World War III: Are We Being Manipulated Into a Fight We Can’t Win?

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By the author of Be Ready for Anything and the online course Bloom Where You’re Planted

Everyone is talking about World War III right now, and I hate to be the one to say this, but…all I can wonder is whether we’re being manipulated into a fight we can’t win. This is probably going to make some folks mad, but there are some facts, statistics, and unanswered questions that support my premise.

Picture this.

A clean-cut athlete from a wealthy family sees a skinny, underprivileged kid. The athlete wants to blow off some steam and look cool to his prep school friends, so he punches the skinny kid right in the face.

Later, when the athlete is questioned by the school, he says that the skinny kid did something horrible, and thus, deserved the punch in the face.  Because the athlete is rich, well-connected, and the star of the football team, the administration and the cops opt to believe him because it makes it a whole lot more acceptable that he punched the skinny kid.

But when the skinny kid gets home, he talks to his big brother. His brother may not be from an elite background like the athlete, but he is just as big and just as athletic. He has grown up hard, so he is way, way more aggressive. And he has friends. Big, aggressive friends who are willing to fight viciously and who have the skills to back it up.

The big brother contacts the athlete and his prep school friends. He warns them that his skinny little brother has had enough. He is angry that they lied about his brother and that everyone pretended to believe them. He tells them that if they ever pick on his brother again, they’ll be answering to him and his badass friends.

If the athlete has any common sense, he’s going to see that he and his friends are outnumbered, outgunned, and outmatched. No matter how “special” they think they are, how can they possibly win a fight against more numerous opponents that have the same skills and the same weapons, but more – many more – people to wield them?

If you were the athlete, what would you do in this situation? 

If you’ve been following the Syria situation, you probably understand who is represented in the cast of characters above.

I don’t have a background in military strategies. I’m not a politician with special clearance. This may make me seem like the wrong person to assess the looming World War III we’re about to get ourselves into. But humor me while I share some of my research and tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

This goes all the way back to President Obama.

Back in 2016, I wrote an article titled, “Why Is Obama Doing Uncomfortably War-Like Things to Syria and Russia?” In that article, I wrote:

You CANNOT just show up in another country and start calling the shots because you don’t like the way they do things.

I have questions.

  • Is this just saber-rattling or does Obama really think he has the right to invade a foreign country, shoot down the aircraft of that country, and also shoot down the aircraft of an invited guest in that country?
  • Does he really think he would get away with it?
  • Is he deliberately trying to provoke other world leaders?
  • Does Obama actually want a war? Because this is how you get a war.
  • Is he totally insane?
  • Does he really think Vladimir Putin will sit back and say okay, fair enough, Barack, no biggie?
  • And getting into a p*ssing contest with Russia? What is he thinking?

Provoking Putin takes things to a whole new level. It puts millions more lives at risk because what is currently a civil war could easily escalate into an international conflict with two superpowers on different sides. (source)

And that was two years ago. What’s going on now is no different, except that China has Russia’s back who has Syria’s back.

Trump is doing the same stuff as Obama.

Remember how we all thought that Hillary Clinton would immediately get us into a war with Russia if she had been elected? Remember how we thought that Trump would actually be able to get along with Vladimir Putin?

I think any of us who thought that Trump might be more anti-interventionist than the presidents who preceded him or the opponent against whom he ran have to admit that we’ve all been duped. Trump is just like every warmongering president before him.

And for those who are still defending him: don’t you realize that your bias is just as bad as the one you blamed the Democrats of having when they supported Obama droning the crap out of the Middle East? Stop it. President Trump isn’t playing “4-D Chess.” He doesn’t have some wise plan to which the rest of us are not privy. He is just like the rest of them. Maybe someone else is pulling the strings, but the end result is the same.

By making these ridiculous statements and trying to find the positive in a situation that has clearly gone straight to heck, perhaps you’re really trying to justify having voted for him. My friends, a lot of people voted for him and they all feel this way, but there comes a time when you have to see that wrong is wrong and call it out.

There was no hard evidence that Assad gassed his people in 2017.

Last time the media said that President Assad gassed his own people, there was no evidence. Just heart-wrenching, horrifying videos of little children foaming at the mouth and writhing in agony. I was sickened by those videos just as much as anyone else who watched them.

But it was never proven that President Assad made the call to do this. I don’t know President Assad, but it sure doesn’t make sense that he’d gas a bunch of little kids to death, does it? I mean, what would he gain from that?

