#WhiteHouseSiege – This Group Plans to “Lay Siege to” and “Occupy” the White House Next Month

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The group that takes credit for the Occupy Wall Street movement of 2011 has a new and even more outrageous plan in mind. They intend to “occupy” the White House.

Adbusters, an online magazine that describes itself as “a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age” issued a post that they called Tactical Briefing #1 to launch their plans to “lay siege” to the President’s home in Washington, DC. (Emphasis theirs)

It’s been nine years since we set off the political earthquake of #OccupyWallStreet, laying siege to NYC’s Zuccotti Park and inspiring thousands of similar protests around the world.

The Occupy anniversary arrives September 17th, 2020. And it may be the perfect day to trigger another global big-bang moment — a massive collective action of the sweetest kind of disobedience.

The why hardly needs recitation. Because, for these nine years, the shadows have only grown longer. Inequality has soared. Not a single Wall Street CEO spent a night in jail for his role in the 2008 financial meltdown. Politicians and corporate criminals continue to savage the public trust with impunity. And all the while, this howling void of a president, his sins too many to name, sits smugly atop a corona death-toll that may surpass two-hundred thousand Americans by Christmas.

It’s time again for dramatic, decisive action. Which is why, on September 17th, in the original and enduring spirit of Occupy, we and tens of thousands of our fellow citizens will stream into Lafayette Square, in Washington. D.C.

We will lay siege to the White House. And we will sustain it for exactly fifty days. This is the #WhiteHouseSiege.

A siege only works if it is sustained. We witnessed this — the multiplying power of a strategic occupation — nine years ago. You dig in, hold your ground, and the tension accumulates, amplifies, goes global.

Fifty days — September 17th to November 3rd.

Let us once again summon the sweet, revolutionary nonviolence that was our calling card in Zuccotti Park.

#WhiteHouseSiege will electrify the U.S. election season — and it doesn’t stop there. Drawing wind from #MeToo#BLM#ExtinctionRebellion, and protests against Trump’s lethal bungling of coronavirus, we’ll inspire a global movement of systemic change — a Global Spring — a cultural heave towards a new world order. (source)

It’s difficult to imagine that this will go down as they hope.

The public “briefing” repeatedly uses the word “non-violent,” but if this goes at all like the occupation in downtown Seattle or the protests in Portland (which has seen violent “protests” for 73 days straight now), violence is bound to occur. And it’s important to note that the law enforcement response to the occupation of anything near the President’s abode will be far more severe than the lackluster response in Seattle, where police officers and National Guard members have been basically neutered by the local government.

Twitter is divided

An event with the hashtag #WhiteHouseSiege is unlikely to go smoothly and non-violently. This, of course, will likely result in even more violence and more widespread outrage. Twitter is divided, unsurprisingly, on the questionable wisdom of such a move.


How do you think this is going to go over?

Activist groups are better funded and better organized than in recent memory. This event is likely to occur. However, I don’t think it will go over the way Adbusters thinks it will go over. I think that the Secret Service and possibly even the military will rapidly be involved to protect the President.

But it does set the tone for the upcoming presidential election, which up until now has seemed to be on a back burner. Biden’s campaign hasn’t even introduced a running mate yet and the election is a mere 3 months away. This is the least campaigned election year I’ve ever seen.

For those who plan to take part in the #WhiteHouseSiege, I hope that they understand this isn’t going to be a thing where they can stand around with their “comrades” and throw the occasional chunk of concrete. Washington DC is not like Seattle. It’s not like Portland. If they think they’re going to be part of something bigger and just defiantly sleep in a tent in front of the White House, I believe they may be in for an unpleasant shock. Any action taken against the White House will be met with a serious response.

For the rest of us, it’s important to note that this protest and the response to it could spark solidarity protests in other parts of the country. Go here to learn more about preparing for civil unrest.

What about you? Do you think this event will take place? What do you think the response will be like?

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • They just don’t know when to quit, do they? If they show up and attempt this, I hope the response they receive is as quick and hard as the feds can muster. ENOUGH of this crap already! Too bad they can’t put as much effort into positive actions (like working for a living) as they do their violent protests.

    Wonder if any one has seen the August 22, 2005, “Virology Journal” article titled “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread”… https://virologyj.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1743-422X-2-69

    In that article, researchers wrote: “We report . . . that Chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.

