When the CDC Tells Us to Prepare for the Ebola Pandemic, Things Are About to Get Real

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By Daisy Luther

Are you ready for the possibility of an Ebola pandemic that will interrupt the day-to-day life of most Americans?

Because now, the CDC has issued a checklist and said that “Now is the time to prepare.”

You can read the entire document HERE. As well, the state department has purchased 160,000 Ebola Hazmat suits.

The checklist is a directory for hospitals and medical personnel.

“Every hospital should ensure that it can detect a patient with Ebola, protect healthcare workers so they can safely care for the patient, and respond in a coordinated fashion…

While we are not aware of any domestic Ebola Virus Disease cases (other than two American citizens who were medically evacuated to the United States), now is the time to prepare, as it is possible that individuals with EVD in West Africa may travel to the United States, exhibit signs and symptoms of EVD, and present to facilities.”

The CDC’s Ebola virus page is HERE.

The World Health Organization and other agencies have gone to great lengths to avoid releasing information that might cause a panic. You can bet that if they’ve gone so far as to issue this warning, things are about to get real.

The state department has purchased 160,000 Ebola Hazmat suits. If the government is getting ready for an outbreak, shouldn’t you get ready too?

Are you prepped for a pandemic?

Last month, I wrote an article expressing my concern that the virus was going to rampage across the country. In it, I suggested that the best way to survive unscathed was to go into lockdown with your family:

This Ebola thing could go bad in a hurry. And by bad I mean that it has killed well over half of the people who’ve contracted it in West Africa. Not only do we have the possibility of Ebola to contend with, but several varieties of plague are also on the uptick over the past couple of months, something that has been put on the back burner due to the fear of Ebola. A city in China was locked down last week due to the Bubonic Plague and the Black Plague caused one man to die and 3 more people to become ill in Colorado last month.

If the situation hits close enough to home that you decide to go it’s time to isolate yourselves, the rules to this are intractable.

No one goes out. No one comes in.

I know this sounds harsh, but there are to be no exceptions. If you make exceptions, you might as well go wrestle with runny-nosed strangers at the local Wal-Mart and then come home and hug your children, because it’s the same thing.

Once you have gone into lockdown mode, that means that the supplies you have on hand are the supplies you have to see you through.  You can’t run out to the store and get something you’ve forgotten.

That means if a family member shows up, they have to go into quarantine for at least 4 weeks, during which time they are not allowed access to the home or family, nor are they allowed to go out in public.  Set up an area on your property that is far from your home for them to hang out for their month of quarantine. If at the end of the month they are presenting no symptoms, then they can come in.

It sadly means that you may be forced to turn someone away if they are ill, because to help them means to risk your family.

Now is the time to plan with your preparedness group how you intend to handle the situation. Will you shelter together, in the same location, and reserve a secondary location to retreat to if the situation worsens further or if someone becomes ill? Will you shelter separately because of the nature of the emergency?  Decide together on what event and proximity will trigger you to go into lockdown mode. Make your plan and stick to it, regardless of pressure from those who think you are over-reacting, the school that your children have stopped attending, and any other external influences. If you’ve decided that there is a great enough risk that you need to go into lockdown, you must adhere to your plan. (source)

At about the same time, Mac Slavo of SHTFplan sounded the warning as well. He wrote:

What’s most bizarre and frustrating about all of this is that neither the U.S. government or the Centers for Disease Control have provided any actionable information or advice to the American public. They maintain that they have the facilities to stop any such outbreak and continue to tout the narrative that there is nothing to fear, because they have it all under control.

Should even one single case pop up in a random U.S. city, that narrative will fall apart instantly. If someone in Georgia, Ohio, New York or any other state checked themselves into a hospital and are found to be infected with Ebola it will prove without a shadow of a doubt that all CDC containment efforts have failed.

In such an instance where Ebola is found to be in the “wild” anywhere in the continental United States you can be certain that panic will follow.

Take a look at the following photo. It was taken last week in Toledo about an hour after the city announced that their water supply had been contaminated with toxins:


Notice how every drop of pure H2O has been removed from the shelves.

Imagine for a moment what grocery store shelves, pharmacies and hardware supply stores are going to look like within 12 hours of an Ebola infection or outbreak being announced on U.S. soil.

Things will happen fast.

Now, for all we know the CDC’s containment efforts are successful, and perhaps Ebola will be stopped in its tracks. But being naturally skeptical of our government’s abilities to mitigate such a virus, especially given the lack of any actual information from the CDC or government, we must assume that Ebola will eventually start popping up in the United States.

When it does, the CDC and Homeland Security will likely announce a number of precautions that we need to take. Those precautions are going to include supply lists and strategies. (source)

Today, Slavo’s prediction came true with the release from the CDC.

