Why Is the Establishment So Scared of RFK Jr.?

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The OP has suffered a lot from deplatforming, as Daisy has documented. This has been very difficult financially, but we’re far from alone. One of the biggest public figures regularly getting shut down is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., an official presidential candidate. RFK is constantly getting banned and smeared as an “anti-vaxxer.” But is he really that crazy?

Some background on RFK Jr.

RFK Jr. was born famous and privileged, except, of course, for his father and uncle getting assassinated in his childhood. For a long time, RFK Jr. was best known as an environmental lawyer. He became involved in cleaning up the Hudson River in the 1980s as part of court-mandated community service from a heroin arrest. His community service inspired him to work with multiple groups dedicated to cleaning up the Hudson, and he eventually founded Waterkeeper Alliance in 1999.

His environmental hero status didn’t last, however. In 2005, he entered the vaccine debate after being contacted by parents of vaccine-injured children. Since then, it has been hard to find an article about RFK Jr. that doesn’t begin by describing him as an “anti-vaxxer.”

For about fifteen years, most people (myself included) were content to dismiss him and the anti-vaccine movement in general as cranks. I raised my children with all their shots, trusting the medical profession to keep us healthy.

Until Covid.

As the “two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into months and sometimes years, many people began to realize there was something deeply wrong with many of our formerly-trusted institutions. We saw businesses get shut down and livelihoods ruined. Decisions were not being made in the best interests of normal Americans, those who ran small businesses and relied on institutions like the public schools.

When the jabs came along, things got weirder. Natural immunity was totally ignored and the nation was expected to submit itself as guinea pigs for this treatment that had never been tested for long-term effects. When vaccine mandates began to be implemented, RFK Jr.’s advocacy for parental choice regarding medical treatments started to sound a lot more reasonable.

It became obvious that there was a lot of lying and manipulation going on. I became increasingly suspicious of “official” voices and more willing to listen to figures like RFK Jr. I bought his book, The Real Anthony Fauci, almost as soon as it was available.

I read the whole thing. All 492 pages detailing one scam after another. You may not agree with RFK Jr. on every issue, but no one can deny that he knows his material. And no one has sued him for libel or slander, which makes me think the book is mostly accurate.

The Real Anthony Fauci sold over a million copies and has more than 23,000 reviews culminating in 4.8 stars, yet garnered no book reviews from legacy media.

So, why are the Democrats so afraid of him?

On pages 142-142, RFK Jr. recounts going from a sought-after guest speaker whose articles were regularly featured in legacy media to a total outcast. His status changed abruptly once he turned from cleaning up waterways to pharmaceutical companies. However, he has deep pockets, he’s got the Kennedy name, and he hasn’t gone away.

As the public, in general, became more and more distrustful of the Covid response, people became more willing to listen to non-mainstream voices like RFK Jr. His non-profit, Children’s Health Defense, saw its profits double in 2020.

His “Defeat the Mandates” rally in January 2022 was attended by over 30,000 people.

After The Real Anthony Fauci was published, Tucker Carlson hosted RFK Jr. more regularly. The two men had an interview on April 19, the day RFK Jr. announced his plan to run as a Democratic presidential candidate. On April 24, five days later, Fox fired Tucker, leading to speculation that Tucker’s willingness to give RFK Jr. a large platform was part of the reason for his dismissal.

RFK Jr. has been interviewed by the likes of Russell Brand and Jordan Peterson. Despite being endlessly labeled “crazy” and “extremist,” after watching him interact with a variety of hosts, he comes across as anything but.

After immense social pressure, Instagram had to reinstate his original account as well as his campaign account once he announced his presidential bid. Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has endorsed RFK, much to the outcry of the MSM. He’s proven difficult to silence.

He would be very impressive in a presidential debate.

Rather than name-calling, if RFK Jr. is so dead-wrong about vaccines and children’s health, why doesn’t anyone actually engage him?

People refuse to engage in arguments with RFK Jr. because they can’t. He’s a long-time trial lawyer, so he’s good at arguing, and he’s also very, very intelligent. He’s comfortable reading scientific material and understands much of the debates around childhood health and vaccines in a way that many people, even many college-educated people, just don’t.

