55 Ways to Starve the Beast

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A term coined in 1985 by an unnamed staffer of the Reagan administration was “Starve the Beast”.  This referred to a fiscally conservative political strategy to cut government spending by paying less in taxes.  So, in the original sense, “the Beast” was the government, and people were to starve said beast by spending less and using loopholes to pay less in taxes.

Now the Beast is a whole lot bigger.

These days the Beast has a lot more tentacles than just the government.

The system now consists of the government and all aspects of corporatism.  Big Agri, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Food, Big Banking, and Big Oil, to name a few.  It seems that now it’s the Beast that’s doing the starving, as small businesses close because they can’t compete with WalMart, bigger chains are run out of existence by Amazon, the family farm is on its way out because it can’t compete with the huge, subsidized mega-farms, and people are going bankrupt because they can’t pay the outrageous medical bills…

These mega-corporations aren’t there to make our lives better or easier. They’re there to make as much money as possible and they’ll run you over if you get in their way.

(Please note that there are Amazon links in this article to show you the books I recommend. You may be able to find these books from local sellers.)

When I first wrote this article in 2013, Big Tech wasn’t quite as prevalent. I’ve added some recommendations from the comments over the years to expand this list.

Perhaps more of us need to starve the beast.

Is it convenient to starve the beast and avoid doing business with mega-corporations or to work around funding endless wars that kill and maim our young people while enriching the Military-Industrial Complex?

No, but it’s time.

It’s time for another financial revolution – one where people group together and use the power of the pocketbook to starve all the arms of this Beast that would swallow us whole.  If we vote with our dollars, eventually there will, of necessity, be a paradigm shift that returns us to simpler days, when families who were willing to work hard could make a living without selling their souls to the corporate monoliths.

Every penny you spend with small local businesses is a penny that the big box stores won’t have.  Everything that you buy secondhand or barter for is an item on which you won’t pay sales tax.  Disassociate yourself completely with “the system” that is making Western civilization broke, overweight and unhealthy.

Here are 55 ways to starve the Beast.

Starve the Beast by taking as many of these steps as possible…

  1. Grow your own food.
  2. Shop at local businesses with no corporate ties.
  3. Use natural remedies instead of pharmaceuticals whenever possible.
  4. Homeschool your children. If you can’t homeschool, at the very least, spend time undoing the indoctrination by giving them the tools to think critically.
  5. Walk or bike instead of driving when you can.
  6. When possible, get care from naturopaths and healers instead of doctors.
  7. Make paper logs from scraps for free heat if you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove.
  8. Boycott all processed foods.
  9. Shop at local farmer’s markets or buy directly from the farms themselves.
  10. Don’t buy from corporate stores: Wal-Mart, Costco, Best Buy, Home Depot. Instead, pay a few extra dollars and buy from local vendors.
  11. Give vouchers as gifts for an evening of babysitting, a homemade meal, walking the dog, doing a repair, or cleaning
  12. Join a CSA or farm co-op
  13. Ditch television (and all the propaganda and commercials). If you want to view programs, enroll in a streaming service without commercials like Netflix.
  14. Participate in the barter system – although remember that even if no money changes hands, the government would like for you to let them know so you can be duly taxed.
  15. Buy secondhand from yard sales, Craigslist, and thrift stores
  16. Sell your own unwanted goods by having a yard sale or putting an ad on Craigslist
  17. Repair things instead of replacing them
  18. Avoid fast-food restaurants and chain restaurants
  19. Dine at locally owned establishments if you eat out.
  20. Brew your own beer and wine.
  21. Cook from scratch to avoid all those Big Food chemicals and additives.
  22. Grow or gather medicinal herbs.
  23. Give homemade gifts.
  24. Attend free local activities: lectures, concerts, play days at the park, library events.
  25. Dumpster dive and pick up things from the curb.
  26. Play outside: hike, bike, picnic.
  27. Mend clothing.
  28. Invite someone over for dinner instead of meeting at a chain restaurant.
  29. Throw creative birthday parties at home for your kids instead of renting a venue.
  30. Travel to other countries and note how most are not filled with mega-corporations, and local businesses still thrive.
  31. Bring your coffee with you in a travel mug.
  32. Do all of your Christmas shopping with small local businesses and artisans.
  33. Reduce your electricity usage with candles, solar power, and non-tech entertainment.
  34. Drop the thermostat and put on a sweater.
  35. Bring your snacks and drinks in a cooler when you go on a road trip.
  36. Stay home – it’s way easier to avoid temptations that way. Shopping should not be a form of entertainment.
  37. Pack lunches for work and school.
  38. Make delicious homemade treats as a hostess gift.
  39. Close your bank account or at the very least, strictly limit your balance.
  40. Visit u-pick berry patches and orchards, then preserve your harvest for the winter.
  41. Use precious metals stored at home as your savings account.
  42. Raise backyard chickens for your own eggs.
  43. If you are a smoker, roll your own cigarettes – if possible go one step further and grow tobacco.
  44. Brew your own beer, wine, and liquor.
  45. Use solar power for lighting or cooking.
  46. Collect rainwater for use in the garden
  47. Learn to forage.
  48. Buy heavy, solid, handmade furniture instead of the flimsy imported stuff
  49. At the holidays, focus on activities and traditions instead of gifts.
  50. Make your own bath and body products using pure ingredients like coconut oil, essential oils, and herbal extracts
  51. Use alternative social media.
  52. Get an old-fashioned flip phone while you still can.
  53. Drive an older car without GPS tracking.
  54. Use a VPN like ExpressVPN to keep your location information masked on your electronic devices.
  55. Avoid adding surveillance technology such as Ring or Nest to your home.

Will these activities save America from corporatism and government overreach? Maybe not, but at least you’ll be doing your small part to rebel. Like David fighting Goliath, we are small but we are mighty enemies.

How do you Starve the Beast?

Do you make an effort to avoid doing business with massive corporations? Do you try to extricate yourself from government controls as often as possible? Please, add your suggestions below.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • 13. We ditched TV quite a while back. Don’t miss it.
    14. We have bartered. For us, the system will work with friends and family, but is not something to rely on.
    15. Second hand things are available now. When the collapse comes, it will not be an option.
    16. Also gray or black market?
    23. We make our homemade gifts and we “know what we are doing.” It takes commitment, time, and skill. Today, the standard as well as its perceived value is what is available at the store. When the collapse happens, the perception of the value of the gift may change. That is not always the reaction, but it is there, and should be understood.
    27. Mending is very satisfying to me. It pokes “them” in the eye.
    32. See 23
    49. When everyone gathers at our house, we have old an fashioned sing along and games. Unfortunately, Christmas is gifts. Only when we things get tough will everyone understand its proper place.

    While it would be nice to starve the beast, it isn’t really going to happen. The real benefit to us, by making and doing, is the positive impact of our mental and physical well-being. And that is priceless!

    • You may not be able to do all of the above, but what you can’t do others can and working together we will limit what the beast takes from us…. which is the end result we are looking for right? Things fortold to be impossible have been shown otherwise 🙂 keep faith!

  • If only we could starve the beast but there are too many people who enjoy feeding it. Some of the things we do are no TV, buy local as much as we can. Just bought a beef that we went halves with a neighbour. Purchased from a another neighbour & cut and wrapped by a butcher a few miles away. I just canned 26 qt. soup as there was no room in the freezer for the soup bones. I am also making dog food from the grissle, marrow, fat & other refuse from the soup bones. We grow most of our vegetables a lot of our fruit & we tap the Manitoba maples so buy very little br. sugar. We cut our own firewood and some to sell. We have propane for backup but that usually is only about $500.00 per year. We have a small & a lg generator for power backup. Too bad we don’t have a gas well to power them with but I guess you can’t have everything. I have no qualms about buying 2nd hand clothes or other things. The table we bought 2nd hand with wedding money is still in everyday use…51 yrs this month. If you can buy quality it will likely last. I mend clothes as they wear thin at the knees etc. I hope to make a quilt for each grandchild when they graduate..1 down 10 to go. Most of the food we eat is made from scratch. This keeps us busy but not bored

    • Yep….congrats on the 51 years ! We’re only at 47 …ahahaaa.
      And pat yourself on the back for the amount of independence and frugal life you live.

      We used to take our beef/pork to local slaughter houses, but got disappointed often with what we got back (or didn’t get back). Shame to raise quality meat and then have it treated the way some of them did. So I built a room on the back of the garage with a homemade walk-in cooler (window AC with a Cool-bot controller) and we’ve done our own now for around 10 years. We have 9 freezers….6 in use most of the time, smaller chest models, one small chest for a spare in case one of the primaries goes out, and two uprights we use to flash freeze a lot of meat at one time. Just finished up an 800lb (hanging weight) steer yesterday. We also can all the scraps into dog food…..that was around 100lbs of that 800.

      Guy visiting one day asked about all my freezers. I said “We all have about the same amount of freezer space….mine is here where I control it…..yours is that little bit at the top of your fridge, then the local grocery store, then their distributor, then the original packer…..most of which you don’t control !” Wife goes out to ‘freezer row’ 2-3 times week, pulls out stuff for meals for the week letting it thaw in the fridge, along with home canned, or frozen, or root cellar, or hoop house fresh stuff to go with the beef/pork/chicken/fish that came off our place. Dairy is about the only thing we don’t raise and buy…..not willing to commit to a dairy source for just the two of use….more work than I want to take on at 70.