    In short Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine function both as a cure and a vaccine. In other words, it’s a wonder drug for coronavirus. And this was known way back in 2005.

    This means of course, that Dr. Fauci, NIH and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have known for fifteen (15) years that Cholorquine and its even its milder derivative, Hydroxychloroquine, will not only TREAT a current case of coronavirus (“therapeutic”) but prevent future cases (“prophylactic”).

  • I would love to see the secret service open fire with live rounds and drop as many of them as possible. The occupy scumbags will lose interest right quick.

    • washington dc is its own entity and is outside of the jurisdiction of the usa if i understand it correctly so yes i think they could mow them down with machine guns if need be simply because they would no longer be in the usa and would no longer be under the normal laws outside of that 10 sqaure mile reservation…

      • Someone who understands the federal zone! It is alien to the many states and is a foreign entity. Also it is under the direct authority of congress. The rest of the states are like small countries on to themselves. The feds have no jurisdiction within the boundary of the states except where the state legislatures grant jurisdiction (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the united states of America Constitution). Before any one tries to contradict my spelling lower case united states need to see the original constitution. united states is not a noun. Remember we don’t have a National Government, we have a Federal government. Federal means by contract, by agreement. The contract is the constitutions.

        However, Trump represents the head of state in this country. There is no grey area here. Any act would not only be an act of terrorism. I would expect the military and secret police to do their jobs. The white house roof has military snipers at all times. Protesting is one thing, but any interference with the government to do its job is another. There are foreign dignitaries that go to the white house. Heaven help if they try and interfere with those individuals. They also have security who will not take this as a joke.

        • well, point being….that’s apparently what it will take to quell this stuff, all in one swoop! it needs to be DONE, it CANNOT be tolerated, and it IS an act of terrorism on our homeland! lock, load, and have at it NOW!!!! fed up!

      • Didn’t General Douglas MacArthur do something like that in the early 1930 to World War one veterans?

    • This proposed action is timed to impact the public during run-up to the election. If you’re gonna stop it, you may as well go all-out on these terrorists

    • YES exactly…They need to start being TOUGH and putting down the LAW to these idiots…Nothing else seems to stop them like enforcement of LAWS, and so far they got away with breaking laws, looting store after store and setting files all over etc. But I have a feeling when they go into D.C. in front of the big White House with our POTUS in there they are playing with fire. Some lives will most likely be lost…Let hope the Secret Service, the White house armed staff/security and the D.C. Police put a stop to it very quickly…

      • They need to start with arresting the Communist mayors and Governors,charge them with treason and hang them immediately

  • It was nice of the protesters to give advance warning of their intentions. I’m sure that is helpful to those protecting the White House, its occupants and the hundreds of people who work there every day. Forewarned is forearmed.

  • What is this? I never heard of this group. Well as far as the Secret Service responding to someone on the White House grounds, it’s strange they didn’t “shot” the man who jumped over the fence around the White House when Obama was in office and take him out. He made it into the white House and even had a hunting knife. You can’t even trust the Secret Service.

    • The difference is that Trump has his own private security. Those individuals informed the secret service if they allow what happened to Obama happens to Trump, then the first one shot will be the secret service. These boys do not play. Trumps private security are all combat veterans. Not just blackwater.

  • The besiegers can themselves be besieged, you know. What makes these parlor pink pseudo-revolutionaries think they’re going to have a free ride? If/when they take a few steps away from their camp of fellow “revolutionaries” into the darkness, to go use the can or go back to their tent, very bad things can happen. “Death waits in the dark.”

    When a few of these spoiled little twerps turn up waxed, wrapped and very dead, the glamor of being in a siege of the White House may wear off.

  • A rat pack of hate filled communist maniacs are going to attack the White House.

    To “protect democracy”

    Got it.


  • These marxists communists are begging for a Kent State event and if they storm the Whitehouse they should get it. If they choose to use siege warfare, then the Secret Service should respond with an overwhelming and lethal response.

    If you show up at an event that has threatened criminal behavior and intends to use military style tactics against the US government you are an enemy combatant and should be dealt with as such. If they attack any Federal building the US Marshalls should mow down every single one of them and any that live be exiled from the country. Communism must be eradicated by any means necessary.