What You Need Right Now

Right now, before panic ensues, you need to ensure that you have everything you need to survive as though the world we know has ended. You need to be prepared to stay in your home for weeks, if not months. You need to be ready for a potential disruption of services.

Best case scenario: You get these supplies,  the outbreak never occurs, and you can dole them out into your regular usage or stash them with your prepper stockpile while snickering at the crazy preppers.

Worst case scenario: You read this warning, you do nothing, and then the outbreak occurs. You realize that the prepper folks aren’t so crazy after all. But by then, it will be too late to stock up.

Following is a list of supplies that you may soon need:

In the event you have no choice but to leave your home, Mac Slavo recommends the following:

If you’re forced to exit your home, you’re going to want to be fully protected, and that includes covering your hands, eyes, nose, and mouth.

In addition to the N-95 respirator masks mentioned above, you may also consider upgrading to the more expensive N-100 respirators recommended by the World Health Organization.

Or, go with a full facemask. Insofar as your preparedness efforts are concerned, you may also be able to kill two birds with one stone here and go with a full face mask that includes NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) protection like the US-made NATO SGE 400/3 Military Gas Mask.  If going with such a mask, be sure to include some NBC filters.

If a family member becomes ill, Tess Pennington of  Ready Nutrition recommends building a sick room that can be used to isolate suspected infections or even to be used as a quarantine/observation area for friends and family who may be coming to your home as part of your group lockdown plan.

Building a sick room may include supplies like:

Don’t wait.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. By the time the CDC gets around to offering checklists to the rest of us, items like these will be in short supply. If you are unprepared, you’ll be at the mercy of organizations like FEMA, who will be doling out water bottles and MREs to those who are likewise hungry and thirsty.

To learn more about preparing for a real SHTF scenario like an Ebola pandemic, look to the following for  in-depth, practical advice:

Ebola Survival Handbook: A Collection of Tips, Strategies, and Supply Lists From Some of the World’s Best Preparedness Professionals

Prepping for an Ebola Lockdown

Pandemic Watch Facebook page

The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster

BioDefense – a free pandemic preparedness course from Mike Adams

The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months


Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • This could just be politics as usual. I hope the 160,000 hazmat suits are the result of the State Department bowing to political pressure by buying a product from a company that made huge campaign contributions to Obama.

    • I do not think it is politics, I think it is acceptance of what is going to happen and the State Dept is preparing for the inevitable.Question : who gets those suits.
      On Friday, a dr wrote an article in the New York Times whereby he discussed a taboo topic; the possibility of the virus mutating and becoming infectious via the air.A German virologist has already said over the weekend it is too late. His forecast is 5 million. The projections per mathematicians are, if nothing changes in containing the disease in Africa, that there will be 100,000 infected by December. Sounds farfetched. The reality is the disease is spreading so fast because one person gives it to two, two give it to two each and so forth. Something to think about regarding ebola: The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic. It killed close to 100 MILLION people worldwide per a book I read on the topic. It even reached the South Pacific.The author closed his book by saying worth considering, even with the technology the world has now it is not prepared for a pandemic. In closing, the fact CDC is now issuing instructions to both hospitals and healthcare workers how to handle patients with ebola ought to tell you something: it is preparing hospitals for the possibility of the disease coming here. With people packed into cities the way they are and the way people in the US traveling the way they do, the disease will spread very quickly. Right now, preparing is the smart thing. Wait …and pay the price of those who wait until warning of a snowstorm to buy food and find the shelves bare. The difference is the price this time could be your life. The US had an outbreak in reston, va in 1989 most people don’t know about. People did get sick, but thankfully did not die. Look it up: ebola-reston.

  • When the CDC ANNOUNCES they have a checklist for Ebola, let that be a wake up call for everyone.

    From the article…

    “The checklist has been distributed to major hospitals and even little ones.”

    Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

    More news about Ebola…

    20% Chance Of Ebola In USA By October; 277,124 Global Cases By Year-End, Model Predicts

    “There’s nothing to be optimistic about,” warns the professor who developed the Global Epidemic and Mobility Model to assess outbreaks, “if the number of cases increases and we are not able to start taming the epidemic, then it will be too late. And then it requires an effort that will be impossible to bring on the ground.”

    As Fred Hutch reports, the deadly Ebola epidemic raging across West Africa will likely get far worse before it gets better, more than doubling the number of known cases by the end of this month, predicting as many as 10,000 cases of Ebola virus disease could be detected by Sept. 24 – and thousands more after that.

    “The cat’s already out of the box – way, way out,” as the analysis of global mobility and epidemic patterns shows a roughly 25% chance of Ebola detection in the UK by the end of September and 18% it will turn up in the USA. “I hope to be wrong, he concludes, but “the data points are still aligned with the worst-case scenario.”

    “The next three weeks will be crucial to determining whether the Ebola outbreak is tamed or rages out of control, the experts agreed.”


