Most Unvaxxed Kids Banned from Public in NY Are Orthodox Jews…and Their Parents Could Go to JAIL

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Hysteria over the unvaccinated is reaching unprecedented levels due to an “outbreak” in New York. Officials in Rockland County have declared a state of emergency and have banned unvaccinated children from public places.

The outbreak is now in its 26th week, and the ban, which expires in 30 days, went into effect at midnight on Wednesday. For individual unvaccinated kids, the ban lifts when they get their first measles shot. (Which actually makes them more likely to transmit measles to someone else. More on that in a moment.)

As of the time of this writing, there were 155 confirmed cases, according to the Rockland County government website, which also reports the following vaccination rates for the cases:

  • 82.6% have had 0 MMRs
  • 3.9% have had 1 MMR
  • 3.9% have had 2 MMRs
  • 9.7% unknown status

Nearly 6,000 children are impacted by the ban.

Anyone younger than 18 who is unvaccinated against the measles is now banned from public places until they receive the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine. Those who are not able to receive vaccines for documented and confirmed medical reasons are exempt from the ban.

The public spaces include schools, stores, places of worship, and public transit.

According to The New York Times, the outbreak has been largely concentrated in ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in Rockland, many of which have close ties to Brooklyn areas where there have also been infections.

Rockland authorities seem quite proud to be the first to implement this kind of ban.

At a press conference yesterday, Rockland County Executive Ed Day said, “We believe this to be the first such effort of this kind nationally and the circumstances we face here clearly call for that. Rockland will lead the way in service and safety to the people here.”

Officials there claim they are the first to use “the authority of the law” to help enforce vaccinations in public schools. Like other bad ideas, this one is likely to spread (no pun intended).

Day claims the outbreak began after seven unvaccinated travelers with measles entered the county in early October. During these outbreaks (which occur nearly every year, by the way), the blame is always placed on the unvaccinated, even though research suggests that recently vaccinated people can spread disease. In a report titled The Emerging Risks of Live Virus & Virus Vectored Vaccines:
Vaccine Strain Virus Infection, Shedding & Transmission, Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) wrote:

Could my unvaccinated or immune compromised child get sick from coming in contact with a recently vaccinated person?

When it comes to live virus vaccines, the short answer is: Yes.

During a viral infection, live virus is shed in the body fluids of those who are infected for
varying amounts of time and can be transmitted to others.

Vaccine strain live virus is also shed for varying amounts of time in the body fluids of vaccinated people and can be transmitted to others.

Although public health officials maintain that live attenuated virus vaccines rarely cause
complications in the vaccinated person and that vaccine strain viral shedding rarely causes disease in close contacts of the recently vaccinated, it is important to be aware that vaccine strain live virus infection can sometimes cause serious complications in vaccinated persons and vaccine strain live viruses can be shed and transmitted to others with serious or even fatal consequences. (source)

Officials disregard the fact that vaccines themselves are risky.

There are currently two vaccines given to prevent measles: MMR and MMRV. Both carry risks, ranging from minor side effects to severe ones (including brain damage). According to an alarming report by the NVIC, the MMR-V vaccine has been noted to have a higher risk of seizures than separate administrations of MMR and varicella vaccines, especially when given as the first dose of the series. There’s another risk associated with MMR-V that is particularly terrifying:

MMR-V vaccine contains albumin, a human blood derivative, and as a result, a theoretical risk of contamination with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) exists. Merck states that no cases of transmission of CJD or other viral diseases have been identified and virus pools, cells, bovine serum, and human albumin used in vaccine manufacturing are all tested to assure the final product is free of potentially harmful agents. (source)

If you are not familiar with CJD and related diseases, you might want to give Can “Zombie Deer” Disease Kill Humans? Research Suggests It ALREADY HAS a read.

The penalties for violating the ban are steep.

Anyone found in violation could face six months in jail and/or a $500 fine, Day told NBC New York. He added that they aren’t looking to arrest people – the steep penalties are designed to “grab the public’s attention.”

