2 Catastrophic Things Could Happen to Our Supply Chain in November

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By the author of  The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide and the online course Build a Better Pantry on a Budget

If you think things are bad economically now, hang on to your halo. We are facing a perfect storm for our supply chain within the next month unless several things change dramatically.

It’s been one thing after another ever since the Covid pandemic began to affect our supply chain back in 2020. To be clear, you don’t have to believe that a pandemic existed, that the virus was serious, or even that the virus existed. That isn’t what this article is about. Regardless of one’s feelings, it was a trigger for an economic disaster that has continued to snowball.

We watched the shelves in America get cleared in a day in March of that year, and things have never been the same since. Global shipping all but shut down.

And the prices went up.

Farmers could not harvest their food or get it processed and ready to be delivered to stores.

And the prices went up.

Then the cost of fuel skyrocketed.

And the prices went up.

And now, we’re facing a new challenge in what can only be described as a looming transportation collapse. Two things are slated to happen within the next month that could make what we’ve experienced so far look like a walk in the park.

1.) We have 25 days of diesel fuel left.

2.) Biden has failed to come to an agreement with rail workers’ unions, and a strike could start as soon as November 19th.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors.

The diesel fuel shortage

The diesel fuel shortage that is looming could be absolutely catastrophic. The fuel of trucks, trains, and ships – this could put a real kibosh on the transit of goods. What’s more, the diesel shortage also affects home heating fuel.

OilPrice.com reports:

A shortage of diesel fuel is spreading across the United States, with one company launching an emergency delivery protocol, requesting a 72-hour advance notice from clients to be able to make the delivery.

Per a Bloomberg report, fuel supplier Mansfield Energy wrote in a note to its clients that “conditions are rapidly devolving” and “At times, carriers are having to visit multiple terminals to find supply, which delays deliveries and strains local trucking capacity.”

Some are blaming this shortage on a lack of refining capacity. If you look more closely at this, refineries are closing down in direct response to the current administration’s new policies to move the country to green energy.

Phil Flynn, an analyst for Fox News, said:

Phil Flynn, a senior account executive/market analyst at the Price Futures Group and FOX Business contributor, warned that strict regulation under the Biden administration will continue to put pressure on refineries to stay in business.

“It wasn’t too long ago the country was clamoring for the industry to buy and build new refineries because they couldn’t keep up with demand,” Flynn said Monday.

But government pressure to wean the country off of fossil fuels has made business difficult, with Flynn arguing that “refineries are getting squeezed out of business because of stricter regulations from the Biden administration and the pressure by the government” to “reduce demand for gasoline.”

If we actually run out of diesel fuel, the result on our supply chain would be catastrophic. We could expect shelves to empty and cargo ships to divert from America to places that have a better chance of delivering the goods. What’s more, prices would skyrocket on any good that has to be transported – which is basically all of them. If you can find it at all, it will cost significantly more.

What is being done about this?

It’s pretty hard to solve a problem created by bad policies. It’s not something you can undo overnight. Yahoo News reports on these potential actions that could be taken to try and lessen the blow.

Deese adds that the Fed has some tools to bolster diesel supply, like the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve, which houses one million barrels of diesel in case of a disruption in supplies.

“We have looked very carefully at being prepared to deploy as and when necessary,” he said.

But The Washington Post reports that diesel demand is so high, that if a million barrels of diesel were delivered from the Northeast reserves, they would be depleted in less than six hours.

The Biden administration also recently announced it would be tapping into the country’s emergency oil reserves to counter rising gas prices, despite concerns over the long-term efficacy.

White House officials haven’t completely ruled out fuel export restrictions either, but the American Petroleum Institute and the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers sent out a joint letter expressing their concerns in early October.

“Banning or limiting the export of refined products would likely decrease inventory levels, reduce domestic refining capacity, put upward pressure on consumer fuel prices and alienate U.S. allies during a time of war,” the group wrote.

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The potential rail strike

Next, we have the possibility of a rail strike. This crisis was narrowly averted back in September when Biden and union representatives reached a tentative agreement. At the time, Biden hailed it as “an important win” for the American people, but it looks like the win was only a temporary kicking of the can.

Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division has rejected the deal offered last month, putting a strike back on the table.

The Washington Post reports:

…many union members were skeptical from the start, with some telling The Washington Post that the details were opaque. The plan included a 24 percent pay increase by 2024 — bringing the average wage to $110,000 a year — and $1,000 annual bonuses for five years. It also ensured health-care co-pays and deductibles would not increase.

But it seemed to include only one paid sick day, even after union leaders had pushed for 15.

“Railroaders are discouraged and upset with working conditions and compensation and hold their employer in low regard. Railroaders do not feel valued,” BMWED President Tony D. Cardwell said in a statement Monday announcing the vote outcome. “They resent the fact that management holds no regard for their quality of life, illustrated by their stubborn reluctance to provide a higher quantity of paid time off, especially for sickness.”

The tentative pact stemmed from two years of negotiations between the carriers and unions, and the White House appointed an emergency board in early July to mediate. One of the sticking points was a points-based attendance policy adopted by some of the largest carriers earlier this year. Those policies can penalize workers for missing work for routine doctor’s appointments or family emergencies.

Unfortunately, that “win” wasn’t so much a victory as it was a temporary reprieve. Apparently, the decision of this union was a shock.

