Viral Video Asks, “What Are We Doing to White People?”

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A viral video has lit up TikTok and YouTube recently, netting the original poster Charlie Cheon over 4 million views and counting. Cheon, an Asian man, poses the question, “What Are We Doing to White People?”

In the video, he discusses the blatant racism being proudly directed toward white people, a topic I recently addressed myself in this article. I received some comments telling me that I was racist just for suggesting that racism was being directed toward white people and that such a thing wasn’t possible. I was attacked for “whining” and for “being a Karen.” For the record, calling someone a “Karen” is a racial and sexist slur. It just means if you are white and a woman, you should sit down, shut up, and take it, no matter what.

But I digress.

You can watch the video right here. It’s only 16 minutes and it’s very worthwhile.

We’ve all seen this.

Over the past years, it’s become more and more acceptable to denigrate people for the color of their skin, at least if that color is white. It’s become okay to write them off, to wish violence on them, to shame them, and to call them slurs like “Q-tip” or “mayo monsters.” Imagine if this was done to any other race. I’m going to be denounced again for defending white people and I guess, do what you’ve got to do to justify your behavior to yourself.

But what’s worse is that this attitude is infecting the way our children are treated. It’s affecting their education and their opportunities. We’re watching segregation in action just 69 years after Brown vs. the Board of Education ended that horrible practice. There are many spaces in educational institutions where white students are not allowed to be. There are events that white students are not allowed to attend. A black student at UVA unleashed her fury on the fact that there were “too many” white students in the multi-cultural center. Cornell University has a rock-climbing class that is only open to minority students. An elementary school in Washington banned white students from a mentor program and a “safe space” club. Berkeley banned white students from using common areas in off-campus housing.

Why are we replaying some of the worst parts of America’s recent history and just targeting another group?

It’s not okay, not by any stretch of the imagination.

But outlets like TikTok and Buzzfeed seem to be obsessed with promoting the theory that you “can’t oppress the oppressor” and that there’s no such thing as racism against white people. They make it seem like every person of the younger generation feels this way. They make it seem like every person of color feels this way.

But it’s simply not true.

Responses to “What Are We Doing to White People?”

I’ve selected some responses to Cheon’s original video.

Jamel AKA Jamal has a channel that is usually dedicated to fun reaction videos, but he took a serious turn with this one. He seems like a stand-up guy.

The gentleman at DependTV (sorry, I’m not sure of his name, but I love his motto of “facts over feelings”) was likewise appalled by what has been acceptable and calls it out for the bullying behavior that it is.

Lou Valentino, who describes himself as “a mixed-race man who grew up in the hood,” says that “Hatred toward anyone or any race is not ok” in this video.

The Cartier Brothers watched the video together and were visibly uncomfortable with the clips of folks denigrating white people.

I think the video that I got the most interesting information and response from was Amala Ekpunobi’s take below. If you aren’t subscribed to her channel, I really recommend it.

In summary, basically everyone thinks it’s wrong to do this.

The majority aren’t hateful.

In my opinion, these people are the ones who represent how most of us are feeling. Most people, regardless of skin color, don’t like to see others discriminated against or put down merely because of race. Most of us are not on board with racism, period. I have friends from many different backgrounds, one of the awesome perks of my job, and none of them, from any race, find this acceptable.

Remember this the next time you see one of those outrageous videos espousing hatred for white people. Show these videos above to the young folks in your life. Just because the media is trying to stir up animosity and make us hate each other, it doesn’t mean that we need to take the bait.

The answer to racism is not more racism. The answer is kindness, acceptance, and respect. Treat people like fellow humans. Not like black humans, or brown humans, or white humans.

At the end of the day, we are defined by our actions and, to quote Dr. Martin Luther King, “the content of our character.” Terrible things have happened in American history, just like the history of every other country in the world. Don’t go back to darker times to get misplaced revenge on people who had nothing to do with what occurred before.

“How do you like it?” isn’t the answer.

We can’t move forward by looking back. Racism now doesn’t erase racism that took place previously. And yes, discriminating against people based on race, including white people, is racism.

What are your thoughts?

What do you think about these videos and reactions? Have you seen examples of this modern racism in your community? How do you think we can move past the anger and have some unity?