Those who weren’t convinced were called conspiracy theorists and cast into a bucket with a bunch of unsavory Alt-Right types. But even in this critical article, I ask you, where is the proof? Senator Ron Paul produced this video at the time.

As Dr. Paul said in the video, things were getting peaceful and someone didn’t like that.

So, despite this lack of proof, Trump bombed them anyway.

Then it was like deja vu all over again.

Let me provide a list of facts:

April 3: President Trump said that he was pulling American troops out of Syria.

April 8: A gruesome gas attack was allegedly executed on Syrian civilians, complete with gruesome videos of suffering toddlers. Trump decides not to pull the troops just yet.

April 9: Sen. John McCain blames Trump and says Assad was “emboldened” by his call to pull the troops. (But wait – wouldn’t Assad mind his manners until the US got out of his country? Why would he give them an excuse to stay?) In a series of tweets, Trump said:

Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria,” Trump tweeted. “Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world. President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price to pay. Open area immediately for medical help and verification. Another humanitarian disaster for no reason whatsoever. SICK!”

April 11: Russia warns the US against striking Syria. Moscow’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzia warned Washington that it will “bear responsibility” for any “illegal military adventure” it carries out. (source)

April 12: Sec. of Defense Mattis said there was “still no evidence” to confirm the gas attack but he believed there was one anyhow.

April 13: So, without evidence, the US military bombed Syria in retaliation for the alleged gas attack. They struck 3 different sites.

April 14: Russia was ticked and warned, “Such actions will not be without consequences.”

April 16: Russia presented “proof” that the UK actually carried out the gas attacks. But we didn’t hear much about that, did we?

Just so we’re clear, there was NO EVIDENCE that Assad gassed his own people but we bombed them anyway. In fact, we bombed them right before the investigators arrived to confirm or deny the claims that they had these chemical weapons. That’s not suspicious at all.

Here’s Ben Swann with a full rundown of the gas attack.

The US is drawing us into a massive conflict without any evidence. In fact, it seems like they may be hiding the evidence that would keep us OUT of a war.

And this is what COULD happen next.

Now, I haven’t got a crystal ball, but I have a few thoughts on what kind of Gordian knot the US government is pulling us into.

And that is World War III – a WWIII it would be very difficult for the United States to win.

I’m not being unpatriotic by saying that. We do have a very strong military, advanced technology, and billions of dollars to spend in the military-industrial complex. Heck, a lot of rich people would get a whole lot richer if a war happened.

But here’s the problem: I’m being realistic and reality isn’t always pretty.

China has said that they will be backing Russia, who will be backing Syria.

Let’s look at the numbers:

These numbers don’t include people who could be drafted – just the people who are already trained and in the military.

In Global Firepower’s military strength index, which takes into account technology, watercraft, aircraft, and weapons, the United States is in first place. We have the strongest military in the world.

However, 2nd place is held by Russia and 3rd is held by China. If they combined their resources, they’re far and away ahead of the United States. Our allies, France and the UK, are a distant 5th and 6th. Israel is way down the line at #16.

I think you can see where this is going. It’s entirely possible that our government is picking a fight they can’t win. And of course, they won’t be the people sent to the front lines to defend the country, nor will their children. That will be what happens to the rest of us, who had nothing to do with bombing Syria in the first place.

Maybe losing an ill-advised war is the SHTF we need to worry about.

Maybe the real SHTF we need to worry about is getting involved in a World War III that we can’t win. That’s not on most people’s list of TEOTWAWKI possibilities.  It’s pretty much unfathomable that we would lose a war – it’s never “officially” happened in our history, although there are some hushed conversations about certain conflicts in which we certainly didn’t win.

There aren’t very many scenarios we think about in which we wouldn’t eventually be the victor, and if we end up in this war, we may still “win” due to advanced technology and strategies. But the losses would be great as far as human life is concerned and things would always be different in the future.

Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail. Hopefully, the fact that more of the public is beginning to see through the machinations of those who will profit from war will slow down the wheels that are already in motion. Hopefully, we can live in peace and let others do so as well. Hopefully, we can stop intervening in other country’s civil disputes and work on cleaning up our own house.

But, historically, that seems unlikely.

The information in these articles will help you to get prepared for World War III, however it ends up happening.

Check out the classes by Selco, because he is one person who has lived through a nightmare like this. Stock up on emergency food, figure out what you’ll do about water, learn about nuclear survival (there’s a whole chapter in my newest book) hope for the best, and plan for the worst.

