Did Congress Just CONFIRM All Those “Crazy Conspiracy Theories” About the Wuhan Lab Leak?

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Some very interesting information has come out about the origins of Covid-19 that – big surprise – suggests it did indeed come from a Wuhan lab leak, it did so well before the rest of the world found out about it, and China apparently covered it up for months. You remember all those “crazy conspiracy theories” that caused politicians and media outlets like Zero Hedge to lose their social media platforms.


A House Republican’s report contains shocking details and bold accusations about the origin of Covid 19 that, if true, could blow the Wuhan lab leak theory wide open. The report begins:

The preponderance of evidence suggests SARS-CoV-2 was accidentally released from a Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory sometime prior to September 12, 2019. The virus, or the viral sequence that was genetically manipulated, was likely collected in a cave in Yunnan province, PRC, between 2012 and 2015. Researchers at the WIV, officials within the [Chinese Communist Party], and potentially American citizens directly engaged in efforts to obfuscate information related to the origins of the virus and to suppress public debate of a possible lab leak. It is incumbent on these parties to respond to the issues raised herein and provide clarity and any exonerating evidence as soon as possible. Until that time, it must be assumed General Secretary Xi and the Chinese Communist Party, prioritizes preserving the Party over the lives of its own people and those around the global suffering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can read the entire report here.

The argument starts with a whopper of an air conditioner bill.

On Sept. 16, 2019, the Wuhan Institute of Virology got one hell of an air conditioning system. They signed a contract worth $606 million for an expenditure labeled “Central Air Conditioning Renovation Project.”

$606 million dollars.

For air conditioning.

To put it in perspective, an article on the National Review website states:

Microsoft is building a new data-center campus on 53 acres near Chicago for somewhere between $450 million and $500 million. The Wuhan Institute of Virology wanted to spend more than that just to renovate its HVAC system. (source)

They continue:

The argument of House Republicans is that this massive expenditure, along with others in the preceding and subsequent months, indicates that the Wuhan Institute of Virology had equipment problems in the year before COVID-19 appeared in the surrounding city: “The references to maintenance at the BSL-3 and animal center at the WNBL, the procurement of an environmental air disinfection system, and renovations to the hazardous waste treatment system and central air conditioning system all raise questions about how well these systems were functioning in the months prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.” Josh Rogin notes that the contract announcement, along with one for a new $1.3 million “Security Service Procurement Project” on September 12, were later scrubbed from the Chinese Ministry of Finance website. (source)

As Lewis Carroll might write, “Curiouser and curiouser.”

Similarities between the spread of Covid 19 and the Spanish Flu

Another interesting facet is the way this report suggests that the virus went international.

In October of 2019, the World Military Games were held in…you guessed it…Wuhan. That’s right. Basically, an Olympics for more than 10,000 military members from over 100 countries competing in 27 sports was held right there in Covid Central. On page 5, the report states as evidence:

“Athletes at the Military World Games held in Wuhan in October 2019 who became sick with symptoms similar to COVID-19 both while in Wuhan and also shortly after returning to their home countries.”

First of all, who here knew that there was a military Olympics? I did not.

Anyway – if some of these athletes became infected at the event and then went home, that means the virus began quietly and insidiously spreading back in October. Many people have talked about a horrible illness they had in late fall and early winter of 2019 that was negative for the flu virus. I myself became incredibly ill after flying from Montenegro to Canada in early January of 2020, an upper respiratory illness that hung on for nearly 3 months. Of course, at that time, nobody was testing for Covid.

The Spanish Flu is actually believed to have started at a pig farm in Kansas. It got the name “Spanish Flu” because in WWI, Spain was a neutral country. Journalists and correspondents gathered in Spain to cover the war, then it spread around the world from that hotspot.

As awful as a garden-variety lab leak would be, the truly horrifying thing would be if this was timed deliberately. But of course, China would never do such a thing. Right? They’d never knowingly invite military members from all over the world to the very city where a virus was running rampant.

Check out this video that goes through the bombshell information about the Wuhan lab leak theory.

All this above? It’s just the tip of the Covid mystery iceberg.

This video is published on Rumble, which is a video-sharing site similar to YouTube, but that doesn’t censor C-words like China and Covid. It’s absolutely a must-watch if you want a rundown on what the minority house report said about the Wuhan lab leak theory. (Be sure to subscribe to them on Rumble.)

Things like this lead to war.

