Would You Fight for Your Country Like the Ukrainians? A Lot of Your Neighbors Wouldn’t.

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By the author of Be Ready for Anything and the course Bloom Where You’re Planted

It would be difficult to watch brave Ukrainian civilians facing down tanks and flinging homemade Molotov cocktails at the Russian Army without feeling intense respect for them. Regardless of what you think about the war itself, as always, it is the everyday people that are the ones suffering the most. The question is, what would happen if there was an invasion on US soil? Would you fight for your country? According to a disturbing poll, you’re part of a very slim majority, if you would. A full 38% of Americans said they’d flee in the face of an enemy.

Polling analyst Tim Malloy of Quinnipiac University said, “When confronted with a terrible hypothetical that would put them in the shoes of the Ukrainians, Americans say they would stand and fight rather than seek safety in another country.”

Who would stay, and who would run?

Let’s look at the nitty-gritty numbers on who would stay and fight and who would not. According to the poll, it breaks down along political party lines and age groups.


  • Stay and fight: 55%
  • Escape to another country: 38%


Percentage who would stay and fight:

  • Republicans: 68%
  • Democrats: 40%
  • Independents: 57%


Percentage who would stay and fight:

  • 18-34: 45%
  • 35-49: 57%
  • 50-64: 66%
  • 65+: 52%


Percentage who would stay and fight:

  • Men: 70%
  • Women: 40%

More Americans who are Hispanic would stay and fight than any other race, and slightly more people without a college degree would stay and fight.

What happened to patriotism?

I grew up in the days of Red Dawn (the original), and it seems like Gen-Xers like me are among the most likely to stay and fight. I think part of this can be explained by the fact that many of us are empty nesters, and we don’t have small children for whom to care. I know that if I had children living at home, my priority would be to get them to safety.

But that certainly doesn’t explain all of it.

What about the young folks – those who should be more fit to fight than us middle-aged people?

Well, I think our education system and social climate have a lot to do with why they don’t believe our homeland is worth fighting for. They’ve been programmed to believe that the United States of America is a terrible, racist place and that capitalism is bad. Another poll from Harvard shows that many young people are either “somewhat embarrassed” or “very embarrassed” to be American.

Education or brainwashing?

Our education system and mainstream media have destroyed this generation of Americans. They have erased their cultural pride, made them ashamed of their history, and negated their sense of self. (This is right out of the Marxist playbook, by the way – destroy a country’s sense of identity by diminishing its history.) Obviously, we have some historical moments that were not our finest, but I challenge you to find any country that does not. We evolve, we get better, and we learn lessons from the past.

A reporter from campus reform interviewed young people in Washington, DC.

The first person in the clip told her they “feel embarrassed to be an American every day” and referenced “racist history, colonization” and “currently just what’s going on with politics and the cops.” (source)

College students interviewed by Newsweek said such things as:

“Learning real American history has made me ashamed to be American,” Twitter user @blackoutvulture, who is 31, tweeted on July 11.

“Learning real American history has made me ashamed to be American. I’ve long since detested my heritage, but I have come to despise the country I find myself stuck in. How can anyone learn about this country and feel proud? It confuses and sickens me.” (source)

Steven Smith, a professor at Yale University and the author of Reclaiming Patriotism in an Age of Extremessaid:

“If students are taught from an early age that America is a country founded on genocide and created to perpetuate slavery—and this has become the ideology of much secondary and higher education canonized today in the NYT‘s ‘1619 Project’—then patriotism will seem nothing more than an expression of bigotry and moral blindness,” Smith said.

“Students today learn copiously about our national failings—perhaps a corrective to an older triumphalist picture of American history—but not enough about our ideals and aspirations.

“The names of our national heroes have been erased from schools and public buildings, and their statues have been removed. Patriotism requires that we have something to look up to, and the current school curricula have become a cure worse than the disease.” (source)

The Great American Identity Crisis

I was disappointed but not surprised at the ages and political lines shown by these surveys. When flying your own country’s flag makes you a target for terrorists that are never prosecuted because some people delusionally see it as a threat, you know your very identity as an American is at risk. When people in your country watch a Supreme Court nominee say she can’t define the word “woman” because she’s “not a biologist,” you know your very identity as a human being is at risk. (Before someone jumps in and calls me a bigot, note that I don’t care what you, as a consenting adult, choose to do with your body. I’ll politely call you anything you request, but I refuse to dismiss basic human biology.)