  • I ditched tv a while back. Amazing how much money I’ve saved there. Things are still getting tighter, so I am actively reducing expenses and practicing underbanking since the Cyprus fiasco. So far it is working.

  • i underbank out of necessity lol! we only make enough to pay for basics so i won’t have to worry about a cyprus event. it does get challenging sometimes though when emergencies pop up. but there is always a way to make it work i have found.

    • Mary, we are either going thru or have gone thru what you are experiencing. It can be difficult, but, you know what , at the end of the day you are beholding to none and have contributed to once again strengthening this nation and it’s people. I don’t know how old you are, sounds like you may be a young parent, I am 52, my husband is 60, Mary, we are both professionals who used to have a good income. My husband is a planner and saver, since he was probably 5 years old. I have not done all the right things, but, damn my husband has. Since the last economic downturn I make half of what I used to, it has been one lay off after another , always resulting in having to get into our savings. My husband’s job has remained stable. Despite all Mary, we are now living from pay day to pay day, we are not going to make it thru the tax hikes, the obamacare, the inflation. The one area of planning my husband neglected was the gov bleeding us dry , they are pushing us into bankruptcy. I have started making and acting on an alternate plan before all is lost. Mary , you are not alone. We are right there with you as are millions of other hard working Americans.

  • Great list and helpful comments! Thanks.

    Re: Second-hand books – I trade books at Paperback Swap. Sometimes I will sell books that I receive – if they are in excellent condition – at half.com. I also go to library book sales. I don’t go to used book stores because they are often too dusty & smell of mold.

    For gifts, I often use Etsy – I both buy and sell there.

    I’ve recently weened myself off a prescription drug that I was told I would have to take for the rest of my life. That was the most liberating thing ever!

    • “I’ve recently weened myself off a prescription drug that I was told I would have to take for the rest of my life. That was the most liberating thing ever!

      Congratulations!! I really mean it.

    • That’s WONDERFUL!!! I know that getting off prescription drugs is NOT possible in all cases but when you can – what an incredible accomplishment!

      Congratulations, DPH!!!!


    • Very cool, I have adhd and have been told I will be taking amphetamines for the rest of my life. Hearing that, I said “F” that noise, started doing research and I have discovered Cannabis is in fact a much better and safer option for me according to health Canada. Weird eh?

      • Hi Nate, I have ADHD also and used cannabis for treatment for years. Have recently found that Meditation is HUGELY more effective. It is more difficult to implement, but definitely worth it!

    • Congratulations! I’ve also recently weaned myself off of prescription asthma inhalers I’ve used since birth! I’m now 24 and my inhaler ran out just over a week ago and I’m not going back to get another one 🙂 I hope :O

      • Try colloidal silver in a nebulizer. I actually have bought 2 nebulizers at second hand stores! I have used and made colloidal silver for 15 years. I avoided the hospital when I had double pneumonia by taking colloidal silver orally as well as inhaling it.

        • We have used colloidal silver in this very way too! Worked well and along with some high dose Vitamin C, pretty well had things kicked in less than a week!
          I found my nebulizer at an estate auction along with some other useful medical things 🙂

  • Cancel catalog delivery from corporate stores. Challenging, but nice not to be tempted with feeding the beast purchases.

  • Great post. Vote with your dollars people. I don’t know if you’ve read Tim Ferriss Daisy but he and many others believe we are at a crossroads where agribusiness could win over the next 10-15 years forever.


    Beware of #14, folks. Technically speaking, Uncle Sam still wants (expects) his cut on barter transactions!!!

    Sure, many people see this as somewhat of a loophole (e.g. don’t ask, don’t tell.) It’s kin to businesses failing to report CASH income on their sales. e.g. if there is no credit card transaction or banking check used to pay for goods/services, then there’s essentially no paper trail for the tax man to follow?

    But, don’t be mislead. Uncle Sam 100% DOES expect you to report and pay taxes based on barter transactions! As a matter of fact, they are somewhat WORSE! (e.g. each party is expected to report their intake of goods as “income” in cash-equivalent value. Respectively, BOTH parties are also expected to pay sales tax for their sales.

    Friendly reminder: The #1 man purpose we have a cash-based society, is so we can pay our taxes. Governments issue cash, for you to pay your taxes. The government doesn’t want 30% of your sheep/chickens/manure. So, uncle Sam needs something that’s a bit more liquid and convertible. Thus, he issues “cash” in the form of the USD in this case. So, you are expected to pay your taxes on your sheep sales (or your sheep barters) in CASH to Uncle Sam.

    So, BE CAREFUL when bartering. e.g. if it’s not an “even” trade, an one party has to pay cash/check/credit to make-up the difference, then a paper trail of the transaction has begun.

    If both parties issue one another a receipt for their transaction, then a paper trail has begun.

    If you do TOO MUCH bartering, word will get out, and an audible trail has begun.

    Don’t get me wrong, I 100% support/encourage bartering!!! Bartering is a GREAT way to offset inflation (and forthcoming hyperinflation.) When the USD was gold-backed, essentially EVERY transaction was actually a barter (in gold notes.) Whereas, nowadays, we transact in USELESS paper currency.

    Item #20: Should have somewhat of a disclaimer (within legal limits.) Again, Uncle Sam has some restrictions on how much beer/wine we can self-brew. They are fairly decent limits, and there’s very little to differentiate what you made this year, versus five years ago (so the lines/rules are pretty fuzzy.) Just BE CAREFUL that you NEVER, NEVER, NEVER sell ANY of your beer/wine products!!!!

    Items #1 & #22: If you are going to leverage hydroponics or indoor gardening during the winter months and such, BE CAREFUL about where you buy your gear, and HOW you pay for it. Big Brother IS, IS, IS actively watching these types of transactions. It’s part of their efforts to identify marijuana growers. They “hunt” you based on your credit card transactions and such. So, limit how often you shop at the big-box stores like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, or Lowes. IF you must shop at one of these locations, ONLY pay with cash, and never give them your zip code. Instead, try to shop at smaller gardening shops or smaller family-owned hardware stores. Better yet, shop second-hand via Craislist (and pay cash.) DO NOT ORDER/SHOP ONLINE!!!!

    A Kansas couple/family was recently raided by the local police and the DEA — just because they were growing melons and tomatoes in their basement. They weren’t even using grow lights! The “trigger” was based on their hydroponic purchases TWO YEARS prior!!!

    Buyer beware…

    Item #39: You don’t have to completely switch to a cash-based system for your finances. Debit cards and checks have a HUGE safety and convenience factor over carrying/flashing cash! What we should do is open a Credit Union account, and transfer our $$$ from the banks, to the credit unions. CUs don’t pay their executives and CEOs WILD salaries and bonuses every year. CUs don’t “gamble” with your $$$. CUs aren’t trying (nor allowed) to PROFIT from your deposits. The “banking” model is the largest unsupportable scheme invented by man. AVOID banking!!! Switch to CUs — ASAP!!!

    #36: I completely DISAGREE!!! While we are enjoying relative peacetime — GET OUT!!! LIVE LIFE!!! Go on a bike ride. Go roller/ice skating. Go skiing. Spend the day at the beach. Have a picnic in the mountains. Research and explore all the FREE-admission venues in your community (free days at the museums, planetariums, zoos, etc.) When TSHTF, we will then need to “lock down” MUCH more, and “hide” in our homes for safety and such. So, ENJOY the sunshine and LIFE while we can!!! (You don’t have to spend a fortune doing, so.) Walk/bike/skate to places. Share rides with other families/friends. Worst case, put a few bucks of gas in the car. Go see whales migrating. Go fishing/hunting. Go bird-watching. Attend a flea market or swap meet. Pick-your-own fruits/veggies at a local farm. Get a group of friends together to play some softball or soccer or football. Go rock-climbing or caving (spelunking.) Go on a float trip. Go camping. Go pool-hopping at a nearby hotel pool (act like a guest.) Go sledding. Make a snowman. VISIT A LIBRARY (or bookstore.) The possibilities are truly endless (for now…)

    Item #41: I 100% support the purchase of precious metals (as opposed to leaving $$$ in the bank where it loses 10% of its value annually to inflation — and MORE as hyperinflation occurs.) But, people need to know what precious metals are REALLY for. They are simply an inflation-resistant form of currency. Period. e.g. if you are a 100% self-sufficient homesteader, and growing ALL of your own foods and such, and your produce enough surplus food/energy that you make a “semi-profit” to pay your annual property taxes and insurance, then you have NO NEED for precious metals. After all, you aren’t going to purchase anything?…
    Precious metals should NOT be seen as an “investment.” They are simply an inflation-resistant alternative to paper cash.
    Most of us would be equally as well-off, to buy long-term shelf-stable foods & supplies, instead of precious metals.
    Precious metals usually incur a “hit” when converting them back into the local cash currency to be spent. And, this process isn’t always available, nor quick.
    Think about it… WHY would someone need precious metals? (To subsequently sell them, to buy food/products that they need.) So, why wait for these foods/products to inflate or hyperinflate? Why not buy them NOW — pre-inflation — and without the % hit/overhead that the coin shops and such will charge you?
    While I don’t support the stock market, it is still a much more likely place to “invest” than precious metals (if you do your homework.) Even during economic collapses, money CAN be made in the stock market (if you know what you are doing.) If, however, you do NOT know what you are doing, then you are truly better-off taking your money to a casino!!! (Better odds; no commission fees to get in, and then again to get out; real-time payoffs; and MUCH LESS reporting on your wins/profits to Uncle Sam. (e.g. never cash-out more than $10k per day.) If you win more than $10k, then spend a couple of night, and make several smaller withdraws over multiple days, instead of one HUGE withdraw on a single day.