This is the type of event that could easily usher us into World War III. If you compare the fact that the US was pulled into WW2 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor killed fewer than 3000 people to the fact (if you believe the statistics) Covid has killed more than 4 million people worldwide…well, things aren’t looking good for the pacifists among us.

And of course, don’t forget that the military-industrial complex loves war. War makes them rich(er). According to the Library of Congress, World War II is what pulled the United States out of the Great Depression.

When Japan attacked the U.S. Naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, the United States found itself in the war it had sought to avoid for more than two years. Mobilizing the economy for world war finally cured the depression. Millions of men and women joined the armed forces, and even larger numbers went to work in well-paying defense jobs. World War Two affected the world and the United States profoundly; it continues to influence us even today. (source)

And where are we at now? Oh, yeah. In the early stages of another Great Depression, brought on by a pandemic.

Lie after lie after lie.

It astounds me that my website has been defunded for dispensing “disinformation”, but Anthony Fauci has all the public platforms in the world and he lies like a rug. Repeatedly he has been caught in lies during his “handling” of this situation. Remember the “masks don’t work” vs. the “you must wear a mask”? Remember the “coronavirus originated naturally and zootonically” to “maybe it was a lab leak“?

The mainstream media and the government seems baffled why nobody freaking believes them anymore.




They lie and they change their stories to meet the politically correct, financially beneficial for some and devastating for others, and they are arrogant enough to believe we peons should still trust them.

What do you think about the Wuhan lab leak theory?

Do you believe the congressional report is true and accurate with regard to the Wuhan lab leak theory? If so, do you believe that this was all done deliberately, or was it just a horrible accident that ended up screwing pretty much every economy in the world? And if it’s true, then what should happen with China?

Let’s discuss it in the comments.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • If you’ve watched Dr David Martin’s various videos on Covid patents, you might catch the drift that this whole debacle started with the US and its various dealings with gain-of-function programs. So, false flag, start a war with China. It’s much more difficult to look in the mirror and point the finger back at that image.

  • Great article! And good questions! Thank you.
    I think just like the zoonotic origination theory was pushed to the distraction from every other option, we need to avoid focusing on and try to prove the lab “leak” theory, which I believe is distracting us yet again from the very real possibility, and in my mind, likeliest scenario of an intentional bioweapon. And to focus responsibility exclusively on China is also too narrow in my view. Given the release of Fauci emails, Event 201, WEF stated objectives, etc. I believe this was likely a concerted effort by many nations and players to depopulate and move their agendas of control forward.

    • It may be important to get into the lab to see what they were actually doing with that virus. By looking at the actual research, scientists could figure out why this thing is acting the way it does and maybe how it could mutate in the future. I have a friend who has a science degree and who worked in a lab doing research. She said from the very beginning that it was probably made in a lab because of the way it acted. The virus did not behave like anything else she had seen.

      That is why I think looking at the actual research is important.
      I suspect we had our own “rogue research” going on over there. It may have been US as well as the Chinese that created this thing. If so, wouldn’t that be a shocker!
      Let’s hope not…

      However, I think our chances of ever getting to the bottom of this are slim. Too many important people may have too much to hide… or not. These days the truth is impossible to find. But looking at the actual research would be a start. If there is nothing to hide, why should so many people NOT want this access?

  • I believe this was done on purpose. A horrible accident, it would appear to me anyway, would not result in this worldwide push to stick a needle containing God knows what into 7 billion people. Soon by force. I expect to lose my job anytime now…

  • When I started investigating and following news about a virus spreading in China back in very early 2020 my wife and others thought I was obsessed with a conspiracy theory as I ramped up holes in our preps and increased supplies of alcohol, bacterial wipes, disinfectants and yes TP & paper towel.

    Do I believe the congressional report is true? Is that now the “official” narrative? There have been so many.

    No the government lies and always has or at least they live on half truths as they spin their agenda. The media lies and has always had an agenda of their own except now when they seem to march lock step with big tech and the current dot.gov version of the day.

    What is the “truth”? We will never know the truth. Remember the Vegas concert mass shooting back in 2017. What ever happened to that “truth”? Seems like that what happens in Vegas certainly does stay in Vegas.

    My guess is that we will never know the truth on the “China” virus. It may have well started with government funding of research into GOF research on corona virus at the university of Chapel Hill in NC until DHS shut it down as it was considered too dangerous to continue there. But of course it didn’t stop as the Chinese scientist working on that research left to go back to China and continued the research in of all places Wuhan. When she left for China US dot.gov funding followed her as “we the people” unknowingly continued to pay for it with our tax money.

