RIOTS Are Coming to a City Near You: What You Need to Do RIGHT NOW

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by Karen Morris

Some of you may know my story. For those of you who don’t, to put it succinctly, a great part of our preparedness journey as a family started because of the Ferguson Riots.  We lived them.  But now violence is erupting again in Minneapolis and many other cities across the country.

During the Ferguson riots, if we walked out of our front door, we could smell the teargas.  Hearing gunshots – that was a regular occurrence.  A crowd in our front yard?  Check.  Police helicopters overhead?  Check!  Bugging out once because of danger to our family and another time because of planned protests?  Check and Check again!

Guys, it was not fun.  It was scary “as all get out.”  My littlest guy who was 3 at the time stopped sleeping in his own bed.  My older kids wouldn’t leave the house.  This was real.

If you are living near the location of the riots, what should you be doing now?

For those of you who live near the location of the Minneapolis riots or any of the other locations of civil unrest across the country, my heart breaks for you.  I’ve lived it first-hand.  The riots burned down my Wal-Mart, Sams, Little Caesars, Walgreens, and Shop and Save.  Most of these were less than a mile from my house.  Some were less than 1/4 mile.

I am not here to comment on what started the riots.  I have rock solid beliefs, but like most of the discussion of COVID right now, it will only produce fighting.  Let’s talk about something productive that we can all be on the same page with.

1.)  Pack your bug out bag.

If you live anywhere near the riots, you should have your bug out bag ready.   Don’t know what a Bug Out Bag is?  It’s a bag that you put things together so that you’re ready to leave at a moment’s notice.  During the Ferguson Riots, before we knew about bug out bags, we kept packed suitcases in our vehicle so that if we couldn’t get home, we had the necessary items to go somewhere else.  Be ready.  Keeping your BOB in your car is an extra added plus.

Another thought that will help you get out quickly if you need to is that you need to back your car into your driveway or garage.  This will allow you to pull out of your garage or driveway as quickly as possible.

2.)  Know where you are going to go.

Are you going to a friend’s house who lives outside Minneapolis or Atlanta or Portland or Columbus or any of the other locations of civil unrest?  Do you have a relative that lives in a neighboring state, and could you go there?  Are you going to stay in a hotel?  Plan that out NOW.  Not only that but get permission from the people you hope to stay with NOW.  That way there are no surprises when you show up by yourself or even with your kids in tow.

3.)  Decide what event during the riots will trigger your departure.

There should be something that happens so you know when to leave – some type of trigger.  Do you plan to leave when the violence gets one mile from your house?  Do you plan to leave when there is a planned protest near your house?  As a family, do you know it’s time to go when you hear of violence on a specific street that you know can spread quickly?

Have this talk with your spouse or significant other NOW!  You may THINK that you’re on the same page.  You probably aren’t.  I know from experience!  The more settled the two of you can be on this NOW, the better off you’re going to be when it comes time to leave.  This article will give you a lot more to think about in regards to WHEN you plan to leave.

4.)  Use Twitter.

Twitter?  Yes!!  Use Twitter.  People will take pictures of what’s going on and post it to Twitter – probably with the #MinneapolisRiots or #[insertyourcitynamehere] riots.  Twitter was a better tool than the police scanner was for us when we lived through the Ferguson Riots.

We had people being pulled from cars at an intersection near our house.  We had to know what was the safest way to get out of town.  Twitter gave us a really good picture of what was going on, where it was going on, and how to avoid the troubled area.

Do a search for #minneapolisriots and you’ll see exactly where the action is and what the safest route out of town is.

5.)  Please, please understand that “Normalcy Bias” can get you killed.

Resist it!!  What is normalcy bias?  It is believing that everything will be the same as it always has been.  How do you fight against Normalcy Bias?  This article has a whole section on what it is, how it can affect you, and how to combat it.

6.)  Help prepare your kids for what’s going on. 

Parents if you find yourself living through these riots, it doesn’t matter whether your kids are 15 or 3, you can talk with them in an age-appropriate way about what is going on.  Help them feel as safe as you can.  Tell them that you’re going to leave if you feel that their safety is threatened – and then do it as soon as you need to.  Help them pack their bug out bags.  Make sure that you include a “Lovie” for your younger children.  It will absolutely help them feel safer!

Learn to notice the differences in your children between how they used to act and how they are acting now and do what you can to help mitigate what they are going through.  If you can’t actually stop what they are going through, then do what you can to help them have a sense of normalcy in the midst of it.  For us, routines helped.  It was also helpful to learn where we could go that was safe so that our children could get their energy out.  Extra time talking with parents or extra snuggle time with those children who need it is also vital.

7.) Take a video of you walking through your house and record EVERYTHING in it.

