Fuel Prices Are About to SKYROCKET. Here Are the REAL Reasons Why.

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After a brief break in high fuel prices, those prices are now rising with a vengeance. Fuel prices are up more than 25 cents a gallon nationwide in the last month alone and are now at an average of $2.68 a gallon for regular. It’s only going to get worse.

Fuel prices are spiking…or will soon.

Fuel prices are expected to spike in the coming weeks and even more this summer.

Several mainstream articles warn of the coming rise in fuel prices. All of these articles provide various reasons why the prices are rising. For example, some articles report the increase in prices is “just the market.” Others say it’s COVID. None of these reports say it’s the oil companies, the Great Reset, or Wall Street.

In other words: Go back to sleep, America, and pay through the nose when you wake up. And don’t you dare complain about it.

The rise in fuel prices is nothing new. Being told to dismiss it and go on as usual is also nothing new. This article tells you why gas prices skyrocketed in 2018 as well as a look at rising prices back in 1973.

Why are prices rising this time?

YAHOO offers several different reasons for the rise in prices.

COVID: Long before the storms, the oil and gas industry was reeling from plummeting fuel sales caused by COVID. By late 2020 there were more than a dozen refinery closures that reduced U.S. production by more than 1 billion barrels per day.

U.S. oil and gas producers lost tens of thousands of jobs last year, and laid-off workers were left scrambling to make ends meet.

COVID VACCINES: “As more Americans are vaccinated, and life begins to return to something closer to normal, people are likely to drive and fly more. And that trend will contribute to rising fuel costs.”

SUMMER: American drivers could find themselves spending close to $3 a gallon for gasoline, on average, by Memorial Day, according to both AAA and GasBuddy.

Those forecasts factor in the switch to pricier summertime blends of gasoline, expected to begin rolling out in March. Higher-grade gasoline is used in summer months to reduce emissions that cause smog; those blends can cost up to 15 cents more per gallon, according to the service station trade group NACS.

WINTER: The recent brutal winter weather in Texas has seriously impacted the state’s oil production, forcing refineries to close in America’s top crude-producing state.

Eleven refineries in Texas were shut down at least partially due to the extreme winter temperatures, taking as much as 20% of the country’s total refining capacity offline, says the price-tracking website GasBuddy.

STIMULUS CHECKS: Congress is working on giving Americans another $1.9 trillion in COVID relief, including a third round of stimulus checks. The aid is expected to help lift gas prices as consumer spending gets a shot in the arm.

Yes, all of those factors play a part in the overall market and thus on oil prices. So does the Biden Administration’s cancellation of Keystone XL and the halt of approval of new drilling permits on federal land and some on private land. In America, there simply will be less oil produced, which will affect oil prices.

It is also important to remember that OPEC has slashed oil production, reducing the amount of oil on the market and driving up prices.

Oil supply quantity does not necessarily determine the price consumers pay

Brandon Turbeville wrote in 2012:

Although gas prices will no doubt occasionally go down from time to time, the trend unquestionably moves upward. When there is a downward trend in demand (i.e., the economy is in the tank, and no one can afford gas), prices still miraculously go up due to “lack of demand.” When there is an increase in demand, prices still go up because of a “lack of capacity,” “scarcity,” or some other market-centered or manufactured excuse. Regardless of the situation, the prices inevitably move up. This is the hallmark of a cartel.

Sara Banaszak of the American Petroleum Institute confirmed this fact when she stated to the Washington Post, “I wouldn’t say you would expect inventories to dictate the direction of prices.”

Translation: higher oil inventories do not equal lower prices.

What are other forces behind the rise in fuel prices?

Market forces such as supply and demand do play a role, as do scarcity and production levels. Greed is also a significant factor, with oil companies making massive profits as customers pay much higher prices. However, since oil is denominated in U.S. dollars, devaluation also plays a role. A drastic decline in the dollar’s purchasing power due to inflation, overprinting, and stimulus money (not credit stimulus) due to COVID shutdowns, for instance.

