The WHO is Taking Over the United States of America with a New Treaty

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If a man breaks into your house, does he have the right to sell you into slavery?

Does your neighbor have the right to sell your house?

Does somebody from the neighborhood two miles away have the right to dictate to you how you run your house?

If the answers to any of these questions bring a resounding ‘no’ to your mind, then what are we to say about your being sold into slavery to the World Health Organization?

The second-largest financier of the WHO is Bill Gates. Does Bill Gates have the right to represent the people of America? Was he elected? Or was it money that granted power and power that granted immunity?


UPDATE: The AP disputes our conclusion. You can find their rebuttal here.

But perhaps there are other actors involved here as well?

Does China have the right to dictate what happens in America?

China is doing a great job of managing human rights in its own country, is it not? Despite our having American politicians who are great fans of one of the most brutal mass murderers in history, the fact of the matter is that forcibly harvesting the organs of political prisoners is morally reprehensible.

The political philosophy of Mao Zedong American politicians idolize:

A landowner being executed for owning property. He ended up owning nothing, but was it a happy ending? [photo credit: Bettman/Getty images]
Do you want those same people – a people whose society is based upon a system that is foundationally opposed to any concept of absolute truth, morality, and human freedom – to be able to dictate to you what you do with your life?

Perhaps that’s a wrong way to phrase that. They will not dictate what you do. They will hire the men who will force you to do their bidding at the receiving end of a gun.

That is what is about to happen as America is sold to the World Health Organization.

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You can read the original report here.

Does a man (or group of men) have the right to sell his country? If no, then is anything he does binding?

The decision to sign over the sovereignty of the United States of America to the World Health Organization (China and elites) will take place May 22-27.

the WHO is taking over the United States
Tedros Adhanom – head of the WHO.

When this document is signed (and it will be), there will be those who believe that the WHO has the right to make decisions for Americans without their consent. This is the creation of an illegitimate government that operates without the consent of the governed.

the WHO is taking over the United States
What does the American flag represent? And how long till it is replaced with blue?

Forced lockdowns of your small town, medications being added to your municipal water supply, forcibly killing off of all your livestock due to “disease risk,” groups of men pinning your children down while they are at school in order to inject an mRNA substance into their bloodstream – these are all very real possibilities of this piece of paper being signed by those who have no right to control either you or your children.

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You thought it was bad when isolated hospitals began kicking out cancer-ridden children because they didn’t have a jab?

Wait until every American hospital puts this into place because they feel they are forced to by an armed globalist army.

You will attempt to take your 13-year-old daughter into the emergency room for appendicitis. She will be taken from you and given the jab – something which has nothing to do with her condition – and this will be done to her and you due to the World Health Organization believing they have robbed your nation of its sovereignty and the dimwitted in America acting as if it is so.

Far-fetched? We already have hospitals used to having troops inside of them. We’ve already seen UN job offers for disarmament officers in New York.

American babies are already being targeted. What makes you think your older children won’t be next?

You can sit back and pretend that this doesn’t matter because it doesn’t affect you, but it will, and sooner than you ever would have imagined. You can hold your tongue – maintain your “OPSEC” as the world burns around you – you can watch the house burn down as you refuse to pick up a hose. And when only ashes remain – when your children ask you why the world is the way it is – why things are so bad – may your former silence come as a source of comfort.

You will have traded not only your future but that of those you love most on this earth as well – and all for your own immediate comfort. Is this the nature of being a man? Is this the nature of being a woman?

As globalists are forcing Americans into World War 3, as they force your country into famine, as they make your currency absolutely worthless, as they starve American babies – they slip this pure load of garbage in through the cracks under the door with the hopes that you will not see it.

Yet we know it is happening. We know what they are trying.

This is your country. It is not theirs. Wicked men and women are coming for you, and they not only want your life, they want the lives of your children as well.

What are your thoughts?

Do you find this move outrageous? Are you concerned it’s a step toward a one-world government? Or is this nothing to worry about? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments.

The WHO is taking over the United States

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  • I read the whole thing, and it sounds like a bunch of garbage; that being said, if what you say is true, its scary…..yes everything is being done as planned and on schedule. what can the American people actually DO about it all? these people have money, clout, will stoop at nothing to get what they want, and they want to rule our country and world…..In my 70s, thinking theres not much I can do at my age, and I’m not sure I want to live in a global society that only a few control my life and everything I’ve worked for…sad to say, but it is what it is….when it comes to that…..sayonara……its better where I’m going…..

