking about the difference in the flyers being dropped from the drones, Danny commented, that a lot of people hate America. Poinent! We also discussed the Obama’s and I read an interview with the director of the movie. The ex-pres is a big movie fan and he did submit some notes to be reviewed, but the screenplay was already written and approved, and nothing was changed from his notes. Did I like the movie? No, not so much, There were too many unanswered questions for me, I was disappointed in some of the actors, and I hated the ending. And yes that little girl would get more than grounding in a TEOTWAWKI situation.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family Daisy!


  • “No one is in control. No one is pulling the strings.”
    Okay but what about setting up the conditions through funding leftist ideologs, changing laws to get rid of traditional modes of behavior, manipulation of the media as camouflage?
    I had a friend who recently passed away. He said the cabal could not help themselves into revealing their plans. They will always tell you what’s on their mind.
    My take on the movie:
    1. Stockpile water, food, ammunition.
    2. Make a list of POIs (Cabal, fellow travelers, useful idiots).
    3. Remember the government will continue (COG). The government does not care if you do continue (you useless eater).

  • Have not seen it yet.
    However, from what Daisy provided, the part about how little control people in power have I think is closer to the truth than many would like to believe.
    We like the idea of there being a shadowy group of people in control of everything. Or the government has things under control. The obverse is no one is in control of squat and chaos lurks around every corner.

    Having worked with the government, their control is only granted by the social contract and we generally follow and obey laws.
    Take a good look at governments past actions or in-actions in light of some kind of disaster, from the natural kind to disasters by their own making.
    Heck, it is not limited to our government. Take a look at the response by Israel to the Hamas terror attacks. Daisy had an article about a young woman who in the face of lack of leadership, took charge and acted to defend her community.
    Here is the rub: While the young woman was a hero, her actions also highlight the ineptness of the government. That is exactly what the government cannot have. Actions like that put on full display of how governments can fail and that leads to distrust or even a populace that questions their need of a large, bloated government.

    Take a look at the COVID lockdowns. When the numbers proved COVID was not the Black Plague of the 21st century, rather than say,
    “Hey, in light of this new information, we should adjust accordingly.”
    Nah! Instead they doubled down on bad policy.
    Now, as more and more studies show exactly how bad those policies were, they are trying to re-write history to say they did no such thing. Or one professor wants a declare a pandemic amnesty and just forget all those things they did to us.
    How about, no.

  • Well, I’ve always said I feel like we’re in a movie these last few years only to hear you say Obama loves movies…it ALL makes sense now.
    And goodness, I have nightmares of losing my teeth! What the heck does that mean?! Someone translate 🤣!
    I want to watch but would hate to fund that SOB.

    • I was told having dreams about your teeth falling out is a sign that you feel trapped with little to no power over a situation.
      I’ve had that dream a few times and they did always happen during a very stressful time.

  • There was a serious moment in the movie that we should take very seriously and think about how we will handle the situation when it comes to our doorstep. The scene were GH and the father of the boy that was sick and his teeth had fallen out was a glimpse into a true future reality. It also smelled of Marxist undertones. GH knew that because Danny was a prepper, he must have stored medications. GH and company was at his front door DEMANDING Danny to give them medications simply because he had the foresight to have them in the first place. Their sense of entitlement that they were first party to Danny’s resources and property blinded them to the common courtesy of a social contract of mutual respect, or humility, and that they where the ones with their hands out. It only eventually dawned on them, begrudgingly, that they needed to trade something for a valuable resource – $1,000 for five pills. Sadly, if events like this happen, life is cheap and a lot of people can’t be saved. The life of the fathers son had no more value to Danny than his own family’s lives – actually less value. Danny had the foresight to provide for his family first. Giving away his stuff for free, risking his families future well-being, wasn’t going to happen without a price. Too bad what GH and father had was only worthless $1,000, but paper money is our conditioning of value. In reality, Danny will need to convert/spend that $1,000 very quickly into something of value before it only buys one pill of medicine or nothing at all. Rest assured the movie continued on into a re-set, the 1,000 US dollars will have no value in a new paradigm.