However, during the press conference, Day said:

“If you are found to be in violation, your case will be referred to the district attorney’s office. Parents will be held accountable. The focus of this measure is on the parents. We want to urge parents to do the right thing.”

Rockland spokesperson John Lyon told The Verge that the plan is to enforce the ban after the fact “We’re not going to be asking for anyone’s vaccination records on the streets,” he said. “If an epidemiological investigation turns up an unvaccinated minor in, say, a shopping mall, that kid’s parents could be charged with a misdemeanor and face a $500 fine or 90 days in jail.”

How is that going to “turn up” at a shopping mall? Are they going to be randomly swabbing people at Forever 21?

Health officials also said that those who are in violation of the new vaccination law will not be forced to be vaccinated, but that the parents will be made accountable. One has to wonder: How long until they DO start forcing vaccination – in Rockland and elsewhere?

Experts have spoken up about the invasive and disturbing nature of the ban.

Some public health law experts have expressed concern that the county’s order could infringe on civil liberties, reports The New York Times:

Lawrence O. Gostin, a professor of global health law at Georgetown University, said he found Rockland County’s emergency order deeply problematic.

He said he is a longtime proponent of making vaccines compulsory for children to attend schools, but questioned whether the order is constitutional.

“This is virtually imprisonment of a child, and certainly significantly restricting the child’s liberty,” Mr. Gostin said. (source)

Earlier this month, The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons presented a letter to a Senate subcommittee that is discussing federal laws that force parents to vaccinate their children.

Here are two excerpts from that letter:

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) strongly opposes federal interference in medical decisions, including mandated vaccines. After being fully informed of the risks and benefits of a medical procedure, patients have the right to reject or accept that procedure. The regulation of medical practice is a state function, not a federal one. Governmental preemption of patients’ or parents’ decisions about accepting drugs or other medical interventions is a serious intrusion into individual liberty, autonomy, and parental decisions about child-rearing.


AAPS believes that liberty rights are unalienable. Patients and parents have the right to refuse vaccination, although potentially contagious persons can be restricted in their movements (e.g. as with Ebola), as needed to protect others against a clear and present danger. Unvaccinated persons with no exposure to a disease and no evidence of a disease are not a clear or present danger. (source)

Later in the letter, measles is specifically addressed:

Measles is the much-publicized threat used to push for mandates, and is probably the worst threat among the vaccine-preventable illnesses because it is so highly contagious. There are occasional outbreaks, generally starting with an infected individual coming from somewhere outside the U.S. The majority, but by no means all the people who catch the measles have not been vaccinated. Almost all make a full recovery, with robust, life-long immunity. The last measles death in the U.S. occurred in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC). Are potential measles complications including death in persons who cannot be vaccinated due to immune deficiency a  justification for revoking the rights of all Americans and establishing a precedent for still greater restrictions on our right to give—or withhold—consent to medical interventions? Clearly not. (source)

No matter what you believe about vaccination, this ban should concern you.

The fact that hysteria is increasing and calls for governments to ban unvaccinated children from being in PUBLIC should concern everyone who cares about personal liberty and true freedom.

Those who consider themselves to be authorities over our personal choices tend to gradually reduce rights until they are eradicated. The media loves a good witch hunt and thrives on creating division among us.

Those of us who are not pro nor anti-vaccination but are pro-informed choice are not immune to attacks on social media, as Daisy Luther showed in the much-needed (but painful to read) article Here’s Exactly How Ugly and Personal the Vaccine Debate Has Become.

What do you think about this ban?

Do you think Rockland officials are right to impose this ban? Do you think other regions will follow suit? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Editor’s Note: Anti-Semitic comments will be deleted.

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Dagny Taggart is the pseudonym of an experienced journalist who needs to maintain anonymity to keep her job in the public eye. Dagny is non-partisan and aims to expose the half-truths, misrepresentations, and blatant lies of the MSM.

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Dagny Taggart

Dagny Taggart is the pseudonym of an experienced journalist who needs to maintain anonymity to keep her job in the public eye. Dagny is non-partisan and aims to expose the half-truths, misrepresentations, and blatant lies of the MSM.

