The World Is Getting Tired of Ukraine vs. Russia

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Ever since the October 7 attacks against Israeli civilians, the conflict in Ukraine has largely disappeared from public view.  Less than two years ago, Ukrainian flags and signs of solidarity were everywhere. What’s going on now?  Are people still getting killed?  Are we still arming them?  Is peace being negotiated?

Early in November, Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny admitted in an interview with The Economist that the war is at a stalemate.  He stated frankly that Russia has three times as many men as they do, and that their technology is too similar for a huge breakthrough unless the Ukrainians are given some kind of massive technological advantage.

President Zelensky has always been insistent that Ukraine can beat off Russia, and for a long time, General Zaluzhny was, too.  After the slow counteroffensive this spring, rather than admitting any difficulties within the Ukrainian military, he was quick to blame Americans, saying we were not giving him enough advanced weaponry.


But Ukrainian men are leaving as fast as they can.

General Zaluzhny also blames the huge amount of Ukrainian men avoiding conscription.  Ever since the beginning of the Russian invasion, men between the ages of 18 and 60 have been forbidden from leaving the country.  However, many men have taken advantage of the chaos to leave anyway. The BBC estimates that 650,000 Ukrainian men within this age group have left for Europe since the fighting began.

This data came from Eurostat, which did not specify whether those 650,000 men had legal or medical exemptions.  But authorities do know that at least 20,000 eligible men have evaded conscription.

Draft dodging had been facilitated by Ukraine’s notoriously corrupt government. In August, it was announced that dozens of Ukrainian officials would face criminal charges over helping conscripted men leave Ukraine.

This firing of officials has effectively stopped recruitment.  The average age of Ukrainian soldiers is 43.  They have 60-year-old men fighting already and are now considering removing all age limits for military personnel. Ukraine already had an old and unhealthy population. The massive loss of young life in the war is leaving the population even older and sicker.  They have gotten so desperate for personnel that pregnant women are serving.

The US wants Ukraine to negotiate with Russia.

Given these dire personnel shortages, NBC reported that a group of Americans and Europeans met with Zelensky early in November to discuss what they would be willing to give up in negotiating with the Russians.  Biden administration officials are openly worried that the Ukrainians are running out of forces. All the weapons in the world won’t make a difference without people on the ground to use them.

For now, Zelensky still doesn’t want to hear it.  He insists that no one can make him negotiate.

However, Zelensky cannot fight the war alone.  In fact, he hasn’t been fighting at all. He’s been jetting around the world drumming up money.  And the man who has been managing the battlefields, as Zelensky and his wife stock up on yachts, is done.

Just this week, Ukrainian National Defense, Security, and Intelligence member Mariana Bezhula said that General Zaluzhny should resign after he refused to submit a battle plan for 2024.  Bezhula is now at risk of losing her job because she publicly complained about the general.

Redacted discussed this a little more in-depth during their November 27 episode.  Between minutes 40:00 and 57:00, they describe how, when General Zaluzhny was pressed for plans for next year, he said that he would need an extra 20,000 men per month simply to not lose ground.  He knows this won’t happen and, therefore, didn’t submit a plan.

There are demographic problems in both Russia and Ukraine.

It is worth noting that Russia and Ukraine both have serious long-term demographic problems.  In 2005, Russia’s birth rate was 1.3 births per woman, while Ukraine’s was 1.2, both of which are far below the replacement rate of 2.1.

When Putin became president, he prioritized increasing Russia’s birthrate.  The government began offering financial incentives to have children.  Who knows whether it was the financial incentives or the overall promotion of family values? Either way, during the past 15 years, Russia’s birth rate has gone up to 1.58 births per woman.  Of course, Putin is proud of this, but the fact remains that 1.58 is still below the replacement rate.  Combine this with the fact that Russia’s average age is 43, and you have an unhealthy long-term demographic situation.

Ukraine’s situation is worse.  In 2021, their total fertility rate was still 1.2, unchanged from 2005.  In 2022, it dropped to 0.9. While numbers aren’t in for 2023 yet, it’s expected to be 0.7.

The Ukrainians have almost completely stopped having children and I say that without any judgment.  I can’t imagine planning a family in their situation either.  But with an average age of 40.8, they are facing a demographic collapse.

Europe wants the conflict to end, too.