    • I don’t even know where to start in responding to your comments, they’re so… defeatist and accepting.
      First, THIS IS REAL.
      Second, there are MANY lawyers and legal scholars who don’t believe ANY document has precedence over our Constitution, and the various “Natural Laws” guaranteeing our God-given rights. Sorry, I don’t have a link to share on that, but feel free to “Google” it.
      Third, there are a LOT of 70 yo’s that will give their ALL to defend their family and country… my husband is one of them, despite the back and hip injuries that have him in a lot of pain every day. Remember Charlton Heston’s famous saying while he was President of the NRA? “They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.”
      For you to give up NOW, just at the THOUGHT of this… wow, their psyop has already won – over YOU.
      I suggest you really think this over more, because WW III and/or Civil War II is coming at us – fast, very fast. We ALL will have to make hard choices – and the earlier we decide what’s most important to us the better.
      If, after you think about this more, IF you do think about this more, and you still think you’d be better off dead, then so be it. Just stay the h*ll out of the way of real Patriots trying to defend their home and family. Remember that old saying, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” Not trying to be mean, just real. What’s coming is going to be hard enough without whiners keeping folks from doing what they need to do.
      Cry NOW, like I have, so you can be ready when it comes, IF that’s what you decide.

      • Most people in this country will do nothing but comply to mandates incl families split up and enternment camps. Few will go down fighting back on their front porch or patio, there really is no alternatives since their are so few patriots able to fight today in communities. Most patriots are elderly and have health issues incl hubby age 80.

      • Good for him,I’ll bet he is a VN Vet,if not he still is a warrior.I’m an old worn out 76 yr old VN combat Vet in about the same shape as your Husband but I go by this old Scottish saying.”Once the first life is taken in defense of kith and kin the rest are free”,I have that sign hanging on my fence.Good luck and stay around for the fun.

        • 9th inf. div. 3d brigade ’69-70. That war was an utter failure, he refuses to discuss it w/ anyone. Like Afghanistan and Iraq wars, failure too. No war won in 77 years, Biden now ordered troops sent to Somalia where 18 troops were killed in another US defeat in Mogadishu in 1993.

          • Hey Laura,I bet he may have ridden my boat.I was second in command on an Armored Troop Carrier in the Mobile Riverine Force,we worked with the brave 9th inf.I was there Mar.68 to Mar.69,I’m a retired Tugboat Captn. now.

          • 67 yo female here with chronic pain along with a host of other ailments and meds (most if not all made in China I’m sure) and our country seems allergic to manufacturing plants! We could make everything we need right here but greed and power weighs heavily on the greedy with no help for the needy (who would be US the patriots). We are not truly seeing what’s coming for us and right now, that’s not Jesus (oh He is coming, I just don’t know personally when) especially when you have perfectly good oil and gas of our own; farmers that are stopped from farming; animals slaughtered for ‘alleged’ sickness and illegals slamming our healthcare system and govt assistance meant for our vets and elderly. At this rate, the invasion China is planning by November 1st may not need to happen because Biden & Co. is doing a bang up job of destroying us all on their own. He didn’t start it all but boy is he doing a great job of bringing the end on home for his cronies! I just finished listening to a podcast re the possible invasion mentioned above and I believe it to be true and possible. Newsom and Feinstein have given us over to China a long time ago and you know Mitch Nancy Chuck et. al also have thrown in as well. Selling out America is quite lucrative and yet not a one has been arrested and tried for treason, hmm, and why not? Look at the bright side, at least all American traitors will be shot so I hope they are smart enough to spend that money now. I for one will fight to my last breath-after all the saved all fought in the Bible and Jesus said stand and I’m gonna be standing baby, this is MY country and my God, I know where I’m going – see ya all on the other side (saved only – all others repent or truly die). God Bless people…

      • NEVER say NEVER!!! NEVER GIVE UP, ALWAYS PERSEVERE. The ones who survive to the end are the ones who will be saved…Yes better to be safe than sorry, but continue, press on as much as you can.. The weaker we are, the more power we are giving away… Stay mentally strong, and alert, use common sense, and just give it all you’ve got!!! But, if none of that interest you then give up…I would hope to be brave when this time rolls around and keep praying for strength and a way to survive!!!

      • While Americans have weapons and preps, let’s be real 99.99% of us will not do anything except keep sitting on the couch being an armchair QB. The reason is most of us are fearful of prison. That “thin blue line” we all wanted to stand up for will turn on us in a heartbeat. As will the majority of the military.

      • Many folks commenting, but no one knows how to put a stop to this liberal communism that is affecting our country.
        All I can say is 2d Amendment is the only choice. But most who have the balls to stick up for our nation, are now too old to function the way they once did in war-zones. I speak from experience.
        I think a few true patriots are going to be imprisoned and/or killed, (and the media will play it down or twist the story into a lie) by only two or three a day in the whole nation for taking out these non-constitution followers, our nation’s downward spiral will continue as it is now.
        But if it finally becomes two or three a day in small-town America, people will finally take up arms and the civil war will begin for real, but then our once great nation will only end up like Venezuela.
        Until we find some military Generals with real balls…. oh…. well….
        Looks like we’re doomed to slavery…. don’t it….?!?!

  • The American people do not understand the Constitution: There is but one way to change the Constitution and that is by the amendment process. There is NOTHING in the Constitution that allows the treaty power to change the document. It’s very simple but you have to posess a functioning brain to see it.