  • This could be the tipping point for the real Americans to finally say enough…Americans have set quietly by , while this insanity has come to a head. When real Americans come out , do not be stupid and get down range of them.

  • So be glad, heavens, and those who live in them! How terrible it is for the earth and the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, filled with rage, knowing that his time is short!”
    Revelation 12:12

  • The boys on the White House roof are very heavily armed and they won’t be standing down. These Commie Revolutionaries may get their martyrs on that day.

  • If the FBI hasn’t infiltrated this group already, they haven’t been doing their job. Round up the leaders, give trials for sedition, rinse and repeat.

    • The FBI has shown its colors, and they are not with America. They stand with the NWO against America.

  • If you run this online search for HIGH FREQUENCY AUDIO WEAPONS FOR CROWD CONTROL, you’ll pull up several articles and video links that suggest some great options for the Secret Service (and additional military) to use on such fools — even if they are well funded by George Soros.

    There appears to be a choice between the lethal and the non-lethal. The non-lethal options don’t bring along the political downside of rioters’ deaths which would of course be used by the corruptocrats against Trump’s re-election.


  • What was that line from “The Sixth Sense”? Oh, yeah

    “I see dead people”

    This is not a good idea regardless of the motive.

  • I think the fire department should mow them down with their fire hoses. Obozo’s bunch of snot nosed brats with too much time on their hands.

  • If these ding-bats think they will not be shot dead (3 bullets, one in the heart, one in the gut and one in the head) the minute they step foot on White House grounds, they will have to learn the permanent, hard way with their death.

    It is complete foolishness to think they will not face the full force of the military should they try to pull this off. There will be many dead, and it will not be the defenders of the White House.

  • Hope those poor, dumb, SOB’s, know Jesus because they may get a personal meeting with him sooner than they might think..

  • the reason the ho-hum election behavior is because the socialist commie democrats with this spineless republican rhinos are planning on something more interesting, which is why the commies are continuously trying to disarm the republic. anyone with half a brain cell know what i’m talking about?

  • I think after the first, say, 250 are shot down in the street, the rest will go home with a deeper understanding of the degree to which the President of the United States is protected.

  • Their final statement left no ambiguity as to their motive…”a cultural heave toward a New World Order.”

    Pretty clear.

    These aren”t revolutionaries. They are the goon squad for the NWO establishment.

    Also, notice the Chinese Adblocker person. Coincidence?

    • I was waiting for someone to comment on that last line to usher in the n w o. Really brings into question their true motives. This is just antifa wearing an ‘occupy’ suit. Unfortunate how twisted and delusional the thinking processes of so many people have become (the result of decades worth of poisoned food, poisoned water, poisoned air and poisoned ‘medical approaches’) – they are now merely servants for the greater evil. I hope that they will fail, by whatever process that is brought about.

  • So this is the leftist/socialist spin on the legendary fail of the Storm Area 51 from September 2019. Occupying a fixed location makes for easier targets than Naruto running up to the object of hatred of these people. Hopefully this event will also disappoint those expecting something to go down.

  • Occupy the White House? Nahhhh! How about occupying the Capitol Building to keep those skunk politicians from enacting more laws taking away our constitutional rights? That’s where the real problem lies.

  • How do I think this occupy the White House business will go over? I think this is the stupidest idea the liberal socialists have ever come up with. A “siege” is a military action that, in effect, declares war on the area being sieged. So, you idiots are going to declare war on the United States of America, I guess. Like someone above said, this will not be Portland or Seattle where stupid liberal socialists control the local government. This will be federal property, protected by Federal police and Secret Service. There are elements of the US Marines and US Army that can be deployed with guns, bayonets, and even more deadly weapons to use on any ENEMY combatants who try to attack our White House, our National Capitol. I’d say go ahead and try you idiots. I can’t wait to see you overwhelmed by the federal law enforcement agents and US Military. I can’t wait to watch on TV as you all are rolled up and hauled off to federal prisons. I also can’t wait to see federal action stripping you of your US citizenship for choosing to become an Enemy of the United States of America.