It seems to me that both sides have every reason to cut the losses of their young men, and perhaps that’s why Putin just moved the world’s most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile, the Yars, closer to Europe.  Russia is now able to strike London in less than five minutes.  Maybe he hopes this will make the US and EU pressure President Zelensky to negotiate.

The overall desire for Ukraine to end the conflict has been increasing, with or without Doomsday missiles, with or without admission from high-level officials.

Tensions are rising across Europe over the flood of migrants, both from Ukraine as well as other parts of the world.  We saw the riots in Ireland over the stabbing of young children this weekend.  That particular incident involved an Algerian migrant, but Ireland has been overwhelmed by migrants in general the past few years.  The massive amount of Ukrainian refugees that Ireland, a small nation, has been expected to absorb has pushed the country to a snapping point.

And Ireland’s not alone.  Polish truckers have blockaded the roads that go between Poland and Ukraine. Truckers in Poland are no longer letting Ukrainians cross because Ukrainian drivers have been undercutting Polish prices.  After the war started, the EU lifted all restrictions on Ukrainian carriers.  EU bureaucrats think they’re just helping the people of Ukraine, but the reality is that whenever you start messing with trade rules, there are always second- and third-order consequences.  Polish truckers are sick of the competitive advantage given to the Ukrainian truckers affecting their livelihood, and they’re making themselves heard.

For all the rhetoric coming from the political class in Europe, the average citizens seem burned out on the endless stream of refugees.  Americans are burned out as well; while politicians can’t seem to find the money to secure our own border, they have sent $110 billion to Ukraine for its border, 96% of which has already been spent.

Peace may not be a long-term solution.

Most people, at most times, want to be left alone to enjoy their families and the fruits of their labors.  And while I understand this urge to demand that politicians sit down and negotiate some kind of peace treaty, I don’t see a long-term solution.  Let me explain.

Ukraine really wants to join NATO, as we all know.  Jens Stoltenberg, the president of NATO, has repeatedly said that Ukraine can eventually join NATO and, in fact has even waived some of the normal requirements to make it easier for them.  But he says Ukraine cannot join while it is still fighting with Russia.

Putin has made it clear, for years, that he considers NATO expansion into Ukraine to be a red line.  If the Russians and Ukrainians negotiate some kind of peace agreement, for now, and then in six months Ukraine is fully accepted into NATO, what happens?  Will Russia launch another attack?  I don’t think it’s unlikely.

I don’t say any of this to discourage the people actually fighting.  But those of us not on the battlefield should at least try to understand what’s going on.  Fighting in Ukraine hasn’t stopped just because American legacy media is pushing interest in Israel right now.  It’s easy to slap a bumper sticker on your car. It’s less easy to have your community absorb waves of refugees. It’s incredibly difficult to fight in the trenches.

We need to be careful about what kind of promises we make.  I don’t see any quick solutions for Ukraine.  But I could be wrong!

What do you think? Is the fighting between Ukraine and Russia near an end? Have world governments lost interest in supporting Ukraine? Will one of the countries take desperate steps to keep the fight going? How do you see this turning out?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

About Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

Marie Hawthorne

Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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    • More like a reality check that the Ukraine has lost the war. We can give them millions in ammunition, weapons, money but still does not reflect the reality that it takes young, military aged men, trained, ready and willing to fight for their country. Without them, the war was lost before the first round was fired.

  • Ukraine is corrupt and I don’t see Zelensky ending this anytime soon for that reason alone. I think he will “fight” until his bitter end. Clearly that is a problem for his country. I last read that he won’t stop until all their land is reclaimed. Sounds like a Romeo/Juliet ending to me.

    The US people are sick of this war, but those in DC seem to want to continue it. Europe does not.

    There are big issues with both wars and those who want them they seem to benefit them period!

    • right you are, US is sick of both wars, any war….most people are tired of our hard earned money going to other countries to fight their wars, sending our military to back it up, and continually giving money/supplies etc to countries that hate us….we need to STOP all funds/supplies from going elsewhere until we get our own country cleaned out, get our own politics straight before we give advice or interfere in others….

    • If you think that Ukraine is corrupt, have you looked at Russia? They make Ukrainian corruption look like child’s play. The war should have been over in a few days with the Russian Blitzkrieg, but it was Russian corruption that prevented that victory.

      But demographics is against a Ukrainian victory, as mentioned in the article. The reality is that Putin will not stop with conquering Ukraine. He has moved tactical nukes to be closer to western Europe (in Belarus) so that his troops can advance behind mushroom clouds to take over the rest of Europe once Ukraine has fallen.