    Was it an accidental release? Doubtful. Would China release a deadly virus on their own people? Seems silly to even ask that question. Wuhan had been an area of growing unrest because of the extreme air pollution the people were suffering under. What better way to clamp down on a growing protest and give justification for locking the area down. But it wasn’t really locked down to the rest of the world. While China shut down air and other means of travel from Wuhan to the rest of China they left international flights open. Those who could afford it fled Wuhan to major cities around the world to escape the lock down in China and most likely brought the virus with them.

    Was it done to intentionally bring the world economies to a stand still especially the US economy then still booming under President Trump? Was it done intentionally to insure that his reelection would not happen?

    I do not know and we will never know. Is anything i have written here true or all just more tin foil hat gibberish? This seems certain that as always “they” never let a good crisis go to waste and they will not let covid slip away as just another bad flu season type virus. Fall will most certainly see a resurgence and more lock downs and restrictions not because of a killer virus but because those who seek power only want more power. absolute power. The sheeple have donned their masks and stood on X marks the spot and lined up for the not-vax so TPTB will lather, rinse and repeat.

    We decided to social distance 5 years ago when we moved to our 60+ acre homestead tucked away at the end of a mountain gravel road in the mountains of NC. Our nearest neighbor is over a mile and half away but we check in on them weekly when we deliver them fresh eggs and we exchange whatever vegetables or fruits we have in excess. We sit and watch and wait.

    Matthew 24:36
    36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

    It may not be the beginning of the end of days, but it will certainly feel that way. As Fox Mulder said, “The truth is out there.” But would we recognize it even if we stumbled upon it. When it comes to the government and the media, “trust no one”.

    • -Sawman,
      Great post.
      Would we be willing to go to war with China over this? Something that has a 99.7% survival rate for those under the age of 60, with no pre-existing conditions? Granted there are some who are younger and in good health that have reactions requiring hospitalization and have ended in death.

      Based off some of the data coming out of Israel, maybe Big Pharma is the real bad guy?

      As you said, we could walk right over the truth and never know it.

      With the possible next round of lockdowns on the horizon, does it really matter if there is no TP to be had?

  • They “convenience” just like certain terror attacks and mass shootings that were actually false flag operations carried out by our psychopathic political rulers –

    Well, there’s zero chance it was accidental and not intended to bring about their Great Reset they’ve long planned.

    And that’s even if you’re unaware of the massive amounts of evidence that this was all pre-planned for years, enough evidence that you would never consider it wasn’t fully intentional and planned if you were familiar with it.

  • I disagree with the “pig farm in Kansas” origin cover story of the fraudulently named 1918 “Spanish Flu.” In 1911 the US Army adopted a system of mandatory vaccines That provided the perfect opportunity in the Spring of 1918 for the Rockefeller Institute to use GIs in training at Ft Riley, Kansas as defenseless guinea pigs for their new poorly tested-in-horses vaccine. Despite the GIs getting sick immediately, that didn’t stop the Rockefeller Institution from selling their vaccine to several other countries. As the false-named “Spanish Flu” mutated at least twice, it eventually killed somewhere between 50 and a 100 million people worldwide … including more German soldiers than combat. Those numbers are in the same general order of magnitude as the Black Death of the mid-1300s in Europe.

    After the way ended, the Germans in the mid-1920s sent investigators to the US to try to learn what happened. They were told by our doctors that “our experiments sorta got out of hand” per testimony revealed after WWII when our CIA interrogated Heinrich Mueller, the former Gestapo chief. His testimony is preserved in book form on Amazon.

    Even today US government accounts still maintain the lie of the mysterious unknown origin of the “Spanish Flu” to cover up the incredible damage that Rockefeller Institute vaccine created.

    Here’s an excellent short version of the “Spanish Flu” story:


    Here’s a longer account, if you wish:


    Even today the Rockefeller organization is still involved with the WEF globalist community in theorizing for coming pandemics


  • I never heard of the “military Olympics” until this series of articles. Ever.
    So I wonder if this is a false flag to cover for the deliberate distribution and release of the Wuhan flu, with an eye towards creating the crisis to usher in the new world order.
    It would be interesting to hear from active duty military or veterans to hear their take on this.