    #45: Most solar systems require a MINIMUM 30-year return on your investment. With the AVERAGE life expectancy of around 80 years of age — if you are 50+, then a solar system isn’t really a cost-effective money-saving stagey (unless we indeed enter into hyperinflation — which is INDEED very likely.)
    Alternatively, a person could invest all that $$$ into a utility company that has a history of paying healthy annual dividends. Run the math on it yourself if you wish? But, generally speaking, the $30,000 investment into a solar panel system for your home, would ALSO offset your annual electric bills if you invest it into a utility company, instead. e.g. invest enough $$$ into your utility company, and you essentially inherit (indirectly) free/offset utility bills. As costs and bills inflate, your profits respectively inflate. Thus, you have an automatic, built-in, inflation-proof system. Plus, this method is (somewhat) portable. Whereas, a solar system is VERY static, and not easy to take with you cross-country to your next job/home. But, your investment in your utility company will keep paying-off — regardless of where you live!

    I agree with most of your other points! 🙂

    But, one of THE MOST IMPORTANT ones you are missing, is:

    #51 = “Start your own business.”
    The BEST WAY to reduce your tax liabilities and stave the Beast, is to start your own business. There are TONS of tax advantages for business (and people who own them.) Converting/redirecting personal expenses into company expenses helps reduce how much income you require per month to make ends meet. The more you can lower you PERSONAL income, the less taxes you will pay — thus, starving the Beast. Get your income low enough, and the Beast will have to pay YOU!
    One of the other BEST advantages of a business, is the ability to hire/pay your family. Instead of giving your kids allowances each week, put them on your payroll, instead. ANYTHING to reduce YOUR personal monthly take-home pay!!!

    #52: MOVE! (To a tax-free state.) This eliminates your need to pay state income taxes. If you don’t have to pay state taxes, then you don’t need as much gross salary in the first place. If you can reduce your gross salary, then you will also reduce your federal taxes, too!
    P.S. The move to your “new job” will likely be tax-deductible, too!

    #53: Donate (ON the books!) Too many people make anonymous charitable contributions, and don’t get a receipt. Before you throw something into the trash, or burn it, or put it into the recycling bin — consider REAL recycling!!! Consider “gifting” the item to a local charitable organization — which reduces your tax liability. e.g. the tax advantages of your TRASH!!!

    #54: Demand, expect, and GET more than you pay for — from your government. You PAY your taxes. These become PUBLIC funds. You citizenship entitles you to your fair-share of these goods/services. As a matter of fact, the WHOLE WORLD enjoys our contributions. (e.g. Parks and such don’t say “Americans only” on the front gate. And, WHO KNOWS how many billions of our taxes are going into countries like Iraq and Afghanistan?!!!)
    So, the next time you are at the DMV, a national park, talking to a cop, visiting a military base, etc. — GET YOUR MONEY’S WORTH out of them. Heck, get MORE than your money’s worth!!! These are civil servants. They are paid by you, and therefore work FOR YOU!!! You should expect nothing less than red-carpet treatment!!! This may sound self-centered and self-absorbent? But, THEY are the ones taking your money/salary — even if they sit on their collective asses during slow times. They don’t “refund” your money on slow days — when they aren’t working as much. Again, you are PAYING THEM!!! If you owned a company, and these people worked directly for you — would your expectations of them be any less or any different? HOLD THEM ACCOUTNABLE!!!
    Besides, who’s wasting who’s time? e.g. we sit and wait at the DMV or post office for 30 minutes — so, they should be ready to dedicate at least 30 minutes to servicing us! When they come into MY business, I don’t make THEM wait 30 minutes!!!! If that were the case, I’d be OUT of business!!!
    I’m NOT saying that we should ABUSE the system. I’m simply saying that we should get AT LEAST our fair-share back out of the system.
    P.S. Our government systems are a LOT like playing the lotto. If you don’t play, you can’t win. Thus, if you never visit national parks and go camping and such, then you aren’t getting your fair share of these benefits. APPLY for government grants when possible. APPLY for government contracts for your small business. BUY from government auctions.

    Again, your article as good, and though-provoking! As fed-up citizens, we indeed need to take ACTION to force changes in our government and our politicians. I have long-argued that voting with our $$$ is our most-powerful way to get our message across. Starving the Beast is an EXCELLENT example of putting this into action!


    • Wow!! that was a great comment…u put so much thought into it..thanks for taking the time to do it…i actually think this comment is worthy of being an article in and of itself. I hope the organic prepper publishes it , giving u credit cos its really helpful…thanks

    • This is an excellent article , but Jack, most of your post is utter nonsense, total trash. But buried in the garbage are two gems, #51. start a biz, but make it a c corp. S corps are audit bait. #52. Yes, move to a low tax state. There are no tax free states. Your idiotic “Demand, expect, and GET more than you pay for” shows total lack of common sense. We are under their boot, for pete’s sake. don’t bother, just avoid them whenever possible. How about going to AAA and don’t wait rather than go to the dmv and be treated like dirt?

      I especially despise your rant about barter and taxes. We need to start supporting each other, and the very first way to do that is to espouse and spread the idea that it’s us v. them and they we CANNOT squeal on each other. The most insidious and dangerous propaganda that props up the system is “see something, say something.” Always remember, it’s us v them.

      Here’s my #51, own an inexpensive used car, preferably a diesel. Taxes and insurance are much lower. Diesel fuel can be safely stored.

    • The IRS is an arm of the (criminal) Federal Reserve System… your taxes go to pay the interest on the debt of their mammoth ponzi scheme, which was orchestrated in 1910. Please check out ‘Mary Croft’ and her document…
      It’s a treasure chest of resistance !!…and free to download.

  • JP Matin wrote: “Precious metals usually incur a “hit” when converting them back into the local cash currency to be spent.”

    Others have suggested that instead of converting precious metals back into a currency a person should just offer to pay directly with the precious metal. Such cuts out the middle man, AND cuts out the beast.

    One person suggested offering people such as your dentist the choice by saying, “would you prefer cash, or this gold coin?”

    When JP Martin wrote the following, a giant red flag popped up: “While I don’t support the stock market, it is still a much more likely place to “invest” than precious metals”

    YMMV I suppose. But from what I’ve read, that’s just not a sound perspective. And if you don’t support the stock market, why would you suggest it?

    JP Martin wrote, “Too many people make anonymous charitable contributions, and don’t get a receipt.”

    My take is: if you get a receipt, it’s not charity.
    It’s also another paper trail.

    I saw JP Martin say something about talking to the police as if you could get your money’s worth out of them. I fail to see how this could EVER be the case. Might I suggest searching the phrase: ‘never talk to the police’. There’s some interesting articles out about that. Also, a law professor has a video about the subject that everyone should watch.

    When JP Martin wrote, “visit national parks and go camping and such, then you aren’t getting your fair share of these benefits. APPLY for government grants when possible. APPLY for government contracts for your small business. BUY from government auctions.” ,,, all I kept thinking was, that’s feeding the beast!

    I would certainly NEVER buy from a government auction. Where do you think your money goes? What do you think gets supported by such actions?

    I don’t mean to pick on JP Martin, rather it’s the ideas, they are all too commonly held. JMHO.

    One idea not mentioned, save your nickels.
    No matter which way the economy goes, you preserve your purchasing power with nickels.

    I wish you could tweek your blog so that when I increase the screen size the middle with the main article didn’t get all smushed together and narrow like.

    • IndividualAudienceMember ~

      Thank you for your input – let me see what can be done about the layout so that it can be enlarged in a way that is easier to read. 🙂


    • That may be a problem with your browser and the way it renders this page. I know for a fact that Firefox has issues with some pages. I use it and have compared it to the way another browser, Opera, renders the same page. There are differences.

      Regardless, what ever you do, for security and privacy reasons, don’t use Internet Explorer.

      just my thoughts.

  • Biggest one? Use bitcoins when ever and where possible. This one action restricts the most valued source of nutrient from the beast.

  • I get together with friends and we do a clothing swap. Bring unwanted/outgrown clothes and trade for some “new” ones. We also do it for children’s toys 🙂

    All unclaimed items then go to a women’s shelter for donation.

  • Youtube: Run from the Cure, let’s cure cancer now, cure all illnesses from a plant!

