Gemini AI Makes Me Wonder What My Great Grandchildren Will Believe About History

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Do you ever see something that makes you really fear for the future? We all know that history is written by the victors. We all know that there are some bad guys who were written up as good guys. We know that some dark times get rewritten as not-so-bad times or erased altogether.

The history of Ireland was written by the priests but there was a whole lot of civilization and culture there before that, much of it stamped out due to the religious beliefs of the writers. The same is true for the United States – settlers who were able to write created their own version and documentation of the history of our continent that left out the stories of the original occupants.

And now we’re watching as an entirely new revision is made. AI is allowing leaps and bounds in progress, if by progress you mean entirely erasing history and rewriting it to be “diverse.”

Gemini AI is blatantly racist.

Gemini AI, the AI image creator of Google, is blatantly racist. But it’s okay. It’s not racist against minorities. It’s racist against white people, and in today’s world, that’s not actually racism if you are to believe the mainstream media.

This isn’t going to be a long article. It’s going to mostly be photos from Twitter. You can draw your own conclusions.


Before someone says I’m racist…

Of course, someone, somewhere (and we all know who it will be) will say that I’m racist and fragile because this bothers me. I kindly invite this person to troll elsewhere because I’m not allowing the circular argument fallacy to distract from the main point.

Erasing history is wrong.  Erasing entire races is wrong.

Whether we’re talking about erasing the history of enslaved black people brought to America against their will, or erasing the history of Asian-Americans who were ripped from their homes and placed in internment camps, or erasing the history of white people in…well EVERYTHING…, it’s wrong.

There is always going to be some bias in history, because circling back to my initial point – it’s written by the victors. But forcing diversity and inclusion down the throats of people who never excluded anyone based on race or ethnicity in their lives only does one thing: it makes them feel defensive. It makes them feel like they’re under attack.

And what do people under attack do?

They fight back. Whether it’s rational or not, it’s human nature to fight back and lash out and begin to despise someone who treats YOU like the enemy.

All this is doing is making people more divided. It’s certainly not making us embrace one another and sing kumbayah. And by negating any achievement by a white person and assigning it to a person of another race or ethnicity, it erases history just as certainly as the other examples I have mentioned here. By refusing to allow certain images to be generated because their very existence is deemed to be hateful, what is it telling children with backgrounds and families and skin colors like this?

This has all been done before, albeit without computers.

It was wrong then.

And it’s wrong now.

What about REAL accomplishments?

There are many incredible stories – true ones – about the accomplishments of people from every background and every place on the planet. Why aren’t we telling those stories instead of recreating existing stories and changing the identities of the players?

Isn’t it more important to add stories of great achievements than to just rewrite existing stories? Doesn’t that just reiterate that the existing stories are somehow better?

I don’t believe that’s true. People everywhere have stories about someone who has done great things. Real events. True heroes and inventors and leaders.

I want to know about the history of real people. I want to know their stories. I don’t want to pretend that the Queen of England was a different race or that George Washington was actually Native American. I want to know about things that happened and who made those things happen.

Many of those stories are lost to the winds of time but many are also still out there. Why isn’t Google promoting these stories instead of trying to convince us that the history we know is wrong and bad?

What will our great-grandchildren believe?

Google’s half-hearted apology means nothing. In fact, they apologized not for completely excluding white people but more for making Nazi soldiers “diverse.

What will my great-grandchildren think when they consider the history of the United States of America? What will they believe to be true about early civilizations? What will they believe about the Greeks and the Romans and the Vikings?

What will they believe really happened in the early 2000s when the devolution of the US really sped up?

Well, if Google’s in charge, what they’ll think isn’t going to be anywhere close to what we’re watching happen.

What are your thoughts?

I want to know what you think about this. Are you surprised? Are you bothered? How are you preserving history for your children, grandchildren, and beyond?