    • You have just described the very scene that I suspect the REAL planners and funders of this event would like to see. Preferably they would non lethal gas them and have them wake up in a cell pending applicable charges. Kinda of like what should of happened after the fact in the ridiculous case in St. Louis MO.

  • Hey, I think the Chineese communist party will gladly fund this idea! Go ahead, rushush foreward “slavery for all”, sieg hiel you nazi pigs!!!!

  • If Sept 17 = day one, Nov 5 = day 50.
    I don’t see any reason that PDJT can’t stay in Bedminster during that time. It’s much safer for him there. He can limit access to those he trusts.

  • Time to give the U.S. Marines lessons of being AIDES to the White House Secret Service men and women. Of course aides ALWAYS back up their Officers! They just need to remember to bring their combat gear and lots of food then stand about 10 deep all around the perimeter of the W.H. with the Secret Service people and don’t take any shit from this crowd, not even the throwing of a wad of paper, or anything else. And it’s time for them to borrow the Army’s new crowd control devices to ward these m-fers off and disrupt THEIR lives!
    It also might be a good idea to oil the home-based hardware!

  • Here is my take on this….the ones who are funding these riots, the BLM, antifascists are the same ones who set up the explicit world economic forum….there is no lack of money, but the pawns are the Americans who think what they are doing is righteous. They need our prayers.

    With this in mind, these same people use artificial intelligence to improve on their dominance as they go along. So this DC seige is the reason they started riots in the liberal Democratic cities like Portland and Seattle (as well as Atlanta and others, but for sake of time…) These people most likely loaded their AI computers with the actions, reactions, results, etc. and were able to assess via AI the best way to crush the opposition in a Patriot City…namely, D.C. This is not going to be nice whatsoever. There will be weapons available for the rioters that were not in the other cities.

    Perhaps this was another of myriad of reasons the President has left D.C. I wouldn’t go there for the life of me….but they’ll come on down from N.Y. because these people don’t have a purpose anymore now that Cuomo ruined their city.

    With the failures of the Wall Street Protests, the BLM protests, the Antifa riots, one has to wonder if any sanity is left in these globalists. Which is a stupid “wonder” as its so close to fact anyway.

  • Well,I believe it will go one of two ways: Secret Service may tolerate them up to the point where they will not react unless the violence starts,or,put the kibosh on it from the get go. Any which way,Dems will scream about brutality of the Secret Service and claim they are peaceful protesters. Long and short? It will not end well.

  • If you Treasonous idiots attempt to occupy the White House or interfere with Our President in any way you better hope the Secret Service gets to you first ! As soon as you try this, there will be 12 million trained & armed Patriots coming for you & you will wish you were never born ! This is not a threat, it’s a fact ! They are Not going to be protesting or rioting or burning buildings. You will be eliminated & then they will continue on to every DemoNazi City & State & will eliminate Antifa, BLM & All the DemoNazi politicians & when they go to these DemoNazi Cities & States they are not going to ask if you are liberal or conservative etc. They will just eliminate everyone there & when this happens there will be no liberal professors or corrupt & evil politicians or brainwashed morons left & we will go as a Constitutional Country. You monkey’s are going to wish you never started poking a sleeping Lion !

  • This is what happens when people have way too much time on their hands. What a terrible idea. My take on it is, as many other commenters have said, that it is likely to end in deadly force which will be a tragedy all the way around. I would not be surprised if the organizers are desperate to influence election results in any way possible and are willing to use volunteer protesters as cannon fodder.

    • Yup. I dunno if they won’t send in the starry-eyed, stupid-enough-to-follow-absurdity peeps to garnish some martyrs and outrage. But we are living in times when reason is being stood on it’s ear. The idea that they would announce such a thing ahead of time shows something out of the norm for the flashmob mentality going in at a moment’s notice. Not like the usual spontaneity and opportunism we’ve been seeing.

      This seems irregular to me. So, I think there is something else up with this. What? I dunno.

      But, we should not be surprised by anything anymore.

  • Normally I would consider myself a law and order guy, withdue process and equal protection being high on my list. But for this? shoot the first person over the fence. Right in the head. Then anyone else that crosses the fence. These people have made it clear that anyone that is not “them” is their enemy. So let them be shown how our enemies are dealt with…minus the Marshall Plan treatment where we shoot them, patch them up and buy them a condo on Seattles water front and a Starbucks EBT card.