For example, in The Real Anthony Fauci, on pages 285-286, he discusses the debate between Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp back in the 19th century. To simplify: Pasteur is the guy who realized that germs spread diseases. He posited that, by keeping environments germ-free, we could avoid infections. Obviously, there is a lot of truth in this. It is the model Western healthcare runs on.

Bechamp, however, who lived at about the same time as Pasteur, argued that it wasn’t so simple. He thought we could never kill every imaginable germ, nor should we try to. Instead, Bechamp thought our time would be better spent focusing on optimal nutrition and basic sanitation so that our bodies would be best able to fight off whatever harmful germs came along. We know, at this point, that there is truth in this as well, and RFK Jr. uses Bechamp’s line of thinking to posit that maybe we should focus more on higher-quality food and a healthier environment for children rather than more pharmaceutical products.

There is nothing crazy about this, and in fact, the more we uncover about the importance of the microbiome in our intestines, the more it makes sense. In David Quammen’s book The Tangled Tree, featuring the lifetime work of microbiologist Carl Woese, he puts forth the recent research indicating that we understand the microscopic world far less than we think we do. Simply lumping microscopic life forms into “good” and “bad” categories, and then trying to kill off all the “bad” ones, cannot work when the lines between the species are fairly blurry.

Many scientifically-literate individuals understand this to varying degrees, and this is part of the reason that PhDs displayed the most persistent suspicion around the Covid vaccines. Time has proved them correct, as we find that the jabs were, at best, fairly ineffective and, at worst dangerous for certain groups.

Controversial or not, he gets the word out.

And this all goes to prove that RFK Jr. understands issues at a level that most public figures just don’t. His stances are definitely debatable, but they are not unhinged and they don’t come out of nowhere. However, because understanding his point of view well enough to engage in serious argument requires an understanding of both science and history, most pundits find it far simpler to just call him crazy and refuse to let him speak.

But RFK Jr. gets his message out anyway, finding alternative outlets, doing his best to expose the inner workings between Big Government and Big Business.

And this is probably why RFK Jr. is such a thorn in the side of the Democratic establishment. He doesn’t play along with most of the big donors he’s supposed to play along with. He has watched the Democratic Party go from being anti-war, anti-corporate, and pro-free speech to being the party of lockstep conformity. No other family represents the old Democratic Party the way the Kennedy clan does; he is in a unique position to point out the ways in which the Democratic Party has morphed into something completely different than it was even twenty years ago.

RFK Jr. also has a pulse on using media in a way that most establishment figures don’t. During his recent interview with Jordan Peterson, he referenced the first televised presidential debate back in 1960, when young, handsome John F. Kennedy mopped the floor with Richard Nixon.

The way in which his uncle used the newest form of media to his advantage sixty years ago obviously made an impression on RFK Jr. He said that Trump won the 2016 election, in part, because he used Twitter to his advantage, even though legacy media treated his campaign as a joke. RFK Jr. believes that the 2024 race will be hugely influenced by podcasts, and he has a real advantage here because, unlike so many other candidates, he is ready and willing to sit down and debate for two or three hours at a time.

He’s an interesting candidate.

I should make it clear, again, that I disagree with RFK Jr. on plenty of issues. I used to work in oil and gas, and I think his characterization of “clean” wind and solar is way off. I could argue with him on that.

But I’m happy he’s out there, throwing rocks at establishment windows and forcing powerful figures to either explain themselves or prove by their silence that they have something to hide.

What are your thoughts? Is RFK Jr. a viable candidate? What do you think of him, pros and cons? Do you think he has any chance in his presidential run?

Let’s discuss him, the media response, and his candidacy in the comments section.

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  • I really like Bobby Jr. I’ve followed him on Children’s Health Defense for almost 5 years. His site ‘broke’ the convid scam months in & I am grateful for that info. He has been a huge voice for reasonable actions. I do not agree with his view on all issues either but he has spoken about cleaning up all vaxx even before convid. I really like his hard hitting pressure on the telecom industry & his anti 5G viewpoint.

    Call me crazy but I’d like to see what a split ticket would look like. While I believe I am not a Republican anymore (what IS that anymore?!) but one who may vote on policy now & not party.