Let’s discuss it

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Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books, 12 self-published books, and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses at SelfRelianceand You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • The race wars are ancient and strong in our species. Review the Book of Joshua to see Israelite attitudes towards their neighbors. Khazarian mafia associates currently in high places of media and government descend from those that have always hated the Euro tribes and plotted their downfall for the past thousand years at least. Now, with their hands at the wheels of power, they have their chance. And with millions of sun people languishing in ever more dehumanizing cities and pouring across the border, the controllers gain access to ever larger cudgels to beat the rest of us.

    I find it telling that they have hypnotized a large portion of the female white population to ignore some parts of history and to hate itself for evils committed before we were born. Such is the power of persuasion.

  • What have we done to people throughout time?

    Interesting that Charlie Cheon seems to take the Kung Flu denigrating comments as MAGA behaving badly ignorant of any accountability for past, present and future transgressions that are a daily reminder that maybe we do just need to stay away from each other, boundaries work if you work them.

    A history of conquest has its consequences. It’s a black day for white people.

    • History exists to educate. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.
      The Bible tells us all to love one another, even our perceived enemies.
      To continue to hate one another over contrived or twisted opinions will only continue the ever present wars.
      If you had your way and killed every light skinned man, woman and child, who would you attack next?

  • Daisy, First of all I do not believe you are a “Karen”.
    A woman with strong opinions (as long as they are reasonably logical and sound) is never a “Karen”.
    But your definition is wrong: Karen is a slang term for an obnoxious, angry, entitled, and sometimes racist woman. One who uses her bad behavior to try to get her way. Mostly, while being totally illogical about the whole situation.
    The emphasis being on basically throwing a fit or three year old’s type tantrum, if things are not to their liking. In the old days we called these, as a person having a Hissy fit.
    Other than that, I thought it was an excellent article.

    The labeling of people, dividing them into groups like left and right, (including by race) is part of both divide and conquer politics and how you destroy a nation by creating dis-unity.
    A nation that is divided will not stand for long, as those divisions will tear it apart, Once they are magnified to a certain point. This is going on at a “full speed” ahead pace.
    The other point is that bringing these things to a head are seldom; Natural, internal problems. They are almost always driven by outside forces intent upon destroying the subject nation.
    So we need to focus on the outside forces that are stirring the pot and not get lost in the issues themselves. The issues (if left alone and not stirred up) will eventually will burn themselves out and melt into the fabric of History.

    • Maybe these are outside forces; maybe not. I’m seeing both foreign and domestic enemies at work. I have nothing in common with the perps and have zero desire for unity with them.

    • Someone with a mother, aunt, sister, etc., named Karen, may be getting sick and tired of having their name used in a negative way. Call the temper tantric child “teapot” instead of Karen. “Here’s a teapot ready to blow!”

  • While I don’t get an opportunity to post here often, what I find most disturbing about this trend is that there are now the “wrong” colors of people. I have a dear friend that I served with who is of Native American and African American heritage, and the number of time she has been told that she’s not “black” enough or “native enough” by virtue signaling white people is just ridiculous. Also, there is the shift in “celebrating” ethnic heritage to cleansing it, as Latinos from South and Central American countries are now considered “white” for the purposes of the privilege/oppressor arguments on the left. While many Americans take pride in their family history, delineating between Irish, Dane, Nordic, etc, has kind of turned into a personality trait for some. That being said, the divide over melanin content makes about as much sense as religious divides- who’s the “right” color v who has the best imaginary friend.

    With the derth of leftist academics laying claim to ethnic labels and then left-splaying the parameters for what is acceptable to be included in the group, and then having to apologize for appropriating it (think Liz Warren and Rachel Dolezal), all the while telling white people that they are the colonial oppressors, the whole thing makes my head hurt. Its amazing the left hasn’t broken major body parts with all the twists and turns to their rules.

    I value honesty, learning and understanding. There is nothing wrong with a people or country acknowledging their history and learning from it. But to twist, and change, and delete, and cherry pick to meet a narrative defeats the learning purpose. As someone said, and I paraphrase, “I don’t remember having to tell Italians that our problem isn’t with them, but with Mussolini.”

