The Pros and Cons of Emergency Food Buckets

February 19, 2018
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by Daisy Luther

Are you in a hurry to build an emergency pantry? Emergency food buckets can be an essential part of a prepper’s pantry. Like everything else, there are pros and cons to stockpiling emergency food buckets.
Notice I didn’t say “the least expensive way” to build a prepper’s pantry. Buckets are definitely not the thriftiest way to create a stockpile. 
I also didn’t say “the healthiest way” to build a prepper’s pantry. There are all sorts of methods that will net you more nutrition foods.
Despite all of the drawbacks, I still recommend emergency food buckets. They have some unique benefits that can’t be overstated.
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Here’s why emergency food buckets are essential

Please understand that emergency food buckets, while vital, should not be the entirety of your food storage or your everyday diet. They are only part of the picture of a perfect pantry.

That being said, here’s why every prepper should have some emergency food buckets stashed away:

  1.  A lot of calories can be condensed into a very small amount of space.
  2.  If you have the capability to boil water during an emergency, a filling meal can be yours.
  3.  They add variety and speed to an emergency food supply.
  4.  Calorie for calorie, they’re lightweight and easily portable in the event of a bug-out scenario.
  5.  They’re professionally packaged to have a 25-year shelf life, so you can get it, stick it in the back of your closet, and forget about it until you need it. It’s difficult to find any other food sources that will last this long.

You can use emergency food not only as is, for a hot, satisfying meal, but you can also combine it with other pantry items or leftovers to extend them far enough to feed a group. Don’t hesitate to get creative!

The cons of emergency food buckets

Now, the downside. When you’re going long-term, some compromises must be made.

  • If you’re looking for ready-made meals, none of them are going to be completely without additives. This is impossible because they’re made to last for 25 years.  As well, they take up minimal space,  cook up quickly and efficiently, and taste reasonably good.
  • Emergency food buckets contain processed food.
  • Emergency food buckets are more expensive than purchasing things in bulk from the grocery store. (However, stuff from the grocery store won’t last 25 years.)

I won’t sugar coat it. Growing your own fresh food every year and preserving it is a wonderful way to go, but it’s not possible for everyone in every situation. It takes time, space, good weather, and all sorts of good luck. You’re going to want a back-up, even if this is your primary plan.

Ways to use emergency food buckets and still be healthy

If you look at the pros and cons and believe that emergency food buckets are something you want to add to your stockpile, here are some ways to maintain higher health standards.

What about you?

Do you stock some emergency food buckets for your long-term supplies?


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