    • I wouldn’t give out my penicillin.
      Besides Mine is liquid, I’m not a doctor and liability is a b*tch.
      If the Gov exists there will be laws and you will suffer for it.

  • I watched this movie and here’s my take:

    First in a nutshell: I do not think this is far-fetched. Given how technology has evolved in the last 20 years a simple cyber attack could easily take down literally EVERYTHING, and recovering from it is not going to be a simple server reboot. I’ve watched American Blackout, British Blackout, saw what happened with Hurricane Katrina/Sandy, Texas winter catastrophe. Also have read William Forstchen’s books, Lights Out by Ted Koppel, Five Days at Memorial, and a few others relating to the subject. There was even a Congressional report where it stated the US is not prepared for the grid to go down (that’s the whole basis of Koppel’s book!). Given the fact that President Obama was involved in this movie, dropping hints, is just one whole big red bold DUH given his knowledge and experience during his presidency. Administrations keep kicking the can down the road, denying the facts and capabilities of our enemies. If/When something does happen – what we have seen so far will look like child’s play.

    Secondly – in general when a cyber attack happens, there is actual physical damage done to the equipment that runs the system. So if something like what happened in the movie occurs – it will not be an easy fix such as rebooting the server to bring everything back up again. I have seen this happen in the industry I work in, servers have been physically FRIED by hackers because the system overloads, overheats and ‘poof’ – fries the boards in them.

    Side note: the Tesla bit – freaked me out a little. People rely so blindly on these. It is my hope that a cyber attack just wipes those things out and turns them into paper weights so their owners feel like a jackass for relying on them. But I digress.

    Lastly: This film has me thinking so much about my own preparedness. I have gaps to fill in, but honestly – for my own location where I live, where my home is, bottom line: my family is going to suffer. I can only be so prepared, and I have to accept it. I cannot afford to transform my house into a fortress, move to a bugout location, or set up a fancy bunker. It’s just not fiscally possible for us.

    • But you have some level of preparedness, that’s better off than 94%.. might be 93% now days.
      Stay outta sight and protect your own.. keep them inline.
      So what’s suffering?
      no net access, no fast food? having to do physical work
      or shifts at night watching the road/property?
      Home cooking?
      We Americans are spoiled, even the poor (me) are better off than billions out there.

      • I have some levels of preparedness since starting in 2017. We fared better than many during the pandemic, but admittedly – I’ve slacked off a bit in the last couple of years. The last couple of months worth of global, national and local events, and watching this film, has me re-evaluating where we are at.

  • My best guess is that the Obamas wanted to create a generalized sense of fear and insecurity in Americans with no defined source. I assume on the belief that Americans would then flock to the Democratic Party and vote accordingly, believing that the Democratic Party offers an ideology and prescribed behavior which respond to all issues and doubts. I think that if that is the case, they are mistaken. The conservative positions offer more security and grounding in common sense and traditional ethics and morality.

    • morality.. that got a laugh outta me.
      On the left, where?
      In oldschool democrats yes but the new left, nope.
      And “common sense” from the left, that’s just insane.

  • I am with the masses – I hated the ending. That little girl needed to be grounded, like you said, Daisy. She was OBSESSED with a TV show, and that was all that mattered to her. I think Archie’s teeth fell out from whatever that bug bite was. The thing I hated the most was the overuse of the “f” word. They could’ve gotten the same points across with different language. I don’t like filthy language.

  • On a personal level, the time my wife and I spent watching this fairytale was totally wasted. We can never take it back. Otherwise, I’m of the opinion that this is pure fear-porn. Intentionally fragmented and filled with scary themes which lack any clear meaning, designed to illicit panicky emotional reactions from the sheeple. Each member of the herd that watches it can personalize the scenarios that upset them the worst and remain distracted from the present reality.

  • Daisy do you or your followers know anything about the Obamas and Trump buying a getaway in the Bahamas.
    Not together of course and other people live on this island.
    I heard about this quite a while ago and can’t verify or deny

  • I read the book several years ago. I have read reviews of movie, sounded like a really poorly made disaster movie. There are some key differences (always are!) between book & movie which probably added to weirdness. I would like to reread, but imagine it’s a long wait list at library right now. Sometimes a bad disaster movie is just that – poorly made. As someone else mentioned, ‘fear porn’. I suggest the book.

