Why the War on Men Is Hurting Everyone

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By the author of Be Ready for Anything and the online course Bloom Where You’re Planted

These days, it appears that being a man means you’re crazy. You’re a rapist waiting for a woman to rape. You’re a misogynist, just looking for a woman to oppress. You’re a brute, looking for a woman to punch in the face. You are violent, domineering, and angry.

At least according to the University of Texas at Austin.

They’ve rolled out a program called MasculinUT that treats men as though they are violent rapists just waiting for a woman on whom to force themselves. And, you know, slap around a little, because apparently, that is what men do. The project praises a poster of a black man with a flower crown, but mourns that masculinity “should go further than that.”

Photo Credit: University of Texas

This makes me curious about what “further than that” would look like. Curious in a morbid, car accident on the side of the road kind of way, where you want to see it but you don’t want to see it all at the same time.

Outrage about the mental health aspect

The program is a project of the Counseling and Mental Health Center, and many media outlets immediately objected to this, stating that they were treating traditional masculinity as though it was a mental health issue. American Thinker and PJ Media both voiced their outrage.

In response, UT has rewritten their webpage about the MasculinUT program. (Emphasis mine)

The MasculinUT program does not treat masculinity as a “mental health issue,” and any such statements are simply not accurate. It was established to bring more men to the table to address interpersonal violence, sexual assault and other issues.

Like other UT programs related to sexual assault and interpersonal violence, MasculinUT is housed administratively in the university’s Counseling and Mental Health Center. Its goals include helping men explore ways to reduce sexual violence, helping students take responsibility for their actions, and fostering healthier relationships on campus and beyond.

These are important goals that we strongly stand behind. It has become clear that some of the communication and discussion surrounding MasculinUT did not convey this fully or clearly and was not effective at reaching the broad audiences the program envisioned. As a result, we will be reviewing the website and other content to ensure that it serves the program’s goals and will make any appropriate changes as we receive feedback from stakeholders.

Earlier this year, the UT System Board of Regents approved funding for mental health, student safety, and alcohol-related initiatives including efforts to reduce sexual assaults on campus. The new staff position that will oversee this program, and coordinate with other UT System schools, is part of those efforts funded by the Regents. (source)

I dunno. I mean, maybe it’s just me, but it still sounds kind of mental health-ish, doesn’t it?

And this thing at UT is only the tip of the iceberg in this war on men.

This is part of a war on men.

I hate to sound melodramatic, but this seems to me like another part of the ongoing war on men. Lately, there is little that a man can do without the Social Justice Warriors taking him to task. God help them if they dare to hold the door for the wrong woman. (Not me, though. I’m going to be ticked off if you don’t hold the door, because MANNERS.)

Let me be absolutely clear. Men who behave like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby are accused of doing are indefensible. Harassment as part of a job should never happen and should be harshly punished when it does. Secretly drugging a woman or coercing a woman to have sex is wrong. Treating women like they are stupid is wrong. Paying them less for the same performance at the same job is wrong.

But most men, at least the ones I know, are not like that. My dad was kind, generous, loving, and armed to the teeth.  He was a veteran and a healthcare professional. He showed me the best of both worlds. He would never have let anything bad happen to me, he treated me like a lady so that I knew how I should be treated, and he encouraged me that I could do anything I wanted if I put in the work. He was a gentleman, and that is a wonderful thing for which to strive.

We now live in a world in which some people who promote “gender equality” feel that men should have to cater to women, step aside and let them have the promotions just because they have female parts (or say that they’re female), and refrain from speaking in meetings so that the women can do all the talking. This article has 100 helpful hints for men to help make women’s lives more “bearable.” (I do have to agree with the one about the word “feisty.” Call me feisty and risk getting punched in the throat. But I digress.)

In what possible world is that EQUAL? I personally don’t want some kind of vagina handicap and I’m delighted to compete against men fairly in the workplace because I sincerely believe that my skills, intelligence, and talents put me on equal footing with them. I wouldn’t feel any sense of accomplishment if someone treated me like that. In fact, it’s so condescending that it would infuriate me.

And this isn’t all. There are numerous examples of women discriminating against men. Words like mansplaining and manspreading, for example, are pretty offensive, Tell them to shut up or move over instead of making up words for it. Heck, I have been known to sprawl a bit too much on the subway too, but a polite “excuse me” is all it takes for me to make more room.

