Did Japan Just Warn the US of an Impending Joint Attack From China and Russia?

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Four days before Americans celebrated Independence Day, the number two defense official in Japan offered some strange advice that has many Americans concerned.

After noting the Chinese and Russians are excellent allies and have engaged in several military drills together of late, Japanese State Defense Minister Yasuhide Nakayama, in a press interview, had this to say, “[Russian naval forces] are really exercising just right in front of the western part of Honolulu, and so I don’t want to remind the [sic] seventy years ago, but we have to be careful of the exercising of the Russians.” 

Nakayama made this statement because many Russian ships are operating just 35 miles off of Hawaii’s coast. They conducted several drills, one of which has been a rehearsal on sinking an aircraft carrier. And what could Nakayama possibly be alluding to that happened in Hawaii roughly seventy years ago?

Pearl Harbor.

So what exactly does Nakayama mean by this?

Is he alluding to the possibility of a surprise attack by a joint China-Russia military operation on military soil? Or are people reading into this too much?

According to American Military News, the above statement is clear and presents evidence that just such an alliance prepares for action. And while I do not doubt that both Russia and China are hostile to the US, I have to wonder, is this the best evidence to fall back on for such?

Nakayama went on to describe potential nuclear destruction:

“If some country shoot’s [a nuclear weapon] from their continent towards Honolulu, that missile’s…the warheads compared to Hiroshima, it’s 200 times more than Hiroshima.” 

He went on to add, “So I’ve been to Hiroshima before and I went to the museum before, from that experience and the perspective, if 200 times more strong atomic bombs or torpedoes or missiles, warheads towards Honolulu, I think Honolulu will be erased from the map. So we have to think before using those powers, we have to think how to stop it.”

Is this how World War 3 begins?

Isn’t that a rather strange subject to bring up?

Why would Nakayama point out to the US the dangers of a nuclear attack – and the potential devastation – on American soil? Is 35 miles a significant enough distance away to survive the destruction caused by a 200 times more powerful bomb than Hiroshima?

He went on to offer some advice, saying, “We have to show the deterrence towards China, and not just China but also the Russians, because, as I told you, that they are doing their exercises together.”

So Nakayama seems to believe that America needs to take a stronger stance militarily on proving that we can and will defend ourselves. While I most certainly believe the same thing, his next statement may (or may not) give us a little more insight:

What we can do is show the deterrence and also [that an attack] or happening towards Taiwan, it’s straight to relate to not just Japan, but also the US-Japan alliance even.”

Is this his inspiration for such a warning all along?

I don’t think there’s any doubt in anybody’s mind that Taiwan is now screwed. It’s only a matter of time before the Chinese invade and take it. Really, what’s stopping them now?

Absolutely nothing.

And Taiwan is a very short hop away from Japan, potentially serving as a perfect launching point for future offensives. And China hates Japan.

Is Nakayama providing this warning to the US to bolster Japan’s own chances of defense against a Chinese invasion? Is there something more that he knows but isn’t stating? What conclusions can we draw from all this?

I’ll leave that up to the reader to decide, but to reiterate, here’s where we’re at:

Speaking of China, an article published on The Organic Prepper pointed out that America’s military may soon be unable to equip itself for modern warfare without relying on Chinese suppliers.

So what are your thoughts on the subject?

Is American Military News on point with this being a valid indicator of an impending attack? Are the quotes being read into too much? Or, in light of other current happenstances, are they something Americans should take note of?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Taiwan will be used as a deception to draw the US in to a conflict, but the real attack will be on the US Mainland. Read Tsun Tzu. Everything is about surprise and deception.

    • You should have read Tsun Tzu.
      The part about Knowing your enemy.
      China can not logistically pull off an attack on our mainland and they know it, ( and you should also).
      Logistically they have trouble moving troops in mass, around inside their own country, let alone across an ocean.
      They lack the transport ships and the cargo capacity to resupply them.
      They also have better, closer targets for expansion, in Twain, and Indo China.

      This is why they are researching Biological weapons, (like Covid 19) and Economic ones.

      Next you can lay all of this at the feet of Biden and a weak presidency.
      It emboldens our enemies ( China, and Iran) and he has upset and scapegoated our potential enemies ( Russia and N. Korea), making them uneasy and provoking them.

