GMOs Haven’t Gone Away. Here’s What’s Coming to a Grocery Store (and Town) Near You. 

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by the author of The Faithful Prepper and Zombie Choices.

Did Will Smith’s I Am Legend teach us nothing? It seems as if we can get away from scientists who want to modify the genetic code of all the world around us, producing more and more GMOs. While we already have Bill Gates planning to darken the sun (not genetic modification, but a bizarre and potentially very dangerous modification all the same), we now have a series of other serious experiments being released upon the American public.

(A huge shoutout to Patrick Wood over at for raising our awareness of these issues. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out his fantastic site.)

The Frankenstein mosquitoes (mosqui-GMOs?) were approved.

Do you remember those genetically modified mosquitoes that were in the news cycle a year or so ago?

Well, just this past week, the Environmental Protection Agency approved the release of these Frankenstein mosquitoes in both California and Florida. The hopes here are that these modified males will mate with female mosquitoes, with the end result being the transmission of a kill switch in the offspring that causes them to die before they mature.

What does this mean, though? Is that ‘kill switch’ transmissible via bite? Will these mosquitoes create new viruses? Will this result in some type of mutation being passed onto the female? Will a mass mosquito die-off cause a mass bird, frog, or lizard die-off? In turn, what would that mean for the rest of the insect population in these areas? Would the death of these insect-eating animals result in a plague of ticks, crop pests, or other havoc-producing insects that were otherwise in control?

Nobody knows.

Within California, these mosquitoes are set to be released in Tulare County.

Now, this is probably nothing, but it is interesting to look at this map from 2020 of California. Find Tulare County in the south. To be fair, Stanislaus, Fresno, and San Bernardino also have potential scheduled mosquito releases in the near future as well.

Hopefully, these GMO mosquitoes will respect the boundaries of the counties they are released in – stopping right at the edge -and won’t continue to spread throughout other regions of these states that are adamantly opposed to Frankenstein bugs being released in their areas.

This research is being funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and is allegedly being used to target the Aedes aegypti mosquito that first mysteriously appeared in California back in 2013. The state goal is to combat Zika virus, dengue fever, and yellow fever in both Florida and California. North America isn’t even on the list of where the CDC considers one to be at elevated risk of catching yellow fever. According to, it only occurs in parts of South America and Africa.

So, combating yellow fever doesn’t seem to be a coherent reason to release GMO mosquitoes upon the public.

Dengue fever does take place within the US, but by no means on a large scale. Typically, it’s US territories that have a more common problem with dengue. Virtually all of the dengue fever cases that the US sees on the continental US are the result of travelers who came down with dengue fever as they were outside of the US.

This doesn’t appear to be a solid reason for GMO mosquito release either.

Zika, then?

Well, cases of Zika virus started to decline back in 2017. We actually haven’t seen a single case of Zika virus being transmitted by mosquitoes within the continental US since 2018 – four years ago. And since 2019, we actually haven’t seen a single Zika virus case in any of the US territories either.

(We have an interesting theory on Zika virus, by the way.)

So, what gives? Why the release of a solution for a non-existent problem? Is there some other reason for the release we’re not being told about? Or, should we just accept things at face value here?

This will be the largest release of GMO insects in world history.

Are you ready for “genome-edited” beef? 

Also in the news for this week within the realm of the GMO world is that the FDA has now approved genome edited beef as being safe for human consumption.

According to the FDA, there are zero safety concerns involved with eating the type of genome-edited beef they’ve declared to be safe. The cows in question have had their DNA altered via CRISPR technology – a type of gene-editing technique. The genetic material of these cows has been toyed with to create cows that have a slick coat that makes them better able to tolerate areas of high heat.

The FDA claims that whether the cow has the slick coat gene by breeding or whether it has the slick coat gene via CRISPR, the results are exactly the same and that there is no safety issue with eating the meat.

You take the first bite. I’ll watch on this one. Probably a good time to read our free QUICKSTART Guide on building up your food stores, right?

Do we know everything there is to know about the safety of eating genetically modified animals? What is the current track record on the health consequences of genetically modified food? Is it good? Is it bad? If bad, why would we want to give the go-ahead to genome-edited beef?