Arguments like these have weakened us as a country. In fact, they may be the end of our country.

(Make sure you check out our free QUICKSTART Guide on starving the beast so that you can help to keep our country alive.)

Luckily, not everyone feels this way.

I know many people who would not even consider leaving. There’s a reason I’m living in the US again after several years abroad. My country is not perfect, but it is worth fighting for, regardless of whether I agree with people in the office, regardless of our sometimes-sordid history. Tell me of one country in the entire world that has no dirty little secrets, and I’ll show you a country that has completely revised history.

Learning of our faults should not make us hate our country. It should make us strive to be better. I believe we should fix it, not flee from it.

I have no small children who rely on me, something that previously would’ve made me consider evacuating to safety. That’s perfectly understandable for those trying to save their children from falling bombs.

I don’t believe in going out and picking a fight. I don’t believe we should get involved in the wars of other people. But if someone were to bring the fight to my door, I would not run.

I may not be 25 anymore. I may not have the skills of a warrior. But I am an American, right to the core, and if we were invaded like Ukraine, I am willing to die on this hill. For my children, your children, and our children’s children.

What about you?

What are your thoughts? If your city or hometown was invaded like Ukraine, would you rush to safety or fight back? Why or why not? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • I saw the title and laughed.

    You think Americans are going to get up off their overweight rears to, do what exactly? I’d bet someone would fight like h*** if their pop-tarts or beer were taken from them.

    We are looooooong past fighting for anything, except perhaps our own comforts?

    Now,back to your article!

  • I would pick up arms and fight for the United States,ONLY if she was attacked first.If the United States started the war,like they have in many foreign nation just for regime change,i would tell the WH and Pentagon,piss off!You started this war,you can fight your own damned battles.

  • If our government put us in a position that i strongly disagree with, i don’t think I’d fight for something they are responsible for. If it came down to live or die,,,,, then yea, fight.

  • This article is spot on and it makes me incredibly sad. The indoctrination aka brainwashing of our youth is an abomination. If we were ever invaded I do hope the cowards aka the DemoRats would leave….at least we’d be rid of them. I will die on my hill if it comes to that, defending my country and what I’ve worked hard for. True patriots will! Mockers like the above comment….well, there’s no hope for losers with that state of mind. UnAmerican freeloaders. Yep, I said it and I could not possibly care less what any of them say to me about it. True American HERE!

    • AMEN!!! I’m old, but I would fight to my dying breath for this country! I’ve worked hard thru my life, tried to live a good life, helping others, praying, trying to live by God’s laws, and he’s blessed me with everything I could ever want and then some. This country has been good to me and mine, I’ve loved its history, my family has been part of it, my family has been military and fought for it, and are PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! GOD BLESS AMERICA, and if you dont feel that way, then get the h*** OUT……

  • Polls are BS. They are always slanted to one opinion or another, so the results are mostly meaningless.
    The key to this, is the Context. Who would you fight against, the Russians? the Chinese? The Government itself? The ” patriot movement”? Exactly who would you be defending the country from?
    This could make a lot of difference in the answers.

    Many people would change their minds on the spot, if they personally lost someone close to them, to
    the enemy. So do not put to much stock in these answers.

  • I already fought for my country once and I would do it again, even if I am much older. I was proud to do my patriotic duty. In Ukraine, it is said that 15% or more of the fighters are women. They are fighting for their lives. I don’t believe that the young people here would fight. Many of the young people today complain they have to work 40 hours, throw a hissy-fit if they have to eat a piece of meat, and many can’t decide if they are a boy or a girl !! They should truly thank the active soldiers for keeping them save in this country daily.

  • well tell ya what…if these “youngsters” dont want to fight for this country, then JUST LEAVE IT!!! leave it to those of us who want to fight to preserve what we love!!!!! why do they feel they are ashamed of this country? because its the way they are being brought up and taught!!!!! THIS NEEDS TO STOP AND CHANGE NOW! do they not want a country to be proud of, do they not want something to care about? they are so spoiled, entitled, DUMB AND IGNORANT, brainwashed its pathetic!!! if you dont care about America, then LEAVE IT NOW, we dont want you here to raise a stink about everything, be offended about every little thing, to be racist, entitled, and so forth….WE DONT NEED YOU! sick and tired of hearing this crap, seeing this non-patriotism, this HATRED of America, its history, its people.