    • That’s kind of like saying you can’t kill someone (or rob or rape) because “it’s against the law”. Yes, it is. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

      These tyrants will do anything they can get away with. And with the Democrats controlling both the House and the Senate, and all the federal agencies, they will do anything they want. No one is doing anything to stop them.

      • America already proved her lack of grit & discernment by acquiescing to every edict thrown out by the WHO — wear useless mask, stand 6 feet apart, stay in your house, etc., etc. ……. so now you think they will suddenly have brain firing synapses that will jolt them out of their ignorance and apathy. They are now In such a lax state of mind and totally off guard. It’s not like the media is gonna blast the ramifications of the WHO usurping American sovereignty. Who even knows about this imminent event —- practically no one. The normalcy bias is strong. Critical thinking — we’ve been conditioned to not “question” — just obey, ok.

        • Did you wear a mask? I did not.

          Did you stand 6 feet apart? I did not.

          Did you stay in your house? I did not.

          That is where we start. Not everyone complied/complies with the b.s. edicts.

          In addition to the Constitution, we have another weapon people in other countries do not: 2A

        • Uhhhhh, yes but did you not remember that…WE CAN’T FIX STUPID!!! IF they are still wearing masks and still doing these things then GOD help them, b/c they have not a ounce of Common Sense and are sheeple ready to keep running off the cliff…

          • These replies are NOT in the right order, thus they are NOT underneath the people they were replying to. I do wish there was a was to fix this. Mine aren’t in order either. SORRY!!!

            • Sheep aren’t famous for running off cliffs. You’re confusing sheep with lemmings.

              So in your analogy, lemmeople will keep running off the cliff.

    • So how do you explain all the unconstitutional crap that have been forced onto Americans over the years? Just because it is against the constitution doesn’t mean it won’t happen. ????

    • Few today have left brain /criticial thinking skills. I am way past retirement and have given up on most of humanity as most complied to the clot shots w/out Q. Few I know today are inline w/ logical thinking and know this country is about gone. I only know a handful and lived in this area forty years. Churches are globalist gatekeepers and apostate, refusing to speak on real issues instead preach social justice and are run as social clubs.

      • LAURA ANN , NEVER TRUER WORDS WERE SPOKEN… Thousands unfortunately got what you refer to as the “clot shots” without any research at all. No critical thinking, not an ounce of common sense either and no forethought or wisdom. Just the DUHHHHH, or what? UHHHHHH, you talking to me bro????? I see why you would give up seriously, it’s pitiful…MOST are under 50 but not all…pitiful!!!

  • Treaties must be approved by the senate. No approval means no treaty. The hard part is disobeying their edicts.

  • Your hysteria is not well taken my friend. The Chinese have no way of controlling us if we chose not to comply. Are you planning to comply? China won’t attack America because their economy is too tightly tied to ours and if they did it would tear their country apart in short order and not by our bombs either.
    This constant barrage of BS by you pundits is not doing our society any favors when you keep stirring the pot because you know it means viewership to your blog. TELL THE TRUTH FOR A CHANGE !!!

    • Have you not read a multitude of other sites/reports about the direction the world is going in? Blackrock buying up real estate, who can then jack up the rent prices and inflate the housing market… let’s see, $10 gas soon, massive disruption to crops and food processing plants (with Bill Gates now the largest US farmland owner), no baby formula, death from the blood clot forming/immune system destroying mRNA jab, AKA the Covid vaccine (against a disease made in a lab in China with funds from our own NIH), a complete breakdown of the rule of law with the left terrorizing even Supreme Court justices, a completely stolen election with a dementia patient taking orders from Barak Obama, free speech demonized to the point that Elon Musk is not tolerated. Sure, everything is hunky dory, and the Chinese love us and haven’t infiltrated a thing, not even academia, pushing critical race theory and gender bending trends that will collapse our population growth. Oh, and the orchestrated conflict in Ukraine who’s government is every bit as corrupt as the mafia (heck, they even bankroll our politicians here in the US), a collapsed border. No, everything is fine, so go back to sleep.

      • Spot on! It all sounds far fetched until you see that list in black and white. You realize 5 years ago who would’ve believed any of this would happen. Well here it is happening, a so called conspiracy theory come to life. It takes a critical thinker to be aware and prepare for what’s coming. Those in denial will likely perish one way or another, just like so many who trusted that the cov jab was safe. If anyone doubts the baby formula shortage I urge you go to your local grocer and you’ll see the shelves empty. As for Blackrock buying up properties, I can confirm that too because my husband and I along with several neighbors all had an affiliate company reach out to offer to buy our homes. None are even on the market. They’re literally just reaching out to people offering to buy them out of their homes. Yes it’s absolutely happening.