    His wife is Cheryl Heines the actress so they have one foot in the door in that industry so not sure how that works either. I sure hope he doesn’t get Hillary-ed like his uncle & father though.

    • I also remember (maybe someone else does too) when Trump was considering candidates for his cabinet & made an announcement that he may choose Bobby, Jr.

      I shouted ‘YES!’ knowing that he would make a positive impact. I read somewhere that right after that announcement Obama told Trump ‘No, not him, pick The Fouch’. And the rest is history.

      • Jennifo, your memory is mostly correct. Trump wanted RFK Jr. to head up a vaccine safety commission and they had one meeting in Trump towers on that subject. Meanwhile, the medical community gathered signatures on a letter which the MSM ran with, saying a vaccine safety commission is not needed because the FDA, CDC, ACIP, VRBPAC thoroughly addresses vaccine safety issues and only vaccines licensed are “safe and effective” ones.

        Trump’s inclination was further caboshed when he sought council of Bill Gate and he said “bad idea”; there were no further meetings or contact between Trump and RFK Jr.

        Trump had a winning hand and had he done exactly what he thought of doing, Trump would be in office, the Pharma/pro-vaccine injury Democrats would have been Decimated. We wouldn’t have the plandemic as it played out.

        I’ve been involved in the vaccine wars for more than 3 decades. There has never been a Democrat at the federal level that will touch the third rail of vaccine safety and oversight. NEVER, only a handful of republicans.

        I have heard a few people express their willingness to crawl over broken glass to vote RFK Jr. It is the establishment, the swamp, the globalist, the censureship-industrial-complex, the Vanguards, Blackrocks, the Ivy league elitist, the medical-pharma-industrial complex, the insurance companies who fear an honest discussion by candidate of integrity like RFK. Jr.

        Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good and decent.

        • Trump got $1 million from Pfizer and half a million from Gates for his inaugural. He owned stock in Pfizer, Moderna and J&J. His daughter Ivanka is a Klaus Schwab WEF Young Global Leader. Trump appointed dozens of Council On Foreign Relations and Bilderberg attendees to his administration. Complete bought off phony.

      • For some reason Trump seems very influential and easy to persuade. He listed to Obama (for all people) and then to Fauci and Birx (the woman with all the colorful scarves)…They both persuaded Trump to “fast track” the covid vaccines. Now what happened next? Hummm MILLIONS dies, and THOUSANDS are inured, maimed and in bad shape today b/c of those decisions…. Now, let’s not blame anyone, let’s just call the aces aces and the spades spades and tell it like it is please…Is the truth the truth? Hummm, I think so, well uhhhh, I mean it’s supposed to be…Facts are facts and they are certainly related to the truth (like cousins) …The vaccines were NEVER proven to be effective, were they? I mean they never had time to be tested, did they? okay you add it up and please focus on using some basic common sense…Have we lost our ability to focus now? Where is our common sense? We have 4-6-8 years of formal education and not one ounce of common sense… Something is wrong with that.

      • All over television today I see TRUMP has been indicted on charges of several different serious things. Of course, he deny’s as usual b/c he is never guilty in his own estimation. But anyway, NO Trump and Kennedy NO thank you…Trump would run on a Republican ticket and Kennedy on a Democratic one hummm…

  • He was very cagey about gun control issues during his interview with Elon Musk, so I have my reservations about him in that regard. But the fact that the DNC will be holding NO debates shows that they see him as a threat.

  • ‘Conspiracy Theory’ was coined by the CIA to discredit people that were getting too close to the truth. I read an ‘article’ hit piece the other day that constantly used the terms, ‘Conspiracy Theorist’, ‘Anti-Vaxxer’, ‘Fringe Element’, ‘Disinformation Dozen’, ‘Leftist’, and other denigrations. All of which have been disproven and now accepted as true, as often happens with many conspiracy theories, although not all. RFK Jr seems to me to be a truthful person of integrity. Looking beyond divisive politics, we need someone that will take on the .001% Elite in our country.