Does this open up the door for other forms of genome editing with beef in the future that don’t come across as innocent as just changing the coat of the animal? We’ve already seen scientists work on taking the “stress gene” out of pigs so that they can be raised in atrocious confined-animal feeding operations (CAFO) conditions without the pig disliking it. Are you going to see more of this type of technology being used in the future with your food?

Genetically engineered salmon is ramping up for widespread American production.

Yet another piece of news we’ve seen this past week is that the Center for Food Safety has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the FDA due to their refusal to release records on how genetically engineered salmon could impact America.

The FDA has said that it needs approximately two years to produce the records. The salmon in question is being produced in Ohio and utilizes DNA from the Atlantic salmon, the Pacific king salmon, and the Arctic Ocean eelpout to create the final product. It is the first genetically engineered animal that has been approved by a government for food.

How could these fish impact our rivers and streams? Will they prove to be akin to the snakehead? Will they eat all the food other fish would normally feed on? What will these fish do to our bodies? Are they safe to eat? Do we know they’re safe to eat? Could crossing three different types of fish together like this result in our accidentally crossing over three different types of viruses or bacteria into something else? Could we create the perfect breeding ground for a zoonotic virus?  

These are all questions about GMOs that deserve serious thought. 

These types of discussions are only going to become more and more prolific in the near future as mankind repeatedly finds itself face to face with more and more scientists attempting to tinker with genetic information. And you may not like where a lot of these questions will lead.

What are your thoughts on GMOs? Do you have more that you can add to the conversation? Let us know in the comments below.

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Aden Tate is a regular contributor to and Aden runs a micro-farm where he raises dairy goats, a pig, honeybees, meat chickens, laying chickens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and greens. Aden has two published books, The Faithful Prepper and Zombie Choices. You can find his podcast The Last American on Preppers’ Broadcasting Network.

Aden Tate

Aden Tate

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  • that the people do not want their gmo’s, but these gmo clowns keep pushing them on people is a sign of what they think for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

  • downright SCARY!!! we have NO idea what we’re eating anymore and its getting worse! even when we buy non-GMO, grass fed, etc, do we know for sure what it is? I dont have a green thumb anymore so I cant grow my own food, it dies no matter what I do, lol/……with the way the world is going, its sad that there are idiots out there that want to control every aspect of your life. I have been quite happy, and being in my 70s dont know how much longer I have, but seems day by day a little piece of me is giving up and saying “why bother anymore”? hope I’m wrong…..but seems this world is shorter by the day…..weird right? oh well…..

    • Well no it is NOT weird. As we age it’s common sense that we don’t naturally have as many days left as we once had. I never thought I would get “old” but here I am also in my early 70’s. Live and learn that is something we have done. The scriptures in the Bible do tell us what is about to happen. It talks about it in Daniel as well as in the final book of Revelation. It takes some studying but with some common sense and wisdom from above it can be pieced together. We will have wars and rumors of wars, more earthquakes, famine, drought, a new world order, a one world government, a one world religion as well as the taking about of total control of the population and get ready to do without ALL of your “cash”, b/c it will be worthless as we go into a totally “cashless society”, a new world without fiat currency (no more cash bills or change). NO need in our future for a “piggy bank”. Nope those days are just about over. Even the Mc Donalds in my town now has a new kiosk in the lobby and right now it takes cash and plastic and you order your own meal. They are doing away with the order takers. And you will be ordering and paying right there at the kiosk machine and then picking up your order. You will be handed a number and your bag will match that number… I watched how it works yesterday so I could be informed and I didn’t expect it to be here this soon so times they are changing FASTER than I had expected. I am 74, going on 54 mentally and I am trying to keep up with what is tr transpiring, but trust me it’s not easy, mind boggling in fact. I think it’s time for a nap. Geezzzz!!! Stay awake, alert, and aware of the signs of the times. That way you can tell others what’s going on…The Bible knew all about it and it was written way over 2,000 years ago…Truthful it is or as you say weird maybe right? Take care.