Let’s talk about it in the comments. And please, don’t be hateful. I know at least one of you will have something nasty and insulting to say to me (we all know who I’m talking about), but for the rest of you, try and behave.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Technology can cut both ways. Let’s use blockchain technology to “lock down” the original versions of historical documents and photos. That would be only one small piece of a big puzzle, but it would at least make it very difficult to make 1984-style “corrections” to history.

  • Daisy ALWAYS provides value. This article goes beyond and is BRILLIANT. This asks what are we going to do about the never ending waves of propaganda, mis-truths and lies.

  • I’m not surprised, the erasing has been happening for awhile. I’ve homeschooled my 3 sons for the last 13 years. My kids range in age from 10 to 18, so there’s a good gap between the oldest and youngest. I used a lot of library books to teach history throughout, and I watched our local library system (which is a huge system in Northern Virginia) get rid of all the good books I used to teach my oldest son about history (American and world) and important people, and replace them with much more woke leaning books. So I collect books – mostly children’s. Books about historical figures, inventors, scientists, other important figures, and events. Knowledge Keepers Bookstore is a great source for primary source historical books. I shop thrift stores and library sales for picture books. I’m collecting these for future generations. I’m not racist – I’ve taught my kids about all historical figures regardless of color or background. But I refuse to allow history that’s been twisted to change who did what, who was there, and what happened.

    • Hi Melinda, I didn’t know about Knowledge Keepers Bookstore. Just took at a look at their website; very cool! I will start purchasing books from them. I also their website to my sister, who homeschools as well. Thanks for sharing!

    • Melinda, I would like to say good for you for teaching your children real history.
      We need more people like you teaching your children how to be truly educated, with critical thinking skills.
      Just read a study finding children in the US are falling farther behind in math. It is now being considered as a national security threat.
      But where do these students excel at?
      We need more Melinda’s in the US or our future is truly under threat.

  • Start collecting books of every kind, if you haven’t already. The older the better. If our future is having access to only an interwebs ruled by AI, then we should just assume we’re being blatantly lied to and that everything is fake. Do what you can now to mitigate that.

  • Wer Geschichte nur aus dem Fernsehen kennt, hat die Realität verpennt.
    Wer nur Geschichte aus dem Schulunterricht lebt, wird immer eingleisig fahren, selbst mit grauen Haaren. Bildung ist ein gesellschaftliches Problem, wenn sie keinem nutzt, außer dem anderen der davon profitiert. Und jeder einzelne muss in seinem Leben die eigene Bildung selbst einfordern und sich dafür auch Hilfe suchen. Nur darf diese Hilfe nie Manipulativ sein. Die Gedanken sind frei sagt man. Also hat keiner ein Recht sie einzusperren. Bildung an den Universitäten muss befreit werden von den Fesseln politisch ideologischer Macht. Bildung gehört allen und alles sollen davon profitieren. Aber nicht um anderen Bildung abzusprechen. Die Wissenschaften und damit auch das Gesundheitswesen müssen wieder vom Kopf auf die Füße gestellt werden.. Ich erlebe die heutigen Wissenschaften als pseudo Wissenschaften und das Gesundheitswesen hat sich dem angepasst und ist zum Krankheitskeim der Menschheit mutiert. Dieses Wissenschafts- und Gesundheitssystem erinnert an die Glaskugelbesitzer auf Marktplätzen im Mittelalter. Und verantwortlich für diesen Zustand sind die privatkapitalistischen Diebe am Eigentum des Volkes und seine Vasallen in der Politik wie im Staat selbst. Wollen wir den Kinder etwas fürs Leben mit geben, müssen wir das korrupte und kaputte politische Staats- Bildungs- und Wissenschaftssystem selbst in Frage stellen, oder unsere Kinder werden Sklaven jener sein, die wir nicht bekämpft haben.