      So Japan feels our weakness and is disturbed by it. They, Twain and others. rely on a Strong US military presence to protect them. Right now the US is more likely to allow China free reign than to oppose them.

      As far as Russia goes, they are taking a page from Tsun Tzu also: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
      Which is what they are doing with China, keeping their enemies closer.
      How better to know their, technology plans, capabilities, etc. than to War game with them.

      I am sure they would do the same with US, if we allowed that.
      However we have in the past allowed small groups of Russian Military over here, on joint training missions.
      These events have been hosted at Military bases all over the country.

      So beware the Fear mongers and the War mongers, they spread a lot of mis information.

      • Then you know that has China has a division station across the border in Mexico. Many are questioning the Morning Star ranch owned by a Chinese former general. He built a heavy duty runway two miles long. The ranch is next to our airbase in Del Rio, Tx.

        • And Canada admits to Chinese troops in western Canada. What I’ve read from numerous sources is ~250,000.
          They also control most of the western US ports, one way or another.

      • Mic

        You are astute with your observation on logistics being pretty much insurmountable for any country on earth trying to physically invade mainland US. No country has the transport capability of the US, either by air or sea. What do people think our subs would do or the Chicoms or Russians sent transports with troops across the Pacific? They would have a field day sinking those. And our naval and air force guys? They would have be asleep at the wheel. I used to laugh when people would suggest in WW2 that the Nazis were planning to invade the US mainland. What?? They couldn’t even cross the English Channel and invade Britain, much less cross the Atlantic.

        Of course the Chicoms and Russkis can operate effectively in their own backyards as supply and logistics favor them. Of course both of them work on anti-carrier tactics since the US Navy fields more carriers than all of the worlds fleets combined.

      • My friend, the U.S. is already completely surrounded: Chinese and Russian troops in: Mexico, Canada, Cuba, Venezula and various parts of South/Central America – all FACTS. Pal, they are virtually already here along with tons of supplies and weaponry, etc, etc.

        • This is correct. I have family in Canada that confirmed a large Chinese training exercise in Petawawa, Ontario, just a couple hours north by motor vehicle of upstate NY. And China owns the major port in Ensenada, Baja California, about a 2-hour drive south of San Diego. I didn’t see a lot of Asian people where I lived in Mexico but they absolutely own a great deal of property there and do lots of trade.

    • I unfortunately agree with you my friend. I think we are in trouble as Beijing Biden is an absolute waste and AmeriKA has been hijacked/taken-over right in front of our faces and 99% of us have sat back and done virtually NOTHING while all of this crazy mess has taken place. What is wrong with us? Where all the bill-bad a$$ so called patriots??

  • My husband was Navy and was stationed in Pearl in the early ’90s. He said Russia always pulled “exercise” stunts like this. Of course the climate is changing so who knows what is true threat and what is posturing.

  • From what I’ve been reading (and seeing), it’s Japan that’s under direct threat of a nuclear attack from China, in case they keep intervening with their ambitions in Taiwan.

    So he may be trying to drag U.S. into this Taiwan takeover issue, to have U.S. reasserting its position on the matter, or pull it even closer as an ally, or both as pointed.

    Strategy works like that. and the fact that the pieces are moving in the chessboard may be a bad sign in itself. China is rehearsing (preparing the world) the taking of Taiwan, that’s for sure. It’s imminent, but there are no conditions for that right now and they know it, so they might wait.

    I could be wrong but I don’t see Russia trying to attack America, and IMHO neither China. It’d be M.A.D. Could happen if the internal situation got too bad in these countries, but we’ll have to wait and see how the Great Reset unfolds for that.

  • America is the daughter of Babylon as spoken of in six books of the old testament. It will be completely destroyed by “fire” in the end days and God will never allow it to be inhabited again!

    • Try again, That is utter nonsense.
      Any decent Bible scholar knows better than that.
      It is great stuff to sell books and make a ” name” for oneself.
      but like so much of the End times stuff it is not True and not truly Biblical.
      As it is taken out of context and mis applied to America.

