Activist: Depictions of Jesus Are “White Supremacy” and People Should “Tear Them Down”

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If you were unconcerned about the wholesale toppling and defacement of statues because it didn’t affect you, the most recent call to action by a prominent activist might get your attention.

Shaun King, a prominent civil rights activist, believes that all depictions of Jesus that show him as white should be taken down.

If you’re wondering whether King was only talking about statues of Jesus, let’s be perfectly clear. He’s talking about all depictions of Jesus as white.

King believes that the depictions of Jesus were white so that white people would follow Christianity.

This sparked outrage on Twitter. Newsweek reports:

A tweet by Jenna Ellis, a lawyer representing President Donald Trump, warned that she would “not break” if “they try to cancel Christianity,” although it’s unclear if it was in direct response to King’s tweet. Regardless, King responded that the lawyer was “actually defending here is her whiteness.”

“Christian whiteness needs white Jesus,” King tweeted to Ellis. “It’s not about generosity or kindness. It’s not about protecting the vulnerable. It’s about whiteness itself. Attack white Jesus to her, and you attack her faith.” (source)

King is very influential in the black activist community. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if this discussion unleashes another wave of vandalism.

Mobs are irrational.

The mob, which started out by toppling statues of Confederate leaders and slave owners,  has been anything but rational. (Selco talked more about mobs here.) Any statue they see is fair game if it depicts a white man. They’ve toppled and defaced statues like the one of Ulysses S. Grant in San Francisco, apparently not realizing he was the leader of the army that opposed the confederacy. They defaced the statue of Miguel Cervantes, the author of the iconic book, Don Quixote. Here’s a quote from a translation of Don Quixote.

“Freedom, Sancho, is one of the most precious gifts that heaven has bestowed upon men; no treasures that the earth holds buried or the sea conceals can compare with it; for freedom, as for honour, life may and should be ventured; and on the other hand, captivity is the greatest evil that can fall to the lot of man.” (source)

It’s also interesting to note that Cervantes himself was enslaved for five years after he was captured by pirates and taken to Algiers. But, hey, he’s gotta go according to the mob.

Are they coming for Jesus next?

Thus far, supporters of black activist groups have stayed in the secular, if somewhat historically confused, lane.

But now will they be motivated by Shaun King to come after the Church? Will they next turn their attention to cathedrals and stained glass windows and simple country churches with religious icons?

If they do, many people who strongly believe in the fight for racial equality will withdraw their support. Let me be perfectly clear when I say that I abhor racism, bigotry, and hatred of any kind. And that includes when this kind of wrath is turned on innocent people instead of toward the people who caused the problem in the first place. I support peaceful resolution and with the right leadership, I still believe that is possible.

This is not the right leadership.

All we have now is destruction and violence and I don’t support that. Nor do many others who were outraged by the death of George Floyd. Remember him? The man this was all supposed to be about?

Will it even matter if those who would have once been allies withdraw their support?

These groups are now extremely well-funded.  Activist groups dedicated to racial equality have been given money hand over fist recently by companies that want to virtue signal to the socially acceptable level. PNC Bank pledged a billion dollars to the fight against systemic racism. Toby Cowern recently wrote about the significance of changing the name of the CHAZ to the CHOP and pointed out how many people who took part in the original Occupy movement were now in positions of power that could funnel a lot of money to causes they hold dear. When asked about this most recent outrage, he said:

I think we are at the stage of realizing whatever demands are acquiesced to will never be enough. This is where pushback begins.

Combined with the fact it’s now less about the demand and far more around the way it is framed…to pivot from one enemy to another is very very easily done…

So I don’t think that going after the Church is as farfetched as it might seem.

This would escalate excessively high tensions to an entirely different level. Currently, cities are being looted, vandalized, and burned and nobody is doing much of anything about it. The police departments and National Guard have been ordered to stand down. When churches begin to be destroyed and religious icons damaged, will that evoke a response?

I think it will. I’d be stunned if the Christian community did not respond with fury in the event churches began being widely vandalized in the name of racial equality. I think this would unleash an unprecedented amount of civil unrest and that we should strive to be prepared for it.

We’re in for some “interesting times” as the Chinese curse says.