    • Hi Tigger,

      I suggest that you keep trying to grow a garden. You would be surprised that if you water properly (study the amount needed for your growing zone) and feed your plants and give them good soil to begin with, you will be nearly guaranteed to grow at least something. You may very well surprise yourself. You have to put in the research before planting, though. Get a booklet or print out information from your local agricultural extension office and get on it. You can even grow tomatoes in pots! We have done this when space was at a premium. Get some good potting soil and some big enough pots and you are in business! Good Luck and come back and tell us how it is going. I know you can do it!

      • Tigger, I agree with Setx….keep trying. Container gardening is a lot easier than you might realize, for a number of reasons. In recent years, I’ve been having a lot better luck growing tomatoes in containers vs. in-ground. I use my state’s agricultural extension service to find out which specific varieties of fruits and vegetables grow best in my state/county. They have been extremely helpful, even to the point of helping me identify a pest or disease and how best to deal with it when I take in a sample of the plant and show it to them.

  • Our spiritual adversary has poisoned the minds of many to follow him. The Creator tells those who are His special people, starting with the various tribes of Hebrew Israelites (and those of other nations who desire to be grafted into them), what His requirements and laws are. In Leviticus 11:9-12 (see also Deutronomy 14) are listed what can be eaten from those creatures which live in the water. That eliminates me eating these gmo ‘salmon’ with Eelpout genes as eelpout are without scales and are in the catagory of being an ‘abomination’; i.e. not to be eaten by His people. Thankfully mankind trying to rule themselves and live by their own rules will soon come to an end when the Son returns.

    • “not to be eaten by His people”

      what do you say to peter and paul declaring all foods clean? not looking for a debate, just curious.

      • If you read Acts 10, BEFORE Peter (Shi’mon Kepha) has the vision of the sheet with unclean animals appearing on it, you’ll read that Cornelius, a Roman centurion and a Gentile, sent his servants to Peter.

        Right after Peter’s puzzling vision, the Bible says that Peter was thinking about the meaning of this vision when the Spirit told him to go downstairs and to welcome his 3 GENTILE visitors into the home, and to NOT call what God has made clean, unclean.
        Remember that Cornelius was a righteous man even though he was a Gentile, and Jews at that time, were forbidden to eat with Gentiles because of the unclean foods that they ate, because of foods sacrificed to pagan gods and goddesses, and because of rituals concerning washing before meals.
        Most Biblcial translations will say something like, “Thus all foods were made clean”, but this is a translators commentary, not something said by Jesus, Peter, Paul or any of the Apostles.
        So God was saying to Peter to not call these righteous Godly men, unclean simply because they were not Jews.

        It’s worth knowing that all of the forbidden foods listed in the Torah are from SCAVENGERS, animals that eat other dead or dying animals, and animals that eat feces and other waste matter (bottom feeders).

        That’s the reason that meat like grass fed lamb and beef are so expensive; these animals haven’t been fed an unatural diet of other dead animals, road kill, GMO grains, sawdust, and other things that are inherently unhealthy for the animal and for the people who eat them.

    • Thanks for the info on eelpout. I would not have known that was unclean. And I love salmon, and I live in Ohio. But I definitely hate GMOs.
      P.S. I agree with you that Peter’s dream was to be extrapolated that it’s about people, not food. Peter retorted that he would never eat unclean food. The angel in the dream did not say the food was okay to eat, and Peter never said he was going to eat it.

  • Good article, thank you. About the GMO mosquitoes, researchers are trying to utilized them as flying syringes. Links . Here’s a link to the company that explains their technology, . The GMO mosquitos have been released in Florida, Cancun, Brazil, Cayman islands. Take example of the triploid trout released in lakes in WA state, no equiptment to prove it, but native trout catch is slim and nil because the triploids eat everything up, leaving no food for the native trout to keep populated. And what about the gene edited beef? Makes their coat shiny to beat the heat? Ha, in NM the cows are standing in direct sun, no reason to alter the cows. At this point I don’t even know if there is any unaltered meat. Do they want us to be involuntary vegetarians? (Inveg). And with these mosquitoes, they have in them a self limiting gene that allegedly terminates reproduction, and a flourescent gene that allows identification of said mosquitoes, using special equiptment. Keep in mind the self limiting gene and the flourescent gene may have been put into the mRNA vaccines

  • Very alarming. They have been building up to this over the past decade, but the fact that NOW of all times, seems like the right time to unleash all this on the unwilling US population is horrifying.
    The fact that in USA we lost the battle over clear labels of GMOs means anyone buying supermarket food without a USDA Organic label has no idea if it is GMO or not.
    Everything Bill Gates-of-Hell touches seems to have potential for great harm and suffering .