  • So far there has been little or no “return fire” from the federal government. It makes me wonder if this is planned, i.e., part of the coup.

    • Return fire has been held for many reasons. Understand that those law enforcement on the line, despite popular belief, are Americans who are not out to kill other Americans.
      In fact they have expressed so much disappointment in the behavior of “protestors” acting like animals or worse that it’s not even funny.
      There are lines and once they are crossed it will be a changed story. But it is not what LEOs in general want.

  • This will just one of many coup attempts between now and election both physical and political.
    Restraint by law enforcement will be shown up to a line. Things will be different this go round than last.
    Please don’t get sucked in by the “outrage” they are trying to create. As one pointed out by a commentator with the “red flag” I can’t say it’s not possible though I doubt it but irregardless they are not on the side of real and true Americans. These are kommies and socialist.
    All I can say is this to y’all: do everything you can to prepare to stay safe, fed, watered and housed. There will be a hard push from many directions to destroy what we have. We have our differences but they are just that “OURS” not anyone outside of us.

  • I imagine this event will be used by some on the local level to spark up some destruction similar to what happened during the B.S.BLM crap, there was bad stuff happening all over my Iowa town, neighbors on the phone to the cops, waiting. It wasn’t a good thing by any measure.
    Anyway, if they are using slogans like, “bend the will of the people to him by gutting the #USPS” Yeesh, these guys are lame. The USPS?… really?

  • WELL ,I would LOVE TO BE PART OF THE FIGHT ! However as being disabeled ,still AMBULATORY but that’s about the extent of the fight in me!!I really think that the only way that could happen is if part of the military&some CIA were to assist the takeover!
    I think a REVOLUTION is needed to get the govt.s head out of it’s ASS .OR just get rid of the govt..WE NEED SOME GOVT. JUST NOT TO THE EXTENT IT HAS GOTTEN TO !!!!

  • This is nothing more than a massive campaign ad to elect puppet Joe Biden. This fake protest is sponsored and paid for by the globalists who control the democrat party and want Donald Trump out of office.

    The way it is intended to work is for the professional rioters to inflict as much violence as possible at the white house and any an all actions by the defenders will be edited and spun in to msm propaganda to provide the false narrative that Donald Trump is attacking peaceful protesters. Pure social engineering.

    For those keyboard Rambos calling for the protesters being shot. Shame on you. This is what they want to happen. These protesters are sacrificial lambs who are supposed to get hurt. They are just too stupid to know that and their puppet masters are not going to tell them.

    I would not be surprised if the globalists hire hit men to shoot scores of protesters. This would fit their false narrative perfectly and no matter what Donald Trump says he would get the blame. The globalist controlled msm will see to that.

    What are the defenders suppose to do when the professional rioters are shining lasers in their eyes and permanently blinding them for life? The Washington democrat mayor will like last time order the police to do nothing.

  • I’m afraid they are in for a rude awakening, D.C Police and Military WON’T tolerate their nonsense. If they persist in their foolishness they should bring a large quantity of body bags.

  • Just when you think it can’t get more stupid, 2020 says here hold my beer. I dare say the secret service and the US Marines will take a very dim view of this as they wait for the first protestor to cross the line or throw a Molotov cocktail. Civil war 2 goes full hot on that day

  • Inciting Riots, Violence et al is ILLEGAL….
    Not to mention… Calling for TREASON!!!!

    EVERY ONE of the thugs involved with the Organization that call for this…. should be serving 20 to life!!!

    Why are they not being arrested?!!!! FBI?!!!!

  • This is a part of all these pre-planned events as a globalist gov’t, with many American globalists in our gov’t on their side and working to use these “useful idiots” (they’ll get rid of the protesters when they have full control) to cause as much mayhem as possible so that normal people, who they will accuse as being “right wing,” will rise up and start killing these people. Once that happens, they already have set plans in place to bring in U.N. “peace” keeping forces, except they’re not actually UN troops, they are Russian/Chinese soldiers who will seize control once they’re on the inside, and many of them are already here. Lock and load, if you don’t have a gun you don’t have a clue, and if you have a roomful of guns, you’ll need a HOUSE full of bullets.

  • These fools don’t realize that this is a bad idea on all levels.