      • The skeptics, and naysayers will be the ones in shock, when God’s judgement rains down upon America because of her sins that she never repented for. Revelation 18:1-11 describes her well.
        The corrupt political system, the corrupt corporate CEOs’ on down, corruption in the civil service, military, law enforcement, judiciary.
        Then there is the porn industry, the sex trade industry, over 70 million abortions(modern day child sacrifice), the corrupt control and money pharma. The worldly people that are immoral, and on and on it goes.
        Sad to say, if many had truly repented when Donald Trump was in charge, things would have turned out much more different then it has with the frauds, JoeBama OBiden, and heels up hoe horse face Harris.
        President Donald Trump I believe was a pause and a chance for the American people to truly turn back to God, but they did not, and so God’s judgement has begun.

        • People should believe you ……and the Bible. What I don’t understand is why God turned his back on Trump and his God-fearing followers, and allowed the Democrats to cheat their way into the White House. I thought that we might have chance of Godly revival. My only thought is that He decided that we are a lost cause and IT IS TIME to bring on the end-times.

  • Back in the 1980’s a Romanian man, who had been kicked out of Romania for smuggling Bibles into that country, came to America with a message from God: He was fed up with our behavior and unless we repent, judgment would fall. This judgment would come in the form of an invasion made up of troops from Russia, China and another country that he could not remember. I’m wondering if the other group is the UN?
    Anyway, at the time folks laughed at him because the iron curtain had fallen and they felt that Russia was no longer a threat. Those of us who took this message seriously are not surprised by this news at all. With how evil this current administration is, it’s only a matter of time before judgment falls. The only way to truly prepare is to learn how to hide in the shadow of His wings, for only God can save us from what is coming.

  • It has only been a matter of time before we are in a major shooting war with Russia and/or China. Probably as things escalate. They might not be the ‘first-shots-fired’ initiators, but they will be involved sooner rather than later.

    It may or may not be Global Thermonuclear War with full-scale attacks from all nuclear powers. However, I do believe there will be nuclear devices used. HEMP for sure, as well as some air-burst nukes with 100kt – 500kt warheads used.

    The minor players might use HEMP and some of the ‘new definition’ dirty bombs, which are explosives layered with radioactive materials. (The old, original definition of a dirty bomb are what are now termed ‘enhanced radiation devices’, with things like cobolt or other radiation emitters that last far longer than the uranium, plutonium, and other ‘standard’ fissionable materials used for atomic (fission) devices, and thermo-nuclear devices (fission-fusion-fission)).

    I also believe that there will be escalations in other parts of the world that are not generally believe to have the capability of using nuclear weapons, and therefore are, in general, not major targets. I believe that there are several more nuclear-capable nation-states than those currently accepted as having nuclear weapons. The US, Great Britain, France, Russia (and possibly some of the Republics), China, and Israel.

    Many do believe that North Korea has at least a couple of HEMP devices, and some low-yield fission warheads and even possibly some thermonuclear warheads. Ditto Iran, though with less certainty according to some, though definitely trying.

    Now, South Africa had nukes at one time, but has claimed, and was verified by the UN to have dismantled their devices and the capability to make new ones.

    Well, it is my belief that South Africa does have (still or newly made) nukes. I also believe that Japan, Germany, and Brazil have had clandestine programs going for years and have, either through their own full development programs, or through purchase programs in some cases, several to quite-a-few in Germany’s and Japan’s cases. I suspect the Swiss have mobile launchers with highly effective devices, as well. There could be others. Or none. This is all based on my research and information from some contacts that are in a position to have access to information that is certainly not public knowledge, and in a few cases, not even Congressional knowledge.

    Be that as it may, any or all of it true or not, I believe, for all the old, standard, reasons, we will be at war soon. With attacks made here on US soil, with a high likelihood of having foreign troops within our borders, even without a full-scale invasion.

    China cannot feed their population beyond 2025 as things are now, and if there is one thing that is certain, that is that the CCP will not give up power under any circumstances, even if it means the loss of several million of their male citizens. I believe they would even welcome it, for not only can they not feed everyone, there are not enough brides to go around for the current male population, either.

    So, war, both regional to gain resources and acceptable mates for their men, and international to reduce the amount of interference from the US there would be in the event they move on the powers with whom we have treaties and other arrangements for mutual support in the event those nations are attacked.

    I know this is in the realm of conspiracy theory and tin-foil-hat (real tin foil, not the aluminum foil most people use…) scenarios. However, if one looks at all the information, without any coloring by wishful thinking or propaganda programs to cause people to believe otherwise, I believe that it is fairly obvious. It sure is to me.

    I have believed this for over thirty years, with new information only solidifying the ideas in my mind, and shortening the timeline somewhat.