And that’s where this summer turns a whole lot hotter.

After the “eventful” year we’ve had so far, everyone has been wondering what July of 2020 would bring. It just might bring the Crusades to the United States of America.

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    • I understand your frustration. Me too. I personally don’t want to be paying my hard earned tax dollars for any of them to sit in jail. It’s treason in my book, but if it’s not, then let’s bring back tarring and feathering, or public caning. Or ship them all off to Gitmo. They are terrorists terrorizing the country and should be designated as such. Both Antifa and BLM and the others that are helping them.

      And. Why hasn’t twitter taken down all the rhetoric?

  • Jesus was a Jew – from the house of David. Not European, not black, not Asian – Jew. Get off your high horse and get a life. Bigotry in ANY form is bad, human nature, but bad. Whether it is white against black, or black against white. Surely there is another drum you can beat for awhile.

    • It already has. Just virtually. Just ask daisy and cat Ellis about their coronavirus survival manual on amazon. Just look at any headlines about alternative news or social media posting that are NOT APPROVED by the powers that be and being deleated or accounts closed. It’s already here. It was only a matter of time before christianity was attacked.

      • Oh, no, I really mean when does the physical book burning start?

        Are we going to see mobs of people tossing books out of libraries into mounds, and setting them on fire because of the author, or the subject material, or even historical content?

        • 1st marine it’s coming very soon. They won’t stop until all history is erased just like the nazi regime tried.

  • Worshipping a white jesus didn’t stop that racist white man from shooting those black church goers. And they were IN THE CHURCH!
    Blacks have always been taught that white jesus is the way. I don’t even understand why blacks today are continuing the brainwashing.
    I say take them all down. Praying to white jesus has never benefitted blacks. It hasn’t stopped police brutality.

    • Cleo King evil has no race. It hasn’t stopped the black on black slavery in Africa either nor the killings of blacks on blacks in America. Evil is evil and wrong is wrong.
      Anyone who touches things that don’t belong to them well then they are just another criminal. If the statues are removed properly then so be it.

    • True Christians do not worship the likeness of Jesus (Y’shua being His true name). They worship the spirit. And might I just say that many, many white people have been killed in confrontations with police. Actually, 50% of the police involved deaths with civilians are white and 25% are black. Now, I am NOT in any way putting down the police. I know many police officers and know what they, also, go through on a daily basis and support them. Most of them are very good people. And I had no white privilege. I grew up with a single mother and we did not have much at all growing up. We lived in a small apartment and not in the best of places so I am not speaking about something I do not know. We have many close black friends who could care less if Jesus is black, white or purple……they just worship the Father, who sees no color. I wish everyone on both sides would just stop this craziness. After all, we all bleed the same.

  • 1Ma 3:46  Wherefore the Israelites assembled themselves together, and came to Maspha, over against Jerusalem; for in Maspha was the place where they prayed aforetime in Israel. 
    1Ma 3:47  Then they fasted that day, and put on sackcloth, and cast ashes upon their heads, and rent their clothes, 
    1Ma 3:48  And laid open the book of the law, wherein the heathen had sought to paint the likeness of their images. 
    Jer 14:2  Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish; they are black unto the ground; and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up. 
    Heb 7:14  For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Juda;

  • first off, she is absolutely correct. When was the last time you saw a white person from Egypt. Jesus was a brown Jew, as were all the jews that lived in that region. 2nd off, if you’re gonna tell something, tell the whole truth, which is the statue of Roosevelt was taken down because it had as part of the statue a native American and an African American as part of the statue as subservient people. So plz tell the whole story, don’t just tilt it to serve your headline.

    and no it will not be enough until true equality is obtained. You can’t just throw crumbs anymore and expect the people to be happy with your left overs. It’s time to come to the table and give equality to everyone. no more lip service. Real steps to FULL EQUALITY. nothing less will be tolerated. So like the peaceful knee of 4 years ago by Collin. You can give equality peacefully now or pay the consequences for putting off what should have been given 400 years ago. MAGFA = make American great for EVERYONE

    • Exactly how do you propose to pay for full equality?
      What does that look like? Tax all successful white people for something that happened, before they were born, “400 years ago?”