“For the first time that I can remember, the BRS members voted not to ratify a National Agreement, and with the highest participation rate in BRS history,” said Michael Baldwin, President of the BRS, in a statement.

Two of the biggest unions have not yet voted, and their decision could doom us to a railway shutdown. The deadline to reach an agreement is November 19th.

What would happen in the event of a rail strike?

Edward Segal of Forbes.com has been carefully watching this situation.

As I wrote last month, “Had the national railroad strike become a reality [in September], the labor stoppage would have created another crisis for thousands of companies and organizations. The impact on companies, organizations and fragile supply chains would have depended, of course, on the duration of the strike.”

Another factor company executives should keep in mind if there’s a strike is the reaction of consumers.

“After nearly three years of supply chain delays and asks for ‘understanding’ during difficult times, customers are facing supply chain fatigue,” Kushal Nahata, CEO of FarEye, a last mile delivery management company, said via email.

“The patience they had during the early days of the pandemic is waning, and the overall sentiment is that companies should be able to plan accordingly and have solutions readily available,” he advised.

Companies “should adapt their logistics models so [that] very little disruption is felt by their customer base. If they don’t, customers have no problem moving onto another brand that can— nearly 90% of customers will abandon an online retailer if they see poor delivery terms,” Nahata warned.

Segal isn’t wrong. We, the consumers, are sick of paying through the nose for terrible policies that have caused this economic disaster.

But, yet again, the decisions are out of our hands.

How do you prep for something like this?

How on earth do you prep for a transportation shutdown, especially after the past two and a half years? The supplies in stores are depleted and expensive; many of us have consumed a portion, if not all of our existing supplies; and Americans are broke.

Unless you are one of the people fortunate enough to be in a position to do so, you can’t buy your way out of this problem.

My suggestion is to consider the things you truly cannot get by without: medications, special foods necessary to your health, and any other essential item you must have, and focus your resources on these things. This isn’t about “wants” and “comforts.” It’s about “needs.” Be sure that you are clear on the difference. If we get lucky and these issues are resolved without a transportation collapse, you know you didn’t purchase a bunch of stuff you’ll never use – you got the things that are necessary.

As for everything else, we’re going to have to focus on being the most adaptable and resilient versions of ourselves. We are going to have to learn to live with different options at the store, making do, and doing without.

While we aren’t surrounded by marauders, and we still have power, this is the scenario we’ve been prepping for, and I believe that we, as preppers, are mentally ready to survive this. It won’t be easy, but we have the advantage – we knew it was going to happen. We didn’t know for sure what it would look like, but we’ve known for years that this kick-the-can economy was hanging on by a thread.

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What are your thoughts on the supply chain?

Do you think that we’ll run out of diesel and that the railway strike will occur? How devastating do you believe it will be for our supply chain if these things do happen? How do you intend to prepare for this? And do you have any advice for others? Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Make sure we save some trees. We’ll need the lumber to build gallows to hang the bastards that did this to the country.

    • Now I know what I’ve been growing a forest on my farm for! And it’s for more reasons than restoring the soil, water infiltration capacity, cooling and moderating the temperature and creating a place for animals, plants and man to coexist and enjoy life together!!!
      Now we can use those mighty oak branches to hang the bastards on for the midnight snacks the wild animals are searching for. Can anyone say, “Free Food”!!!

      • The way to fight a transportation crisis is to VOTE REPUBLICAN and never, ever trust a democrat for the rest of your life. Period.

        • We are getting what we deserve because we trusted in one or the other when there is not a dimes worth of difference in the two.

          • Both partys refused to get us out of the UN, both the Bush’s were globalists also, Trump was pals with the Rothchilds, scandals in both parties local and state also.

  • oil fields are pumping all over from nebraska, kansas, oklahoma in our recent travels. oil workers will tell you there is no oil shortage.

    • It is not the amount of oil being pumped.
      It is the refining capacity.
      The Biden admin has placed various restrictions on the oil and gas industry, limiting investment (ESG) forcing some refineries to shutter.
      Also, there has not been a new refinery built since the 1970s.
      The Biden admin has also issued the fewest drilling leases since the 1940s.
      Biden went to Saudi Arabia to beg for them not to cut production, with a secret offer to buy their oil at $80 a barrel. Obviously that fell through.
      Yesterday, while in Syracuse NY, “The most common price of gas in America is $3.39, down from over five dollars when I took office,” Biden.
      The price of a gallon of gas as of the week ending Jan. 25, 2021, just after Biden took office, was $2.39.

        • But we can’t get it to you. Pipelines are already running at 100% capacity. That’s why we were looking at building new ones – Keystone XL.

          The other side is our Prime Minister is trying even harder that Biden to shut down the energy industry. Germany came to Canada 2 weeks ago in a bid to buy LNG from us. Trudeau offered to sell them some windmills, and sent them home with their hat in their hands, even though we have ample to supply them – he just won’t allow it. So don’t count on us supplying you – unless you’re willing to come up here and get it.

          • Biden can’t move without asking Obama. Obama hates America and everything it stands for. So, until we can rid ourselves of some of these Demonics our hands are tied. But thanks for the offer.

            • Jim the demonic are here as part of God’s judgment on America go to sermonaudio.com searching the topics for how God destroys nations there’s a five sermon series got America written all over it

          • Sad that all of the countries could work together with all the resources we have collectively, and we could make better lives for millions. Our problems are self imposed by crooked politicians who make more money in a week than we will see in a lifetime. Something has to change, and the people have to stand up and do it… NO ONE ELSE WILL.