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  • Thank you for this article. In a free country, this is VERY disturbing. It should be disturbing and sound an alarm regardless of your stance on vaccines. A product whose manufacturer has ZERO liability for injury for a product that our federal government and pharma acknowledges CAN kill should NEVER be mandated. Others issues: They are mainly targeting a certain group of people. They are NOT targeting those over age 18 who are most likely not to have had a recent MMR. I havent had one since 1982. Protection wanes after 10 years. HHS stated in the MMWR report dated May 5, 2017 this opening remark: The prevalence of illness attributable to vaccine preventable diseases is greater among adults than among children. If it truly was about health and protection, why not force the adults? Of course we know that is the end goal according to HealthyPeople 2020. This is more about power and control than vaccines anyway. Difference of opinions is being widely censored and controlled. Constant pushes on taking away vaccine exemptions and gun rights across the country. This will continue. This is a test. How far can they go before there is widespread push back?

  • First of all I had two types of measles as a child during the late 1950’s/early 1960’s. Most of the kids I knew at that time also had one form of measles or another that same year. Every one of us survived. It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t horrible, mostly it just itched. We couldn’t watch TV or be in anything but the dimmest lighting as it was believed one could suffer permanent eye damage. Whether or not THAT was true may be up for debate.

    Why are the un-vaccinated kids being singled out for govt abuse? If all of the other kids are vaccinated, what is the risk to them? Are the parents of vaccinated children of illegal aliens going to be jailed/fined? How about “refugees” whose religious beliefs may forbid their being vaccinated?

    The reason I refuse vaccinations at this point in my life is because as of 1986, vaccine manufacturers are specifically protected against all civil product liability. Under THOSE circumstances, I don’t believe manufacturers are going to be as diligent in their testing, and are going to cut corners wherever they can to maximize profit . Every time I hear about ANOTHER case of autism, every time I read about a kid having a bad reaction–or even a lethal reaction to a vaccination, I have to wonder if the aforementioned govt protection of the industry is the reason why. You can read about this law here:

  • Yet again this author is quoting fringe, discredited groups such as the NVIC and the AAPS to support her arguments. Because of that, I cannot take her articles seriously, which is unfortunate, since she tries to tackle some serious issues. Also, doesn’t she see the inherent contradiction in terms in this sentence in her bio blurb: “Dagny is non-partisan and aims to expose the half-truths, misrepresentations, and blatant lies of the MSM”? IMHO, this author is not as non-partisan as she claims to be – as her use of the term “MSM” makes quite clear.

    • Seems the only ones discrediting those groups are the ones who do not want the truth publicized. Regardless of your truths–where there is a risk, there MUST be a choice.

      • EJ, I agree there should be choice. I think that the parents who have chosen not to vaccinate their children should have the right to make that choice but I also think that the other parents (including parents who have children who, for medical reasons can’t be vaccinated) have the right to protect their own children from contact with unvaccinated children.

    • Fringe? Maybe. But IF there’s nothing to see here, why IS there a law SPECIFICALLY protecting vaccine manufacturers from civil product liability? Do the Feds see a stronger-than-usual probability of liability in this industry? And if so, why should ANYONE trust that industry or the govt that protects it?

      • Hi Leonard, I have not specifically researched the legislative history of the law you’re describing so I can’t answer your question of my own knowledge. However, I did read an article recently that said the vaccine manufacturers sought to have that law enacted to protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits filed by people who might become ill shortly after receiving a vaccination and, because the onset of their illness was close in time to the vaccination, would mistakenly assume (without any medical basis in fact) that the illness must have been somehow “caused” by the vaccination.