  • This is kind of a side story of something i experienced about 25 years ago at the age of about 50. i was taking prelim classes to get a nursing degree and had to take a women’s history class. the teacher made it plain from the beginning that she would be expecting a certain mind set in looking at history. almost everyone in the class was straight out of high school. all except me and a black woman that had grown up in new york city. i became friends with this woman during breaks and found out she had spent her summers as a child going south with her family and picking cotton and other crops. very interesting lady. i grew up in east L.A. and had a pretty interesting background too. we both commented to each other the teacher’s bent towards super woke history and were interested to see what the teacher said when she got to relating the 1950s and up which we both remembered. the teacher was way off from what really happened (no surprise there). i also thought if she was any kind of teacher at all she should have asked us two old broads if we had anything we could relate to the class. but no such discussions were allowed. and she made it clear that testing wanted to bring out a certain mind set of events. if a student also shared her opinions, the student was going to get a better grade. hope this makes sense.

    • People like that teacher, she is not teaching.
      She is indoctrinating.
      The fact she would not ask for you and your friends opinion on the topic, especially when you lived through it, shows how much her indoctrination would fail before actual real world facts.

  • While I don’t speak, write, or comprehend the German language (even though that’s all some of my ancestors spoke when they came to this country), today there are several online translators that will freely do language translations for you in a few seconds. Here is the result of the paragraph above being translated into English … where otherwise most of us would be left out in the cold:

    “Anyone who only knows history from television has missed reality. Anyone who only lives history from school lessons will always be on the same track, even with gray hair. Education is a social problem if it benefits no one except those who benefit from it. And each individual must demand their own education in their own lives and seek help for this. But this help must never be manipulative. The thoughts are free, they say. So no one has the right to lock them up. Education at universities must be freed from the shackles of political ideological power. Education belongs to everyone and everyone should benefit from it. But not to deny others education. The sciences and thus also the healthcare system must be turned upside down again. I experience today’s sciences as pseudo sciences and the healthcare system has adapted to this and has mutated into the germ of humanity’s disease. This science and health system is reminiscent of the crystal ball owners in marketplaces in the Middle Ages. And the private capitalist thieves of the people’s property and their vassals in politics and in the state itself are responsible for this situation. If we want to give the children something for life, we have to question the corrupt and broken political state, education and science system itself or our children will be slaves to those we did not fight.”


  • I have been watching AI generated products for about a year now.
    I watched a video from a video content creator who compared AI generated videos from a year ago, of actor Will Smith eating spaghetti.
    It was awful. Grotesque even. It was obviously AI generated.
    Then the video content creator put up some examples of a recently released AI video creation software called Sora.
    It was very, very good.
    There still were some issues that if you looked closely you could pick out.
    But in a year, it has come so far, so fast, the question is, what will it look like in another year from now?
    Recall the writers and actors strike last year? Yes. I could and do understand their concerns. Entire production teams like lighting, makeup, wardrobe, camera and sound crews, could all be replaced with a dozen guys and computers.
    They could replace actors entirely and just AI generate them. Why not? There is a Spanish advertising company who did that for a model. The AI bot makes them $11,000 a month. No narcissistic attitude from the bot like they used to get from a real model.

    Now on to the Google Gemini issue.
    Just was reading the lead on the AI Gemini, well, he seems to be all in on DEI.
    And that is how we get Asian looking female Nazis.
    If I were an Asian female I would be seriously pissed at this guy.
    History should be taught in a very objective way. All of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. At age appropriate levels too. Trying to teach the Civil War to second graders who still believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, and the Easter Bunny is dumb.
    The real problem is the use of AI will lead to dumbed down, lazy people.
    There used to be an old adage meant as sarcasm,
    “If it is on TV, then it must be true!”
    We now have added,
    “If it is on the internet, then it must be true!”
    Thing is, now people blindly just believe it. Never questioning what it is they are reading or hearing or watching.
    And AI is going to make it all that much the worse.