One of the most critical factors rarely discussed is the role speculation plays in oil prices. A report released in 2011 by Goldman Sachs freely bragged that speculators like themselves were the reason for a $27 a barrel hike in crude oil price. In fact, according to Goldman Sachs, the speculation industry is well known to provide investors with returns of up to 25% of their investment in just four months.

Don’t get caught with no gas in your tank

As with most things from MSM, there is more to the story of rising oil prices than what MSM would have us believe. There were even more people driving two years ago when prices were lower, and millions of Americans hadn’t been forced into poverty.

Make no mistake, prices are rising, and they are going to continue to do so. It would be wise to start planning strategically and financially for the inevitable.

And also keep in mind that increases in the price of fuel increase the price of transport. So anything that gets transported could soon become even more expensive due to the increased cost of getting it to you. Just what our ailing supply chain needs, right? So if you were planning to stock up, now would be the time to do so.

How do you feel about the increase in fuel prices and the speculation as to why?

Let’s talk about this in the comments below. How do you feel about having to pay more for gas yet again? What are your plans when the SHTF and people are scrambling for fuel?

About Robert

Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several ‘Revolutions’ they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler

Robert Wheeler has been quietly researching world events for two decades. After witnessing the global network of NGOs and several 'Revolutions' they engineered in a number of different countries, Wheeler began analyzing current events through these lenses.

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  • Don’t forget when refineries switch over to summer gas,there will be a short lag time,then gas prices will really go through the roof. And don’t forget if refineries blow up as, they do in California, that’s another reason for gas shortages/price increases. There has been NO new refineries built in CA for over 40 years,and the ones on line are patched together. Thank you,environmentalists.

    • Amen! I live in the formerly Golden State,& NOTHING has been done to build new infrastructures since I was in middle school. Not gas plants, not bridges, not freeways, not the water or electrical or the natural gas structures. It is shameful & dangerous. I keep praying it will be an Uber left Political Hack on the road when another earthquake hits. Let’s not even discuss the fact that the farmers are forbidden to burn now. It’s for the air & climate change you know. The fact that these wonderful folks do with less water every year & yet still manage to outproduce every other farmer in the world speaks volumes of their tenacity. Politics is ruining all of our lives!

      • I also live in CA, where I am now paying over $4 per gal. In fuel. Seeing the hills turn green and all the almond orchard bloom, doesn’t hide all the ugly when you drive into town and see the endless homeless camps. The price of food already makes me pause and not be willing to purchase items. We have increased our garden space this year two fold. Hopefully we can get Newsom out….but in this state who will be the next evil?

  • I store a reasonable amount with Pri-G. I’ve kept and tested it up to 5 years.
    There’s not much I can do about it. King Biden has spoken with his EOs.
    Things like this are the very reason it’s so polarized

    • WOW, 5 years? That’s absolutely amazing…I’ve been using Sta-Bil, and it says don’t go longer than 2 years.

      Is it really that much better? No bs, I am all ears if i can find a better way or a better product

      • I’ve never gotten even 2 years out of stabile. Yes it’s that much better. They make a “D” version for diesel too

    • Matt, I am a novice for fuel storage, but that has been on my list to accomplish. Can you point me in the right direction for the best storage method and sources?

  • Personally, other than secondary effects (i.e. impacts in economy, geopolitics, social, etc. from developments) I am not much affected directly.

    I ride bikes and walk for most of my mobility. For yrs I’ve been using a scooter for work and most city trips, some traveling too. It is economical to the point that even if gas princes double or triple the prince, it won’t break me. Damn simple and inexpensive for maintenance,, too.

    I do have a family car but we can do away without it for the most part. But I acknowledge a lot of people around me will be impacted and that concerns me.

    And there’s also the fact that oil is used in 1000s of products and applications, not to mention transportation of everything. This is serious as could lead to strikes and disruptions.

    I tend to consider all the implications and connections because some things we just can’t escape from.