  • I am neither pro nor anti vaccine. I do feel that children should be required to be vaccinated to attend PUBLIC schools if they are capable of being vaccinated. I believe this because school is mandatory. It should be made as safe as possible for all students who are required to attend. Those children with health or RELIGIOUS reasons should be exceptions to mandatory vaccination. This leaves the door open for parents who wish to not vaccinate to either homeschool their children or find a private school that doesn’t require vaccination. With school choice vouchers (I know, not available everywhere) this can sometimes even be achieved at no extra cost to the parents. However banning unvaccinated children from all public spaces seems to be a severe, and unwarranted move. In addition to that because certain religions prohibit vaccination banning these people based on a religious reason is completely unconstitutional. I also question the logic of only banning persons under 18. Either ban everyone or no one. It isn’t like unvaccinated children suddenly become incapable of catching or transmitting the disease the day they turn 18. This mandate is unconstitutional and should be overturned by the courts. End of story.

  • Everyone needs to step back and take 3 deep breaths. Does anyone remember who created us? Who created the states with their attendant governments? Now, who created the Federal government?
    What is THE main purpose of our Republican form government?

    To answer the above: the created cannot tell the creator what to do. The governments are to protect the God given Rights of the People. Corporations are not people. Governments do NOT grant rights.

    Read your state and federal Organic Laws.

  • If there is no outbreak of a communicable disease, then the quarantine of an
    un-innoculated child is not an issue. A disease that does not exist cannot be transmitted.

    When a communicable disease outbreak occurs, is it not wise counsel that an
    un-innoculated child be segregated (a form of quarantine) until the outbreak is contained – to protect the child?

    Consider that an infectious child may infect an un-innoculated child.

    Is there any potential legal implication?

  • So, if everyone over the age of 18 is assumed to either have gotten the vaccine or is somehow immune to the disease, and most children have been vaccinated, what exactly is the risk here? If children have been vaccinated, then they won’t catch the disease, right? If adults were vaccinated, they won’t catch the disease, right? So, only those folks who are resisting the government intrusion trying to force them to vaccinate their children are at risk of contracting the disease, correct? I do not see a reason to ban them. Unless these government officials are declaring that the vaccines do not work????

    • Deb, some children cannot be vaccinated because of medical reasons. Those children are at risk for catching the disease.

      • If it’s the children who *can not* be vaccinated who are at risk (and thus require the in-house imprisonment of unvaccinated children), then they are fully as much at risk from the vaccinated–because they have been shown to shed virus for days, weeks, and longer, after vaccination. By your reasoning, Nazi New York must ban vaccinated children as well.

        (And interestingly–there have been more than a few cases of individuals with non-functioning antibodies–the humoral portion of the immune system–whose cell-mediated immune system seems to function quite adequately in dealing with the childhood diseases. The immune system is still, in many ways, a mystery!)

  • My question is why does the dems want to let all these illegals in our country to bring these diseases here. From what I read, 7 illegals came into NY with the measles. So why isn’t the gov. doing something about that. Also why is it that parents with sick children bring their kids into public places to start with instead of keeping them home until they are over the illness in the first place. My daughter used to work for a daycare. She stayed sick all the time because parents didn’t care if their child was sick so bought those kids into the daycare anyway. It wasn’t just measles. It was the flu, strep, bad colds, and yes even one child with chicken pox. So I feel vac. or not parents are to blame if they cannot or will not keep their sick children at home because they want to get out of house to do their thing. HOW ABOUT PARENTS JUST KEEPING THOSE SICK CHILDREN HOME TILL THEY GET WELL. IT IS CALLED BEING A RESPONSIBLE PARENT.

  • What’s particularly concerning to my mind is that the thrust of the edict seems to be targeting the Orthodox Jewish community. Many people choose not to vaccinate because of their personal beliefs, but those who cannot vaccinate because of religious beliefs should be protected from prosecution under their Constitutionally guaranteed rights. If these civil rights are violated for “the greater good”, then what group will be targeted next? This underscores the increasingly anti-Semitic attitude in our society generally, and the Democratic party which runs New York. But if the government feel justified in singling out one particular group of people for a punitive action, and get away with it, who’s next?

