The Fathers of Alternative News

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Whoever controls information controls the narrative, and by extension, they control whoever is reading, watching, and listening. For much of our history, people’s options for receiving the news were limited, with word of mouth being the most prominent form. With the written word came pamphlets, books, newspapers, and radio. 

Then came television. Television was a game-changer because like a radio, it brought the news directly into the home of listeners and viewers, but unlike radio, television brought live coverage with the addition of pictures and video. 

 The thing that television, radio, and newspapers all had in common is that you generally had to be somebody, such as a journalist, to be heard. This brought a level of credibility, and for a while, it seemed that the news was primarily brought to us with facts so that the consumer could make their own informed decision.  

Limited sources of news also meant that sometimes not all stories or information was covered. The real problem seemed to be when mainstream media started pushing opinions and “agendas” over letting viewers make up their own minds with the facts. 

As much of a game-changer that television was with the news, the internet has had and continues to have an even bigger effect. The internet has allowed anyone to create their own website, channel, or podcast as a way of delivering their thoughts and unfiltered news, often in a different light than is presented by the big names in the news business. Pretty much any source that offers news in this manner is now referred to as alternative news. 


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There are millions of websites, channels, and podcasts, many of them dealing with the goal of reporting newsworthy events. Listed below are some of the biggest names in the game, and some may even be referred to as the fathers of alternative news.   

Alex Jones 

Alex Jones is an American radio talk show host who is labeled as far-right. He predominantly focuses on conspiracy theories, most of these having to do with the government. Some of his better-known (and more controversial) theories have to do with the Sandy Hook Shooting, the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S., and the moon landing. 

Other than some of his unpopular opinions, he is also best known for his high level of energy, or outbursts, in which he delivers information. Even though Jones has been removed from YouTube and other social media platforms, he still has many followers, and his show, Info Wars, can be viewed on Rumble. 

Steve Quayle 

Steve Quayle is a nationally known radio host as well as a photographer and the author of many books covering topics such as precious metals, bioterrorism, survival, and ancient civilizations. 

Steve Quayle is also well known for his ability to predict future events. One of his most well-known predictions was his saying that wind speeds of 350 miles per hour were possible – something which scientists argued couldn’t happen. Then it happened, wrecking a 30-mile swath of trees in the state of Colorado. 

If you want to support Steve, learn more about him, find his books, or see what else he is warning about, visit him here at  

Mike Adams 

Also known as “The Health Ranger,” Mike Adams runs the wildly popular website,, as well as a host of spin-off sites. He predominantly has focused on organic lifestyles and natural medicines, and his company is responsible for breaking a number of headlines on matters relating to human health.

Some of the stories Mike Adams broke include:

  • Conducting detailed lab analysis of McDonald’s chicken nuggets.
  • Exposing the fake acai berry scam in America
  • Covering the Oak Park, Michigan case of sentencing a mom to 90 days in jail for growing vegetables in her front yard.
  • And many more...

He’s also the host of the podcast The Health Ranger Report, in which he covers current events, many of them from an alternative health angle.

Dave Hodges 

Dave Hodges is the host of The Common Sense Show, whose tagline is “freeing America one enslaved mind at a time.” The Common Sense Show is a podcast that is dedicated to covering topics that include the “loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential.”

He’s widely known for his stance on the role of the United Nations in forming a New World Order.

If you want to learn more about Dave Hodges or listen in to The Common Sense Show, click here

Steven Crowder 

Steven Crowder is a Canadian-American political commentator. He is the host of a popular podcast called Louder With Crowder. Crowder is widely known for a segment that he calls “Change My Mind,” in which he takes to the streets to challenge people by confronting them with unpopular or controversial opinions.

You can listen to Crowder’s commentary on controversial topics and his analysis on mainstream media by tuning into Louder With Crowder on YouTube or Rumble. 

Are there other fathers of alternative news we forgot to mention?

With the declining interest and views in mainstream media over the last several years, it looks like alternative news sources are here to stay, and with their growing popularity, some of them may not be alternative sources for long. 

What are your thoughts on the fathers of alternative news? What other names do you think should have made a list and what are some other growing alternative new sources? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading. 

About Bryan Lynch

Bryan Lynch is the author of two books, Swiss Army Knife Camping And Outdoor Survival Guide, and Paracord Projects For Camping And Outdoor Survival. He has also written hundreds of articles about prepping, emergency preparedness, self-reliance, and gear reviews. Through his writing, his hope to help educate people and get them interested in these topics so that they are better prepared for an emergency.

Bryan Lynch

Bryan Lynch

About Bryan Lynch Bryan Lynch is the author of two books, Swiss Army Knife Camping And Outdoor Survival Guide, and Paracord Projects For Camping And Outdoor Survival. He has also written hundreds of articles about prepping, emergency preparedness, self-reliance, and gear reviews. Through his writing, his hope to help educate people and get them interested in these topics so that they are better prepared for an emergency.