    • Do you eat food? Do you grow it all in your yard or buy it in a store? Do you wear clothes? Do you run a textile mill in your basement or buy them at a store? Do you shower each day or (gasp) heat or AC your home? Yes if you ride a bike then of course you will basically have no need for oil in any other capacity – the rising prices surely won’t effect someone as clever and virtuous as the “Bike Ridin’ Man”….

      • ” the rising prices surely won’t effect someone as clever and virtuous as the ‘Bike Ridin’ Man’….”

        well it won’t affect them as much. might want to consider it.

      • Brett, I think you totally misread the comment as well as the intent behind it. His very first line was about the secondary effects and his last was about how people would be affected.

        You should likely be certain you fully comprehend a comment before issuing scathing commentary about it.

  • I’m no economic genius, nor do i think i need to be to see the correlation between democrat politics and gasoline prices at the pump.
    Remember about 6 months before the 2016 presidential election, the gas prices began falling dramatically? My read?
    Democrats telling the public dissatisfied with Obama policies, “please don’t punish us at the voting booth in 6 months. Here… We’ll make affording gas easier for you.”
    Next spike? January 2021, as soon as a new democrat administration gets seated, prices begin blowing through the roof again. Greenie weenie policies are now going to be shoved down our throats. Coincidence to price spikes? I think not…
    The economically savvy amongst us could say that federal administrations have no direct control over pump prices. I think most Americans? In their gut? Know this isn’t true. All.kinds of backdoor favors, wheeling and dealing, bribery, blackmail, etc. This is democrats punishing Americans again. Democrats are the most punitive people around….

  • We are already at $3/gallon in PA. Thanks to our lowdown governor’s scheme to tax the daylights out of gasoline. Looks like we will be staying home and gardening and only mowing the lawn when we have too.

    • Paying $4.15/premium here in San Diego County, CA. That’s freeway exit price. In town, its higher.

      Folks here are working on removing Gabbin Nuisance. I hope we succeed.

      • working family memember.

        why is it we pay the way all the time for goverment people representing us why is it in taxes we pay more then wall st. billionare cooperation’s and big top dollar people who hid their money over seas get our vote then take from our mouths with only their OWN SELFISH HEART AT INTEREST.