  • And this: “You have to understand that every promoted so-called “pandemic” is an extended sales pitch for vaccines.

    And not just a vaccine against the “killer germ” of the moment. We’re talking about a psyop to condition the population to vaccines in general. […]

    West Nile, SARS, bird flu, Swine Flu, Ebola—the real motive for promoting these “pandemics” is the follow-up: vaccines.

    To a highly significant degree, the CDC and the World Health Organization are PR agencies, whose job is to convince the public that stepping up, rolling up their sleeves, and submitting to shots containing germs and toxic chemicals is the most natural and wise action possible.

    Yes, and ignorance is strength.” …


    • I have been keeping tabs on the ebola situation. I came across this site to see if anyone had similar misgivings about how government and CDC were handling this and if anyone else picked up on the glaring inconsistencies I have seen. I read your entry, and I have to say it stopped me dead. This morning as my son and I prepared to work on our rabbit hutches, I was listening to one of my son’s talk radio stations. On the show, a woman was pushing her book on vaccinations, pushing the idea that they are worth any risks, irradications of diseases through these vaccines… well you get it. I found it quite interesting the timing of this show and the ebola situation. You make a very good point here in your entry.

  • I purchased the book,_The Hot Zone_ by Preston around 1995 when the book was published. Ebola was making the news from Africa. If you read this book, the Eblola, is not the same contagion then as we are being told and threatened at through the media, now.

    There are a number of Ebola viruses, Marburg, Ebola Sudan, Ebola Zaire, and Ebola Reston. Ebola Reston was named for the facility that was experimenting on monkeys in Reston, VA., near Washington, D.C. The monkeys were getting sick, and dying but it was not a danger to human “care givers”. This ebola virus was being spread via the air.

    The Ebola described by the book shows a virus that spreads quickly, then dies out quickly. It did not spread via the air, and people were **not** sent back to their home countries. **It is poor medical protocol to do so, and I suspect that there is a more sinister reason for this ridiculous and deadly act.**

    I do not adhere to the idea that virus’ mutate that quickly. There has been enough time to experiment with the different ebola viruses that was available. Do not deceive yourself into thinking that the have not, either.

    There are many people who belong to secret groups who consider themselves above the rest of us, and have made clear documented statements that the global population (meaning us) should be reduced by 90%. One is Prince Consort Phillip who said he would love to be reincarnated as a virus to kill us all off. These people have the money and the means to “get their way.”

    The hype and fear mongering is a PsyOp, but that doesn’t mean that this virus will be purposely used in a nefarious way.

  • Corrections:

    There has been enough time to experiment with the different ebola viruses that were available.

    The hype and fear mongering is a PsyOp, but that doesn’t mean that this virus will NOT be purposely used in a nefarious way.

  • Eerie stuff, maybe Reston was a limited test run?:

    How they would stage a bioterror event

    … “The use of a germ as a cover story for a chemical.

    In other words, there is no germ attack. It’s called a germ attack, but that’s a lie. The perps bring in researchers, to the affected area, who go on to claim they have isolated a germ that is the cause of death and illness. It’s a sham. What really happened was the spread of a toxic chemical that can’t be detected, unless you’re looking for it.

    The chemical has severe and deadly effects for a week or two or three. Then it disperses and loses potency and the “epidemic” is done.

    In some town, a fairly isolated community, the word goes out that people are suddenly falling ill and dying. The CDC and the Army are called in to cordon off the area and quarantine all citizens. A peremptory announcement is made, early on, that this is a biowar attack.

    Major media are allowed outside the periphery. Network news anchors set up on-location and do their wall to wall broadcasts “from the scene.”

    The entire nation, the entire world is riveted on the event, 24/7.

    People inside the cordon fall ill and die. Reports emerge from the town:

    The networks state that “heroic doctors are taking samples of blood and the blood is being analyzed to find the germ that is causing the epidemic.” The DOD confirms over and over that this is, indeed, a biowar attack.

    Human interest stories pile up. This family lost three members, that family lost everybody. Tragedy, horror, and the desired empathic response from “the world community.”

    It’s a soap opera, except real people are dying.

    The medical cartel promotes fear of the germ.

    All controlling entities get to obtain their piece of the terrorist pie.

    Finally, the doctors announce they have isolated the germ causing the death in the small town, and researchers are rushing to develop a vaccine (which they produce in record time).

    Everyone everywhere must be vaccinated, now. No choice. Do it or be quarantined or jailed.

    In this declared martial law situation, the doctors are the heroes. The doctors and the Army. And the government, and even the media.

    Then, after a few weeks, when the potency of the secret chemical has dispersed, it’s over.

    When you think about it, this scenario is a rough approximation of what happens every day, all over the world, in doctor’s offices. The doctors are prescribing chemicals (drugs) whose effects are far more dangerous than germs that may be causing patients to be ill.