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  • I have heard of, but never listened to Alex Jones.
    Mike Adams, I have seen a few of his articles here and there.
    The others, not at all.

    To me, a big “Father” of alt-media is Glenn Greenwald when he formed and then left The Intercept.
    Sharly Attkisson.
    Charles H. Smith.
    Matt Taibbi.
    Bari Weiss.

  • Art Bell.

    Completely alternative media. Even a show about aliens,ghosts,Sasquatch or government coverups were always meant to inspire a person to think outside the norms and accepted comforts of mainstream programming and thought.

    George Snorey is “The Assistant-Undersecretary of Only Just OK” holding up the banner of the same coast to coast am show Art started.

    • Check out the Jeff Mara podcast. He does a great job interviewing people on near death experiences, aliens, angels, mediums, and other topics.

  • Michael C. Ruppert is at the Top of my list!!! Crossing the Rubicon and Collapse are incredible, along with his newsletter, From the Wilderness!! He was a true pioneer. RIP Brother

    William Cooper, another Major Source of Information, so long ago!! Behold a Pale Horse

  • The Blaze.
    Lots more than just Glenn Beck. For example, Steven Crowder has his show on The Blaze, as well as Steve Deace and a slew of others.
    Also love the magazines , Backwoods Home and Self Reliance.

  • I would add Anthony Watts – the site is This is a great go-to for anything weather, climate and science related, and has links to other similar sites and blogs.

  • Working backwards in time there have been many centuries of censorship versus alternative media struggles. Sometimes it was about government versus citizen/subject/serfs, but sometimes about medical wars or religious wars.

    Some of the 1950s and 1960s examples might include late night AM radio shows like LifeLine broadcasting out of Dallas and funded by H. L. Hunt, plus several other such shows. That was also the era of the John Birch Society, named in memory of one of the first victims of the communist Chinese — and the establishment of that era despised the JBS disclosures. Similarly Senator Joseph McCarthy’s exposures of communists in US government raised another cloud of info-wars.

    The alternative media continues to this day with research and disclosures on the conspiracy to conceal the who, how and why of the JFK assassination — as does the CIA’s continuing efforts to keep some of that history classified even today.

    One of the most significant works in world history was Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago book which had to be circulated secretly using paper versions typed on bootleg typewriters since the Soviet government only licensed permitted typewriters to people who would conform to the official narratives. That process was the origination of the term samizdat for such “unapproved” media.

    Books that exposed FDR’s extreme treachery in spending two years trying to figure how to goad the Japanese into a “surprise” attack on Pearl Harbor were of course condemned by the government of that day.

    Abraham Lincoln was a merciless alt-media destroyer of his era. He arrested newspapermen who opposed his tax war invasion of the South and had their presses destroyed.

    To make the point that war on alternative media is thousands of years old, Fernando Baez produced his book in 2004 titled “A Universal History of the Destruction of Books — from ancient Sumer to modern Iraq” — which was translated from Spanish into English four years later.

    The alt-media that governments, globalist oligarchs, Big Pharma, and central banking tyrants, et al are trying to destroy today is very much evidence of continuing a thousands of years old practice of trying to remove those who would expose their evils from the planet and destroy their means of communication whether printed, digital, or broadcasted — plus all records that they ever existed.


  • First and most important: David Icke, the icon of investigative commentary
    Jon Rappaport, investigative reporter specializing in medical scams, but much more, at
    Max Igan, in Australia, at

    Also, early on: American Free Press, and Information Clearing House

  • Ah, He Who Shall Remain Unnamed has been named! Alex Jones is never on the list of important news breakers, which IMO just goes to show that many ppl are only purple pilled by the likes of commenters like Bongino, who never mentioned it when AJ was censored years ago. That’s when I stopped listening to him. AJ has been on the air since 1996. Also, Bongino doesn’t believe in a global conspiracy (globalism) which tells me everything I need to know about him. Guess where I first heard Bongino? On the Alex Jones Show many years before he got famous. He’s a sellout IMO.

    • Jojo,
      I agree with everything you said! I also like Owen Shroyer on too.

      I like Bonjino but he is part of the “controlled opposition” and people like him (Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck as many commenters recommend) should be on a different kind of list.

      I will add Brannon Howse to the top of this guy’s list. Brannon has been the Christian (Biblical) version of Alex Jones for longer than Alex was known nationally… thirty-plus years easily.

      Brannon is known for being censored by mainstream Christian networks who are too scared to risk offending large donors. He exposes corruption in the church and false teachers as well as government. I endorse everyone on Brannon’s network.

      And for anyone who wants a great preacher and to know you will go to heaven and have peace right now. (Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers) or just to get saved and have peace! The last one is a new site.

      I love all of you commenters, including the website contributors!

      • I’d also add Chuck Missler and his protege Ron Maston as well as Geoffrey Grider

        I first came across Dr. Missler a long time ago when he was a guest on coast to coast am back in 2003-4ish..? His views on quantum physics and hyper dimensional theory put the hook in me and I’ve read or watched nearly everything he has made or wrote since then.