        a person making under 25k a yr pays more in payroll taxes then a billionar then REPAYS AT THE PUMP TO GO TO WROK AND PAY AGAIN. we need to come together as a UNIFIED AMERICAN PEOPLE fXXXX the sports team they created all in the NFL known as republicans/ democratsparty all 1 in the same, but all the same PIE OVER PAID NONSHARING CLASS taking from working family stripped of rights terrified to unify party. if we came together and take our rights back is only way for once we will be taken care of. They showed us through covid they never cared about us! they made more money on covid and forced lockdowns gave us stimulis money then invented a story of russian hackers at nat gas pipeline (nothing to do with crude oil gas we put in cars) to jack up prices at pump in Carolina to $6.99 per gallon currently may 2021 its how they are paying us our stimulus money we’ve paid them for over 300 yrs in taxes!!!!
        1 day us poor working people will have a moment when we stop fighting knowing voting in 300 yrs hasn’t done anything from american people, but keep them rich and non paying and us drowning and never able to tread water! 1 day we will swim together stop drowning and tread water but only when we GIVE EVERYONE IN GOV THEIR PINK SLIPS and come togther as a people reaching hand by hand in the water making a chain and coming to float on time to save each other. we TRULY NEED TO BE IN THIS TOGEHTER!!!! until we fire everyone on wall st aka LAW MAKERS NOT RTEPERSTENING US THE PEOPLE. we will be left drowning in a wirlpool of continual lies, brianwashing. americans need to unionize togther for us now to make it a humanity nation for us now and our kids for the furture. if we sit by nothing will change but history will keep repeating itself! TIME FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO BE OFFENSE AND DEFENSE AND BLITZ THE ALWAYS SAME QUATER BACK WE THINK ARE OPPISTE TEAMS all one. and create our own soceity new footbal team a new party. NOT ANOTHER BILLIONAR LIKE PATIROT. but simply a party like TAX PAYER PARTY IF YOU DONT PAY TAXES YOUR NOT IN AND YOUR NOT WELCOME TO PLAY OUR FOOTBALL GAME. HERES YR PINK SLIP GOOD BYE WE ARE DONE WITH THE 300 YR OLD LIE OF YOUR VOTE COUNTS YOUR VOTE MATTERS!!!!! at least the chineese eat and have medical paid and they are a communist counrty!!!! we aren’t free or democartic country and america is not greatest country on earth. we are richest and when the chips fall dont help each other but always say god bless america. time now MAKE NEW POLICICAL PARTY AND FIRE ALL DEMOCRATS REBULBICAN LIBERIALS ALL MILLIONARS AND BILLIONRAS AND MAKE NEW POLICICAL PARTY TO REALLY represent us. called TAX PAYER PARTY ONLY WERE ONLY people who work can join. and put in office the bus driver, plumber stay at home mom, child care worker, no lawyers, or doctors allowed into the tax payer party. change laws fro the good of all not just 10% few in control of all. nothing ever will change if we keep thinking voting changes any thing. just elect a new milionar not reperesting you. or yr family. maybe have 2 parties TAX PAYER #1 # 2 truth seekers and you can belone to both as 1. since we pay we create it so we know people truely working for us. shut down wall st. big pharma, vandiststs coprate world., bring home our troupps stop making money on causing wars, give everyone same oppuntiriny to eat, breath, live. we all wipe our buts the same way and it shouldn’t matter your last name or how much is in yr bank acount to eat!!!! WE NEED TO STOP FIGHTING AND COME TOGETHER BE UNFIED AND GIVE EVERY ONE PINK SLIPS FROM THE LOCAL MAYOR TO TTHE WHITE HOUSE, CONGRESS SENTAE AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. we survived covid dont be fearful start swimmming and grabing the hand next to you to save others make a chain dont break it til we gett everyone above water again!!!


  • Gee, ya mean if we shut down pipelines and lay off thousands of highly skilled energy workers, we might have a price hike in fuel costs? Who knew?

    PS Answer: literally EVERYONE WITH A BRAIN. Which excludes pretty much every voter who pulled the lever for that out of touch dope currently occupying the White House.

    “Elections have consequences”

  • Oil is not only used to make jet fuel, diesel and gasoline for our transportation needs, but it also runs a number of our electrical power plants. The military that keeps us safe use lots of fuel that is needed to operate their vehicles, planes, helicopter, ships and submarines.
    —Then there are all of the thousands of everyday products that are manufactured with oil, either in the product themselves or in the manufacturing process to make them and then transport them to consumers. (PVC plumbing pipes, fabrics like nylon, acrylic, polyester, vehicle parts for cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, medicines, parts for appliances and electronics, carpet, paint, plastics, Styrofoam, food packaging of jars, bags and bottles, beverage containers, etc.).
    — Just stop and think of everything that is in a Walmart store and how much of it is made with or from oil. If the price of oil goes up, so will everything else, no matter the reason why

    • tamke-
      Of all the comments on here, yours is the most holistic. Supply for fossil fuels are driven both by speculation futures and a balanced market- OPEC, the GCC and the OSC predict based on year usage trends how much POL (petroleum, oil, lubricants) are released into the market. Indeed, as others have noted, elections do have consequences, but the shut down of the Keystone XL is at most a small impact to the overall global oil market. It is, however, a huge problem here in the states- shipping internal to the nation is drastically different than import. We were, for a short period of time, energy independent- and it frightens me for that to be lost so easily under the guise of “green” energies that enslave, pillage, and destroy in much more invasive ways as coal. You are 100% correct on the military side as well- we have to keep stores at certain levels at all times- and those fuels are NOT provided for free. DoD is required to pay, often market or slightly below, for everything from kerosene to JP8. It is not requisitioned from the civilian population.