If, heaven forbid, you leave your home because of the riots and come back to a charred house, you’ll need that video for insurance purposes.  You may think that you’re going to remember what brand of china your grandmother gave you so that you can replace it.  You won’t.  Which brand of printer did you have?  Yeah, you won’t remember that either.  You’ll forget about half of the clothes in your closet.  And I bet you don’t remember which brand of TV or Blueray player that you have either.  Walk through your house with your phone and take a video of everything, making sure that you catch their brands.

This PDF contains a guide for documenting your belongings for insurance purposes.

8.)  Realize that you’re going to mourn.  It’s normal, and it’s okay.

Once the riots had turned more violent, I completely lost my sense of security even in my own home.  That might sound like a “DUH,” moment, but until something like this happens, it’s hard to realize just how deep your sense of security had been and just how much is now gone.  It was that ‘normalcy bias’ that I talked about earlier.  It was then that I realized things weren’t going to get better quickly.

With our sense of security gone, practical things changed for us. we could no longer sit out on our porch swing.  Our children weren’t allowed outside.  The blinds were kept pulled all day long.  We didn’t leave the house unless we absolutely had to.  At night we could literally smell the tear gas that was being hurled at people.

And you are going to MOURN over all this in your heart!  It’s okay to mourn it!  It’s okay to feel it, but don’t let that feeling paralyze you!

9.)  Unfortunately, this is probably going to continue for a long time.

Most people don’t realize that the Ferguson Riots went on for more than a YEAR after they started.  I have friends who still live in the area.  They were telling me that there was still violence in the area up to the TWO YEAR anniversary of Michael Brown’s death.

But time continued on.  Despite the fact that there was still unrest almost every night, television stations stopped broadcasting about the riots.  Everyone was tired of hearing about them, so all of a sudden, in the media, it was like the riots didn’t exist.  But they did for us.

These riots were what eventually moved us out of the area to where we live now.  And while living in Central Illinois has its own set of challenges that is likely to move us on again,  it was better than our children living in the midst of constant violence.

10.)  Take time to get your car ready now. 

Having items that you keep in your car all the time is VERY helpful in case you ever need to leave quickly. We keep various tools, foods, drinks, first aid kits, and more in our family vehicle.  You never know when having them in your car is the difference between you having something and you having nothing.  I have a whole series on how to prepare your vehicle.

What about you?

For more information on surviving riots and civil unrest, be sure to sign up for Selco’s on-demand webinar.

Has anyone else out there reading this been through a traumatic event similar to this or with parallel elements?  What other tips would you give to those who are going through this rough time?  For those of you who are living it, do you have any questions that someone who has been through it can answer?  Email me ([email protected]) or leave a comment below, and I WILL get back to you.

About Karen

On Good Friday in 2011, our house in Ferguson, Missouri was hit by an F4 tornado.

Many people write about food storage from their accumulating of food storage during easy times. They have a knowledge of it but haven’t had to really live it.

I haven’t written about food storage because of our abundance, but because we’ve had to live from our food storage out of necessity. We lived through that F-4 tornado that hit our house. While the tornado didn’t completely destroy our home, we were displaced by it. Having food storage in our house allowed me to literally pack up three week’s worth of food and take it to the hotel in which the insurance company was putting us up. I didn’t have to think about food or menus or about money to eat out every meal. This knowledge gave me the freedom to focus on getting things settled with the insurance company. I had the freedom to keep my kids going and to deal with them not feeling safe. I had the freedom to run to different places to sign documents or make the different phone calls to deal with the devastation the storm wreaked on our home.

Since that time, I’ve lived through two other life-changing events. I was an eyewitness to the Ferguson riots. No matter which side of the equation you come down on, it was life-changing and eye-opening. I also lived through an armed standoff with a knife-wielding man during my family’s time at a local homeschool chess club. These taught me the importance of knowing how to react before something happens, so you get it right.  You don’t have time to think things over. Each of these things taught me a new level of self-sufficiency and preparedness.

I never knew what life was going to throw at me, but my journey to self-sufficiency started with food storage and grew beyond my wildest imaginings.

Picture of Karen Morris

Karen Morris

Karen Morris has survived some life-changing events, like the Ferguson riots, an armed standoff with a knife-wielding man during my family’s time at a local homeschool chess club, and an F-4 tornado, Each of these events taught her a new level of self-sufficiency and preparedness. From there, her journey to self-sufficiency started with food storage and grew beyond her wildest imaginings. Find out more about Karen Morris: Her books:  A Year Without the Grocery Store and A Year Without the Grocery Store Companion Workbook Her website:

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  • Went through the 92 riots in LA. 20 year old girl in college. Hadn’t watched the news. Had no idea what was going on till it erupted around me so I in the middle of it. My roomie and I hid under the bed all night till day break. Buildings burning all around us, glass breaking, constant gunfire. Police told us they could not come to help us get out. We were on our own. At first light we quickly took essentials and each took our own car to high tail it up North. We were unscathed but very scary. My tips are:
    1: Always listen to news daily in some manner so you know what’s going on in the world.
    2. I totally support our police yet during massive unrest you can only depend on yourself. No one can come help you.
    3. Taking 2 cars is really good to big out especially getting through traffic. You can help each other get in and out of lanes by tag teaming. Also if one car breaks down/runs out of gas….. you have the second car.

