Here’s How Fast Things Have Changed in Brazil Since the Election

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By the author of Street Survivalism: A Practical Training Guide To Life In The City and The Ultimate Survival Gear Handbook

Things are declining rapidly in my country. I have no idea whether Brazil will end up like Venezuela or Argentina or if something will happen before we hit rock bottom. But since the inauguration of the “new old” leftist government of populist president Lula, it’s one bad news after another in politics, economy, freedom, and liberty.

Less than two months into his term, Lula hasn’t made clear his plans to advance the agenda for the good of the country. He’s more invested in passing the buck, pushing his retrograde and divisive discourse, advancing ideological alliances, and promoting unorthodox initiatives and policies. In other words, everything that has failed miserably in the not-so-distant past.

Not to mention the scandals already popping up. When you add the promotion of wokeism and authoritarianism, the complacency of the congress, the collusion of the press, and the polarization of civil society, the future looks gloomier today than even during the worse of the pandemic. If things keep going this way, Brazil is about to become less developing and more Third World.

Too early for that kind of crap.

It was promised that the end of Bolsonaro would bring peace and union, but instead, this has been quite a tumultuous and ominous start for Lula so far. The boondoggle is furthering radicalization, spreading concern among investors, and destabilizing the market.

Shouldn’t a new government enjoy a honeymoon period? Except this government isn’t new: we’ve seen the names, misconducts, scandals, and failed ideas before. Lula’s Workers Party governed Brazil between 2003 and 2016, but accepts no responsibility for the current situation, even declaring it will “fix everything” in the next four years.

After the most polarized, disputed, and controversial elections in decades, few have much tolerance for the cheap populism and blatant nonsense, including many of Lula’s supporters. There’s just so much to do in the face of the ongoing global crisis, yet the president is still acting like he’s campaigning.

Practical developments of destructive policies take time to manifest in the street economy and the quotidian.

That’s the dynamic of things, even in the current unfavorable environment. It doesn’t hit the fan immediately or suddenly. Furthermore, Brazil is not isolated, meaning the global market will largely influence whether things go in one direction or another here, too (not that this is cause for optimism, just saying).

However, the escalating attacks on rights and freedom and the disregard for the Constitution by the government and a hyperactive Supreme Court are already impacting society and affecting the economy. One example is the crackdown on gun rights.

Lula signed a mandate on inauguration day suspending the issuing of new licenses and registers, effectively stopping the commerce of firearms and ammunitions dead in its tracks. The sector currently employs more than 3 million people and represents 5% of Brazil’s GDP. Investments have been put on hold, and layoffs and closures already started.

A major red flag

An ordinance mandates every gun purchased after May 2019 to be registered along with the owner’s personal information on the Federal Police database until March 30th. Failure to comply renders the offender subject to search and apprehension, among other administrative and legal proceedings.

Every gun sold to citizens is already registered either in the Army’s SIGMA or the Federal Police’s SINARM systems (depending on which category your license falls under, or the system you opted to register the firearm at purchase). Now everyone and their guns have to go into this newly created database.

The declared objective is creating a unified and up-to-date directory, but many believe it’s a setup. The Federal Police – the Brazilian equivalent of the FBI – is a more subordinate autarchy than the military. That makes it considerably easier for the government to come after people’s guns in the future.

Those who think this is a conspiracy theory should look at what’s happening in Myanmar, where “the junta has revived a 1977 law that allows civilians it deems loyal to the state” to own firearms, a move experts worry will escalate violence by arming pro-junta groups fighting armed resistance groups opposed to military rule.” [SOURCE]

No jab, no money

Social credit scores are coming via the hijack of Brazil’s largest social welfare program, the Bolsa Familia. Lula declared his intention to suspend the benefit for the unvaxxed individuals and families, all of whom are low or very low income.

Arm-twisting tactics such as these are being normalized everywhere, but they tend to be more effective in countries with severe and lingering deficiencies and deprived populations. Socialist regimes maintain people in poverty and ignorance to keep them dependent and thus more pliable and obedient.