  • I thought the movie was absolute garbage and a total waste of 2+ hours. It was honestly one of the worst movies I’ve seen in years. Then when I found out the Obama’s were involved after I watched it, everything made perfect sense (and then I hated it even more). There are so many better post-apocalyptic movies. This was the worst.


    P.S. You repeated a phrase in your article (just fyi) – see “wasn’t the wasn’t the”:
    Being a producer wasn’t the wasn’t the only involvement – the former president also was involved creatively.

  • Not on the movie but on people.
    The water bottles.. totally unnecessary and wasteful of time and money.
    Most everyone in the US has access to unlimited water, or did.
    But that is a couple of the basic human failings, non-preparedness and knee-jerk actions under stress.

    I can easily see a last junkfood/food/fuel run but blowing that opportunity on convenience plastic is stupid IMO.
    Is there no running water in your residence?

    In the end if there were a disaster I’ll likely be listening to it ion the radio or out cutting more wood to keep warm.
    Access to a huge pond (near 1 acre) and three water wells deal with that issue.

    • Where i live there is a shitload of water, canals, strems, rivers and huge man made lakes two foot deep…and birds…loads and masses of Geese and all others swimming with feathers…. Idiots behind desks and their outlook on “nature” created the death lakes….Then there is the yearly bird disease outbreak ( name any and it is there) , the blue algae…the rats and the Weil disease…then the dead animals everywhere…not the best of water sources…
      The little stream with puddles in the woods is also death in disguise, where do the animals that drink there shit…? right, in that same water…

      Clean water is gold, some water is danger.

      Water is in my opinion equal to none….

  • Obamas’ Involvement–“A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. Li-li-lie.” It is hilarious how some people can hear that the Obamas were involved in the movie and dismiss the entire movie, even though the book on which it was based written a few years ago and the Obamas had nothing to do with the book. (Trust me. I have never been accused of carrying water for the Obamas before.) TDS is a common diagnosis applied to Donald Trump now. ODS is a condition that preceded it.

    Predictive Programming–Some conspiracy theorists toss around the phrase “predictive programming” as if it were Mardi Gras beads. If the movie really is predictive programming, to be consistent, one has to believe that every preparedness blogger on the internet is engaged in predictive programming when the danger of cyberwarfare is the subject of an article. In reality, the movie is not trying to make its audience accustomed to the world that is depicted. I see it as being a WARNING about the dangers and vulnerabilities of the modern world. If the critics got their way, no movies about the potential devastation of cyberwarfare could be made.

    Racism–I have read numerous reviews and readers’ comments that claim that the movie is anti-white. Really? Tell me then, who was more racist, the white mom or the black daughter? Regardless of how they start out, by the end of the movie, both families could sit around the campfire making S’mores and singing “Kumbaya.”

    Neighbors’ Bunker–Why were the neighbors who owned the bunker conveniently away from home? This is an easy one. Because they could be. People with that sort of money travel far more frequently than most. Perhaps they were in Bora Bora or the South of France.

    There’s been news making the rounds this week about Mark Zuckerberg’s new estate and bunker in Hawaii. Using the scenario in the movie, exactly how would he get there from Silicon Valley after SHTF (assuming that he wasn’t tipped off beforehand)? Mark Zuckerberg can afford a bunker in every location where he spends time. Maybe that was the case for the neighbors in the movie, too.

    While I hope that the movie might motivate some people to increase their preparedness status, I am disappointed that there weren’t more examples of the reasons to be more prepared. I am also disappointed that it didn’t include more examples of the results that will occur if people aren’t.

