Finland and Sweden Are Taking Steps to Join NATO Despite Russian Threats

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By the author of The Faithful Prepper and  The Prepper’s Guide to Post-Disaster Communications.

Both Finland and Sweden are now taking the next steps to begin the application process for NATO membership starting late next month. Two different Norse media outlets broke the story: the Swedish tabloid Expressen and the Finnish newspaper Iltalehit.

Though both nations have long-avoided NATO membership due to the desire to stay neutral – particularly throughout the Cold War – this attitude now seems to have taken a 180-degree turn. Both nations state that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused them to change their minds on the matter.

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (Another?!)– a pre-Russia invasion proponent of Sweden becoming a NATO nation – has said that “everything has changed” for Sweden ever since February and that, as a result, Stockholm must be “prepared for all kinds of action from Russia.”

Magdalena Andersson

(For the record, Finland’s prime minister is Sanna Marin. She has World Economic Forum connections as well.)

Sanna Marin

According to the Iltalehit, Sweden recently contacted Finland about the two countries filing jointly for NATO membership on May 22. While it’s unlikely that these two nations will actually become NATO nations on May 22, the process to begin to become NATO members very well could start in less than a month.

The Russian response

Vladimir Putin has long warned the Norse nations against joining NATO, stating that there would be swift military action taken against the countries should they attempt to do so. Last week, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that if the two Norse nations joined NATO, they will face consequences.

It’s obvious that if Finland and Sweden join NATO, which is, first of all, a military organization, it will entail serious military-political consequences, which would require retaliatory steps by the Russian Federation.” – Maria Zakharova

Moscow lawmaker Vladimir Dzhabarov was more straightforward with his warning. He said that if either Finland or Sweden joined NATO, it would mean “the destruction of the country.”

How could this take place?

Well, according to Russia, nukes aren’t off the table.

Dmitri Medvedev, the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, has said that not only will Russia strengthen its forces throughout the Baltic Sea, but that “There can be no more talk of any nuclear-free status for the Baltic. The balance must be restored.”

Dmitri Medvedev

Russia is connected to the Baltic Sea via the Gulf of Finland. At the terminal edge of the Gulf of Finland is St. Petersburg. The Russian Baltic Fleet is staged in the area, as is the Leningrad Naval Base.

The Baltic Sea

How large are the respective armies?

As of 2018, Sweden’s military was approximately 15,000 strong. This was roughly a 50% decrease in soldiers as compared to what Sweden had in 2017. As of 2018, Finland had 25,000 within its military. In contrast, Russia currently has approximately 850,000 active-duty soldiers with another 250,000 in reserve.

Both Finland and Sweden combined have less than 5% of the number of soldiers as the Russians have on active duty. Of course, that doesn’t take into account the number of troops who are NATO troops, which would be the sum number of soldiers for every member nation.

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What happens next?

All signs seem to point to both Finland and Sweden going through on their prospective NATO member applications. Should this take place, there is no reason to believe that there will not be military action taken against both nations. We saw the same warnings prior to Ukraine, and action resulted. We could very well see the same thing here.

What’s more, though, is that this will lead to outright Russian war with NATO. Should Finland and Sweden follow through with this goal of joining NATO, and should they be attacked, then Article 5 of NATO’s charter demands that the other members of NATO must now come to the defense of the attacked nation.

NATO forces are well-trained in cold weather environments. After all, they just finished Cold Response 2022 in Norway on April 1 – the largest Cold Response training exercise as of yet. There are currently approximately 40,000 NATO troops along the eastern NATO member nations, has plans to put much larger groups of troops in Europe to repel a Russian attack, and is looking at the creation of four battle groups of 1500 troops to be strategically placed throughout Europe as something of a quick reaction force.

So now, we currently have a war in Europe, largely as a result of NATO expansion. We have other nations that are now looking at joining NATO. We have massive amounts of troops being built up throughout Europe. Massive amounts of Russians are already in Ukraine.

There is nothing good to come from this, and you need to be prepared.

What do you think?