All we can do to try and prevent this nightmare is to be vocal about the fact that we DO NOT want war with Syria. Because Syria has a big brother and that big brother has big friends.

What do you think?

I would be very interested in your take on the Syria-Russia-China mess. Do you think we’re headed toward WWIII? Do you disagree or agree with the analysis here? Don’t go all Dunning-Kruger. Think critically, even if it goes against your deeply held convictions. Please keep it civil and FACTUAL as we discuss this in the comments section.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Everyone please take note: We spend $Hundreds of Billion$ per year on Department of Homeland Security. It was the duty and sole mission of DHS to seal the borders and secure this Nation.
    Have you heard ONE WORD from those P.O.S. about preparing for possible nuclear war? Have they made ANY preparations for CIVILIAN(YOU & YOURS) casualties? Any public service announcements of supplies and preparations you should be making? Bunkers, food, supplies, medical is all set aside for “THEM” what about YOUR Family? Everything for the shit-bird politicians and NOTHING for your family.
    The DHS should have sealed our borders 16 years ago. The DHS does SQUAT about NARCOTerrorists invading America. The DHS should have built that WALL to SECURE the Nation. The DHS should have banned ALL muslums 16 years ago until muslums stopped ALL terror activities.
    “Homeland Security” — we spend BILLION$ every year on DHS and all DHS does is run up overtime, pad their pensions, and divert emergency equipment into their garages and basements.. Russian state-owned television is urging the country’s residents to stock their bunkers with water and basic foodstuffs because Moscow could go to war with Washington. Warning that the potential conflict between the two superpowers would be “catastrophic,” an anchor for Russia’s Vesti 24 showed off shelves of food, recommending that people buy salt, oatmeal and other products that can last a long time on the shelves. Powdered milk lasts five years while sugar and rice can last up to eight years, the newscaster explained before showing videos of pasta cooking in a bomb shelter.

  • He was put in office to start all this. He’s not good and I never fell for any of his nonsense. I didn’t vote for anyone. They are all moved by the same evil spirit that moves most people. To know what will happen to America, read a Bible. It is not pretty. No one can live in an irradiated area. Chernobyl comes to mind, but the Bible compares it Sodom and Gomorrah. Either one is horrifying to think of. America had a little run of 240 something years it won’t make it to 300 for sure. Everyone will go back to their origins, it was a failed experiment. Hope you all like dreary Old England, were coming home I guess. So long America, was nice to have experienced it, but your days are numbered and unless you get out now, you will burn in it rather quickly as within an hour actually as is explained in the Holy Bible. God bless you all and hope your eyes are opened to the truth and you get on the next plane outta here.

  • Military strategists have always known there would be no way to de-escalate a hot war between Russia, China and their vassals and the US and its allies. For over 70 years the doctrine of mutually assured destruction mitigated the threat of nuclear Armageddon. Both the Russians and the US possess thousands of ICBMs and other tactical and deployable nukes. Russian nuclear armed subs regularly patrol the waters off the east and west coasts of the continental US. They could reduce every square inch of North America to a smoldering heap of ash within half an hour and the combined nuclear arsenals of both countries, if expended, could turn entire continents into a sea of glass and render the whole planet uninhabitable for centuries.
    That any rational, reasonable person would conclude that the doctrine of MAD is somehow obsolete is simply unthinkable and inexcusable. There are no winners in a war of such magnitude. The outbreak of a shooting war between Russia and the US would inevitably draw other nuclear armed nations into the conflict and the resultant global conflagration would be equivocal to an extinction level event.
    The warlord bankers with their agenda of global domination are playing a dangerous game. The western powers, namely the US and UK, France and NATO are warmongering on behalf of the Rothschild/Bank of England banking cartel for the survival of their monetary hegemony. They have attempted, unsuccessfully to back the BRIICS nations into a corner economically and are growing impatient and increasingly willing to risk global thermonuclear war to achieve their villainous objectives. There will be no peace in our time, and time is growing short. Syria is the springboard to the eventual invasion and subversion of Iran, with Israel pulling the strings of its Allies the US and the UK. Unfortunately at the current time and in the highly volatile geopolitical climate, all roads lead to WW3…

  • This war is primarily economic. The Globalist Oligarchs and Banksters that finance both sides of every conflict have stolen everything, and the jig is very soon to be up. This is where they turn over the chessboard, and create massive chaos, in order to introduce the change they really want: a new global financial system. It’s the DOLLAR that is slated for destruction; we are merely the collateral damage. And with 100,000,000 working-age people not working (globalists call them “useless eaters”), and more than 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities, it’s no wonder that the beginning of the great “culling of the herd” should start here.