  • Not a viable candidate, because the party system that runs politics will not let him get the nomination.
    There are enough issues that need addresses in this country. that it is easy to be on the “right side” of a few of them.
    But to be able to unite the country, to drive legislation, to help push solutions through Congress is another matter. He does not have what it takes to do so.

    • But neither does any other person running for president. Not one person running will be able to unite the country and push solutions through Congress. They’re all the same party, and the players and labels don’t matter — that alleged 2 party system is all for show. To make us think that we get a choice.
      I’m FOR RFKJr.! (and I’m a former republican, now independent).

    • I’m hearing that he is running for president not so much to win but to expose and disclose the information and truth that has been hidden from the masses

  • What a great article. I would vote for him except that I cannot in good conscience support abortion. I love how he handles liberals. It is so much fun to watch!

  • He has name recognition, money, clearly is intelligent, is not willing to go along with the DNC, and he is already polling 20%.
    Then there is Biden who even among Democrats is polling very low with many disapproving of his admin. Many to include Democrats question his physical and mental health to lead the nation.
    What happens if RFK-Jr wins the Democrat primary? The DNC is going to look very, very bad.
    If I had to choose between RFK-Jr or Biden, I would vote for RFK-Jr.
    I would like to see it come down to DeSantis and RFK-Jr. I think that could be a good series of debates between the two.

    • OH gosh, Ist Marine Jarhead, I cannot stop saying AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN!!! DESANTIS AND KENNEDY YES, that would be good, but I would like them to win the whole thing… I do wonder if it’s even possible…Maybe Kennedy would do that, maybe…He has a right to change his mind you know.

      • That was my point entirely! Though I’ve also read some disparaging things on DeSantis too. So confusing.

        But I wish Bobby Jr. would change to Independent to gather those that don’t want to latch on to either the Republican or Democrat label.

  • Of all the dem candidates in recent years he is the best informed and not wedded to group think. While I may vote Republican, I wouldn’t object if he became president.

  • He’s the most interesting candidate in my lifetime. I hope he continues to force discussions and debates.

  • Welcome back polio, tetanus, and measles. Of course it could be a Darwin moment and those who find the boogeyman in everything cease to exist. Building is on fire – it is a conspiracy telling us to exit the building!!

    • You would vote for Biden, WWIII, nuclear annihilation?
      That is soooo much better! (sacr off)

      Yes, the building is on fire. Inflation never seen in over 40 years. More American’s living paycheck to paycheck to include those in the middle class. More Americans having to work two jobs (that would be the gaslighting the Biden admin is claiming about how many jobs his admin has added) to make ends meet. Skyrocket levels of crime (mostly in Blue cities). Soft on crime DAs, and no cash bail (see skyrocketing levels of crime). States forcing DEI and LBGTQ studies on Muslims against their religious beliefs. Bans on gas stoves and new EPA requirements on appliances that will make them more expensive, do less. Reliance on “green” energy that is neither green (only 10% of solar panels are recycled, only 5% of wind turbines are recycled, the rest are landfill bound), nor reliable. Due to the Canadian wildfires, solar output decreased by 50% in those affected areas.

      Yes, the building is on fire. Most of it started when Biden was inaugurated.

      • AGREE, and hopefully it will ALL come to a delightful end when he is NOT in the White House anymore. SO happy day amen, and joy, joy, joy!!!

    • There are few moderates with respect to vaccines. Over 90% of us believe that there were smallpox and polio. And then there were vaccines. Polio vanished. Smallpox is no more. Therefore, all vaccines work, and all vaccines are safe. That is very bad reasoning, but when you are frightened enough, you can’t think. Disease kills.
      ~~~~~On the other hand, those who are aware of vaccine injuries can be at least as fanatic. Vaccines provide zero protection and side effects are 1000 times more common than they really are.
      ~~~~~The truth is, all the formerly deadly childhood illnesses were over 95% vanquished before the vaccines due to better sewage management. And vaccines really do cut down on the diseases they are supposed to prevent. About 4 or 5 years ago, Holland managed to find over 1000 totally unvaxxed children to compare to all-shots kids. (1). There were sharply fewer instances of measles, etc. in the jabbed. (2). 3 to 5 times more autism among the jabbed. (3) More cases of other respiratory illness among the jabbed. (4). Overall the unjabbed were healthier.
      ~~~~~Next year, the American Homeschool Association compared over 1000 jabbed v unjabbed kids with basically the same 4 results. Nest year, an Oregon pediatrician looked over his records. He allowed parents to choose, and had a spectrum from fully vaxxed to fully unvaxxed. He divided his thousands of patients into 4 groups and looked at the illness records. Similar results with an added line of evidence: The middle two groups were also in-between on the results.
      Well, that would clinch it for anybody objective. You won’t find many of those yet.