    • The wife and I (she is Air NG) never heard of the military Olympics till Daisy’s articles.
      Yep, they are real, I had to look it up (duck-duck-go it). Even when I was in, never heard of it.

      I have participated in a few sporting competitions representing the USMC.

  • Of course, if Congress WANTS us to believe that this is what happened, we should be looking at the other options. Because, obfuscation.
    If they say “look over there”, we should look in the opposite direction as a matter of course.

    • Exactly. It’s to distract from the real truth. They’ve been using Virology and Germ Theory as a tool to perpetuate fear – which is their control tactic. Germ Theory was debunked a hundred years ago. It’s pseudo science.

  • I believe this to be true. I want to know why they are pushing the vaccine so hard. I do not believe that it’s for our benefit. I will go into the wilderness before I get jabbed. I also want to know why America is hated so much. Why did “they” put Biden in office. Is its because he’s easily controlled? Harris slept her way to the top. I hate that this is happening to my country and so many people are following along.

  • Forgive and don’t forget. Bring all our industries home. Love them as we say goodbye. And don’t give up our guns just in case they do show up on unfriendly terms.

  • The virus may or may not have come from a lab and it may or may not be a bioweapon. But from a prepper perspective, what’s the difference? It isn’t as if you need to prepare in a different way, depending on how it started.

    • But it may change what happens down the road and how we need to respond to that. The long game will be effected by how Covid began.

  • My take: The Covid virus is a lab created bioweapon, jointly funded and developed by China and the US. In a False-Flag Blow-Back operation (See the first season of ‘Condor’), the US released the virus in Wuhan, during the Military Athlete Games. Which coincidentally started the same day, October 18, 2019, as the Event 201, where they planned how to. manipulate the Pandemic. The numbers of deaths have been greatly inflated. People who died in accidents were listed as Covid fatalities. People who fell out of trees were put on ventilators, which kill half of those they are used on. Only 6% of the reported 660,000 deaths in the US were actually because of Covid, the other 94% having Covid present, or just plain spurious. That means only 40,000 people actually died from Covid, 2/3 of the annual number of deaths from Influenza in the US. On the other hand, the Experimental Gene Therapy Injections, which are not vaccines at all, have been officially reported as killing 12,000 people. The government notes that only 1% of vaccine related deaths are reported to VAERS, so that the true number of deaths is likely 1,200,000 in the US, at this point. 20 times the annual deaths from influenza. The virus is only a pretext for a campaign of compliance by fear, and the sale of the Experimental Injections. One of the manufacturers recently said it stood to profit $35Billion. The real agenda is The Great Reset, where all power and wealth will be further concentrated in the .001% Elite. Big things are afoot.

    The Spanish Flu had nothing to do with swine, and was caused by meningitis vaccine experimentation at Fort Riley, Kansas. https://fort-russ.com/2020/05/did-psychopath-rockefeller-create-the-spanish-flu-pandemic-of-1918/

  • I go with Covid 19 has never been isolated. It never happened. The PCR test was faked with aborted fetal tissue and combined with the common cold virus. It only creates false positives around 90%. It is all a lie from the start. The jab contains over 99.99% graphine oxide. What purpose does that serve? None. Except death at elevated levels, known as “boosters”. Add that to the spike proteins, that can attach to all organs, create autoimmune disease and create variants. Also blood clotting.

  • I think the whole China-releasing-the-virus thing is a diversion from the real culprit – the USA. Specifically, rogue elements within the US bureaucracy (including Fraud-chi) centered on the bioweapons lab in Maryland. I don’t like the messenger (a China-loving liberal named Nathan Rich), but he raises some good points in his videos:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J6zm6zgah0 – The Coronavirus CONSPIRACY – Did COVID-19 Come from America?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgPHvrfWr-U – 5 MILLION COVID-19 Cases in US 2019

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdKI5qOF_a8 – Fort Detrick Coronavirus Conspiracy 2021 UPDATE

    Then there is Ron Unz of the Unz Review (https://www.unz.com/) who also speculates, and pretty convincingly, that it started long before the fall of 2019 in the US.

    I personally had a really bad chest cold for more than a week over Christmas in 2019. It lasted a bit over a week and kept me up at night, probably including a fever (never took my temperature). A couple of weeks prior, I moved from Philadelphia to Kentucky where I live now. A few months later, I read about a couple from Johnstown, PA who got bad sick in December 2019 (he was hospitalized, she recovered at home). Tested negative for all flus and everything else at that time. Later, they tested positive for covid antibodies. Now, if covid could get to Johnstown, a smaller city in the middle of Pennsylvania, in December, then you know damn well it was circulating in Philadelphia before that. And that’s probably how I caught it myself.