      Also, excellent point on clothing. The great green revolution tells us that we should stop engaging in mass consumerism, yet derides those products which provide sustainable, maintainable quality for the sake of ethics. A couple of good articles on this below, but suffice to say, I have a leather jacket I bought from Eddie Bauer 25 years ago that I still wear every spring. It might be worth the hide of one cow.


      and https://youtu.be/tLfNUD0-8ts

      Finally, to other infrastructure points in other posts here and apropos to your statement above- where in the hell do people think electricity comes from if not burning/decomposing plastics and plastic residues? Coal, yes. Nat Gas, yes. Refuse- HELL YES.

      • Sorry to be a downer but Tamkae did get one thing wrong about the military. Submarines are nuclear powered as are aircraft carriers. Other than that he got it right. I consider most of the fuel used by the military to be a waste.

  • If only there were some way we could run the economy on something other than fossil fuels. Something everyone could tap into. Something that wouldn’t run out. Too bad any attempt by the government to do such a thing would be labeled a conspiracy of some kind. Without trust, there is no society.

    • “Without trust, there is no society”

      yep. that’s why they push to undermine trust, so they can replace our society with theirs.

    • Gaius,
      water powered cars were invented but never came to fruit. the people who invented them ended up missing in action or buried in the desert. iwas talking ot my teacher about making magnetic cars using north and south poles of the earth. Thats when i learned of the hydro powered cars, he said my magnetic power car was already invented gain since it could do good for all and save money never came to fruit.

      the reason there is no trust in society is because nobody cares for one another or has each other’s back. when some one tries to do good for the good of all if its not a money maker for the certain few who control everthing then it gets shut down.

      ever hear of canning growing a garden government made laws executive orders its is illegal to have grown natural foods, wild stuff at home. farmers and major crop growers cant even keep extra super gmo seed either. everything in society is geared for special interest groups only and Wall st.

      only way society will change is when we come together and change it.

  • “to $3 a gallon for gasoline, on average, by Memorial Day”

    california is considerably above that. the state gets more per gallon in taxes than the oil companies get from profits.

    • And those fuel taxes go to “infrastructure improvement and maintenance.”

      Ha. Tell that to the people in the path of the Oroville Dam.

      • well by “infrastructure improvement and maintenance” they mean democrat party infrastructure improvement and maintenance ….

  • Several years back (2013?), I read a similar article to this, but focused on the Chicago “futures” market. Historically, oil prices were driven roughly 75-80% by demand and 20-25% by the “futures” (speculation) market. At the time the article was written, those numbers had flipped – 20-25% demand and 75-80% by “futures”.
    To paraphrase George Carlin, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”.

  • in europe the price of gasoline is so high that lots of people get by with just little scooter mopeds. street gangs, even the really vicious ones, all ride scooters. when americans see these toughs on their binky scooters they can’t help laughing and frequently get beat up by the gangs for laughing at them.

  • Gas is $2.79/gallon here in my small town of 3,000. Today, we had to travel to the “big city” for an errand. On the way we saw the prices gradually drop by 20 cents when we got to the middle of the city. It Maes me wonder why the prices are so different within 30 miles.

    • Same here! I live in a semi rural area that has almost no competition in petrol stations, so the price is up to 40 cents more than in the more populated suburbs and town center.
      We just paid $1.70 PER LITER at the bowser for diesel. That’s $7.71 PER GALLON !!!!!!
      It went up .45 in the space of an hour last week and I’m sure we can expect more. The majority of that is taxes, and with all the support payments made to everyone during the pandemic, I’m sure our govt is keen to claw back some of that. We also no longer make our own fuel in this country, sadly it all comes from overseas.

    • “why the prices are so different within 30 miles”

      shorter logistical chain, lower distribution costs. volume. competition – bet you have only one or two gas stations in your town. high snack prices, lure the customers in with lower gas prices so they ultimately spend more on snacks. etc.

  • I wish we only had a $.25 increase. Prices at our local station have gone up $.50 in four weeks.