One author even went so far as suggesting we don’t need to “redefine” masculinity, but instead, completely “get rid” of it:

It might sound rash, getting rid of masculinity. But it’s really not a crazy thought. We only have to look back a little over 100 years to understand that, in America, the concept of masculinity was constructed to defend white supremacy and white male dominance over black men and women of all races. (source)

To me, the idea of a world so unisex that we can’t tell the women from the men sounds very dull indeed. The differences between us are the things I enjoy the most.

I don’t have to hate women to like men, I don’t have to hate men to support women. Why is everyone insisting that it’s either/or?

It’s also an attack on the future.

And our boys. Our poor boys.

Like the 4-year old boy who hugged his teacher and got written up for “inappropriate sexual contact.” Does the average 4-year-old boy even know what that means?

Or this list written by a group of 9-year-old boys about why they don’t like being boys.

-Not being able to be a mother
-Not suppost to cry
-Not allowed to be a cheerleader
-Suppost to do all the work
-Suppost to like violence
-Suppost to play football
-Boys smell bad
-Having a automatic bad reputation
-Grow hair everywhere

Boys who are just average kids, you know, the ones who are active, enjoy bugs and have trouble sitting still for an entire day when they’re 6 years old, end up getting drugged and treated for ADHD. Popular culture is urging us to encourage our boys to be girlie. And while I certainly don’t think we should shame little boys if they want to play with a doll, I also think that boys need to be able to embrace being boys and have positive male role models.

The war on men will hurt everyone eventually.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a man who is manly and boys shouldn’t be taught that there is. We’re screwing up an entire generation here. We’re politically correcting ourselves into extinction. Many women prefer men that are masculine, and men enjoy being appreciated for who they are. How do you think birth rates are going to be in a generation of soft, sensitive men wearing eyeliner and a pink shirt, and brash, angry women who constantly point out what they’re doing wrong? Think I’m exaggerating? Birth rates among millennials have hit historic lows, and they’re having less sex than any generation in 60 years.

I for darn sure don’t want to be the “guy” in the relationship, going downstairs to check out the source of the crash in the kitchen while my man stays upstairs and calls 911. I mean, I can do it, but I’m not going to have much respect for him after that.  To win my heart, bring me flowers and then open the car door for me when we go to the shooting range for a hot date. Then, let’s talk about politics, philosophy, and the state of the world. I don’t have to have someone to defend me or pay my bills, because I have been a single mom for a lot of years. I want my abilities to be respected, but, the idea that someone would want to do that doesn’t make me angry. I think it’s nice.

And what about defending our nation in a generation or two? These kids being raised to be terrified of guns and violence. They will be completely at a loss if we’re invaded. I shudder to consider the military of the generations to come. To become so weak and homogenous puts our very future is at risk.

It seems like men can’t act like men without the risk of a lawsuit lately, but you guys should know that not all women stridently condemn you for being your wonderful selves.

Once upon a time, feminism was about equality. Now, it’s about anything BUT equality. It’s about denigrating half of the population and forcing them to behave in a way that is completely unnatural to them.

Not all masculinity is “toxic.” Men and women are different, and this is biology. There’s nothing wrong with this. It happens in every single species. And to try and stamp this out is a dangerous experiment that will not end well.



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  • Oh Daisy;
    A voice of sanity. I have great misgivings about this denigrating masculinity. We need men, not milk sobs. The sexes are different but together they make a wonderful unit.

    We have let the psychiatrists, and big marketing corporations take over our supposed mental health ideas, and look at the mess. Men are afraid to exhibit any masculine traits now as it’s politically incorrect. And women use more foul language and exhibit more unpleasant personality traits than men as well.

    Oh how off-putting. Sadly it will all come to roost and women will be treated like trash, and treated violently , as is already exhibited in the movies we watch. We are setting ourselves up for absolute oppression. I thank God I’m older and won’t necessarily see the eventual tide of backlash, but what about my grand daughters? ?? Oh so sad!

    • Currey: Take a look at most of Europe now, men have become cowardly sissies, allowing third world invaders, mostly Muslims to over run the countries for years, raping and molesting women, robbing, terrorism, drawing welfare, on and on allowed by their globalist leaders who have sold out to Soros, etc. They refuse to protect their women and girls, and we will end up like this later if it continues. Has Trump got control of the borders? not yet so he won’t be re elected if this isn’t addressed. More men here have become sissified like EU males , later turning this country into a third world rat hole like the middle east and most of Europe is now. Women in Europe have no rights, police look other way unless it ‘s a Euro person committing crimes.