  • We already know what we are going to do. We are not going to run.
    We are going to fight.
    They will be running to get away from us, if they show up here.

    • Good advice. It’s time to meet the looters head on and run them out of the country to somewhere that more appreciates their violence, but not here. They started it, and now our stand begins now and we will bring this foolishness to an end I can assure everyone. They take this to burbs and they will be blown away by the backlash! Empty buildings are one thing, but families are another. These clowns have had decades to get their act together and they still can’t learn and still hate and still blame everyone but themselves and their culture.

    • I get the feeling pre-meditated murder is acceptable in this country, if done so by a few sub-human animals in uniforms, against unarmed humans. It is pretty sad situation, but prophesy says it is to happen. We are going from one narrative (virus), to another (Americans) asking for the right to die for the sake of the economy. Stupid is, as stupid does. I do hope the Gentiles, realize they are brutalizing Yah’s chosen seed. And, the price to pay is…..Well, you know…

      • That cop didn’t commit “premeditated murder” which is a specific legal charge for which, in this case, there is no evidence. But it sounds like you’re premeditating some murder of your own, of innocent people who had nothing to do with the crime. Btw, God’s “chosen” are not into murdering people. That goes against any commandment.

        • Actually murder is not allowed how ever killing (smiting ) is you need to read non modern language versions to get the nuances.

          Also have cash, extra fuel, food and ability to transition from and to any mode of transport..

          If you are going full shft, truck with a cow catcher bumper does move a lot of things without getting out.

          Along with going to.someones place think of how you can contribute if this becomes drawn out. Going with kids and dog and say I here feed clothe and house me and dependants will get you the boot should things get tough.

          Have I’d and copies of I’d separately.

          Remember it’s not movies vehicles offer almost no protection from gun fire except the engine and maybe the rims if steel.

          A weapon in the glove box might as well be the moon if you need it as situations can change fast.

          Have a plan for road blockades last minute causes issues within group. Expecially if you decide to not stop.

      • Gee, an incendiary remark meant to marginalize cops and Jews!
        Sorry Mr. Gentile Brooks, your remarks are laughable and transparent.

      • You are a nut case. I don’t support police brutality, but you better let them use force when they deal with people who deserve it. Otherwise they will quit and let you deal with it yourself.

      • That’s ridiculous to say “the right to die for the sake of the economy”. The death rate for Covid 19 is about .4% and will probably ultimately be shown to be lower (so it will be the death rate of a really bad flu). In under 49 year olds, it is .05%!! And many are dying NOW and MORE will die from the economy being trashed. It’s statistical that many more people die of suicide, drug overdose, and alcohol related deaths from recessions/depressions! I personally think the economy will come back quickly (well, it would have if it wasn’t for the antifa planned riots -pallets of bricks were laid out in the cities for the rioters!) and I’ll do whatever I can to help out.

    • Good for you I ,also will stay and take out as many as I can until they get me. I fought in combat in Viet Nam (25 bad fire fights) and many small ones.We never ran, even from the Chicoms that were crack troops. I will not run from a bunch of crack heads,as we said in Nam,”Kill them all let God sort them out”You sound like a Vet,Good Luck!

      • Captn.Jack.
        Thank-You for your Service. I served 25 years U.S. Army Retired (SFC/E-7). Like we used to say also in the Military “One Shot One Kill” I saw this coming a mile a way!! I grew up in Detroit decades ago and had Family Members retire out of the Auto Industry before the corruption became real bad and Outsourcing took over with the Social Experiments that they have done on cities like Detroit in which Detroit has never recovered. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!! All of these ANTIFA Members are going to reap what they sow including people like that COCKROACH FACE Ocasio Cortez, among the Clintons and the Obamas and are two Favorites of all time:Bill Gates and George Soros. All of the above among others need too be put out in front of a wall and shot for Treason!! You cannot reason with people like this. Also with terms like New Normal which comes out of the 1917 Communist Bolshevik Revolution, also the Main Culprit:GLOBALISM!! Everything is and ISM with these DEVIL WORSHIPING SCUMBAGS:NAZISM/RADICALISM/COMMUNISM/FACISM!! I know the main thing is to have God and the Lord Jesus Christ in our Hearts and Repent for what we have done as a Nation let alone the whole world!!

        I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
        philippians 4:13

      • I also forgot that all of these Democratic Entities: Governers that do not or are not doing there job need to stop being given a paycheck and kicked out or physically removed out of there Mansions immediately!! They have been under the illusion for decades that we work for them and they do not work for us.

      • Me too. I have no where to go and I am not going to live in a Communist country. I’ll just fight it out until I run out of ammo or they kill me.

