Why Is Russia Doing Naval Training Over the Undersea Cables Connecting the US and Europe?

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As Russia sends “peacekeeping forces” to the breakaway regions of Ukraine, one interesting tidbit you may not have heard of lately involves the Russian navy and Ireland. Just last month, the Russian navy geared up for an exercise just off the Irish coast near the town of Cork.

The exercise, which would have involved the launching of cannons and artillery, was to be held in a square section of water within Irish airspace and Ireland’s Exclusive Economic Zone. But what is even more interesting?

This exercise was to take place directly over the majority of the undersea cables that connect Europe and the United States via the internet.

As expected, Ireland wasn’t very happy about the ships.

Sinn Fein’s spokesman on defense, John Brady, said, “There are vessels entering Ireland’s exclusive economic zone which we don’t have the ability to monitor. We have no idea what is happening below the surface. We don’t know if devices are being fitted to these data cables or if they are being interfered with.”

Allegedly, after a group of Irish fishermen met with the Russian ambassador to Ireland, the training exercise was called off.

Simon Coveney is Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs. He had this to say about the matter:

“What’s interesting is that this exercise box is 170 nautical miles off the south coast of Ireland. Incidentally, so was a suspicious Russian trawler suspected of deploying submersibles back in July 2021, 170nm away. Could that previous event have been sub-surface reconnaissance? Others may recall that the Russians flew their ASW TU-142 Bears over that location in March 2020 too. Perhaps that was a subsurface signal mapping exercise? Testing reactions, or lack thereof?”

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Have there been prior happenings over these undersea cables? It would appear so.

As Coveney pointed out, it was in 2021 that a Russian vessel known as a Yantar was spotted in the same region. Allegedly, this craft was outfitted with submersibles, both remote-operated and manned, that could have tampered with the undersea cables. It was hypothesized that “listening” devices could have been attached, monitoring internet traffic through the cables.

But this wasn’t the first time such activities had taken place here.

In early 2020, Russian agents of the GRU – a military intelligence agency – were sent to the same region. Their task? To map the cable locations.

According to other sources, as far back as 2017, one of these cables was actually cut by a Russian spy ship.

So, what happens if these undersea cables are cut? 

Being approximately the size of a garden hose, these cables most certainly aren’t as difficult to cut as would be expected for something which crosses the world’s oceans. Yes, there’s the difficulty of accessing them underwater, but if that can be accomplished, the rest seems rather simple.

Approximately 97% of all intercontinental information travels by means of undersea cables scattered across the globe (through 428 of them, to be exact).

As expected, that’s a lot of data flowing through these undersea cables. If they didn’t work tomorrow, would that be a problem?

For starters, we need to consider that damage to these cables is relatively common. Every few days, one of these cables is harmed in some manner, usually by accident or by Mother Nature. On average, there are 200 of these events/year.

As Wired.com pointed out, should these cables from Ireland to the United States be cut, the traffic could be rerouted through other cables to reach each of these respective nations. Perhaps we could just reroute all of that traffic through the Pacific Ocean? It’s a good thing Russia doesn’t have a Pacific coast. Oh…wait…

Also, if you take the amount of data that was previously flowing through, let’s say 15 cables, and then try to push it through three, could you expect to have the same internet speeds? Perhaps this isn’t a fair analogy, but what happens when you have too many people attached to your home wifi?

Obviously, nobody needs to access undersea cables in order to cause problems with somebody’s internet connection. Cyberattacks seem to work just fine. But, if you wanted to cause chaos with somebody’s internet, and you had the means to reach their undersea cables, that would also prove to be an effective means, would it not?

In war, a soldier can use a shotgun or a carbine, but the end result is the same, is it not? Perhaps there are reasons (which I’m not aware of) one wouldn’t use a cyberattack but would instead resort to manually attacking the cabling?

What happens if the internet goes down? 

The point of all this is to bring up questions of preparedness. If the internet goes down because of some kind of tinkering with these cables, what are you likely to see? Communications problems, for starters. You wouldn’t be able to withdraw your money from the ATM (if you’re Canadian, you’re used to this). Banking may be impossible.

Your ability to pay for anything with a debit or credit card would likely be hampered. What would happen to the electric meter in your house if you had a smart meter? Would electricity still flow? Is the modern power supply dependent on the internet? We can get inklings of what this would look like here and here.

There are a lot of questions here, many of which are perhaps unknown. So, do what you can now to prepare. Make sure you have plenty of food and water. Have a communications plan with your loved ones so that you can stay in contact with them after a disaster. Be able to protect yourself and your family. Ireland can’t seem to do that and ends up with foreign ships in its backyard as a result.