  • I worry that this is just the frosting on a sh*t cake. They can whip up “history” with just a keyboard and mouse. But, I don’t believe for one second the “history” I learned in school either. For reference, I’m about to turn 50. I think we’ve been lied to for so long (centuries) that we can’t even begin to guess at our true past.
    Kudos to Melinda for what she is doing. I do think the real story resides in the small stuff that was never made public (in the sense that it is taught in our indoctrination camps)and it takes a lot of work and research to discover the actual reality of our past.

  • Yep. It’s pretty wild. Sorta like how some have decided that Jesus was black or a Palestinian; sorry but he was a Jewish guy from the Middle East. Actually he wasn’t a blue eyed blond European either come to think of it, despite how he has been portrayed in paintings and stained glass windows.

    I guess then this is nothing new to some degree. The only difference now is that a computer program is generating these images and it has been taught what it “knows” by people who are diversity warriors. The fascinating thing of course is that probably most AI programmers are white males but they are determined to rewrite history and eliminate white men from it. Wondering what it says about people who voluntarily erase themselves? And eventually of course due to DEI hiring practices the white programmers will be replaced by BIPOC ones and they will continue to change history and eliminate the history played by whites.

    • Much of this seething hatred for white males comes from a place of
      resentment and envy. White males overwhelmingly invented the moern world
      and the enormous amount of wonderful things in it. Human nature is
      immutable and the reason “envy” is considered one of the 7 deadly sins
      because it leads to strife and destruction. The end game of all this evil

      • I honestly don’t think that’s correct. I think that people of every background have some amazing accomplishments and incredible stories. It’s just unfortunate that many of those stories are not being told. THAT is what would provide diversity – real stories from real cultures instead of taking the same stories and rewriting them.

      • M Aurelius: That white males are over-represented among those who invented the modern world is not because they were white, rather through the historical accident that they most benefitted from the Reformation. The Reformation fostered a way of thinking that brought forth science and technology. Whites were not the only ones, for example, the person who laid out the city of Washington DC was a Black.

        Ironically, it’s white males who hate the Reformation and its teachings are leading the racist discrimination against Whites.

  • Unless the AI has access to historical data (1st Person/Level) of members of that time period and place. It will continue to generate distorted images. During the American Rebellion (1775-1783, there abouts), there were Blacks and native Americans fighting on both sides.
    Most books use 2nd or 3rd level sources to write history ofttimes citing unverified sources.

  • I sincerely hope Pat (who made an excellent post on this exact subject, AI art, in the Neurolink article) posts her experience(s) with this or similar AI art programs. She impressed me.

    “Of course, someone, somewhere (and we all know who it will be) will say that I’m racist and fragile because this bothers me. I kindly invite this person to troll elsewhere because I’m not allowing the circular argument fallacy to distract from the main point.”

    Hahaha! If it does show up, PLEASE, let the post drop into the comments! I saw the article title and the first thing I thought was, “oh, crap.. here comes the b.s.” so very predictable it is.

  • If you go to wikipedia (which is run by people who censor and say we are conspiracy theorists), they have changed history to what they want it to read. My spouse went to military school and learned a lot of history while I went to public high school and have learned as I get older, that history was missing a lot of history. How sad. How can we learn from our mistakes if we delete history?

  • Considering Google by their own admission is overwhelmingly staffed by leftists,
    and considering leftists filter absolutely everything through the lens of race, thus
    making them racists, this blatant racism is unsurprising. Divide and conqueor is the end game here. Get all the races hating each other and take over in the ensuing race war.
    Charles Manson had the same idea with his murderous “helter skelter” plan.

  • Get or have copies of established history, it may not be perfect but “they” are trying to erase our history now, this has been ongoing for a very long time.
    Renaming historical sites roads, buildings, removing statues, destroying anything they claim as “whiteness”

    I foresee a future book burning and rewriting of our founding, our complete history.
    To some extent that is happening now, they call it the 1619 Project and there are other names for it.