      • Good sanitation protects against water-borne diseases like polio, but not air-borne ones like the majority of those vaccinated for. Most vaccines usually work for the disease vaxxed against, with the exceptions of pertussis, flu, and Covid, but at a price which is usually not worth paying.

        Polio was real and terrible from about 1900 until the Salk vaccine in 1955. The two vaccines successfully eradicated polio in First World countries. If polio came back there, I’d recommend that vaccine. And tetanus.

        But most vaccines are too dangerous, while being for rare diseases like meningococcal meningitis and hep-B, or for mild ones like chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella (for everyone but fetuses), and hep A. Good nutrition improves immune function, but even healthy people are often killed by tetanus and young healthy children from Hib meningitis.

        • @Cia: apparently, polio was on the way OUT when the vaccine was used. You can do a search and see.

    • We’re not anti-ALL vaxxes — just the untested ones and the ones tested which show damage more often than not. I’m all for MMR, polio, and tetanus, but I refused to allow my daughter to get the HPV vaccine. Study, and know what’s good and bad, what’s pushed for $ and profit, and what’s good for health.

      • The book Turtles All the Way Down showed that no vaccine on the childhood vaccine schedule was properly tested against an inert placebo. None was followed for years before licensing. Measles, mumps, and rubella, even pertussis, are in nearly all cases benign, beneficial childhood diseases. I’d give children the DT series, children in day care Hib (it causes peanut allergy in one in fifty, but Hib disease was worse), and polio if it came back. The HPV vaccine is very dangerous and should not be given: safe sex plus regular Pap and DNA tests are better.

    • I believe the tetanus vaccine is a good one. Children over three, after their speech and language processes are fully engaged, should get the DT or dT series, with a booster every forty years. No one should get the pertussis vaccine. If polio came back here, the unvaxxed should get two injected Salk vaccines, then, with appropriate spacing, two oral Sabin vaccines. Little children in day care should get the Hib vaccine. No one should get the measles vaccine. Measles is not dangerous to healthy, well-nourished children past infancy and before puberty, and it provides the best training to the immune system possible. Dr. Peter Aaby did a study in Senegal which showed that children who recovered from natural measles had one-fifth the all-cause mortality of children who did not get measles, even lower all-cause mortality as children who got the measles vaccine. I had measles at six: at that time, before the vaccine, 99% of American children had antibodies to measles from natural exposure by 18; three to four million cases a year. We never needed the measkes vaccine.

      Kennedy knows all this and would work to end the vaccine epidemic which has destroyed the lives of so many millions, including my daughter. Those who want them, including those few I recommended, will continue to be able to get them, but will be apprised of their dangers, which are great. See the new book Turtles All the Way Down: no childhood vaccine was tested against any inert placebo. Or Vaccination, by Richard Moskowitz, on the neurological and autoimmune disorders caused by vaccines.

      I hope it will be Kennedy v de Santis, and we’ll have real debates to help us decide between them.

