Trump’s New Pullout Of Syria: Is It Real Or Just Re-positioning?

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With the surprise announcement by US President Donald Trump that American troops would be pulling back, refusing to defend the Kurdish forces it has supported from Turk attack, and refusing to support the Turkish forces now invading, almost as many questions are being raised about the future of the US presence in Syria than existed 24 hours before.

While the announcement is most certainly a welcome development, particularly for those who oppose American military involvement in Syria, it also raises the question of whether or not the US will be pulling out of Syria entirely or simply pulling back troops from the Turkey/Syria border. Will the US leave its encampment at Tanf? Will European forces take America’s place? Will America simply reposition itself as Turkish forces move in? What is Turkey’s real motivation? How will the Kurds react? How will Syria react? Perhaps even more pressing, how will the Military Industrial Complex, American War Machine, and Deep State react at home?

All of these questions remain without answers at this moment but will undoubtedly become answered within the coming days.

Is The US Pulling Out Or Pulling Back?

According to a flurry of MSM reports as well as a statement from the White House, the United States is pulling back from the area where Turkey is now planning to invade. Turkey will soon be moving forward with its long-planned operation into Northern Syria,” the White House said in a statement released just before 11 p.m. in Washington. “The United States Armed Forces will not support or be involved in the operation, and United States forces, having defeated the ISIS territorial ‘Caliphate,’ will no longer be in the immediate area.”

This “immediate area” phrase is an indication that the US troop withdrawal is only for the Northeast of Syria, possibly only specific areas of the Northeast and not the Northeast entirely. It says nothing about the US presence at its base in the Eastern border region at Tanf. Thus, there is a strong indication that Trump’s withdrawal 2.0 is not a withdrawal after all, but a repositioning.

Donald Trump’s tweets, however, have a much bigger, bolder tone.

Reading the President’s Tweets, of course, sound like a man determined to actually end the war in Syria by removing troops illegally occupying Syrian soil and bringing them home where they belong. However, the last time Trump announced that troops were coming home from Syria, the warmongers in Congress, Pentagon, and MSM became apoplectic with rage, a “chemical attack” was arranged, and troops remain in Syria to this day.

Even if Trump’s withdrawal is not a full withdrawal from the country, the announcement is still positive news. At least the United States will not wade deeper into a war for dubious “allies” like the Kurds. See: The Kurdish Question: Why Federalization In Syria And The Creation Of A Kurdistan Is A Very Bad Idea) It may also be a start in the right direction. At this point, given the vague statements made by the President and the White House and the obvious propaganda coming from the Western MSM, only time will tell what the goal is here.

The War Machine Reacts At Home

Already, Western MSM outlets are labeling Trump’s decision as the “Syria controversy,” pointing out that Pentagon officials were caught by surprise, and lamenting the “betrayal” of the Kurds.

Predictably, leftist outlets trotted out the line that removing troops from Syria, even in part, is a gift to Russia and ever more evidence of Trump’s disproven collusion with Putin. Lindsey Graham has already labeled Trump’s decision a “disaster in the making” and has once again donned his hat of supporting every possible military action with his nonsensical claims that Iran will take over the region unless we commit more blood and treasure (illegally) to supporting communists and terrorists in Syria.

The result of any move toward peace by the President (who is not required to consult with the Pentagon) is obvious – he will face more trumped-up charges of collusion, “impeachable offenses,” and possibly even another “chemical attack” or volley of “last hospital in Idlib” propaganda.

However, if Trump wants to see his poll numbers continue to rise, he would do well to remove all troops from Syria immediately. It wasn’t Lindsey Graham’s idiocy that brought him to the White House, it was his talk of ending “ridiculous and endless wars.” It was not talk of being part of the “global community,” it was because of “America First.”

Staying in Syria a day longer is putting Israel and the Kurds first, not America.

For now, only time will tell just what the Trump administration has planned for its Syria policy. However, it should be clear that immediate withdrawal is the only sane choice.

Americans should put America first and only the Syrian people should decide the future of Syria.

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    • In addition. Get out of the world entirely. Let Putin have Europe and the Middle East. Let China have the Pacific and Africa. . Let India have have what’s left. All we want/need is Greebland.

    • Before I read what you wrote, I had thought the same thing. Elections are coming (that is if he’s not impeached or killed) and if he makes it to elections then he will need to muster all the votes he can get. Pulling troops OUT of war zones and troubled places will certainly give him more credibility and pats on the back (thus votes)…In my opinion the others need to take care of their own affairs and we don’t need to be the police of the world. Let the USA take care of it’s own and let the other do precisely the same thing…MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (as he always preaches) and mind our own business. Keep an eye out for trouble yes, but don’t go sticking our noses in places where we really don’t belong…We’ve lost lots of innocent lives by doing that very thing. Many wives have no husband and many children have no father today b/c of us letting them get involved in wars. Many men even have no wives today and children left with no mother b/c of the same…When will the time comes that we’ll learn how to do things sensibly?