    As always, just my opinion.

    • well said, I’m not so sure, but, I sure wouldn’t count out, what your saying…It’s best to be ready and not need than to be wishing you had gotten ready!

  • Very interesting! Given Xi’s tendencies towards megalomania and the weakening of US forces by the past several Presidential administrations, I can see him testing the waters via these smaller targets, Taiwan and Japan. China is not our friend, and Russia likely wouldn’t mind expanding a bit if they thought they could get away with it. China has been attacking the US is some very sneaky ways, specifically cyberattacks and buying up properties. China owns 13% of the residential property in this country as well as some of the major food producers, ie Smithfield, and we’ve owed money them since 1933. So rather than attack us directly, they’ve been buying us out, lock, stock, and barrel. However, an alliance with Russia makes two superpowers against one, and that could get messy.

    I can see Japan pointing out that if China’s global ambitions aren’t checked, then they’ll roll over the entire planet, just as Nazi Germany did with the Blitzkrieg. First of all Nakayama wants to protect Japan, but he’s right that their China problem can easily become everyone’s China problem, including ours. Look at what happened during the pandemic: among other shortages, medicines that either are made in China or have components from China have been in very short supply. This is why some major corporations, such as Apple, have shifted production to other parts of Asia. Perhaps we should become a country of producers again, while we still produce for ourselves, or we’ll be producing for China.

  • I had a dream 20 years ago
    In the dream we Americans were at war with China…. They had invaded the land….It was Urban Warfare…. One of the Chinese soldiers kicked in my door in the dream… For some strange reason i asked him why he was not Russian.. I asked him two or three times…. As if i was surprised that he was Chinese…. I always thought that it was just a crazy dream… Until a couple of years ago….Oh that soldier in the dream just turned and walked out of my house… Then the dream was over…

  • i believe putin chow biden all free masons work as one to serve satan god of this age! behind closed door it could be a different story? china russia would like to kill each other for top dog status on earth.

    all out dated modes of warfare like guns bullets tanks boats plans would only play a roll after the main event! nuke subs, nuke rockets and space assets will be the primary weapons of destruction on earth, when that happens all other concerns will fail as the survivors seek to live out some kind of hell on earth. more then likely the earth its self will fail to provide life as the nuke particles from power plants bombs and other forms of contamination seek osmosis in the atmosphere water and land making live on earth an impossibility in the first place? no war between nuke powers will never come it will only be used to spook each other into some kind of VooDoo mind set?

    what will happen is a short war that will bring on UFO Jesus to earth, the space gospel will read like this: wow we just returned in the nick of time to save man kind from total destruction! hi my name is jesus and i fly this UFO sport model, we make humans way back then and now we have fake evidence of our work on earth! we made humans just look at our evidence? this is but one view of the soon to come antichrist that will deceive many just like the lie of covid19 has. remember we were warned of this event in God’s word! stay ready to listen to the holy spirits instructions, ,…………………….Sci21

  • Chinese defense minister Chi Haotian’s speech which was reported by The Epoch Times back in 2005 is a must read, in my opinion, to get an idea of China’s true intentions behind the moves they have been and are currently making (think Covid, their population problems, lack of food and land problems, and so on).

  • Russia has always done naval drills just north and west of Hawaii since the Cold War.
    The whole story of “The Hunt For Red October” was based on activity there. We conducted naval exercises off them not too long ago. It’s a game we all play.

    They might attack. It’s a possibility and always has been. China is testing things. They’ve got a lot of things in place from land ownership in the USA, The People leaning towards communism over patriotism, a stronger economy, better hackers, our weakened woke military with traitorous generals etc.

    The current political climate here is an issue for us and not them.

    Japan will definitely try and drag us into it because they can’t win even though they talked tough on Taiwan to China

    • yes just look at the command of the US military now, traitors each and everyone of those who agreed with Milley that they have the guns, so it starts and ends with them! If that wasn’t an acknowledgement that he will decide if and when a coup takes place in the USA, I don’t know what was!

  • And there’s absolutely nothing stopping them from marching through North America…

    Maybe they’ll move their mil ops 35 miles off the coast of DC.