    Fight back, put your weapons down! Fight back and plant your food!

  • Boycott all the Banks, and Move all your accounts to your local Credit Union, they are not connected to Wall Street and every dollar you put in a credit Union is a share of the credit union you own. Their rates are cheaper and their people are more regular folks who will listen to your financial needs. This includes all credit cards, auto loans, mortgages, and financial instruments. Quit your Bank and move all your accounts as much as possible to your local credit union.

  • Stop being afraid! Stop asking permission to live free! Your duty to live like you ARE free and to not let tyranny influence or intimidated you or your family! Permits for this, license for that, you can’t even be born or die without a certificate! Does that sound like freedom to you? We’ve been shown over and over again that we are just collateral for the government. Our labor is pledged to the federal reserve (which isn’t federal at all, but privately owned) to continue the debt cycle. Do you really want to be considerate of the “laws” and demands that “Uncle Sam” expects from you? Was he considerate of us when he bailed out the banks? Was he considerate to us when he let those banks take our homes? Was he considerate enough of us to use our money to pay for things that many of us don’t agree with, like sending our family members to other countries to kill people we never even met because our government tells us they’re bad people? Was he considerate of what the people wanted when we asked to simply require all GMO foods to be identified on the label? No, he protected the Monsanto corporation instead. See, I don’t want to just starve the beast. I want to “guantanamo bay” the beast!

  • Thanks for all of the great input. I have decided to move to a tropical country where there are locally grown fruits and vegetables all year round. Where you can purchase a fresh fish on the beach every morning. Where farmers markets are a way of life. Where you can buy a chicken or pork off the farmer and not have to worry about a damn receipt or pay taxes on it. Yes, the fat on the chicken is yellow, like it is meant to be and not bleached to make it more appealing for the consumer.

    The big American box stores are moving in down here too but, you never have to go there.

    The sun shines most of the year. I do not need winter clothes, snow tires, antifreeze or a huge heating bill.

    Am I saying it is all perfect and everyone should do the same, no, it is not possible but, for me it is. I am tired of eating GMO and processed food, tired of having to read labels. Tired of depending on our governments to regulate junk food and additives. They have no qualms about stopping the farmer from butchering and selling his meat locally but look the other way after large corp donates millions to their election campaign.


    We will never have democracy until us, the tax payers, pay for the election process. No more political donations allowed. No need for payback. Lobbying, should also be outlawed.

    another example of where we are heading…and where your money is spent http://www.250news.com/blog/view/28041/1/riot+police+evict+burns+lake+band+protestors

    thanks for listening

  • if you watch a movie you have to go get it at a box beast. shop for videotapes at yard sales & etc. keep a vcr.

  • Daisy, I got to thinking that for those who are hooked on system, you should have posted a subtitle:

    50 ways to leave your lover….

    the problem is all inside your head, she said to me
    the answer is easy if you take it logically.
    I’d like to help you in your struggle to be free
    there must be 50 ways to leave your lover.

    just slip out the back, Jack
    make a new plan, Stan
    don’t need to be coy, Roy
    just get yourself free
    hop on the bus, Gus
    don’t need to discuss much
    just drop off the key, Lee
    and get yourself free

  • I sell my knick knacks (inherited or gifted) and outgrown clothing on consignment. Have sold dumpster dived items at yard sales: ladders, coffee tables, etc. Library magazine sales are good sources of recent, cheap reading.

    • How about deep sixing your spy phone, in addition to your boycotting, Miranda? the whores in silicon valley are devising countless ways to spy on us, from our spy phones, to massive data bases and the software to mine them, to drones in the sky.

  • Add to #41, seeds, water, non perishable food, tools, etc. These are things that will not lose value and I would say food and water are more important than gold/silver. A stock of white rice that can last 30 years if properly stored is a very safe investment.

  • Conservatives have been going about this the wrong way for years. Instead of Stomping on the Brakes, which just slows it down and does not work, it is now time to stomp on the accelerator and put the pedal to the metal. “You want your Socialism??? here it is. Do you like it now???”

    So you seem to hit the head on limiting their Supplies, their Revenue sources.

    To finish the Job you need to Bleed them of what they have into Insolvency. Then the Beast will DIE.

    Of course we have now crossed the path into Criminality…

    Collect Welfare if you can. Convert those funds into Previous Metals.

    Stop working above the board, thus paying them taxes for that “privilege”.

    Start an underground business instead of getting a job, collecting Welfare as you do it. When they can only get 2 out of 3 Murderers and Property Crime Convictions are 10%, which means, that 9 out of 10 get away with it, Welfare Fraud is much easier to accomplish and less likely to be detected.

    Buy things at the Thrift Shops and resell them. Fix your neighbor’s cars. Sell your services and do things which will profit you with all of that free time that you have.

    Use Cash strictly and do not leave a Paper Trail. Many people are doing this right now. That is how we have a REAL 21% Unemployment Rate and people are still “surviving”, paying the bills, keeping the lights on.

    Do not accept any payments in the forms of checks or Electronic Money. (Deposits are what allow Banks to create Currency.) Furthermore it demonstrates an INCOME which will get you caught.

    THE FOLLOWING IS LEGAL…When possible do all of your Business in US Silver Coin. The company’s receipts demonstrate a much lower sales price. So both the Income Taxes and Sales Taxes on that transaction are minimized. That is a Supply Limitation.

    A $5 purchase then shows up as a Quarter since the patron spent 25 Cents as a Silver Quarter. They cannot go after you like they went after Liberty Dollar because the Coin, since minted by the US Government, they cannot be construed as counterfeit.

    Of course if you are stupid enough to sell your Silver Quarters it is at that point you are liable for any Capital Gains. Capital Gains (or Losses) are not realized until the liquidation of the Capital.

    Personally I have done purchases using 90% Silver Quarters and Silver Dimes. Stores actually accept these in lieu of Federal Reserve Notes. Do NOT try to tell me that it cannot be done. I know this from experience.

    For larger purchases use Gold Coin. Again do NOT transfer your Precious Metals into Federal Reserve Notes…ever. Again since the Gold Coin is Monetized then that is the price paid.

    For the person who complains about Gold being illiquid or difficult to sell…

    I liken this to the days before ATMs and when Savings Accounts Records were done by hand, and when Banker’s Hours had a Real Meaning. (Yes there was a time when Banks were open from 10AM to 3PM and you had to have your Pass Book to withdraw Money.)

    Going back to the past may not be such a bad thing after all.

  • I fully agree with the writer. While we are doing this, we must not get dishearten by the fact that the system may not change at once or the beast may appear to be large enough to be brought down. We should SOLELY be concerned that it will SURELY be bringing change in our lives, health as well as affording us inner peace.

  • Homeschooling!


    No more, yum yum kids for it.


    • Old homeschoolers never die, they just get homeschooled grandkids. 🙂 If at all possible stop feeding the future to the system!

  • I’m OK with a number of these, but I’m drawing a line at #4. I know a lot of teachers that are being financially starved as is for the work they do. Associating them further with “the Beast” is offensive. If this movement aims to vilify teachers and paint them as part of the problem in our society then I want no part of this.

    • 95% of parents let their children learn through the public school system and have no input as to what ‘their’ children are learning. Many of the teachers you are deeply insulted for are following the dictates of what the government wants them to teach ‘your’ children. One of those things is socialism. You don’t have to believe me. Do your research and find out for yourself. If you did a study of real American history you might find yourself stunned about the truths you can uncover. Since 1955 when the U.S. history books were rewritten the public taught school children have been told the history of the U.S. is mostly peaches and cream. Never the full truth. You can find out that is a truth if you will make that research I mentioned. Its all over the Internet. You will have to find alternative websites that don’t smudge the truth. It made me feel terrible for the first few weeks when I got to looking for myself, but at least I find myself now with my eyes open.

      • I agree with Deeply Insulted that associating us with “starving the beast” is insulting. I have not had a pay raise in 4 years. My state has one of the lowest pay scales for teachers. My husband is a teacher too…we make a combined $80,000 BEFORE TAXES and we WORK OUR BUTTS OFF.
        I don’t think that the K-12 teachers are the ones you need to worry about indoctrinating your kids…it’s actually the higher level professors (mostly at public universities) that are preaching all this liberal anti-Christian agenda.

        • Gov’t teachers are the tools of the devil, doling out child abuse while demanding to be praised for their “selflessness.” The k-12 teachers are the worst. gov’t schooling is an exercise in indoctrination and humiliation. You essentially break little children’s spirits. Clearly, you don’t think that is what you are doing, but that is the fact. If you truly want to help children, instead of suck down our tax dollars as you feed little Johnny’s head with lies, quit and find employment in the private sector. Let’s see how long parents who pay you directly will put up with your brand of child abuse.

          Now, you’ll want to tell us that you are a loving and caring teacher who only wants the best for her students. I will say that I believe you and that because you are a “good” teacher, you’re the worst kind. The “good” teachers make it easy for parents to justify sending their children to gov’t school prison camps. Frankly, you’d be doing us all a favor if you beat all the kids with a whip so that parents would wake up to the damage you’re doing and remove their children. John Taylor Gatto was a great teacher, won awards doing it and that is why he quit.