    • OK, tigg and others complaining of the brainwashed younger generations:
      What are you doing about your local school board?

  • Yeah because the whole Ukraine vs Russia is the truth from the lying media. LOL. Seriously they create the reality and most believe it. Why no sentimentality when they killed millions of Iraqi women and children? This whole thing reminds me of the movie Wag the Dog.

    Ask Hunter about all his dealings in the Ukraine. What about those bio-labs in the Ukraine. Me thinks things are not what they seem to be and anything that has the support of that evil witch Hilary Clinton makes me an instant skeptic.

    And if you have forgotten people tried to fight for the USA with the January 6th protests and look how that turned out. Many have been retaliated against just for being there (not participating in any vandalism or violence). That is the nature of our current administration (maybe all administrations but this one is not even trying to hide their vindictiveness).

    • Yep. Exactly. I was in the army during Reagans drug wars. BOTH my parents were colonels. Relatives before that were in WW2 etc. My two boys have been forbidden to join the mitary, and I don’t want some idiot douche’ like tater sending them to die for NOTHING. Let’s say I take up arms to defend this “country” while the jackasses that have weakened it, and say I’m a “domestic terrorist” run away. If I don’t die, they come back and keep crapping on my white, Christian, meritocracy views. No thanks. Now, if, IF DC got nuked, and the head of our government got wiped out, I would change my mind. I refuse to fight for a bunch of tools who actively persecute me, and want to make my life and views as painful as possible. I have a lot of popcorn, tho…

  • Agree with many commenters that circumstances would affect the responses, but I suspect most poll respondents were thinking of a situation like Ukraine. In other words, I expect most of them think of “fighting” in terms of shooting back, based on media images.

    There are, however, other ways to fight. Also, I wonder if significantly more people (particularly in the older age groups) might be willing to SUPPORT those who “shoot back” by giving food, shelter, medical care, or offering other support from communications to information gathering. Participation in a resistance could involve much more than direct combat, and the poll might have missed that.

  • Notice the ethnic group that is continually vilified is the most likely to stay and fight. Not sure of the poll size nor geographic area. But given the reluctance to take COVID-19 mitigation efforts and/or vaccines, I think some who claim they’d fight are not being truthful.

    • Minorities and those with PhDs were some of the highest vaccine hesitant.

      Too bad the poll did not show those who were vaxx or un-vaxxed, who would run and who would stay and fight.

  • I would ask Selco respectively.
    If I would be surrounded, I would flee. If I were outnumbered by a double power superiority, I would start the peace talks. But to fight? We had too many wars here to just dumbly go to be cannon fodder.

  • I am actually a little disappointed the numbers across the board are so low. When I first read about the poll, I figured it would be closer to 80-90%.

    As for the age groups, my daughter witnessed this self-loathing in college. There was very much a atmosphere of contempt for anything patriotic, and sometimes even hostile. She, “kept my head down, and got out of there as fast as I could.”

    Like Daisy, I am a Red Dawn (the good one) Gen-X. Yep. I would stay and fight. Would it be awful? Of course. War is awful. Somethings are worth fighting for.
    As for those who would run, meh. Good to know in the here and now then find out when the shooting starts. They are not worth the effort to mull about their choice to run. By chance we were to win the day, defeat whatever enemy, and those who ran come back . . . they should not be surprised if we are not so welcoming. I am sure the excuses will flow like honey on a hot August day in central FL.

    • But! Would you fight for your country? Or for your friends, family, and fellow citizens? Would you fight for your country to stay the way it is now, with the present attitudes and rulers/leaders? Or would you fight for the ideals that we carry within us, and believe (right or wrong) are embodied in our country?

      It seems like such a simple question, but it gets complex really quickly when you ponder it. Unfortunately the numbers don’t surprise me. And to be honest, I find it mildly humorous that we would take up arms to fight a foreign invader, yet we have not been willing to get off our fat asses to fight the domestic invaders that have slowly taken over our country, our election system, and our core beliefs. We have not been willing to fight the insidious encroachment on the constitution and our civil liberties as we have watched our county be turned into a cesspool. I’m starting to feel like a Jew in Nazi Germany. We aren’t willing, and our elected representatives aren’t willing to take a stand and fight for even the smallest violations or our God-given rights, and then one day we wake up in a socialist/fascist dictatorship and wonder how we got there?