    No, I don’t buy the China thing. I think it was us. Their lab may have been involved in the research, and the base virus might be from a Chinese bat, but I’d bet dollars to donuts that it was released by the US. And no, the US military who was in Wuhan for the games didn’t catch the bug there, they brought it there.

    • I totally agree with you. I live in Pereira, Colombia. I think I had in December 2019, and in January 2020. Both times started as a post-nasal irritation, within hours moved to tearing at my throat. Both times I took MMS, Chlorine Dioxide, for three days, stopped it cold.

      The Regime in Washington has several times that we know of, and no doubt many times more, experimented on their own citizens, We, The People. We are nothing more to them than exploitable, expendable resources.

    • Jim, Bravo! Covid mirrors 9/11. The war on terror would end today if the public was informed it was dancing Israelis on 9/11 and not dancing Muslims. These sociopaths need a patsy to keep their murder and mayhem going. “China virus”! “Wuhan virus”!
      Recently, the Chinese gubmint got over 20 million signatures petitioning the World Health Organization to investigate Ft. Detrick as the origional source of Covid. Shortly after the petition made the rounds, Hunan, a province in China was hit with catastrophic flooding. They received a normal year’s amount of rain in 5 days. There was loss of human life as well as an estimated 1 million animal. This included livestock that was the livelihood of many Chinese. Weather warfare anyone?
      Rand Paul’s screaming at Fauci on the Wuhan lab made for great theatre. Where’s Rand on 9/11, geoengineering or the vaccine being a kill shot? All a distraction.
      Covid would end tomorrow if the world found out it started in Ft. Detrick rather than Wuhan.

  • I forgot to mention for you to check out “SPARS war games”. This whole thing was already prepared. Word for word. There are several links regarding this. I will leave the research to you. I do not want to point to any one particular source.

  • “When Japan attacked the U.S. Naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, the United States found itself in the war it had sought to avoid for more than two years….”

    If you check the source of that quote in Daisy’s article, you’ll find that it comes from a link from the Library of Congress. To help you understand how thoroughly it has been utterly whitewashed to cover up FDR’s treachery (he had been working hard for the previous two years trying to figure out how to involve the US in the coming war in both Asia and Europe that his wealthy oligarch supporters strongly wanted), read the 2nd review to this exceptionally researched book:

    Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor Paperback – Illustrated, May 8, 2001
    by Robert Stinnett


    If you do that quality of digging into the rest of America’s wars since 1898… you’ll find that we’ have been lied into every major war since — even when it took assassinating a president to make such a war possible. With that kind of history … what do you think the chances are of getting the truth about anything from the US government … let alone the bio-warfare DNA modifier masquerading as a Covid-19 “vaccine?”


  • WHAT IF…..


  • Military Olympics lol no time for that in our perpetual war.

    Are we going to war with China over this or anything? Not a chance with this administration at least one we started.

    I certainly haven’t been right about everything with the virus but there’s things I’m not wrong about. It was there, it was released, it was covered up, we are up to our eyeballs in it, treatments are available and the reasons why go much deeper than most thinking and I’m not sure I wanna know it all cause I like living and have an arkanside allergy

  • There was also another super spreader event in Jan 2020, right when things were picking up steam. The Chinese New Year was January 25, 2020. Millions of loyal Chinese from around the world flew home on vacation to attend it. They then flew back to whatever country they worked/lived in, all within a couple of days of being exposed.

  • There is a cute cartoon going around. The caption:
    Does anyone have any new conspiracy theories?
    All of mine are coming true.

  • Whoever wrote this FORGOT one thing. Electricity. WHOwon (China?) started the massive 5g over there. I personally do not believe the WHOwon (China?) lab theory.

    Wayward electrical radiation plays havoc on cells and you can see the correlation in the book “The Invisible Rainbow”.

    The theory about the lab was just to scare ya into getting the jab since it was waning but they won’t touch the 5g theory since it was waxing.