  • I’m more concerned about Trump having activated the reserves of the USMC, Air Force and Navy for deployment IN THE U.S. to “support civilian authorities” as reported and documented by Hal Turner. I’ve seen the pdf’s of the cut orders, and they ARE official.

    All that’s left now is to pull the trigger on martial law…which could literally happen any moment at this point. If enough Leftist whackos decide to go full retard, we’ll be on full lockdown faster than you can spit.

    This palace coup the Demonrats are attempting isn’t going to go down like they think it will. With Trump in command and the Constitution suspended for the duration, I don’t like their chances. Unfortunately, we would be instantly transformed into a military dictatorship that could theoretically last forever. Where we go from there is anyone’s guess, but my advice is get prepped up if you aren’t already. This could get real bad real fast.

    We’re living in interesting times.

    • The truth is the President cannot lawfully call martial law within the boundaries of the many states. In Texas even the governor cannot call martial law. That authority was given to our state legislature in Texas. However, most Americans do not know their own countries laws or constitution. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 defines where the fictitious entity known as the federal government has authority. Remember we DO NOT nor ever had a National government. We have a federal government which means by contract/agreement. No where in that agreement does it grant the federal government the authority to call martial law within the boundaries of any state. The feds will call martial law and most Americans will bow toe the line due to ignorance.

      • You’ll find out just how “fictitious” your Federal Government is when you come to your first military road block. Your BS arguments won’t shield you from a hail of bullets or keep you out of a FEMA camp. I’m sorry to say that the ignorance is yours on this topic. And FYI, I have a Hillsdale College certificate specifically on the U.S. Constitution. I know whereof I speak.

        • Let’s try not to be personally insulting when we discuss these topics, please. We can all state our various opinions without attacking others.

          • That is true enough, but you have to admit it is a hard thing to do when you’ve been called a liar and ignorant. I’m generally as nice as people allow me to be. In this instance I was given no quarter.

            If I have no right to defend my honor when attacked here, then here might not be where I need to be. You’ve got a troll infestation growing here and this is how it starts. I’ve seen it all before many times.

            If you really believe I’m at fault here, just ban me. You’ll still have your troll problem but you’d be doing ME a favor. I’m sorry things have come to this sorry pass, but I was raised to defend myself, my honor and my reputation.

            I mean, come on! Where is the reprimand for asserting that our U.S. Government is “a fictitious entity”? Anyone uttering such lunacy and labeling anyone else “ignorant” should be taken behind the wood shed…IMNSHO.

            One final thought. If we can’t handle a little brisk dialogue, just how long do you think we’ll last when the REAL SHTF?

            • That was not directed only to you, Charles 🙂 I didn’t intend for it to show up as a reply and meant for it to be a general comment in the thread.

              I try to run a comments section where everyone feels welcome to ask questions or share their opinions. You have some really great insights and I’d hate to see you go. If you hang around, you’ll see that I often step in when things begin to devolve to the point where people are flinging insults instead of debating with facts. It truly isn’t personal, and it’s very rarely directed to only one person. You know that saying, “It takes two to tango!”

              Best wishes,

              • No offense taken and I would truly hate to leave. You’ve a wonderful site going here. I’ll do my best not to be goaded by trolls going forward.

                OT, I just received my shipment from an order I placed to Organica for CBD oil though your ad. From CA to VA in 2 days. That there’s some prompt shipping! Hoping to see the benefits soon.

    • “May you live in interesting times” is an ancient curse, possibly of Chinese origin. We can see why!
      As far as martial law, they would have to engineer some sort of crisis in order to declare martial law. Look for either a national crisis (multiple terrorist attacks?) or localized ones (chemical leak/train derailment/nuclear power plant meltdown?)
      Either way, it’s a good time to get stocked up if you can. OTOH, the New Madrid fault line has been showing some activity lately, as have the Yellowstone caldera, Mt. St Helens area and the San Andreas fault line, so maybe the government is just trying to be proactive for a change.

      Either way, any major seismic activity in any of these areas could disrupt shipping and distribution of food, medicines and other goods. Stock up on water too if you live near these areas – seismic activity can disrupt municipal water treatment and rupture water mains as well as disrupting or polluting natural water sources for those who have private wells.

      • Hi, Miss Kitty

        “As far as martial law, they would have to engineer some sort of crisis in order to declare martial law.”

        Right you are. Once you accept the fact that the Demonrats desire the destruction of the US as Founded to facilitate rebuilding it in their own Commie image, it’s not a huge leap to believe they would instigate a declaration of martial law through massive riots by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, MS-13 and La Raza. Possibly even UN intervention under the Kilgali Principles Accord. The Commies in Chitcago have already been discussing that at length from what I hear.