  • Though I don’t align with RFK, Jr. on everything I think he has dignity and soul. He is very intelligent and speaks with nuance and depth on the subject matter at hand. He is the only one talking about the assault on our constitution. He seems to understand the gov’t bureaucracies. He knows the deep state killed his uncle and brother. He knows (as per the book he is writing) that the Covid vaccine was a bioweapon prototype designed by the DOD and marketed through Big Pharma (as revealed in Brooke Jackson’s recent lawsuit and discussed in Sasha Latypova’s substack). So there is a lot to like about RFK, Jr. As someone who votes conservative I am concerned about his attachment to the democrat party – a now captured party of deranged totalitarians. However, with the exception of a few, the Republicans are asleep at the wheel. Our Republic hangs by a thread and the Republicans don’t seem to understand what is happening as they institute more hearings that go nowhere. Given that the media, institutions, colleges, popular culture, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Everything all march to a leftist drum and have successfully smeared all Republicans and Conservatives as evil racists, etc. – any type of healing and restoration of our country on the political level may have to initiate with someone in the Democratic Party. The “powers that be” that use the Democrats will try to destroy RFK, Jr’s campaign. If he makes it through I will consider voting for him even though I detest the Democratic Party. If we are going to survive as a nation where the founding principle of the “individual as sovereign” still matters we are going to have to heal this divide at least to some degree. RFK, Jr may be able to facilitate that. However, given our corrupted and captured electoral system I don’t have much faith in a political solution to the loss of the nation as we have known it. But with the emergence of RFK, Jr. willing to speak truth as he sees it – I see a spark of hope.

    • I agree. I’d love to see a race between Kennedy and de Santis. They are both strong, intelligent, competent candidates, and it would be a dignified, worthwhile competition.

      • Yes and I’d be relatively happy with either outcome – and elections SHOULD be between the two best, not a choice of which one is least horrible.

  • The DNC already said there would be no primary debates.
    I hope he has good security.
    I don’t think the dems really want to have to put up with him.

  • The “establishment” always, always tries to smear candidates they don’t like as “fringe” and “no chance.” The last few years proved that many of us really are that stupid and gullible. But either label is a whopper this time. Only one other candidate has generated remotely this much interest since Ron Paul, and that is Donald J. Trump. That man is fiercely loved and fiercely hated. Those who think Biden really won the 2020 election by the actual cast votes of the citizens believe that those who hated Trump outnumbered those who loved him. We vote AGAINST the greater of two evils more than we vote for a positive choice.
    ~~~~~ Neither Biden nor Harris were actually popular during the early 2020 primaries. Biden was chosen by Trump haters on the basis of can-defeat-Trump. Kennedy is showing very very strong interest among Republicans. R’s are conservatives, and many of us remember a time when the D’s were respected. To us, Kennedy is a very, very exciting Hope for Reconciliation and Restoration of The Republic, to such an extent that thousand of R’s are changing Party affiliation in order to vote for him in the primary.
    ~~~~~Special note: Word Press abuses commenters on many sites by wrecking the logical writer-chosen paragraphing. I have begun fighting back by putting 5 ~ where my paragraph break is.

  • RFK Jr. is controlled opposition. JFK JR is PRO VX and PRO CLIMATE CHANGE. That means he is bought and paid for, and he is part of the Cabal.

    He is on the wrong side as ALL candidates are in this 2024 fake election. Americans are dead asleep, as usual!

    Did you know that RFK Jr. said in an interview that he wanted to jail people who denied climate change? What part of that does anyone not understand?!?

    RFK JR. is Je$uit educated and trained just like Drumpf! Just like Fraudci. Just like Cuomo. Just like Newsom. Just like the US Supreme Court justices… Just like… Just like… There is no difference. RFK Jr. is another deception. Those who fall for it will reap what they sow.

    The candidates are selected and are funded by the bankers (and you know who they really are and what they practice). We are over $30 trillion in debt because we are slaves to these usurious, thieves who are $#@&!.

    JFK Jr.’s Fraudci book NEVER called out the Scamdemic. A 5 year old child can call out Fraudci as anyone else could. Fraudci was platformed by Drumpf and given grants by our own US government.

    Fraudci and the NIH (Frauci’s boss) were given the green light in 1986 by Ronald Reagan to immune VX manufacturers from liability for injury and death. America’s VX court is a facade. What part of that does anyone not understand?

    JFK Jr. is being used to distract from this worldwide government being installed right now. So is the 2024 election — to distract.

    It’s an ILLUSION to believe JFK Jr. is on the right side of right. He is a Kennedy. Research the Kennedys! Research who they really are/were/and will always be!!! JFK Jr.’s sister was married to former NY Governor, Cuomo. RFK JR. is tied (just like Drumpf) to J. Epstein and G. Maxwell. Wake up! No man, political party or Prez is going to save this country or your soul.