        • CJ, I know you realize that most are NOT thinking clearly or out of the box. Most are to tied up day dreaming or working 40-50-60 hours a week. Most are getting less that 6 hours of sleep per night. Most people eat fast food all week, junk GMO and GLUTEN Frankenstein foods drink tons of soda, smoke, drink alcohol and to much stinky beer, ear loads of sugar as well as high fructose corn syrup. Many are drying a slow death from getting the injections and some from living in cities that are polluted and cull of crime/murders/abortions/rapes/robberies etc. sooo Show me 50 people who are prepared if you can and I will show you 150 that are NOT at all…Such a shame. YOU are right, who would of thunk it 5 yrs. ago…Remember Forrest Gump when he said, I am NOT a “smart man” !!! Ahhhhhh most of us realize we just can’t fix STUPID !

          • YES I did forget about all the drugs that people inject into their veins or even as a prescription medicine. I knew a man with bi-polar and the doctor has him on Prozac plus 7 more drugs including Linisparil everyday of the week. Many are zombie b/c of medication and a last of sleep (which is healthy and repairs our bodies while we sleep)…

    • There are more people without the knowledge to know what above is worthy of considering than there are who know and understand what’s happening. Here is one of many excellent reports on who and why things are happening as they are.

      There are certainly things happening that only serve the haves and the rest of us are expected to comply or be dealt with in one way or another.

    • I agree completely.They can only get away with this if there is compliance.Standup,push back,its the American way!

    • Something like 97% of the medicines and medications used in the United States are made in China. What happens when China cuts off thaf supply?

      • Time to stock up on the meds, so you have enough to wean off of them.

        Research the natural alternatives. Do your best to get in good shape/stay in good shape.

        Pray as if your soul depends on it – because it does.

    • China doesnt need to attack, they have infiltrated & undermined our country by traitorous rats in power, Rs & Ds alike, our country hS bedn sold out on tbe auction block to china.they have weakened our military, economic collapse, now they will use food as a weapon to starve Americans in submission,most people are so dumbed down they do not even sense danger we face, all with out firing a single shot.

    • hey Rumpleskin –

      you post on many blogs and youtube with that attitude, I see you everywhere. Are you on a personal mission seeking out all these sites and blogs with your accusations of ‘stirring the pot’ or ‘fear porn’ or whatever else- cause it sure looks that way Rumpleskin. (i know the correct spelling I choose to name you after rumpled skin on elbows and balls)

      Your name says it all – named after an ANTAGONIST imp from a German fairy tale, – how ironic!

  • Be prepared, repent and believe the gospel. This is all we can do. Jesus Christ is Lord. May he have mercy on us.

    • You are correct. Know the time we are at in Bible Prophecy. Study Daniel and The Revelation of Jesus Christ. The Beast system (Babylon) headed by the Pope as the little stout horn on the first beast in Revelation and the second beast of Revelation who is the United States will eventually control all with an iron fist.

      If you think you can defeat the powers in control today and tomorrow, you are deceiving yourself. Only the second coming of Jesus Christ will defeat them. The invention of AI and quantum computers and Google who has combined them is unstoppable by any human being. The only things you can do is to come out of Babylon as the Three Angels’ Messages in Revelation 14 say by not participating in what is coming and by believing the Gospel.

      • ALL of the signs of the appearing of JESUS CHRIST (YESHUA) are now coming thru after all…Anyone who is enlightened and knows what is going on, on the earth will know the signs are right in front of us. JESUS told us to NOT be deceived remember. We know about the New World Order, the One World Government and the One World Religion don’t we. We know about the great falling away of the church. We are to persevere. We are to know the signs of the times that we are currently living in are we not? We are to know that JESUS is coming soon. NO, the day or the hour is irrelevant, we are to know by the signs of the times and the Bible tells us He will appear between 70 and 80 years after the reestablishment of the state of Israel. WHEN will that be? Simple It happened in May of 1948 so count the years. 70 to 80 years brings us to 2018-2028. NO need for a day or an hour just the FACTS, that is ALL that is required. The belief, truth and facts are ALL necessary…One must study to show himself/herself approved. People for the most part DO NOT believe the scriptures or believe that JESUS will actually return…SO with all of this ignorance it’s no wonder they follow the leaders on the earth instead of the ONLY one that can save any of them…Our spiritual health is our MOST important health…

  • We are not owned by anyone, Brandon or Congress has no power to give us to anyone, they work for us… We are not owned by them, we are a free people and noone put this issue before the people, wake up…

  • We are the God of your anti individual and anti all creation commune groupie group, your constitution is wrong. Prepare the usual small bag of socialist refugee papers and effects.

    Randomly self generating from a rock soup with the power of all creation right there in the cell/cells of your own person/persons and continuing on to somehow become an incredibly complicated situation of male and female before you could reproduce. Your cell/cells then start changing from a water breathing animal into an air-breathing land animal with zero third-party assistance and then changing over into flying animals.

    In the years 2020-21 your cell/cells somehow became completely powerless and your natural immunity capability is no longer wanted or allowed, that’s what happened.