    • This is one of those “If both sides say it’s true, it’s true” things. Fox News and the like can be counted on to punch holes in Biden’s hot air balloon every chance they get, but the LAST thing the LEFT-WING media wants is to have to put THIS kind of news on the air so close to Election Day, and they’re doing just that. You might want to hedge your bets, Reba…

    • Ma’am . The Corrupt Biden administration cancelled the Keystone pipeline which would have refined oil in the US, canceled oil and gas leases on federal land and used up much of our strategic reserves including sending some to China.
      Sure we as still pumping and drilling, not as much and not on federal land or offshore leases.

  • How convenient that both these issues (plus the ongoing Mississippi River barge transport issues) are after the midterms. If the Demonrats lose the House and Senate and incur a lame duck president, is a diesel shortage and/or rail strike the deplorable eaters “reward”?

  • The United States of America is the last bastion of liberty and freedom. The wicked, evil and demonic, one world government globalists running the USA into the ground have done it on purpose. They only got half of the country jabbed up with the covid poison. The other half they need to starve into submission. We are on our own and must be self-sufficient. We will have to grow and raise our own food and barter with our neighbors to survive. They have started something that we will finish and it won’t be good for the wicked, evil and demonic, one world government globalists, who continue to follow the agenda of the Georgia Guide Stones. We have God on our side. They cannot get all of us before we get them. They are few, we are many.

    • GUEST, the Georgia Guidestones are no more. I believe that they were destroyed a few months ago. Someone decided they did not need to be there any longer and demolished them…It was on the internet in several places. Good post however…spot on!

      • Wandakate,it matters to them not that the Georgia Guide Stones were destroyed. The wicked, evil, demonic, one world government globalists are still following that agenda. They want to get the population of planet earth under a perpetual 500,000,000 people and rule over them with a tyrannical fist.That means the genocide of over 7.2 billion people. That is a 90% reduction of earth’s population. When one baby is born, one person must die. They are going to continue to murder people until they themselves are all killed off. If one of them survives, that one, wicked, evil, demonic one world government globalist will continue to find a way to keep killing off the population of earth until the numbers are under a perpetual 500,000,000. I pray to God and ask him to strike down all of the wicked, evil, demonic, one world government globalists. “End times and 1000 years of peace”. PS If you watched that video carefully, you will have noticed that the Georgia Guide Stones were partially destroyed by a Directed Energy Weapon.

    • We need to revive and activate the 2nd Amendment militia as required by the Constitution and this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

    • I agree ???? We are in a fight for our lives. We will be on our own so we have to be self sufficient and count on neighbors supporting neighbors to get to the other side of this. The evil is real and deep, but with each other and God on our side we will be triumphant ????????

      • In cities neighbors don’t even speak, they don’t want extra baggage like personal involvements. Most work days, interacting with co workers, clients, customers, and come home want quiet or family time. Women still must do laundry, house cleaning and other chores. Who has time for a social life today? Country folks and small towns may be closer knit with people living around them. Neighbor hood watch is important, taking turns during civil unrest.

  • This type of collapse , should it happen, is a way to exert more control. Expect Digital ID to be enforced. This is all part of the Great Reset agenda. The US is the last bastion of freedom. It’s hard to fight when you are dying, cold and hungry. There are still more of us then them.

    • Those who knew about the clot shots also know that collapse is coming and have several times the preparedness level of the Leftists.
      But are we prepared for the Entitlement Mindset acting via Government confiscation, searching everything, even opening the walls? City rats may face less of that because more Dems, the (temporarily) favored ones. Still, we do think well ahead of the zombie sheep, and that may well be the biggest factor.
      As to the question about “running out” of diesel, it doesn’t quite work that way. Prices rocket instead. They might try price controls–that would cause what it always causes–severe shortages. So with Guv “Help,” we would indeed run out.

      • You don’t get it I am from the transportation sector, when the fuel is gone it is gone. The oil industry was told to make gas and not worry about fuel oil. The market will win out in the long run, but gov. mandates can create problems. It would require the refiners a month to change back over, and 3-mo to catch-up if it starts today. All the best.

    • This is their plan incl the EU, Canada, Australia, These people could be stopped by patriots in the E.U. since most live there. But Europe is full of cowards who are used to being pushed around. They never learned from previous dictators that the reset will be even worse. Does America have enough willing patriots today? I have doubts, as generations have been ruined by public education and gov. controlled churches (social centers) that are gatekeepers for the globalists here and overseas, and apostate pastors trained in seminaries to keep their job.

  • “How do you intend to prepare for this?”

    There are two responses to this question: deer in the headlights look, or a small smile.

    Anyone paying attention started to prepare for this years ago by getting out of debt, learning to garden, learning to preserve food, putting up a deep pantry, storing water, and learning skills.

    Those who didn’t pay attention, or, like my sister, think that the government will be there to keep things going, are in trouble, whether they know it or not. What’s even worse is that the government they look to for help has done this deliberately and there is no help coming for them. Sorry. Open your eyes and look around.

    Just a guess on my part, but since there hasn’t been an October surprise and the Dems look to lose the midterms in a rout, we may have until 7 Nov to finish our preps. Not much time if you haven’t seen the writing on the wall, yet.