          I firmly believe that one of the most important practices we have to adopt is identifying who the capos among us are. These willing executioners–gov’t teachers, cops, military, town hall paper pushers, dmv clerks, cps, etc–are the henchmen of those who rape this country every day. Without the henchmen, we’d be free. They have to be identified as enabling our slavery, called out on it and either educated or, if recalcitrant, shunned.

          Deeply Insulted, the very fact that there are gov’t school teachers deeply insults me.

          PS Heidi, guess what? You don’t pay taxes. Your income comes from taxes so you are a tax eater, period.

          • Mary, AMEN!!!! Homeschooled my youngest through all 12 grades. He is a fine example of a hardworking, caring human being, and everyone who meets him says so!

        • If you’re in CA, education is a beast stronghold. My dh taught middleschool science in SE LA for 30 years. When he was a new teacher, he came home one day and said, Our children will never set foot in a public classroom. And… we never looked back. That was in the 80s. Our kids are parents now, have good jobs and know how to read their culture for what it is.

          So we homeschooled alongside dh bringing home the bacon off the public system. I love teachers too. They do work hard and walk the lines between parents, evil administrators and hopes the kids learn something useful. (“kids don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”)

          While this beast is mostly liberal claptrap, there are plenty of good teachers out there worth their salt. It is the bigger picture that concerns the homeschooler — the biggest peer dependency problem ever as well as the liberal slant being a truly slippery slope into the Left.

    • Have you ever read any of the books by John Taylor Gatto? Or, Charlotte Iserbyt? Have you ever heard of The Frankfurt School? The Prussian Model of Education? IF not, then you obviously need to investigate these things, because the ENTIRE WESTERN CIVILIZATION HAS BEEN HIJACKED, and you obviously are not aware of it!

  • I’m all for the above, but getting the other 310,000,000 people in this country to help starve the beast is really not going to happen. None of them want to get out of their comfort zone. Most people can’t see what I am talking about when I mention these things to them. An example I can put to all of you reading this. – What will you do about the spraying going on over your heads in whatever city you live from around the world. Chemtrails. No doubt you have seen those ugly streaks in the sky over your city that spread out and cover the entire sky and last the entire day. If people don’t believe me when I point this out to them in the city I live in how can it be that the other millions in this nation might get up off their duff to save their own souls. I want your suggestion to work. I have found out no one I talk to wants to do anything about it. That doesn’t stop me from not talking about these things though.

    • jamesat17: ME EITHER! Here in San Jose I comment on “those lies running across the sky!”. No one yet has told me exactly what the name is, an acceptable name like lenticular, upper stratus, etc., versus Oh, those are contrails! As a private pilot, we study Meteorology and, is very, very interesting! I have never seen any “clouds” form a streak from an aircraft, that hovers in the air, then seems to unroll like a helix, causing the blue sky to change to haze…then the damn weather predictions changes!!! Well, we shall keep stirring the pot! Right On! Look at aircrap.com and you can see other phenomena in your are when they are criss-crossing the sky!

  • please note by presidential edict roll your own tobacco is no longer allowed in that manufacturing taxes are not paid. An entire industry involving papers loose tobacco hand opperated cigerette machines gone. All Hail To The Chief!

  • What really stung me is 4th point – Homeschool your children. That’s just plain stupid. No one person can give adequate education to a child. You may be expert in one area, but to give a child options for the future you have to teach him/her about a great range of things. I don’t know how good the teachers are in your area, but they are supposed to be specialist in learning and teaching.

    • Reimo, you don’t get it. Homeschooling would be better called aided discovery. Parents generally don’t instruct their children at the kitchen table as if their home were a little gov’t school. And I don’t know where you get that statement about teachers. Classroom teachers are expert in controlling the classroom. Their job is to herd and lie to children, not teach them. They are the rear end of the college campus, not expert in anything they teach.

    • Reimo,

      Your comment betrays your lack of familiarity with homeschooling as it’s currently commonly practiced. You choose to use the word “stupid” to disparage an idea with which you are neither familiar nor apparently willing to investigate. It has been said that ignorance can be cured with learning, but when the pupil refuses to learn, then that’s stupidity – and you cannot fix stupid! Read a few articles on the hslda.org web site to learn a bit more about homeschooling, if you’re merely ignorant and not actually stupid.

      There is a burgeoning cottage industry of professional teachers who cater to the homeschooling community. Parent-teachers of homeschooled children are generally aware of their limitations and seek out printed curriculum, online interactive curriculum and local classes offered by teachers for homeschooled students.

      A better way to refer to the way homeschooling is most commonly done is parent-directed education. I’ve not yet met a single homeschooling parent-teacher who thought that he or she was the end-all, be-all, single-source for information for his or her children.

      • Awesome, truthful account for homeschooling!
        I get fairly upset with folks who know nothing about what homeschooling actual is and make remarks like Reimo did.
        The public school system has long been hijacked to create “good little citizens” and that doesn’t mean the teachers are bad people any more than doctors are bad people. They have blinders on and follow “the Beast” without asking questions. They don’t bother to listen to questions or search out answers to issues themselves. They simply believe what the system tells them to believe. So very sad and truly a waste of our children’s potential.
        Really pisses me off to see how much of my income tax goes to the public school system. Like I have any say in the matter. I talk to a lot of the young people coming out of those schools. Interesting mix but so many just espouse the stuff you hear on main stream news! And, most of them have no work ethics to speak of.
        Folks who are so offended by the idea of homeschooling need to open their minds up a bit and meet some homeschoolers and talk with their kids. You will be surprised and get a real sick feeling in your gut when you realize how bad the whole public school thing has gotten!

  • I just found your blog and so far I really like it…but I don’t agree with #4. I am a public high school teacher with a Master’s degree. I work at an Honor’s School of Excellence (4 years in a row!). We have kids transfer in from all over the place because their parents are smart and research schools before they move to the Charlotte area and they know we are the best. We also have kids transfer in from homeschool and let me tell you: 9 times out of 10 they are not where they should be…academically or socially. I consider myself to be intelligent…but I would never trust myself to teach my kids Calculus or Physics or anything else I’m not highly qualified to teach.
    What we need is for parents to actually PARENT their children. Teach them values and respect and responsibility…and those character traits that will make this world a better place. SPEND TIME WITH YOUR KIDS. Don’t let the TV and video games be a babysitter. Don’t let them go off with friends you’ve never met. Don’t give them everything they want just because they want it. And talk to them about the things that matter: staying away from drugs, alcohol and tobacco…and not being promiscuous. Those are the things that parents should reinforce at home!
    Sorry I got off on a tangent…I’m not completely against homeschooling…but most parents aren’t equipped with the knowledge they need to really teach.

    • How can parents spend time with their children when gov’t school takes up most of their day, and also night with “homework?”

      There have been many studies done on homeschooling that show that on average homeschoolers are better educated than gov’t school children and far more advanced socially. The studies show that the level of education of the parents has no bearing on the success of homeschooling. Parents do not have to have knowledge of what their children want or need to learn. They simply need to facilitate their children’s learning. You are clearly ignorant of how homeschooling, or true education, works. Gee, what a shock.

      I have never met a homeschooler who was not more mature than gov’t school children. You statements are simply not believable…

    • Heidi,
      It’s probable that the homeschooled children you are seeing transferring into your magnet school are not representative of homeschooled children in general. Consider sample bias and question your assumptions based upon the biased sample you are seeing.

  • Although I agree with a lot of these suggestions, there is an anti-science vibe here that doesn’t sit well with me. # 6 is a definite no-no. Research your ailments, treat yourself as much as possible and go to the doctor only if you cannot heal yourself. Naturopaths and healers are scam artists. They prey on delusional impulse and gullible ignorance with placebos, untested “medicines” and unproven therapies. When it comes to your health, trust science and your own common sense. Snake oil hasn’t improved through the centuries.

    • Maybe it would be more accurate to say anti-mainstream-science, the studies of which are possibly doctored (such as Monsanto’s)? And yes, that’s right, place total faith in your doctor! We have reason to be wary of a majority of doctors. Maybe it’s best to check your doctor’s history out, if possible.

    • Doctors of Western medicine are not usually healers, but are trained to treat symptoms. They are taught by schools who get paid by pharmaceutical companies who help develop their courses. Some doctors get paid money and get other kickbacks to promote pharmaceuticals. While there are ethical and reputable doctors who have been trained in Western medicine, there are many alternative doctors AND other healers who are also ethical and reputable and can actually help bring about real cures, not just a coverup or control of symptoms, as with much of Western medicine, (not discounting such things as great diagnostics and surgical techniques that have been developed with this type of medicine). While there are quacks out there, there are many natural healers including naturopathic physicians who are highly trained in effective treatments, as well as having to follow stringent standards. Naturopathic medical students have to learn EVERYTHING a regular medical student does, plus more, as well as having to be a resident and take comprehensive exams. Please don’t believe that all natural healers are quacks without proper knowledge of what many of them truly learn and use in their healing methods!

      • Traditional Chinese medicine is also well-marketed. There’s no proven medicinal value in rhino horns, shark fins, or tiger bones that can’t be had from like parts from less exotic animals.