      • I get what you are saying.
        But do you really think anything would stay the same or would be pre-invasion normal?
        Heck, parts of the country are still suffering from Branch Covidianitis, wear masks in their own car, by themselves.
        Even those who run, will see things differently having spent time in another country as a refugee.

      • I have BEEN fighting. We wrestle not against flesh and blood…. I took off my face mask early when I found out it is satanic, and also found out that people with certain breathing issues cannot wear a mask safely (I am medically exempt). I loudly cheered every unmasked person I saw, and continue to rejoice in improvements (even Walmart allows smiling employees now). I have been starving the beast by keeping my income low to avoid taxes, gardening for an untaxed improvement in standard of living, using cash whenever I can, and supporting local businesses. I will be politically active on a LOCAL level where we have some chance of finding quality. I talk to neighbors.
        I am looking for a church that has a fellowship meal after the service like the first Christians did (Acts 6 plus current Jewish practice, plus pre-COVID practice of all ancient churches). The first American Revolution was led largely from the pulpit.
        The biggest challenge seems to be the slow realization that this fight must be fought harder than anything we have done before but NOT with conventional weapons or bodily attacks.

  • The question is, what would happen if there was an invasion on US soil? Would you fight for your country?

    Let me rephrase that question by Quinnipiac: “Would You Stand By And Let Nazis Kill Your Fellow Americans”? Well, they have, and it was our own government that did it.

    Lincoln said it best:

    ““From whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some trans-Atlantic military giant step the earth and crush us at a blow? Never. All the armies of Europe and Asia…could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. No, if destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever or die by suicide.”’

    • Lincoln was great, and one of our three best Presidents (Washinton & Trump the others,) but he could not have forseen the nature of global warfare, where our entire energy and communications infrastructure could be taken out in minutes, even by a small piss-ant nation like NK. Our country would be ripe for drawing and quartering by any other powers. That said, however, I don;t think they will even bother, allowing us to do what Lincoln said “…by suicide.,) which is already in the process due to Progressives running and ruining this country. How do you war with your neighbors when you don’t even know which side they are on?

      • How do you war with your neighbors when you don’t even know which side they are on?

        At least that one is easy. Regard all your neighbors as friends and strengthen each one in wisdom as you can. Give them truth they can accept. Work on local politics. Ignorance is the enemy, not souls.

        Many lack courage. If they are STILL cowering behind fear masks and anti-social “distancing” then they are scared out of their wits. Obviously, they believe lies and nonsense. First thing is stop watching TV news. Fear sells everything. But the fear is not just from scary headlines, but from jangly music, dirty electricity, the nerve-damaging energies in cell phones, and many other things. Learn what brings peace and health. Also find things to appreciate about your neighbors–that gives people a lot of courage.

        What a weapon! Appreciating your neighbors! We are NOT fighting a war like we have ever fought before.

  • In college, fellow American students used to say they claimed to be Canadian while traveling in Europe so they’d be treated better. I was a brand new Vietnam era veteran and it literally turned my stomach.
    Realistically, there are few Americans worth fighting for, but I hope we find each other and stand together.

  • I would stay and fight. If any male willingly flees the country and refuses to fight for the land they were born in, they should not be welcomed back after the fight is over. Freedom is not free and if you didnt help keep it, you dont deserve it.

  • I’m a combat veteran. I’ll go down fighting. I do go with the Grey man approach. No indication on my vehicle as to my views or experience. Woe unto those that cross me.

  • My one neighbor would stay and throw rocks and obscenities. Our other neighbor, an ex-Navy guy, hates guns, fly’s the flag, and claims that he is a registered Republican, but he would join whoever is against us. We grew up willing to stand and fight; but, we attend a church now who believes that people should either run or submit to the winning authority as Jesus would do. So, now I am conflicted,………this world or the next?

    • The Bible doesn’t say to submit to the winning authority. That’s a mistranslation of Romans 13:1–7. There the main emphasis is on authority, God’s authority. Man’s authority only if man submits to God’s authority. Micah 6:8 commands people to do justice, as in a court of law. Sometimes doing justice means fighting against unjust government. Several heroes of the faith mentioned in Hebrews 11 did just that. Fighting for justice is part of being salt and light in this world.