    These devils would not be allowed to do this if we as a people had been diligent in preserving the constitution, and the rule of law. But we have become corrupt and immoral along with our leaders, and the sins of this country have piled up to heaven, and the blood of all slain upon the earth is found in her. She says in her heart, “I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow”; therefore her plagues will come in one hour; famine and death and mourning. For in her pride she would not repent of her sins; the lies, thefts, adulteries, and murders.

    When Jesus began His ministry, He came preaching, saying, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” The message hasn’t changed, and neither has God. In order for we, as a people, to preserve the Republic, we would have to see repentance such as occurred in Nineveh at the preaching of Jonah. Imagine all those pickup trucks that have American flags flying in the back of them flying flags of ash-stained sackcloth with the word “REPENTANCE” printed large across it, instead. Only that level of repentance would empower the people to righteously remove from power all these satanic, globalist central bankers and their olgarch minions and political, military, and religious toadies.

    I know that all things are possible with God, and this COULD be done; I just don’t believe it will. This people has waxed gross indeed, and barely manage to lift the next spoonful of easy-mac, or swig of cheap beer, to their lips. Even the halfway decent among us will not be spared, since we will be forced to kill many of these fat, stupid, brainwashed zombies when the food riots inevitably begin. Personally, I’m exhausted, and suffer from a number of chronic ailments requiring treatment and medicine. I long for heaven and home. It is extremely unlikely that I will survive the next decade, but God’s will be done. This emboldens me to speak plainly of the coming darkness and judgement. I pray the Republic will choose love today, and REPENT. There can be no war if all of us little folk humble ourselves, and forgive, and refuse to go to war with one another.

  • I posted this elsewhere yesterday, but will repeat it here today:

    A well-known Youtuber claimed that the buildings bombed in Syria were deep state holdings that had been identified earlier so they could be targeted for destruction after the U.S. found some excuse to go in there with bombs. Supposedly the reason that Trump talked a short time ago about withdrawing troops was in order to provoke the deep state into pulling some stunt in Syria that they would then blame on Assad, hoping he would then bomb Syria. What they didn’t count on was that he had anticipated their move and used it as an excuse to go in and bomb the the deep state places instead of the Syrian government buildings. This theory would explain why he rushed to strike before the scheduled commission arrived to determine who had actually done the gassing.

    According to the following comment on a forum, one of the targets just happened to be a chemical weapons lab run by the deep state and disguised as a research facility. Check out the Board of Directors! This is straight out of thriller novels!

    I don’t know whether or not “Q” is legitimate, but according to Q, Iran will be the next country from which the deep state will be routed. So we can expect similar false flags there. We should hope that Trump indeed has a master plan and things are going according to schedule, rather than assume he’s just another plant. Events of this sort would be the ONLY way the deep state could be taken out.

    • Yes, thank you for posting this. I have heard this as well and there are videos surfacing that show many of these missiles being intercepted yet certain ones were allowed through. Russia was given advanced warning through back channels and had time to warn the Syrian government and get their assets and personal out of the way. What is going on is Trump vs the Deep State, not Trump and the US starting WW3. This has everything to do with getting rid of the Deep State in the middle east.

  • I understand why all this WW3 stuff is being posted because it sure gets a lot of clicks but I for one do not believe that the US under President Donald Trump is leading the US into war. Why?

    Let’s look at the missiles launched last Friday into Damascus. What was really accomplished there? Did this further the Deep State agenda? For starters, most of the missiles fired were intercepted contrary to what the US military is bragging. Just search on Youtube for yourself if you don’t believe me, I’ve already seen a few videos of them. Yet certain ones were allowed to hit their designated target. Why is that? From I understand the targets were abandoned buildings, the Syrian government and Russia were given time to set up the ant-missile systems too so that doesn’t sound like it helps the Deep State.

    Reports are that areas previously held by the Syrian rebel forces such as Eastern Ghouta including the city of Douma are now under the control of the Syrian government according to this site here( That would seem to work counter to the objective of the Deep State who want MORE areas under rebel control, not less.