        However, the markup on rare animals parts is ridiculous and pushed many species to extinction or near extinction. Yet there’s no denying the market demand; some adherents are totally sold and don’t care about the consequences as pushers or users.

        Ironically, rhino horns and elephant tusks can be trimmed and regrown and so are renewable, but the zero-tolerance system encourages killing the animal.

    • I would chose natural remedies opposed to not!!! If i had cancer I would take Hemp OIl rather than DIE taking bullshit Chemo drugs that dont work!! LOL

  • In California we do have to pay sales tax on used items and according to the IRS any barter is taxable as income (so keep it on the down low.)
    I ditched my TV 9 years ago and have not missed it and the constant barrage of mis messages.
    Opt out of school fundraisers selling candy and crap no one needs. If you want to help your schools volunteer or give them exactly what they need. Pencils, paper, athletic supplies?
    Share tools with neighbors.
    Share furniture with family. We have a house full of furniture and so when a family member needs a table or chair here we are.
    Set up clothes swaps with friends and bring appetizers or homemade lemonade. Swapping clothes benefits the environment, keeps money out of sweatshop owners, corporate stores and saves you big$$$$$$.
    Opt out of meaningless holidays. Just because a greeting card company made a holiday does not we have to participate.

    It is about resourcefulness not resources.

  • Good article. I’m always looking for ways to starve the beast. I would add…obey all speed limit laws, dont run red lights or signs, etc.. In other words avoid paying anymore into their system by getting caught breaking laws where you must pay fines. Just a thought.

    • Rob, they would just change the laws and/or create new ones so they could continue to catch and fine more of us “criminals” to line their pockets with. Following their laws will just make it tougher on everyone. It’s a sad downward spiral. We need fewer more realistic laws. We need to go back to more common law and get rid of these victimless crimes which are really nothing more than additional taxes.

    • Fight the tickets. The whole system is just illegal taxation and is set up to function by the aquiesence of society ; when challenged, it goes into tilt.
      Much of the time – my experience in over 40 years of driving – once the judge knows that you are going to want a court date and a jury trial, he/she/it will offer to reduce the fine to court costs only and down to something that doesnt show on your MVR. Theyre still oppressing you, violating your inalienable rights and stealing from you, but not nearly as much. If you get one who wants to play hardball, begin subpoenaing records, radar units out of cars – yes, you have that right – as well as citation stats for the area and such. It quickly costs (((them))) more than their illgotten revenue would bring in, so they cave.
      ALWAYS bring up Constitutional arguments. Ask if it is a court of record or an admiralty jurisdiction. It has been my experience that they dont want to mess with anyone that actually has a brain or knows their rights.

  • This list is thorough! I enjoy how you have links to others articles that elaborate on each statement. I aspire to develop a similar strategy for my blog. I actually posted a list of ways to starve the beast system myself, and it’s a little bit more condensed than this article, consisting of just 20 points to effectively achieve similar goals. Might even see some things not mentioned on here, such as vocation/employment. I also make sure to mention alternatives to the common things people should avoid in spite of feeding the beast. If anyone is interested in reading the article, it can be found at http://theabstractanarchist.blogspot.com/2014/03/20-ways-to-starve-the-beast-system-.html.

    Thank you for your dedication and thorough work in this article and site!

  • Here’s a list I came up with back in 2007:

    (Knowledge, alone, does NOT equal power. ONLY when know- ledge is PUT INTO ACTION, does knowledge then represent personal empowerment. NOT personal power, over others,
    and at others’ expense. No. Personal empowerment, that is not at any others’ expense.

    Knowledge of the many arenas in which “they” seek to con- trol you, toward THEIR OWN AGENDA and goals, AT YOUR EX- PENSE, isn’t enough. YOU MUST ~ ACT ~ UPON what you know).
    Hence, the following list of ~ SOLUTIONS:

    1) Quit your TBTF (“Too-Big-To-Fail”) Banking/Corporate or government job.
    2) Stay away from the military. Why be cannon-fodder for THEIR N.W.O.?
    3) Bank at a local credit union! Why bank at a TBTF (“Too-Big-To-Fail”) Bank, such as those that received a CRONY BANKER BAILOUT (from the “Fed”) in late 2008, which Obama authorized with his signature?
    4) Get out, and/or stay out, of DEBT! THIS IS KEY.
    5) USE CASH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Avoid credit/debit cards.
    6) VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS! (What do you support, with your time, money, energy, and attention?)
    7) Trade your FRN’s for SILVER (and some gold) BULLION.
    8) CUT BACK ON OIL AND GAS CONSUMPTION! (Many oil companies are owned by International Central Bankers)
    9) Buy USED, locally, or online, if necessary, such as on etsy.com – Buy from etsy.com sellers who ship within the U.S. It keeps your $$ in either the local economy, or the larger U.S. economy.
    10)Buy MADE IN USA, when buying NEW items, if you want jobs to return to the US. (If Americans begin buying MADE IN USA ONLY, guess where manufacturing jobs will move to?)
    11)Buy ORGANIC food! Support your local Organic food store or Co-op! Whole, organically-grown foods are best. LOCALLY-sourced, is ideal. Support the true HEROES of organic food production (on the right side, of the following poster: http://www.cornucopia.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/prop37-poster3.jpeg)
    12)Take a high-quality daily multi-vitamin (such as Carlson’s, NOW brand, Stop Aging Now (SAN), or Mercola.com)
    13)Contact your Representatives on critical issues: such as “END THE FED!” (I would ONLY contact them on this ONE issue. Otherwise, IGNORE the politicians. They don’t rep- resent you, and haven’t for a LONG, LONG time).
    14)Re-read the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It isn’t about hunting! It’s about government tyranny, and protecting yourself from it.
    15)THINK for yourself. TURN OFF the IDIOT-BOX (the TV), OR THROW IT AWAY!
    16)Read a book. a) NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, by Gary Allen, or b) TRAGEDY AND HOPE: A HISTORY OF THE WORLD IN OUR TIME, by Carrol Quigley, or c) THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND, by G. Edward Griffin, or d) THE GLOBALIZATION OF POVERTY, AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, or e) THE FINANCIAL VIPERS OF VENICE, by Joseph P. Farrell
    17)Question the KLEPTOCRACY. QUESTION all ‘authority’ (Big Business + Big Government, Big Religion, Big Media, Big Agribiz (Monsanto), Big Pharma, etc).
    18)Pray or meditate – reduce your stress! (Stress weakens the auto-immune system, opening up the body to free radical attack).
    19)Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient or other music you thoroughly enjoy!
    20)BOYCOTT – learn this concept well, and EMPLOY IT – against those 1) enslaving, or 2) poisoning you!
    21)In Spring, plant your own garden using non-GMO, non-hybrid seeds!

    There, now you have 21 (TWENTY) individual SOLUTIONS, that you or anyone, can begin using TODAY! Add to this list, and share it with everyone you know!

  • Buy from small business only, mom and pop restaurants.
    Bank at Credit unions
    From coops and share the profit Among the shareholders

  • Here are two additional articles (with fantastic comments in the ‘comments’ section) well-worth reading:

    Let’s Stop Fooling Ourselves: Americans Can’t Afford the Future http://www.peakprosperity.com/blog/81190/lets-stop-fooling-ourselves-americans-cant-afford-future

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel to Ban Gun Shops from 99.5% of Chicago, Videotape All Sales http://sgtreport.com/2014/06/296012/

    Be sure to read ALL comments, in the ‘comments’ section which follows each of the above articles, as people have posted lots of additional SOLUTIONS, that may be of help to you, and your family, in the face of the predations of the globalist financial “elite”, their crony “capitalists” (crapitalists) and their bought-and-paid-for U.S. Congress.

  • I use Extra Virgin Olive oil for oil pulling,(15 min.)
    I use Lemon Juice and Baking Soda to make my own toothpaste.
    I have a non-toxic toothbrush made from Bamboo with non-BPA bristles.
    I use Baking Soda for deodorant.


  • organise large groups of people to not pay their monthly dd’s for one month. hit each corporation one per month. keep doing it, and simply pay the next month before they have time to organise the debt collectors. keep doing it. hit them exactly where it matters – money. the only thing that matters to them. take back control!

  • A big one these days is making your own ammunition. Every commercial ammo purchase in store or online is a red flag to spying Government agencies and puts you and your family on the watch list and ultimately in their cross hairs. Learn to reload yourself and save costs while learning a valuable priceless skill. Also, buy precious metals whenever financially possible.

