Survival Saturday – Dec. 19, 2015

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By Daisy Luther

Survival Saturday is a round-up of the week’s most interesting products, articles, and books. With all of the chaos in our world and backdoor machinations in Washington, DC, this week’s focus is on the supplies and information you need to survive.

This Week’s Products


This is the sale on emergency food that you’ve been waiting for. Have you been considering a large purchase of high quality, storable food? Well, now is the time. It is REALLY the time. Preppers Market, the supplier of Numanna Food, is offering free shipping. That will save you more than $20 a bucket on the cost of your long-term food supply. They have some larger deals (several months worth of food for a family) and on those packages, you’d save several hundred dollars in shipping costs. This deal doesn’t come around often with them, so act now if this is a product you’ve been considering. Numanna Foods are all non-GMO and contain no horrible additives like MSG, aspartame, and high-fructose corn syrup. If you’re looking for a better choice in storable food, they’re the top of the line as far as health is concerned. Here are my favorite picks from Numanna. They have gluten-free options for families like mine, with wheat intolerances, and they have a really awesome Defender’s Nutritive Pack, with the delicious Numanna meals plus additional high-nutrition foods like quinoa and sprouting seeds. As well, they have two types of high-quality milk:

  • Grab-and-Go: The least expensive way to get started. 76 servings!
  • Gluten-free Bucket: A great choice for families like mine, with wheat intolerances
  • Defender’s Nutritive Pack: Contains the delicious Numanna meals plus additional high-nutrition foods like quinoa and sprouting seeds.
  • Mega-Pack: 6 buckets that contain almost 1400 servings of food
  • Family Bug-In Package: This contains 10 family packs and 3 defender packs. It also weighs in at 278 pounds, so if you’re buying this big, you’ll save hundreds on shippings costs.
  • Milk: They offer a high-quality hormone free nonfat dry milk and a more expensive but absolutely fantastic organic option (this stuff is hard to find!)

Click HERE to see everything Numanna has to offer. 


This Week in Preparedness

The second Patriot act is now official. Obama just signed the $1.1 trillion Spending Bill.  The second Patriot Act has become the law, and with it what little online privacy US citizens may have had, will be gone.

You can’t just blame the liberals in Congress for this disaster of a bill. Paul Ryan, Republican golden boy, sold out his constituents. In fact, 241 Republicans voted for this spending bill. Find out exactly how badly you got betrayed.

Did you know that grocery store sales cycles are the same year after year? Here’s your guide for getting the best bargains every month of the year.

The San Bernadino shooting was meant to be far worse. Recent evidence has come to light that plans were in place to attack rush hour commuters in Los Angeles (where people would be literally, sitting ducks) as well as a college cafeteria. Learn more about the chilling plan.

DIY your own foaming hand soap. You know those luxurious foaming hand soaps you get from specialty stores? It’s very easy (and inexpensive) to make your own with non-toxic ingredients. Here’s the step-by-step.

Check out the REAL history of the USDA. The centralization of agriculture, through the USDA, began during the Lincoln administration.  This administration ushered in the end of the old republic and not surprisingly was full of Marxists.  It wasn’t until the 1930s however, that the USDA really began to work its collectivist magic. Learn more about the history of this American “watchdog” agency.

Would you be upset if your child was taught to write ““There is no god but Allah” in Arabic for school? Students in a rural Virginia school were told to copy a Muslim statement of faith known as the Shahada which translates to “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” in Arabic. The assignment included other religious faiths as well, but parents were not assuaged. Here’s what happened as a result of the parental outcry.

Did you ever wonder how propaganda might be used to outlaw homeschooling? It’s through scare tactics like this. Although these stories are truly horrible, they are hardly the norm for homeschooling families. Many families are uncomfortable with the state having a huge influence on the way their children are raised. (See the link above for just one reason why.)

Raise your hand if you’re surprised that the media deliberately misinterpreted studies about cancer. Anyone? Bueller?  Misleading word choices run rampant and the “translations” really can’t be trusted. Here, in the words of some leading scientific researchers and writers, is the real truth.

Here’s a backdoor way to get around the Second Amendment. It’s misleading to call the “no-fly list” a loophole: it’s a precrime suspicion list that completely circumvents due process.

