Michigan Health Officials Warn of ANOTHER “Scary” Virus That People Should Worry About

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by Brandon Turbeville

While Michiganders focus on the COVID-19 issue as well as attempting to get their state’s economy back on track, Michigan public health officials are now warning of another potential breakout of a new virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE).

EEE is spread by mosquitoes and MI officials claim they are doing everything they can to stop the spread as COVID fatigue sets in with citizens across the country.

One of the methods officials have devised is strikingly similar to what they are suggesting for COVID – i.e. urging residents to stay indoors after dark and protect themselves against mosquitoes when they are out. All this comes after a resident in Barry County was suspected of contracting EEE.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced the case last week.

“This suspected EEE case in a Michigan resident shows this is an ongoing threat to the health and safety of Michiganders and calls for continued actions to prevent exposure, including aerial treatment,” Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, chief medical executive and chief deputy for health at MDHHS, said in a statement. “MDHHS continues to encourage local officials in the affected counties to consider postponing, rescheduling or cancelling outdoor activities occurring at or after dusk, particularly those involving children to reduce the potential for people to be bitten by mosquitoes.”

22 horses located across ten counties have been confirmed to have EEE, a number that is allegedly twice that of the previous year.

The state is now engaging in aerial spraying to reduce the number of mosquitoes.

Nationwide, 5 cases of humans contracting EEE have been reported to the CDC – three in Massachusetts and two in Wisconsin. Generally speaking, there are only 5 to 9 cases of EEE in the US every year with 30% of those cases resulting in death.

The incubation period of EEE is usually around 4 to ten days, and symptoms can be mild including fever, chills, aches, and general discomfort. Severe cases can involve swelling of the brain and meningitis.

While everyone should agree that caution must be exercised when dealing with communicable diseases, canceling town events, social gatherings, and staying indoors seems a bit ridiculous. Especially when the disease is one suspected case of a virus that kills a maximum of ten people on a yearly average across the country.

But that is where we are.

It is possible that MDHHS is truly concerned about the spread of the virus. However, it is once again, at best, engaging in extraordinary levels of hysteria and restrictions to deal with what is essentially an ordinary virus. Keep in mind, Michigan has no confirmed human cases of EEE in the state as of yet and only one suspected case.

Health agencies have lost credibility in the eyes of all but the far left public.

Health agencies across the entire country as well as across the entirety of the world have essentially destroyed their own credibility with the unprecedented hype and hysteria over COVID and the subsequent rights-crushing “recommendations,” “guidelines,” proclamations, and Executive Orders. So many things have not added up since the beginning and they’ve even admitted they lied about masks early in the outbreak. These agencies have led the charge against the American economy, individual rights, and the mental and physical health of every single American. All over a virus that has yet to be isolated properly in a lab and has not come anywhere close to killing the number of people we were told it had, much less predicted it would.

This is where the danger comes in. Hysteria and a self-imposed apocalypse over COVID. Hysteria over EEE. What virus will cause hysteria next? How many times will this continue until everyone simply ignores everything the CDC and other health agencies have to say? If, or more likely when, there is a real and deadly pandemic, will the general population simply respond to their health agencies with sneers and memes?

Let’s face it, we’ve reached the point where half of the population is doing that already.

We see the same irresponsibility from MSM and government regarding weather.

Anyone who lives on a southern coastal state can tell you that there is a seasonal panic set in by local and national media when hurricane season arrives. Not in the last 20 years has there been a beginning of a hurricane season where predictions were anything other than “deadly” and “unusually busy.” National media predicts every storm will be a major hurricane and every hurricane will be devastating and bring “imminent death.” Some general hurricane preparedness steps are usually sufficient.

Of course, most of these storms are just storms.

Some even bring badly needed rain to drought areas. People who listen to the Weather Channel and state governments often look completely foolish when they realize they ran away from a summer shower. People who ignored those agencies often are rewarded with some peace and quiet and a few more pounds due to overeating their hurricane snacks.

But, every once in a while, the hysteria is justified. Every once in a while, a Cat 5 hits land and lays complete waste to cities and towns. By this time, people have been burned over and over with repetitive claims of imminent death and other nonsense. They ignore the reports. They ignore the warnings and they don’t prepare. This is when the death toll is the highest.

The moral of the story is not that the government should do nothing and it certainly isn’t that it should do everything.

The media and government have way too much power.

By allowing media and government to maintain so much power, we have allowed a situation to be created where hysteria and dependency justify their existence and more fear and hysteria ensure its continuation.

The moral of the story is to think for yourself and to prepare for all eventualities while still allowing yourself to live your life and not just spend it trying to avoid death.

Lastly, maybe health “authorities” shouldn’t have so much “authority” after all.

Brandon Turbeville

Brandon Turbeville

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  • Yawn another Zika wolf cry. Anything to keep control in Michigan with yet another “scare” and anything to keep your eyes off what’s really going on.
    How many weeks till the freeze and the mosquitoes all die out?