    It’s not too late to start, but if you are just now starting to prepare, you have a long and difficult time ahead of you.

    • ANYONE who knows about scripture from the Bible will know that they MUST persevere. We will have these problems and they are supposed to be worse and worse and closer together as we move along. JESUS told His disciples to BE alert, aware, awake to the signs of the times. DO NOT BE DECEIVED was something else that He told them. Many folks are asleep at the wheel, caught up in the cares of the world and they have decided to just bury their heads in the sand it seems. YOU are right and they will have an extremely hard time. They were warner but don’t heed the warnings. You can’t fix stupid!

      • Yes, you can fix stupid. When the stupid want to get smarter, or when you ask questions that get them to think. People ARE waking up. For example, many people at least stock more toilet paper after Spring 2020. Some who got one jab never got a second, some got two and quit there. Even some with three have had enough. Viewership of the newsliars is plummeting, Fakebook has lost half its value and so on.
        The Great Awakening is a process, not an instant. It took me 30 years for some things.

    • I’ve been prepping for more than forty years, gradually learning and improving my knowledge base and supplies and equipment as I go. Still have improvements to make, but I am better off than my family members who will rely upon the government to help them, and who live very close to a large, economically impoverished city.

      They have laughed and rolled their eyes at my warnings and advice over the years. They still have their heads in the sand and think everything will be fine.

      Well, I keep them in my prayers but that seems to be all I can do for them.

      In the meantime I am establishing relationships with some folks in my neighborhood who seem to think the same way as I do on preparing for hardship. Covid was actually a Godsend in that it was a “dry run” for what is coming and forced many folks to see how fragile a system we rely upon.

  • Diesel, the train workers, the draw down of the SPR, OPEC+ giving the Biden admin the bird, our depleted stocks of weapon systems and other military aid to the Ukraine, inflation, the US is not in a good position. I am sure I am missing something too.
    One thing goes wrong and we could be in a real hurt locker.
    The wife and I do the “wants vs needs” thing a few times a year.
    We had three unexpected expenses, but we were able to pay cash for all three. Did take the savings down a notch, but we should be back to a comfortable place by the end of the year.
    Christmas, maybe a book, a CD or two, or a DVD of an old favorite (They Live is at the top of the list).

    • I’m starting to feel like it’s all theatre. They know it’s all about to crash, but they keep the theatre going to keep the general population from panicking. It’s like a slow drip in your sink. They know the sink is going to overflow, but if they just let us here one drip at a time, after a while we just get used to it and almost ignore it.

      I personally found it funny that there was suck a big media splash about Biden releasing another 180 million barrels from the Strategic Oil Reserve. Nobody pointed out that the U.S. uses about 20 million barrels a day – so that’s 9 days worth. The media couldn’t say something like that before the midterms – it might hurt their beloved Democrat’s chances.

      • From what I hear the Democrats chances are GONE!!! Even the Spanish and the migrants don’t like them anymore. Biden turned on them and bussed them all over the USA and they know it. They thought they would have a better life here. Perhaps in a minor way they will have, but it will NOT be the paradise they had hoped for…I see on Fox News where many of them now want the Republicans to WIN. If I was a betting person, I would be a Republican will win and let’s hope that will be a good thing. But then if Putin misbehaves and we do have a nuclear war then all bets are off!!! Hold on, pray and be safe. None of this looks good…

        • Neither the U.S. nor Russia will go nuclear. Both countries know going nuclear is Mutual Assured Destruction of earth. As is the U.S., Russia is a Christian nation. If any country goes nuclear, it will be Iran who will go after Israel thanks to Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama.

      • The Lone Canadian,
        Oh, I think the wheels on the wagon have been wobbly for quite some time.
        But now, one or two wheels seem to be ready to fly off.

        The self censorship by MSM is quite impressive. That is why alt-media is so important. And why MSM hates them so much.

      • Too bad you never learned math. But your political prejudices are obvious.
        Even after saying that, I have to agree that the continuing depletion of our strategic reserves is a big threat if Putin (should it be “when Putin”?) decides to decimate the aid we’re sending to Ukraine and then perhaps go further and hit some of our military bases (or even civilian targets) as a penalty for our support of his enemy.

        • Never learned math? 180 million….20 million a day…. That would be 9 days. Do I need to slow it down for you.

          As for my “political prejudices”. I’m just prejudiced against a biased media, and stupidity…that’s about it. Oh, and lazy people with a sense of entitlement. I personally don’t give a shit what your political leanings are, your race, your creed, or your colour. When you have governments putting people out of work, and out of their homes because of some ideological agenda it’s wrong. When you have a government that’s depleting your strategic reserve to try and win votes – that’s wrong. And when you have a media that won’t ask the hard questions, or point out the obvious – that’s wrong.

          My country, your country, Russia, Ukraine, or China. Truth is truth! And we ain’t getting it from anybody.

            • Folks LOVE that partial quote, as if they might possibly stumble on some random truth relating to an issue and be set free. The full quote actually limits it to those who are disciples of Jesus. It has nothing to do with learning about some conspiracy, even if it is real. The truth is about Jesus and the kingdom of God.
              “So He said to the Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
              That being said, it’s still a good thing to be aware of plans that are set to enslave us to a government or political party.