Preparedness is a lifestyle, not an activity.  Those who are truly prepared have daily habits that allow them to respond quickly to life-threatening situations. They also embrace a kind of simplicity that keeps their skills honed. Do you practice these 10 daily habits?

The Bookshelf

This week I’m going to shamelessly promote my own books. Order them now and they’ll arrive just in time for Christmas. Get them for yourself or for someone you love to help them to be better prepared.

bookshelf 12 19

The Pantry PrimerA Prepper’s Guide to Whole Food on a Half-Price Budget

The second edition of The Pantry Primer is nearly triple the size of the original book. It has morphed from a book about our own journey to replenish our pantry after a cross-continental move, to a detailed compendium of all things food storage. Geared towards preppers, it teaches you:

  • Why everyone needs a food supply in their homes
  • How much food you need
  • How your pantry is directly related to your health
  • The components of a perfect pantry
  • Prepping for those with dietary restrictions.
  • A thrifty new way of shopping so you can afford to build your pantry
  • How to store the food you purchase to extend the shelf life for as long as possible
  • A week-by-week plan, complete with shopping lists and menu ideas
  • How to save money by making items most people purchase ready-made at the store
  • Pantry inventory and maintenance
  • Where to store all of that food
  • Bonus: 25 frugal and delicious recipes

Read the reviews (5 star!) and then order it here.

The Prepper’s Canning Guide

 Canning is the perfect solution for those seeking natural food sources, for gardeners, for those seeking a more self-reliant life, and for those interested in preparedness. Declare your independence and free yourself from the toxic grocery store items that are masquerading as food. Learn to preserve the bounty from your garden and local farms, savory hormone-free meats, and nourishing meals created from your own carefully selected ingredients. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced home canner, you’ll love the friendly, easy-to-follow instructions, delicious recipes, and directions for safely preserving your own creations.  Read the reviews (5 star also!) and then order it here.

The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide: Harvest, Treat, and Store Your Most Vital Resource

The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide (a #1 Best Seller) offers a step-by-step plan with straightforward information you can easily follow. Thanks to this book’s laser-focus on water, you’ll quickly learn how to:

•Store fresh water
•Collect rainwater
•Purify water from lakes & rivers
•Dig a well for groundwater

In addition to harvesting water, you’ll gain the tools to keep large stores untainted for long periods of time, test the water you collect for dangerous toxins, and treat water-related illnesses that are commonly contracted during a disaster. Read the reviews (4.5 stars) and then order it here.

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  • I posted this comment, below, at the 2nd link in your list (
    The effective grassroots organization regarding immigration is


    You forgot about the potential quadrupling of the H-2B visa, for low-paid workers from abroad. Right when they’re suffering the most. And fully funding Obama’s illegal exec orders regarding illegal immigration, and refugee resettlement from the MidEast. These are externalities imposed on the fabric of our lives, outside of ideology and impacting _everyone_ and our sovereignty. This is the Regulation State. It is the 1930s German type of socialism. There’s a bigger picture here. You appear to not care a wit, only caring about your narrow (religion) interests. This is why you are irrelevant. I guarantee you won’t understand anything of what I say. For human denial is the strongest force in the Universe; it creates what is not.

  • Daisy,
    My feelings on living a prepared lifestyle have oscillated from being a ‘newbie’ who was excited about embarking on a pioneering lifestyle; to ‘panic’ thinking I only had a little while to become fully prepared with beans, bullets and bandages; to someone that takes preparedness one day at a time. I appreciate your Survival Saturday articles because it helps me examine my own preparedness with an objective eye.
    I often think of those who first settled this new nation, having only an inkling of what they endured. Included in the routine of some of those hardy souls was a dependence in the Divine that after they had done all they could do, He would be merciful.
    We might as well admit that if we continue to get ‘sold out’ by our own government, and the majority of the population continues to believe the propaganda they hear on TV and read in the newspaper, we (those who have had their eyes opened to what is happening) will soon be strangers in our own country – unable to recognize it as our Homeland. It will be at this time that we will truly appreciate all of the advice we have received from bloggers like you.
    Thanks for your help.

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