    The modern world was built from European philosophy, sciences, mathematics, ingenuity and greatness.

    I do realize some or much of what I was taught in school was wrong.
    Specifically just about everything concerning palestine
    and much about germany.
    Indoctrination is a way of life here.

    • That’s why I buy real books and not e-books. E-books can be changed with a few keystrokes and/or removed from your “collection” without your permission or knowledge.

      • If you download a document that you want to keep, put it on a drive that isn’t connected to the internet. Then access that drive only with a computer that isn’t connected to the internet. Even that may not save that document, but it will make it much harder to change it.

        I now know of two documents that I downloaded, put on my hard drive, but the computer was still connected to the internet, and the documents were exchanged for other documents without my knowledge nor permission. It’s too late for those documents, but I may want to get a computer just for documents and keep that computer off line.

  • Erasing history is what Communists do. They’ve done it throughout their history. Communists and Communism must be destroyed and purged from society.

  • Well written and all excellent points. Now Gemini AI has this prompt if you ask for anything having to do with people, any people.

    – We are working to improve Gemini’s ability to generate images of people. We expect this feature to return soon and will notify you in release updates when it does.

    Bawahahahaha! Looks like Racist Google got the message loud and clear. Good job American People! Now we need to keep an eye on Racist Google and see what the “improvements” actually result are.

  • I started saying that history was going to be rewritten on the fly after I watched a show on “Nat-Geo” about dinosaurs a bunch of years back. Really well done computer animation of dinosaurs was accompanied by a narrator saying “The dinosaurs did this. The dinosaurs did that.” The producers of the show had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what the dinosaurs did! Fossils can tell us they existed, how big they were, and maybe even what they ate. They CANNOT tell us how they interacted, and yet, the well done computer animation was being presented as FACT by the narrator! A few days later I started watching another show on “Nat-Geo” that portrayed the last days of Hitler, when in fact major portions of what was being presented as FACT wasn’t even known. It wasn’t “This may have happened.” It was “This DID happen,” when the producers had no idea whether it did or not! …I don’t watch that channel anymore…

    I read an article in a local newspaper about an illegal immigrant who’d gone to college on the taxpayer dime. Upon her graduation she stood in front of a HUGE Mexican flag that backdropped her ENTIRE FAMILY, and said “I did this for Oaxaca (Mexico). The place that I love.” I went to forward the article to a skeptic of my finding of this article a few hours later. The article had been EDITED ON THE FLY to REMOVE that part!

    “Air-gap” any accurate references to our history, and for that matter any other truths that you’ll want your kids and grandkids to know, as the TRUTH will NOT survive the internet…

  • Thank you, Daisy. That was an excellent description an agenda inflicted on all of us (it is all over the world), and it isn’t leading us to the future we wanted to pass on to our kids.

  • At the rate this world is going, they, I’m peaking of our grandchildren, will not have a future. The eleitist ruling class have seen to that. Funny thing though, they ruined it for their grandchildren, too.

  • If you want to leave your grandchildren facts, start collecting good books of all types.
    Unlike digital, they can’t be changed to meet the “new” definitions.
    (Just check out some of the new movie ‘remakes’.)

  • You may want to copy and save this post. I happen to have found out some
    1. Before Prohibition, there were dual-fuel cars that would run on either gasoline or alcohol. Rockefeller, who owned Standard Oil, THE gasoline company of the time, paid the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and others to promote their favorite beliefs until we got Prohibition. Several years later, only a few old dual-fuel cars were left and no new ones were being made. You do know what happened when Rockefeller stopped that funding.
    2. A man whose Dad was Jewish and his mother was Basque (Basques live in Northern Spain–look them up) asked me why Christopher Columbus’ navigators sent him so far South? What? Turns out they were hiding their cod fisheries from Europe, which protected those for a couple of centuries. And the reason the Portuguese did not fund Columbus was because they did not want anyone knowing about the colonies they already had in Brazil.
    3. Why did Richard Nixon suddenly make friends with the Red Chinese? When I was young in the 1960’s, they called us “running dogs of capitalism” and other names and there was an impenetrable bamboo curtain. The Soviet Union seriously proposed a first strike on China when they had a handful of nukes and that threat could have been eliminated. Nixon was horrified and said that would be unethical. He was invited to The Great Wall of China, glorious photos of it in American news mags, and China opened up.