    • Old movies free on tubi, This week watched Pharoahs army (civil war) and Separate Tables movies, also lots westerns, old tv series Gunsmoke, Tombstone territory etc on ou tube. US undeclared war in Ukraine vs Russia, meddling in other countries affairs always fails like V. Nam, Afghanistan, middle east, etc. Money given to other countries ongoing.

  • A rail strike ain’t going to matter if you have a diesel shortage. You need diesel to run the trains.

    Working in the oil patch I find this curious. DIESEL IS OIL! It takes very little refining to make diesel compared to gas. So why isn’t there a gas shortage? Heck, I’ve heard of people putting recycled deep fryer oil in their diesels and it will run!

    One more step to government control! This is a great excuse for the government to federalize the railways – because they pose a real threat to the economic security of the country. It’s also a great excuse to impose rationing of fuel. And once fuel is rationed, food will be next. More control! More control! More control!

    • a shortage means less, not none. trains will get their diesel, most likely. the crunch will most likely come somewhere else.

  • Loss of diesel will also affect railroads, their engines are electric, but powered by diesel generators.. Diesel will affect all of shipping and transportation..FJB

  • I just read a report about the diesel shortages, price spikes with a conclusion that the only way to get diesel stocks back up and prices down, a slowdown in the economy (aka demand destruction).
    Know what us unwashed masses call that?
    A recession.
    A few months ago, some MSM talking head exclaimed something to the effect of, “A recession will slay inflation!”
    Great. Nothing says good times like, “Hey, gas and food are cheaper, but I dont have a job to buy those things!”

    I am still of the opinion we might get continued food inflation (lower crop yields) higher or elevated fuel prices (war in the Ukraine/Russia, geopolitical shift) AND a recession.
    And if we have a bad growing/harverst season next year, yikes!

  • The third leg of this disaster is the low water levels in the Mississippi River system that is hampering barge traffic.

    • Gary, I’m just a landscaper but, does not concrete sand come from river dredging? If so, why don’t we see more private contractors dredging the river while it is low. Wouldn’t that be the perfect time to dredge. It appears that someone is interfering with the normal course of business. Perhaps a local official is simply enforcing some fee, permit, or time table on the little guy. Things like those need to be waived for the sake of food transportation. This is what see something say something is all about. Someone may have already said something but, those in charge of the decision will only do something if a certain number of people speak up. That is why every voice matters. Those in charge may be waiting for one more complaint or suggestion.

      • Great idea but one I suspect would be impossible to maneuver through federal, state, and local Bureaucracies. The needs of Americans has no relavence to these politicians.

  • Years ago I tended two huge steam boilers in a frozen food plant. The steam was used to blanch the vegetables before they were packaged and frozen in huge plate freezers. The boilers ran on #2 diesel. No diesel, no steam, no frozen veggies. Also, packaged veggies were put into cases, palletized, then fork-lifted into a giant freezer, then loaded into railroad refer cars for shipment. All run on diesel. Go back even further, the veggies were harvested using diesel equipment. So, diesel is kind of important.

    • I’m unsure why nobody is talking about how much diesel our military needs to keep their equipment rolling. They will be crippled without diesel. A weakened military makes a good target for foreign invasion.

      Saudi (and possibly other OPEC countries,) is teaming up with China to nullify the petro dollar. This isn’t going to just crash our economy, but it will eradicate our government and the need for the federal reserve. Invest in gold and silver as soon as you can.

      Regular gasoline will not be delivered. School buses won’t be taking the children to school. Emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks, snow plows, etc., will not run. Many people will freeze to death without heat, let alone food to the stores, or deliveries from Amazon, etc. Work vehicles, farming vehicles, generators… the list goes on and on. We don’t have the refineries to handle the load of what we need even if we started drilling again, but Biden is so hooked on his “green” agenda that he refuses to do so, and said so just recently.

      I would like to remain positive, but even if we turn fully red as a nation, the relationships with other countries have already been destroyed. We’re on our own, and it is going to sting a bit. Buckle up. We’re already in a recession. We’re headed for depression and possibly a balkanized union.

  • Anyone know of a good substitute for the name drug Synthroid? The generic Levothyroxine DOESN’T WORK well with everyone because of fillers and binding agents are different. Looking for a natural alternative if one exists… thank you!

    • ARMOUR..Synthroid is synthetic T-4 …bad. Iodine , trace minerals and Selenium is a start . Iodine -3000 mcg is a good start . This is a long subject but liver and kidney health, estrogen dominance and more is involved.

      • Armour is a great option. Another one is Naturethroid. Both are made from desiccated porcine thyroid and many people find they have far better luck with these natural options.

      • My husband has had great results on Ecothyroid. Any good FUNCTIONAL medical Dr. can help you. Like all health, it is multilevel & synergestic with the entire body with what we eat & our environment. Gluten is definitely an inflammatory & is the root of most illnesses including thyroid issues. My personal belief & experience is not relying on medicines is always the goal (if I can help it). I’m shocked ‘they’ve’ allowed supplements to be sold still!

    • We’re in the same boat. Please try NAC; it isn’t perfect but works as a decent substitute and it’s over the counter.