        Right now I put the odds of that happening at 51% to 49% in favor of it happening. Sadly, Trump has been maneuvered into a position where he just might be forced to do it. Hopefully he will give the State National Guard units first crack at quelling the violence before resorting to martial law. That is certainly within the scope of his discretion.

        Unfortunately, those units are under the States Governors control…and quite a few of those Governors are big fat Commies. So…no help there. I’ve given this a lot of thought over the last yearn doing research and vetting sources, and come to the conclusion that this could very easily go sideways on us all, and almost half of us are actively egging it on.

        Thank you for your thoughts!

    • The “orders” you are referring to, has to do with the new fiscal year (Oct 1st for the government).
      The previous order was set to expire, as they do every year.
      It has to do more with budgets, pots of monies, and admin work.

      How do I know this? My wife is in the Air National Guard and a reservist.
      All the tin flying around about this is just that, TIN.
      Same goes for the sudden UN troops are in the heartland reports. TIN.

      • Not for duty WITHIN the United States. The forbids it. This is a horse of an entirely different color.

        As far as the UN troops go, you may or may not be correct on that point…OR it may be precisely why the orders were cut in the first place. Are you familiar with Obama’s illegal signing of the Kilgali Principles Accord? That has not been rescinded by Trump. God only knows why.

        And the orders were cut for active duty reservists only. The National Guard ain’t in the loop on these orders at all.

        At any rate, thank you for your service from an old squid to a jarhead. Anchors Aweigh and Semper Fi.

  • I disagree with abandoning our Kurdish allies, and especially Trump’s not conferring with the Defense Department. The Iranians are already entrenched in Syria, and the USA has a long history of abandoning our allies and having no staying power. The Kurds have fought with us at great risk both in Iraq and more recently in Syria, and have been the most effective fighting force besides our US troops. The brutal Turks want to wipe them out. Turkey has shown itself to be another “fair weather friend”, and is NOT our ally. Even thinking of abandoning the Kurds is reprehensible. (And I am a Trump supporter only because the alternatives are unthinkably bad).

  • It’s terrible that we have been involved in the Middle East for so long. Too much American blood has been shed there. I do fear for the Kurds who have been our allies for years, however. The Turks are brutal people (read any account of the Armenian genocide).

  • I love this site for all the research and work that goes into it to help the rest of us be prepared for whatever may come. However, the politics in my opinion don’t belong here and I don’t either. Yes, we can all voice our opinions although for what reasons I don’t know. All it does is incite insulting responses that most of the time aren’t backed up with any facts. I don’t see what good any of this does as far as prepping which is why I’ve been here up until today.
    Daisy, I know that you don’t need to run this site and put in such effort to help everyone you can and I still appreciate that.

    • Maybe you didn’t read the article, Mick, but the topic at hand IS POLITICS! I think you’re just looking for an excuse to complain. There are several nouns to describe that, none of which I will stoop to using here out of respect for Daisy, her contributors and her readers.

    • Dear Mick:

      Hi there. 🙂 I appreciate you letting me know that you didn’t care for today’s article. This kind of feedback is very important. Let me tell you why I posted this piece.

      Since you’ve followed for a while you know that we often report on current events and we are non-partisan. We are committed to truthful reporting, regardless of who comes out looking like the good guy and bad guy.

      When the author submitted it to me, I didn’t read it and think “politics.” I read it and thought about what I hope is the end of the war in Syria that has been going on for many years now. I felt that this coverage was far less biased than the mainstream reporting and that’s an important goal of mine. Brandon, the author of this piece, has a particularly valid point of view as he has actually gone and spent time over in Syria during this war as an independent observer.

      Most of our articles are pretty non-political, but we live in a world that IS political. Due to that, it’s impossible to report on current events without people responding politically. I hope that you will still enjoy the other fine articles that our writers produce.

      Best wishes,

  • The Kurds are the only true ally we have in the Middle East. We got the Syrian Kurds to take down their defenses and now we hang them out to dry?! This is a BAD move, and it’s going to hurt his base. There are enough Americans slamming Congress & the Senate that they’re having emergency hearings. I, for one, will be looking at someone that will NOT betray our allies… that’s a very bad message to send to the world, and it will hurt us in the long run.

  • Pulling US troops out to allow another country’s armed forces in to annihilate our allies is known as betrayal. It kind of reminds me of what we did at the end of the Vietnam war. While I do realize that this is becoming our M.O., I for one feel it dishonors those who fought and died there and the country as a whole. It also sends a message to other countries and groups that America will leave its allies and perhaps in the next war, no one will want to ally with us.
    Retired disabled (90%) veteran.

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