  • I’d fight for my family and a select group of my neighbors but not the guvment.
    As a veteran of the US Airforce I struggle with this quite often and have come to the conclusion that the current guvment (at all levels) is corrupt to the core and has been for quite some time. I refuse to fight to maintain the status-quo and enable the elites to continue to treat the rest of us like nothing but resources to be exploited.
    My attitude is that once the invading army (assuming there is one) has been chased out the current guvment in power is next.

    • We the People are the Government. It is our responsibility to remove those from Government who are supposed to represent us based on the values upon which our nation was founded – but don’t.

      • That’s the theory anyway, right?
        How did that work out for us in 2016 and 2020?

        I have no idea what generation you belong to but as an edge Boomer/Gen-Xer I was taught to love my country (be patriotic, which I am) and that the guvment had our best interest in mind in everything it does, so we should trust it. I hung onto that belief in the face of much evidence the guvment (politicians and unelected bureaucrats) cares only about itself**. The election of 2020 was the final straw that prompted me to abandon my naive beliefs and face reality.

        Finally: Riddle me this Batman, voting out a politician is theoretically easy (reality is a different story) but how do we remove and replace the permanent bureaucrats that make up the vast majority of the guvment?

        ** Of course this is a generalization, there are undoubtedly “good” people deep in the bowels of the vast guvment apparatus that runs this country, evidence shows they are in an extremely small minority.

  • America has always been filled with draft dodgers and courage-challenged males. The vast majority of those who served in World War II (our “Greatest Generation”) were drafted. Faced with attacks on our country by the Japanese, and a declaration of war by Germany, most didn’t run to recruiting offices, and many of those who did were simply trying to avoid being drafted into the Army. Too dangerous.

    Vietnam? Even worse. Most of my friends were desperately seeking deferments and/or slots in the Reserves.

    We pat ourselves on the back and sing about “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Too many young male couch potatoes today are addicted to video games and play “Call of Duty.” Very few, it appears, are inclined to answer it.

  • I would stay and fight for sure. I am a Navy and LE veteran and always my duty was to protect and serve, and I would do so again. Sadly, our youth today have been brainwashed by mostly liberal educators and the bias media, soft on crime liberals in the justice system. I think that the ones in rural areas would be most likely to fight. I am thankful, that for now at least, we have the right to own firearms with which to defend our families and country.

  • I’m too old to run, even if I was so inclined, which I’m not. So standing (or sitting) my ground and fighting is my choice.

  • AMEN! Big Pete said it best!

    The current and illegitimate government must be removed first before I will defend this country!

  • I am an 80-year-old great grandmother and I would fight to my death to defend this country if it was invaded.

  • Meanwhile down under the conservative government used the actions of one nutcase who slaughtered families at Port Arthur, Tasmania as reason to disarm the whole population. So we are therefore untrustworthy when it comes to owning firearms. Now in a time of crisis of the government’s own creation the people should be prepared to take up arms and defend their political asses, sorry the country. How does that work out for the common man and woman???

  • Who are you fighting for? the ELITE?
    These statistics don’t add up to 100%, so very strange confusion created by this.. just like Covid numbers made up?
    No Marxist playbook here, the destruction of national pride has been a long battle for the right thinking people like pre-WW2 Germany NSDAP no, not the NAZI, this is a Jewish term given to the NSDAP created by non other than the Ashkenazi from the Kazak region of Ukraine.. the Marxists (Bolshevik) are actual Jews (or rather a tribe that took on Judaism – the people that crucified Jesus remember), Kazaks, from no other than UKRAINE region! funny history that!
    Read Hitler’s last testimony and it may all become clear. Feel ashamed about being American, ask the Germans, especially Gen-X about being Germans.. all brainwashed!
    Look at UK TV ads, there is only whites intermingled with blacks – the agenda is clear, change the nationalism gene pool – yep folks, forget about blond blue eyed girls in future, we need to be mixed to be culturally ineffective against the elite in future! no identity, no future! simple solution, may take some generations but that’s where we are being herded into.
    As for me, i would not fight for any government.
    Prepare yourselves for the greatest ride in history. 1984 is here already, history has been changed to suite and is now driven further into its deceptive prophecy – fight for the ELITE (aka SATAN) or accept it or not, the LORD is coming soon! your choice – that is all what GOD is about if you care to understand it.. our mission now is to save souls, open their eyes to the LORD.