    • I believe the Lord helps those who help themselves. If/when looters come to this neighborhood, they will be met by same. I sympathize with city-folk, but I didn’t choose to live there and I didn’t vote for the garbage that created the monster they’re now dealing with.

      I firmly believe folks like George Soros are behind this and they’re depending on good people to do nothing so evil wins. My clan isn’t running; we’re holding this ground….period.

      If I go to God sooner than later I’ll do it on my feet fighting for every inch; not on my knees begging for forgiveness.

      Leaders stand for right….followers run for their lives. Our nation is overrun by followers….time for some leaders to step up. Not by word, but by deed.

      Giddy-up Ya’ll. Let’s get about honoring the last great generation that fought WWII. If we can’t do the same we aren’t worthy of the names they passed on to us.

    • You might consider a Plan B–even if you can post shooters at every window, you’re assuming none of them will be shot, and no one can throw a molotov cocktail (jellied gasoline) onto your roof. I, too am heavily armed and as cinderblocks will stop most bullets, feel safest within. Still, I can’t see every angle of the house from inside, and someone approaching carefully in the dark could wreak havoc, particularly if they can start a fire on either the roof, or by throwing an incendiary through a window.

  • Just read a LA Times article about how Santa Monica got looted.
    Another article about some ESPN reporter was in rage that there were protesters outside his building, and they burned down his nearby Starbucks.

    Dont think just because it has only happened over there, it cannot come to your neighborhood.

  • If you live in a city, the first step is to get the hell out of the city. If you think you are going to lone wolf defend your apartment, you’re an idiot. Either you will get swamped and end up dead or you will kill some looters and end up arrested for hate crimes and end up dead in prison.

    You don’t need a bug-out bag, you need to bug-out permanently right now.

    • We need to encourage the more progressive and liberal of us to move to the city, not flee it. The bucolic, self sufficient lifestyle of the more independent and rural areas is anathema to the enlightened, who seek to live in close proximity to their peers, much like a colony of insects.


  • If you are in an area where your home may come under fire then build a circle of sandbags big enough and tall enough that you and your family can take cover in.
    Unless you live in a concrete or real brick home rifle rounds can easily penetrate your walls and kill you.
    This sandbag shield only needs to be a couple of bags high, just high enough to lay down in.
    If you plan on defending your home then you can stack sandbags up to the window sills but remember sand is heavy so make sure your structure can handle it.
    You can purchase bags of sand at Lowes, Home Depot or your local masonry supply house.
    Or you can purchase the bags and fill them yourself if you have the material. U-Line sells bulk sandbags.

    • Makes sense Ed but if you and your family live in that kind of area you should not even be there or at least your family.

  • What I’d really like in a riot situation is a 7.62mm minigun and a few barrels of ammo. And a flame thrower. That said, when I was in law enforcement and was the only leo in a small riot of between 15 and 30 people in a very secluded area, some overtly armed because I could see machetes in their hands, you don’t get scared till afterwards when it’s all over. Then you realise those people could have made you disappear so your family will never find your body. We sometimes take peace and safety for granted.

  • From many of the comments below, I would surmise a good number of frustrated Americans are spoiling for a fight. As they say, “Be very careful what you wish for…”

    The problems of cities are historically endemic. And solutions are few and far between with long term solutions seemingly non-existent.

    Years ago in (of all cities) Portland Oregon there was a protest march which was highly likely to turn violent. The “protesters” formed up into a mob with agitators cranking the hysteria before they headed to a bridge leading to downtown.
    At the opposite end of the bridge was a large contingent of police and fire trucks with deluge nozzles aimed at the bridge exit. A recipe for a violent confrontation.

    As the crowd started to cross the bridge one officer with no gun or protective equipment walked toward the angry mob and met them at the center of the bridge.
    Not young, not imposing and certainly not a visible threat to such a throng, but they stopped.

    After several minutes of conversation the crowd seemed to lose coherence, with some leaning against railings, others sitting down and a few actually turning back.

    I have no idea what the officer said or how he said it, but the protest imploded.

    The TV was disappointed and the papers barely mentioned the confrontation.

    I have no idea what they were paying that cop, but he should have been given double the amount and put in charge of training.

    Unfortunately politics don’t work that way. Look at Portland today.

    • I recon he told them what would happen if they went on the course they had chosen, thus giving law enforcement and fire no choice at all. Some would be injured or killed, some would be incarcerated, and some would be wet and pissed off. Mebbe he told them what tools they were for billionaires like soros? At least some of the cops and firemen would not want to hose down, beat back, or shoot protesters, even if they’re birkenstock wearing socialists and deserve it. I can tell you from real world experience the paperwork alone would take hours if not days…. so many a cop tries to avoid such incidents. Also we’ve already had a civil war, don’t make us do it again.

    • What the officer said to them was the George Soros cancelled their contract and that they would not be getting paid.