      • Actually it can be. I don’t believe that anyone should be using any substance daily unless prescribed, however there are many ailments that cannabis can treat. Also if you have the know how, and put in the work, you can personally guarantee that your cannabis is not adulterated with any other chemicals. If you live in a legal state; have chronic pain, cancer, insomnia, anxiety, lack of appetite, or have been prescribed any type of synthetic heroin(opioids), it may be for you. Just my two cents as a certified organic medical cannabis grower in a free state, YMMV.

        • We couldn’t disagree with each other any more than we do. My point to Bob is that he’s spouting forth with an addled brain. I figured pot heads would pick up the gauntlet. There’s absolutely nothing “positive” you could say about marijuana that would change my mind. I’m very very familiar with the effects it has on a family; it’s devastating. People use it because they don’t want to be alert, and it works. It’s use has caused untold suffering in my family for over 20 years and has cost us tens of thousands of dollars. I curse it and all forms of it. As for the crap excuse that “it’s natural”, I respond with so are hallucinogenic mushrooms and dog shit.

          I suffer from chronic pain and wouldn’t use any of the above. Save yourself the trouble of trying to “educate” me. I’ve been educated by experience.

    • Mr. BOB, you say in 2020-2021 our cells somehow became completely powerless and our natural immunity is no longer capable, wanted or allowed. SO WHAT EXACTLY DID HAPPEN ????? Was it not all about our immune system to begin with. It was a test to see if we were WEAK or STRONG was it not? Obviously the weak got sick with covid and the flu or 2020, 2021 and will with 2020 but the stonger ones avoided it and continued.

  • I am not concerned about a One World Government because it is a Fools errand. If you look at the USA it has the best track record of uniting smatter units of Government ( individual states) into a larger Union and manage to function.
    The USSR tried and fell apart, the EU is not doing much better, NATO and the UN have always been a mess and a Joke.
    Even the US is just a few steps away from splintering again(the first time being the Civil War). We have trouble just keeping 50 states together.

    So to think that you can unite 195 separate countries( plus all their provinces and states) under one banner, is a great laugh and a fools errand.

    • It absolutely WILL fall apart and fail, but I fear the damage and deaths that will occur in their efforts to make it happen. Many will suffer before the threat disappears.

      • Yup. The good ol’ US of A is the only thing in the way of the elite so called. If we do not reverse course by acknowledging our horrific condition and cry out for mercy from God Almighty, we don’t deserve our liberties.

  • I am sickened when I think about our country being ruled by people we did not elect and taking over for the week-kneed imbeciles that we did elect. This opens a door that cannot be shut. What can we do to stop this?

    • Keep exposing that much of what government does now is NOT done with the consent of the governed. This makes them completely illegitimate, i.e. they have no real authority that God would ever recognize, or that we should recognize. They are criminals, thieves, and murderers. And the Epstein situation exposed that many are pedophiles, they are just the worst people on the planet and on their way to hell. In the next life many of those of us they persecuted and abused will be with God while they are cast down to the lake of fire and brimstone.

    • I have wondered that very question for some time. Get involved at the local level (join the Republican or Democrat party), be involved in voting, help others to understand the importance of voting (drive them to voting station), call or write or fax your State Representatives/Senators and make your voice heard.

  • My perspective is biblically influenced. We are headed for a one world government. Is Bill Gates the Anti Christ or Man of Sin? I don’t know but I can say the church has not done it’s job. We bow to the ways of the world and most Christians I talk with are non preppers and they just smile and say “Jesus is gonna come take us away before things get bad.” Wake up Christians and stop being so lazy!!! Yes, I believe Jesus is coming back but we don’t know when. As a nation we went along with the ways of the world and now we are getting the world’s results. As a financial commentator (Dan Celia I believe) says [paraphrased] -“Live like Jesus is coming back today; prepare like He’s coming back in 50 years.” The world is in a mess and it is not going to get any better but that doesn’t mean we just sit and wait for it to blow up. Do what we can while we can.

    • We sing the same song! When I try saying this to other Christians, they mostly get a glazed look on their faces. Some talk about the rapture, some quote “judge not”, as if that meant that we shouldn’t be able to discern right from wrong or be able to read the signs of the times. Of course, I’m not God, but it doesn’t look to me like the church is ready for what’s coming. Maybe the great falling away.

      I appreciate your comment.

      • Agreed. The salt has lost its saltiness. The great falling away will open the flood gates of hell. But. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

  • More reasons to become self reliant. The more people depend on the institution the more institutionalized they become. You can chose the easy way & comply or do what is hard (& what is right) & fight for your liberty & freedom. No man, government, nor invader shall take either from me or my family easily. I believe that I’m not alone in that thinking. The wolfs will not stop being wolfs, so we cannot stop being Sheppard’s.

  • All my hope is in Jesus. I will fight the good fight, but in the end I know where I’m going. That’s why they hate Christians. They can kill our bodies, and we still win.