      You misspelled MAGFE.

    • Thank you, Gail. There is a reason Blacks are so very frustrated, while Whites say they don’t discriminate any more. Actually, the do discriminate–in favor of Blacks and Hispanics. Whites in actuality are the most discriminated-against race. And while that is true, it solves nothing–for Blacks are STILL not equal in IQ scores, educational attainments, income, wealth, or respect and prestige. There are many rich successful Blacks, but the race as a whole is not there, yet. And it is not making much progress. If anything, it is getting worse.

      The stubbornness of the problem leads some to speculate that Blacks are genetically inferior–a terrifying idea that sparks outrage. I believe that the gene idea is not true because of repeated waves of European immigrants from low-IQ backgrounds that rose to wealth and jumped in IQ when the children grew up in American schools. And even more because I read about a charter school in Texas that gets high achievement for Black students equal to the whites of that city. Admission is by lottery, and full siblings who had to attend public schools did just as badly as other blacks in that city. That shoots the genetic theory all to hell. Blacks CAN do as well as whites.

      But how do we get there from here? Affirmative Action was supposed to make up for centuries of discrimination–but the result is that the Black/white IQ gap has INCREASED from 15 points to 18 points. If you don’t care about results, you don’t care. Virtue signalling is insanity, not integrity.

      We need to SCRAP Affirmative action and all reverse discrimination. It is actually illegal because it violates the 14th amendment. It also violates King’s Dream. Blacks need to WORK for success–that is how it is done by Whites, Jews, Italians, Irish, Chinese and every other immigrant group that has made it, “Polaks,” (POLES, back when it was socially acceptable to use such terms–Poles became more successful than most).

      What will give them the courage for such effort? Classical music and reading novels you enjoy will help. And Whites and others can help by understanding how the marvellous dreams of a Great Society and King got crushed. It is very simple–when you work on an ambitious project you always make mistakes. Success happens when you fail fast enough. The Lunatic Left needs to realise that, pick themselves up, dust off their pants, and cheerfully try again until we see the greatest dream of all time come true.

      Biggest Crybaby Wins is KILLING the Blacks. A crybaby is a loser. Hard Work (and working smart) is the secret of success.

      Have fun.

  • Shawn you big idiot!
    You have proven your ignorance just like all the other ones. You don’t know beans. Jesus is all races it doesn’t matter if it’s a white picture a black picture and orange picture Jesus is all races Jesus came from who God Jesus was actually part of God okay you get that God is all races. You are so stupid what do you do sit down and eat stupid for breakfast lunch and dinner. Go to school okay go to school and get some help. You’re all dingbats all you’re all acting like a bunch of monkeys with a tire in their hands. All I can say to you buddy boy is w w j d n?
    And if you can’t figure that out I’ll say it!
    What would Jesus do now?
    Hopefully he do you erase you. you’re all going to go down and you’re going to go down so hard and so big it ain’t funny okay there ain’t no water in hell

    • This is really rude and uncivil. If you believe in God why behave this way??? Not a way to get your point across at all. Love your neighbor please, this is no testimony to others at ALL.

  • This is what has been done in other countries where Marxism is pushed. I think that is BLM’s intent and so far they are getting their way. There are deeper forces at work here and big money from rich sources that are funding this garbage and feeding people with it…This is socialism at work. Better wake up, cuz this is what is being allowed and needs to stop and will come in full force under a different administration….

  • Yes, they will definitely come after religious icons. I don’t know who Shaun King’s unnamed “experts” are, but Jesus did not look like the image he posted. Jesus miraculously left us His image on His burial shroud, the Shroud of Turin.

  • Iconoclasm! Truly, does the skin color matter, or the message? Christ wanted us to love one another and more specifically to love thy enemy (Matthew 5:44). I’m a historian and yes Christ was NOT Max von Sydow, but the focus should be on what he, the Essenes, and the Gnostic Christians were sharing not how much melanin was in their skin.

    King is creating loosh, and the important question to ask is not why, but for whom? I have read that Christ may have been a natural redhead if so, do we go now paint all the icons to look like Ronald MacDonald? Or do we destroy crucifixes since many show the nails through the hands rather than the wrists? Is this really about historical accuracy, or politics? It most certainly has little to do with Jesus Christ.