      The Russian and Chinese communists don’t believe in MAD nor nuclear winter. They will use their nukes. They think they can win World War III by attacking our missiles while they are still in their silos, our air force before they can get off the ground, all of our navy that is in port, our army and marines on their bases, using nukes in a surprise attack. That will be followed by an invasion. The plans have been leaked, but our policy makers don’t believe them.

      As much as we don’t care for Ukrainian corruption, they are fighting for us. The least we can do is support them.

      • Russian corruption is irrelevant–Joe isn’t sending our money and arms there. He’s sending it to Ukraine, where there are reports that some of those weapons have turned up on the black market. Our country went broke $33,000,000,000 ago. Ukraine isn’t our problem, and we couldn’t afford this war even if it were…

        • Hi Leonard, I think you need at least 3 more zero’s on that number if you’re inferring $33 Trillion. $33,000,000,000,000. Gee, that’s a big number. Hard to fathom how that could ever get paid back.

      • The Ukrainians are not fighting for the US.
        They are fighting and dying for the Ukraine elites, the US RINOs, the US neocons and the US MIC.

      • I don’t think Russia will try to conquer beyond Ukraine. We’ve run out of money and interest. We can’t keep pouring billions into a hopeless war. Israel is much more important to us, and Hamas will continue to spread Islam by the sword if Israel were to lose.

        • Every time I think the Left is incapable of sinking to lower depths, they surprise me and get worse. Their support of Hamas and anit-Israel/anti-Semitism is beyond disgusting and is darker than anything they’ve done before.

          • I completely agree. I’m frozen with incomprehension and horror. I think the Nazi mass murder of Jews continues to be the yardstick for unspeakable evil, so why are so many millions openly siding with Hamas, Iran, and mass murder of Jews, which is also openly siding with Isis? I had (no longer do), three friends in academia. When we talked about it, they expressed no concern for the victims of 10/7, but immediately said how horrendous it was that Israel was bombing Gaza really effectively, while taking unprecedented measures to warn “civilians” of impending bombs. What did they THINK Israel was going to do? I saw the protest and vandalism of a Jewish business and thought it was our own Kristallnacht. How could Americans participate in that? Are they seriously planning to submit to Islamic law? Are they insane or just unbelievably ignorant and tyrannical?

      • Reminds me of the old line, “whaddya mean WE?” The entire Ukraine project has been a US State Department operation since 2006 and before, and the resulting disaster is pretty much in line with any US gov’t driven initiative, destined to fail because of the ethical bankruptcy of its promoters. Ukraine will fail not merely because HitlerPutin commands it, but because leaders of the West have enslaved themselves to Mammon for short term personal gain.

  • This war needs to end now. Ukraine’s cities are demolished and there are no young men left. Zelenskyy has failed his people because he won’t stop until they have reclaimed their land, which is an impossible task with all of his young fighters either dead or left. He needs to negotiate peace now. If you are tired of hearing him tour the world asking for money, wait till the war is over and he starts asking for money to rebuild. Every dollar needs to come with an audit trail requirement

  • The war will end soon. Ukraine has run out of young men. Zelenskyy has no motivation to accept reality. The end of the war will mean the rest of his life in exile, writing books and giving lectures. Which sounds pretty good to me.

    The majority of the people in Crimea and the Donbas have indicated in several referenda that they’d rather side with Russia. Ukraine killed thousands of civilians in the Donbas even before the war. I’d much rather my taxes go towards helping Israel in its fight against savagery.

      • I don’t have much use for websites that deliberately misquote the Bible to demonize Israel for defending it’s people. If Hamas didn’t deliberately hide behind and among civilians said civilians wouldn’t be killed. If Hamas hadn’t started this war, it wouldn’t be happening. Too, the “palestinians” are the people who voted Hamas into power.

      • I would not use a site that uses a pic with a supposed weapon labeled as a MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) that is not a cluster munition.
        Nor would I use a site that uses The Guardian as a source.

      • Genocide is when you try to kill everyone in a certain racial, national, or religious group. It’s what Hamas was trying to do to all Jews. What Israel is doing is simply waging war. It is not targeting civilians. But Hamas puts its weapons, missiles, etc, in, next to, or under every school, hospital, mosque, and UNRWA building, with lots of civilians in every one. Israel cannot destroy enemy installations without killing non-combatants. It looks like it’s two non-combatants for every Hamas combatant killed, which is a much better ratio than in most wars. It is absolutely necessary that Israel completely destroy Hamas so that such atrocities never happen again.