    Second, what has been the response from Russia? Pretty quiet considering what happened. They are wanting the OPCW to come in and report the truth about what happened in Douma yet the UN seems to be interfering and not letting them access the site. Just read the fake news from CNN here about what is happening: “The OPCW team has been in Syria since Saturday, but Russia and Syria had denied it access to Douma, Peter Wilson, the UK envoy to the chemical weapons watchdog group, said Monday. Russia has repeatedly denied the accusation.” (source: Think people! Does it make any sense to you whatsoever to have Russia and Syria deny the OPCW access to the site considering they are the ones that invited them??? They have nothing to hide but it appears that the Deep State does not want them there and are blocking efforts. Trump is allowing them time to get the report out, if he was working for the Deep State something like this would not be in his interest.

    From what I understand the PLAN is to get the troops out of Syria and eventually out of the entire middle east not WW3.

  • Sure, WWIII must happen as it is the 4th seal. Nations will not repent so there you have it. The 6th seal is a celestial event like no other in memory. These will completely end all current monetary / investment systems and governments. Landing on its feet will be the beast of the earth, the False Prophet backed by the U.N. who will have introduced his mark which must be depended upon for sustenance. The agreement of the covenant with Israel shall be instituted and should be noted as day 1 of 2520 days which end with Armageddon.

  • I have read your article and whilst I agree with you that’s the chemical weapon attack didn’t possibly didn’t happen , I cannot foresee WW111 ever happening , far too much for any side to lose , it wasn’t long ago North Korea was deemed the possible chance of WWW111 , which is now looking as if both sides will sit down and negotiate.
    Russia poses the biggest threat to world peace all the time Putin is in power but even he would surely think twice . In a few months time everyone will have cooled off and the war of words will be a distant memory

  • Hi, Catherine. I try really hard not to censor the commentary here. If a person just comes on, calling names, I delete or redact the comment. If someone has a point they wish to make, regardless of whether I agree or not, I allow the comment.

    Some would find your anti-Islam or anti-Freemason comments to be offensive. I’m not giving an opinion on this – just saying that we all have the freedom to comment as long as we’re doing more than simply insulting one another.

  • President Trump is not the first to get the U.S. into a conflict without Congressional approval, BUT- The Constitution is crystal clear on the matter. ONLY Congress has the power to declare war. I am disappointed that he acted without Congressional approval. Perhaps he needs someone in his inner circle to advise him on Constitutional matters. I would be honored if given the position, and I would do this at a very nominal fee.

  • I think..
    Someone convinced trump where our economy is really going and he capitulated.
    In the past the false flags were more convincing but there was far less information flow than today too.
    Everything presented by our own GOV looks so fake, there is zero reason trump would not wait for
    independent analysis of the attach scene in syria so being that he didn’t and wouldn’t tells me he’s
    either gotten incredibly stupid, is scared of something else or maybe this elusive deep state brainwashed him.
    I’ll have to wait and see, might not take too long.

  • Smedley Butler , this countries highest decorated marine. His views on war are interesting for the times then and now. He refused to be bought by deep state and exposed them. Treason within our own country is nothing new. Not sure what exactly is happening , beyond my understanding , I am hoping Russia, China, US etc.. are covertly flushing out the bad guys, working together. I can hope this is the truth

  • “Remember how we all thought that Hillary Clinton would immediately get us into a war with Russia if she had been elected? Remember how we thought that Trump would actually be able to get along with Vladimir Putin?”

    No, I don’t remember that. I remember having very strong concerns that Trump was a volatile guy who might well start a nuclear war and Clinton, for all her many faults, seeming calculating enough to avoid that kind of behavior.

    I don’t mean that disrespectfully – just noting that this statement was jarring for me.

  • “The wages of sin is death.”
    America has tolerated feminism, homosexuality and the murder of millions of little babies in the womb and there is no repentance.

    Even if America kissed and made up with Russia tomorrow, destruction is still coming one way or another.
    And that is true of the whole world. Nations don’t have an afterlife, so they pay for their crimes in this life.

  • The comments here are a microcosm of the dynamics of the world. And they demonstrate clearly that people are irrational, which was bad enough with sticks and stones, but is horrifying now that such aggressive personalities can utilize nukes & rockets.
    All the antisemitism aside – and of course such religious freaks who claim that Rabbi Jesus was and will be the solution to all our problems ignores so many other issues while prostrating to superstitious nonsense – the notions of a particular viewpoint or belief system being the threat is only a superficial explanation. The underlying problems is fad or fashion for the young, who rush to protest and do whatever happens to be in vogue when some political passion is evoked. And it is greed and selfishness in older folks who buy into the crass idea that we are always right and are therefore entitled to do whatever we please, kill whomever we wish, and take whatever we want. How do you suppose we captured so much of the world in the last hundred years?
    “(People) are irrational, that’s all there is to that!
    Their heads are full of cotton, hay, and rags!
    They’re nothing but exasperating, irritating,
    vacillating, calculating, agitating,
    Maddening and infuriating drags!”
    Lerner & Lowe sure got it right.