    • Do they? Doesn’t the bible command you to hate yourself and your family? thereby making your part of a nation(race) family weak? Last time i checked it was an aspect of lucifer to make nations(races) weak Isa_14:12 . While they the jews suck up the world unto themselves as “collective false messiah” Last time i checked it was your support of the antichrists that brought about this mess called is-ra-el, placed there to bring about a manufactured “armageddon”. Over 120+ years later after Cyrus scofield and john nelson darby spread their divisive heresy and you are amazed at the current state of things? America? has been used by the antichrists since its inception to destroy nations(races). America is no longer a nation but a group of nations in league with the jews, it has been since before the war of the States.

  • Study your government procedures first before insinuating panic.

    Any treaty must be approved by the senate.

    This is just like the treaty that Obama tried to get through with Kerry pushing the gun treaty pushed by the UN where we’d have to give up our guns and the UN would come in and provide peace. That’s why they had the most mass shooters during Obama’s years to try to get the treaty approved.

    • The treaty is already approved…. they are trying to add (on) an amendment to it. One vote per member country, simple majority to pass. Unconstitutional? Absolutely, yes!

    • I called my Senators, left messages. Posted on Facebook where they blocked my post as fake news. We need to stand together against the demented one in the most expensive nursing home in the country. If EVERYONE wrote to or called their Senators and congressmen, maybe it would make a difference. Problem is, people don’t want to get “involved in politics” even if it’s to protect their freedoms.

      • Diane

        try this the next time you post something
        1 decide what video you want to use to shield your subversive content
        2 save the video link in tiny url or similar format
        2 post “fill-in-the-blank video in comments”
        in comments
        3 paste the shield
        4 paste the the subversive content with a header, a quote, and “more at a tiny url or similar formatted link”
        5 press enter

        since you are cruising facebook, you can find examples at /docellis124

        I have seen facevermin block or snivel just 2 times since I started using this shielding technique back in October 2021.

        does this help?

  • I read this last night and I’m surprised I could even go to sleep. And then I have to remind myself that many, many times God told us not to be dismayed (Deuteronomy 31:8, Joshua 1:9, Joshua 8:1, Joshua 10:25, I Chronicles 22:13, I Chronicles 28:20, II Chronicles 20:15, II Chronicles 20:17, II Chronicles 32:7, Isaiah 41:10, Jeremiah 1:17, Jeremiah 10:2, Jeremiah 17:18, Jeremiah 30:10, Jeremiah 46:5, Jeremiah 46:27, Ezekiel 2:6, Ezekiel 3:9).

    In fact, being fearful is very serious. Revelation 21:8 says: But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

    Despite all of the complaining and whining in America, we’ve had it very, very good for almost 50 years. No big wars, no great depression. Our parents and grandparents, and further back had it rough. They had to shoot their way onto Omaha Beach or Iwo Jima; no instant messaging or emails. It took months for loved ones to be able to hear from them. Or live in a tent during the Depression when the bank foreclosed on their farms. Go across mountains in covered wagons, with just a path, not a road. My family left Oklahoma in the 20s when farming was failing and went to Detroit to find work. On a dirt road all the way to Michigan.

    So it’s our turn and time to buck up and do what we have to do.

  • I take great comfort knowing the WHO (like the UN) is about as effective and useful as a screen door on a submarine’s torpedo tubes.

    While there are a number of concerning things going on not only in the world but here in America, there are examples of instances of people fighting back against the (insert name of choice villain/group here).
    During the COVID crazy, some states had draconian like lockdowns. Others did not. Later, more states relaxed various mandates that were derided as “neanderthal thinking.” There was even talk of the unvaccinated, “will soon overwhelm US hospitals and they will experience a winter of severe illness and death”.”
    Neither comments aged well.

    Interestingly enough, the economic recovery from the COVID lockdowns were lead by states with the least mandates, while those with the most draconian lockdowns and mandates trailed at the very bottom.
    Mandatory jab, and mask mandates both were rolled back in courts. Shortly after the mask mandates was struck down, the airline industry noted a real decrease in in-flight altercations occurring. I took two flights, one the very week the mask mandate was struck down, another a week later. Everyone was calm and friendly.

    Currently, there are 25 Constitutional Carry states in the Union. As it has been pointed out, that whackadoodle racist and anti-smeite arsehole in the Buffalo mass shooting, none of the laws on the NY books would of stopped him. Had the retired cop, security guard at the Topps Supermarket been armed with a long gun rather than a pistol, he just might of stopped that racist and anti-semite arsehole. Or if there were more responsible CCW carrying citizens to stop these whackadoodle racist and anti-smeite arseholes?
    Do note that racist and anti-semite arsehole in his whackadoodle manifest declared himself to be some kind of leftist authoritarian, Eco-fascist, anti-capitalist, expressed hatred of Fox News . . . he was all over the dang spectrum. Like I said, whackadoodle racist and anti-smeite arsehole.
    Are they not all whackadoodle racist and anti-smeite arseholes who make up the majority of these horrific acts?