      • > Take a look at most of Europe now, men have become cowardly sissies, allowing third world invaders, mostly Muslims to over run the countries

        Oh, look. The feminist appears and blames men. That’s especially bold, since it’s women who are at fault because women vote for immigration-friendly/Muslim-supporting parties.

        Daily reminder: Women made Obama president, women made Bill Clinton president, and had only women voted, Trump would have lost.

        Everywhere in the world women are the political enemies of men, here another example (Austria): https://images2.imgbox.com/b7/80/DpHxvIug_o.jpg

        >for years, raping and molesting women

        Yawn. Women don’t seem to mind rapes, otherwise they would start to vote for right-wing parties. Women are not the victims, they are the perpetrators. And they are the reason why men get attacked so much. Any area infiltrated by women becomes man-hate HQ, be it media, education, politics or labor market. As soon as women get rights, they will use them to harm men.

        >They refuse to protect their women and girls

        Only a bluepilled whiteknight still protects his own enemies. The only friends women have left is scum like in this picture: https://images2.imgbox.com/02/14/87exW52y_o.jpg

        >Women in Europe have no rights

        The opposite is true, women turned Europe into a dirthole because women in Europe are privileged like in no other part of the world. Sweden gets Islamized so fast because of women’s rights. The more women’s rights, the more Islamization.

  • I am sure Achilles, King David of Israel, Ramses the Great, Julius Caesar, Constantine the Great, Huang Di, Erik the Red, William the Conqueror, etc. would be absolutely fascinated to know that masculinity was invented in the United States in the 20th century to oppress the men of sub-Saharan Africa.
    I quit going to a local church around 2015 when, one Sunday, the children in the Sunday school got up in front of us to read essays about, basically, why girls were better than boys. The girls read the most boastful, arrogant, vain, essays about how great they were. The boys read the most humble, meek, apologetic essays about how males are just naturally bad and apologizing for being born male and how their purpose in life was to help girls achieve their potential. Those self-loathing boys were like brainwashed prisoners at a Soviet circus trial or a Vietnamese POW camp. It made me want to cry.
    I personally think the war on masculinity is designed to make sure no boys get any ideas about fomenting revolution against the Goobermint.

    • Maggie: You hit the nail on the head. Men are brainwashed (like in the E.U.) to become feminized and passive so they won’t plan any anti gov. revolutions. Another point is to destroy the family, breaking down communities and society. Churches remain passive and neutral on everything which is why we don’t attend a gov. controlled 501c3 church. Apostasy has taken over the churches/seminaries/councils in the last century since gov. gained control of most churches. Church leaders sold their souls to the gov. House churches and private meetings are way to go.

  • Posting again to say — I’m a female who served a career in the military, and I cringe when I watch the Hollywood portrayal of a “strong woman leader.” Hollywood producers, directors and script writers clearly think a “strong woman leader” is an emasculating shrew. We the viewers are clearly supposed to be sitting in our living rooms applauding the castrating termagants of TV-land. We are supposed to perceive this behavior as “strong” and “powerful.” You know a character is supposed to be “the strong woman leader” of the show when she’s rude, snide, insulting and belittling to the male characters, when she humiliates the male characters. I cringe to think that little girls are growing up with these Hollywood role models of leadership.

  • Just when I think it can’t get any more insane, they take it as a challenge. Ratchet up the animosity towards men until we get angry, snap and become violent thereby this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, “See men are violent!”

    This will not end well. As Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.”

  • Trigger Warning!!!! Mockery! All this PC BS needs to be met with fierce mockery, outright laughter and as much howling and sidesplitting laughter as can be mustered.

    We may lose a generation of snowflakes, but that is the price to pay for stupidity and allowing the Progressives to live for so long. (Did I just suggest that we eliminate Progressives??? Perhaps tar and feathers would be sufficient.)

    My parents raised me to respect women; hold doors, say ‘Yes, M’am’ and ‘No, M’am’, not to strike them (I’ve added ‘first’ as I’m not a punching bag) and to generally be protective of all of them. That they can’t say ‘thank you’ or be appreciative of my offers is their problem, not mine. About half say ‘thank you’.

    My son was raised the same way.

    But then, I am not PC and don’t conform to demands that I do.

    All that said, Daisy, you might not want to accept an invitation to dinner. Never know when I might just go off the deep end and go AllMaleStupid. Then again, as long as my wife is around, you probably wouldn’t have to worry. Talk about a She Bear.