  • This is bad, and you’re right in the fact that we have been prepping for years. I’ve watched this unfold since Nixon took us off the gold reserve. That was fifty years ago. Almost two generations ago. Most Americans don’t remember or care. This is ‘Hegelian’ politics at its best. The globalist’s agenda has been depopulation from the start. The globalists are satanists, who can’t abide the fact that we are created in the image of God. We have to go. If you think an mRNA jab is a vaccine you’re nuts. IT REWRITES YOUR GENECODE, (eliminating the God gene). Look at Bill Gates, avowed eugenisist, distributing billions of jabs globally through his foundation, and the world trusts him. Another example is Magaret Sanger. Another avowed eugenisist. Abortion is now up to full term. (The NY assembly cheering after they passed that cherry). Even after project veritas broke the story that abortion clinics were dealing in human body parts nothing was done and the story disappeared. (Research into ‘natural’ flavoring if you want to really open you eyes). According to Black’s Law Dictionary, in which State government uses for court, a license (any) is a writ or a grant given to an ‘enemy of the state’, for the right to conduct commerce. Also, the definition of registration is the voluntary surrender of private personal property to the state. If you look up human being, you have to cross reference it a couple of times, but we’re defined as monsters. They call it code law (UCC), for a reason. It’s codified so that the layman can’t understand it, and realize how bad he has it, and how bad the system is geared against him. Prior to code law, it was practiced in Latin, again so the layman couldn’t understand it. Our system is fraudulent, and like murder, there is no statute of limitations on fraud. Because of this, there are provisions within code law that allow you to opt out of fraud. They had to but those in there to protect themselves down the road from possible future repercussions from being fraudulent. If you’re still interested, look up UCC 1691g(b). This works really well, especially against credit card companies. That’s the tip of the iceberg, the proverbial opening of the rabbit hole.

  • Totally right. The sad truth is there is very little that isn’t important. The lowly pencil is outsourced for all of its parts. The eraser tip comes from malaysia, the aluminum from somewhere else and so on. So many important things are outsourced and it is all required to make the stuff we all need. Certainly some things aren’t. We are very dependent on so much that it will be a hammer blow to normalacy at best and maybe the end to a lot at the worst.

  • Some months ago, Senator Rand Paul talked about massive civil disobedience….as has been posted here by others, there are many more of us than them….perhaps it is time to be proactive and take his words to heart.

  • We are the cavalry…it’s time to saddle up if we are to save the USA….and I for one believe it is worth saving, for the sake of human civilization on this planet.

    • Kelvin Skye,
      I get what you are saying.
      But when you have one half of the country hates the other half and vice versa, what does that look like?
      Do we round up or (worse) shoot anyone who had an opposing political sign in their yard?
      Dont get me wrong, I do think the specter of a civil war is rising. Scares the heck out of me.

  • It will get really scary when you go to the grocery store week after week and find the shelves remaining empty. Nothing is coming in and there is nowhere else to get food, gas, medicine, etc.

  • We’ve been here before with the railroads. As Daisy indicates, the US cannot afford a long railway strike. Congress and the President ended railroad strikes in 1982 & 1991.

    1982. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1982/09/23/president-signs-bill-to-end-rail-strike-after-house-vote/44dc08ed-b2ec-489a-87b3-81d86c1f8192/

    1991. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1991-04-18-mn-110-story.html

    This is based upon the Railway Labor Act.

  • I just looked in my pantry and I have replaced almost everything that I bought from the store last year with food that I canned from food that we grew or obtained from local sources. The freezers full and we have wood for heat this winter. If we don’t have to go anywhere this winter, we should be fine here.

  • Seems something larger is approaching, I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about basf, borger and the other German companies all closing in unison. Gonna close out 22 with a bang.

  • My favorite, ok..only, SIL is a fuel distribution manager for a big petroleum transport company. In his words:

    “..strategically speaking, everyday we are 25 days away from being out of fuel oil [diesel], it’s the nature of the JIT manufacturing/transport/distribution system. In fact, tomorrow we will be 25 days from being out of fuel oil and on this day one year ago we were 25 days away from being out of fuel oil.”

    The problem is our government is running out of allies to support our refineries with cheap crude. Here in the USA our oil trading allies are now down to Canada as our main supplier that is close by. Sour crude is being supplied by pipeline systems run by enbridge and kinder morgan from Canada and loaded for transport onto choo-choos flying bnsf colors to even more transfer terminals for final transport via pipelines or barges to Tx,La,Pa,etc refineries.

    Our own shale (sweet) crude will not refine to petrol products without those refineries shutdown entirely and retooling for our domestic crude. Ironically this is where oil companies and Greta Thurnbutt agree. No new refineries and no more drilling.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. We are in an economic war and energy is the new currency. And we are going bankrupt as a nation. OPEC+ is going to dump the dollar one day soon. When that happens and all those dollars come rushing back from the entire globe following suit, the “25 days of fuel remaining” story will be replaced by the “25 days of food remaining” story.

    Prep boys and girls.

    • ~Jim,
      Great post!
      The war in the Ukraine is less about the Ukraine and the US trying to maintain dollar reserve status. Our allies are tired of the US pushing them around, using the dollar as leverage. The dollar collapsing at some point was going to happen. I think this war just made it happen sooner rather than later.
      Prep is right!

      • I’m reposting this where I wanted it. Evidently I couldn’t focus early this morning.

        Oldest son is an off shore tug skipper in the gulf. He sent me a pic of an oil tanker he pushed into a gulf terminal originating from Greece.

        I’v got no way of knowing (nor would anyone else), but, I wonder, is it possible we’re getting in on buying some of that notoriously cheap crude that is being transferred from Russian ships to ships from Greece? Hmm… I’d bet we are..!