  • I watched about half of it. I didn’t see any “secret messages” hidden in the movie. It was actually a hard movie to watch for me, as it made absolutely no attempt to hide the race-baiting and “wokeness” that Obama is so infamous for. Honestly; how many people these days would look at a black man outside a big house and actually think that a black man can’t be successful and own a big house? It goes downhill from there. GH’s daughter has a racial chip on her shoulder and presents herself as the most racist person in the movie. The whole “awkward introduction” when the GH and his daughter show up unannounced would have been more realistically handled by the renters with “We’re renting this house. We’re responsible for it. We need some proof that you are who you say you are before we can let you in.” The racial stereotyping had to be stuffed in there somewhere though, so realism and common sense had to take a back seat. Yeah, GH said he left his wallet in his coat at the symphony. What about the college-age daughter? SHE didn’t have any proof of her identity? GH knew what was in the house. He made no attempt to find SOMETHING… ANYTHING that had his name and picture on it in the place. The stereotyping was allowed to go on and on.

    There’s a scene where a Latina woman is screaming at Clay in Spanish. There’s no English translation. WHY? I’m assuming it’s one of those “SEE? You would be HELPFUL if you knew SPANISH!” placements. Never mind the Latina woman knows NO ENGLISH in an English-speaking country, thus leaving HERSELF helpless. It’s YOUR fault that you didn’t understand HER.

    OK; so it’s a computer virus. If that’s the case, why are the cell phones and internet down, but the computer controlled grid and other utility infrastructures are still up?

    That sound wave that has everyone on their knees; WHERE did THAT come from?

    The animals coming out of the woods and acting disoriented; WHY? Last I heard, wild animals have little use for computerized… ANYTHING…

    The planes falling out of the sky; OK, many planes are highly computerized. That being said, a plane in the air is effectively “airgapped.” HOW did the virus affect the planes IN THE AIR?

    The “oil tanker” grounding; Again, the computer systems on a ship underway are airgapped. HOW did the virus get aboard? WHERE were the CREW? WHY didn’t the crew go to manual control of the ship? If the ship was truly “drive by wire,” WHY didn’t the crew just shut down the engines and anchor??? The crew of a ship like that would have done ANYTHING POSSIBLE to avoid a grounding. Dropping and dragging anchor would have been one of those things, and yet the anchors were still stowed. …And a ship that big grounding on long island; the continental shelf on Long Island is so shallow that the ship would have hit bottom about a half mile out! I know, I know, not everyone knows that… OK, artistic license on that one…

    The Kamikaze Teslas were actually the most believable scenario, as those cars DO get over-the-air updates and DO operate autonomously. On that tack, the GPS in Clay’s car was inop, but the computer-augmented car he was driving, as airgapped as the planes and the ship, ran fine. So why not the planes and the ship?

    The leaflets dropped from the drone were in a language few in the US would be able to read. What good would they do? How could the leaflets instill fear in the population if almost no one could read “Death To America?” If anything, all they would do would be to give away the perpetrators! What; NO ONE in the Mideast knows ENGLISH???

    My honest opinion of this movie is that it was clearly aimed at a dumbed-down, indoctrinated audience… I’m no genius, but my brain DOES go higher than this floor… “Click…”

  • “This program was considered the most cost-effective way to destabilize a country. Because if the target nation was dysfunctional enough, it would, in essence, do the work for you.” IT is just A movie, not the golden truth.

    The best way to destabilize is to make inflation surpass the income…..in the end all are broke, the pile of cash under your bed is less than toilet paper and any new monetary system will rule….trade for goods is only temporary…you will need things or services from the system sooner or later…
    …so digital currentcy will be established, together with travel permission and identification plight coupled….and that system is being forced upon us before the collapse of physical currentcy….so it can quickly be put in motion….

    war and destruction are no gain for the powerhungry, just means to and end. Infrastructure is needed to rule…no fuel and no bridges means no troops that can be fed, so who will kill and murder for those who have noting to offer but fucked up ideas…

  • I never saw the movie and never will. If the book for this movie is “one of President Obama’s favorites” and
    “the Obamas were executive producers of the flick.” then the reason is simple. The Obamas are also one of the executive producers of a deliberately created world disaster which is enfolding in real time before our eyes under the Biden administration traitors. Only the blind and naive cannot see this obvious truth. This movie represents Obamas fantasy of how it could happen to some people and he can get his kicks watching it over and over. That’s why he likes it so much. Obama is a globalist and proud of it.