  • The real enemy is China (foreign) and the Marxist Americans (domestic) and i am waiting for the day when ALL AMERICANS can understand that. In the meantime, NO one is driving me from my home, neighborhood, or city. GOD HELP THOSE bring this into rural America.

  • Daisy, will they be making a movie based on The Pantry Primer? I don ‘t think many people could afford the $598.00 price tag, but a movie ticket…

    • Hahahaha!

      There’s a new edition of that book called Prepper’s Pantry which is far cheaper than a movie ticket:

      What happens is that used booksellers try to keep their “spot” in the listings when they don’t have something in stock by marking an astronomical price on it that nobody would ever pay. If they say they’re “out of stock” they go to the end of the listings.

      Trust me, if people were paying $600 a book, I’d be living on a yacht or something! 🙂

      • Ah. I always wondered why there were these insane prices for some books! Thanks for the explanation.

  • I’m going on defense, I repacked my bugout bag yesterday…it’s now full of #30roundmags…I despise pasty white Communists in black masks who want to destroy my nation.

  • I will protect and defend the Constitution of The United States……So Help Me God!

    I got one word for the enemies of the U.S………….WOLVERINES!

      • At least Red Dawn did show what happened to those elders that sent the youth into the hills with guns and supplies. They were massacred while bravely singing our national anthem.

        When the lights go out from grid damage and you have no clue when IF ever it will return remember pre-electricity population of the USA (1890) was some 63 million. NOT from lack of reproduction but from ability to feed people with the farm tools available. NOW population with out illegals is over 330 million BECAUSE of electricity and cheap oil powering our tools.

        When the grid fails safe water, water pumping, trucks bringing us goods,medicine and food from other areas WILL STOP. Population will die off quickly due to violence, bad or no water, lack of food and medicine.

        Hopefully the minor COVID19 problems we “suffered” has taught us just how deep the pantry and medicine cabinet needs to be for a REAL Problem like widespread riots.

        Get ready it takes far more than plenty of bullets to “Win” this war.

  • Unfortunately, there’s an awful lot of hostility fueled by misunderstanding among these comments. Very normal, sociable, peaceful people can be aroused by a small group of agitators and find themselves unexpectedly turning a minor situation into a violent confrontation. Responding to this with extreme violence could easily make matters much worse.
    During the Vietnam protests on college campuses (yep, I’m older than dirt), I was vet who just happened to be walking past a building as it was being taken over by protesters. I was lured in to join them, as principals in this planned action guarded the doors, they lured in sympathetic passers-by, and then barricaded all the entrances and windows to keep the authorities out.
    We gathered in some big room to discuss what we were going to do to show the powers-that-be how awful they were. The truly democratic process was amazing… a few neatly attired, clean shaven, close-cropped haircut types, appearing totally out of place among us bearded, pony-tailed hippies and raggedy-dressed women. Those neat freaks turned out to be the leaders. They initiated a marvelous, open discussion, steering it toward a goal which was made clear after a period of indoctrination and lecturing: They wanted us to burn the building down to send a message to the “man”. The others in our gathering enthusiastically chimed in with all kinds of supportive rationalizations. When I finally managed to get a response to my raised hand (this was really, really properly democratic, crazy as it sounds each time I recall it), I spoke as eloquently as I could against such destructive violence. I was roundly booed, but that hostility provoked someone in the crowd to speak up to defend me and my sentiments. That, in turn, elicited a heated, but more balanced debate. And gradually, the mood shifted, as more and more of the herd mentality subsided and folks began reasoning more philosophically. In the end, after an entire night of frenetic argument, and when the same arguments were becoming obviously regurgitated again and again, a vote was taken. And son-of-a-gun. By a wide margin, we agreed that we should not demolish a structure important to the future education of our peers. I was pleasantly shocked that reason prevailed, that we managed to over-ride the herd insanity and achieve a peaceful and harmless solution.
    When we departed, there were police everywhere. A bunch of folks were questioned. And the crew-cut, neatly clad, clean-shaven guys were nowhere to be seen. It took me a long while, and a huge amount of discussion, to realize that these guys were either A) true revolutionaries who knew that their appearance would protect them from the cops, or – something I discounted for quite a while, though my vet friends repeatedly suggested was far more likely – B) they were instigators sent in by the authorities to incite havoc and thus justify a much harsher response than what ultimately occurred.
    I now lean toward that latter explanation. I have come to distrust authority after a long period of naivete. And I especially distrust those who push to unjustifiabley control others. Somehow such folks usually, though not always, turn out to be transmuted by their access to power, and usually become pretty evil, whether they were before they got into their lofty positions or not.
    So my message here is not just distrust for authority. It’s also that over-reaction to mob violence would be unfortunate. Most mobs are made up of nice folks who just get seduced by the crowd, who behave irrationally, and who will hopefully get themselves under control sooner rather than later… and yes, I mean cops as well as protesters… Let’s keep everyone alive and safe, not just the “good guys”. In the end, most of us really are the good guys when given the chance and freed from unfortunate reflex actions.