        Something stinks. I think we’re being chumped.

        I’m starting to come around to the notion that the war in Ukraine is really a war against west Europe perpetrated by the Soviets, financed by a consortium of CB’s, confused and promoted by our government and theatrically reported on by controlled media.

        FJB two days ago went off script again and gave a maniacal grin as he said he’s for “No more drilling”. I’ll bet he is. Especially if we can get cheap crude from Russia via our drug mule allies from Greece.

  • Let me ask you a question? Do you think what is unfolding in Europe with the war in Ukraine, the droughts around the world that have greatly impacted harvests.The lack of potash distribution and natural gas for fertilizer for next year’s planting. All of which are leading to what is prophesied in the book of Revelation.
    (REVELATION 6:5-6)
    “And when He opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying, Come. And I saw, and behold, a black horse; and he who sits on it had a balance in his hand. And I heard as it were a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying: A choenix of wheat for a denarius and three choenixes of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine.”

    “Black” is the color for famine (Jer. 14:1-3; Lam. 4:8-9; 5:10). In the Bible, wheat is measured and not weighed. Balances are used to weigh precious things, but here a balance is used for measuring wheat. Hence, not a single grain is missed. “A choenix of wheat for a denarius.” A denarius is a person’s wages for one day’s labor. It is only one person’s wage because in Matthew 20:2 the pay for a laborer is a denarius a day. “Three choenixes of barley for a denarius.” Normally, the ratio of the value of barley to wheat is one to two, but here it becomes a ratio of one to three (2 Kings 7:16 and 18 record a ratio of one to two). “Do not harm the oil and the wine.” This shows that at other times they were not considered food and were “harmed.” But now, even the oil and the wine should not be harmed. During the time of famine, even oil and wine cannot be wasted. At the same time, grape vines and olive trees are preserved by God. In the past two thousand years, wars, famine, earthquakes, and so forth have occurred more frequently as the time draws nearer. They come in greater numbers as the days go by.

    (REVELATION 6:7-8)
    “And when He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, Come. And I saw, and behold, a pale horse, and he who sits upon it, his name is Death; and Hades followed with him. And authority was given to them over the fourth part of the earth to kill with the sword and with famine and with death and by the beasts of the earth.”

    The word “pale” here is the same as the word “green” in Mark 6:39 and Revelation 8:7 and 9:4. Green is the color of vegetables. A green complexion indicates either sickness or death. This is why the name of the one riding on the pale horse is “Death.” The word “death” in the second part of the verse can be translated “pestilence.” Therefore, we interpret it as “pestilence” here also. “Hades” in the original language means the unseen world. Hades here is like a trash can (the dead people are like garbage). One fourth of the people on the earth are killed by the sword of the red horse, by the famine of the black horse, by the death of the pale horse, and by the beasts. “The beasts” indicate a very serious judgment of God (Num. 21:6; Exo. 23:28; Josh. 24:12; 2 Kings 2:24; 17:25).


    • “Do you think what is unfolding in Europe with the war in Ukraine, the droughts around the world that have greatly impacted harvests … are leading to what is prophesied in the book of Revelation.”

      no. what is happening and is likely to happen is typical in human history. a bit rougher than the average, but entirely normal.

    • Luke you are right on the money God’s word is full of examples of what happens to a people when they do not follow his word.

      God gave this country to Christian people who honestly wanted to create a biblical society based on His Word
      within two or three generations that generated into secular humanism and the enlightenment
      now you could argue it is being taken away from their descendants this may seem appalling to some but read the profits and one of them across out of the Lord is how can you let these paying people destroy your people that God says I’m raising them up to do my work and afterwords I will punish them those people did what came natural to them and guy just made it easy for them to do His work then they paid the price
      it doesn’t all happen at once and no one looked out the window and said Oh my, the dark ages just started
      we have been going downhill for 300 some years
      the articles of confederation do not really have God in them the constitution – God is nowhere to be found
      the general basis of our government has a lot of moral laws in there as does any pagan society

      this country has gone through major upheavals that could be argued for a total destruction and reforming it’s called a coup d’état the first was a constitution of 1787 read the works of Spooner and Frederick Basalt his book the law
      sorry for the spelling but I’m in a hurry
      Lincoln destroy the country Roosevelt destroyed the country the aftermath of World War II destroy the country the patriot act and the new alphabet agencies destroyed the country and we are witnessing another destruction before our eyes

      Just because the name in the borders of a nation haven’t changed it’s not mean it’s not destroyed many countries of Europe have been destroyed in the last 20 years
      Go to sermonaudio.com search how God destroys nations listen to the 5 sermon series by Pastor John Weaver follow along in your Bible make notes and try to convince yourself America is not up to its neck in judgment and the waters rising

      for those new to the so-called prepping game you got a long way to go to develop skills it’s not about what you got stored in the garage or basement or buried out in the backyard a good exercise would be take a week off from work and do without electricity for a week you’re only allowed to keep your deep freezer going but not the refrigerator

      Take a lot of notes spend the period of time before your next vacation Getting ready and do it again.