    This line in the movie
    “A conspiracy theory about a shadowy group of people running the world is far too lazy of an explanation” was put in there to make sure people don’t think the the disaster was deliberately created by the globalists. Just more propaganda.

    For those who want to watch a disaster movie with uplifting human values and a perfect ending that leaves no one confused I would recommend Godzilla Minus One. It is rated 98 by audience and critics. It is more than just another Godzilla movie. It’s a classic lesson in how to tell a great story with great actors in a way that puts the current Disney clown show of over priced bad movies to shame.

  • Watched the movie before I knew Obama produced it. Hubby said poor acting. I watched the electric car seen in horror. The whole thing about GH asking to stay in the house with the renters was unrealistic. The owner has no legal right to the home until the end of the renters stay. Better to be honest and discuss strategy. Not losing power & water seems highly unlikely. Racist daughter was interesting twist knowing how she (they?) felt about whites. The teeth falling out was from the bug bite, but why? The ear splitting noise seemed similar to what the diplomats experienced in Cuba. Bottom line it’s best to be prepared for some kind of event before the election and stay out of the city.

  • I absolutely hated the book. It’s poorly written, and none of the characters are likeable, and you get no answers as to what’s going on. It sounds like the movie is quite different to the book, but the book was so bad I can’t bring myself to watch it.

  • It was creepy. Strange. Unlikable people-which is realistic. Too many loose ends. Prepper mindset by Danny was good. GH had entitlement attitude. Also realistic.
    Honestly if a president wasn’t involved I wouldn’t give it another thought. I would say badly done. Because Pres. obama was very involved, I wonder about whether it is a warning. To who? Who will listen?

  • I’d say commenters here may be over-analyzing a schlocky movie. Yes, the Kenyan usurper and his cronies having some involvement in this flick’s production does say something about it—and them—but nothing particularly cryptic or innovative: what Hussein and company believe—or pretend to believe—is all up there on the screen in all its self-contradictory absurdity, and we’ve heard it all before in the last decade-and-a-half. Keeping an eye on our enemies and what they’re doing is always a worthwhile activity, but let’s not forget that what this flick is showing us is what they want us to believe about them, not the realities that we should believe about them.

    In fact, “predictive programming” is one of the impossible feats our enemies would very much like us to believe they have the power to pull off. Marxists of all stripes—from the “old school” Leninists and Maoists to the Climate Cultists and depraved Gramscians infesting academia and all our public institutions these days—have always pretended to know the future (and that they’re certain their ideology’s triumph over all others is inevitable in it), no matter how often their predictions about everything—and I do mean everything—have proved false. To give just one example, Karl Marx himself didn’t think much of Russia: he was convinced it was such an unsophisticated rustic backwater rife with capitalist imperialism and corruption that it would only come to embrace Communism after the entire rest of the world did!

    Is the film’s claim that no one is actually running everything a propagandist’s attempt to discredit us preppers and our sympathizers as crazed conspiracy theorists? Probably, but please do remember it’s also intended to be encouraging to our enemies and their ideology’s foot soldiers. So far as these cultural Marxists are concerned, having no mastermind behind the chaos would be one of the worst horrors they could possibly face, as it means their ideology’s triumph is not inevitable and its masters are not coming to rescue them and organize them into a powerful new world government; the real message here is “Wouldn’t a disaster like this be absolutely terrible if we weren’t behind it because we didn’t control everything?”

    That question, of course, assumes the very thing these cultural Marxists wish were true and are trying to make true: that they control everything, and their ideology will therefore inevitably prevail. Sadly, some of the more conspiracy-minded among us have fallen for this lie. While there are, in fact, numerous conspiracies to take over the world (though I can’t really think of e.g. the WEF as a conspiracy when its mouthpieces are practically announcing their plans to take control of the world and exterminate those of us who won’t submit to their evil ideology), this is the very reason why they don’t control the world: because there are numerous power-hungry conspirators, and the power-hungry don’t share power.