  • Well, here’s a good reason why God said not to make man-made/imagined images of Him. All His commands teach us about our weakness. He wants our thoughts to be spiritual thoughts and worship.

    There were many failures from the get-go in this country and slavery was one of them. Even the northern designers of the Constitution did not get rid of slavery when there was a chance.

    In so many places, Scripture states that God does not look on the outward appearance but on the heart. He tests hearts because our hearts are what we can change. We might be able to somewhat alter our outward appearance. But for the most part it is what we are born with — we are stuck with. But our heart is something we can change. In the vision of heaven, the book of Revelation shows us that there are people from every tribe, tongue and family there.

    However, the overarching problem is as Daisy stated: A crisis in leadership. Every potential help has been neutered by the media and those who use it.

  • So, some people don’t like a “white” Jesus… so, show us a photograph of a Jesus and we’ll make adjustments. Oh, you say there is no such thing.

    That’s because Jesus is not interested in race, money, or status. He is interested that live a good, loving life.

    If life began in the Fertile Crescent ( look it up), then everyone was basically the same color. It’s when they moved to different climates that melanin in their skin got weaker (whiter skin) or stronger (darker skin).

  • I don’t know Mr. King or his organization but the point is is pointing out is valid. He talks about the image of Jesus bring white but the history of images of people who are not Anglo saxon is one of appropriation of the victims story. I had no idea that Alexander Dumas was black or that the cartoon Betty boop was base on a black woman. One may ask why it matters why it matters? It matters because a image is people see and identify with
    It is easier to see oneself in the age. I think it is ironic that many are out mad that others want a realistic image of Christ even though the fact is was Jewish as we’re his apostles but Jewish people are constantly blamed for his death even if it was probably the Sadducees and Pharisees who were the driving force behind his crucifixation. The truth of history is begging to be told that is why we are seeing the chaos in our time

  • The wife and I were talking about this article, and she said,
    “Has nothing to do with white supremacy, but marketing.”

    If you have a new religion that you want to promote to other regions, you have to market it to that region’s consumers.
    Depictions of Jesus in Latin America, is much different than it is in Poland.
    Why? In keeping with the marketing idea, you are trying to sell something.

    I believe the late, great, George Carlin said something similar many a year a go.

    • Good take. I have seen pictures of black jesus in peoples homes, i think Jesus is so accessable to so many different people that we tend to associate us with him. We feel a connection or want to feel a connection so we make him like us, whatever we look like because it adds to the comfort. Having grown up catholic i am now wary of statues of jesus in general ( now a reformed baptist) but thats just my idea about it.
      Yours is something i hadnt thought of but just as true

  • Where we live the protesters are free to topple all the statues they want and run around on interstate highways and block streets. The only thing they are stopped from doing by the police is sacking the justice center. so if they choose to deface or destroy churches they are free to do so. So many people in high places (mayor, Govener, police chief) turning a blind eye.

  • Let there be no doubt that regardless of your politics, race or affiliations those into preparedness will become victims of the “gimmie that” “you owe me” crowd as well and they will twist your the ownership of your things into their agenda of “privilege” and “supremacy” as they take it and the media and supporters of anarchy will assist in portraying us as the bad for having more than others or what we “need” which is determined by “them” rather than yourself.
    Criminal behavior is being justified daily and it will not stop anymore than in Brazil, the Balkans, South Africa or Venezuela.

  • we are at war plain and simple yet people just sit an do nothing its minutemen time
    time for all freedom loving Americans to rise up and be counted they are trying to destroy our history and now i guess religion seems like war on being a lighter skin tone we are all one
    race HUMAN one color FLESH we are one do not let them divide us while we fight among ourselves
    the ones with this agenda will keep pushing it towards full socialist/communist authoritarian
    society thats not what my father and step father uncle fought ww11 for i was in 70 era vet army
    liberty or death

    • So far only one side is fighting. As you are fully aware, if only one side fights a war, the side that is fighting will win.