  • I live in Los Angeles because that is where I have been able to find work, so some of these tips don’t work for me due to my extreme urban environment, but I have lots of strategies for frugal city living. I rent a smaller, cheaper apartment than I could probably afford, because it’s right next to a train station and in a walkable neighborhood near shopping, post office, etc. it’s easy to heat and cool and it forced me to declutter and get down to essentials in terms of possessions. I got rid of my car and walk, bike or take the train or buses – the transit pass is $100 a month instead of hundreds for gas, maintenance, etc. Most of my clothes are vintage and so is most of my home décor. I shop thrift stores and Ebay, and for new things, I wait until the holiday season for markdowns – I just stocked up on a year’s supply of cotton tshirts marked down 80% off of retail and socks and underwear at 25 to 50% off. I buy most of my groceries, cleaning supplies, paper goods and toiletries at our local 99 Cent store chain, which won my heart when it contracted to offer fresh California produce. I cook most of my own meals and look in the local sales circulars for discount coupons at places like Subway. I own a TV but I mostly use it for PBS documentaries and international news, and I get loads of foreign and independent film dvd’s from the library for free. I save thousands of dollars a year with all of this. I paid for a twelve day vacation to France, I have an amazing one of a kind wardrobe, and I have a snug little living space full of books and shabby chic furniture with a view of downtown LA from my kitchen.

    • Hi Flower,
      You might want to read more about Agenda21: you’ve set yourself up just like the NWO planners wanted. In a small apartment right next to a train station, no personal automobile, no way to exit their death trap. You’re also taking many positive steps to starve the beast; cudos for you on those things. Just be sure to find out about the long-term plans behind Agenda21. If you can find it for free viewing, check out the late Aaron Russo’s excellent documentary, “America: Freedom to Fascism.”

  • An inner-city environment, such as in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami – is the LAST place I’d want to be, when the the coming economic collapse occurs!

  • Here’s one that I’ve never heard anyone mention in any list like this. Go back to an old school flip phone. Then the GPS tracking isn’t as big of an issue, and all those data mining apps, and all the excessive screen time and social media addiction. I pay $25 a month for unlimited talk and text, my phone can be dropped on the ground and not break, I can communicate with anyone, and my battery still lasts a week. There are better deals out there but my point is, this is another way to reduce dependency on The Beast. As a bonus, since I only use internet at work or at my home PC, it’s easier to manage work/life/net balance and I can see everything more clearly!

    • Hey Redbranch, great idea to go back to the flip-phone. Slam the door on “The Beast”!

  • Daisy,

    I just read this article, which was reposted on LewRockwell.com, today 05July2019. I’m gonna try to start brewing my own beer and maybe take a stab at growin my own organic tobacco for an evening pipe. Gotta figure out a way to convert my paycheck to silver and gold…

    Thanks Daisy, for all you do… Stay healthy and God Bless you and yours.


  • This is my thing and i’m already doing most of the 50 things. I’ve noticed a few more things: the moment you put that plastic on the till, you are triggering a large tax liability! Who thinks of that?? What I mean is you are going to have to fill that hole and how will you do that? By earning fiat currency (nothing else will do) and paying income and other taxes on that amount PLUS. Costs to earn it AND interest if you take awhile And tax on That!

  • #43. Just quit smoking. Not only better for you, your family and friends but no monies paid out at all. Yes I hate this habit. It killed my father and many other family and friends.

  • The number 1 way to starve the beast is to get out and stay out of debt. The elite beast wants to keep us all as debt slaves.

    When they started talking about slavery reparations I thought that there are a heck of a lot more in debt slavery around the world today than there were back pre-civil war.

  • In my quest to be self-sufficient and independent I’m doing about 75% of these things already. It’s very empowering. Thanks to this article I now have some more ideas!

  • Many of the items listed above depends on where you live. I could not ride a bike 1/2 mile down a dirt road and the next 4 1/2 miles on the highway to my mail box. It is a lonely stretch and many days over 100 F. An alternative for those who aren’t able to make homemade gifts is to give an ounce of silver. That is what we are doing for our nieces, nephews and grandchildren. It is an investment in their futures. We don’t have a TV set and the nearest place to eat is 25 miles one way. I am gardening, but not as much as I should. I do have poultry to offset meat cost and purchase a steer/heifer as needed for meat. Being retired military we are forced to have a bank account for our checks. However we pull most of it out to pay buy cash or money orders. We have no personal checks. I miss my dairy goats that I gave up back in July. My parents are in their 80’s. I am having to leave here for extended periods to help my mother. My husband health would not let him milk my goats anymore when I am gone. 🙁 I am buy raw cows milk at $8 a gallon. The goat dairy we visited wanted $16 a gallon. Not in my budget. We are our own utility company. If there is a black out it is on us.

  • this, I truly believe is the way forward. I found almost nothing in the list I haven’t already implemented, and as a side bonus, I am essentially debt free and in the black. I loved picking and eating my own vegetables all summer and carried that over by bringing my plants into the house in the fall. will probably soon buy some grow lights for fresh salads all winter. the cost? weigh it against travelling to the store, and paying your money into the maw of the beast instead!

  • A few months ago I was visiting a home and saw how Alexa listens to every word. Then tries to react by doing something or defining something.
    That immediately reinforced my distrust of all that kind of device for the home. Yes it turns the heat up or down. But your voice and conversations are record, recognised, and some people are listening to conversations and intimate moments.
    What is convenient about that?

  • I’m a small business owner of a vintage and retro shop in Queensland, and buying and selling secondhand is my thing! I also stock products from a few local suppliers, like handmade jewellery and herbal cream.
    My 50th birthday will be a party at home, (catered by us), and my day off is spent at home reading (with my plants!), lunch with the kids, and at the beach with the dogs.

  • Things I didn’t see any mention of:

    Learning what a “ghost gun” is, and how to make one or several — in addition to learning how to do reloading of ammo.

    Learning how and why your ancestors came to this country — for inspiration in case you need to work up the guts to repeat what they did. One of mine escaped being held a POW on shipboard in the Gulf of Riga (next to Latvia) and found his way to New Jersey in 1704. Another fled an economic depression in Prussia after seeing Napoleon’s troops fleeing in retreat from Moscow with Russian troops in hot pursuit. Another fled the forced genocide of millions in Ireland during the potato famine which was exacerbated by the British blockade of incoming food relief supplies (which the British have conveniently erased from Britannica’s version of that history). Another fled the Russian draft (“truth in advertising” would have deemed it “slavery in uniform”) in 1874.

    Learning how to back your funds by fractional interests in precious metals in safe countries. An example might be a debit card from


    In contrast, any substantial amount of physical precious metals would be candy to TSA thieves.

    Learning how and why to get and keep current your US passport.

    Learning that a growing number of Americans have already left the US because the healthcare system here has been corrupted and has been made unaffordable. The average healthcare insurance cost for a family of four now is about $20,000 — not counting the risks of unaffordable deductibles, out of network charges, double and fraudulent billing, and the racket of being medically kidnapped into an out of network institution. There’s also the Big Pharma-corrupted FDA as the medical slave plantation master to assure that no federal funds will ever cover any naturopathic competitive threat to allopathic pharmaceuticals.

    Learning how to learn foreign languages in case you need to.

    Learning how to get second or third passports in case your US passport gets electronically shut down, which could strand you offshore. I think the current limit is about $50,000 — if the IRS alleges that you owe them more than that, they have the power to instantly kill your US passport.

    Learning that when you start earning money from a foreign country, there is now about a $105,000/year exemption from US income taxes — even though you still have to file FATCA paperwork with the US empire that regards its “citizens” as cattle no matter where in the world they work.

    Learning what countries might be a suitable Plan B and Plan C in case of need.

    Learning some of the resources available from websites such as


    Learning how little some of the refugees from 1930s Hitlerian Europe were able to bring with them when they arrived here, and how little of your preps might you be able to bring with you if you ever had to leave this country.

    Learning how the warfare/welfare state of Ancient Rome led to uncontrolled spending, currency debasement, abandonment of legions in foreign countries, and an exodus of citizens into other countries where the tax burden was far less and government was far less oppressive. Hmm… any history lessons there that are missing from today’s empire government-approved school history books?


  • Use NextPlus / TextPlus for WiFi cell phone access. You get a local number for $3 a year and get rid of ads for $7. You now have unlimited free text and pay 2 cents a minute for calls (hook in WhatsApp and free phone calls too). $10 a year, yes you read that correctly, TEN DOLLARS a year!!!! Not $50-100 a month like most everyone else I know.

    I have WiFi in my home, at my friends place, at work, at the coffee shops, at the gym, and in the malls. The only time it doesn’t work is when I’m driving around which is a safety bonus as you should have your phone off while driving.

    The only place I don’t have access where it would be nice is when I’m on public transit. I copy some reading to my phone and read when I need to use that.

    I am not affiliated with them and receive no payment from them. It works for me and hopefully some other people.

  • 56. Demand lower taxes and less government waste. Very few people do that.

    The other 55 tips are all great, but most are defensive and don’t address the core problem; as Ms. Luthor points out, the Beast has only grown since Reagan.

    The Beast isn’t starving because of effective public resistance, but because its outgrown and degraded its victim pool.

  • In terms of the federal govt, it’s no longer possible to starve the beast. For decades now, the FED has simply printed (key stroked) whatever is required to buy the debt issued by the Treasury to allow the govt to spend whatever they want. This year, for example, the national debt went up a trillion bucks because the difference between income and spending was that much…some of that was bought by legitimate buyers, the rest by the FED’s fake money. The amount has varied from year to year based on spending need, market conditions for Treasury debt, but the FED has almost certainly “bought”, and probably shredded, trillions of bucks worth of federal paper…..and will continue to do so along with all the other central banks of the world until something changes.