Political persecution

More than 1.500 were arrested following the events of January 8th I described in a previous article. Almost two-thirds are still being held for “further investigation” based on alleged involvement in “terrorist acts”, despite not participating in the invasion and depredation of the buildings in the capital Brasilia.

The imprisonment of innocent citizens without due process is a violation of the Brazilian constitution. It’s extremely unsettling; however, it’s being whitewashed by the media, ignored by the politicians and civil defense organizations, and applauded by a significant part of society – who bought into the narrative and remain oblivious to the dangers of the precedent.


The Supreme Court keeps interfering with the executive and overstepping the legislative, with justices continually showing a frightening disregard for the Constitution, allegedly to “defend democracy” and counter “extremism.” As a way to legitimate the crackdown on the opposition and dissenting media, some sectors keep pushing the narrative that Brazil is on the verge of a coup and obvious BS.

Unsurprisingly, Lula is now calling for a de-escalation of juridical interference. He wants to “pacify the institutions” and “bring back the balance of the powers”, but it was precisely the abuse of these tactics by the opposition during Bolsonaro’s term that propped the courts in great part. Now they want the genie back on the bottle, but the justices are having none of it.

The scandals are back

Bolsonaro and his secretaries had their misconducts. However, the past of widespread, institutionalized corruption still cast a heavy shadow on Lula and various members of his cabinet. Only one month and the skeletons are already coming out of the closet, with allegations of secretaries involved in corruption and other misconducts.

The president seems unfazed, constantly resorting to deflection and counterattacks in his typical swagger instead of acting to contain the crisis. The subservient media is still fixed on the former government’s sins and not even minimally interested in investigating the allegations.

Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are

The old ambition to establish Brazil as a regional leader is back, too. Lula’s allies (presidents and dictators of failed socialist Latin American nations) are being courted by promises of funding and partnerships in exotic infrastructure projects. Most of these countries owe billions in loans to Brazil.

At the same time, he’s cutting back on agricultural, research, and education programs, and promoting the creation of a common currency with Argentina “to facilitate trading between neighbors” – a megalomaniac idea that has failed every single time in the past with catastrophic consequences. As bad as it may be, it’s impossible to conciliate Brazil’s fiscal and economical situation with Argentina’s disarray and three-digit inflation.

But it will march on because that allows the misappropriation of taxpayer’s money that contributes to the left’s populist and power-grabbing plans. Those are the actual reasons these things keep being proposed by Lula and his party.

Every choice is a thousand renunciations

The support that civil society shows for all the crap presented here is worrying, to say the least. It’s not a vocal minority but a large part of the population and the subservient, corrupt media. Polarization is so extreme that there’s no common ground anymore, not even an open debate.

It may sound like I’m bashing the just-inaugurated government because I’m pro-right. I have no political affiliations, and to be honest, I don’t think the situation would be that much different if Bolsonaro had been elected instead of Lula. The left is incompetent, tyrannical, and evil, yes. But people voted believing this time it’s different, so here we go again.

Just another story of how fast things can change

One day it’s going in one direction; the next, changes come fast and from all sides. How can anyone consider investing long-term in a place where rules and regulations have no stability? They can’t, and that’s why foreign and domestic investors are holding or even pulling their plans.

The global economy is slowing down, and the actions of the new government will accelerate things in Brazil. Layoffs are already being announced. Less investment and jobs: I know what comes next, and it’s not good. There’s chaos building in the background, and social cohesion undoing already.

I wish I could be optimistic about the future of my country

Realistically, though, the history of incompetence, short-sightedness, and arrogant authoritarianism of our “new old” government doesn’t leave much space for hope. The people in charge and the retrograde ideas smell outdated and rotten, and that’s frightful.

In all fairness, something similar is happening everywhere. Leadership is mediocre, and people are lost. It’s a global phenomenon. But as I say, it’s always worse in countries with immoral elites, inconsistent, weak, and corrupt institutions, spineless press, and a deprived, easily manipulated population.