  • I think it was last year I read some university was holding like three different graduation ceremonies: One general, one for people of color, and one for some other group I do not recall.
    Segregation. That is what it is called. What did all those people both people of color and whites fight for in the 1960s Civil Rights movement?
    Then there is racism against Asians. Some university is openly discriminating enrollment against Asians.
    Discrimination is discrimination no matter what the color of ones skin is. Good friend of mine who is white was discriminated by a black cop. Yes, it does happen.

  • If someone wants to be racist now, in response to someone else’s racism in the past, doesn’t that say that they believe racism is not evil, that it is acceptable, depending on what race the racist is, and what race the victim is?

    So today’s racist is not repudiating racism, they actually approve of it, as long as they get to perpetuate it against some other race which they hate.

    Seems to me they are abandoning the moral high ground and undercutting any argument against the racism their own group suffered from in the past.

  • Labels dehumanize people. Once that is accomplished you can do anything to anyone based on their label and group agreement on that label. What is really troublesome is the intentional and manipulative use of labels applied to people by the current Administration, and the assignment of value (or devalue) to specific labels in all areas of governed life. We are seeing George Orwell’s 1945 book “Animal Farm” play out in the real world. ‘all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others’. Just my opinion.

  • So glad to see this very real problem addressed.

    And I’m surprised – but pleased – that the resident trolls haven’t chimed in yet.

  • Racism is ugly–all so far agree here on that. Racism hurts its victims–whites have been severely discriminated against in college and employment. This has a boomerang effect on the other races. I have been vicitmized over and over by blacks who were not competent. This makes it easy to conclude that blacks are inferior people. You do not have to draw that conclusion–I have also been greatly benefitted by competent black professionals.

    Affirmative action has gravely harmed black people by sticking above average blacks into colleges for geniuses, so the blacks flunked out, and by promoting incompetence. What blacks really need is the 14th amendment–equal application of the laws. Their results need to depend on their INDIVIDUAL character and performance. That is the only way anybody really gets ahead.

  • Excellent article and resources. Some related food-for-thought –

    1. Is it possible that both George Floyd and the cop who killed him worked for a CIA run nightclub that trafficked children and sold narcotics as a way of compromising politicians? Possible Floyd was a whistle-blower threat and his death was thus arranged?

    2. Is it possible Khazarian Mafia kingpin George Soros was poised to launch Antifa as soon as the caught-on-camera George Floyd assassination went live all across the CIA controlled US MSM?

    3. Is it possible such was planned to kick-start a project to characterize all Trump-MAGA supporters as “white supremecists,” while initiating a longer-range low-boil civil war “color revolution” project, of the type the CIA perfected in nations around the world past 50 years, goal being to create social chaos via false flag “extremist incidents” designed to stoke ethnic and religious tensions (ie: to justify martial law and install an authoritarian regime)?

    4. Is it possible the US and European color revolution projects have been massively funded via Deep State “philanthropic foundations,” grants given to media firms, governments, NGOs and academic institutions, making it both profitable and trendy to promote “DEI Anti-Racism,” policies while ignoring related double standards, injustice and social division engineered into the program?

    Some are returning to the common sense fact that good and bad people, honest folk and liars, lazy people and hard workers – etc, etc – are distributed just about equally across all ethic groups. Anyone who’s traveled the world knows that, but so do all of us who grew up in multi-cultural societies like the US.

    The “Equity” (connotes ownership) versus “Equality” program is a values hijack and major step backward. Yet, it’s tough for individuals and institutions to turn away from cash combined with clever cover stories. Still, many are now seeing the “Anti-Racist” agenda for what it is, a step backward into racism and “identity politics,” where people are lured into competing camps versus uniting as one humanity – against the Deep State criminal elite element that’s our true common enemy – while fulfilling MLK’s vision to live in a world where people are “…not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

  • As a white person, I’ve experienced racist behavior directed towards me on multiple occasions recently. This has occurred at my local Walmart store where the staff is 90% black. I complained to Walmart corporate who contacted the store manager. I never heard from him. I now drive 18 miles further from home to another Walmart where the staff is courteous towards customers.