  • There was another superspreader event at the start of the pandemic. The Chinese New Year January 25, 2020. Millions of Chinese came home for it and then returned all over the world, just as we were becoming aware of covid-19

  • Sure, a Covid virus does exist, but from the government’s own numbers,
    is was never a threat to our population. A bio-weapon from a Lever 4 Lab has not “escaped” nor been “released”. Just a little research on Level 4 labs will show there is virtually ZERO percent chance of leaking out…..safeguards, sensors, lockdowns of sections, and incineration of the entire building.

    Here are the August 1, 2021 numbers showing Covid-19 was never a threat to our population.

    The U.S was locked down for 88 “Cases” and 3 “Deaths”.
    88 “Cases” is 0.000027% of a Population that was 331,002,651 in March of 2020.
    3 “Deaths” is 0.000001% of a Population that was 331,002,651 in March of 2020.

    The U.S. is still locked down for 25,039,644 “Cases” and 612,982 “Deaths”.
    25,039,644 “Cases” is 10.525100% of a Population that is 332,915,073 in August of 2021.
    612,982 “Deaths” is 0.184126% of a Population that is 332,915,073 in August of 2021.

    I have harts for U.S., California, Los Angeles County, New York, Texas, Florida, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France and Italy that show a far less that 1% rate of death.

  • After Fauci said no masks which was so ludicrous, I didn’t listen to anything else he said.
    While I believe in the lab leak,I also thought it could be cloud seeding since so many all over the world were sick.
    Covid definitely thinned out the population. Now the Delta variant.
    Let’s hope it ends soon.

  • If you’ve heard it on mainstream news, then you know it’s a lie. This angle has been “leaked” by the “government” to protect the real lie— that Germ Theory is a tool they’ve been using to perpetuate fear as control tactic. Germ Theory was debunked a hundred years ago. They know if they throw out something conspiratorial to pacify the people skeptical of government it will keep them from learning the real lie. This “lab leak” bullshit story allows them to continue to perpetuate fear of a super duper scary virus so that we beg them for a solution.

    This is a manufactured/fake pandemic.
    Notice how the flu last year fell off a cliff and disappeared? No, literally…go look up annual flu deaths and compare to 2020. You can d/l the csv file.
    Or that the “hospitals are overflowing” theory is bu1lsh1t. People from every state/city have driven by the hospitals, gone inside and filmed them to prove you are being lied to.
    Or that all 3 (Pfizer, J/J, Moderna) EUA (emergency use authorization) injections are still in trial.
    -so you, you are a Fking lab rat buddy.
    Moderna est. study completion date: October 27, 2022
    Pfizer est. study completion date: April 6, 2023
    J/J est study completion date: January 2, 2023
    Or that Moderna has never brought a vaccine to market since its’ founding.
    Or that the “social distancing” trend was based on a computer model from a 15yo Albuquerque, NM High school student named Laura M. glass dating back to 2006.
    Or how masks are detrimental to your health and not very effective. (I have over 50 peer reviewed studies)
    Or how you were deemed “nonessential” while preference was given to global corporations to remain open.
    Or that the W.H.O. and dictionaries altered the definition of herd immunity and vaccines.
    Or that they used a fraudulent PCR test with CT high enough to always detect a “virus”
    Or that they changed guidelines for “positive cases” based on presumptive “cases” (Collin County in Tx….COVID-19 Case Definition)
    Or that hospitals were given financial incentives for ventilator use and admittance of “COVID” individuals. (combined $53k/ea patient)
    Or how they silence ALL opposing opinions on social media from actual doctors, virologists, nurses, nobel laureate (Luc Montagnier), mRNA inventor, etc.
    Or how MSM switches from cases to deaths to cases on a counter to promote fear to a stupid, neurotic population.
    Or that snitch programs in blue states were encouraged, rewarded and praised. (You can find L.A. Mayor Garcetti clip for example.)
    Or how they use catchy phrases to psychologically prime people to learned associations.
    Or how this is a massive Milgram Experiment, Asch Experiment.
    Or how politicians break the rules they impose every single day. Are caught on camera before going live.
    Or how this is a near clone of the Lockstep Scenario Framework published by the Rockefeller Foundation. (Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development)
    Or another: The SPARS Pandemic Scenario 2025-2028 published by John Hopkins.
    Or Event 201 that conveniently preceded this fake pandemic and is replicating the procedures implemented in that “war game”
    Research: Dr. Charles Lieber who was quickly memory holed in media.
    **Most up to date therapeutic studies: https://c19hcq.com (you can cycle through ALL the pre-existing meds used to study treatment in upper tabs)**

    The “pandemic” is far from over because an idiot population forgot how to think, blindly follows orders, does what the TV tells them and can’t see they are being led to the slaughter house.
    Let’s not pay attention to the mass contradictions or utter B.S…… no no sheep, “we’re all in this together”
    Read, research, step away from GD Social media, TV & MSM.