  • Where I’m at in Canada if I change it to gallons, and then turn it into US dollars we are a lot more than $3 per gallon
    Current price is $1.30 per LITRE
    Back in 2013-2015 when the exchange rate was better and I vacationed in the US, I made sure I filled up at the last gas station before I crossed the border since it was much cheaper than here.
    Europeans spend even more for their “petrol”.
    Right now it is safe to assume that prices on all products will be edging double digit inflation over the next two years.
    Buying goods now for future use will be much better than stacking dollars in a bank account.
    Know any savings accounts making double digit interest?
    If you can store gas now at today’s price – even just an extra 5 gallons – you’ll come out ahead if you use it over the summer because I have a funny feeling inflation and the price hikes that brings are going to be making the headlines.

  • Think about it. it should start actually GOING down since there is no demand for the past year and for the next few years.

    Someone is GOUGING you like the way they did with the recent elections.

    Their name begins with a “D”.

  • Whole barrel profits

    I got a big laugh from this article. A few thoughts. First, $3/gallon looks expensive because we are comparing it to the recent unreasonable low prices under $2/gallon. Does anybody remember $4/gallon?
    In 1980, gasoline was $1.19/gallon. Adjusting for inflation that’s $3.78 in today’s dollars! $3 is still relatively cheap. (Plus in 1980 my car got about 15 mpg and now I get about 33! So it’s even cheaper in Dollars/mile traveled.

    Second, when a barrel of oil is refined, the refiner has a market for many, many products including, but limited to, asphalt/tar, plastic base stock, gasoline, home heating oil, diesel fuel, jet fuel, etc. Now the catch. If the market is down, for the most part, you can’t decide to make more of something else. For example, if jet travel is down, they can’t stop making jet fuel and convert it all to gasoline or tar. My point here is if there’s no market for the other products, what’s selling has to bear a larger burden to keep the refinery operating.

    Just fuel for thought.

    • Good point George. Unfortunately it seems like most commenters would rather get hot under the collar about the damn Dems or some kind of conspiracy of evil.

      • Here in Toronto, ON, we are paying just under CDN $1.30 per litre. The majority of that is taxes, and with the huge support payments made to a select few ongoing during this pandemic, I’m sure that our provincial govt is keen to claw back some of that to pay down their deficit financing. In my opinion we shud be making our own fuel in this country, and not shipping it anywhere else.

        • Totally agree Kym. Just imagine what we’d have to pay if they stopped subsidizing the oil companies.

  • I closed my gas station on January 1, 2011. I burnt the gas and diesel in my diesel excursion and Mercury Mountaineer until it was empty in 2020. Both fuels lasted over 9 years and I had no problem with either vehicle. I also buy expired bread and put it in the freezer and it lasts for up to a year. Most drugs also last much longer than the expiration date. Trust yourself not the chicken little government or public tactics. Yes, I put stabilizer in the gas and sealed it well. I also stored food using DE, oxygen absorbers, mylar bags and dehumidifiers. Believe nothing any government tells you. There has not been an honest moral government in 6000 years of recorded history. Trust in God, pray and trust yourself.

  • Just to put it in perspective, a $3.00 gallon of gas in today’s dollar works out to roughly $0.57 in 1974 dollars, which is not far off what it was in those days.

    World demand is significantly higher, and the demands on the technology are adding to a steeper cost structure, but the politics are certainly not working in favour of the little people, whose wages have barely kept pace with inflation.

    • For a comprehensive comparison you’d also need to include information regarding how much cheaper (due to technological innovation) it has become to establish a well and to establish wells in places that weren’t previously viable/affordable.

      As quickly as we humans hit a wall we crash into it and climb over our corpses to the next one, usually finding a few goodies on the bodies climbed in the process. Welcome to the real ugliness of human progress.

  • Do the congressmen and senators even care that we’re being fleeced by these huge gas price gouges. It’s up to exactly $3.00 already in Fort Wayne, IN. I drive a very long way to work and only now work three days a week. But spending $38/week might as well be $100. It makes my job unaffordable to even travel to. I KNOW I’m not alone. Does anyone know who to EFFECTIVELY complain about this obvious GOUGING, just like back when George Bush Jr. was in office. That’s right. 1 Republican. ! Democrat. What DO WE DO NOW!???