  • They pulled this same stunt last fall, outdoor sporting events had to start early enough to be over before sundown. EEE has been around for decades with only a very small number of human cases.

  • agreed, EEE has been around a long time, I live at the coast and mosquitos are an everyday thing, temps below freezing dont FREEZE them out! they are around 24/7/365 and you learn to live with them; I dont believe any weather is gonna kill out anything these days; now we have to watch the ticks (had lyme), the caterpillars (we used to play with them as kids), now the moths, there is a new species of moths (black/white spot) that is eating our apple trees, and so on…and the apple eaters have come in from CHINA…AGAIN. so there are all kinds of dangers out there, and if we let the “govt, media, medical” tell us what to do, then we might just as well dig our own hole and crawl in. This indoctrination of sorts has been going on for many years, since we were children, unbeknownst to many, unchallenged by those who did, forced on us, and so on. Now it has come out totally, soros and a lot of the “richies” are socialists, and have been working on this mass destruction long before we were born…its here, we deal with it and fight it as much as we can, God help us, we are needing it!!!

    • Freezing doesn’t freeze mosquitoes out and you have them 365?
      What ya got up there a bunch of saber toothed polar mosquitoes!?!
      They flying around in the snow n ice?
      Round here first freeze and nothing till spring like it’s supposed to be.

  • The warning issued by the state of Michigan is just a standard warning that is issued EVERY YEAR when EEE is detected in wildlife, since at least the 1970s. The threat is now over or will be shortly, as EEE goes away after a hard frost..

    There’s no hysteria in the materials issued by their health department. Big nothing burger being made into more than it is by the author’s attempt to connect this to Covid-19 warnings and precautions, which he apparently sees as hysterical.

    Maybe not quite a nothing – there was a recommendation from the state to avoid mosquitos by limiting outdoor time after dark, and to use repellant. Is that really an hysterical infringement of your personal rights?

  • I I totally agree. The “authorities” should not have so much authority over our lives. We should be able to determine what is best for ourselves.

    • Could any one in their right mind, please explain why “we: need any goverment or cops? They are ALL power hungry fools. God gave man a responsibility, to protect himself, his family and strangers around him from bodily harm, property harm and theft of private property. WHY do panty waisted men desire to shrug off their God mandated responsibilities and pay power hungry morons to do the job God gave those men to do? You see total corruption in goverment, from Trump all the way down the ladder to the most menial goverment “authority” posistions as well as all cops, who are :just doing their jobs” and arresting, beating,maiming, raping and murdering in cold blood, innocent human beings (and pets) to appease their hungry for more power over people. Stop being a sissified snowflake and be a man and do what God told ya to do. You are already paying the price for NOT doing it.

  • Governments are only legitimate if (1) those being governed give them permission to govern and tax them, and (2) are limited to protecting rights we have naturally and already have a right to protect on our own (life, liberty, property).

    Since #1 doesn’t exist, as they’ve not done anything in literally centuries to determine consent or allow anyone to withdraw it (i.e. to opt out, such as by not having to pay taxes if you don’t wish to, etc), and they don’t limit themselves to #2 whatsoever but are in fact the biggest threats to these things…

    …we have a very illegal and illegitimate government.

    • I agree they have a illegal & illegitimate government, me & my family personally don’t pay them any attention or taxes, it truly is all voluntary. They don’t hassle knowledgeable folks that don’t ask for ANY government assistance.

  • Um,,,,, what about the BIO weapon release of these flying bugs down in florada?
    FDA and CDC approved!!!!!!
    damn bugs down there are the size of small suv’s.
    Loaded and ready to chase your ass down too…..

  • The gov’t has now cried wolf with COVID. CDC is not reliable, Health Departments not trustworthy, nor governors nor mayors. Number fixed to fit their own agendas, not what is actually true…..Whose to believe them now when there is a real crisis?

  • No matter how bad any “virus” could be, you can always count on the government reaction to be 100 times worse.
    It’s all about control.

  • Here inBrazil we have a Dengue, Zika, Chikungunha and a few others to worry about too. Yellow fever and a few other diseases have also seen a resurgence in the last few yrs.

    Expect this situation to become worse and more widespread as government health and sanitary services decay due to lowering tax collection.

    Advice from someone who was born and lived in a 3rd world for 50 yrs: When money is short everything gets worse, you 1st world preppers should give great consideration to the ramifications.

    • Very true, and thanks for the slap upside the head for those of us who forget that simple fact.
      As the economic situation continues to worsen, local governments are going to have to start cutting corners… usually in less populated and poorer areas. Take common sense steps to protect yourself and your family. In the case of mosquito borne illnesses, remove standing water so they don’t breed on your property, and wear long sleeves and pants and use repellent. Make sure your window and door screens are in good repair. Don’t go into marshy areas at dawn and dusk.

  • So…. what about bug spray, and other deterrent measures? I’m guessing if you use those and go out side you no longer get to sit at the cool kids table?

  • How stupid. Michigan so close to us in PA. Mosquitoes? No maybe angry last minute yellow hornets and flies.

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