  • “When churches begin to be destroyed and religious icons damaged, will that evoke a response?” Good question. What percentage of people in these United States are actual Christians, and how many are merely cultural Christians? What should be the response to such wanton destruction? Of those who are merely cultural Christians, will this be the final straw that drives them out of the churches? Will this purify the churches?

    I’ve read many websites now that quote the founders of Black Lives Matter that they are dedicated Marxists, just like Mussolini, Stalin, Mao and Hitler. Just as these named followers of Marx had a hatred of Christianity, so do the founders of Black Lives Matter. This attack on the “whiteness” of Jesus is mere pretext with no basis in history. This is their way of expressing their hatred of Christianity.

    I expect that the real push back will come not from a reaction to destruction of “religious” symbols, rather from people defending their towns—their shopping centers, homes and farms.

    The weakness of these Marxist revolutionaries, is that they are primarily an urban phenomenon. With the permission of traitors in government, they can take over urban real estate. But urban real estate can be cut off from food, water and power, which all come from rural areas. Without the support of rural areas, their revolutions can quickly come to naught. (This is what really scared the communists concerning Tien On Mun, peasants from the countryside, city folk and students all united—therefore the students, many from elite families, had to be sacrificed to break the united front.)

    By the way, the phrase “May you live in interesting times” is British, from the 20th century, not an ancient Chinese proverb. Possible dates for its inception are 1936 or 1939.

  • How much of this must go on until you who call yourselves patriots, realize that we are entering into the 2nd Civil War. We are in the first stages. The enemy of freedom is pressing to see what kind of resistance will be given. You can expect the enemy to press further as no resistance is given. Those who are able and not willing to fight for their freedom, don’t deserve to have it. The true tragedy is the sacrifice of all those patriots for this country since 1776. Apparently, it was for nothing. There doesn’t seem to be anyone with the guts to do what is necessary to save this country’s freedom.

  • Surprised?
    I’m not.
    As soon as the current “complaint” by the left peters out, they come up with another thing that “bothers” them.
    Until the rest of the U. S. citizens wake up and fight back, this *garbage* will continue.

  • But there are TWO powerful reasons to remove Jesus images. Not only is he depicted as white – resembling many other Middle-Easterners, but let’s not try to be rational here – he also was JEWISH!!! My goodness (I hesitate to use a more theological term). Many of the BLM movement are anti-racist. Except when it comes to Jews. Or any other group they can muster prejudice against, but Jews work out to be really easy targets, as has been demonstrated for a couple of millennia now.

    • And if Jesus is depicted as black instead of white should that be allowed? Jesus is depicted as a male, would that be the next offense that must be corrected to satisfy the perpetually offended left? Should the image of Jesus be non binary?

      You are obviously not familiar with the first amendment of the Constitution or its importance which is a “powerful reason” why you should remove your self from this country and find one that has more stringent religious regulations. I would suggest North Korea as a Jesus image free country more to your liking.

  • I think the show down will come at the churches. DimmocRATS never know when to stop. I know religious fanatics, and if you think these activists are crazy, their will be a bloodbath. The rural and outside the city areas will meet them with gunfire, and it’ll be one sided.

  • I would suggest looking up what Muhammed Ali, Jr. had to say about all of this and here is a hint……it is not in support of Black Live Matter or Antifa or any of it. He believes there is racism within these organizations and their true purpose (which I agree with) is to divide the nation.

  • I served in the Clergy, have a M.Div degree from an accredited seminary, was ordained, and also served in the military before the Clergy, as a Medic. God does not condone murder, but He does allow self defense and defense of others.

    King is a Marxist plain and simple, who wants to increase the Crisis to a full boil so their chosen Communist “Strong Man” can restore order. I believe it will be a Obama-Military Man.

    See Yuri Besmenov and the 4 steps to a Communist revolution.

  • And he is correct re: jesus isn’t white. Never has been, never will be. Put the icing on the cake and christianity has been used to justify all numbers of bad behavior – Crusades, slavery, bigotry, homophobia just to name a few. IMHO, 10% of those who claim to be christian actually are. Of that 10%, mortality will soon shrink the percentage.