    Regardless, there are dark clouds on the horizon. Some are things beyond our control, like the weather in various parts of the world. Others are self inflicted, what the heck were you thinking like inflation as both Musk and Bezos noted about printing off zillions of dollars as stimulus out of thin air. The border crisis. The baby formula shortage crisis. It has been noted the possibility of rolling brown or black outs in states like CA and TX as their go green policy cannot keep up with demand.

    I mentioned in other articles comment section about what is going on in countries like Sri Lanka (and Iran, Peru, Tajikistan) where food and fuel inflation is so bad, the country actually ran out of fuel. Think about that one for a moment.
    In another article comment section, I referenced a NBC poll of Americans and how they were fairing with the current inflationary environment. 65% said they falling behind in the COL due to inflation. 20some% said they were holding steady and 6% were doing better. Care to guess where on the economic scale those 6% fell in? Sure as heckfire was not that single mother of two, working two or even three jobs to make the rent.

    Big charlie fox like organizations like the WHO, the UN, pick a government organization, like to have these grandiose like visions for the future . . . that pesky think called reality tends to hijack those visions and those of us on the ground tend to call them out and go about our business while they fret what went wrong.
    It is called pain . . . get used to it. We do.

  • Governments don’t operate with the consent of the governed. All of them are slavery, just some are worse or better slavemasters. If you can’t opt out, i.e. if you’re not allowed to NOT consent without being shot or jailed, then there is no consent. It’s slavery.

  • You’re gonna have to take a stand that may cost you so most of you will go along with the TREASON.

    But it’s YOUR right not to obey any law that is repugnant to YOUR Constitution as that guy said.

    So why not exercise YOUR right instead of their treason??

  • My son is entering 7th grade next year. 7th grader have to get the TP shot before allowed to enter 7th grade.
    I made his appointment and showed up .. I read everything before I sign and good thing I did in the middle of the 2 page I agree to the TP shot but also the Covid 19 vaccine.
    I told them I do not want my son getting the covid shot at all.
    Let just say he walked out of dr. Office unable to get TP shot. And I am sure as a single mom I will have to homeschool
    What your saying is happening now.
    If you want the shot .your choice. But I have a choice also and so do my children and grandchildren and every child in America but putting this in a paper to get a TP shot you have to get covid shot also is wrong and in my opinion unconditional

  • Here’s the thing that everyone should realize: The government expects us to police each other so that we will comply. Mass non-compliance is key. Hopefully, most average citizens will realize they’ve been played with Covid & have no appetite to enforce the “rules” on each other again.

  • “Did you really entertain the silly fantasy that pansy-ass woke, fruitcake, gender-confused UN Troops would have the authority (or the balls) to march through America trying to enforce that sh*t in the face of > 400,000,000 2nd amendment affirming firearms in the hands of citizens protected by a constitution that gives them the right to overthrow their own government any time they decide it’s no longer working for them?” — Clif High

    • We will have to go down resisting even in our communities when UN or military troops go street to street. Mlost will comply to this UN agenda.

  • There are so few real patriots alive today in the US, and most are over 65. Apathy and nihilism control 90% of the people. Europe is already controlled and compliant, as the people there have been brainwashed for generations. We cannot give up our guns.

  • You can point out shit all day long like everyone in the alt media does with those offering solutions countable on one hand.

    Let me say it once and only once … decentralization is the only way forward, however you get there. The next issue to address is what are YOU going to do about it?

    What is your intent and where does that line fall?? Once you make your piece on what that is then you can find your balance in this chaos. I never kowtowed to Covid and the decrees and made up my mind to never compromise again.

    There is immense power in the simple act of non-compliance. That is my stance and unlike Tig I will sell my life at the most exorbitant price I can get for it. People in this country dont lack courage they just forget how to use it!

  • May I suggest additional resources for everyone’s edification?
    First, almost anything by James Corbett is well researched and has been fairly accurate the last few years. His episode on this treaty spends a significant amount of time simply playing the actual speeches and words of the people pulling it together. Worth your time!

    Secondly, absolutely everything we are seeing only makes complete and total sense in the context of what we find in Scripture. EVERYTHING from plague (pandemic) to famine to having a global political system to people being prevented from buying and selling without accepting said global system. What has been unfolding also hasn’t surprised me, except for its speed, because I am familiar with what the Bible teaches us in this area. The more I learn about the Pandemic Treaty, I get chills–it absolutely makes possible everything that we find in Scripture regarding the end times. This IS how the world will end, and we may be watching it happen right now.
    If you cannot bring yourself to read the actual words of the Bible (and I would encourage you to try!) then I definitely recommend Dr. David Jeremiah’s book, “The Book of Signs.” It’s even free with Kindle.
    This isn’t about Bill Gates or the WHO, but a spiritual battle, and that’s the most important preparation you can make.
    ” 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.” Ephesians 6: 12-13

  • I am 70, and as I move around town I still see people and children wearing masks. It’s totally absurd. Unfortunately only 3% of the people will stand up to tyranny now, just as only 3% of the people stood for the American Revolution.
    There is really nothing new under the sun.