    Again, all stripes of Marxism have the core belief that their ideology’s triumph over all others is inevitable. Yet, in World War II (which those cultural Marxists would rather we forget Stalin is also to blame for instigating, as it began with his Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with Hitler), we saw a perfect example of why such ideologies are ultimately doomed to fail: in the end, only one man can rule at a time, and everybody wants to be that man. God is still in control of all the world, and while life is likely to get extremely uncomfortable for us in the meantime (as it was for dissidents in Nazi Germany and the USSR), our enemies’ ultimate failure to seize that control for themselves is actually what’s inevitable.

    So, no, I don’t think there are any “secret messages” in this movie; but you can bet that if anything even remotely resembling the disaster in this schlocky flick occurs, a significant number of paranoid kooks will come crawling out of the woodwork to proclaim that our enemies planned and orchestrated the whole thing and that schlock like this is proof that they did. Meanwhile, just as they did with e.g. 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina and COVID-19, our enemies will be scrambling to exploit it—not to take credit for it, mind, but to blame the whole thing on us and claim that none of this would have happened if we had just sacrificed our lives, liberties, and pursuit of happiness to their totalitarian agenda the way they want us to do now.

  • I watched the movie, ended up lusting after the bunker! Talk about prepared!
    The book was written by a gay man, who, with his lover, is raising “their” 2 children in Manhattan. He certainly doesn’t like New York or New Yorkers. I didn’t get so much rascism out of the characters. I thought it was more about the attitude that people have now. They feel entitled; they can say whatever they want about or to anyone with impunity, The only person who matters, or the only feelings that matter-are MINE! The characters and their children are rude, boring, and self centered.The are a family in the loosest sense of the word. The script jumps around, ideas are dropped and never revisited. When that ship came plowing up the beach- no news crew showed up? Seriously?? Deer do not act like psycho animals. Teslas are not safe and it would not surprise me if the “enemy” remotely programmed them for mayhem. Anyone who was experiencing the oddities in the movie, would start seeking shelter. The Obamas have not changed; it was always about the color of someone’s skin and feelings that were hurt.
    I wish someone would make an actual prepper/SHTF movie. Clint Eastwood should be the all knowing Uncle.

    • The question I have is…. How does a former public servant have enough money to live a multi millionaire’s lifestyle and find enough money to be the executive producer of a movie. If we could follow the money we might have an insight to the answers and motivation.

  • First, let me say that I watched the movie. As a scientist, I know there is only one race, the human race. The concept of dividing people by skin tone or other physical attributes is a social construct for grouping people that has been around for decades, perhaps centuries (a good starting point is the website janeelliot.com) It was created by groups of humans seeking to control and oppress other groups of humans. It has no biological meaning or basis in scientific or genetic fact. If we are to ensure the survival of the human species, we need to stop spreading this ignorance that allow ourselves to be divided by those humans who seek to enslave and control us. For decades I’ve worked with human beings from all over the planet, from all different backgrounds – not a single one of them buys into the ‘racism’ social propaganda.

    Speaking as someone who has been working on the front lines of cybersecurity since before the term was even used, I can tell you from personal experience it is a fact the civilian power grid/infrastructure in the USA is highly vulnerable. There is no quick fix, and it is publicly documented it is not adequately hardened or protected to survive a nuclear EMP event – either natural or man-made. The concept of air gapping is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to protecting systems. People still view it as an omnipotent safety blanket. It is not. Air gapped systems are vulnerable to people and it is impossible to ‘people gap’ a system. Even when it comes to airlines and the large, integrated systems they rely on. I know this first hand.

    We are all humans. Read Doc05’s comment above. Bad humans, especially those who think they are smarter than everyone else, can’t resist telegraphing their intentions. Unite, prepare, and push back.

  • I watched the movie. I have no need nor desire to watch it again, but it did remind me of something: “The parable of the ten virgins .”

    I liked, “The greatest actor in the world.”, but in a real situation, like the movie portrayed, Mr. Bacon would not have helped the father.

    I think this movie was a great reminder to be prepared and to keep any of your preparations confidential. If not, there will be uninvited guests trying to get your medication or any other items of value that were stored for an emergency. Any parent or significant other would go to almost any length to save their loved one. Except to prepare beforehand. Sad.

    No building permits for the bunker in the movie? Nice…..