  • “Google’s half-hearted apology means nothing. In fact, they apologized not for completely excluding white people but more for making Nazi soldiers “diverse.”

    This picture is actually historically right, except for the iron cross and the rank. In WW2 there were black soldiers in the German army. One documentary actually interviewed a black soldier who said he was proud to get a uniform because he felt man. The story in the documentary was that he was captured by the US forces and they told him to take of the uniform and leave….because the picture of a black german soldier was contrary to USA propaganda and if black US soldiers would see a black German soldier there would be problems….
    The black germans were childeren of the occupation of the Saarland by French colonial troops after WW1. About 300 were said in the documentary to be born or went into the Germaqn army….this i cannot recall from the documentary.

    The German army consisted of about every race and nationality, volenteers from around the globe were a plenty….Yang Kyoungjong , Lauri Thorni….just a few….
    and the never spoken about 150 Thibetian soldiers sent by the Dalai Lama to be Hitlers bodyguard….history was already wrecked before AI came….a lot of things were alterd, left out of the books and now all is re written, in abundance of colour also…

    I wonder what AI makes of the phrase: “black slave owners in America in the 17teenth century….” also a story that should be told, because lifelong slavery in the US was in fact a black persons doing….just go for Anthony Johnson slave owner…

    Who does it serve? those in the future will know nothing but lies….

    • “Black slave owners …” you never hear of them today.

      Many years ago I read, where I don’t remember, that in 1856 there were eight mega-plantations with more than 5000 slaves each in the South—one of them was owned by a Black. My grandmother had a story about when she went to visit an uncle who had immigrated to the South, that there was an old Black woman who treated her badly. My grandmother was from Iowa, “Yankee land”, and that old Black lady hated Yankees because they came and took her slaves away.

      Try to find information like that today!

  • I used to be a very tolerant and accepting person. Then I was informed that just because I was white, I was not only racist, but irredeemably racist — that there was nothing in the universe that I could do to correct my racism. If that is my label, I will no longer bother to practice tolerance — I will be the very best racist I know how to be. Because it’s not my loss — it’s theirs.

  • You don’t need an AI to rewrite history. The communists and Nazis are experts at it. Just look at the globalist/democrat party DEI cultural Marxism propaganda machine. DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) racism lunacy has infected all of the major institutions in the US. The woke msm jackals rewrite history in real time.

    One thing that Google’s Gemini AI demonstrates is how low it is in comparison to human intelligence. If Gemini had any real intelligence it would realize those images are misinformation and would not produce them. Gemini is nothing more than a programmable image generator that makes whatever images it is programmed to make. The AI label that they gave Gemini is just marketing hype.

    So what is the real motivation of the woke idiot Gemini programmer James Krawczyk? He is promoting identity politics to create division and race hatred like all cultural Marxists. He programs Gemini to replace all white people with diversity/inclusion/race/gender people. He then sits back and waits for the reaction of white people and then hopes the diversity/inclusion/race/gender people will take exception to the remarks of the white people and a war of words will follow.

    So in short Gemini is intended to promote race hatred and division which is exactly what the democrat party does.

    That James Krawczyk commie maybe a great programmer. But I don’t think he realizes how laughable those images are. They remind me of Mad magazine cartoons. No one with even half a brain believes those images represent reality.

  • I tried some similar things with Bing AI, a licensed copy of which my company uses internally. It gets it right FWIW.

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