    • Actually, there is something stopping many foreign invaders from marching across our collective lawn: guns in the hands of civilians. Admiral Yamamoto of Japan was quoted during WWII saying he’d never invade this country that way because there’d be a gun behind every blade of grass. That’s why the Chinese and Russians are using cyberattacks and social media psyops, along with buying key companies and real estate. The Russians own property here too.

  • There is a deep seeded hatred of the Japanese by the Chinese. This is sill festering after WW2! They would like nothing more than to crush the Japanese & its culture!

  • BOO,WHOO…how could anyone attack the dumbest country on earth…SIMPLE,launch few hundred NUKES at them,they won’t have a clue what to do,AND in one hours time their whole country will be nuclear ash piles where their cities used to be…OH,a word to the wise,THE WORLD HATES YOU AMERICA,theres no one on the planet you haven’t bombed or looted their country or both…your a warmongering ,blood thristy nation of devils…..

    • Many Nations on Earth owe a debt of gratitude to the United States of America.
      Europe and England would be speaking German right now if we hadn’t intervened in WW2.
      We pay the bulk of all security costs for every country on the planet.
      America is not perfect, certainly it’s Leaders.
      The people of America are still God fearing Christians.
      Evil has been unleashed everywhere and America is no exception.

  • This morning I was just reading an article that stated the Navy and other services are too Woke to win a war. Too much time spent on new rules to be prepared or properly train new people.

    Taiwan has been a point of contention for a long time. China’s leader mocked our current leader for being weak while looking like he was currying Bidens favor. Embarrassing!

    I can’t but help thinking that the Russian impression of Biden would be embarrassing to discuss.

    A weak leader seems like an invitation.

    • A weak leader IS an invitation. I have family members in the military. The U.S is headed for war. And the U.S. will LOSE. The wokeness in the military is an absolute disgrace, and it starts at the top.

  • We all know that “the commies” are the enemy of “freedom”. That is why the Nazis playbook was to label anyone who didn’t kowtow to them “commies”. I’ve had a commie hiding under my bed ready to murder me since I was born in 1947. So after hearing the same crap for 70 years how China is going to invade Taiwan and attack the “Free World”I offer just one question. Read a history book on Germany in the 30s and ask yourself if it just might be about history repeating itself? The “commies” didn’t invade Iraq. The commies didn’t feed us bullshit about Syrian gas attacks. The commies aren’t spending billions of my tax dollars on the military. Just check how much that is.The only reason we might suspect war with the “commies’ is they are moving more of their countries close to the hundreds of “free world” bases. We swallowed the “Admiral Perry attach”, Iraq WMDs and the Syrian gas attach bullshit. why can’t we swallow the “reds under the bed crap” we are feed daily?

  • From an outsider looking in. Yes not a fan of Biden and his style of leadership and the woke policies . But I couldn’t envision a on the ground war in America in the near future. Because even with defunding the police the country has a high % of armed citizens and lots of vets with a skillset . (Bless them all ) Using manipulation to try get America into a war, I don’t would work either as Biden I don’t believe would go to war over another country. I could be wrong on all counts but just my opinion from across the ocean.

  • It’s time to restart the manufacturing in this country again of all things, like we used to do! And make it an even playing field, top notch stuff for more money from us, or throw away and replace every 6-18 months from overseas! Same amount of money being spent just not as fast, MAGA….

  • Yes, I read what he said. It very much seems like that is what he was implying and what China was hinting to the West.

    THEY WANT Taiwan and are willing to take on the American military and their allies in an ALL-OUT war.

    Xi can’t help it to remain in power after berating the West for so long. He now has to put up or SHUT up or lose face and power as the young men grow impatient and China goes bankrupt.

    But are WE ready?

  • He is alluding to the fact that the Japanese fleet held similar exercises off Honolulu just weeks before Pearl Harbour.
    The USA just did not notice.

  • I have been thinking about this for a while now, and what I can not get out of my head is the fact that while the Russians are in fact “making trouble” in the world, China is in a very good position to take out their “business” competition.

    The one thing that NOBODY wants is the next war to go nuclear. Americans, Chinese, Russians, Japanese.. NOBODY wants the next conflict to go nuclear… However, if you look at a map of the Pacific and look at where approximately 70% of the world’s manufactured goods originate you are looking at the same map. China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and The Philippines all have major manufacturing centers that send goods throughout the rest of the world.