  • I read your article and found it very interesting that there are other people like me, thinking of the same thing. The ironic thing, they are all talkers and not walkers. I on the other hand, have actually done something about this “beast” and I think you will enjoy what I have done. I can send pictures for anyone that wants to see what I’ve done, and what I’m doing. It goes something like this.
    I work in the small engine industry, and was building garden tractors that came in crates. In these crates were small 2 X 2’s that were 27 inches long and there was a top cover made out of hardwood. I found a spot at work and was collecting these bits of lumber.In May of 2019, I bought a small piece of land. I made a make shift work shop out of a tarp. I then started hauling my lumber to my land, then laminated the 2 X 2’s together into 8 footers. When I had enough, I built a 16 X 16 foot frame. I bought boat shrink wrap in a big roll. I made the frame and shrink wrapped it. I made a wood heater out of a propane gas bottle, and my stove pipe is a 3 1/2 inch pipe welded on top. I go to local business and get their pallets and cut them for fire wood (free wood). I put a shower in which I fill a 12 litre pale, boil the kettle a few times and with a car battery and a 12 volt pump, I have a shower. I put in a toilet and hand fill it with water. Sewer, goes into a first tank, and once to a certain level, the grey water goes into the second tank, which then I pump out into my planters. 12 hours before I pump it out, I put in chlorine tablets to purify the water. My water, I have 11, 5 litre bottles and I get my water each day at local stores outside water taps.
    My power is done by a 3000 watt generator. I will be making a couple of magnetic generators shortly, so I won’t need the 3000 generator as much!
    So, no rent, power bill, water bill, sewer bill! I have a tv, but only play movies on the DVD player. No TV bill.
    Now, this will freak some people out. I’m a smoker, and I get my tobacco for free. I go to the local town, and empty the town ashtrays. I bring the Butts home and break the remaining tobacco out. I spray the tobacco with a mist water and spread it out on a newspaper in front of the wood heater. Once it is to a dry state, I put it in a plastic tub for 3 days. After that I smoke it. I actually like this tobacco better than what you get in a ready made or rolling tobacco. All I buy is rolling papers and filters. When I do a “butt collection “ I usually get enough tobacco to last me a week. With this, I pay no tobacco tax and my smoking costs me $5.00 per month.
    As I stated before, I built planters. I’m growing food in them. With the grey water, it puts a high nitrogen food for the plants. The plants grow so fast! Miracle grow on steroids!! I’ll be building a chicken coop soon as well. The fence, planters, and coop is made out of that hardwood that I mentioned earlier. So far, I have used 25 bottles of white wood glue and over 15,000 screws, but not one nail!!
    Once I have completed my building project, I’ll be making my own gas for the generator!! Some are now thinking, how is he going to do that. As it turns out, I already have made it!! I have a land rover, and I’ve used it in it with fantastic results!! Double the mileage!! And no emissions. My son filmed me making it, and he showed his chemistry teacher. The teacher contacted me right away and was amazed at what I did. She labelled me a genius! Go figure!! But this is for another day!!
    If you are serious about your finances, you will cut costs as much as possible. I was on the verge of homelessness as I lost my job. When I found this last job, I knew it was not going to last as I’ve just been laid off again, but I built my “Survival Project “ and now with no bills, things are easier.
    Remember one thing-it’s not important what you earn, it’s MORE important what you keep.
    We have all been programmed with what is the normal way of life, but with this financial collapse that we are now in, a lot more are going to end up homeless just like those in SAN Francisco, Seattle, LA , etc. I wish all of you luck!!

  • The last few Christmases, we have given our adult kids the same gift. We buy a beef locally, have it processed locally, and share the meat with everyone. They say it’s the best gift we’ve ever given them.

  • “Underbanking”? New phrase for me..but I like it. We are all watching the purchasing power of the dollar dwindle. Some day, a hundred dollar bill will buy you a loaf of bread and a book of matches, this is by plan.

    We are zooming towards a “True Fiat” financial system and the phasing-out of paper currencies. In a “normal” inflationary environment, the govt. would issue bills in ever larger denominations to allow for transactions to continue in the economy and adjust for inflation…that isn’t happening.

    So, whaddya do when your largest unit of paper currency won’t buy diddly and there’s no recourse but the govt. sanctioned alternative? What becomes your “Store of Value” when the value of something becomes whatever Uncle Sugar says it is and is taxed accordingly?

    Go get “chipped” today because anonymity is no longer an option.

    Good Luck

  • We stay at home more. Can’t travel due to heath issues. We mostly cook at home. Occasionally we’ll buy a frozen meal to cook at home. We rarely eat out. We garden when possible. Health issues. I take my own coffee, and/or water. Don’t buy bottled. I drink mostly water. Hubby drinks soda. He does roll his own cigarettes. Yuck. He’s been wanting to grow his own, but we can only do that in containers. I do have some large containers that I’m wanting to use. We keep our thermostat on 78 in summer, and 68 in winter

  • 46 is a problem in states with strong water rights. You’d have to find someone who owns/rents an acre foot of water rights and is willing to share, with your collection amount counting against his/her annual allowance.

    As a side comment, they (political Conservatives) managed to “starve the beast” with legislation, by cutting enforcement funding at the federal level. Unfortunately, deregulation-by-not-enforcing is accompanied by all the ways that corporations bypass or “pay lip service to” all the regulations that are supposed to level the market. Today’s “big beast” is all the free-marketers and corporations, and those who can pay for the benefits. Government is merely one of their tools, not one of their partners. So, “Big _____” is using big government to hinder “Main Street” folks while preventing big government from hindering profits.

  • 30: Remember, most Western countries heavily regulate their markets (places where people spend resources to gain assets and services). We don’t. Low presence in heavily regulated countries, vs high presence here.

    47: Don’t forage from unwilling neighbors. Some folks want to poison their dandelions before they let anyone else eat them. (I’ve read 4 stories about this in 10 years, including one about neighbors suing other neighbors for picking dandelions or weeds from lawns. And a 5th about geese not being allowed on one lawn because of maintenance woes.)

  • 1. Here’s a brand new incentive for parents to switch to, or stick with, homeschooling:



    2. While I’ve used mostly credit unions for many years, just a couple of months ago I asked mine if they would open a business account for me in addition to my other accounts there. They refused, but wouldn’t explain why. So if you plan to operate your own business of whatever kind, be sure your credit union (or bank if it comes to that) will cooperate.

    3. About using flip phones — that’s all that Warren Buffett (the 4th wealthiest man in the world) is willing to carry. He wants nothing to do with smartphones. You can guess several reasons.

    4. This spring the US State Department made an announcement that “because of the Covid-19“ mess, they had cut way back on their available staff to process US passport applications or renewals. They strongly try to discourage anyone, unless there’s a life or death issue, from making such application now — at least until they can staff back up. Now here’s something more to worry about: Do you suppose the State Department would be waiting until some impossible-to-properly-test Covid-19 vaccine (with Bill Gates’ thoroughly corrupt and greedy blessing) becomes available so that State could demand proof that you took the jab before they would issue that passport?

    5. This news story hit the wires today:

    “US Living Standards Are About To Be Squeezed As Never Before” – Yale Economist Warns Of Dollar Crash


    Plus 271 comments, & counting…

    As the digitally counterfeiting “Federal” Reserve keyboards out funny money by the trillions at a time, it’s probably not possible to forecast (even with a Gypsy fortune teller’s cloudy crystal ball) when the value of the US dollar goes full Zimbabwe / Weimar / Argentina / Venezuela on us. If you suspect that crash may come soon, whether it’s as severe as when a wheelbarrow full of paper money can’t buy a loaf of bread, what would you rather convert your dollars into to preserve that value — that the Fed can’t counterfeit?

    It’s worth remembering that the US 1792 Coinage Act specified the death penalty for making money out of anything but precious metals. That was probably because the Revolutionary founders had very fresh and painful near-starvation experience with seriously over-printed continental dollars in addition to the counterfeited continentals the British shoveled into the colonies in order to destroy the colonies’ economy during our Revolution. Lincoln in his time of course totally ignored that law with his “greenbacks.” After all, looting the South for outrageously high taxes (tariffs) was more important to him than piddly laws. Then the 1913 Federal Reserve Act institutionalized counterfeiting for the benefit of government and big banking — which is why the US dollar has lost probably 98% of its value since 1913. It’s called stealing your purchasing power in a way that most people will never understand nor know of any way to defend themselves — and that will never ever be explained in a government / public school. The traditional remedy over thousands of years that ended such institutional looting has been a financial collapse. It’s the classical remedy in history to end a military-industrial-congressional (by whatever name) complex.


  • I am currently listening to your show on YouTube through people who take clips from your shows and repost. Where can I listen to you?!!!!

    • I had no idea there was a show like that! I’d love a link 🙂 And we’re strongly considering doing a channel on Rumble. If we do we’ll be posting about it here.

  • Great advice. I have committed myself to local living. The information you provide is invaluable and is the exact opposite of the “get in the pod and eat the bugs” thinking that corperations and governments are pushing.

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