    In other words, a chem-war attack is being leveled at people all over the world all the time.” …


  • When was the last time the government told us the truth? And when was the last time they did something in America’s (and freedom’s) best interest?

    I don’t believe one word that the government and their controlled media (including Fox News) tell us. The government want Americans living in fear and clamoring for ‘protection’. The Police State has now been built and is ready to do exactly that. Of course the cost is our constitutional rights and freedom. Americans are fools to have abandoned God and squandered our Founders’ Republic. Get ready. We are about to reap what we have sowed.

    • How does one know the truth? The link you provided is very incriminating and it sounds believable. To turn a killer virus on 3rd world countries or any country is unforgivable.

  • I agree with the commenter who has linked to Jon Rappoport’s posts. One important reason why such an outbreak in Africa is that the immune system of the average African just isn’t strong. So of course it will be difficult for an immune-compromised body to resist this or any virus or bacteria. Here in Amerika, many people have compromised immune systems because of all the prescription drug poisons people are consuming, and other factors such as processed foods whose chemicals are terrible for your digestive system and immune system. And many vaccines directly compromise the immune system as well.

    Despite all that, I don’t think there will be an Ebola outbreak in the U.S., just as the swine flu panic in 2009 fizzled.

  • If you can only contract ebola through transfer of fluids why would thy worry? So if they are issuing a warning … start worrying … up until this point I was at a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10 … that’s been upped to 5.

  • A.M. of Sept. 18th here. Just read that there is a Liberian ship docked at the mouth of the Mississippi River with VERY sick crew, some of which have been transported to the hospital and met with hospital staff in HAZMAT suits. CDC is saying it is malaria, but who knows?

    Keep a watch!

    My source was a news article posted on Yahoo! and also at ebolainfo.org.

    • Thank you, TC – I wrote about this as soon as I saw your comment! That’s just insane to bring people ashore in this situation.

  • GMO is a death business doing which will eat up all the nutrition and kill the coming generation and ruin the agrarian lands and orphan the third world crazy of boosting its wealth without sense.

  • I have all I that I need. I have a wife and two sons, so a .45 calibre Browning pistol with 4 bullets is all I could possibly ever need. I’ve talked it over in depth with my wife and she is also OK with it. MY worst case scenario is taken care of. How about YOURS?

  • Ebola scares the crap out of me. I am wondering what I would do with a newborn in an Ebola pandemic. We use cloth diapers, how would these be washed? Do I stock disposables just in case? How would I store hundreds of diapers? I have no idea how to care for an infant in a pandemic, any suggestions?

    • Hi Ellie,

      I feel for you and understand your concern and fears. Having a newborn (or any age child) really ups the anxiety factor. Here are my suggestions (and they are just that):

      I would suggest that you do keep a stock of disposables. Maybe three or four boxes of 200? You will likely have to be more conservative about # of times you change the baby, and you can let her/him go bare between poops. God willing you will not have to use them and then you can simply donate them to a shelter or hospital or return them to a store with a lenient return policy. Keep in mind that access to public water may still be fine in an outbreak, so you may be able to wash the cloth ones.

      Also make sure you have wipes and paper towels.

      If you are breastfeeding, it is always good to freeze extra milk, as power most likely will not go out either. And if you are BF, you have your food stock for the baby built in 🙂 If you are using formula, make sure to stock enough for the shut in, and have a gallon of water/day for baby as well (this is the hardest part- the water takes up so much space, but is vital!). That was my big fear when Hurricane Sandy hit and I was a brand new mom.

      Make sure you have electrolyte solution, infant fever reducer and anything else baby might need if he or she catches a cold during a shut in (always good to have this on hand no matter what).

      Try not to worry too much. It is good to prepare, but as a new mom don’t stress yourself any more than you absolutely have to- you have so much going on already!

  • You are all so stupid to believe that just because the CDC has a recommendation for hospitals to know how to identify Ebola, we should all freak out! NO! So what if CDC wants to prepare hospitals and give recommendations on how to identify Ebola. I say thank you to the CDC for making sure doctors know what to look for so if there is another case they can make sure everyone else is safe! Way to go media and articles such as this for causing the panick! Dumb shits!

    • Thank you for your eloquent comment and your random ad hominem attacks. That really helps us to all see your point so much more clearly.

      The CDC’s recommendations have worked out so well in Dallas, haven’t they?

      It appears the CDC didn’t do such a great job of teaching hospitals to identify OR treat an Ebola patient without someone else getting infected. If you actually read the article, it points out that the CDC’s public statement should make us ALL more aware of what is going on. At no point did I ever suggest anyone “freak out” – in fact, I’ve written over and over again that we should be calm and methodical in our preparations.

      By all means, look to the CDC for your information. After all, you can trust them. They’re from the government!


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