    I don’t see this ending well if they try Portland the tactics against the White House.
    It will create more Trump supporters in the long run.
    As far as clashing with the Secret Service and Federal Police that is one thing.

    They also need to watch out for the Militia’s and the Patriots at large.
    Which are far worse, because they are not hampered by Rules of Engagement or protesters civil rights.

    But then that is probably the goal, to turn this into a Civil War right before the election,( otherwise they would lose the election and face 4 more years of MAGA).

    Since any actions against them, may create sympathy protests (riots) in other cities.

    It is going to be interesting and possibly terrifying to see how this all plays out.

  • Just like occupy wallstreet was …. another psyop anonymous protest? Orchestrated by the Soviet polit bureau, with lots of actors going as protesters!
    It’s really not necessary and although many people may fall for it because the left news will greatly in favour report, it’s just a ridiculous stunt made from sheeple for sheeple.
    200 thousand corona death! Really? If you include flew, heart attack, and other deaths, yes.
    If you want to do a real job start to think, stop promote children grabber Biden and
    advertise at least something helpful like HCQ!

  • This will devolve into “Occupy Graveyards” movement. These fools are going to get a whole bunch of people killed!

  • I read the whole Tactical Briefing #1.
    Going to give them the benefit of the doubt that they are truly interested in a non-violent protest. Also like to think there are more level headed people who know and understand what the Secret Service will and will not tolerate and plan accordingly to keep with their non-violent protest. Based off some of the Twitter comments, others are advising them NOT to do something dumb.

    Using the term “Seige,” probably not a good idea.

    Unfortunately, there are other bad actors who tend show up to peaceful protests and turn them into riots. Be interesting to see how that dynamic would work out between those seeking a truly peaceful protest and those with other ideas.

    It is their 1stA right to exercise.
    Would hate to see it devolve into something ugly if some idiot decides to do something spectacularly stupid.
    And I would not rule out MSM playing it up or others trying to politicize it.

  • I wish Trump & patriots would target (Arrest) the revolutionary “Officers” of this insurgency. Target the Rooks, Knights and Bishops, forget the pawns. This is a top down organization that comes to a screeching halt without leaders and money. Target the Officers not the troops. Target the Money men! Cut the leadership and the funding… and the grapes of Communist/Deepstate wrath will wither on the vine! Target = Arrest by the way! You don’t want to create martyrs.

    • George Soros has a home in upstate New York somewhere. Why haven’t his U.S. assets been seized? That would be a good place to start….

  • The left had better be careful what it wishes for. They are outmanned, outgunned, and out-trained. The response will be equal to the threat.

  • I think they’ll try it. I think there will be a violent response because they won’t know to quit.

    Then they’ll have a crapton of martyrs. Then they’ll start currying public favor with cries of “we were being nonviolent.” Then they’ll continue using the rest of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

    The second part of rule 11 reads “Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog.”

    That’s what I see happening, and these parasites will continue deconstructing society. Alinsky’s rules aren’t about seeking justice, they are about destroying and that’s all they’re about.

  • I’d say best of luck to them, but I wouldn’t really mean it.
    I doubt they know how secure the White House actually is.
    They might find out the hard way. The security people don’t suffer fools gladly.

  • After the secret service and the military kill about fifty of these psychotic idiots, the rest of the powderpuffs will all run under their mama’s skirts.

  • Oh please do. I really want to see these commie scum blown away by hand held rocket ???? launchers from the roof of the Whitehouse.

  • The first group to try something similar to this was the “Bonus Army” comprised of about 17K veterans and their families in 1932. President Hooover had them driven out by the military using tanks and tear gas under the leadership of Brig. Gen. Perry L. Miles and accompanied by Gen. Douglas MacArthur. One veteran killed and several veterans and policemen were injured.

  • Nothing like planning a hair brained stunt that is guaranteed to fail plus secure Trump’s re-election. Go for it, idiots.

  • For situations like this, may I recommend the M60 machine gun? It’s heavy and goes through a LOT of ammunition quickly, but it can really clear out a hostile crowd intent on mayhem and murder! You can’t have a “siege” if all of the siege-layers are incapacitated or have decamped the field of battle as hastily as their little pajama-boy legs can carry them…

  • Laying siege to the White house and occupying a park in NYC are two very distinct and different things. I would think you have attorneys that know this distinction and advised you to do a better job at choosing your words. A siege would get you seriously effed up by the military complex designed to protect the White House and the the the executive branch.