  • What if, and I’m just spitballing here, it was just a movie? Written, produced, and released to generate revenue for the makers and the platform it was viewed on? Lots of people are disliked and make tons of money by capitalizing on their opponents that dislike him/her by creating “easy-bake” movies/content/books/music/art.

    I watched it. My biggest takeaway was noticing how disproportionately wide Julia’s mouth looks on her slim face. She looked like one of the infected zombies in the Will Smith move “I am Legend” when she was screaming at the deer. It was horrifying. I was not prepared for that kind of trauma. That scene will stick with me.

  • Dear Daisy and readers,
    After living through what we endured as a family somewhere in South America, I will try to express my thoughts in the most ordered and sequencial way I can.
    1. Man-made disaster? OF COURSE it is. And it is a global strategy, with overseas targets and a geopolitical approach. Watch the disaster and how the elite now controls Venezuela and is looting it without any control the gold and coltan, leaving us citizens without our future.
    2. The movie is full of symbolism everywhere:
    a) The Archie’s T-shirt (“OBEY”?…Dude, what the fudge??) seems to me a very direct message to people. Specially after what happened to the owner later on.
    b) The innocent/naive/clueless girl, thinking on the end of a TV show while the world crumbles around. I won´t get into more details now about why that particular show, but sure there is some cryptic explanation. I believe she represents the 85% of those watching Tiktok, and wasting the precious time we have left before the plug is pulled off. My own kid at 11 years had put together his own GOOD pack: water bottle, tinder, lighter, blade, home-made jerky, socks and some other stuff “just in case we have to come back to Venezuela by foot, dad”
    c) The Ruth character, always on the edge feeling “attacks” and reacting aggressively, a part of the population that feels “someone stoled” its opportunities. Enough said.
    d) The lonely woman on the road that Clay left behind. A symbol of the migrant workers, left unattended once the (ahem) “protocol” begins
    e) The sonic weapon. Tells me that we won´t even know what happened once it strikes.
    f) The aggressive and selfish survivalist. A real one wouldn’t even been at home in the first place. He and his family would have been quite busy “comandeering” batteries and motor out of the Teslas blocking the road. 😀
    3) The Internet switched off. This means that the chaos generated will be enormous, just with a click that leaves out us regular Joes, Karens and little Stacies and Timmies. They will do it sooner or later. Even as a partial counter-measure.
    4) The media sold us “v1rus movies” for decades and then a real pandemics unleashed. Anything not seeing this, well, is definitely NOT one of my readers.

    Dang this was almost a full-size article…

  • I understand what your telling people about this movie and I agree with you about your comments. I have been both a defense and political science person since I was in grade 6 that was over 40 years ago and I m 52 for the moment. i have spent lifetime learning everything from defense issues to political agenda and including the world economic forum agenda and more. I have done alot ready and course info on survival sceranio to date my entire family are all military members and i have always followed my younger brother advice be prepared for everything possible and he is also in the Canadian Army, he is active member of Canadas regular forces, He has help in everything to do with disaster situations eg. Blizzard of 1996 Victoria BC CANADA to numerous forest fires from British Columbia and Alberta as well other situations. I learn over the years not trust the government the media and the proganda that they produce as well. I have also working on amateur radio license as well for these so called communication breakdown that will happen in the future and cabal cartel WEF AND United nations are also the problem and censorship i receive because of microsoft doesn’t like the truth and i cant post anything online and I don’t agree with the control measures gates klaus schwab and the rest of cabal cartel are forcing down our throats

    • Mr. Wesolowski, maybe using open source software would be a good thing for you now. There are lots of good resources there for safety. I myself dropped the spying operating systems and configured everything, just in case. It needs a little research and maybe some study, but it is totally worthy.

  • I thought it was a good little movie. May help some people wake up. I liked the young girl at the end watching “Friends” on TV. The lack of situational awareness was well done. Leaving the Spanish lady on the side of the road is what some people do. It would have been seen the Spanish lady helping someone. No one came to help. You are own your own

  • True, there is no ending … like real life. When Rome fell, people went on. When the plague killed millions, people went on. When WW2 ended, people carried on. As the song says, “Same as it ever was, same as it ever was … “

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