    • And of course we should all listen to an Ultraskeptic because you have all of the real answers that no one else has, right? Because you consider yourself to be wiser than God and all of His Bible thumpers.

  • The thing that surprises me is that Russia hasn’t struck back already. When I saw that POTUS had bombed Syria on the 13th I said to the Wife, that’s it. That’s how WWIII was started.

  • I never once believed this “gas” attack. Seems to trite too be worried and concerned about in a country that has one so-called Superpower owned and operated by a thug kleptomaniac in that region.

    I would not fear him, but I wouldn’t go looking for a fight either. Unless there is something else going on and that’s the one I’ll stick with for now.

  • “World War III: Are We Being Manipulated Into a Fight”

    All U.S. wars WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Iraq, you name it. The people have been manipulated into fighting. Most on false premises. Lusitania, Japanese attack on Pear Harbor (we knew it was coming and stood down), Gulf of Tonkin incident, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (not!).

  • this situation is many years in the making, most recently publicly declared by The Project for a New American Century. much was written in this regard by brezinski some decades earlier. they determined that only a unipolar world controlled by them is acceptable. russia refuses–with good reason–to be a part of their global financial and political system. therefore, for the globalists, the conflict must and will happen. dead bodies and destruction is an acceptable price for others to pay for the establishment of their system. remember, these are technocrats; systems matter, people don’t, except when those people are useful to establishing the system. they are tools, nothing more. it’s an inhuman agenda leading to an inhuman technocratic system. elites and serfs. they are evil.

  • You might recall that back around 2008, John Kerry was trying to sell the American public on the idea of a “pin prick” attack on Syria, in response to a gas attack allegedly perpetrated by Assad against “muslim children”. Backlash from the public caused the administration to back away from this attack. In the meantime, investigators discovered the gas canisters were from Saudi Arabia.

    Why would the Saudis be involved in something like this? Money. It goes back to Nixon taking the US off of the gold standard in the early 1970’s. This was done because the Federal Reserve Bank–who prints and mints all notes and currency under an agreement entered into under Woodrow Wilson. Every dollar produced under this agreement was a dollar the govt “borrowed” in our name. Said dollars were to be repaid by the taxpayers, plus interest, plus federal income taxes based on the number of those dollars that passed through the taxpayers’ hands. There was a small hitch–the Federal Reserve could NOT produce more “money” than could be covered by gold in Ft. Knox. An ounce of gold was valued at $35.00, there HAD to be an ounce of gold in Ft.Knox for every $35.00 produced. While Nixon was distracted by his legal woes, the Federal Reserve “accidentally”produced and released Billions more dollars than there was gold to cover. Suddenly, there was a run on America’s gold from European banks–American citizens were not allowed to own gold coins or bullion at the time. Nixon got wind of this, and divorced the dollar from gold, so no more could be redeemed with paper money. Long story short, the OPEC nations refused to accept the dollar because it was backed by nothing. They would accept Deutschmarks, Swiss francs or Pounds Sterling as those were backed by silver. When they arabs (all mid east kings for our purposes here) refused the dollar, Nixon announced that OPEC had “embargoed” oil sales to the US. In the years that followed prior to his resignation, Nixon spent a LOT of time with the arab nations, holding hands, kissing asses and probably a lot worse to get these kings to sell oil for US Dollars. They eventually arrived at the “Petrodollar” Agreement.OPEC agreed that they sell oil ONLY to countries that had US Dollars, and not accept any other form of payment. Nixon promised America’s hand in an unholy matrimony in which we promised military hardware and military support if ever needed by our new “best friends”. Until 2008, it continued to work well.

    The kings who made this agreement with Nixon are long dead. The power structure of the world has changed. The crown Prince of Saudi Arabia requested his “best friend” America, remove Assad from power as the Saudis wanted to run a natural gas pipeline across Syria to compete with Russia in the natural gas business. That’s why Obama sent Kerry out to sell us on the idea of a “pin prick” attack. He failed, and the Saudi prince announced that he might have to “rethink” the Petrodollar agreement. This story did appear in world press, but quickly disappeared.

