This Video from Venezuela Shows Us Society Really DOES Go Mad Max After a Collapse

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By Daisy Luther

In a shocking video from Venezuela, we learn that it takes approximately 5 years for society to break down into a full-on Mad Max scenario. Watch below as a group of motorcyclists attacks a truck carrying sugar by surrounding the vehicle and tossing grenades in front of it. This could be a scene from practically any post-apocalyptic movie made by Hollywood, minus the fancy camera angles.

Notice how only one vehicle turned around and left, and the others stopped so the motorists could get their own bags of sugar? Add “driving a truck” to the list of The Most Dangerous Jobs in Venezuela.

For anyone who believes the disaster myth narrative that no one panics, loots, or becomes violent, and thinks that society would just carry on, but be a little more broke after an economic collapse, this should clearly illustrate that people will devolve.

Think about it. If you were desperate…if your child was hungry…is there anything you wouldn’t do to feed them?

Joshua Krause explored how people really behave during the aftermath of an epic disaster.

…We all know that there is a dark side to our species…

…on the rare occasion that a disaster disrupts the flow of goods and energy for months or years at a time, a significant percentage of the population will turn on their neighbors to survive. There’s a direct relationship between how desperate people are, and how far they’re willing to abandon their morality to keep themselves and their family fed, and that’s something that preppers should never forget. (source)

Are you really prepared for a scenario like this, when the rules of society crumble and all you have is what you held on to when the event kicked off? If you aren’t well-prepped, take a look at this article and this book to get you headed in the right direction.

Politically speaking…

This is desperation born of socialism, something that so many voters in our country were eager for with the advent of Bernie Sanders during the last election. This could have been us after 10 years of “redistribution” but for some strange reason, Sanders voters think his version of socialism is different.

It’s not.

Throughout history, it has always ended up the same. At first, it’s great and everyone is happy. But then, things go downhill and it’s too late to fix it. And it turns into this because people have become hungry and desperate.

When people are disarmed, when agriculture is centralized, and when supplies are rationed, things change. The scene above could be a scene from any Mad Max movie in the past 30 years, but it’s happening for real, right now.

Photo via IMDb from Mad Max: Fury Road

This was for bags of sugar. Sugar is now worth risking your life for in Venezuela.

(Hat tip to Zero Hedge)



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  • Daisy,
    In the Venezuela footage, you also see the Them vs. Us mindset. A crowd of people might not be so morally backslidden as to steal sugar from each other, but they WILL seize the opportunity to take from The Man. All those Venezuelans swarming over that truck of sugar would probably not break into their poor neighbor’s house and kill them over a bag of sugar. They WOULD, however, steal it from an anonymous source linked to “them.” The truck driver was a vastly inadequate ‘guard’ for the resources.

    You saw the same mentality here in the Fergusson riots, Baltimore riots, Katrina, etc. The rioters were pretty quick to turn to looting en masse.

    The ‘have-nots’ don’t necessarily need to be desperate to feed their children. It suffices that they see the target as somehow owing them. 50 years of the “War on Poverty” has bred envy and infused the notion that white people owe black people (whatever they want) — for past injustices, for economic inequality, etc. So, if law and order break down, the have-nots are prone to seize the opportunity to “take” from those whom they perceive as “haves.” (hungry kids, or not)

    Therein seems to be a lesson for preppers. Who in your own area might look upon YOU (the prepper) as The Man (from whom stealing is okay because you “owe” them)? They would be a likely enemy that needs to be planned for. They won’t have to be hungry. Their feeling entitled (envious) may be enough motivation to take advantage of localized WROL conditions to ‘get some’.

    Thanks for the video.

    — Mic

  • This video Also shows just how bad things have to get before people start being so brazen.
    We have a LOOOOOONG way to go before we get there.
    This is a message of hope, really.

  • Honestly, I think Mad Max was worse, because it was a free for all with uneasy alliances. It’s more of a situation where people band together out of common desperation. This couldn’t have happened with just a few people. Think of it as more like The Walking Dead, where survivors have to band together to be able to fight effectively.

    Also, while I don’t condone socialism (which is just idealised communism), Bernie Sanders wants to do something more like Denmark, a capitalist country with so many safety nets that no-one really has the chance to live in poverty, but at a 40-50% tax rate. And is the happiest country. But the US doesn’t really fit the bill for this.

    So, Venezuela isn’t Mad Max and Bernie isn’t advocating for complete control like in Venezuela.

    • The only reason Denmark or any of those other European countries can afford their lavish welfare states is because the US shoulders the bulk of their military burden. Hence the collective panic attacks last year when Trump correctly called NATO an “obsolete relic.” If Europe and Canada had to fully pay for their defense, they would have to either repudiate their nanny states or raise taxes to confiscatory (and economy-destroying) levels. Like it or not, Sanders would have turned America into Venezuela, whether it was his original intent or not.

      As for Danes being happy, our cat is equally happy because we care for her and give her everything she wants. But humans are not pets. Attempting to make them pets — with the government as their owners — is precisely whey the world is such a mess.

      • I was just saying that a system like Venezuela’s is not what Bernie built his campaign on. And the US spends more on the military than the next top 10 (or something like that).

        The reason for the collective panic of US withdrawal is NOT that these countries think that the US defends them (which is not true. European countries have some of the best trained special forces in the world and many have huge civilian militias who are training to help defend their country alongside the army), but because if the US pulls out of NATO, then the ‘nuclear umbrella’ of protection against nukes would be gone.

        A simple way to put it is this. If the US leaves NATO, firstly, there will be less troops going into pointless wars in the Middle East because the US isn’t dragging everyone else along. Secondly, the treaties against nuclear proliferation would come to null as many European countries who currently DON’T have nukes will get them so that they can retaliate against Russia or other countries if they use nuclear warfare.

        This means that the US leaving NATO will only lead to more nuclear devices in the world, which increases the chances of low security in protecting these weapons as resources may be stretched thin to cover them all (like the nukes currently in Russia). This increases the chances of terrorists getting their hands on proper nukes, which of course could lead to a nuke detonating in the US.

        So yeah, NATO is important not just for security reasons, but also for preventing nuclear proliferation.

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