    • my idea all of us tax payers unite. never elect a millionare again they dont care they aren’t for us. they are 2 parties in one the wall st lobby special interest group party known as not working for americans. i know this will never happen but if you agree this si what we could do but would need to be repsoted and everyone agree.

      they gave us stimulius $, 3 x. only a few months later to want it back at the pump both parties in office. my purpose to fix, learn from native americans who never got a vote just everything taken after accepting them , helping them.

      we all need to walk to our neighbors home grab them buy the hand UNITE FOR EACH OTHER AND EVERYTHING WE HAVE BEEN THORUGH, GIVE EVERYONE IN D.C. THEIR PINK STIPS FOR insubordiantion not listening to TAX PAYERS.they do not pay fica, medicare tax or any.

      start new parties i purpose 2 #1 tax payer party emergency AUTHURIZATION formed by the joined hands of amercians marching to wash. #2 truth seekers. new rule you can belong to both parites. top rule to belong to new formed party you can not make more then $ a certain amount each yr. i live in ny state and most my life taxed more then someone making $43k a yr im at $26k a yr. i pay more in taxes then these wall st thugs in dc paying for nothing funnded by us!

      if we dont unite and stop being afraid and show them STENGHT IN NUMBERS. we need to put the cafertiera at the school worker in office, & the stay at home mom in office, the collge kid, trying to pay for education, the retired truck driver,, the hotel room cleaner and bulding matience, the county bus driver, the auto tech in office. our brother sister next door.
      speaking of Bush 911. 21 yrs ago we went to sleep thinking 1 millionar was or new president Al Gore . 1 state out of 50overnight flipped that election. To Bush 1 yr later on our own soil 3,900 souls were innocently killed. We can never forget the 343 and 3,900 plus who passed that day plus the other ‘s a few yrs later who responded and breathed in the smoke /chemicals. when no american flight was allowed to fly the person responsible for 911 ‘s parents osoma’s were visiting the Bush family and sent home by private jet. WE NEED TO CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER, BECAUSE THEY DONT im not saying never forget to stay at war im saying never forget for all the blood sweet and tears shed here for workers like you and me who built formed and keepo this county going. Different rules for them covid put our country in lock down by the governement acting like its bran new disease. corona aka covid has been around since the 1960’s.

      THE WAY TO DRIVE PRICES DOWN AGAIN WE GO ON STRIKE SURROUND WASHINGTON FOR WEEKS NOT BUYING GAS. CAMPING OUT. or forming our own home lock down strike were we stay home and not visit family like they want. if we are not buying gas the prices will stay low. no excuses supply demand. the shutting down of natural gas pipeline has nothing to do with gas in our cars. republicans and democrats have been sleeping in same bed 300 yrs just ask our 300 masecured native americans who shared peace pipe with thomas jefferson and ben franklin what happened because they helped them survivie. loss of land loss of family, homes burnt to ground. kids stolen to be slave labor and abused in home eccomomis clothing making boarding schools. strved to death for not speaking english. abused in every way. Then chained to a steam locomotive train to pull so many feet and load. all in the name of love relgion and taming the savages., when they were the true savages, is how our country was founded. Native amercians too many dead to input into our history an dsocail studies lessons.
      They dont care about us they have been thieves from the start and drug cartel from the start. Making peace pipe illegal but introducing alcohol, cocaine even putting it in Coca-Cola.

      time we unit. Put in our own You’s and me’s. p.s. 1 day wear a mask next day not!!!! as each state had wars online for ventilators the fed. gov never lost a penny but made money. they dont care about us. it is time for the good hearted people in the usa to come together and do something make our vote really count STENGTH IN NUMBERS NEW PARTY #1 tax payers #2 truth seekers! ONLY THING WE CAN DO UNITE NOT FIGHT!

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