    In the years leading up to this, the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) began to buy up as much physical gold as they could, with a long-range plan of using their own gold-backed currencies to supplant the US Dollar in world commerce.

    Since the “pin prick” attack fizzled under Obama, the Saudis have begun to sell oil for gold to China. If the dollar were downgraded on the world market, it may be that nothing manufactured overseas would be imported here because the manufacturers wouldn’t want US Dollars, or would discount their value to the point that it would be ridiculously expensive for consumers at the retail level to buy much of anything in the US. Little of what we find in the retail market in the US is actually grown or manufactured here. Empty stores mean no wares to sell, no need for employees, and stores of every type closing down when consumers stop consuming. What would the nations stuck with oodles of US Dollars do with them? Buy land in America. China has been doing it for years. America is one of the few countries where non-citizens can actually own land. Land will keep its value, and those international buyers will have a commodity they can sell to us–if we can afford it–or to other nations, like Mexico, Syria, Iran everybody, actually.

    How can America get out from under this? War. With Russia AND China. India, Brazil and South Africa would have little stomach for war, and so won’t be a threat with their gold should Russia and China be taken out. IF they can be taken out. Safe bet that the elites in Washington will be safely out of the US should things go sideways in their war to save the dollar…

  • We can’t win a nuclear exchange, but neither can anyone else. And behind the scenes the U.S. are Russia are a lot chummier than things appear on the surface.

    Why wouldn’t Assad gas a troublesome population? That other Ba’ath Party dictator, next door, did so. A LOT. And why did Saddam’s gas weapons suddenly disappear before we invaded? Where did they go? SYRIA, duh.

    My question is why we’re involved with the Syrian civil war in the first place? And why hasn’t Trump got us out of there like he promised? It’s time to end Obama’s attempt to dominate the Middle East with Islamist dictatorships and leave the secular guys like Assad in place. At least they’re predictable.

  • Okay folks, this article is barking up the wrong tree. Before you start with the “”Trumps getting railroaded into WW3” dialog, examine the facts that we have. The chlorine agent will not work unless it is detonated from above(dropped from a plane or helicopter). The only ones over there with capability to do so are USA, Russia, Assad. While I think that neither we nor the Russians did this for the obvious reason of escalation, why would Assad do this when he is winning? Only answer I come up with is PUNISHMENT. He did it because he wanted his enemies to suffer.
    As far as China and Russia combining to make war with the USA, never going to happen. China will only help if there is something rewarding enough to outweigh the risks. Nothing for them in Syria economically or strategically, so no go for them. They might try to take advantage of the distraction to further their influence in the Pacific, but nothing else. That leaves Russia all alone and make no mistake about it, she don’t want to play big boy games with us. The only thing I would have done different, was when Russia warned it was going to shoot down all our missiles would have been to specifically target every known SAM site and stick that up Putin’s ass.

  • Re Syria – without understanding the needs and potential for land based (cheapest) transportation of oil and gas assets from the Middle East to Europe (and what it may do to Russian government revenues), it’s like running around like a headless chicken in a circle… Hint – there are many potential routes but there is a single bottleneck which is located in a country called Syria.

  • Should we try to help anyone anywhere? Assad was killing his people and minority groups who weren’t even a threat to Assad. Should we turn our backs? There is a part of me that agrees; it’s their problem why should we spend our money and risk our lives to save innocent victims. But if you think that there is some value in trying to save lives or mitigate the killing one way to do it is to use power to sway the bully (gee, just like in your story) from his bullying. And if you use power you must be ready to do more than just threaten, you must actually be ready to use your power to change minds. So be it. Does this always end in WW III? Well, not yet, in fact letting these little local wars fester and get worse as far more likely to lead to WW III. Make no mistake when Russia or China believe that they can easily whip us they will do it. Until then they will avoid it.