  • The reason the Ukrainians are fighting so hard is because they know that if the Russians win, there will be a blood bath. If they will die anyways, they would rather die standing and fighting, than kneeling with a bullet to the back of the head.

    How many of those who say they won’t fight, will change their minds if facing the same choice as the Ukrainians?

    During Vietnam, I let myself go 1A. Pissed my father. Then I flunked the physical. For some strange reason the army wasn’t interested in someone who could do only a soft, underhand toss. But the last few years I expect an invasion that will give us the same choice as Russia gives the Ukrainians, so I have had physical therapy to deal with my injuries that made me flunk the physical. I still can give only a soft, underhand toss, but I’ve practiced my marksmanship in both pistol and rifle. I’m in better physical shape than many people half my age. So count me in, I’m ready to fight. But I also have skills in sewing, cooking, machining—I’ll probably end up doing support rather than front line.

    For the veterans reading this, supposedly this is a true history: the last time the U.S. was invaded by a regular army, the British wanted to punish Baltimore for its privateers who were sweeping the seas of British commerce. First the British tried to get past a little fort with a big flag, but failed. They then tried a land invasion. The citizens of Baltimore set up three lines of defense. The first two lines were manned by men in their 20s and 30s, ready to fight. The British regulars drove them back. The third line was not supposed to see battle, so it was manned by a bunch of old codgers. But they were veterans. They drove the British back with heavy losses among the British.

    Will our veterans be like the Baltimore veterans? I hope so.

  • Whether it’s a foreign enemy, or bureaucratic G-men that swore the same oath that I did in the army that treads my ground, they’ll get shot.

  • Yea… but when you look at the FOOLS in Washington you would be frighting for… I get the feelings of the -get me out of here crowd. I myself would fight, but only if WE start over in Washington DC and Completely Disband the worthless legacy media… A CIA-Corporate-Government controlled media, that has brought us to this point in our recent sad history.

  • Look, I get it. The Culture war that has spread across the globe, the twenty four hour news cycle and the apparent lack of concern by the Elite for “legacy” Americans has embittered many of us and rightly so. The truth however is that we have more in common with our neighbors than what is apparent with a cursory scan of our ideals. Since September the eleventh it has been a crazy train that is hard to miss if your head is in the game. Things have been coming to a head and you would not be here reading this post if you were unaware. Open source intelligence revealed the signing of many accords and agreements between China and Russia in ‘08. I know some of you picked up on it then as well. Russia has several foils in the big game, Iran being their primary. China has expanded their influence dramatically world wide to include our own hemisphere. There is no doubt that they want to see a neutered West. If it comes a major storm that effects the home fronts of the Western world it will not matter if your neighbors fly a Klingon flag or a Federation one. What will matter is if you can work together to see that the children don’t have to starve and that they have clean water. It wont matter if they are ho-ho eating video game commandos or 60 year old retired military. What will matter is if YOU can put aside your differences and pull together as a community. Shirkers will try to take what you work for so you will have some hard choices. If it goes EMP or just grid down from hacking and sensitive site destruction by foreign military infiltrators it will be rough. Just remember your ancestors fought super fauna and survived. They did this with community. We will too.
    First time poster, long time reader
    Retired Veteran

  • I might be old(er) but I have lived the majority of my life and would stay and fight so my grandchildren have a place to live. No one expect a little old lady so I could possibly do considerable good/damage.

  • Yes I would stand and fight rather than seek safety in another country.

    But to get to that point we would have lost a more important fight first, namely the betrayal of our country by the democrats running the country.

    Joe Biden said it best when he said “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”. He was talking about Putin, but Biden is the one that should not be in power. This puppet president/administration is destroying this country on purpose while telling every one he is building back better. Saying we must fight inflation by printing more money. Saying we must tax unrealized gain to make the rich pay their fair share. What kind of idiots believe this – democrats.

    The entire Ukraine – Russia war was created by Biden’s puppet masters. The Ukrainians are just cannon fodder in the globalist campaign for world domination. Putin was tricked in to this war. The Ukrainians lost the war as soon as this fake president was elected.