Despite the mess, it’s still early in the doom cycle, so I’m ramping up my preparations once again. But it’s time to keep options open, so I’ve started working on Plan B in parallel. We never know.

Are you surprised about how quickly these changes were implemented? Do you worry about something similar occurring in your country? How much further do you think Brazil will decline under the current leadership? Share your thoughts in the comments.

About Fabian

Fabian Ommar is a 50-year-old middle-class worker living in São Paulo, Brazil. Far from being the super-tactical or highly trained military survivor type, he is the average joe who since his youth has been involved with self-reliance and outdoor activities and the practical side of balancing life between a big city and rural/wilderness settings. Since the 2008 world economic crisis, he has been training and helping others in his area to become better prepared for the “constant, slow-burning SHTF” of living in a 3rd world country.

Fabian’s ebook, Street Survivalism: A Practical Training Guide To Life In The City , is a practical training method for common city dwellers based on the lifestyle of the homeless (real-life survivors) to be more psychologically, mentally, and physically prepared to deal with the harsh reality of the streets during normal or difficult times. He’s also the author of The Ultimate Survival Gear Handbook.

You can follow Fabian on Instagram @stoicsurvivor

Fabian Ommar

Fabian Ommar

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  • Same thing in the States with biden, all those executive orders he constantly rolles out. Interesting thought: the policies and tactics used by wokism literally mirror those used by National Socialism and Hitler. Not an opinion, a fact easily verified by a side by side comparison on the cell in your hand.

  • Now I hope some of you see from this, that these problems sound just like some of the stuff we face in the USA. Why? Because this is a Global initiative.
    It is going on in all countries. A few details change from country to country or from one administration to another adminiistration, but they are basically all part of the same worldwide, leftist, agenda.
    So for those who think they will flee SHTF or “wait it out” until it blows over, think again. It is all part of a world wide plan.
    In the End game there will only two outcomes; Total Submission , or Open Warfare, they will allow no other options.

    Also realize that they won’t be sending the Military after you ar first, it will be their base of rabid followers. BLM, Antifa and various other leftist puppet groups, will for militias to force their agendas on the populace. Right now they use them to produce political and social pressure to enact change. Later it will be only through force. This will give the government plausable deniability of using physical force or from rounding up people into FEMA camps, etc. and yet to still enforce their plans.
    These people understand that Direct confrontation is the last resort, So they will come at you sideways using others, (groups and movements with benign sounding names, like BLM, Gay Pride, Woke, Sciencemoms, Antifa, etc.), to do their dirty work. At least to start with.

    • You are correct. This is a global initiative.
      However open confrontation is EXACTLY what the globalists want.
      Pat Wood, Catherine Austin Fitts, David Knight have some alternative ideas.

    • “Now I hope some of you see from this, that these problems sound just like some of the stuff we face in the USA. Why? Because this is a Global initiative.
      It is going on in all countries. A few details change from country to country or from one administration to another adminiistration, but they are basically all part of the same worldwide, leftist, agenda.”

      You’re correct. The people are to blame for the situation as well, like you said the large mass of useful idiots is being used, and have no clue. Like the sleepers in the Matrix.

  • Worth noting that without welfare checks, Lula would have a harder time forcing the jab on Brazilians. J8 sounds a lot like J6 in America.

    • Almost nobody is even talking about jabs, masks or COVID here anymore. I have an idea why he’s coming up with this tyrannical BS, I guess most here do, too. Let’s see if it sticks.