    • You mentioned BILL GATES…well just keep this in mind KARMA IS A BITCH, AND WHAT GOES AROUND WILL COME AROUND. GATES will get his just due. He will REAP what he has SOWN. GOD knows full well who he is and he will stand for judgment before JESUS CHRIST (YESHUA) and have to admit to his sins). JESUS will have a place for GATES to spend his eternity and that punishment will be far worse than anything us humans could give to him as punishment. Seriously it will happen…He will get his just due!!!

  • Like the saying goes “It’s nice nice to fool Mother Nature”! Leave nature alone and everything will be fine!

  • What could go wrong ?
    It’s a really really slippery slope.
    Just because we can does NOT mean we should.

  • I am totally against GMOs and avoid them where ever possible.

    I am not a neo-Luddite, fearful of new technology. Rather my opposition is based on that I have studied genetics at the university and have kept up with at least some of the newer discoveries since then. Much of what goes on in a cell is still a black box, and the scatter gun technology of the CRISPR gene editing means that we don’t know what we’ll get. We might get the gene that the editors want, but we have no way to tell what else we’re getting. We still don’t know all the proteins produced in a healthy, normal cell, so we can’t tell what happens when we mess up a cell with GMO.

    Similarly, the moment I learned that the Covid jabs’ active ingredient is mRNA, my training in genetics warned me that the jabs are dangerous. That was before the reports of side effects and deaths started coming out.

    So no thanks to any GMOs.

    • I studied genetics for a bit myself, and R.O. isn’t wrong, say you want that one gene, you might have to cut out and paste in another hundred just to get the one you want. Still the majority are junk DNA, as in not used, but if you play the genetic lotto, sooner or later the numbers come up.

      • Actually, a lot of the “junk DNA” is instructions on how, where and when to use particular genes. This is a fairly recent discovery. Thus, the problems come up much more often.

    • I’m with R.O. on this one. As a scientist who has spent nearly all of my career working on advanced technologies, I’m not against it (technology) – but human beings playing god is a really really bad idea. I’ve met far too many human ‘experts’ who consider themselves smarter than the creator…..and as for Bill Gates, what he didn’t steal in terms of technology was developed by others in his company. He isn’t even remotely what I would consider a scientist. I don’t even want to comment on the FDA, because I have no polite words to express.

      As a scientist, I view the Earth as a closed system, and each life form has its place and function – by design. Mosquitos included. It’s one thing to experiment in a controlled lab environment, but releasing genetically modified experimental life forms into the existing world wide closed system isn’t going to end well. Just my two cents.

  • WORSE CASE,all the children DIE,good riddence ,no one cared about them anyway…AMERICA will be a ME,ME,ME country till their dieing day in hell…and they’ll be glad their with their daddy satan anyway…


  • Well dang. Just so much more extra work for those who are diligently studying up on how to stay alive.
    Practically speaking, we should never have left the farm. In light of this gene-altering juggernaut coming at us full speed, no-holds-barred, it makes sense to know your farmer as well as your seed-supplier. I reject these alterations as much as I reject additives and preservatives. […sigh…]

    Just so much extra work …. time to dust off my work ethic and add some extra WD-40.

    It’s simple. Real life begets and sustains real life. Everything else is from the Pit.

    • Yep, remember, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!! If we eat the best we can and nourish our bodies we will live and be health and avoid diseases, however when we eat processed foods, lot of hot dogs, bacon, pork, luncheon meats, red meats we damage our immune system as well as our overall health.
      Therefore, even fast foods can wreak havoc on our system. And LORD knows we mostly eat fast foods and things that go into the microwave. We will eventually reap what we sow food wise.
      Eat the best you can b/c that is the ONLY way to stay totally healthy. Keep up your immune system so that it is able to fight off germs like colds, flus and all these viruses….