  • It’s been said that Psychiatry is a phony science.
    Those people running that “Counseling and Mental Health Center” sure go a long way to proving it.

  • this is not something so new.. look at TV shows and movies say from the 60’s and present day. In the past, the father figure was a respected, working family man. portrayed as a positive member of the community. As time went on, the father became portrayed as an ingnoramus, incompetent boob..and now the father is just not in the script..

    I haven’t watched TV for years so I’m not up to date on the current stuff. I’m sure it hasn’t become any better.

  • Growing up my mom had mental health issues. She left when we were little. All that was left was my dad. Let me tell you about a real man. He had to learn how to cook, clean, do wash,& dress & raise 6 girls alone. He was a marine & very much a man
    He didn’t know just how to raise girls so he did what he knew. He taught us how to be a roofer,painter, plumbing & electrician. He said you never know what will happen in your life. You need to be ready for anything
    He would treat us all like lady’s. Opening the door pulling out our chair’s … When ask why he was doing this he said that when trash comes along we will know it & we did
    My dad never dated while he had a child at home. He said we are his # 1 job. And he proved it in word & deed.
    He taught us how to love God , make a living, be a real parent, love others & be a inspiration to others. To be our selves no matter what. To stand for what we believe & respect others. To help others
    Too this day we never leave his presents that he always says he loves us.
    I believe we need more men like this. We’re so blessed to have such a father & a man who loves us so much.

  • Daisy,

    Men love women who are just the way you are. My wife is appreciates me as her husband, and has always been proud to be a women. She was also a great mom who raised 2 boys who we are very proud of. I believe there are many more women such as you in America. It is encouraging to hear from women like you.

  • My mom was an RN, and she said that she never knew a psychiatrist/psychologist who wasn’t crazy. The way young male children are being treated is child abuse. And the whole unending abuse continues into saying all men are monsters. I am so tired of feminists, telling me how I must feel and act, as a woman. We have different sexes, for a reason. You cannot be fluid in your sex. I am, frankly, sick of the insane behavior.

  • This has started and has been going on since the late 60’s and early 70’s along with the civil rights and the feminist movement. It is all about control. Like I was told back in the middle 70’s: The problem with the world is that males, particular white males think they have to run everything

  • D.L.,

    Confused unhappy people equals to more consumerism and better work slaves.

    Confused as to gender, unhappy as in unable to have a healthy relationship.
    Both contribute to anxiety which is temporally satisfied by buying something.
    Less or no relationships means more time spent on the job.

    For another viewpoint (download) see below,

    The Sword.

    Mathis was from the University of Texas, Austin.

  • Please remove me from your mailing, e-mail, etc. propaganda list ASAP. Your foolishness regarding political parties, gender bashing, etc., will destroy your Prepper program faster than you can imagine. It sounds like you are on a megalomania trip…hire an editor!

  • Yeah, my wife and I saw this article, before they rewrote it, and were trying to determine what toxic masculinity even was.
    Your examples of bad behavior (e.g. Cosby, Weinstein, etc) are accurate, but are also not the majority of men. That particular Hollywood toxic culture that has been around since Hollywood was born. No one should suffer that kind of behavior.
    Flip side, just because I have a Y chromosome does not make me some kind of sexual predator, thuggish brut, club a woman upside the head and drag her back to my cave.
    I was brought up that to be a Man, was to be respectful of not just women, but everyone, unless they disrespect you. Being a Man was holding the door open for a woman, even if I did not know her, regardless of her age or race. Being a Man meant taking responsibility for your actions. Being a Man meant keeping your word. And a whole lot more.
    In short, being a Man meant being a good human/person.
    Something we need more of nowadays in just about everyone.

  • I think a lot of this stuff (anti-male rhetoric being part of it) will dissipate once the RESET occurs. It is technology that is narrowing the gender gap; it is technology that is creating this so-called superwoman in the movies, it is technology that is encouraging the gender confusion, and it is technology that is making men soft. Once the great die-off occurs , woman will have to go back to their epoch-old struggle of being the bearer and nurturer of society and men will have to carry the AR-15 and bring home dinner and dress the meat and be the protector of the group with his male strength. Then this sexual revolution stuff will quietly go away. So I don’t let this stuff bother me. The Winds of Crisis will blow it all away.
    My only wish is that men don’t turn back into the thugs they were doing previous hunter-gatherer eras.