  • Judging from the comments everyone seems to think the Feds are just going to passively sit and wait for these “protestors” to come to them? I don’t believe that to be the case.

    I suspect that the the Secret Service and the DHS have been gathering intel on these guys for months. They’ve scrutinized all the social media sites, have arrest records for many of these folks and probably scanned every license plates within a mile at every “protest” for the last six months if not longer.

    Portland and Seattle were on someone else’s turf. The local pols did all they could to draw the conflict out. DC and the Whitehouse are the Fed’s turf, all the rules change. The mayor will bleat as loud as possible but there is no Governor to hamper their tactics.

    By now they have a fairly good idea of who’s who. Their problem is that they don’t want to make martyrs of the “just here to protest” bunch. They need to identify the strategists and quietly extract them while allowing the “occupation” to gradually die from a lack of leadership.

  • Can’t wait to see the SS with their fully automatic weapons open fire, it will be like shooting fish in a barrel!! Get the payloader ready to dig a big hole at the DC dump where they can all rest comfortably long after eternity!

  • Do it.
    Please, do it.
    Don’t pretend you don’t expect the result. You will all be shot, or at the very least, shot at. You will be arrested if you are not shot. You will be run out if not arrested.

    Please… do it.
    And please livestream it. I will have my popcorn handy.

  • Interesting. There are many laws being broken in just threatening such. You better believe these things are being traced and agents finding people upstream and will capture and try them for treason and many such things. Good overcomes evil. If we fear and obey God (Yah) and his commandments (including the 4th) other nations will fear us. … but they don’t … Deut 28 tells why. Everyone out there needs to get their act together and start thinking, doing, defending and teaching the good perfect law of Yah from the bible. … Don’t trust fake religious movements.

  • Look, if a few rioters/looters get shot dead, this will all end. These soy boys and girls don’t have a backbone. They will fold like a cheap camera and return to their parent’s basement.

    Sacrifice a few miscreants (communists) that will not be missed by anyone. Anarchists have been with us a long time, it’s called mental illness. We closed all of the asylums and dropped these anti-socials onto our city streets. We need new asylums.

    Oh, and where is George Soros? Why is he not in jail? Connect the dots and follow it back to the cash cow that we all know is behind this. Cut off the head of the SNAKE and the body dies. When the money dries up, game over. [Q]uestion Everything!

  • The “Siege” would mainly be at the access gate to prevent the coming and going of the employees and other staff. The White House is connected by multiple tunnels to other official buildings. It will be a simple matter for the workers to exit by using the tunnels for access to the Capitol Bldg or the Executive office bldg. From there, they can go to their garaged car, taxi, bus, or limo.

    Many of the White House employees already park in garages and use the tunnels. There is limited parking on the White House grounds.

    The “Siege” will mainly be for show. Trump will be in Mar Lago the whole time, or Camp David.

  • Rioters in Portland got to meet face to face BORTAC, Trump’s go to Federal Agents from Border Patrol and so will DC protestors. Rewind the video during those first nights when BORTAC arrested, flanked and body slammed rioters trying to get into the Federal Courthouse. That was a warmup. Next time the gloves come off because they are on FEDERAL grounds with a Commander in Chief who will not tell agents to stand down.

  • At first I thought this was for GOOD at last, as was the original Occupy Wall street, then reading further that message disappeared, and I smelt the usual DEM plot, and when it finished with the words these eugenics and their Agenda cannot keep ramming down out throats …. for a a NEW WORLD ORDER,
    then I knew it was all BS ..

  • YES absolutely I do believe it will take place but be short lived, b/c the secret service, the D.C. police department and maybe even the national guard will NOT allow anything to happen to the President or the grounds of the White House or the building itself…They will most probably be some protestors shot to death…I think it will certainly be one big huge mess…It’s stupid for any of these people to think they will be able to pull this off, b/c I personally don’t think it will happen for very long…

  • It is September 18th.

    Has anyone seen anything about . . . “The Siege!” (insert excessive melodramatic music here)

    Nope. Me neither.

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