    The entire 2024 election will be designed (as always) to deflect, divert, and divide this country further. America’s culture is being “subverted” by evil rulers who answer to AND ARE the big bankers and Cabal of Kabbalah. America will end up just like Russia and China (who once were Christian nations) did when the Bolsheviks took over.

    We are in a spiritual war NOT a political war. Every candidate answers to the big banks and big corporations — the same higher-ups that were in lock step with Con-vid.

    Every single US politician wore the diaper and promoted and platformed the Con-vid poison. Every single one of them!

    They (including every single US governor) were ALL incentivized by Drumpf’s emergency declaration order with billions to stand down.

    His executive orders he SIGNED unleashed trillions — to pay for a SCAM that stole from the American people, genocided many, installed 5 G w e a p o n s, lined banksters and corporate interests pockets with billions, gave raises to every US politician, paid off some of Jar ed Kush ner’s (Drumpf’s Zionist son-in-law’s) debts to G. Soros, paid off Drumpf’s debts, and paved the way for Biden to pick up where Drumpf left off!

    The only difference is that the Bolsheviks (look up who they really are) don’t need artillery (weapons) to genocide us and conquer!

    America is part of the UN (176+) countries who signed on to AG-21 and AG-30. Every candidate answers to those that fund them — the banksters.

    • I wish I could disagree, but I suspect you are spot on. This “system” is not designed to give us any real say in how things are done. The illusion for me was fully shattered in the past few years, but I always suspected it might be the case.

    • @ ACM: So you think this post is entirely false? That all of the points made here here are lies? Where are your sources for this opinion?
      I’m still searching, but I just want to know where you are getting this from, and what YOUR agenda may be.

  • ACM COMMENT: TYPO / AUTO CORRECT ERROR – RFK JR. should be referenced throughout ACM’s comment post. NOT JFK JR.

  • I’ve read the comments from others and have little to add to those, good discussion!

    HOWEVER………….if RFKJr thinks podcasts are going to be his magic bullet, he should reconsider for a moment. Podcasts ARE indeed wildly popular now, but only amongst those who can actually hear well enough to understand a disembodied voice……this is a HUGE problem, considering the massive %-age of the population who will just miss out entirely on his messaging.

    If a transcript is also provided, that helps a LOT to mitigate the problem there.

    That said, I am hearing-impaired yet hear well enough to get by most of the time. JFK’s voice is scratchy, croaky and unpleasant to listen to (for me), and his facial movements/how he moves his mouth when speaking…..I get almost nothing from trying to listen to him – and I WISH I COULD!

    Maybe someone will pass the memo to him on this….there ARE work-arounds, transcripts, closed captions, etc., but most normal hearing people never even think about this part of public speaking.

  • I think the US would be crazy not to elect someone of his integrity into the presidential office at this point in time. The entire world needs this. If not – we would be ecstatic to have him in Canada :).

  • Facts persuaded him to change his mind about vaccines. If presented well enough they should persuade him about other things. Go Bobby!

    • Facts are against the vaccines for the most part. They have ruined the lives of millions, many more than would have been saved by them. Bobby has never changed his mind, and his newsletter for Children’s Health Defense continues to publish articles and studies on their dangers.

  • Excellent article.

    One need not have worked oil and gas to understand how vitally important those industries are. Not only are wind and solar dirty industries, they are terribly energy poor. Only the wealthiest benefit, once again off our backs.

    And I hope you have recipes for the Calvillle Blanc de Hiver, one of the finest baking apples.

  • RFK Jr the H Ross Perot Biden spoiler of 2024 ?
    A breath of fresh air with command of history compared to current hacks.
    Better if his anti nuke anti fossil fuel views moderate.
    His assassinated Uncle brought back constitutional dollars with Silver Certificates.
    RFK Jr with Elon Musk Twitter 2:18:15 and Tulsi Gabbard worth every second:

  • It was refreshing to run across this piece. I found it using the Yandex search engine ( Finds Everything ). Google is still heavily ranking hit pieces against RKK Jr. toward their top results. I hope Americans will see through the smokescreen before election time.

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