        Has there been a single video showing an IDF soldier targeting a non-combatant, raping, torturing, mutilating, or beheading them? I saw that one IDF soldier was arrested for killing a non-combatant, but he was not praised and encouraged, he was not following orders, and he will be tried.

        I’m surprised that so many don’t know what the word genocide means. See Nazi Germany, the Hutu massacre of the Tutsi, Hamas’ mission to murder every Jew in the world. Israel is not doing that. It is destroying Gaza, which is riddled with tunnels which must all be searched and destroyed. No, Gazans may not return to live there, but because they cannot be trusted to not murder Jews whenever they get the chance. 80% were wildly enthusiastic about the massacre, half support Hamas, a quarter Islsmic Jihad, a quarter Lion’s Den. Hundreds followed Hamas fighters out and joined in the raping, pillage, and murders. Hundreds cheered and spat on the bodies of Israeli girls paraded around. This is not the time to say Oh, poor little Palestinians! They are getting bombs dropped on them! And why would that be? Just purely out of the blue, for no reason except ridiculous, racist hatred of Hamas? Thousands were murdered, raped, tortured, ONLY to hurt Israel so badly that it would declare war. Well, there you go. You got your war. More intense than you expected? OK, bring back the dead, we’ll rewind the video, and start over.

        • I admittedly am undereducated on this subject but all I know is that if liberal cities are being rioted fighting for something & this administration & MSM is supporting it…I’m pretty sure the other ‘side’ is the right place to support (no pun intended). To simplify it. 😉

          Up is down, down is up, right is wrong, wrong is right. I have whiplash.

        • Ok, lets leave religion out of it and go for straight reporting,

          Here are your videos and actual body counts if you can handle the truth.

          You left out the intentional genocide of the American Indians by our own government in your list.
          Your vitriol against a people group is nasty. What you spew is genocide. You don’t know your history. Israel has declared war on the indigenous peoples of Palestine since the Balfour declaration arbitrarily gave the Zionist Jews their land. They had no choice in this colonial settlement deal. They have been run off their lands and killed for many years now, since 1948 actually. Herded into two small areas (Gaza and the West Bank) and denied the ability to live their traditional lives. Much like the early American gov’t did to the Native Americans. For what? Their land.
          Look up the definition of colonial settlement. Australia is also an example of colonial settlement. Actually so is this country by definition.
          Nothing new under the sun.

          Shame on all you people who simply refuse to look at the real history here. The original article I posted is loaded with sources and truth. I find it interesting that MSM (The Guardian) is actual reporting what most MSM won’t touch. Read further. I have never found reason to doubt the author’s integrity, including and not limited to biblical references. All people have been fed so much bologna regarding Israel over the years that the truth of it has been lost. Tell a lie long enough and it becomes truth. Well here ya go.
          Simply disgusting the hatred and violence towards Palestinians. I am sickened by people calling for the eliminating of a people (men, women and children-kill em all) group. This is all man’s doing. This is nothing of God.

          • OK, let’s look at history. Jews have been in Israel since Abraham, when God gave the land to Hebrews in the Covenant four thousand years ago. Many, but not all, dispersed by the ancient Romans in the Diaspora, after the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed twice. The site continues to be the holiest site in Islam, though it is of difficult access and Jews are not allowed to pray out loud there, so as not to offend Muslims, who built a mosque there to commemorate Muhammed’s traveling there on a winged animal in a dream. The Night Journey.

            Jews started returning to Israel two hundred years ago.
            At that time it was part of the Ottoman Empire. Jews bought the land they settled from absentee Egyptian or Ottoman landlords. There were few Arabs there at that time, mostly nomadic Bedouin. Once Jews made the desert bloom, many Arabs went to ask them for jobs. There was never a Palestinian state. The word Palestinian was first used to designate Arabs living in Israel in 1964.

            A hundred years ago, everyone was familiar with the Old Testament and the Covenant. When the Ottoman Empire was broken up after WWI, England and France drew the borders and created new states, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria. And the British Mandate for a Jewish state, Israel. The League of Nations, which became the UN, in several votes ratified the Jewish state of Israel. A separate state for Arabs was offered. Arabs refused it and started the first of several wars to kill all the Jews and take all of it for only Arabs. Israel won all of them.