  • There’s comparisons to what’s going on in Brazil and the current situation we face in the US as well, but there are differences too, that must be taken into consideration in any analysis to be accurate. The biggest difference, and some will roll their eyes for my beating on this drum, is the 2nd Amendment, but it must be factored in because the US remains the only country, in the entire history of man, where the people’s right to keep and bear arms is sacrosanct to the country itself. That’s why there’s an ongoing and renewed attack upon the 2nd by the current Regime in the US. Not just at the Federal level, but by State and local levels as well.
    “You need F-16s and Nukes to take on the Federal Government” was not only an arrogant and tone deaf statement by the current Despot in Chief, but it was a threat that should never be made by a president. Any executive threatening to turn the military on the population should be removed from Office, period.
    It was a farsical statement as well, since very recently, a disorganized bunch of medieval tribesmen armed with 70 year old weapons just succeeded in sending that executive running away with his tail between his legs. They did it not through superior weaponry, but through the beliefs they were willing to die for. I would hope we haven’t become so craven that we wouldn’t do anything less than their sacrifices.
    The time to revolt draws nigh. The long train of abuses and ursurpations cannot be allowed to continue much longer.

    • Bemused Berserker,
      I think you have a point there.
      And, it is the mentally competent radish for a president whom blindly believes that all “F-15” pilots will just obey him and attack Americans.
      Will they?
      I do not know.
      Like to think they would be of the opinion of a civil war they , i.e. the military would say, “Leave us out of it,”
      But I have seen a few videos of troops who would turn their weapons against American citizens.
      Then things get crazy. And ugly.
      I do not like the idea.

  • Fabian, it sounds distressingly like what’s happening here in the US (with the exception of the activist Supreme Court). I wish your book, “Street Survivalism…” came in a print copy. The Kindle version will do for now but if we get hit by an EMP or CME powerful enough to wipe out the grid, I’ll be wishing I had the print copy. I’m an author myself, “Bugging In: What To Do When TSHTF and You Live in Suburbia” and I know print copies aren’t that hard to do. Amazon will even help you.

    • Thanks Ray, I’m currently finishing a new book and will release both it and Street Survivalism in print-to-order on Kindle. Is your book available on Kindle as well? Asking because I’m interested 😉

  • The world seems to be at the precipice of either World War III or International Revolution. Both scenarios are destructive to the God fearing moral citizens who wish to be left alone and raise their families in safe neighborhoods and stable economies, but only one of these possibilities allows for re-institution of moral representative governance, and the odds on that within our lifetimes are long at best.

    All peoples need to stand against financial tyranny, against the usurpation of God-given rights by authoritarian powers; not in violence, but with the ability to overcome violence. The time is NOW, and the place is EVERYWHERE.

  • I thought that the term populist was used to define one who supports the people yet it seems that Lulu is opposed to the will of the people. Did I miss something.
    Good article. I find it helpful to learn of the conditions elsewhere.

    • Like most sociopaths of his ilk, Lula has a very acute and sensitive “radar” for what people want to hear, and he’s a great communicator, charismatic and easy to listen to.

      I can’t stand him talking, or even the sight of him, but some people just fall for these narcissistic lying sociopath that will say anything, promise everything and sing any music to the people, including throwing anyone under the bus, to save his face or achieve his goals.

      That’s why I call him a populist. He plays for the people. But he’s a convict corrupt.

  • “An armed society is a polite society.” Heinlein’s comment describes why we haven’t had a hot civil war in the U.S. in the last few years. Much to the frustration of our foreign enemies who want us to destroy ourselves so that they can invade and pick up the pieces. The forces of civility are well armed and with those arms act with restraint. Meanwhile our traitors, yes they are traitors because they work on behalf of our foreign enemies, fear starting a hot civil war.

    Our foreign enemies are Russia and China, following plans they originally drew up decades ago but have updated since. They pretended to be rivals, even enemies, to lull us into complacency. Now they present “one clenched fist” that can be plainly seen. They have a window of opportunity now to fulfill their plans, a window that is closing thanks to both Russia and China having shrinking populations. Both countries and their allies are also going onto full war readiness, something that they cannot maintain indefinitely. And they will use nukes, because they believe that nukes will give them the victory.

    Whither Brazil? And the rest of the world? Firearm registration has always been followed by gun confiscation. The communists worship power and believe that the end justifies the means, so they will continue using fraud, stolen elections, whatever they need to get power. The public be damned. They will use oppression to stay in power, therefore they need to disarm and impoverish their populations. This is a world wide movement coordinated from Moscow and Beijing.