Do you think that Finland and Sweden will be welcomed into NATO? If so, do you think Putin will retaliate, officially kicking off World War 3? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Why would any country join or want to join NATO?Think about this,NATO was born out of Nazi Germany.NATO must be dismantled,never to be restored,and all nations returned to their sovereign status.

    • Anonymous, what history book are you reading? I was in the military in Germany during the so-called Cold War. Nato was formed as a response to Soviet Union taking over a big chunk of Eastern Europe. I agree NATO should have been disbanded as the Warsaw Pack was. But it wasn’t. So Sweeden and Finland want to join NATO because they see Russia going rough shod over Ukraine,threatening Moldova,and threatening Poland. Yup,if I was in that neighborhood. I would join up too.

  • I essentially agree with Anonymous. The Swedes were notoriously cowardly (and/or sly) during WW II, when they allowed the Nazis to travel freely to Sweden to attack Norway. The Finns have had many skirmishes with Russia in the fairly distant past, and were part of Russia under one or two Tsars. You can’t blame them for wanting to be protected by NATO, but there are complicating factors, such as the fact that both Sweden and Finland are courting the New World Order bigwigs and their leaders are WEF-trained, just like Putin and Zelenzkyy. There is something rotten about this war following immediately on the heels of the Coronovirus “crisis.”

    • Those German troops who traveled to Sweden ended up in POW camps. Unlike Norway which assumed that neutrality back up with disarmament would have other countries respect their neutrality (look how far that got them) Sweden during World War II was well armed with weapons that the Germans feared. In spite of that, there were skirmishes between the Swedes and Germans, with thousands of German soldiers taken prisoner. I heard this from a Swedish military source.

      When Putin invaded Crimea in 2014 (the real start of World War III), Sweden saw this, along with Russian submarines probing their coasts, as a gun pointed at their head, though presently at a distance. Sweden is a small country, as also Finland, their only hope to repel a Russian invasion is to be part of a larger group, like NATO.

  • Ukraine was attacked due to their alignment with NATO. Other than being Nazis, and their bio-weapons laboratories, and their bombing of Russian-speaking citizens, they would not be attacked by Russia. The Vatican and the globalists plan a 500 million world population goal (see: Georgia Guidestones) by 2025. It is currently above seven and a half billion. This is obviously a move towards world war 3, as planned by the globalists.

    • Ukraine was attacked because:
      • Putin doesn’t recognize Ukraine as an independent country. For that matter, he doesn’t recognize Finland and Sweden as independent countries, because:
      • Putin wants to rule an empire that stretches from Vladivostok to Lisbon. He will use nukes against both European and U.S. targets.

      Putin’s definition of “Nazi” is anyone who opposes him. Among Ukrainians, a “Nazi” is any Ukrainian who claims to be Ukrainian and not Russian which includes a majority of Russian speaking Ukrainians. These are the people who voted for a Jew to become president. Do you think that Putin’s definition is in anyway accurate?

      Speaking of Nazis, real ones, what about the Russian Wagner Group, run by an associate of Putin?

      I still have unanswered questions concerning what’s happening over there. But the Russian propaganda is proving to be a bunch of lies.

      • so true Michael Kahn, no one can deny the “guide stones”.. nor the VATICAN! as for the Nazis and Putin, R.O. maybe take a closer look at some handshakes 🙂

      • Ukraine became a part of Russia in 1654. Since then it was always a part of Russia. They separated in 1991 when the USSR dissolved. Ukrainian is a Russian dialect.
        California became part of the US in 1849 by defeating the Mexican / Spanish forces there.
        During the Crimean War Britain, France and Turkey invaded Crimea which was part of Russia.
        These are just historical facts.
        So, is Putin correct when he says that Ukraine is not really and independent country and has for a long time been part of Russia ?
        It is good to know a little history to put things in perspective.

        • You know, when you refer back in history to prove a point you’re trying to make, you need to not go back to just where it becomes convenient for your argument. It’s misleading.