        Geoffrey and his KJV based teaching in his rightly dividing podcasts are insightful and inspiring. I take comfort in the fact that the Lord has written and promised his victory and it’s all in the KJV bible.

    • Tom Woods
      Scott Horton and everyone at the Libertarian Institute and
      Some other people have already mentioned Lew Rockwell
      And of course, the great Ron Paul and his Liberty Report

  • Hal Turner is another father of alternative news you forgot to mention? Hal Turner is the ONLY living American media member IMPRISONED for writing a news Editorial the Obama Regime didn’t like. He has a very informative web-site,
    and his radio show goes out to 70 countries Monday-Friday 9:00 – 10:pm Through the facilities of global, High-Frequency (HF) International stations WBCQ (50,000 watts) and WRMI (100,000 watts) his show is heard in all of North America, entire continental US and eastern Alaska, ALL of: CANADA, Greenland, Iceland, much of the UK, all of Mexico, central and South America, sometimes in Japan and Australia, New Zealand, the entire Caribbean and often in Western Europe; UK, France, Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Finland!

    The show is also heard on regular AM news-radio via KYAH 540-AM “Utah’s Talk Authority”
    To call-in and speak live, on-the-air, dial 201-771-3013

  • Doug Hagmann of The Hagmann Report
    Private Investigator Doug Hagmann for the news that matters most. Doug hosts the popular radio and video talk show “The Hagmann Report” each weeknight from 7:00-9:00 PM ET on the Global Star Radio Network and simulcast on YouTube and other venues. Douglas Hagmann has been a licensed investigator in the private sector for the last 30 years.

  • Clif High, creator of the ALTA Report and web bot that predicted much of what has come to pass lately. He has been a guest on a few of the above mentioned shows. Currently on Twitter, when he’s not banned, Bitchute, and Telegram.

    Jordan Sather, hard to describe, but into politics, science, and technology. He gets banned a lot, so this is his current listing of pages:

    Dave from X22 Report, political and financial ruminations and interviews.

  • ALASKAN die hard under ground only friends know about [ex. JON VOIGHT]““`Can only be reached by email , [email protected] ,x-spook goes by the handle COPYTELE~~~~lunch withTHE DONALD COMING UP ,expert on un covering intrgue former buddy with DON IMUS in the morning , infiltrated Russia by playing chess with Tigran PetrosIon[draw] Boris Spassky , Kasperov & others.

  • Glenn Reynolds is the OG, I think. He started Instapundit before 2000. Mostly he provides links with minimal commentary, but was instrumental in promoting blogs as well as pointing out biased stories in the MSM. He introduced people to the concept that there were other sources for news and information.

  • WorldNetDaily (now was actually among the first alternative news site, if not the first. Joseph Farah. Still up, but struggling, because they were about the first to be banned by Google.

  • My favorite alernative news source is Juan O Savin. It sounds as tho he has his fingers on The President’s pulse and knows the ins and outs of global and Country wide critical happenings.

  • My favorite go-to news is, with Breitbart a distant second. The trouble with many of the newcomers on alternative news is they like to hear themselves talk. I prefer those, like X22 Dave, who state things succinctly, don’t draw attention to themselves, and don’t get distracted going down rabbit holes.

    Clif High is fascinating. Has some very interesting theories, but doesn’t seem to believe in God or Christians’ view of the Bible. There are a bunch of talkers who analyze politics pretty well from a conservative viewpoint, but are real fuzzy, believe in “reaching other dimensions” and aliens.

    Stillness in the Storm is another good source for non-left-oriented news. I realize I’m straying from the “Fathers of Alternative News” theme, since a lot of those I’ve mentioned are newer.

    No one could dissect the left like Rush, and I listened to him since he started. But there were certain areas he never entered. That was disappointing. I quit listening to him and radio after Nov 3, 2020.

  • The day that such an article, or its comments, will bring up at least one source in another language than English will be the beginning of the opening of US people to information. Considering that about one-third of USA residents read Spanish, and that current internet browsers allow automatic translation, there is still some hope that this day will come.

  • I think one of the most overlooked personalities is Mark Dice. Although he doesn’t tend to do long, in-depth videos on any given topic, he’s been around a very long time. He was one of the first YouTubers to start a channel that exposed the lies of the media, and the hypocrisy of the far left. He started out mainly by conducting his own “man on the street” style shows (similar to Leno’s “Jay Walking”) that showed just how uniformed most Americans are.

    Another early alternative journalist/investigator that practically no one knows about (unless they are into esoterica) is Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot). While her content may be too “far out” for some people, she really does cover a wide variety of topics. Her early video interviews include some extremely interesting people and topics that are turning out to be quite relevant now.

    I think she was one of the first people to interview Joseph Farrell – another excellent researcher in history (both recent, ancient, and alternative theories) that most people no nothing about.

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