The Best CYBER MONDAY Deals on the Internet for Preppers

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Good morning, online shoppers and prepping friends!

Today, we have a roundup of the best deals on the internet for preppers. We’ll start off with OP’s best deals and go through the offers from some of our sponsors. Then we’ll finish off with Amazon’s offers!

Happy Shopping

The OP and Self Reliance and Survival

Our Black Friday weekend sale continues with the lowest prices we’ve ever offered on our products from Self-Reliance and Survival!

Every PDF book is $3.

Every printable is $1.

Every course is $35.

Our 2024 USB is almost sold out! It contains every single thing ever published on The Organic Prepper! Order it for $79 and it will be shipped immediately. (The 2024 update will be emailed to you in February.) If the website were to go down, you’d have every article we’ve ever posted on it at your fingertips. You won’t lose access to my work (or any of our talented writers’ work) with this USB, and you can plug it into any computer. This could be incredibly important as censorship gets more stringent in the year to come. AGAIN – these are almost gone and we started off with 1000!


Get EVERY BOOK AND COURSE in the Self Reliance and Survival Store, today only!

Here’s the big kahuna of prepper knowledge deals. If you were to buy all of our products separately, you’d be spending more than $1600.

That includes 34 books, 5 webinars, and 7 courses!




For only $233!  Go here to see what you’ll be getting! This epic bundle is available today only!

The Wellness Company

The Wellness Company is having an incredible blowout. If’ you’ve been considering working with them, now is the time.

Get 15% off your prepper’s medical emergency kit – this is an awesome kit that I own myself, with a variety of antibiotics and other vital prescription meds for that day when pharmacies are not open. Use the code KIT15

Get 15% off your Covid kit with meds that really work, including a complete round of Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, a Z-pack, plus, Budesonide and a nebulizer. Use the code KIT15

Get 20% off a membership! Save money every time you order supplements or make an appointment with The Wellness Company with a membership. There are two levels: one of them is extremely affordable and the other is an incredible value if you require a lot of medical care. Use the code MEMBER20 for your discount!

Get 25% off all supplements! Whether you want to use their incredible Spike Support Supplement (I use it myself due to lingering post-Covid nasties), check out their Healthy Heart formula, or try out their Restful Sleep formula, these products are incredibly high quality! Use the code SUPP25 to claim your discount!

Seeds for Generations

Are you looking for Christmas gifts…but don’t want to get caught up in the commercialization of the shopping season? I have the perfect solution for you.

Seeds for Generations is a small family business, run from a homestead in Virginia. This Thanksgiving weekend, they’ve decided to offer loads of discounts that will help you PRODUCE, instead of just consume. Learn more about their awesome deals on books, seeds, and more here!


Organica Naturals CBD

Get 50% off EVERY SINGLE THING on the Organica Naturals store! Check out their oils, concentrates, and softgels – you;ll be blown away by the prices and the products, as well as the fast, friendly service. I just love these products!

Amazon CyberMonday Sales

Here’s my complete roundup of Amazon Cyber Monday sales for preppers! Meanwhile, if you want to visit Amazon, please consider using my link (you can even bookmark it to always support OP when shopping there!)

There are so many great books being offered at a steal of a price:

The Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine

The Camp Dutch Oven Cookbook

A Guide to Canning, Curing, Smoking, and Freezing Fish and Game

Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners

Complete Dehydrator Cookbook

ACEP First Aid Manual

Other Prepper Stuff

Check out this really nice NOAA radio with flashlight and chargers, bells and whistles.

I have an herb stripper like this, and I love it. This is a great stocking stuffer for your favorite cook or forager.

These compressed TP coins absolutely rock. I keep some in my purse, in my bug out bag, and always had a handful in my glovebox too!

This emergency sleeping bag is teeny tiny and has great ratings.

This compressed sleeping pad with pump will help you snooze like a baby on your next camping trip.

An 8-pack of elastic compression bandages would be a great addition to your emergency medical kit especially at today’s price!

Bleedstop Clotting Powder is a must-have addition to all prepper medical kits.

I have these Rhino Rescue emergency splints in my own kit.

This is a great price on a kit that contains tons of gauze, scissors, and tape.

Also from Rhino Rescue is this burn kit.

I love these laundry soap sheets and used them religiously when I was traveling and living out of my suitcase. They’re also a fantastic addition to your bug-out bag!

Check out this handy can-rack organizer for all those loose cans of food you have kicking around!

This set of mylar bags and oxygen absorbers is a great way to get started repackaging your long-term storage food right.

There you have it! Thank you for supporting The OP while you do your holiday shopping!


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