      One of your best investments will be books on gardening seed storage and living without electricity everyone shouldn’t get the entire Fox fire series

      while you’re sitting around without electricity decide where are you going to put the garden and buy about five years worth of seeds whether you’re going to plant now or not that Garden needs to be killed up the soul tested the amendments added and kept weight free your first 3 to 5 years that Garden will be the most difficult because of all the weed seeds that lie dormant in the soil when the light hits them and they sprout
      an old saying is one year of seeds is worth seven years of weeds so do not let all of the weeds go to seed
      you’ll be surprised at how many of these weeds you can actually eat And how many are actually beneficial to the soil if the population is controlled

      Sorry this was so long sometimes you just get on a roll

  • I believe this is a very real concern and those not taking heed may wish they had.

    As for how to prepare: Throw an extra item in the cart when you go shopping. This way, you’re sure to have items you will actually use instead of a bunch of random items.

    I would suggest adding seeds to your supply, to grow Microgreens which are 4 to 40 times more nutrient dense than adult plants. They can be eaten in the absence of vitamins.

  • Pray for those ppl who have prepped enough that the Lord would multiply what we have to help others. God bless you all.

  • From the top down……….who won’t be affected, this was done and planned from Democrats. They love to see American in pain. Vote, if they CHEAT(expect it)………… no 40 year trial. Swift justice required.

  • So, it is obvious the root cause of the RR issue is money.

    In a free market economy people are paid based on their value to the employer.

    We want pay based on title or time.

    Take the time to read Atlas Shrugged.
    Don’t be lazy and get the movie read the book it’s long but you’ll move through it pretty quick.

  • Frightening article and you definitely got me thinking. I have thyroid medication I take daily. Without it I would eventually die. How do I get prescribed medications other than a 3 month supply?

  • No, we don’t have a 25 day supply of diesel left. We have a 25 day RESERVE of diesel fuel. Big difference. A 25 day supply means we aren’t making more. A reserve is what we have over current production.

    This is a historic low, which is a potential problem in an emergency, but not the end of the world. Trucks won’t grind to a halt. Diesel prices are not skyrocketing, which they would if all we had left was a 25 day SUPPLY.

    (Nota bene: I spent 32 years in the Oil and Gas industry.)

    I’m a lot more concerned about a possible rail strike. Notice that it has been pushed back until after the midterm elections. Suspicious? Me? Naaah

    • Yes of course; that is the way bleeping Joe Biden works the country; all of us should know that by now; however, I know you are kidding about not being suspicious!

  • To be honest I’m surprised we have done as well as we have in the past 2 years with our supply chains being affected and our gas and oil being affected! All I can say is “common sense-people” better win the November 8, 2022 election, or I’m sure we will find out what other countries have suffered with Corruptive Governments (Marxism ones); also, as our 45th President has stated many times – we need one day & paper ballot voting! (I say get rid of those “bleep” hackable voting machines NOW)! Don’t know why Republican leaders have not heeded Pres. Trump about that!?????? Other countries have had their freedom taken away forever because of those horrible voting machines!

    • When the machines came out a key representative from Diebold testified before Congress that he could make anybody he wanted win an election and there was no way to trace it

      Fraud was rampant with paper ballots as well Lyndon Johnson won his Senate race with a stuffed ballot box
      he was so arrogant he allowed the picture of his minions posing with said ballot box to be shown on a TV documentary

      If you refer to God’s law on how to select leaders nowhere is there a popular vote deviate from God’s law you get your own results.

      You don’t allow foreigners to be leaders either

  • I read that:

    “CISA promises bespoke cyber advice for agencies
    November 2
    A new engagement arm of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is designed to help agencies navigate the crush of cybersecurity requirements. […]
    The team’s director said that the FEIT is currently concentrating on five operational risk areas: asset visibility and management; enterprise vulnerability management; defensible architecture and network hygiene; incident management and response; and cyber supply chain risk management.”

    I don’t know if it’s the same supply chain.

  • One of the things we need to address is loss of energy. To heat, to cook and to see by. There are a lot of videos on small area heaters that will keep a small area warm. Large area heaters are not practical, but CAN be made, usually with more trips to the hardware store. If you can, pre make a temporary in room structure for larger rooms. If it is freezing out, a small area will stay warm with a small no energy heater. a butane cooking unit, like a woc burner, can be used indoors safely and it is easy to store some spare cans of fuel. Each can will last for many short cooking meals and the meals can be cooked at times when you are getting colder. So think later meals. Chargers that re charge with sunlight are handy for telephone charging, and radios when the electricity is down. i have 3 I keep charged at all times. If I need them I need them NOW not in 3 days when they are fully charged! So get more than one. Also, get battery chargers that work with a USB connection. You can charge batteries with the solar chargers too! Find warming pads for children and small animals that work on USB too. Yes they have them! ( For summer, small area fans that work on USB charge, are a life saver too!) There are plenty of small lights for desk or clamp ons, that run with a USB connection. You keep them plugged in somewhere and if the electricity goes down, you have a light with a built in battery that is fully charged, and good for several hours….. and recharges on a solar battery!
    Hit the thrift shops for crocheted shawls, blankets and lap throws. Crochet really helps keep body heat in! if you crochet, get out all your bits and balls and make some warm hand and foot gear. You can use 2 threads together to make bed and floor covers , or look up thermal stitches on the net. You can crochet or sew a thin blanket to a crocheted one for super insulation. Cold weather kills so many when there is a power shortage! If you already have plenty warm stuff for you and your family, you might think of some older seniors near you that may not be prepared.
    No, I did not mention food, each family has their own needs and priorities. Just think meal stretchers and basic core foods. And God Bless and keep you!

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