This is just another example of where a general level of preparedness can help you to cover a host of potential problems – many of which you would have never even realized were possibilities. What are your thoughts on the matter, though? What is the most likely reason those ships were out there? Was it simply naval exercises? Was it something more? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Ah Jeff, Russia DOES have a Pacific coast. And yes, they are operating on those areas where cables exist.

    The deliberate slow ruin of our Navy wasn’t an accident, Sir. China bought and paid for our “Leadership” to do their bidding.

    Between anti-satellite, cyber war and cables in danger (hard wires) they could indeed shut us off from the world. I wonder HOW that would affect the international Banking System (hint not good). That should be the final nail in the US Dollar being the coin of the World as it would be frozen without data.

    I expect shortly after the Trucker Buffalo Jump arrives in DC and the riots break out our grid will go down as China acquires Taiwan AND some 80% of the worlds microchip production. By destruction or capture what’s the difference, eh?

    The Amazon Bar lights are flickering, telling folks last call for deliveries *might* be near.

    I’d be happy to be wrong, but Mr. Putin waited until yesterday to make his move after getting China’s permission-support. Not a promising situation.

    Don’t go into debt as even in the Great Depression the Gov.com and Bankers GOT THEIRS as families became homeless over debts. The Gov doesn’t vanish just because of a civil war. It just gets nastier. Ask the South about that. Sherman’s march anybody?

    • Amen. People need to wake up. Most normies can’t grasp what’s going on in the world. I’d also add that after China takes Taiwan, Guam and Hawaii are probably on their short list of strategic acquisitions.

    • Dear Micheal:
      1. Da, Vladivostock (sorry no Crylic alphabet) Mother Russia’s Pacific coast port that does not freeze
      in winter.
      2. Once KGB, always KGB Putin
      3. Old joke: Ask a serf the different between Pravda and Ivestia & he will say at the outhouse one
      you tear down and other you tear across. 🙂
      4. At the end of WWII USSR demanded part of Japan.
      5. Even as far back as the Roto system, land was priceless.
      6. Received an A- on my final: Yalta; a trip down the river!

    • “The Gov doesn’t vanish just because of a civil war”

      if the war doesn’t involve the ones who caused it, then no, it doesn’t.

  • We have been at war for at least the past 2+ years with our own government being overtaken by a foreign criminal cabal. The government of almost every Western country has also been conquered, and they are trying to dilute and kill their own people. It’s time for the people to wake up. The real question is if Russia is a friend or foe to the American people, they are one of the few governments that is not actively trying to kill their own population, so there is a good probability they are controlled by better humans. It would be easy for Russia to mine every undersea cable on earth given the amount of time they’ve been working the problem. I support any entity that destroys any/every aspect of the worlds internet. We’d be a lot better off as a people if we would get off our asses and actually be forced to communicate directly with our neighbors. Not to mention the ills of transgenderism, porn, child abuse, that is facilitated by the proliferation of the internet. The Luddites were right, technology is being used for evil purposes, and any good is hindered and incidental.

    • “We have been at war for at least the past 2+ years with our own government being overtaken by a foreign criminal cabal”


      • The Khazarian central bankers goes back way further than 1913 (Fed.Reserve founding)…
        However, the negative ET’s go back hundreds of thousands of years. We’re still
        oppressed by both, but finally getting out from under them. Mankind is being
        assisted by many helpful ET’s, the Angelic Kingdom and God/Source. Pray for Peace
        throughout the world, guidance and Love to All.

    • Hello all. I don’t shoot from the hip. After many years of research (of Putin)I am of the conclusion that Putin is a good man that wants a world of peace. He loves his Country/people and is a man of good will towards his fellow man. I am typing challenged man or I would add muck more. I want a ‘speak type’ system that will allow that. Be of good cheer.

    • I guess you didn’t notice the “Oh.. wait..! “comment after the Pacific coast comment.. a little
      tongue in cheek action there.

    • Russia does occupy some of northern most island of Japan, they won them from the Japanese towards the end of world war II, Japan is still trying to get them back, Some people believe that this was also the reason that the United States was so quick to use the atomic bomb, because they did not want Russia to have a presence in the pacific.

  • Cut the cables?
    My gawd! The Europeans would have to go without all those American cat videos!

    Kidding aside, good book called Blind Man’s Bluff. About the US submarine activity, to include the US attaching a listening device to Russian comms cables, IIRC in the late 60s???

  • In the world of spy craft, nations have been stealing each other’s signals since pen was set to paper. Japanese warlords would cut their communications and orders into strips and have them sewn into the fabric of clothes worn by their couriers to disguise their intentions. As for undersea cable tapping, every nation with submarines has engaged in that activity. US agencies even spy on each other, just for practice.