            If you want to accuse me of promoting the genocide of Arabs, or Muslims, or Hamas, or Gazans, or Palestinians, you need to provide your evidence. Genocide means killing everyone in that group. Have I said that? I feel scorn for all those groups for the way they treat Jews and non-Muslims, but I have never thought that they should all be murdered.

            Israel has every right to act as it has in this struggle for its existence. We saw what the Palestinians would like to do both to every Jew and every non-Muslim. You support that?

            • Okay – this is the last post on the topic of Israel I’m letting through on this post. Please don’t make me turn on 100% moderation again to keep things on track. This is completely unrelated to the article you guys are commenting on.

              Thank you both for your courtesy in this matter.

    • When Ukraine separated from the Soviet Union, the majority vote in Crimea and Dombas was for being part of Ukraine, not Russia. Russia hoped to keep puppets ruling Ukraine (and bribing the Bidens on behalf of Moscow), but in 2014 the Ukrainian people kicked out the last of the Soviet puppets, whereupon the Russians invaded both Crimea and Dombas. I saw reports from both Ukraine and Russia that the fighters in Dombas were Russian.

      There is no negotiation possible for Ukraine. The Soviets want to return all of Ukraine to be part of the Soviet Union again. The same way that Moscow wants to bring all the countries that were under Soviet control to return to the fold under Soviet control. That entails attacking NATO, which means we will be at war. When Ukraine falls, that will pave the way for the Russian attack against NATO.

  • How about keeping American money in America to help American CITIZENS?!
    We have been empire building for years and the world is sick of it. We need to take care of our own people and get our borders secured. There is a legal path to come into the US and it need enforcing. Too many handouts going to those who play the system.
    If we minded our own business instead of playing around in other countries politics/finances the world would be a better place! Our own politics are a mess. I could go on and on but pretty sure you get my drift.
    There will be those who will call me names but you know what? Sticks and stones…

    • every word you said is true….said a long time ago, if US would keep their nose outa others business (including ours) we’d all be better off….live and let live…as long as no one is bothering/hurting anyone else….AND we need to stop giving everybody else our money that we earn and need to live and support our own country! time to CLOSE THE BORDERS (ALL OF THEM), stop anymore illegals from coming in for now, change our immigration laws – get this “born here, auto US citizen” off, roundup all the ones we can and ship them back -dont care where they came from just outa this country! take care of our own folks!!!!

      • We could easily close down our borders. Just fence them to start and follow up with a wall. Sure it would kill tourism, imagine going to Florida and not going to the beach because it’s fenced. But it can be done.

        The only way to stop illegal immigration is to stop hiring illegal immigrants. We just start conducting raids at farms and meat packers and other known places where illegal workers are being hired. Then we arrest the owner and permanently shutdown the business. We charge the owner for hiring illegals and make it a felony.

        Maybe 1-5 years per illegal immigrant. Overnight, all companies would quit hiring illegals. With no jobs available and not getting government assistance already, illegals would starve to death. Maybe they would go home or go to some other country. Of course it would probably cost us some farms or businesses, but it would stop the problem.

        • If we only had continued the Trump policies, we would not have the border crisis we have now under the Biden admin.

        • What President Trump was doing worked. We live in north Texas, and there was a noticeable difference in the fewer numbers of Spanish speaking people in our county after Trump was inaugurated. But they all came flooding back when resident biden took over.

          Our car insurance rates are through the roof. We have liability only on 2 beaters and the insurance is killing us – partly because there are so many illegals w/o coverage. That’s just one of the issues. Housing, schools, social services, etc. are all affected.

  • For over a decade foreign policy experts have written the expansion of NATO Eastward would lead to this very conflict.
    Does that justify the Russian invasion?
    Of course not.
    Ideally, the Ukrainians would of pushed Russian forces back to pre-war lines and then a truce could be established.
    That is not what is happening.
    Read that the Russians are preparing to attempt to take as much territory as possible prior to meeting at the peace table to use as leverage. Some say the Russians may take and hold up to 20% of the Ukraine.
    Throwing that much money, material at a country known for its corruption without some kind of accountability was just plain dumb from the word ‘go.’ To continue to do so is also just plain dumb.
    Our foreign policy on the situation was also just plain dumb. The US thought sanctions would hurt Russia and it did but only in a very short term. What the US saw as punishment on Russia, Putin saw an opportunity and was able to pivot away from the US/Western lead uni-polar world to a multi-polar world. The BRICS have been looking to form their own independent of the US/West banking system and the US sanctions just gave them the means to accelerate that system. A few Middle-East countries are now openly accepting payment for oil using non-USpetrodollars.
    We just might be seeing the end of the US global empire in the form of a whimper.
    The question I have is there anyone in the US government who has the foresight to see it and guide the US into a soft landing?
    Or are they going to try to fight the inevitable to maintain something that is already gone?