  • The war on masculinity seems to be the way that the post-millenials are trying to adapt to a culture in which women are now largely in charge and in which men (we’re talking about guys mostly in their twenties) are trying to figure out how to play a subordinate role. It’s part of the larger cultural change that’s going on in an America that’s living through the period of its decadence (including the death of the middle class.) prior to its eventual rebirth in which gender roles will likely revert to being more sane and traditional.

    Example: I was employed for a time at a social service agency where white guys were warned that any act, comment or gesture, including “leering or staring” that could be construed as racially or sexually offensive was grounds for immediate dismissal. In fact, the atmosphere at the agency was cordial and no one, to my knowledge, was fired for a racial or sexual faux pas. The women and minority men understood that a double standard was prevailing at the agency, as a kind of reparation for the sins of slavery and patriarchy, but the acknowledgment in and of itself seemed to be enough. No one, to my knowledge, abused their “privilege” to get a white male colleague fired. Likewise this nonsense about masculinity being a “mental illness.” It’s a gesture. Except here in P.C. where I live and where things sometimes go overboard, I think it will remain a gesture as the next generation of young male Americans get used to their reduced status and, sadly, their effectiveness in the world.

    Meanwhile, any woman who can write, “To win my heart, bring me flowers and then open the car door for me when we go to the shooting range for a hot date,” is a woman I’d give my next year’s paycheck to meet! You’re a dying (and beautiful) breed.

  • Daisy, I’m a manly man that loves women, loves to open doors for them, seat them, etc.

    But, one of the best solutions to the bad behavior, and the perceived bad behavior is for people to stay out of bars, and girls to stay out of guys dorm room, and quit dressing like sluts, then expecting a guy to not be stimulated by it, especially a drunk guy.

    People will never stop drinking, drugging and carousing, so this problem is never going to go away, unless everyone is mass neutered.

  • I traveled some countries outside the U.S. and was always glad to be back. Not that the places visited were bad, it was cultural. Now that the world’s peoples are coming here thru mass immigrations and not adapting but clinging to their Cultures, be aware that phrases like “… dissipate once the RESET occurs.” and “… eventual rebirth …” may not be a viable assumption. I don’t believe today’s “women” would appreciate having to walk a few steps behind a man. And being perceived as an effeminate snowflake “man” will get you stoned. If a culture collapses there is no reset button. Another one will fill the void.

    As a prepper there are various aspects to deal with, physical such as water, food, shelter, but also maintaining a Culture which developed over two or so millenniums that is under attack in multiple ways. What the rest of the world’s people resents about us, our Resiliency, hopefully will be our saving grace.

  • A rather wise person I know once said “A lady can do anything she wants to, but she shouldn’t have to.” She accepted male chivalry as the compliment it was and so do I. Yes, I can change my own oil, open my own pickle jars, pay my own rent, and a thousand other things, but when a man holds a door for me, I smile and say “thank you!”

    I love a good, strong, hardworking man whose heart is as strong as his mind, or vice versa. I think there really is a war against masculinity. Some extremists have taken the feminist movement far beyond the balance it should have become. Then again, that’s quite natural in an environment where critical thinking is decried and it’s yet another way to divide us so we can’t stand against whatever “authorities” want to control us.

    Time spent squabbling among ourselves about what gender is or isn’t, and who should do what, is time spent away from learning to be effective, rational, responsible people.

  • Not bad… but still “feminism” errors can find here.
    What coercing is to a woman who offers sex for financial benefits, i.e. to be given a role to play???
    This is the definition of prostitution.
    Sure, you can’t admit (no chance to aspect) that men feels they can protect a woman if she is not crying for “equal” treatment.
    For this, do not make a woman to be man – is not possible.
    As long as a woman offers sex as therapy or fitness exercise…. the respect is gone.
    Today, you see the cohorts of nearly naked ones like cows looking to mate but they deny the biological, natural reality…
    In shotrt time will witness “happenings” and orgies in plain daylight , in the public area due to the feminist schizophrenia based on the cultural marxism.

  • https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/the-disappearing-male/

    Chemicals in shampoo’s are damaging the x chromosome. Do a survey in your local school on gender balance. And family and friends….do you see more females? The last 2nd grade class i checked had 13 females and 5 boys.