    • Actually it’s coordinated by the elite in all countries. The US deep state is plotting to destroy everything normal in the US to maintain absolute control. The elite are all promised a share of the spoils and power but many of them will be eliminated before its over.

  • I thought Brazil was doing OK. It saddens me to find out the reality is not so good. The US is on a bad path to nowhere. I was hoping we could at least end up like Brazil and re-develop from there. I guess that won’t happen. It isn’t good when the best to hope for is a total collapse.

    • Thanks David, Brazil was indeed doing relatively well until last year. Things haven´t yet hit the fan badly but they are deteriorating fast just like in the US and pretty much everywhere else.

      As I said, maybe something happens before we hit rock bottom but that would imply turmoil and disorder at some point, so… either way it´s best to keep preparing while bhoping for the best.

      Stay well.

  • Lula is not populist. There are allegations of election fraud as massive as USA 2020.
    Nearly ALL Americans still think voting is their only civic duty and being informed even for that is unimportant. Very few have done ANY thing to bring about any election reform.
    Oh, yes, there is a situation very like Brazil’s in my country, the USA. Our primary solution is go LOCAL, focusing on local politics and conditions. One part of that is CSPOA, supporting the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. They’ve had marvelous victories with uniting sheriffs in Ark and other states to uphold the Second Amendment. It horrifies me to be the only one mentioning this here for a year now. OP readers KNOW plenty is wrong and they cannot ACT on that knowledge at ALL? What do we deserve?
    Some of you are surely supporting Alt News, and that is a real contribution. Helping OP or buying products from sites like this counts.
    Judicial Watch is another–but they will send you $100 in mail a year at least.

    • I can’t think of a more populist leader than Lula, LadyLife. I mean, there may be some up there with him but he’s the epitome of the leftist populist, he ticks all the boxes.

      As for the elections, last Sunday I was on Fernando Ferfal’s TMS livestream and got asked precisely about that. My reply: there’s no evidence it was stolen, not even circumstantial.

      Then again, our elections are 100% electronic so everything kinda falls into a black hole at one point. Or, to quote Carl Sagan, “Absence of Evidence does not mean Evidence of Absence”.

      Is it weird that Bolsonaro was rallying thousands and Lula couldn’t gather a few hundred and yet he won? Absolutely. But that too is correlation, not causation.

      I’m with the camp that believes every election in modern era is in some way manipulated, directed, mishandled, hacked, or just not legit in some obscure way.

      And that’s the worse of it, people just don’t trust the system anymore. Not just here, but in the US and everywhere else. If there’s no confidence there’s no legitimacy.

  • Thank you for this comprehensive report on the tidal changes that are moving though your country. It is a shock to us in the US to see how well camouflaged the planning and networking to undermine the independence of our nations has been. We in the US are learning how vulnerable we can be after having had lives of relative luxury, pampering and the privilege of delegating the gritty work to our government and municipal services. Hang in, Fabian. Your ability to see patterns and the framework being set up around you will help you. I wish for you that you begin to spot others who have recognized what is happening in your nation and around you. Every system has its vulnerabilities. On of them is that destructive personalities have an intrinsic block to true, profound, life-sustaining creativity. Please keep us in touch. We will learn from each other’s insights.

  • Excellent summary of events, and all too familiar…it is indeed a global plan…
    I think (for USA) the 2nd amendment has to be the line that can never be crossed, the hill we would die on, or defy, and definitely not comply with efforts to make us defenseless. I hope enough people realize this before it is too late.

  • Glenn Greenwald is dead silent on this, its hilarious he wanted Lula in office so bad. Everything Lula has done goes against everything he has been writing about the last couple of years.

  • Dear Fabian – You could be describing Canuckistan. Same shit different pile in almost every country on the planet. It is all baffling and confusing until you factor in satan and then everything makes sense. The “ruling” class of predators are satanists devoted to destruction and that’s all. Yup I agree with the Bible, about a third of so-called humans need to be removed from the planet. Here’s hoping and praying.

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