    • Yes, atrocities were done in the name of religion BUT they were done by various religions, not just Christians. I am sure it will not be condoned by the Lord. All this talk about what color Jesus was is ridiculous to all the Believers I know. None of us could care less what color He was. I think it’s just an excuse to attack people of faith. Whether Jesus was black, white, green or blue, I hope you find Him! He loves you! And is waiting with open arms for you!

  • I am a regular lurker here and I’m not interested in engaging in debates or arguments. I present the following as an FYI for those who might not know:

    As an Eastern Orthodox Christian—the original Christianity—the icons of Christ (with the oldest icon residing in Saint Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai desert in Egypt) depict Christ as follows:

    (Sorry for the link as I cannot post images).

    Icons were painted since the time of Christ and all Eastern Orthodox Christian icons have a similar, identifying presentation because of the iconography. I would be able to identify any Orthodox Church by stepping inside just from the iconography. As you can see (or just do an internet search), the icons depict Christ with brown eyes and olive skin, thick hair and a beard.

    Orthodox Christians are all over the globe and have faced heavy persecution, wars, etc. That is why Archbishop Iakovos was standing in support with Martin Luther King Jr. (the famous Life magazine cover)—the Archbishop understood persecution in a deeply personal way.

    I realize this might be boring to some but I felt compelled to provide this information.

    Thank you Daisy for your blog and for your efforts.

  • I was (according to the word of God) created in his image. When I look in the mirror I see a white man. Let me think, how do I see Jesus?

  • You forgot to mention that Shaun King is a Black Lives Matter activist, a Bernie Sanders supporter, Antifa supporter a communist and is part of the divide and conquer globalist campaign to destroy the USA.

  • We don’t care what color You or YOUR god is as long as you believe in the almighty government & submit to their authority. It’s hilarious watching the sheep of all colors bleet.

  • The Communists and Anarchists in Spain also burned down the churches and religious statues, just before the Civil War erupted in 1936.

    Watch this documentary about the Spanish Civil War to see what is coming next for America:

    You need to move yourself and your family OUT of majority democrat-controlled areas if you don’t want to be murdered in the Coming Civil War. Watch the 6-part documentary above.

    History is repeating.

  • These rioters, protesters, and commenters do not have any education as to who they wish to destroy. They must be put in their place, prison forever as they are evil. Jesus was a jew and jews are white. No, we will not get rid of Jesus and the photos of his family. Who is Shaun King? He looks white. This nonsense must stop with a strong hand of the law – now!

  • Jesus’ greatest miracle was being a white man in the middle east.
    I agree entirely with his depiction being altered to show reality rather than the lie that has been indoctrinated into the dumb masses.
    Then again, I actually don’t believe many of his followers have actually read the doctored bible either.

  • Jesus is not a white man. The fact that he would be anything other than brown to tan is absolutely ridiculous, and people willingly believe the lie. The question is, what are you going to do if your lord and savior comes down, and you see he is in fact black – will you renounce Christianity? ND if you will, what does that say about you? If you want to keep being fed white washed history, know that it has a consequences for leaving you unprepared for the spiritual revolution occurring.
    And many black activist do not follow shaun King, fyi. That assertion is about a year old.

    • Lisa phillips, how do you know that Jesus is not a white man? You don’t know that. Opinion does not equal fact.

    • The Eastern Orthodox Christian icons painted in the time of Christ (and the oldest one resides at Saint Catherine’s monastery in the Sinai desert in Egypt) depict Christ with olive skin, brown eyes, thick long hair and a beard). So, yes, I know my history. And so did Archbishop Iakovos who is photographed standing next to Martin Luther King Jr. (the famous Life magazine cover)—the Archbishop understood persecution in a deeply personal way and understood history. ALL history.

      So, yes, Christ is not pale with blue eyes. He is as depicted in the icons painted in the time of Christ—with olive skin tone and brown eyes.

  • Come on. All religion is fake. It’s all about who can worship their imaginary friend in the sky better than the other guy. One would think that this pandemic proves that there is no god. Everybody is equal in the eyes of the virus. It doesn’t care who worships which imaginary friend. If there were a higher power, wouldn’t the worshippers of the “real god” be saved? Let me guess…”god” has a plan for them and they are going to a better place. Yeah right.

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