  • I guess I’ll probably be labeled as a “conspiracy theorist” for this statement, and there may be some level of accuracy in that name because it is my belief that Dr. Fauci (and others) agreed with China and the Democratic party leaders, along with world-wide globalists to weaponize Sars-Cov-2 in order to crash the world economy and remove populist political opponents like President Trump. So yes, it’s a theory, and yes they conspired.

  • Big controversy in France. It was discovered that the posters demanding vaccine passports be shown before entry..were printed before France even had a case. Not only that, but were printed before the virus was even named. January 20, 2020.
    And also, schools are requiring vaccines, and are having vaccine clinics at the schools and/or on property next to the schools. Any parent that disagrees will be jailed and fined. One 14 year old student in particular is the offspring of a biotech executive.
    A judge removed her from her parents custody because she really, really wanted this vax. I suppose in about 3 years she’ll be dead from right-side heart failure. I feel for the parents, at least one of them, who know this is a bioweapon.

  • Someone I listen to a lot online is a computer expert, and had been monitoring the Chinese military on the Dark Web. The soldiers were wondering why they had to round up every container of Vitamin C, load it in a metal building, and weld it shut. (Personally, I think they should have been hoarding Vitamin D3 too!)
    Also, a Chinese female seemed to have been reporting back with a video: herself wiping a rag with a fluid, and then wiping goods for sale in some store. Due to the background of streets signs, etc he surmised one of the videos was in San Francisco. I cant remember where he said the second location was, but I remembered it being on the west coast. I thought the Dark Web was text only; maybe I misunderstood what he was saying.

  • The US congressmen took a year and a half to select a few clues (air conditioning repair…) when Nobel-prized scientists had demonstrated in February (2020) that the virus had been engineered, and independent investigators had compiled the extensive published evidence of what this laboratory was working on, what it had already found and published, where it had obtained its materials, and what was happening to Chinese scientists who were trying to speak (first the one who had published the genetical code of the virus). I still believe that the locks were of “made in China” quality and that the creature escaped by accident, and that the Chinese government did not play cinema when it took such drastic measures after its researchers confessed what they had let escape.

  • What should happen with China is everybody’s opinion. What will happen is the same that happened with the USA for having given military nuclear technology to Pakistan and North Corea and for having published a bomb-building notice for six months on the internet, or the same that happened with Japan for having entrusted the Fukushima damage-control to the same private company responsible for the accident, then announced a few years later that it would throw the contaminated water into the ocean, and then (for lack of international reaction) began to do it. What will happen with China is also the same that will happen with France for having built the Wuhan laboratory, or with the USA for having financed the experimentations there. NOTHING.

  • Now to answer to the ones who wonder about attacking China, thirst I would say that they could as well “sanction”, isolate and boycott the USA for having imposed China into the World Trade Organization when ethics-concerned countries were considering forced child labor as an unfair competitive advantage. As for the USA, they tried (unconvincingly) to provoke China into a conflict about the Paracels and the Spartleys in the nineties, when they still had naval supremacy. But, as long as their different decision centers agree on the essential (preserving the Free Lunch), they will not attack China since that country is able to put an end to the Free Lunch with only one seven-words declaration.

  • To answer another question, yes the military Olympics are a regular event that some military athletes look forward to, especially in countries that have little contacts with other ones. But, as far as I know, no “atypic pneumonia” was seen in Europe when the delegations came back. We know perfectly who brought the virus from Singapoor to Europe and how it spread (within Europe and to South America). The mutual accusations of bringing or spreading the virus through that event is essentially a China-USA false controversy.

  • What should happen with China is everybody’s opinion. What will happen is the same that happened with the USA for having given military nuclear technology to Pakistan and North Corea and for having published a bomb-building notice for six months on the internet, or the same that happened with Japan for having entrusted the Fukushima damage-control to the same private company responsible for the accident, then announced a few years later that it would throw the contaminated water into the ocean, and then (for lack of international reaction) began to do it. What will happen with China is also the same that will happen with France for having built the Wuhan laboratory, or with the USA for having financed the experimentations there. NOTHING.

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