  • I was never vaccinated as a British child and I had measles and chicken pox which I hardly remember. Everybody my age (50 this year) had them too.. a rite of passage as it were. I never knew anybody who suffered any serious side effects, although i met someone years afterwards who was deaf in one ear as a result of an ear drum bursting from measles. By the way, Vaccination is not compulsory in Britain or Ireland, hence the choice my parents were able to make. The only time I had Mumps was after I had received what were essentially the compulsory vaccinations to legally emigrate to the USA as an adult British citizen (plain stupid in my view considering how old I was and the amount of illegal immigrants.. but yes there really is one rule for some and another for others….). Apparently it was just a “side effect” not “real Mumps” I was told by my British doctor( although he thought I had mumps until I told him about the vaccinations at the American embassy in London lol…. strange how the language changed..I would like to know how they differentiate myself). I had to take two weeks off work and I was extremely unwell and swollen up like a greedy hamster lol… but that kind of confirmed me in my belief that forced vaccinations were just plain wrong and could be dangerous even for the healthy. My American husband- to- be had a lot of friendly abuse over his government’s policies because of that one!! .I have also read heartbreaking stories of parents whose children died or were severely disabled after having received the MMR vaccinations. And these parents were pro vaccinations before they were treated to the harsh realities of their previous healthy childs’ disabilities and deaths. You take account of the risks both ways (and risks there certainly are with vaccinations .. anybody who tells you there are no risks needs to sit down with any experienced doctor) but you make your choice as best you can for your own child – your choice, not the choice of the State, who does what is best for the State, not your own individual child with his own individual immune system. Lots of things are not straightforward in life. Vaccinations is one of those things – but essentially forcing the Jews out of areas in New York because they don’t want to risk killing their children really does show you just how Fascist a policy this really is… .

  • This “ban” shows two frightening trends. First, the government is asserting it can force people to put mercury and formaldehyde into their children’s bodies. Children are merely the first; they’ll come for adults next. Have you had your shingles shot? Your flu shot?

    Second, it is displaying the immortal words of Deep Throat: FOLLOW THE MONEY. Always. This axiom is the key to most of what happens in this country.

    The government is also trying to stir up a frenzy over a childhood disease which countless generations experienced with little inconvenience. At least 100 children a year got measles in my elementary school. No one went to the hospital, no one died. The powers-that-be are trying to terrify people over an ailment which our ancestry long ago reduced to a triviality.

    The purpose of the power grab is the elimination of personal freedom and the enrichment of pharmaceutical companies. Never forget this.

    Parents, keep fighting. The US government–at no level–truly cares what happens to your child. They only want to use the children to tighten their grip and squeeze out more money.

  • Is ban for non vaced US citizens or does it include illegals as well?

    Studies show that the ruling class DNA is almost 100% compatible with Proles and therefore Proles have a high degree of transferring disease to the ruling class, so vaccines need to be mandatory.

  • If we cannot make decisions on ourselves and our family that is Communism.
    Like it or not we live in the USA. It may not be perfect but live in other countries who don’t have any rights or limited. Our liberties should not be in the hands of others. Especially for profit organizations.

  • The USA is a freer country than most but, sadly, no longer a FREE country.

    We are simply electing the wrong people that are put into “power” and deteriorating our freedoms where I no longer recognize the country I grew up in.

  • I think of any group of people affected by any law, anywhere, you could say that most, or a good portion, or some are of a certain religion, race, gender, etc. It makes sense that in an outbreak, a potentially vulnerable OR infectious person should be quarantined. The title makes it seem like this is religion-based, which makes it feel misleading.

    If there’s a serious outbreak of a disease going around, and everyone is vaccinated except your child, then if you don’t feel concerned enough for your child to keep them away from potentially becoming very, very ill, or infecting others who aren’t old enough to be vaccinated or can’t be vaccinated due to actual health-related reasons, then what is the alternative?

    I’m not being sarcastic, and I don’t want any child (of any religion, thank you) to be kept from places they want or need to be, but seriously, what are the alternatives that will keep them and everyone else safe from diseases that were nearly eradicated but are now alive and well and actively spreading?

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