  • Re: ‘Allegedly, after a group of Irish fishermen met with the Russian ambassador to Ireland, the training exercise was called off.’
    The training exercise was never called off…..it was reported that the Russian missile drills would instead take place further out than originally planned in the International Waters just outside of Ireland’s Exclusive Economic Zone. The Russian military exercise was to take place from February 3rd to 7th, 2022.
    Coincidentally, it was reported 8th February, 2022 that 40 of the 49 Space X Starlink satellites launched on 3rd February, 2022 had failed/fell out of orbit……damaged apparently by a geomagnetic storm on February 4th, 2022.

  • The scamdemic and death shot “vaccine” are all because of the approaching Planet X that the chemtrails have hidden every day globally for thirty years. Planet X caused the sinking of Atlantis and Noah’s flood. This time around it will end the coming, planned WW3 that will destroy America and kill 90% of Americans.The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran is the day America will be nuked and invaded by Russia, China and the whole SCO. All planned by the evil criminal bastard governments and their evil alien masters! Execute the criminal bastard government very soon or die in WW3!

      • Heh,heh,heh… I can’t get enough of the renegade prophet. His cut and paste posts always seem to show up exactly when I need them to and always put a smile on my face.

        • ~Jim,
          Ah, he did change it up a bit in another article (The weather one).
          Planet X is also “red!”
          Ohhhh! Extra scary!

        • That was almost like the “Weekly World News” we’d see in the checkout at the Supermarket. Golly, I miss those headlines.
          “Aliens Impregnate 90 Year Old Great Grandma, Monster Baby Due In July.”

          Yep, one time too many ’round the bend.

    • Da Comrade! Small alien flyers piloted by hybrid grasshoppers have been adding “a special ingredient” to all vodka in Russia! Has caused invasions in the Motherland! Planet X is causing extreme constipation in all males above the age of 27 which is causing all of the anger and violence! The Supreme Leader is Chef Boyardee!

  • Sorry this is all really really old news. Intel agencies have been “accessing” other countries data paths for decades. Somebody develops a medium to use and somebody develops a way to access that medium surreptitiously. Telegraph, radio, telephone, satellite, copper, fiber, etc. Encryption developed…someone develops a way to break it. It has always been and will always be that cycle.
    All data that is broadcasted in any medium will and is collected – it’s called, “Wide Area Collection.”
    Why do you think mass data storage was developed? Who do you think developed/funded it?
    They problem now is processing it…especially now.
    Your cell phone is the absolute pinnacle of a vulnerable data collection platform. Unwittingly you are broadcasting and collecting others data 24/7. Want to talk about sometime let me know!

    • “Want to talk about sometime let me know!”

      maybe you could do an article about it. can’t imagine what you would say that isn’t obvious, but sometimes it’s good to state the obvious.

    • I am well aware of what you say. Any tips how to avoid this. I don’t even own one of the blasted things but my wife (among others we know). My wife only uses it righteously for good things. We are 70 and a little tech challenged. I use a 8 yr old PC. I will be in the market for a new machine but don’t know what to get. I use mine only for research,truth and a few trivial pursuits which I have become pretty adept at. Hope I am not out of order. Interesting thread(first time here). Kinda looking for a new forum with decent folk. Thanks,

  • Biden don’t have clue what to do with all the trouble he created and Putin is two steps ahead of Shatner dementia does

  • Heard about those cables before and Russia’s unique sub that is able to CUT them. This, of course, would be catastrophic and you know that when anything is catastrophic you can bet there is a Demoncrap behind this.

    If you look at communism they don’t do anything unless the commies here tell them what to do if you study history.

    Moe Bitem was INSTALLED, ya know.

  • Hey PaulRevereDeux,
    Good to see you here.
    Keep up the good fight against the likes of Natacha. Man is she bonkers.

  • My gut speculation: Just as there has to be a pretense for the C0V1D jab as a precursor to global digital ID, there will have to be a pretense for a global internet and global banking “reset,” precipitated by a pre-planned international calamity under the guise of war.

    We should not assume (as do the naive) that Putin is going rogue and needs an international coalition smackdown; rather, he is playing a role in a script, just as Gorby did when the Berlin wall came down. This is also why “Russian hacking” was the much-imagined threat during the entire Trump administration.

    One thing is certain, we’re in the middle of an elaborate “theatre” of war, which is actually a war on the audience who is paying for the all the props and political actors.

  • Vladimir Putin is another of the WEF plants, like Trudeau. He has been tasked to bring on Kosher Schwab’s Op Polygon- the power outage of big parts of the world so as to soften it up for NWO implementation. Internet will be the least of it

  • If Russia was there, performing “exercises,” then there’s every reason to suspect their activity was nefarious.

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