    • Love that. Real life begets and sustains real life.

      One place to learn more about that is the Essene Gospel of Peace.

      Another is the Weston A. Price Foundation. I have not seen that mentioned in OP, or other Prepper sites. That foundation is based on the work of two dentists in the first half of the 20th century. Price went around the world photographing the teeth, and the rest of the bodies, of primitive and westernized peoples around the globe. He found some striking differences in teeth and facial structures and general health with those on traditional diets being much better-looking. One impressive photo is of two sisters. You had to marvel at how a 60 year old or so and a 20 year old could be siblings. Then you found out the young-looking one was the older sibling. A lot of nutrition impacts fetal development. The foundation has a cookbook y’all should get.

      Pottenger was doing surgeries on cats who were not healing properly afterwards. He suspected the cooked meat scraps he fed them. there followed an impressive series of experiments with raw and cooked meats and raw and pasteurized milk. The kittens of deficient animals were also deficient and did not recover for several generations.

      The most impressive Pottenger study of all involved 4 groups of cats sacrificed at the end of the feeding trial. Raw milk cats had textbook guts, pasteurized were not quite as nice, and I will never use canned milk again after seeing the photos of the condensed and evaporated milk animals. FOR YOU GARDENERS: after the study was over, weeds grew in the cat pens. The raw milk manure produced tall, vigorous plants, pasteurized, less so and the canned milk pens were nearly sterile. Per USDA, any old animal manure is “organic fertilizer.” For your health, that is not so, and this is yet another way Big Guv has betrayed us.

      I want to get the Price-Pottenger Foundation to find that article and send me a copy, and Rodale Institute, and all the Organic, Health Food, etc. people they can find. People need to know this.

      It’s simple. Real life begets and sustains real life. Everything else is from the Pit.

      • Oh yes! The WAPF is a great organization for information on health and nutrition and wise, traditional, organic farming. Tons of valuable articles on their website. It should be a prepper’s go-to. They think like preppers over there. Discovered the organization through Sally Fallon’s cookbook, Nourishing Traditions in 2003. Saved my life!

        Stored food is ok. But we must have something fresh every day or we will be sick in short time.

  • The crispr edited beef was just a matter of time, do a web search for the Belgium Blue Bull, and Wendy the whippet, both were animals that had an irregular expression of one particular gene, it’s phenotype was double the muscles, Wendy the whippet is a fierce looking whippet, it’s like if Arnold Schwarzenegger were a dog.

    It’s an easy matter to pull that gene out and splice it in, you can buy home kits for about $200, to a home lab for $2500 that will let you splice in glow in the dark bio-luminescence fish genes into beer yeast so you can brew glow in the dark beer. There is one home gene editor that made himself immune to HIV/AIDS with a home brew inoculation, and there is the Chinese scientist who went to goal/jail for the same thing.

    Combine the two, and you have a huge muscled human that glows green, I maintain we could make the incredible hulk right now. It’s only a matter of time.

  • Not sure ai can say anything that has t already been said about this but I’ll try anyways. I am horrified! Honestly, we need to leave God’s creation alone. People want to BE gods themselves. Thats their whole goal. I will not be eating any of it. I buy meat from my neighbor or raise my own so easy there. But, I do enjoy seafood from time to time. How can you even know what you are getting? They don’t want to label it because they KNOW nobody would buy it. We need to lobby congress to change this mess. We cant vote with our dollars if the packaging on gmo and gmo free look the same. But, really we need to clean house and toss out all those jokers and start again. They also need to have 1 agenda on a bill not slapped in many different bits from ones that didnt pass. They can push through whatever bull shit they want and we cannot do a damn thing to stop them. Covid taught us that didnt it? We are sheep to them.

  • Methinks the mosquitos are to vaccinate you. Have you seen Bull Gates lately? Man boobs, sickly-looking potbelly of an a**. A victim of his own ambitions. We just might have mad scientists ruling you and they don’t care what you turn into.