    • “Nice Folks” don’t loot, burn down buildings, throw Molotov Cocktails at Cops, or spray paint the Lincoln Memorial , STUPID!

      • Regrettably, you haven’t paid attention to history. Germany was full of nice folks. They were among the leaders of the Western World at the close of the 19’th Century. Then their academics became seduced by a bunch of nonsensical, hateful concepts – much like today.
        By the end of the Second World War, most Germans were mortified at their nation’s outrageous actions, many of them remorseful as well at thoughts of their own behavior. “Nice Folks” can be anyone. Mob reactions, short- and long-term, are part of our human genetic system. Sometimes they produce horribly flawed immoral behavior, but they’re part of our essential human cultural requirements and are capable of producing amazingly selfless behavior. That conflicting reality can produce wonderful benefits or really dark consequences.
        I was in Germany in 1967. Conducted a month-long experiment. Won’t bore you with the details. I’ll just point out that there was enormous remorse among many Germans I interacted with, presumably because of their behavior or that of their parents. And, yes, there were still some who regretted not completing their malevolent goals, but they were a small minority of those I confronted.
        Same now, I suspect. People get swept up in mob actions, then come to regret their inability to resist the idiocy in the heat of the moment or the sweep of the cultural movement. Yet most folks are not as evil as one might think, often including those who participate in really bad behaviors and eventually release themselves from the brain-washing and come to regret their idiocy.

    • @ Ultra Skeptic

      That’s a fascinating account. I think that many of the people who are part of the rioting masses have been swept up in something that they haven’t thought through. I also suspect that while they may say they are doing this for “black justice” etc. I also suspect that many of the white ones are expressing their rage about the situation they find themselves in in which they are figuring out they are pretty well screwed. I’m not totally sure they themselves understand why they are doing this.

      I have heard that in any group, the ones that are coming up with the most violent ideas are often the “plants”. Your experience sounds like that as well. I think that research has shown that many people just follow the crowd. They don’t want to stand out by taking a stance that is at odds. I am appalled at the violence, the needless destruction, the burning and looting of small businesses etc. I suspect that many who are doing this are engaging in mob mentality and they no longer are thinking for themselves.

    • Thank you! If we started firing when we had protestors in our front, we would have been arrested and charged with murder. You can talk big, but until you live it, you can’t know what you really will do.

  • Gas your vehicle to a full tank every day if necessary. Used to work for a cab company and a major delivery courier and it was mandatory to bring the vehicles back with a full topped off tank of gas for the next shift.

    It might be a pain in the butt to stop for gas on the way home from work everyday to fill up, but it might mean your life if you have to bug out and have either a less than full tank or have to find a gas station in the middle of a riot before you can get out of dodge.

    Also having a gas can and siphon in the trunk for use in route is essential.

  • If you add up all of the Deer hunters, and just us dumb as a box of rocks Red Neck Deplorable Christians, we are the largest army in the world. Plus we got guns, and know how to use’m

  • Where will you stop after your first bug out ? If the riots come to your bug out location, will you run again? Where is it you say “This is B.S ” and stand your ground? The rioters are being baby Set by the Police… When and if they leave the city and come out, they will loose their protector that lets them do what they do… When the looters hit urban and small town America, they will find a very harsh situation in front of them. They are nothing more than spoiled child kicking and screaming.

  • I so appreciate the information. Concise, to the point, and without the garbage of the news and racial things of other sites. Knowledge is power. Thank you so much.

    on another note. How do I keep squirrels from eating my seedlings inexpesively.

  • Karen,
    You’ve written an excellent article. I had live reports on my radio show from Ferguson every day during both riots.
    However, your advice about documenting property for an insurance claim? Sorry, homeowners insurance, business insurance, car insurance will not pay a claim for losses due to civil disorder.

    Sorry, no compensation for losses due to civil disorder.

    John Moore

  • What sort of horsehockey pucks is this? Run to where? Very few own a secure remote location with plenty of supplies.

    Lock and Load is the order of the day sweetheart.

  • I still remember being in Chicago in ’68 where only a few blocks from where I was living it burned for over a week. We had a perpetual sunset. I watched a pill box with machine guns set up across the street & tanks driving down Roosevelt as frantic commuters drove away as fast as they could with blood streaming down their heads from where rioters had broken their car windows. I remember months of having Black Panthers stationed at our house to protect those of us who worked in their community, even doing our shopping & laundry for us.

    This rioting is not about the death of George Floyd just like Ferguson was not about the death of Michael Brown, or the Chicago Riots about the death of Martin Luther King or Bobby Kennedy. All of these were tragic events. And they were taken care of by legitimate steps in our society.