    The females wont have enough men to go around, while in china and india theres too many men…..a snafu

  • Hi Daisy,
    I loved your article. Best was about male-female differences. We are different.
    I’m now 85, but when I was two and three years of age and living next door to a crematory and a cemetery on top of a hill, the only people I saw wandering about were Gypsies, beggars and hobos. My good fortune was that living down the hill was a girl named Rosemary who was my age and the only playmate for me.
    Sadly, we had to move away, but I had the spirit to announce to my mother, “I won’t be seeing Rosemary for a while, but I’ll soon come back to marry her.” Early in life I was fascinated with girls, perhaps because of Rosemary. Fulfillment in life is sharing one’s love with another. Best of all was sharing my kiddy car with Rosemary. In 1935 that was the most important commitment of all.
    Having yearned to live in bygone days, I carried along the old ways. Hollywood movies helped. There were the frontiersman types like Gary Cooper and cowboys portrayed by John Wayne. In addition to those heroes there were great characters from the classics like Zorro and Robin Hood. All were shown as virtuous, courteous, honorable and kind in their relationships with women.
    I feel sorry for today’s young people. They don’t seem to make the happy connections in romance the way we did in days gone by. It’s sad.
    Bob McNally

  • >Once upon a time, feminism was about equality. Now, it’s about anything BUT equality. It’s about denigrating half of the population and forcing them to behave in a way that is completely unnatural to them.

    Not just one half…both halves. They are also denigrating feminine, traditional women. They scorn those of us who chose marriage and family life over college and career ambition. They encourage women to sleep around under the guise of “sexual liberation” and they promote abortion as being the pinnacle of women’s rights (and also apparently the litmus test for whether you hate women or not!). They talk about motherhood as something negative that will ruin your body and shatter your dreams and impoverish you – kids are a burden and they’re kinda gross, dontcha know. Feminism no longer has women’s best interests at heart. They want us to become masculine, they want men to become feminine, and it’s destroying civilization. The birth rates are falling and broken homes are on the rise…and women are miserable.

    It isn’t only men that feminism is failing. It’s women too.

  • Speaking as a guy in Scotland, where Nicola Sturgeon and her pack of LGBT & man-hating feminists rule the country with an iron rod, men have became rudderless in Europe. They can’t say anything about immigration or women (I’m talking about horrible feminists, not reasonable, decent women) in case they lose their jobs, or get a criminal record. I fear the demonization of men, and white men in particular, will lead to a backlash, because ultimately young white guys are going to feel like perpetual targets. There really is a sinsiter undercurrent to all this.

    Don’t get me wrong, men are responsible for probably 98% of all the violence, sexual crimes etc in the world, and many have treated women like dirt (especially in the past when, to be fair, they were probably to stupid to know any better). Some men needed a wake up call. But it is now going too far the other way. And as others have pointed out, if you criminalize and emasculate men from the West, who is going to defend women against the endless surge of male immigrants from countries where vile and sickeningly violent treatment of woman is commonplace?

  • If “all men are (potential) rapists and abusers”, then “All women are (potential) whores and prostitutes, just waiting for a “john” to screw and give STDs to”.
    A good argument to use against the virtue signaling SJWs.

  • You wrote: <>

    Not all femininity is toxic, either. But toxic femininity created only an Office of Women’s Health, and ignored men’s health. Other toxic femininity portrays domestic violence as only a male-on-female situation, when research going back to the mid-1970s has found that women batter men as often as the converse. Some toxic females even made death threats against Drs. Suzanne Steinmetz, Murray Straus, and Richard Gelles shortly after they published their equal-perpetration findings.

  • Overall this article says a lot of things that need to be said! I only disagree with the second-to-last paragraph. Feminism has no redeemable history, no past good that you can point to. From reading history, I’ve come to believe that if anything good has been attributed to feminism, it is something that would have happened anyways without feminism (i.e. punishing rape). Did you have something in particular in mind that I might be unaware of?

  • It’s not a war on men, it’s a war on God. It’s a war against Christian men, and what their religion teaches them where their place is. This is the thanks America gets for letting in millions of Christian hating Jews that use their total control of the media to spit in our eyes. I know exactly who is to blame, all you have to do is follow the money. I don’t see anyone in America to defend. You approve of murdering the unborn, you approve of Women in positions of power over men, you basically approve of everything they told you, you were oppressed by. So be it. Americans chose their master, but it wasn’t God. The very people that gave you your literal freedom are the people society is attacking. I’ll defend the Christians, I’ll let the rest be devoured. You’ll get your contract, either suffer; or take “their” deal. Everyone said Christians are crazy, and literally every single thing in Revelations you are watching take place.

    “You will know them by their fruit, those who say they are the Jews but are not”.
    They mocked Noah too, just as they today mock Morality.

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