    • Characterizing Russia’s action as an “invasion” seems in conflict with the following:

      1. In 2021, two self-declared republics and two regions held referenda on whether to remain with Ukraine (which as another comment mentioned, had been shelling civilians in those areas for years, at least since the 2014 Minsk Accords) or to join Russia.

      2. International observers were present at these referenda and so far as I’m aware were quite satisfied with how they were run.

      3. All four referenda resulted in an overwhelming vote for joining Russia.

      4. The Russian legislature then worked on modifying the relevant laws so as to recognize officially these four entities as part of Russia, and these changes were duly enacted. I believe this occurred still in 2021.

      5. The Russian military crossed the “old” border only in February 2022, after seeing Russia’s years of diplomatic efforts to achieve peace fail and learning that Ukraine was preparing a massive assault against Donbas (which was now part of Russia).

      It seems to me that the continual duplicity of the US and NATO (which entities are in my opinion rightly characterized by Russian foreign minister Lavrov as “agreement-incapable”) has left Russia with little choice but to have its military fight so as to ensure the country’s safety.

      • Not true.

        In 2014 Russian troops were inserted to eastern Ukraine to pretend they were Ukrainians and to start a insurrection against the government in Kyiv. The same year, Russia invaded, a naked invasion, of Crimea. This was Russia’s response to the Ukrainian people’s rejection of the rule of a Russian puppet over Ukraine.

        In 2022 Russia tried to take the whole country of Ukraine. They sent their special forces and paratroops to Kyiv to capture it, but the Ukrainians wiped them out. The Russians crossed the border in numerous places, including other troops trying to capture Kyiv, but were beaten back on most fronts.

        As long as Ukraine holds out, NATO is spared being attacked. Russia has millions more people that they can throw into the battle but the Ukrainians are almost to the end of their rope. Once Russia conquers all of Ukraine, their plan is to attack NATO with nukes and start World War III. That’s why it is in our interest to keep Ukraine fighting, so the nukes don’t fall on our military and cities.

  • The US traitorous government wanted no peace nor negotiations, and they enforced that by control of the NATO, the EU, control of Ukrainian government, the destruction of Nord Stream, the Maiden coup engineered by us, the non performance of the Minsk agreement concerning the eastern oblasts, all of it. It is just a US proxy war with Russia, nothing more. And the Ukrainians just keep dying. They will be no negotiations now, Russia doesn’t trust the West anymore and has every reason to do as they see fit. Our government is captured by neocons that only want war, everything else means nothing to them. And while we send assets, military etc in that direction, our Southern border is wide open to invasion, all a construct by the uniparty, WEF minded politicos who believe the new replacements coming here will forever ensure a voting majority to keep them in power, even if they don’t manipulate elections. Our government is no longer a valid nor responsible system for its citizens. It is the same in much of the world, people are beginning to rise up to fight this false future intended to marginalize humanity, eating bugs, living in squalor while controlled by those who consider themselves elite and above the law. It is all about control of everything to the smallest detail via AI and central bank digital currency. If you dont play their game, you are deplatformed as a human being, simple as that. Revolution is coming, not just here, but throughout the globe. Time for reflection and getting your affairs in order. A dark road lies ahead.

    • People becoming fed up world-wide is a dangerous place to be heading to. You mentioned Revolution. The French Revolution comes to mind as they had almost the same situations as we have now….a bankrupt country, corruption of officials, special treatment for elites, and widespread economic hardship.

  • We need a regime change in Russia.
    Putin shouldn’t use the threat of nukes to get his way. Perhaps we need to put nukes in Poland (if Poland agrees). That he invaded another country because he felt that NATO was getting too close is bullshit. Does that mean we can invade Mexico because we are a superpower? And speaking of Mexico, the US border is not in crisis.
    In FY2023, we caught 3.2 million illegal immigrants and deported or repatriated around 91%. 289,000 got humanitarian parole and asylum court dates. The problem is that the media is blowing up the problem. Yes we could use more Border Patrol, but funding them becomes an issue because each side is deadlocked on how to run the country. Then we have one side openly advertising that the border is open and then is surprised that more people came. Perhaps if you didn’t advertise so much, less people would come.