    Follow my thoughts on this if you will, please. If the goal of the Chinese was NOT worldwide ownership under communism, as the old Soviet Union, but more like getting rid of the competition and keeping their own manufacturing base so EVERYONE would HAVE to go to CHINA for the next 50 to 100 years for parts and supplies… is that not a reason to go to war?

    If that is the case, then nukes are NOT in the playbook. In fact, nukes are an outdated use of military equipment that you do not need to achieve your goals. What you want is to destroy the infrastructure of the opponent and then have them come back to you for goods and services so you can sell them at inflated prices.. Nobody is going to want to re-build in a fallout area.

    If I am right, then how would they do it? Well, please follow me on this, and humor me… The opening round(s) would have to take out the US navy, not eliminate it but put it on the defensive. Guam and Pearl Harbor would have to be eliminated… A cyberattack on the US mainland that would cripple the infrastructure for 12-24 months would be my guess. (nobody is going to want to join the military if their family is starving) The only “ally” (and I use that term loosely) in the region is North Korea. A North Korean attack on the South effectively wipes out the manufacturing base of South Korea at least for a generation… (most analysts that i have read believe that the North could not successfully invade the South because of Us intervention, but what if the roles were reversed? No Us intervention and 500,000 Chinese troops?) With the US navy paralyzed in the pacific.. Japan and Taiwan are sitting ducks for missile strikes aimed at destroying manufacturing and infrastructure. Yes, they can invade if they want to, but why? Taiwan, I understand being a cultural icon, but. you can effectively neutralize Japan with missiles and naval aircraft from bases in the north…

    Like I said before, this effectively destroys or controls 70% of the world’s manufacturing base. if you think that there are shortages now, what do you think that this will do to your local shopping on Saturdays when there is no electricity and no ships from these countries coming in?

    These are just thoughts that I have had for a while now. In no way am I saying that I am right or wrong on this… However, the one item that I keep going back to is that if everybody, including the “experts”, says one thing, it is prudent to look at the other side… because groupthink becomes very very dangerous…

  • What is wrong you right wing extremists ? If japan knew something was up, it would contact the US government directly through private channels, you doofus. When things like this are said publicly, they’re just political stunts, you ignoramus.

  • Hmmm…Well hate to tell everybody but…we all let this happen. Starts with the lack of personal responsibility. Voting, families, schools, educating yourself, etc. Just do your thing…it will all work out! Why get involved? Uncle Sugar will take care of it. And yes he has….The “sowing” and now the “reaping” then the “weeping.”
    Americans just want to be left alone and feel “safe.” Feeling safe? Me not so much. It now truly is what it is. Brought to you by 60+ years of apathy. BTW..how are preps coming along? Oh wait that’s just for those crazy “Tin Foil” hat people. Make mine Reynolds Wrap Sir!

  • South Africa does not have nukes. It can hardly keep its electricity network functioning. So that is spreading rumours and fake news

  • You are so wrong about America. We are a nation of religious freedom founded on the biblical principles.

    • Not any more. According to surveys by the Barna Group, only about 6% even know what is in the Bible. There are a whole pile of people who think they know what is in the Bible because of some preacher or book, but they haven’t read the Bible itself. Religious freedom is under attack by our fascist elite who want to destroy the U.S.

      • Here in Texas we pray, attend church, raise our children with the bible as our guiding light.
        Our kids say “Yes Ma’am and No Sir”, and love this country. Our family has dinner together every night and we sat prayers over our meal. We work hard, don’t take handouts and love Freedom. God Bless America!

  • The Russian leadership doesn’t believe in MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). They think that they can win a nuclear war. The have prepared for it by building massive bunkers for their population under mountains. Hence they are prepared to use nukes as an opening salvo.

    The Chinese leadership also doesn’t believe in MAD, but for a different reason.

    The Chinese and Russians plan to work together in their attack.

    Therefore we can expect that the war will be a nuclear war. All at once, many of our major cities and military installations will be under mushroom clouds.

    Secondly, they cannot win the war without “boots on the ground”, i.e. a land invasion. To facilitate that, the Chinese have smuggled in weapons and supplies and hidden them. They have brought in tens of thousands of “students” and “business men” who are really soldiers prepared to deploy. As well they will arm the many thousands of illegal aliens that Biden is importing throughout the country. They can also transform shipping containers into living quarters so that a container ship in port will disgorge thousands of troops instead of Chinese trinkets.