    This is an orchestrated effort for evil people to do evil things. And they are preying on the most venerable neighborhoods in our nation. Just like Chicago & Ferguson, outsiders are doing the destruction. I watched as these outsiders in 1968 destroyed our neighborhood, bankrupt legitimate minority businesses & even killed some good people in our community who tried to stand up against them. Why? because they could. And these neighborhoods are now gone. They have been leveled. No more little mom & pop groceries, cleaners, gas stations.

    Unless we as citizens start taking proactive actions not just to protect ourselves, our families & our communities, this kind of violence will continue. I’m hoping those who are orchestrating these actions….and they indeed have been orchestrated, just as it was later discovered about Chicago in 1968, I’m hoping those leaders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law & pay dearly for coaxing the “stupid” among us to do their bidding. And I bet they are sitting in offices around the world right now with smiles on their faces.

    I thank Daisy for helping us to stay alert & effective in our efforts to be safe, stay safe & help others in our communities to do the same. Nuf for my rant today! 🙂

  • If you won’t stand your ground protecting your own property that you PAID for, you won’t protect your bugout location, either, especially if you don’t even own it. At some point you MUST take a stand–and if not at your home, WHERE?

  • At 60, and in declining health, I’m not running. You’re blessed if you reach a point in life, where you realize and accept that everyday above ground is a good day. When I entered Federal Civil Service in 85′ I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, that’s just as binding as the Military oath in my mind. I was never discharged from that oath.
    If they want to burn my house and kill me they will, but they’ll have to clamber over bodies and dig me out of a pile of brass to do so. I will not run nor will I hesitate. “Cuihmnich có leis a tha thu.” (Remember the men from whence ye came).

  • if I may,I would like to share my little,I think,old Scottish saying with you all.”Once the first life is taken in defense of kith and kin, all the rest are free.” I have a brass tag on my Henry 44mag. Big Boy with that printed on it. Just a reminder for me.

  • I work in Minneapolis, next to the I-35W bridge that the protestors have been gathering on (the same one that collapsed into the Mississippi river 13 years ago). After the non-response by the Minneapolis police and their abandonment of their 3rd precinct station to the looters, I dare anyone to tell me that I don’t “need” an AR-15.

    The weak response from our Governor and Minneapolis Mayor stems from them being terrified of being called “racist” if they start using force against black people. They would rather let the city burn to the ground than risk being called “racist”. That’s how ingrained identity politics is on the Left. It should scare you.

  • Here’s a better idea. Send your wife and kids away and YOU STAY and blow some sorosmonkeys away if they try to destroy you or your property. Let me be clear, shoot the mfr’s. That’s the only way it stops. We learned that lesson after Katrina and Gustav. When the signs went up: “Looters wiil be shot” the looting stopped.

  • Maybe The Best Advice is Be Prepared to Kill Violent People who Threaten your Family. If You Loot You Will Be Shot & Killed, If You Riot You Will Be Shot & Killed, If You Attempt a Home Invasion You Will Be Shot & Killed, If You Attack Police or National Guard YOU MUST BE SHOT & KILLED. Savages, Barbarians, Antifa, B)lack L)iars M)aim, La Raza, Communists, Anarchists, Nazis, KKK, Jihadis, MS13, Gangs, Thugs ONLY Understand DEATH – Let Them Have it by the Millions If Necessary. This Crap NEEDS to be Put to a STOP NOW!

    • Yes. I don’t live in an area that I would expect to be targeted by roving looting gangs(if this happens here we are all doomed!). But if I did live in an area that I’d expect would be under siege you had better believe I’d be standing up to protect my family and our home/business. I think that most of the police have been told to stand-down and they are doing so, only arresting a few so they can’t be accused of doing nothing.

      In the largest city in my state a demonstration was held in which a potty-mouthed woman told the police that the police station would be destroyed should another black person come to harm by the police, the US flag was removed and a BLM flag raised in its place and some level of damage occurred. The police had obviously been told to chill and let it happen, unless perhaps if they actually tried to torch the police station or something. Interesting as if a 2A group, white supremacists etc had done this they would have been arrested for sure. Can’t imagine they’d have allowed a confederate flag to be raised there! It was interesting as the cussing venom spewing “spokeswoman” was black but most of her cheering onlookers were whites who were intent on displaying how “woke” they were, not understanding that they too would be a target of her anger and violence no matter their self-proclaimed “wokeness”, just as easily as me, definitely not PC or woke!

  • I me not leaving my home.

    I lived the 12th Street Riot,Detroit 1967 and 1968. 7 years active Army. 196th LIB, Da Nang and four and a half years in the Iron Curtain.

    Guns, ammo, ammo, ammo!

    Run, hide, fight; hell no!


    • DJ: All races, creeds, nationalities, NEED TO UNITE. IMMEDIATELY.
      You are right. FIGHT. FIGHT TOGETHER. The powers-that-be, are out to KILL ALL OF US.

      And do not take the flu shot (Corona is in it). Those who took the flu shot are the many who got sick and died.
      Alleged coming ‘vaccines’ also contaminated with DEATH contagions. But far worse. Meant for death.