  • This farm doesn’t now nor has in the past 30 years bought bull semen. When semen purveyors started sexing semen that was it for us. Now with cloning of cattle, gene splicing, and a healthy distrust of artificial insemination companies, we seek out only sires for the flock and herd that come from closed herds with verifiable records.

    I’m surrounded by operations that will greedily glom onto gmo beef technology. Sheep (at least for now, save dolly..) remain ignored in this technological quest for convenience. Pay attention to that.

    All conveniences in the name of proficient production practices always hurt farmers and ranchers in the end. American farmers and ranchers excel in producing themselves out of a livelihood. GMO’s of any sort offend me spiritually,morally, and ethically. I shudder to consider God the Creator’s view of the conduct of science.

  • You’ll be delighted to know that the Joebama regime has added yet another bio(weapon) agency to the already bloated, unaccountable federal bureaucratic infrastructure: ARPA-H.

    ‘“ARPA-H will pursue ideas that break the mold on how we normally support fundamental research and commercial products in this country. Ideas so bold, no one else, not even the private sector, is willing to give them a chance or to sink a lot of money into trying to solve,” Biden said. “Ideas so audacious that people say they just might work only if, only if, we could try. Well, we’re about to try in a big way.”

    ARPA-H is modeled after the Defense Department’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that develops emerging technologies for military use.

    DARPA Director Stephanie Tompkins joined the meeting, as well as Alondra Nelson, the head of the White House Office on Science and Technology, and Francis Collins, White House science adviser and former director of the National Institutes of Health.’

    But what’s REALLY spectacular, is that it is a eugenics-focused agency:

    “The initiative is focused on reducing the cancer death rate by 50 percent in 25 years, and its goals include diagnosing cancer sooner by increasing access to ways to screen for the disease, with a focus on equity and addressing inequities across race and region.”
    (The Hill, Alex Gangitano, 03/18/22)

    Looks like those dastardly Russians were correct: U.S. biolabs worldwide, have been collecting racial and ethnic DNA. And so have the CCP; guess where your COVID test ended up?

  • Dane Wiggington has a documentary on the global plan to darken the sun. The title is The Dimming and it can be found on YouTube. I highly recommend it.

    • …and he’s been buying up as much farm land as he can get his hands on…..I don’t believe in coincidences, especially when it comes to Bill Gates. He’s a pawn.

  • Bill Gates is all about reducing the population all over the world. The One World Order that Biden has said will happen within about 10 years and he is promoting it. For those who do not know what the One World Order is, it’s in Revalations. One world government, one world religion, they will control the food we eat, they will control the wheat, oil, gas, everything. The antichrist will arise out of the one world order. Does the United Nations ring a bell? I think the Bible speaks of 10 nations. Check out how many countries now make up the United Nations. As you prepare for what is coming just remember that Jesus is first and foremost in your preps. Without him you have no chance for survival.

  • I don’t think the mosquitoes with a kill switch are a bad idea. For whatever reason, much of the US is becoming hotter and more tropical, meaning that conditions are becoming more favorable for tropical diseases like to ones mentioned. Taking out the species of mosquito capable of spreading them would probably be desirable. We had a LOT of yellow fever in the US until 1905, when Walter Reed discovered the mosquito connection, an effective (though dangerous) vaccine was developed, and the swamps were drained. Yellow fever in the US took 100,000 to 150,000 lives, and there were frequent epidemics, as in New Orleans and Memphis.

    Dengue may very well become a threat here. It only first appeared in Latin America around 1970, coming from Asia, and it wasn’t until much later than that that hemorrhagic dengue appeared, when someone who had already had dengue got it again. Probably an autoimmune reaction, but very often deadly nonetheless. I’d have to research Zika, but remember the tragedy of microcephalic babies nearly ten years ago, likely from a combination of the disease and receipt of routine vaccines.

    I don’t like the idea of genetic modification, but in this case, like the idea of thousands dying of tropical diseases in the US even less. Historically yellow fever also caused epidemics in northern cities of the US as well. Our large-scale immigration and jankification into the Third World would also favor the increase of tropical diseases, often mosquito-borne, as well as our climate change which is turning up summer temps.

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