  • Please be advised that the entire US nuclear arsenal is obsolete. We have not made a new nuclear warhead since 1989, the year the GHW Bush dismantled our nuclear weapons production facilities and laid off all the engineers and techs. The facilities were dismantled. The average design life of US strategic nukes is 14 years. Do the math. The average age of US nuclear weapons on alert is over 35 years old. It will be ten years before we can manufacture new ones if we start yesterday on a crash program to rebuild the facilities and re-train new techs.
    Our tactical forces….aircraft, tanks, IFVs, have not been repaired from the last two Gulf Wars. There are hundreds of acres of M1s, M3s, awaiting refurbishment and funding. Not happening. The Marine corps is taking flight controls off of museum aircraft to keep remaining fighters in the air, and hand-picking old F/A-18As out of the bone yard for refurb.
    We talk of WWIII, but 99% don’t understand what that means. Since 2006, Russia and China vastly overhauled their strategic nuclear forces. Brand new ICBMs, more survivable, more powerful (many more warheads) than our ancient Minutman IIIs with single warheads. The Minuteman III is no longer capable of holding high priority targets at risk in Russia. China probably has more than 3,000 deliverable warheads, not the 350 the official rosters show.
    Even a minor nuclear attack on the US homeland, or “just” an EMP laydown would end the existence of the US as we know it. Most of us will die from starvation, disease (no water/sanitation), medical care, transportation, communication, energy, and exposure. How many of you can support your family for ten years with out the supply chain? Twenty? Because that’s how long my sources say the supply chain and grid will be down. It probably won’t be Americans that re-build the grid.
    If the US grid goes, Russia and China move on with their agendas without firing a shot. If we decide to fight, the end will be the same. We have no civil defense (they do), we have a very weak missile defense (theirs is the most tested and capable in the world), and we have a doctrine that is badly in need of replacement. We think in terms of deterrence. They think in terms of winning. And, they will.
    It is pathetic that the wealthiest people in the world must lower their children into storm sewers upon a missile warning (Hawaii). Other countries have vast shelter programs ready to accept their populations. How is it that Russia can move 60 million people into hardened NBC shelters for a four day exercise (2014). “Only” 40 million participated in 2016. Americans don’t know what a shelter even looks like. We got rid of our five year strategic grain reserve decades ago. Russian and China still maintain theirs.
    Picking on Russia and China is dangerously foolish. We are, in no way, “ready” for any species of war with these heavy hitters.
    I’ve built shelters for decades, and stocked them long after the “end” of the Cold War. Now, we see the threat hasn’t abated. Most Americans have no idea where they will get their next safe drink of water if none gushes out of their faucets. In most cases, electricity means water, and everything else that keeps us alive. So all this talk about high tech isn’t worth a damn if 300,000,000 million of us can’t eat, drink, and flush a toilet. Better be thinking of these things in regard to your own families…we’ll be on our own.

  • I retired from active duty in 2004, even back then it felt as though the military was being intentionally weakened. I do believe it is the lefts intent to weaken the US to usher in a Marxist Communist / globalist agenda. I do NOT believe this is Trumps intent, just the opposite. But he has been manipulated by the same forces from within our own government. We need to get the hell OUT of Syria and stop the effort to go to war against Russia. It is madness. The propaganda machine is in full operation against the American people. God help us. The traitors need to be fully prosecuted and the TRUTH brought out for the world to see.

  • World war three is coming. Firs
    through surrogate conflicts as I Syria. Then Economically as in trade wars. I expect a scenario over the Agean between Greece and Turkey will actually kick off the down range conflict. This is always controlled by the money manipulators and the Agenda 21 enthusiasts. Before the U.N.’s Agenda 21 can be implemented the U.S. will have to be weaken severely and the world population decreased drastically. I do not see a nuclear aspect however. Nuclear war would prevent the overall aspect of Agenda 21. There will only be one winner in a world war this time. The corporations. They will divide into city states with the head of the NWO as the U.N.. That’s my take on the situation.

  • Americans, both in and out of the military and political establishment, do not like talking about nuclear war because in their minds, it is not manageable, and not winnable (especially the way we have approached this type of warfare). The Russians and Chinese do not suffer from this mindset, and my money is on them. There will be a winner and a loser in a nuclear conflict. Americans cling to the idea that nuclear war would be so terrible it won’t happen, and advance scenarios that are “thinkable”.

    We think of deterrence only. The Russians think of nuclear weaponry as heavy artillery. Nothing nothing more, nothing less. They plan to actually FIGHT a nuclear war. We have no stomach for it. It is apparent in our lack of national will to erect effective civil defenses, and sufficient offensive nuclear forces to fight and win such a war. We would rather be entertained and hold national discussions about bathrooms and other trivia.

    America’s enemies smell weakness from 10,000 miles away.

  • We have the words of Jesus Christ recorded in the Bible, that paint exactly the scenario of a future WWIII: “In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved; but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short.” – Matthew 24:22.

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