  • Quite the humorous post. Poor ole us white peeps – trying to whitewash (pun intended) history so we don’t look bad. Acting like we’ve been a majority since the beginning of time but newsflash – we never had nor will ever be the majority. So while the “male” who is seen running from the coup attempts to make a few bucks bemoaning we’re emasculating white males, today’s women have no use for what passes for most “males” these days. Repeat it all you want that “males” are the “natural” bosses of any and all things. Have your young “republican” speakers, particularly the hypocritical females tell women to “give up your career and birth control – just breed”. The 1950s are gone and will never be back. So we white peeps need to understand CHANGE – whether you like it or not. Some of us will do just fine but some will not. Those that will not are a dying breed – literally and figuratively.

    • Ah, a new candidate for the unseasoned chicken wing. Andddd….missed the point. Power dynamics, my dear. The article is about power dynamics. What you don’t know about history is alot. 80 years? That’s what you have from your civics classes and school books? It’s “progressive” women who want to breed and stay home. Please, by all means, lets disparage trad wives while you idiots think men can “gestate” a life and should be on the cover of Cosmo. Such a rag publication. By the way, what passes for male nowadays? You seem to know. Asking for a friend…

    • The real ones trying to whitewash history are the Democrats.
      The Democrat party was the party of the KKK.
      The Democrat party was the party of Jim Crow laws.
      The Democrat party was the party of segregation.
      But the Democrat party does not want people to remember those facts.
      No one is trying to whitewash history. History needs to be taught in context, all of it. Telling third graders they are either “oppressors” or the “oppressed” based off of skin color is sick and twisted. It promotes division and hate.
      What passes for most males on the progressives side today is that Dylan Mulvaney “guy.”
      Thankfully as progressives push more and more of their agenda, we also find they are less and less likely to have kids. One or two generations and they will no longer exist.

  • Anyone who needs to denigrate another is a poorly adjusted human being. The fact that any color variation seen through out the world can breed with any other color and produce viable, fertile offspring shows that color really is only skin deep.
    As to the response from the individual blaming all lightly melanated people for the death of George Floyd, I ask you how anyone else is responsible for the predicament he placed himself into? I don’t remember hearing any white people (other than ignorant trolls) cheering his death. I do remember level headed people speaking out as to the wrongness of what happened.
    As an adult, we are all responsible for our own actions. We can no more control you or any one else. The hard truth is you can only control (or not) your own impulses.
    As to slavery….that ship sailed a long time ago. Again, I can’t control you and I sure can’t control what happened here 160 years ago. Slavery has existed in every country throughout history. Every color of human has been under the yoke of slavery at some point. Slavery exists today. In Africa. In Asia. In America.
    The worst slavery is the children who are trafficked, yes, into the sex trade. And the slavers are every color.
    The American natives, miss named by Columbus, (his navigation skills sucked as well), took and were slaves throughout their +/- 10k year occupancy of this land.
    To buy into the hollyweird idea that whitey is solely responsible for every social ill in this country is ludicrous at best and well, stupid at worst.
    Most adults have been discriminated against. Either you don’t get hired or prompted because a relative or close friend of the boss gets the job. Or. The boss doesn’t like women. Or. They don’t like what part of town you come from. Heck, if your a veteran, elderly or poor, you get kicked out of housing to make way for illegals. Now that’s some top shelf discrimination.
    Anyone who believed “whitey” stole America really needs to look into how many countries seized ownership of this land. Had the pilgrims not come, the French, Spanish, Mexican & others would be here. Somehow I doubt things would be as easy as they are now.
    No. I believe this encouragement of the masses to attack based on skin color is camouflage for all the bad stuff that’s happening to our country.
    When I say “our country” it is all of our country.

  • We think of this as a racial issue, or one of skin color. It is actually a cultural issue.

    If it was racial, the Hutu would never have slaughtered the Watusi.
    Both were black, had some physical differences, but the major difference was cultural.
    Overtime the Watusi were discriminated against, identified with a letter on the drivers license, and one day, there began, mostly by machete, the execution of near 800,000 of them.
    Working from memory, corrections welcomed.