      • You are correct, Pariah. My neighborhood in Minneapolis has people of all races who were invaded by these criminals and our police abandoned us and their precinct. Together, we do far outnumber these communist shills and should be able to run this country in an orderly fashion.

  • Dear Karen and all the posters herein, I just came upon this site today- NICE WORK KAREN– sane and informative… All helpful and crucial information. I then read all of the posts and was heartened to see the clarity and enthusiasm of those ready to protect and preserve our dignities and personal rights.
    A small observation though. While not all of us agree on exactly what the “correct” response to social upheaval might be, we must remember that at those crucial moments our responses will be decided by us alone. We may in fact be alone. And all the seeming conflicting responses argued over in these posts may in fact be the exactly “correct” response at that moment. Much respect to those sharing crucial info in here. And remember, that while differing, we are on the same page.

  • very nicely written article. but couldn’t help but notice no mention of guns. you have written about them before so i know you are not shy about it. but it really could help someone to know when and when not to use them and what guns are best for protection in these instances.

    bottom line is this. the reality is that this is all too real for many people no matter what their political persuasion is, no matter their race, religion etc.

    the korean business owners in l.a. in 1992 showed that it’s possible to protect your store if you are really motivated. this could be your house. it could be your family in your car.

    even if you are not of the gun owning persuasion, you have got to admit that gun shots can clear a crowd rather fast.

    guns are called “the great equalizer” for a reason. just ask the woman who defended herself from a rape or an elderly person who was being robbed. o

    • You might be thinking of my articles with regard to the pro-gun slant. 🙂 This is a different author.

      • sorry, you are correct. under the article is the “about the author” section about you. so i didn’t look at the header…..

        would still be a good avenue to pursue in an article though…..maybe with your byline…..

        just sayin’.

    • Just remember when the Roof Top Koreans stopped those rioters during Rodney King riots (where the LA PD STOOD DOWN for) they were VISITED by the LA PD AFTER things calmed down a bit (Brave Policemen Sarcasm) who took their weapons away. None of those weapons as I can find were ever returned but none of the Koreans were prosecuted either. I understand the Koreans just got their OTHER weapons ready for repeat trouble visiting.

      Already Police have been recorded by local news people getting arrested and disarmed for defending their shops during the current riots. I suspect that liberals WILL do their best to have them Prosecuted for the CRIME of self defense.

      Can’t have uppity Rednecks feeling like they have RIGHTS eh?

      Plan that the PD will try to arrest you for self defense AND you will be Disarmed. Ultimate Red Flag eh? Have some hidden for next time as I suspect that the vengeful Antifa types WILL comeback later to attack the Disarmed folks. They LOVE attacking defenseless folks.

      Antifa and company Attacks and flees when overwhelming force shows up. A tactic worth studying No? Cannot defend your family from prison and THEY cannot defend themselves while Your In Prison AND your weapons have been seized for “Evidence”.

      That’s all I will say about self defense on a open board. Think things through folks. Be realistic about your abilities or reality WILL Bite you in the face.

    • As a woman who lives alone, without a husband who was a Vet with plenty of arms about, I recently bought a .410 gauge shotgun and a .380 Glock handgun for home defense. All the gun shops in my small city (and there are many of them) have sold out of AR-15’s and are low on everything else, especially .20 gauge shotguns and small arms which women can use. We don’t expect riots in our town, but if they happen, the looters and arsonists will get a big surprise.

  • I am always prepared. First of all, I own weapons and know how to use them. Secondly, I have lots of ammunition for aformentioned weapons. Third, and most important of all, I WILL NOT HESITATE TO USE THEM TO PROTECT MINE.

  • when demonstrators assembled after curfew on June 1st in Richmond Va on Monument Avenue, ‘someone’ turned off the mobile internet – no cellphones could receive data service for approximately 90 minutes within the general area of the fracas.

    • The 4 rules of firearm safety by Colonel Jeff Cooper:

      1.) All guns are always loaded.

      2.) Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.

      3.) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target.

      4.) Be sure of your target.

  • Good article, some good posts, some freaking crazy posts, but mostly what we have planned. Guns ammo, the ability to protect ours.
    Not that easy when you’re retired and on a budget.
    We aren’t liberals. We are Independents who have voted on both sides of the middle. Much is being done right now to destroy our country. I’d love to know more about Trump’s deal with Putin.
    In any case, we’ve already had some protests that went ugly, but and many of these protests outside agitators for the ones that started the looting and burning. No surprise, that’s the way it was in the sixties too.
    It seems that the ones starting the trouble are bored millennials or are they just nut cases? We are ready for survival situation, hoping we don’t have to run. Glad we know our neighbors and they have guns and ammo too, and hopefully everyone can live off-grid if necessary.

  • It’s been over THREE years since you wrote this article. Can you specify when a riot’s taken place?

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