          Since at least the 900s, the countries we now call Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine were all part of the “Kievan Rus,” a medieval kingdom with its HQ in Kyiv, ruled by nobles from Kyiv. Kyiv as in the capital of Ukraine. In other words, before Ukraine was “part of” Russia, Russia was “part of” Ukraine. Stop picking facts that fit your propaganda and ignoring those that aren’t.

          This is just an example but there’s a lot more real history that gives a fuller picture.,4%20Post-Soviet%20era.%20…%205%2021st%20century.%20?msclkid=7a52d254c7d211ecb3be1511aa0b11ab

          Besides, it’s a poor argument to say that, well this land used to be part of this other land, so if the previous owners want it back, it’s no biggie. By that logic, England can take back much of the US, and Spain can take back California, Texas, etc., and the native peoples can throw all of us out. Works for you? No? Well, since the US beat England (barely, and only with France’s help, who would do anything to f-up England), and as you say, the Californians “beat” Spain/Mexico (much more complicated than that, but ok), we have earned this land and aren’t subject to backsies, that’s a terrible argument as well. When the USSR collapsed in 1991, Ukraine left the USSR. The USSR let them. Didn’t fire a shot. Said, go ahead, do your thing, Ukraine. And NOW they want it back?

          And, while we’re at it, NATO preliminarily approved membership for Ukraine way back in 2008. Since then NATO has been wrestling with how to do this, but hasn’t admitted Ukraine yet. But it’s been approved since 2008. So it’s not like all of a sudden NOW the NATO boogey man was too much of a threat for Mother Russia to stand. What you have instead, is an old, sick, frustrated man in Russia who wants to scratch an itch he’s had forever, and cement what he thinks is his destiny of restoring the Russian Empire. That’s what this is. Boy, oh boy, did he misjudge Ukraine, the US, western Europe, and especially NATO. Even Switzerland is in it this time. And likely Sweden and Finland will join too, all to the betterment.

          Isn’t it true that a people should be able to determine their own destiny? When the USSR broke up, Ukraine overwhelmingly voted to become independent. Isn’t that something we should all respect? Rather than say, oh Russia, it’s always been theirs all along. With the history of Russian actions in Ukraine, who can blame Ukraine for wanting to be free, independent, and prosperous? Think about the Holomordor, and the deliberate de-populating of Crimea and the eastern Ukraine of ethnic Ukrainians, and repopulating millions of Russians to that area to de-Ukrainize that area for the last century or so.

          The people of a country should be able to peacefully (or sometimes not) become their own sovereign nation, and that sovereignty must mean something and be respected. After all, it’s not like Ukrainians were moral degenerates holding slaves and wanted to separate for that reason. They walked away, Russia let them, and that’s it. End of story.

          Stop twisting history and leaving out inconvenient facts and history that don’t support your narrative.

          I wonder how much the Russian bot-farm is paying some of you on this site?

      • Think so too. All the hallmarks of National Socialism (being a Nazi) apply to the Putin regime and not to Ukraine, where right-wing national groups are not even represented in parliament. What stupid, transparent propaganda.

  • The Finns reached an agreement with the Soviets after the Winter War. Some loss of territory and no threatening St. Petersburg (Leningrad at the time) under any circumstances. In return the remainder of Finnish territory would be off limits. Both sides kept to the bargain and fared pretty well.
    If Finland now wants to cancel that agreement they have only themselves to blame for the inevitable Russian response. They would be another NATO member the other members have absolutely no intention to actually defend.

  • World War III has already started. If you think that a proxy war proves otherwise I have some swamp land in Florida I can sell you very cheap . . .

    • “World War III has already started”

      if you mean behind-the-scenes espionage and market-disruption and cyber-probing, sure. but moving beyond that would be a titanic effort that no-one appears ready or willing to undertake.

  • “kicking off World War 3?”

    no. no-one has the support infrastructure to sustain any serious widespread external warfare anymore. nato never really did at any time – it was a defensive alliance without any power projection of its own – and it certainly can’t “come to the aid” of either sweden or finland.

    furthermore no-one has a population willing to engage in it. the decades leading up to wwii saw the entire populations of germany, russia, and japan mobilized for total industrial war, and america and china belatedly followed. nowadays no-one anywhere has the excess population trained for war needed to engage in it.