    Lincoln’s goal was to send all of the freed blacks back to Africa. Don’t recall how many were sent to Liberia before the practice stopped but they did not fare well and most were eliminated a few years ago. If it were an issue of color, they should’ve been welcomed in with open arms, but the issue was culture they didn’t fit in.

    Gondi brought two separate cultures of India together and drove the British out.

    As long as reject God’s Law His judgment will continue.

    • And what exactly are GOD’s laws? Hummm, we don’t honor the real original Sabbath day but another one in its place (Sunday is the first day of the week). Most Christians don’t even think that the Old Testament means anything, yet Daniel and Revelation are companion books to be read and understood together. Most don’t think the 10 commandments are even relevant today simply b/c they were written in the Old Testament. IF it’s not relevant then that would mean that NOTHING (including the 10 Commandments are relevant). Hummm…We have been rejecting His laws as well as His feast for years…

  • Folks, all of the problems were facing the day, are a result of rejecting God and His Law.

    We are willfully ignorant of his law, and our so-called education is anything but.
    We know nothing of history, and the cause-and-effect of the events of history.
    All history is God’s history, the result of not following His Law.

    A very good sermon series to listen to is “where we are and how we got here” by Pastor John Weaver.
    you can find this series on
    Find Pastor John‘s page and search that title
    Listen to the 14 sermon series before you listen to the most recent update.

    Have your Bible and a pad of paper ready take notes and be prepared for your paradigm to shift.

    • EXACTLY. Our priest at the mission up here, because I quit going to an actual Catholic Church a long time ago ( they went “woke) said that this nation has turned into a God-less hedonistic nation full of consumers and all about me, me , me. I am definitely going to take a look at Pastor Weavers sermon. Thanks for posting this

    • Folks, all of the problems were facing the day, are a result of rejecting God and His Law.

      Did these problems have anything to do with racism by white people who over the centuries killed color people in the name of god? How about “white only” in ameriKKKa?

  • I have biracial children, (White, Black & Hispanic) and I asked them their thoughts on this. My oldest son said that when he’s going for a job interview, or was buying his home he put he was white, when he was going to college he put he was black. He said that he also has never said he was Hispanic at all. 2 of my daughters said that they most identify with their Black heritage because they felt more comfortable because they were discriminated against in school due to being part White ( so this racism against Whites has started a long time ago). My other 2 daughters said they identify most with Hispanic and have never thought about their other heritages. And my 2 youngest , the twins, are so indoctrinated against their White heritage and the “patriarchal” society, blah blah blah, that there is no talking to them.
    I try to tell my grandchildren that they are the rainbow generation ( not the alphabet people either, that rainbow belongs to ALL of us, not just them) and try to tell them a bit of each of their heritages when I talk to them. This is the generation we’re going to try to have to unindoctrinate in order to get back to a society that is unbiased. And remember, these kids are gonna one day have control over our nation.

  • There’d be no such thing as racism if there wasn’t any money in it.

    Love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, faith, salvation,..all free.

    Hate is a racket run by mobsters. Big money in hate.

  • What many seem to forget is, if Jesus Christ remained the focus, we could all agree on loving God with all your heart and loving your neighbor. But that would be too easy.

    • LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF. hummm. Now I really don’t believe than very many people do that anymore, do you? I think we live in a VERY self-centered ME ME ME world. They care only about themselves and their own families and not many more. Very unfortunate. People today seem to be all talk and NO action… Things are NOT always as they seem…

    • THE people did that b/c they want to do things their own way. They think they are right, they are independent and indispensable also. They are tough and know it all, even more than Almighty GOD. The Godless ones will be punished with eternal hell… The rich, the famous and all of them will have their day… What goes around will come around…

  • “What Are We Doing to White People?”
    Lets talk about what have white people done to colored people first!
    * murder, murder, and more murders
    *extracted wealth from color people, mostly colored babies-no future
    *I think this is called genocide, you know same thing the —s are doing to the Palastinians.

    So, white people are we killing you??????? what can compare to the murder/lynching of color people- nothing. So white people, what is up with white wealth

  • I am a white 80 y.o. Mother of 3. I’m from Memphis TN and wept at the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King because he was a good man, regardless of color. I am not prejudiced against any race and appreciate your article very much.

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