    Look at what Biden said about Putin. Biden is actually calling for regime change and that is why they tricked Putin in to this war against Ukraine. Ukraine is suppose to be Putin’s Vietnam. This war is intended to drag on an on bleeding Russia and destroying support for Putin inside Russia. Domestically the war serves the globalist as an excuse for Biden to come up with more taxes which he did Monday 3-28-2022. And of course Biden gets to make Putin a scapegoat for price inflation and food shortages and everything else bad that is happening to this country because of him. The war will make dementia Biden look like a heroic figure standing up against the evil villain Putin. At least that’s the script according to the msm.

    Anyone here owe over a million dollars in taxes. Honest Joe’s crack head son Hunter Biden does. With all of his pay for play, kick backs, $500,000 for paintings Hunter made and outright bribes, the money adds up fast. The IRS wants their share no matter how dishonestly Hunter made it. The Biden crime family in action.

    Biden’s Russian-regime-change call is the perfect symbol of his foreign-policy follies
    By Harry J. Kazianis March 27, 2022

    President Joe Biden wants Russian President Vladimir Putin gone. “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” Those are his words.

    Hunter Biden tells friends he has taken out a LOAN of more than $1M to pay off his tax liability: Experts say payment could help him escape being indicted on federal tax crimes

  • Patriotism as defined by the propaganda can go eff itself.

    With that said I will stand and fight for my stake in this country and for the people that live here near an far. Otherwise I wish tortuous death pain and destruction upon the Zalenskys Bidens and Putins of the world for provoking harm to their people no matter the type.

  • I would not so politely tell those 38% to leave…NOW. They are probably living off those of us who do the heavy lifting,pay the taxes, and clean up their messes. I am proudly one of the 66% in age group 50 – 64 who would fight for this country. BTW: don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

  • We have been invaded by a foreign power for many years now. The communists that Senator McCarthy warned us about have been slowly building their army right under our noses. They have employed guerilla tactics for years and the American people have simply allowed the invasion to continue.
    Think of it this way: First the Special Forces teams arrived and prepared the way by indoctrinating the young and quietly taking over local politics, i.e. teachers unions, DA offices, Election Commissioners. Then came the slow takeover of federal government. Now we see the main force of troops landing on our southern border.
    The war is almost over and our side has not even noticed that there is a war. Those who have noticed have been managed by the advance troops controlling the media, etc. and pose little, if any threat to the invaders.
    There is a reason that non-military people are willing to fight and the biggest reason is that they have nothing to lose. Ordinary Americans have too much to lose to want to risk it all on a fight of any kind. It isn’t a question of “are you willing to lay your life on the line” but more a question of “are you willing to lay your pension on the line, risk losing your home and two cars, or losing your job or your life savings. Ask the same people, “are you willing to live in the woods on the run for the rest of your life” and you will get a different result.
    As long as the American people have a chance to hold onto their “things”, their accumulated wealth, their benefits, they will surrender one foot of ground at a time in hopes of being able to keep that last foot of soil before the edge of the cliff.

  • I literally have nothing to lose, am older, all kids grown, all grandkids grown, still able, still in my right mind, would stay and fight,,,,may Jesus come soon!

  • I wasn’t born in America, I chose to live here. America may not be perfect, and it may have strayed from some of the ideals the Founding Fathers had in mind, and it may still have to work on achieving other ideals, but the ideals are still the best option on the planet. That’s why so many people want to come here.

    All thet being said, I have no problem fighting if America is invaded.

  • I would fight. As the saying goes you have to stand for something. I simply cannot imagine running away, I have spent years raising my children to be patriotic Americans. They are now instilling similar values into my grandchildren. I have no desire to fight, I will not go looking for a fight, but if it comes here I am all in

  • What country?
    Country of Trannies and leftists?
    And yes I will fight but afterwards there will be some payback

  • All this money funneling for foreign wars WILL bite us in the ass. The hypocrisy of our leaders calling Putin a war-mongerer is funny…Given our last 30 years of crisis event/ reactionary wars for globalism. (Afghan,Iraq,iraq again(1991), Obamas Syrian policy…The list goes on the further you go back…What happened to non-intervention? Oh, the Military Industrial Complex wagers those wars as long as they can get a good portion of the populace behind them(or in some cases it doesn’t matter…) Last time we declared war, was WW2…ever since it’s been U.N ‘Peace keeping’ missions, or outright undeclared war against the themed bogey man of the decade. I hope you keep reaching people with some logic…Thanks for the article.

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