  • Interesting article, but I have to say– Sweden and Finland are not “Norse” nations. Norway is the only “Norse” nation. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland are all Scandinavian countries, and I think this is what the author means, but only Norway is “Norse.”

    • I am pretty sure the Swedes would disagree with you. Historically Denmark, Norway and Sweden are all Norse countries. At one time Sweden and Norway were one country. Their cultures and language are all similar. The Icelanders and Greenlanders also came from Norway and Denmark.
      The Vikings that gave England the most trouble were from Denmark. The Vikings that invaded Poland and Russia were mostly Swedes / Norwegians.
      The Finnish language is not Germanic as are all the others.

  • I must be missing something. You compare a potential for Russian action against Finland and Sweden with the actual action against Ukraine. Now, we know what was going on in Ukraine…US backed regime change on 2014, Banderites (neo-Nazis) incorporated into the Ukrainian military and police (widely reported in the US news several years ago), government sponsored genocide against ethnic Russians in the Donbas region (estimated 14,000 dead), many biolabs (again US sponsored), Zelenski’s publicly stated desire to get nukes, Zelenski’s commitment to “implement measures to ensure the de-occupation and reintegration of the peninsula”, i.e., Crimea (more genocide). And recall that the West has been using Ukraine in its efforts to marginalize Russia for years. Among other things, after the Germany unification (1990-91) and the official end of the Soviet Union (1991), the West promised not to take advantage of the situation and move to the east. However, within 15 years a dozen countries were added to NATO, the official anti-Russia (formerly anti-USSR) military. Not to mention all the economic attacks on Russia. With that in mind, it is not so hard to imagine why Russia would go into Ukraine. But what have Finland and Sweden done to anger the Russian Bear?

    • All the hallmarks of National Socialism (being a Nazi) apply to the Putin regime and not to Ukraine, where right-wing national groups are not even represented in parliament. What stupid, transparent propaganda.

      • You cannot deny the neo-Nazi presence in Ukraine (for whatever reason) when they themselves speak out as such. They are on record as bragging that the Canadian armed forces have trained them…
        As an aside, you put a lot of confidence in parliamentary representation actually representing the people. As a Canadian, frankly, I’m cynical about that.

  • Both Finland and Sweden import MOST of their energy from Russia.

    Seems odd they’d bite the hand that keeps their economy going.

    Something else is going on. World Economic Forum seems to be the common theme.

    Even though many folks have said Putin is also WEF I find it interesting so many OTHER WEF folks are gunning for him.

  • Am I the only one looking at the obvious here. If/When they file the papers on May 22, Mr. Putin shuts off their oil/natural gas, or launches an attack, or both. Once they have committed to becoming NATO members, Putin will be forced to follow through on his threats, or look weak and ineffectual. The upside for Russia is that neither country will be an actual NATO member, and not entitled to the protection of NATO. This is only the first step, and it will allow Biden and the rest of NATO to step away without coming into direct conflict with Russia.

    I guess we’ll see what happens as the date gets closer.

    • Maybe it’s a Canadian thing, haha! This is what I thought, too. They won’t be admitted on May 22 (as the article says), but there will be that official declaration of poop disturbance, and room for other countries to back off the rhetoric. Look at how Ukraine hasn’t officially become a NATO member, despite applying in 2008, according to Lorraine. If they can’t figure it out by now, I think Ukraine should save their breath to cool their porridge. Seems like they aren’t going to be picked for the team…

  • Yes, we are close to WWW III and we have no real president. Our president is nothing more than a puppet being led around by his nose. He has declined sharply mentally and our enemies in the world are well aware of that. A president who shakes hand with no one there, turns around to talk to the flag, needs to be removed from office immediately. The biggest mistake his administration made was helping to cause the war by ending our recent energy independence when he took office. His administration needs to be replaced as well since they also seem to be our enemy by trying to force us to buy electric cars, wear masks and generally try to take our liberty away. Socialism always fails on a large scale and it will fail here with the demise of our union, if we do not stand up for liberty now.

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