  • There is nothing we can do at this point. Freedom isn’t free .
    You can’t get people to lift their own head’s from FB or video games and listen to what their friends on FB aren’t telling them bc that’s the only news they get or believe. Patriots are mostly too old to fight back.
    60 yr ago this wouldn’t have happened.
    There are some who still believe that Trump is going to be reinstated.
    That they have thousands of arrest warrants for deep state and we’re sending them off to Gitmo . We couldn’t get a fair election but we’re going to round them up. Okay
    Let me sell you this great bridge.
    Are only hope is in Jesus Christ. We can’t stop what’s been prophesied. But we were supposed to stand up and be counted.
    The only counting will be how many of us were sent to FEMA camps for extermination when we make are last stand. For those of us who don’t make it at are door step.
    We couldn’t wake enough people up to send a email or sign a petition or VOTE.
    The churches Response Team
    will be telling you to obey your government into death and help keep you calm as they line us all up. Using scripture out of context to deceive you . The churches got their 30 pieces of silver through the 501c3 .
    Only a remnant of the church see the truth.

    The younger generation will say I didn’t see it on Facebook. It must be us old folks over reacting to disinformation again.
    But they wouldn’t listen to us older people who don’t know anything.
    We can’t work our phone but we tried through face to face communication which most of that generation won’t use.They text people in the same room!
    I don’t see hope for America.
    I only have one hope.
    I’m angry!! I guess I could have tried to make a platform somewhere that only us patriots would listen to. But there are plenty of them a lot better and have a following than I could have. I don’t know what to do.
    If Lawi Jay Sekulo and others Ron Desantis and others who have a following can’t get enough people to listen to make a difference my voice on FB won’t make a difference.
    But I will stay on knees.praying for mercy that America and the church doesn’t deserve after a 50 yr Holocaust.
    The Church didn’t stand so we will fall. That’s my 2 cent’s

  • I’ve read that no one knows who paid for the erection of the Georgia Guidestones, but we do know the company who did the erection. That same company or even a patriotic individual could no doubt be employed to use their equipment to utterly demolish the ridiculous project, including reducing the granite to gravel for something useful. I’d be willing to contribute $$$ to such a cause.

  • “A treaty cannot change the Constitution or be held valid
    if it is in violation of that instrument.” – Foster v. Neilson, 27 U.S. 253 (1829)

    So don’t let the commies fool you with this new phony, yet now trendy legal thinking…. and yes Daisy is right, it is exactly what they are up to by charades.

    Boycott EVERYTHING of theirs’, banks, conformaning corporations, taxing systems*, confessions, sharing information, spying, alleigience.

    Nullification is what Thomas Jefferson recommended.
    Nullify them everywhere in the Heart and then with the daily hands…. for the rest of your wonderful life here on earth.

    Frick them all. Starting today – no more!


  • Jeff you did a good job sharing about the WHO and lots of other stuff involving the one world order. There are many prophecy scholars, me included that have been watching the unfolding of events detailed in the Bible and we are living in the last days. Whether you are 15 or 80 years old, we can all do something such as not belittling others because we are all in the same boat. Only thing different some of us such as yourself are aware of these unfolding evil actions and realize the impact on all of humanity, while so many others cannot see the big picture. You did your due diligence by trying to inform others and I refer to the Georgia Guide stones as evidence of the one world order headquarters, United Nations goal is to eliminate the 7 billion people.

  • I know quite a few veterans and patriots. They all agree there is a red line and that we’re not quite there yet.

    If they moved now a majority of the population wouldn’t support them. Doing anything too soon would be detrimental. Until things get worse and the people call for them it is not yet time.

    Of course, foreign troops or the UN on street corners does cross the line.

    Every vet I know says “I took an oath, it was for life.”

    I’ve been watching things slide for over 20 years. It hasn’t been easy waiting for enough people to wake up but the last few years have woken up a lot of people.

  • Hmmm
    “You can hold your tongue – maintain your “OPSEC” as the world burns around you – you can watch the house burn down as you refuse to pick up a hose.”

    Definitely something to consider.

  • It’s time to stock up on ammo and when they come to your town execute them and hang their naked bodies in the middle of town so everyone can see. United we stand divided we fall. The only problem is will we be willing to make the stand together. There’s so many that look forward to this idea. How many time did the Lord deliver His people into the hands of their enemies because they turned from Him? That’s what’s happening here and no one believes/excepts it. What will you do?

  • Looks to me that we are headed for an American Revolution II. It is up to us (US Citizens) to stand up and defend our constitution against those who seek to rip it from us. NOBODY, BUT NOBODY IS GOING TO DICTATE TO ME WHAT I WILL DO. I WILL NOT COMPLY!!!

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