    • remind you about the American invasion of Panama and the reasons why they did it?
      Panama did not join the anti-American bloc and did not threaten the United States, and a decision was made on a military invasion anyway.
      it is very serious to have a hostile bloc without a buffer zone on the western border

    • And yet foreign policy experts have been writing for over a decade that what is unfolding now is a direct reaction of NATO Eastern expansion.
      NATO should of ended the day after the Soviet Union collapsed.

      If we only would of continued the Trump border policies rather than the Open Border Biden policies and the Biden failure to support the Border Patrol, we would not have millions of illegal immigrants to include over 100 on the FBI terrorist watchlist in our country.
      That would be Biden border policies at work, or not at work.

  • The war in Ukraine is more a set of battles that are part of the more rapidly developing WW III that started shortly after the turn of the millennium. It continued to grow, involving more and more countries, political NGOs (my definition of the various major players that are not state-sanctioned, but are well organized with significant assets, and are influencing much of what is happening, essentially from the sidelines), and a few of the trans-national/trans-industry, mega-corporations that are large enough, powerful enough, and rich enough to be able to effectively bring extremely strong influence to all the rest of the players.

    Many individuals around the world, in all of the above categories, have personal incentives to see that the war continues. If not the Ukraine, one of the many other hot spots around the world that have major differences and the money and arms to go against their declared enemy.

    We are in an over-two-decade length World War that is heating up and spreading with the open use of major army/navy/air force grade weapons. Not just small arms, IEDs, sabotage, fifth & sixth column (the sixth column definition of those aiding the fifth column, not the one resisting them) groups and individuals, manipulated media, and propaganda.

    In my view, and in my opinion, my theories about when the shooting war comes to the US in major ways have not changed in the last fifteen to twenty years. 2025, I believe, is the year the Apocalypse, Armageddon, Global Thermonuclear War, and TEOCAWKI occur, if not before.

    Many of my prepper friends and acquaintances still believe and are working to get our government to do what is needed to prevent all of it. My belief is that it is far too late to stop the ultimate outcome and therefore I use what resources I have and use what energy I have left since my last health issue drained me, to be as ready as I can, and help as many people as I can, to prepare for when the worst happens.

    Just my strong and disliked by most opinion.

    • The only comment with clarity, resolve and an actual plan.

      Hope folks read your words and steel themselves to follow your example. History will write who was right or wrong. Moral and immoral. Righteous and treacherous.

      In the meantime the sun is fast setting in many ways for the rest of us regular types. Time is not a luxury (at least I) most of us do not have. I’m not saying it’s GTFOD time, but it feels like there is a sense of urgency that is palpable everywhere. Get prepared and hone real, actual skills. We’ll all be needed.

      • ~Jim, I agree with your the sense of urgency everywhere.
        As Selco says about our circles, the Ukraine/Russian war is one none of us can affect.
        Nor the Israel/Hamas conflict.
        Looking around, what can we actually affect?

        • “Looking around, what can we actually affect?”

          That’s up to every individual. Personally, I’m about as fed up with “we” as I am ceaseless conflict.


        • Exactly! Respect of life is gone. Cruelty abounds. Love for fellow man is waning quickly. Our fighting men have become cannon fodder to the warmongers that infest our gov’t. Right has become wrong, up is down. Things are completely mixed up and there is definitely a sense of urgency among those who are awake.
          In the end, this is an epic battle of good vs evil. Break it down to it’s bare bones leaving politics aside. Empires come and go. We are witnessing change of global proportions. Also in the end this creation called Earth belongs to God. Evil knows this and so we have this insane battle eating up humankind as we know it.
          History will tell the tale. Nothing new under the sun.

  • ***The World Is Getting Tired of Ukraine vs. Russia***
    Maybe that is why Hamas was allowed to attack Israel.
    The warmongers needed a new war.

  • How do you see this turning out? Russia will never permit Ukraine to become a NATO member. Russia will eventually win its war with Ukraine. Tragically, this war was preventable and Western leaders failed early on to negotiate an end to it.

    • According to some “experts”, the point of this war is not to win or lose but to flush out the supply of existing armaments in the world so the MIC could restock at new, higher prices. How’s your Raytheon stock doing nowadays?

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