    Finally, China is going hungry. The population is close to revolt. The Chinese leadership had hoped that traitors in the U.S. government would have disarmed American civilians before they attack. They had planned their attack for about 2026. But in 2020 they lost about a third of their agriculture output due to disease, floods and droughts. The people now complain about “chewing grass”. If the Chinese people revolt, it will be the heads of the communist party on the chopping block. So the attack will be more of an act of desperation than according to strict plans.

    With these as the background, what can we expect in this war?

    The opening salvo will be nuclear. Many of our major cities and military installations will be under mushroom clouds. While we are still slack-jawed wondering what happened, troops will be pouring across our borders as well as container ships emptying their cargoes. Armed groups will pop up in many places of our country. The Chinese leadership knows that they need to take out the U.S. first in order to capture Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and their other targets. So they will throw everything they have against us. Their other targets, including Taiwan, can wait.

    When? My guess is late July or August.

    What happens next is anybody’s guess. Stay tuned for future episodes.

    • Ok; I will bite.

      While your premise has promise, the problem that I have with it is the use of nuclear weapons in the opening salvo. If the Chinese were going to attack the US on the basis of a food/starvation crisis, then why would you use nuclear weapons to achieve the goal of feeding your population? What does not make any sense to me about your premise is that most of the processing of agricultural products are in and around major railheads, ie cities, for jobs for the masses.

      For example, one of the major “targets” the Russians had was/is Scott airforce base in the St. Louis area. It is a genuine Military target and the air force base is there to generally protect the bridge over the Mississippi River. According to your premise, if the Chinese nuke Scott airforce base, a legitimate target, then you risk taking out the bridge and the railroad bridge over the river. Why is that important? Most of the Corn from the eastern corn belt going to the feedlots out west go OVER that bridge. Without that bridge then the food, ie chicken, beef, and hogs, in the Great Plains die in several days….

      My point to all of this is, while you may be right militarily.. ie, you have to nuke the base and the bridge to stop reinforcements coming from the east to help units out west. However, if your goal is to feed the Chinese people due to starvation or the threat of starvation… then you can not nuke that area at all…

      That is just one example of many bases around vital infrastructure… Not to give the US govt any credit… but it is just the way it developed over the last 70+ years.

      The other problem I have with your premise, is that while immigration is a major, major problem in this country… why would the Chinese use recent immigrants as soldiers? Ok, you can arm them, and tell them to go make trouble in the XYZ area… but after 6 months… then what? Can the Chinese leadership control them after that? It would be no big deal if the Chinese are unsuccessful, then it is our problem, but what if they are successful? Are these Honduras immigrates going to give the weapons back, and take orders from the Chinese Military? For example, you send 5,000 armed immigrants to LA, to make trouble, they do then you need them to go to Salt Lake City… How do you do that? WIll THEY do that? How about sending them to Chicago? I think that is a big, big Gamble that Even the Chinese do not want to take…

      Finally… If you look at a map… if your premise is correct… the Chinese are under a lot and I mean a lot of food shortages… then why not take over Australia? It’s closer, weaker military, the population is not armed, and there is room for expansion in the outback. On top of all of that… you can use the Chinese fishing fleet (200+sHips) to ferry supplies to and from the battle zone plus all the container ships….

      Now if Australia is the invasion goal… then excuse me, I have to go work on my fallout shelter….

  • I think that the remake of Red Dawn in 2012 is a pretty good idea of how they would attempt to attack us. Add in the “accidental” release of covid on the world and all the cyber attacks with that and there’s a difficult multi pronged attack to stop. Then there’s also how spread out and weakened our military is from repeated attacks from within our own government IE poor budget management, lack of real training, focusing on “SJW” training instead and allowing our enemies to control the manufacturing of vital components for our warfighting systems/vehicles. I wonder how many of our leaders have even read The Art of War……tools from it have changed but the principles have not. I used to think that it could never happen here, now I’m not so sure.

    • Seems Chins is gathering DNA data for a focused viral attack on North America. This will be bioweapon # 2. They don’t want to destroy America’s infrastructure or poison the land with radiation…..just kill all the people and take our land and all of its bounty. And a viral weapon focused on the people’s of North America is DEFINITELY now possible. Yeah, it might take a few low yield nukes here and there but that is not central to the overall plan. Bioweapon #2 IS central to their plan.

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